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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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patients in hospital gowns head for higher ground. and two explosions rocked a flooded chemical plant near houston, triggering a massive fire that's still burning tonight. >> nbc jay gray has been in the disaster zone all week. he joins us now from houston. >> it's become part of the difficult part -- still under water and patients flew from hospitals in the strike zone. over seven straight days, tens of thousands have been rescued in southeast texas and the effort is still far from over and neighborhoods where the water just won't go
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>> the mission on the ground is beginning to change. >> first responders going door to door, families getting back into their storm ravaged homes. >> you feel mad, angry, sad and just mentally exhausted. >> many like april searching anything they can save. >> it's more than memorabilia, your photos and the stuff that, you know, was her mothers that we're trying to really savage. >> but there's little left. piles of debris have replaced the pools of water and this is just the beginning, the recovery. >> eventually one of the largest mission that is's going to take place is looking out houses and helping people try to save their homes. >> hundreds of thousands of homes, battered by harvey. jay gray. nbc news. houston. the remnants of harvey headed our way next and rain could start moving in by
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doug is tracking the timing and he joins us with more on another major hurricane that is picking up some steam, doug. >> right now, guys, continuing to track harvey as it makes its way towards the memphis area right now. a lot of rain flash flood warnings in memphis, in numerous tornado warnings and few confirmed tornados, there have been some damage in parts of mississippi. that storm moving our way. first, though, we've got a cold front moving through the area tonight, that's going to make for chilly and cloudy day tomorrow before the rain as harvey gets here on saturday. we'll talk much more about the holiday weekend and yes you mentioned, this is hurricane irma a category 3 storm, with winds of 115 miles an hour forecasts to become a category 4 storm as it moves closer to the islands. we'll talk much more about this where this may go. we'll have the complete forecast for you. i'll see you back here in just about 10 to 15 minutes. >> armed and dangerous. that's how police are describing the man who fired shots
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station. >> we showed you the surveillance video on monday. now we know his name. police need your help getting him in handcuffs. >> the violence doesn't end there, either, a quick foreman walk from the station on 14th street. a man was shot and killed last night. >> news 4 megan fitzgerald joins us live with a concern from people in that usually quiet community, megan. >> yeah, jim, a lot of neighbors are on edge because they feel like they could have been the ones that got shot and they're right, take for instance, this metro shooting which happened just behind us here. you'll see how populated this area is. people coming and going into to metro or going to the shops and restaurants that are nearby. now, just 24 hours ago, another shooting, that time it was a murder and that happened just steps away from people's front doors. >> isn't that a problem for as long as i've lived here. >> crime in the neighborhood isn't anything new, but it's still alarming for
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daylight when police say this video shows 22-year-old caesar firing a handgun down the crowded columbia heights escalator. the victim was trying to escape. police released this picture hoping the public can help make an arrest. >> the weapon was recovered, but the suspect made good his escape, complicated matters further, the victim or the intended target of the shooting also fled the scene. >> then last night, just before 10:00 -- >> pop, pop, pop, pop, five times. >> a man was shot to death in an ally near 14th and harbor. >> this is really scarey. this is where we live. >> some neighbors so frightened by the crime the area, they didn't want to go on camera. >> i literally want to take the trash, like ten minutes before, so i'm glad i didn't go out when -- after. >> and they've got my back door from the porch upstairs and i've seen the police all around them, an
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>> nathaniel took him to his house. >> detectives. >> a lot of neighbors in this area realize that crime has gone down over the years, but the recent shootings are a reminder to always be aware. >> they're still random events, they're still uncommon and not going to change how i live. >> and police are leaning on the community here. they're asking anyone with information about either shootings to contact them right away. back to you. >> we have breaking news. back in march -- she was found stabbed to death. she's been stained at the mental hospital. >> also in the district
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involving a bizarre case of assault. the woman who turned herself in after admitting to news 4 that she doused a metro bus driver with a cup of her own urine was released from custody today. mark segraves was at the hearing with a lot of metro employees who aren't happy with the judge's decision. mark. as you said today, dc superior court judge did release brown until her next court hearing. but he ordered that she have a mental health evaluation. as you've said, union employees are upset and they want tougher criminal penalties in the future. >> refusing to speak to reporters. inside the courtroom, she had pled not guilty to the assault charge. her pastor told reporters, brown has
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>> i do think this is a tragic intersection of public mental health issues along with public transportation issues. and we pray it's resolved in a way that am mick kabl. zbh surveillance video shows 38-year-old holding the purple cup filled with her own urine. as the bus stops brown is scene turning back towards the driver, and dousing the female bus driver with urine. as metro police began the search for the suspect, brown was boasting of what she had done on her facebook page, writing, y'all know it was me. she then spoke with news 4 adam tuss by phone. >> i hate myself. >> and news 4 was there when brown turned herself in to metro police. >> i'm sorry, y'all, but she had to get it. >> about 50 members of the union representing metro bus drivers were in the courtroom for today's
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brown and only ordered her to stay off the x 2 busline where the incident happened. they wanted her banned from the metro system completely. >> other riders and workers are still in danger when she rides any bus. today the union is calling for reform to laws on three jurisdictions on assaulting operators. >> now, brown pled not guilty. she will be back later next month on a first hearing on that misdemeanor assault charge. the judge did take time to note that the reason he released her today is because the law wouldn't per mill him to hold her over night because she's only charged with a misdemeanor, that's the latest, back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you. >> mark segraves. russia calls in an unfriendly decision today, the state department gave russia until saturday to close three diplomatic properties. trade annex here in washington. a second annex in new york. and a consulate in
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american diplomats say they are not kicking out any russians. workers at the facilities can be reassigned to other posts in the u.s. dc location is within the russian compound behind the fence on the road in northwest dc. today's move is a response to russia's demand that the u.s. reduce its embassy staff in moscow for 755 people. >> life is about to change for many of us who walk and bike on a popular trail in chevy chase. the georgetown branch trail stretches three-and-a-half miles from downtown bethesda to silver spring. it's about to close, completely, for up to five years because of construction for the new purple line. transportation reporter adam tuss is working for you to help you navigate this change. adam, what are you
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>> this is going to change for walkers, bikers, people who are out here and even for people who have to get to school. >> the purple line is going to change the landscape in suburban maryland and it is going to change many lives in suburban maryland. and a lot of people who talk to news 4, simply aren't happy about it. >> i'm very -- i'll say disgusted. >> sheila lives in krefvy chach she rides his bike along the branch. but now because the trail has to close for years of construction, and because temporary trail is being set up that instead goes down busy streets. she doesn't want him riding the bike. >> my son rides his bike to school, takes him about ten minutes. without the bike, he can take a bus, it takes about 40 minutes each way on that bus.
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stops picking up students from all over. there are similar stories along the path. john simon is the long-time owner, the purple line is going to go right next to his business and he's not thrilled. >> i don't think it's going to take the traffic off the roads that it's expected to. i don't think it's going to bring more people to use this form of transportation. >> now, there are plenty of purple line supporters. this week, a huge ground breaking with lots of fanfare, but is this project rolls on in some areas like here along the georgetown branch trail, the issues become so demissive some who do support, don't even want to be identified. and, again, officially, jim, the georgetown branch trail is going to close next tuesday, september 5th. it could be closed for 4 to 5 years as the construction goes on. a big change for a lot of people. >> we've got four days to get one good ride in. a lot of people upset about that one.
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>> we all have stories about nuisance neighbors but it can't compare to this. we'll show you the problem that's been festering for years in one of dcs most up scale communities. >> possible pay hike for teachers at one of the largest school districts in our area. after news 4 i-team investigation. >> you'll notice, the hate filled and racist posters no longer in front of this church. but the impact, yeah, that's tougher to erase. just ahead on news 4. i'm going to show you how everyone p ther
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someone targeted their church with racist signs and hate filled messages for the first time tonight, we're hearing from the congregation's pastor about that. he sat down with bureau reporter david culver and david joins us now where senator tim kaine is wrapping up a visit with church members, david. >> doreen, senator tim kaine left here about five minutes ago. this is the church he wanted to visit. this is the church in which those hateful messages were on the front door. they're down, you know -- they're meeting the pastor. this is a pastor, who during this whole incident was actually hospitalized. he's back out of the hospital and tonight, he'
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message of forgiveness. >> they were just people that had hatred, i don't know, why. >> apostle william thompson, jr. can't explain what motivated someone to post racist and threatening flyers on his door. he can choose how to respond. >> let them know we forgive them and we love them, as well. and we're praying for them. >> you forgive them. >> yes, sir. we've got to. got to forgive. >> pastor thompson says the posters aren't the only threats he's received recently. earlier this year, he remembers a disturbing drive by. >> then all of a sudden, a truck pulled passed us, calling us names, throwing fingers up at us. before we heard some shooting. >> no one hurt physically, for church members like glen, it's a test of fate. >> was any part of you hesitant about continuing to worship here. >> no.
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no. no. because the bible says fear no man. you know, we fear god. music minister says these incidents are becoming teaching moments. fortunate, but necessary. >> i have kids, i want to raise my children to love everyone, so i've been -- i have to be an example of that. at the same time, they have to be aware they're a patriot. >> his 16-year-old son, cj, well aware of the hatred, choosing to follow his grandfather and how he responds to it. >> we're taught that if we have any different, no matter what happens. >> you're turning to love in a situation like this. >> yes, sir. everyone needs love. >> from charlottesville, to this incident, recent situations of hate, take a listen. >> so for some reason people are bringing their hatred here and i'll tell
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i think that they don't like that virginia is moving on. when they see virginia that is more willing to grapple with some of these issues and even make decisions to remove statutes or put up new statutes to tell more accurate accounting of who we are. there are some people who want to come here and create trouble because they don't like seeing us moving on. >> and jim, police still trying to find whoever was behind these hateful messages, sent back to you. >> david culver, david, thank you. flowers, blue ribbons and an occasional honk of support for drivers for a handful of neighbors marking a year since the death of a young child. five month old tristan schultz was killed along river side parkway here his mother pushed him in a stroller in a crosswalk. police tell us the driver was looking at his phone. neighbors say they hope to keep tristan's memory alive. in the last year, i have spoken to so many people and
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say the same thing, oh, i think about tristan every day. >> i think at some point, thinking about somebody isn't enough. you need to show up. >> the group hopes their vigil will encourage drivers to stop texting behind the wheel. john miller is charged with manslaughter and reckless driving in the death of tristan. his trial was set for october. miller's attorneys admit he struck mitt si but call it an answer. they say his view was impaired by a pillar. news 4 is working for you getting you and your family ready for school. all montgomery county middle and high school students were in class today for student orientation day. students at tacoma park met their teachers and tried out their new class schedules. school starts for real next tuesday. >> better pay is being considered for some of the people who help teach our kids. >> last week, our scott
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macfarlane revealed a growing -- >> tonight one of our areas largest districts is considering a change after our report. >> hariet sims has never been more than in demand than now. she works as a substitute teacher in silver springs. >> do you know math, i said yes, i've been teaching it for 50 something years they say okay. the teachers know i know the math then they'll start asking questions. >> recent news 4 i-team investigation revealed a severe shortage of substitute teaching throughout our teachers. we found three major school districts and more than 2,600 teacher absences. they found 2,100 subs to fill the slots, forcing some teachers to cover two classes at once. >> it's a lot of
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and teach kids. >> in fairfax -- acknowledged severe shortage in spring 2017 in a letter to parents. it's because of our report, he'll consider a plan to boost the pay for retire teachers who return to some. >> one of the big sources of retirees, i know we made some changes to how we pay those retirees and i want to look at that and make sure we're doing everything for retired teachers to want to be part of our schoolteacher to come back and still work with kids. >> in 2016, fairfax schools actually reduce the pay rate for substitute that he would earn the same as the other, so it was equitable they say. it's growing shortage, could require fairfax to return to the older, higher rate. jim and doreen, supply and demand. >> yeah, always. thank you, scott. up next tonight at 6:00, a closer look at harvey's track and the potential impact on your holiday weekend. >> plus the fight atashington w
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beautiful day today and, you know, we haven't had a whole lot of opportunity the last couple of days. we've seen cloud cover today. gorgeous, high temperatures in the mid-80s across the area. we've had clouds stream on in. looking off towards the north and east of those clouds moving on in across the region from a cold front. 82 degrees at the
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winds out. making its way through pennsylvania. you can see some showers associated with it. even if you're around the baltimore area. don't be surprised to see isolated shower. most of us this evening we'll see a beautiful evening before things go downhill tomorrow. behind this front we get much cooler. back to the west, tracking what's the latest with harvey, right now we're on the memphis area. seeing 4 to 6 inches of rain. they may see more. no more rain in houston. but of course they're still cleaning up. take a look at some pictures here. these are live pictures. this is the refinery or actually the chemical plant that caught fire earlier because they ran out of power and they were not able to keep the chemicals cool. that caused a fire there -- they are expecting more fires as a possible explosions of that plant down there. that's right along, i believe, i-90 and they had to close another highway. you can see part of it still flooded down there. >> it's going to be a big mess down and around the houston area for days and same thing. weeks probably months around louisiana. now i
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tornados out of this. tornado watch in effect of alabama, parts of mississippi and tennessee. we have seen some confirmed tornados. for us, a little different. isolated showers this evening. but as the cold front moves on through, tomorrow, it's just a cloud cover and much cooler temperatures. temperatures tomorrow, about 15 to cooler degrees cooler than where they were during the day today. the chance of rain, though, doesn't come until late. most of the day tomorrow dry. maybe an isolated shower or two. here comes the rain tomorrow night, saturday morning we see the rain. that's 9:00. watch what happens during the afternoon. some heavier showers as the remnants move right over our area. how much rain, maybe half an inch to inch in some locations down to our south and east where we see some enhancement as well. we could see upwards of an inch to inch and a half. cloudy and cool. late day showers but most of your friday dry, it's going to be on the cool side. you may need a
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something else we're watching. this is a major hurricane way out to the atlantic. this is hurricane irma. right now it has winds of 115 miles per hour. take a look at the track as it moves off towards the west northwest. up and back down a little bit, possibly a category 4. forecast to become a category 4 just east of the islands from there, however, a lot of uncertainty. where does this storm go, well, if you live anywhere along the east coast or gulf of mexico. want to make sure we have a plan in place. think about that. we'll be tracking that for you for sure. some rain on saturday, but sunday and monday, looking really really nice. tuesday looks good, too, before a little unsettled. >> doug, thank you. hi drama, hi above the skies of texas, more people pulled to safety as flood waters recede revealing the grim reality left behind. >> some call it house of horrors in one of washington's most expense
6:28 pm
wait until you hear what it belongs to. >> imagine going to work, you don't have a computer. instead you have a pair of
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aftermath of harvey, colonial gas pipeline has been shutdown, that means you will
6:31 pm
gas, the pipeline carries diesel and jet fuel from texas to the east coast. >> a chemical plant near houston is burning itself out this evening after two explosions this morning, one could still happen. the sheriff there says no toxins have been released. but calls the plumes of smoke incredibly dangerous. and dogs, evacuated from texas have arrived here. the humane rescue alliance is taking in lots of dogs, cats, even some giuinea pigs. the shelter needs volunteers to foster the animals for at least four weeks. >> rescuers are still chopping through roofs to get people out of their flooded homes. others who evacuated are trying to get back home to see if anything worth saving is left. >> once they assess the damage, thousands of homeowners will depend on flood insurance to rebuild, but a federal program is about to expire and emergency
6:32 pm
save it. edward lawrence has our story. >> rescue crews and volunteers continue to pull victim out of their flooded homes in texas and louisiana. many living in shelters now turn their thoughts to how they will rebuild. >> all my assets at my house, all gone. no insurance. >> ruben is not alone. he says 83% of hurricane harvey victims do not have flood insurance. they'll depend on the federal government's help. >> it's devastating. but you describe -- you grab your kids, pets, you go, you leave everything. >> this is my life. this is what i have right now. >> the national flood insurance program is designed to help victims pay to rebuild. the problem is, it expires september 30th and is already out of money, $25 billion in debt. >> congress has been working on this issue for more than a year. i am confident that they make sure we don't lack. >> how lawmakers get there will
6:33 pm
some will -- that reduces the rate in the offers. >> it's my hope that hurricane harvey really lights the fire for congress to figure out a way to fix the national funds insurance program. >> victims returning to what is left of their homes. >> long road ahead of us, sir. >> though congress will do the right thing. fema recommends you take pictures of everything immediately when you return to a flooded home. then file a claim at the insurance company or fema if you don't have flood insurance to get the process started immediately. nbc news, washington. >> a donation is small as $10 can make a big difference for people in the gulf who need basic supplies to see some of the ways you can help those in need. search harvey help in nbc washington app. >> we told you about a couple fights in washington's exclusive neighborhood. the home next to them on our street is owned by the government of argentina and it's been in bad shape for 24 years. tomhe
6:34 pm
not the only foreign-owned property that's causing headaches for the neighbors. >> this townhouse owned by argentina, empty, falling apart inside and out for decades. >> it will fall out. i mean, at worst case. >> long-time neighbors want argentina to fix the house or sell it. it's not the only foreign-owned land in disrepair or nuisance. it's hard to force changes. just up the street, pakistan failed to maintain this house or pay taxes due, losing to just recently in a tax sell. now dc delegate is asking the state department to be more aggressive on several such properties. the state department declined to comment on any specific property, but told news 4, in all situations are constant goal is achieving the desire corrective actions. argentina told the northwest current, it's t
6:35 pm
options after budget problems, delayed repairs. meanwhile they'll lead busy lives and try not to obsess, but will welcome any new neighbors. >> just enjoy. it's sad. you know -- it's sad to see house like that sitting there and nobody in it for 24 years. >> in the district, tom sherw d sherwood, news 4. >> new at 6:00 tonight a man who use to go work for the obama administration now wants to be the next prince georges county executive. paul is joining the race for the 2018 democratic nomination at 36 he's a life long resident and graduate of prince georges county public schools. he says, edge gags will be the cornerstone of his campaign. he's challenging states attorney angela also brooks, state senator anthony muse and lewis johnson. tonight people around the world are reflecting on where they were 20 years ago when they heard the
6:36 pm
diana had been killed in a car accident in paris. the british press called her shy-di when she rose from relative obscurity. later they called her the people's princess, in part for the compassion she demonstrated with her many acts of charity. people connected with her because her humanity was often fully on display in a way that wassen usual for the royal family. we saw her public heart break over the failure of her marriage. but the pride and joy her two sons brought her was abundantly clear. prince williams was 15 years old when his mother died. over night they paid tribute to their mother at the memorial garden outside her former home kensington palace. prince william's wife kate wore a dress covered. virtual reality at work, why a california tech company is tearing out the desks and
6:37 pm
with goggles and holograms. helping animals found rolling the streets in the aftermath of hurricane harvey, what one local shelter is doing in the wake of that disaster. and the remnants of harvey, you know they're making the way our way, they will effect the labor day holiday. we also have a change tomorrow. talk about that forecast. we'll see you ba here in just ck
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>> you aren't too crazy about looking at your coworkers maybe a pair of virtual reality goggles will help. some companies are turning to reinvent the business environment. silicone valley start up ditched desk top computers altogether, employees walk around wearing the goggles. we can do everything by moving their two hands in thin air. this is just the latest use for so-called augmented reality. the technology first went main stream last year with the
6:40 pm
release of pokemon go, remember that. >> yeah, we do. >> you ever hear of something called a screaming harry arm dill low, sound like it could be a cocktail that a killer cocktail. it's the real deal, folks at national zoo. it's celebrating the birth of two screaming arm adilo. they released a short that's screaming and only a little bit harry now, so screaming harry arm ma dill low and found one making an appearance on the today show a few years back. >> screaming harry armadillo. there we go.
6:41 pm
one of those in your attic. >> no, thanks. that is for the new screaming harry armadillo and who these -- it's too soon to know whether they're male or female and not sure anyone wants to get close enough to find out. visitors will be able to see them after they grow a little bit more and acclimate to their enclosure. that's going to be quite the popular exhibit, i'll say. >> and get a little hair on their shells. >> coming up on news 4. tracking harvey's next move and the impact it could have on our labor day weekend. >> helping some of the most vulnerable victims of hurricane
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>> it's been a natural disaster. >> more first responders from our area leaving their families to help in the harvey rescue efforts. 40 members from the virginia national guard are headed for texas right now. governor also sends 7 helicopters to the region. >> some of the most awful images come out of the tk exas flood zones. >> now there's an urgent need to find them some new homes. animal shelters are starting to take them new. >> chris gordon explains how you might be able to
6:45 pm
>> this is a mama dog. this is really skinny. her puppies are right here. arriving here. helping to clear the texas shelters for all the animals lost since the storm. each animal here is vaccinated and micro chipped. angela davis and her three children for are becoming a foster
6:46 pm
in a couple of weeks. many of those dogs will be ready. a picture is taken an posted on the last chance rescue web site so you can find the dog you fall in love with. as they say, adopt, don't shop. reporting, chris gordon news 4. >> to learn more about how you could adopt. check out our home page on nbc washington app. >> we're working for you helping you get ready for school. once upon a time, we were getting ready for school, too. >> take a look at doreen and this haircut. she's got the beautiful smile, though. >> looks like i gave myself that haircut and jim hanley,k
6:47 pm
that hair. even back then with your. >> long before forecasting. look who was a frizz bifan. shot from summer, some time ago, you didn't go to school like that. >> one time -- >> and you were a blond back in the day just like your son is today. >> yeah, looking at that, i remember that frizz by, though, that frizz by was so cool. it flew forever until my dog barney ate the thing. >> are we going to have frizz bee weather for our holiday weekend. >> sunday you'll be inside playing board games. >> board
6:48 pm
we've got clouds, those clouds moving in, courtesy of cold front, cold front what that's going to do for us and make things a lot cooler. look at the temperatures dropping through the '70s. really nice night. the only exception to that could be a couple of showers. we're tracking a few, as i mentioned not a lot with this front, mostly dry, can't rule out a couple of showers. upwards of 4 to six inches of rain. they're seeing flash flooding there. harvey has left houston, guess
6:49 pm
today. take a look. >> i'm here at the houston airport, we're going to fly to dallas, a long day of trav. that's okay. kind of surprisingly here at the airport. not a lot of folks here at the airport. beth and i so excited to head on. i said this yesterday and i'll say it here today. from this experience, what i've learned or, i guess, has been enforced that home is where your family is and it's not necessarily where you're going. thank you for everything and i'll see you back in dc, soon. . 64 degrees tomorrow. i feel bad i'm bringing her back to, really, nasty day here. 67 at noon. 68 by
6:50 pm
not a lot of rain tomorrow. the rain comes in during the day, durkt even hours tomorrow night. so if you're heading down to the beaches, delaware, eleanor beaches, showers about all day. 72 degrees. most of sunday and monday, really looking nice. still have to talk about irma, we'll be talking about irma for a week or more. a long way to go before it reaches the u.s. if it does in fact do so. 72 degrees on saturday. >> all right. thank you, doug. >> coming up in sports, the final preseason game is upon us, what the veterans are telling those young players with everything on the line tonight. >> nbc 4 is a place to see, the redskins final preseason game against the tampa bay buccaneers coverage begins at 7:0030 followed by the
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if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. >> preseason almost in our rear-view mirror. >> we've got tampa. though. but for 40 or
6:54 pm
every single nfl team, the preseason finale is the super bowl. that's tonight. sherree joins us live. sherree, for so many guys tonight can make or break the career. what do you see, a lot of nervous faces. >> everyone looks pretty calm. i guess that's how they should. as you said it, it's not important. but you cannot tell that to the handful of guys that were playing this game, hoping to show the coaches they belong on this final roster. it's something that the vets remember and something they've shared with the guys who are playing for the jobs tonight. >> tell the guys to go out there and play fast. don't think about it. it's just football. we've
6:55 pm
we've prepared the whole preseason and training camp for it. go out there and have found. >> give them encouragement as older guy that's been there before. one of the leaders, get back in there, whatever they need, they'll get it to them on the sideline. >> and the fans will get to see a lot of quarterback, we'll see the entire game after taking a snap last week against the bengals. his future with the team is uncertain. there's a chance redskins keep two qbs on the roster. they'll end up on the practice squad tonight. he's trying to put together the best game he can. >> it will be good. >> kind of support his trend. >> he's been
6:56 pm
>> it's so much fun to see the guys we'll send this back to you in the studio. >> thank you, sherry, 37 players who are playing tonight will be cut by saturday. that is the one and only cut down day. the long list of inactives for the redskins. the starters extra long. this year they have so many players since they're doing this the first time letting them play longer. he wanted all those bubble guys to be able to play in this game. so they have a time to shine. >> that's great. >> they've been cut down days. so be down to 53 by next week. who is going to be on that roster. who we're watching for tonight, four things.
6:57 pm
first guy. he was a no show. -- number 46, the grandson of bob particularly, he's been flying around. joshua, the rookie corner has been turning heads, despite two blown acl. candidate to crack the roster and one of the best names in sports, number 25, fish safety came up with a huge interception and return. >> oh, i love the challenge. you can watch all the guys tonight on nbc 4, redskins, they kick it off at 7:0030. post-game show, time permitting
6:58 pm
course, on news 4 at 11:00 which follows. >> >> that's a good idea. >> that work
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tonight, bracing for a blast. risk of more explosions at a chemical plant triggered by the floods in texas. also dramatic new rescues and a major pipeline shuttered by the storm. how high will gas prices go? diplomatic war. a surprise move as the u.s. retaliates against russia. what's just been ordered from new york to san francisco. caught on camera. outrage over what an officer is heard saying during a traffic stop. >> remember, we only kill black people. yeah, we only kill black people, right? all the videos you've seen, have you seen black people get killed? you have. >> tonight the department responds. and bogus bank accounts. the growing scandal at wells fargo. customers on the hook for accounts they didn't want and charges they didn't even know they owed. are you one of them? "nightly news" begins right now.


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