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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 1, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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himself to his house. by the time the sun comes up, it's not something you see every day. the new video of three men breaking into a local business and you won't believe what they stole. we are tracking harvey. take a look at storm team 4 radar. one week after hurricane harvey hit texas. it's still causing a lot of problems for the south and now it's headed our way. let's get to sheena parveen. this is going to impact our labor day holiday weekend plans. how so? is it going to be a washout or what? >> that's the thing, molette. a lot of people planning for the weekend and no, it's not going to be a washout. rain at least one day this weekend. it's still a tropical depression now. tropical depression harvey centered over tennessee. you see a lot of the rain moving into kentucky. so a lot of the rain on the other side of this thing. luckily the cloud cover is because of
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so we're dry right now. but later on tonight, we'll see the rain chances increasing. this is future weather. we're going to be relatively dry. you'll notice the clouds around. it will be cooler too. then we'll see showers moving in to start off your saturday. that is going to be because of harvey. i'll show you timing for the rest of the weekend and what you can expect as far as the rain goes. molette? >> we'll stay on top of it. thank you so much, sheena. harvey is moving through tennessee and headed our way. we've been tracking the storm step by step for you. for more than a week now. this morning, we're learning more about harvey's path of destruction through the south. this is video of flooding in mississippi yesterday. harvey has now killed 38 people and damaged nearly 100,000 homes. officials will continue door to door checks today in houston. president trump has pleed $1 of his own money to help harv
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prices are surging as major refineries in texas remain closed. to give you a better idea of how people are feeling in houston, one person said if you stop, you'll cry. that's what one of harvey's victims said about returning home to begin the cleanup process. look at video from one houston neighborhood. what were once cherished belongings are ruined and considered trash. not everyone can begin the rebuilding process. jay gray reports from houston on a rescue operation that are still happening this morning. >> it's been a full week now. and in some parts of southeast texas, the water is still rising. >> it's really -- it's above your chest. >> survivors are using everything they can to save anything they can. >> while rescue teams continue
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to save lives. >> thought i was going to die. i really thought i was going to drowned. everything in my house was floating. >> in beaumont. >> patients were pulled from a hospital surrounded by floodwate floodwaters, but no clean water for treatment. >> dialysis patient and they don't have any water to die lies. >> in places where the water has started to recede, first responders are going door to door trying to understand what happened here. >> everything -- about everything we own was destroyed. if you stop, you'll just cry, you know. you just keep moving forward. >> so they tear away the sheets and pull up the floor and pile up the soaked remnants of their lives before the storm. understanding as bad as this looks, it could be so much worse. >> i'm so grateful we're here
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these are just possessions. but this is my family. >> a bond that will be so vital as they begin this difficult recovery here. jay gray, nbc news. houston. we've been telling you for the past week now hurricane harvey will impact gas prices. now, prices are expected to soar this week. the company that runs the major pipeline that provides gas to the east coast hopes to reopen this weekend and you'll be feeling the price impacts from the closures real soon. aaa says you should fill up today. >> fill up now because prices will continue to increase over the next few days until this all plays out. >> right now, the average cost of gas in our area is $.10 more than before hurricane harvey made landfall. right now, many of you are planning to hit the roads for that last-minute summer get away. there is some good news for you
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weekend. the direction of the 95 express lanes will shift to help ease traffic. here's a look at the times that will happen. traffic moves southbound beginning at 10:00 this morning. saturday the lanes move northbound starting at 2:00 p.m. and remain northbound through monday. they switch back to southbound at 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. don't forget, an e-zpass is required to travel in the express lanes. now it a developing story out of suitland. prince george's county police are searching for a driver who hit and killed a man and took off. it happened across from the s n census bureau. we're waiting to hear if any witnesses can say what happened and have a lead on that car. right now, there's a purple heart recipient in the district chained to his own house. george fair is has been sitting in front of his northeast home on sixth street for more than
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alley led to water problems that damaged his home's foundation. he and his wife can't even live in the home but they still have to pay taxes on it. the district will force repairs in order to stabilize the home. but farris says that will destroy the historic stone walls and cost a fortune. >> they're planning to trash the original river stone walls, which are part of the working person's history here in d.c. they don't have many of those left. >> d.c.'s deputy mayor for planning and economic development released a statement that says in part, we understand in process might be disruptive to the homeowner, but it is important that we make sure the property is safe. three men are still on the loose this morning in the district after breaking into a business and taking off with an atm. take a look. this video shows the guys pulling up, getting out of the car. they broke in, took the atm and then hauled it outside and
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police say it happened on pennsylvania avenue in the hill east section of southeast d.c. that is. >> get excited the next time you watch a redskins game. it will be week one of the regular season. the preseason is in the books now. >> still on his feet. touchdown! >> for those players nighting to make the team, there was a lot riding on last night's game against the buccaneers. the team has to decide who makes the final roster. week one is next sunday. the 'skins will play the eagles at fedex field. we can't wait for that. we've got to get through this holiday weekend, sheena. the kids go back to school next week. it's the last blast of summer vacation. don't mess it up. >> so you're putting the pressure on me not to mess it up. >> i'm sorry. >> i do have good news. even though it's
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forecast the weather. yes, saturday will be rainy, sunday and monday look good. today, this morning waking up and walking outside, cool and cloudy. we'll talk more about the forecast. hopefully molette likes it. they're usually associated with holidays and celebrations, but this morning police are investigating afl somebody set off fireworks inside a pizza shop. the possible motive behind the bizarre attack. she's one of the many faces of the underground railroad. but will she be the new face of the $20 bill? why harriet bman matuy
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welcome back. 4:11. it's a proposal that got a lot of praise. but replacing andrew jackson with harriet tubman on the $20 bill will remain a proposal. steve mnuchin says he has more important issues than changing currency. look at the scary situation in england. a man throws a box and it was full of fireworks. customers run for cover as the fireworks light up that store. miraculously, neither of them hurt here. police looking for that
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this could have been an act of revenge. if you're planning to grill over the weekend, there's a hotline. longhorn steakhouse is reopening its grill us hotline this sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. the phone number is on your screen. jot it down. i need to. you can send them a text or reach out to longhorn on social media. will the rain douse the flames on the grill? >> only at your house, molette. >> oh, no, sheena. you're going there. >> the good news is not all weekend. but yes, yes they will on saturday. it will be a rainy day. saturday is really not going to be good for the grill. but sunday and monday will. take a look at the day before we get to that. cool, cloudy weather. temperatures, not warm. we'll look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you. it's a big win for prince george's county. the federal agency expected
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get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to good morning everyone. it's 4:15 this morning. you're looking live at storm team 4 radar. at harvey's latest location as we a
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bay bridge this morning. looking pretty good on the bay bridge. a lot of you headed out of town for the holiday weekend. maybe even to the beach. harvey could put a damper on your plans. more on that in a bit when we check back in with sheena. >> welcome back everyone. i'm molette green. get you up to speed on the stories we're working on for you from across the country this morning. today we will learn if seven members of a penn state fraternity will stand trial. they're accused of playing a role in their fraternity's brother's death after a night of drinking and hazing. >> no one immediately called for help after finding timothy piazza unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. the defense says their clients are not responsible for piazza's death. >> this morning, north korea is responding to the latest show of force by u.s. and south korean forces. after the u.s. and its allies,
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and dropped practice bombs south of the dmz. north korea called them wild military acts. the bomber and fighter jets took off from japan and guam. u.s. military officials don't expect north korea to back down after this. >> the controversial sheriff from milwaukee county, wisconsin may be heading to d.c. president trump supporter david clark has resigned as sheriff. he didn't give a reason other than saying he has chosen to pursue other opportunities. the sheriff said earlier this year that he was offered a position at the department of homeland security. politico reports that clark will join the administration in a position that is not senate confirmed. he is a vocal proponent of gun rights and once called the demonstrator's vulture on a roadside caucus. helping you get ready for school. a new year is starting and your kids' calendars
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you don't have to tell me that. don't get lost. or even where your child is at, at any moment. look at this. it's called angel sense. it's a gps device made for special needs children but any child could use it. it tracks your kids' location and sends smartphone alerts if they wind up somewhere unexpected. cost? about $200 and carries a monthly service fee. you can find similar trackers as well. if your kids have smartphones, your service carrier may already offer tracking software. the family online safety institute finds more parents turning to wearable texts to watch their kids. but we found some parents are concerned that the technology is being misused. >> i think it's an invasion of privacy. it allows other people the ability to check in on your children. >> it gives me comfort to know -- >> the nt
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see that their child is in the woods further down the road or that they know they're on the way back from their friend's house. >> if you choose to give your child a gps tracker keep in mind it will likely carry a monthly service fee. switching gears to the weather now, i mean, cool and crisp this morning. >> how nice. >> it's comfortable. >> this is the calm before the storm, melissa. we're going to have some rain for part of the weekend. >> unfortunately. i know it's labor day weekend. we don't want to be hearing that. we've been tracking harvey making its way inland finally. it's moved out of texas and over tennessee. we're going to see the remnants of it here tomorrow. today, there's a lot of clouds around from harvey today when you look outside. cloudy and cool, unseasonably cool throughout the afternoon. tomorrow, rain from harvey gets here sunday and moves away. gradual clearing. labor day looks good
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we'll be salvaging most of your weekend. not a washout at all. 66 manassas. 63 frederick. 65 at clinton. highs only close to 70 degrees. the temperatures aren't going to be moving too much today. cloudy and cool. chance of a late shower. here is a look now. the remnants of harvey, which is still a tropical depression. it's moving through tennessee. also parts of kentucky. it's going to be heading here as we go late tonight and saturday. local radar showing no rain. but the clouds are with us. as we go through the day on future weather, cloudy skies and late tonight, 11:00 p.m. we could see a few showers. early saturday the rain is here and saturday afternoon we will be dealing with the showers from harvey. so the remnants for the start of your weekend clearing into sunday, 80 for a high. labor day looking good and warmer. so is tuesday. tuesday is looking pretty good as well. we have another big hurricane out in the tropical atlantic. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we'll hit the
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all right. another bombshell in the wells fargo scandal. what we're learning about even more fake accounts and whether or not you might see money as a result. more details about the video that would make a lot of metro riders nervous. what we just learned about the man accused of pulling the trigger in this startling video. coming up, when we
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i remember this. helped the first black president open the -- she has died. then 99-year-old ruth bonner. helping president obama ring the bell at the museum's dedication. bonner died last week at the age of 100 at an ais
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facility. her father, was born a slave in mississippi, escaped to freedom and became a physician. a major government agency is moving into prince george's county. the washington business journal reports part of the department of homeland security will be run out of a new headquarters. it's being built near the branch avenue metro station. close to 3700 employees with u.s. citizenship and immigration services will work out of that location. this is a 15-year, $256 million deal. it's expected to save the federal government more than $21 million a year. the move is expected to be complete in 2020. it seems wells fargo fraud scandal is worse than we thought. the bank is admitting that 3.5 million fake accounts may have been opened without the customers' consent. that's a million more than first reported. nbc's anne thompson reports what that means for your bank
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account. >> the yowrong kinds of numbers keep adding up for wells fargo. another 1.4 million accounts opened without customers' information. this went on for seven years from 2009 to september 2015. to be quoted, wells fargo employees were pressured to open the phony accounts, victimizing consumers and small businesses with fake checking, savings, credit card accounts and unsecured lines of credit. racking up fees for the bank and potentially ruining customers' credit. >> out of state purchases, foreign purchases, vendors who i can't make heads or tails out of. >> it's been two years of frustration for david mckee who says wells fargo used his information to open three bogus accounts. >> my wife and i have done our best and we've been responsible. it's drained our savings account. >> he says wells fargo called last night checking back to promise an answer in ten days. >> you probably wouldn't
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account without your permission in your name. you'll probably be informed by wells fargo that that happened and any fees you incurred will be returned to you. >> legendary investor warren buffe buffett, see -- owe wells fargo's largest shareholde hoehs they're fixing it. >> never one cockroach in the kitchen. >> wells fargo ceo tim sloan apologized saying the first priority is to make things right for customers. a balance sheet in the minds of many remains very much in the red. anne thompson, nbc news. it's 4:26. "news4 today" continues now with aaron and erika. right now on "news4 today," a purple heart recipient seeing red. why this local veteran had no choice but to chain himself to hisn
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anybody on edge. a man opening fire down april metro escalator. the new information we've learned about the gunman. you've seen gas prices rise $.10 over the last week because of harvey. get ready for another jump in prices. what you need to know before the holiday weekends. >> 4:27 right now. gorge. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we' erika gonzalez in for eun yang. >> it's finally picking up speed and making its way through the midwest now. we'll feel its impact here soon. >>let get to sheena with the latest on what we will see before we go to jack taylor at wtop. >> good morning. the rain is mainly in kentucky
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direction. it's centered over tennessee and we're seeing the cloud cover from it already. as you walk outside, you'll notice it's cloudy and cool. the cloud cover is from the northern and eastern sides of harvey. here it is. finally made it way inland. that's where it centered over tennessee right now. there's the cloud cover from it. we're going to keep this around all day today and in fact, it's going to keep our temperatures down too. we'll only be near 70 degrees. here's a look at future weather. there's all the moisture. it heads our way late tonight, early tomorrow. your saturday will be seeing rain from harvey. coming up, the rest of your labor day weekend forecast. in the meantime, let's check your commute. jack taylor, wtop. good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. it's on the beltway. the outer loop at old georgetown road. again, it's the beginning of a holiday weekend. hopefully they'll -- it comes up early. 28 headed northbound in sterling. after sterling boulevard, we've got a work
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getting by. >> on key bridge from georgetown to rosalyn and the left lanes getting by. sidewalk repair there. back to you. >> jack, thank you. take a look at the radar again. sheena just mentioned it. harvey is moving through tennessee and headed our way right now. we've been tracking the storm step by step for more than a week now. this morning, we're learning more about the path of destruction through the south. this is video of flooding in mississippi yesterday. harvey has killed 38 people and damaged nearly 100,000 homes. officials will continue door to door checks today in houston. president trump has pledged a million dollars of his own money to help harvey victims. as we've been warning you. gas prices are surging as major refineries in texas remain closed. to give you a better idea of how people in the houston area are feeling, one person said if you stop, you'll cry. that homeowner is referring to the emotional task of the cleanup process. >> the video we're going to s
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you is one houston neighborhood. what were once cherished belongings are just ruined. not everybody can begin that rebuilding process. sarah dallof has more on the rescues still going on this morning. sarah? >> reporter: good morning, aaron and erika. for those who have been able to come back to their neighborhoods, seeing their homes for the first time has been a shock. an estimated 100,000 are damaged and most people don't have flood insurance. only about one in six do. as little as an inch of water can cause $20,000 in damages. some homes dealing with so much more as rescues continue today in east texas. meanwhile, officials continue to monitor a chemical plant in crosby, texas. they say an initial fire there has burned out after critical cooling system failed and some of the chemicals exploded. people there say they are staying away for about a mile and a half radius from around that plant.


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