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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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video catches the arrest of an assault suspect after he crashes his car near the trump hotel injuring several people. also breaking tonight, the u.s. defense chief puts north korea on notice. after that country tested a nuclear weapon that's a lot more powerful than an atomic bomb, and the massive cleanup effort after harvey continues. we are live in houston with an update on the progress. >> news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. that breaking news right off the top this evening, was there a huge police presence outside the trump international hotel in d.c. and we can tell you that has since cleared, but this after a car crashed and sent several people to the hospital. good evening, and thanks for joining us tonight, i'm erica gonzalez. darcy spencer
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darcy, what all are we learning about what happened there? >> reporter: erica, this is exactly where it happened right here, basically in this intersection. if you take a look here, this is trump international hotel. it had nothing to do with the hotel, but given the fact it happened right by there it grabbed people's attention and you're looking at the intersection where the crash happened and police were apparently going after a suspect who was wanted in connection with an assault involving a knife. we want to show you some video if we have it taken by a man who was up in the clock tower of the hotel and then he was -- he got out his phone and shot video down from the tower and you can see that perspective. it showed the suspect taken into custody. a total of five people were injured when this driver crashed into another car here in the intersection. they were all taken to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay including that suspect. let's hear now from two witnesses who
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yeah. we were sitting up there looking around. that was my first time up there. they said that was the best view. apparently it was a good view because then we heard the sirens and we looked down and there were 30 to 40 police cars who had all converged on a single spot. ? we assumed that it was going to be something horrible, and you hope that it's not and you sit and think i can't believe 30 seconds ago we're having a lunch on a beautiful, sunny day and a beautiful day in d.c. and that unfolds not only a hundred feet from where we were sitting. >> reporter: what you are seeing live right now is the syrian festival just down the street from where this happened. if you come back to me on camera now, police are saying they are continuing their investigation at this point. we don't know what charges the suspect will be facing, but he is in custody.
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>> darcy spencer reporting live from northwest d.c. darcy, thank you. the recovery feels overwhelming to the thousands who lost their homes in texas and louisiana from harvey. nbc news correspondent jay gray is live tonight in houston where the situation has shifted from a rescue to a recovery. jay? >> reporter: yeah and that recovery, erica, in two stages and let's first talk about the cleanup and the people pulling everything they can out of their homes and stacking it out by the roadway and remnants of their lives before this storm and soaked, ruined and waiting to be picked up. that's what officials say is going to happen this week and they'll come through and pick up as much of this debris as possible and they're trying to get people out of those shelters. thousands have left and they want to get everyone into a more permanent, if you will, temporary housing situation. a place where they can work through what they need to during this long and difficult cleanup and recovery,
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where they'll move back into their homes, rebuild or move somewhere else. it's going to be a very difficult task, erica, but it is well underway here. >> jay gray live in houston for us. thank you. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis is warning north korea of a military response after the rogue nation claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb. nbc's jennifer johnson reports this is the country's first nuclear test during the trump administration. ♪ >> a heightened level of concern worldwide after north korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test. this time a hydrogen bomb intended to be loaded on to an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> later, a blunt message from the defense secretary. >> we are not looking to the total annihilation of a country namely north coria, but as i
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so. >> reporter: president trump is calling on china, north korea's largest trading partner to clamp down on president kim jong-un tweeting north korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat, an embarrassment to china. despite harsh u.n. economic sanks nothing is slowing down the nuclear buildup and now the u.s. wants to take a more powerful action. >> i want to draft a package to send to the president for his strong consideration that anybody that wants to do trade or business with them would be prevented with them would be prevented from doing trade or business with us. >> north korea is the most dangerous place on the face of the planet. >> reporter: while the type of bomb has aren't been independently verified, if true this weapon brings north korea one step closer to being able to fire a nuclear warhead to the u.s. mainland as it threatened to do if provoked. >> the u.n. security council will hold a meeting monday morning with the u.s., south korea, japan and other nations in response to north korea's latest nuclearhr
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washington. we've got new details tonight on a triple shooting that left a 19-year-old woman dead and two others wounded in the district's southeast side. officers found unique davis dead at the scene last night on tubman road. her sister dominique davis was treated and released. a third victim tavaughn goldsmith is in stable condition. police are offering a $25,000 reward if you can help them find the person behind this. a congregation coming together after they say somebody tried to split them apart. the show of support for a local church hit by hate. i'm carol maloney in the newsroom. a dram atic day at redskins par. will it be for good? sue cravens' teammates react to his potential retirement. stay with us. things really turned around this weekend. coming up, we'll take a l
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in prince william county the community is rallying around a predominantly black church a week after somebody left hate-filled posters at their doorstep. parishioners gathered for sunday services at the greater praise
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temple ministries in dunnfries. the posters contained racist language and imagery. the pastor says this will not stop the church's mission. >> we're going to praise god regardless of what took place. what they did doesn't stop us from being who we are, and just to see the support of these that are around us that makes us feel good. >> police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. no arrests so far. labor day weekend also means campaign time at the fort hunt park in alexandria today. democratic leaders held a northern virginia labor federation picnic. democratic national committee chair tom perez campaigned ahead of november's election along with terry mcauliffe and his wife virginia first lady dorothy mcauliffe. >> you will see democrat ralph northrom duke it out in a virginia governors debate airing live on nbc 4
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nbc political director chuck todd will moderate and julie carey will serve as panelist. you will see it september 19th at 7:00. next at 6:00, a stand against hate. here's news 4's derrick ward. >> the long trek from charlottesville to d.c. we catch up with protesters alking for fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier.
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. they're marching more than 100 miles to confront white supreme see and we caughten with demonstrator in gainesville, virginia. news 4's derrick ward spoke to marchers and one man who was there to offer support. j they were just 30 miles from their destination. marchers heading from charlottesville, virginia, to d.c., were showing is the signs of wear from their trek, but showed no signs of the determination being worn down. they say it's a fight against fascism and white supreme see. >> i am here to say we need to start to confront these things. >> reporter: their numbers have grown since last monday and they've seen signs of support, but not from anyone. >> along the way, there have been tense moments and one daily leg was cut short. >> there was one person who was armed at a stop and we felt it wasn't the safest to go in there without knowing. >> they shod
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and long made for a curious sight along the way. >> my daughter is taking pictures to submit to her yearbook for the school just to cover it as a current event. >> reporter: her thought on the civics lesson passing right outside her door? >> it deserves mention in all aspect, but in a peaceful way as it's been happening. >> jesus says he can't march with family members because of his health. >> i'm heure supporting them. >> it reminds him of the dominican republic. >> that is the normal. a lot of operations. >> reporter: a similar sentiment in virginia after the deadly protest three weeks ago. >> think there are a lot of white liberal folks in charlottesville who thought they were really on the right side of history and doing everything they could and charlottesville needs a big wake-up call and the message is that there's more work to be done. in gainesville, virginia, derrick ward, news 4. we are just hours away from the labor day concert on the national mall. crowds came down to catch the
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national symphony orchestra will start at 8:00 tonight. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> and i've got a forecast just for that concert made for you, but for now take a life look outside. my goodness, what a difference a day makes, absolutely beautiful. check out the headline and we'll continue to see the clearing as we head throughout the clearing. we're near 90 degrees on tuesday and we can't say good-bye to summer just yet. right now the temperatures are 79 degrees and we've had a good amount of cloud coverage throughout the day and it is getting pretty breezy as we head into the evening and overall you don't have to worry about any rain. as we move through the evening and not only are we dry, but we're pretty much clear. we are looking at clear conditions overnight. we will keep our eye on cloud cover, but that will stay west of i-81 from here at home throughout the state of maryland and quiet conditions into monday
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monday and i went ahead into monday night and you can see we don't have rain to worry about. nothing, but sunshine for your labor day. if you are going to be heading downtown this evening temperatures will be dropping into the 70s through the concert and it's damp out there. we did get a good amount of rain yesterday and bring a trash bag and put it on the grass. and here is a look at the backyard grilling forecast and you don't have to worry about anything and it will be super comfortable and low humidity and this is a major score for us for the holiday weekend. in the storm team 4 weather center we have been keeping our eye on irma. nothing to be alarmed with just yet and it's way too early about how it's going to impact the u.s. if it is at all, but what i can tell you is it's a strong hurricane sitting out there. category 3. that is major hurricane status. winds right now west at 14 miles per hour -- or movement at 14 miles per hour and we are seeing winds at 14 miles per hour
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areas that will have to keep an eye on this is the british islands as well as hispaniola and so we'll keep an eye on this and it is tracking to be a category 4 hurricane by friday. we'll keep a very close eye on irma. for now, here is the ten-day outlook. >> we move into tomorrow. i told you we're just fine. lots of sunshine and highs in the low 80s. by tuesday, humidity is on the rise. in fact, i think we'll see temperatures near 90 degrees for some of us and very possible, and averaging in the upper 80s and our next chance for showers and storms and it will be late tuesday night into wednesday and thursday. so just keep that in mind. notice that stark contrast as far as the temperatures dropping into the low 70s as we head into the middle of the week and after that fall starts to kick into high gear. >> all right. see what happens when you just ask around here. >> aye, aye, aye. >> thanks for serving it up. still ahead, more on a young redskins star ponde
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plus in the midst of a career year, another milestone for the ts' ryan
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sportsdesk. carol maloney joining us now. so talk to me about cravens. this is quite peculiar. he's young, there is a lot of money at stake. >> he signed a $4 million. you have to think, to walk away from something like that, something's got to be wrong. >> we don't know why he's mulling retirement over and what we do know is it's very shocking when he walked in and announced the news and it's a day after the roster was trimmed and the final 53 players. he's a start or defense and he's announcing that he's leaving the team, this morning he did this and he says he's retiring from football. cravens informed team officials today according to multiple report, the team officially placed cravens on the exempt left squad list. cravens is a second-year safety, most recently sidelined after a
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week one, maybe week two. he suffered two injuries as a rooky and a concussion and a biceps injury. head coach jay gruden did not address the media today, but the locker room was open and redskins players are sending sua their support. >> you never know what they have, and you want to make sure that's fine first and foremost before you get back to your job. just like anything in regular life. people have lives outside of football and sometimes you have to handle that stuff first and hopefully he gets it resolved and he comes back and help us win some games this year. >> this is family issues, personal issues, whatever he's dealing with. i'm supportive, and behind it and hopefully he'll deal with what he has to do and be back out here. a former starting redskins runningback finding a new home. the indianapolis colts claiming matt jones off waivers after he was released by the redskins yesterday. jones, a starter at the beginning
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false security, and he was a healthy scratch the rest of the season and spared this preseason and is now on the colts' 53-man roster. crank up the drama for week one. after being released by the redskins yesterday, quarterback nate sugfeld signed with the eagles as a member of the practice squad. they run a six-rounder out of indiana and he played well on thursday and the skins are carrying kurt cousins and colt mccoy and a top-25 matchup and west virginia versus virginia tech and 7:30 kickoff and hokeys starting with freshman at quarterback in the season opener for the first time since the 1999 win with michael vick was over to center. >> edwin jackson on the mound with the nates in milwaukee. jackson
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domingo santana who absolutely crushes this pitch to left center and a start of a big day for santana and there goes bernie brewer and i hate to see that 1-0 and now a 2-0 lead in the fourth and santana facing jackson and part two is very similar to part one. this time it's a two-run homer and jackson gives up five runs over 5 2/3. to the ninth, nates in danger of being shut out, but here comes ryan zimmerman to the rescue. he blasts his 30th homer of the season and just his second time in his career he hit 30 home runs in that mark and the first time since 2009 and not much else went right for the nats as they fall 7-2. orioles finishing their series against blue jays and these three enjoying the long holiday weekend and they're on vacation. mark trumbel enjoying the bottom four and trumbel
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the 21st homer of the year for trumbel and the orioles are within one. bird says still down a run and wellington, castillo already with the home run in the game and beef makes it two. monster shot to left for castillo. good-bye, the orioles dugout loving it. two homers in the game for him and we're tied at four heading to extras. in the 12th, mark trumbel back up, two on and two out and trumbel comes through and smacks this one to left and it drops. jonathan scores the game winner. orioles walk off against the blue jays, 5-4 in 12 innings and trumbel gets two pies for his efforts. not just one, two. to the wnba, the mystics visiting one of the best in the game, maya moore and the minnesota links. the third quarter, washington down seven and toliver, a team high 20 points later and the core lengths back up by sevens and moore, comin
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and making it look so easy. she had a game high 26 points and the mystics fall 86-72 in their final regular season game and next up the playoffs. finally, a huge congrats to the howard bison and they came up with the biggest upsets of all time. 45-point road underdog and the bison win 43-40 and it's a new era at howard and mike london's game is the head coach and london taking over a team of 3 and 19 over the last two seasons and cannot waito see t
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on this sunday night, nuclear escalation. north korea conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test yet in direct defiance of the united states. tonight, president trump condemns the north's provocative move, and defense secretary mattis warns that any threat to the u.s. will be met with a massive military response. new evacuations. thousands of homes are under an evacuation order in west houston more than a week after harvey first made landfall. many have started cleaning out their homes, but damaged schools are disrupting the new school year for a lot of families. state of emergency. firefighters in los angeles battling the largest wildfire ever inside city limits as erratic winds and scorching temperatures complicate the


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