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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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everything around it. we talked about what florida are doing. there are more island in the path of the storm. it's possible it passes over turks and caicos. 90% of the flights have been canceled. take a look at this. this video is from the islands irma left behind. guadalupe antigua, flooding like we saw from harvey. cars have sub merged. people trying to find something to salvage in a giant mess. irma is still a category 5. expect to see more video like these. there's another model at 5:00. just minutes away. we'll be following any developments right here. >> chris, thank you. it's 4:30 now. a mass evacuation is under way in south florida as potentially millions try to escape the storm. >> this is new video of the highway jam-packed with families trying to get out o
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this was north of tampa in pasco county. farther south, mandatory evacuations for miami-dade county are happening right now. >> evacuations start this morning in broward county where we've deployed news 4's david culver. he posted these pick tushs of a long line at home depot. look at the battery section here. nothing left. gas and other things people are trying to stock up on as irma heads their way. >> reporter: we're in pembroke pines, florida, out of ft. lauderdale. you've been hearing about the long lines for gas. let me show you what this station looks like. you can see a few folks waiting behind each pump. it looks like it's moving rather smoothly. until we reveal what's waiting down the street. you can see down there the line of cars. it stretches back probably about 30 or so cars. this is repeated a
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the area. i can also tell you that starting thursday at noon, that is when they're going to begin evacuations on the east part of broward county. even farther north from miami, they're taking this seriously and there's a lot of concern here. that's the latest from south florida. i'm david culver. back to you. >> thanks to pple didn evacuation order and secured plane tickets to our area. we spoke with one woman who left miami yesterday to ride out the storm up here with her sister in montgomery county. we caught up with her just after landing at reagan national airport. >> can i come to your house? she said yes, of course you can come to my house. i just said i got to get out. i'm not going to mess with no water, no electricity, no way of getting up and down the elevator. >> smart for her to get out when she did. more people escaping irma are expected to arrive at our airports the next coupl
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florida is bracing for a direct hit on sunday. many of you have family in the path. we'll have an update on the track in a half hour. stay with news 4 for live reports with david culver as irma gets closer to south florida throughout the weekend. you can follow him at twitter at david underscore culver. >> some breaking news in montgomery county. a section of veers mill road reopened after a deadly accident. a man riding a scooter died when an unmarked police cruiser hit him last night. witnesses say that scooter had no lighting. the officer immediately called the accident in and tried to help the man. but he died at the hospital. right now, police are trying to find the victim's family to make a positive i.d. megan mcgrath is working on this story for us. a live report in a bit. developing right now, a desperate search for a missing pregnant woman from montgomery county. friends noticed the high school teacher was missinghe
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not show up on the first day of school. now, laura wallen's family is searching for answers. she is four months pregnant and seems to have vanished without a trace. the last time anyone saw wallen was saturday. she texted a friend a few times throughout the weekend and monday morning. her father went to her house monday night. he found the lights on and the dog running around. but he did not find his daughter. >> you feel so helpless at that point. it's like a tv drama that you wish you could shut off. but you can't. >> here's a description of wallen's car. it's a 2011 black ford escape with maryland plates. it's m 522473. if you see the car or know any information to help in the search, call police. justin finch is following the story for us will he'll have the latest in the next half hour. 4:34 is your time now. today we could find out the results of a mental competency report for the man accused of in
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antonio williams will be in court today. we could learn whether williams will be allowed out on bond. he's charged with killing his 6-year-old sister and their two young cousins at a home in clinton last month. williams confessed to the crimes but did not say why he killed them. more trouble for the people who were evicted from the lynnhill condominiums last month. people given temporary hotel rooms have to vacate today. prince george's county department of social services provided the hotel rooms for the displaced residents. tracee wilkins reports that those who have been actively looking for new homes and participating in services will be allowed to stay in their rooms. the families were evicted from lynnhill because of unsafe living conditions. today, the intercounty connector in maryland is expected to be renamed to honor former governor bob
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governor larry hogan will make the renaming official later today in rockville. it's 4:35. if you haven't jumped on the mystics bandwagon yet, now is the time to get on board for the first time since 2002. the mystics are advancing in the post-season. >> gray heaves it up. and that will do it. the washington mystics hold off the young dallas wings. >> the mystics beating dallas 86-76 last night. but that win did not go without heated moments. at one point ruffin pratt and powers had a little fight after fighting for a rebound there. powers was eventually ejected. the mystics will face the new york liberty at madison square garden at sunday. my daughter went last friday. they had a blast. >> little heated on the court. it happens. >> it's competitio
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it's 4:37. we want another check of the weather and traffic. >> a look at the commute with jack taylor in a minute. first, we'll check in with the weather center. >> a lot going on. we're talking about irma and fog this morning. >> we are dealing with visibility issues on the roetro. >> let's check irma though. this is a category 5 hurricane. radar image out of puerto rico. the center north of the dominican republic. that will stay off the coast there. but it's headed towards the turks and caicos right now. it's nearing the united states this weekend. max winds 180 miles an hour. you see the projected path. it wou-- not sure where exactly it's going to go. that wouldn't be until saturday into sunday. we'll talk more about this coming up. let's check our local weather is the patchy fog. good morning, somara. >>
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issues. some areas have full visibility. let's take a look at your day planner now. we're shaping up nicely, especially in comparison to what we saw yesterday. temperatures expected to rise to the 70s. breezy at times but sunshine. mostly sunny for the remainder of your thursday. the weekend forecast, things are looking up. jack, over to you. >> we've got at least at this point a dee stent start. the beltway has been pretty quiet. so far, so good. again, as more rubber meets the road, the roadway will continue to dry out as the showers are blazed out of the area. the fog, definitely an issue. be careful. inner loop of the beltway, 295, woodrow wilson bridge, report of an accident. sounds like it's moved on. nothing to worry about. still the work zone on 66 east after 234, the prince william parkway blocking a single right lane without del
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a warning before you all -- all you metro riders get on the train from morning. the man police are looking for and the sex crime he's accused of. a popular nfl player claiming excessive force by police. the video of the tense moments and what the accused department is promising. and donald trump jr. in the hot seat. what lawmakers are
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a massive tiger roaming the streets near atlanta. it's dead. >> police actually shot the tiger in a backyard. a dog tried to fight it apparently and was hurt. officers saved the dog but had to shoot the tiger because it was close to a school bus route. the now closed ringling bros. barnum & bailey circus reported that tiger missing. she was missing on her way to join a european circus. imagine how scary that had to be. >> too bad the tiger escaped. an nfl star, this video from tmz sports shows las vegas police using excessive force against him. seattle seahawks michael bennett was leaving the mayweather mcgregor fight and
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officers thought bennett was involved in a shooting. >> there's a lot of people who experienced what i experienced at that moment and they're not here to tell the story. >> he was placed in handcuffs and detained while officers determined whether he was involved in the original incident. he was detained for approximately ten minutes and released. >> police are promising a full investigation. bennett says the recent violence in charlottesville persuaded him to sit during the national anthem for the 2017 season. an update on hurricane irma is ahead. the weather around here going to be pretty nice. >> it is. we got to get through the fog. patchy fog right now. current temperatures at 60 degrees. i'll tell you how your day will pan out in the forecast. ♪ >> united by violence and peace. how the dave matthews band hopes to bring some healing to its hometown of charlottesville.
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nd raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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we're tracking breaking news. >> at one point the storm was a category 5. sheena parveen is waiting for an update from the national hurricane center. we'll bring you the latest on that at 5:00. aaron, we're coming off a damp and soggy day yesterday. but things are looking up for your thursday. here's a look at the commute. visibility issues and patchy fog. that should burn off pretty quickly. we should have a smooth evening commute. that's your forecast. thank you, somara. happening today, donald trump jr. is headed to capitol hill. he's expected to face a grilling from the senate judiciary committee behind closed doors. it's likely to focus on a
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meeting trump jr. had with a russian lawyers and others last year. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what sort of questions could he face about that meeting? >> what, if anything, was soid about russia, the russian government or any information about hillary clinton. that will likely be the focus because initially donald trump jr. said it was mostly about adoptions. later his own e-mails showed he wept into that meeting expecting information, damaging information on hillary clinton that he thought was coming from the russian government. he said that didn't materialize but now was questioning he'll be able to provide more detailed information about whether it was even discussed. also, about whose idea it was and how involved the president was in the statement that referenced only adoptions or mainly adoptions being discussed in that meeting. this has been a long-planned interview. initially, the senate judiciary committee wanted
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publicly. there was a lot of back and forth with his attorney. this interview with staff as it's officially being called is expected to have a lot of lawmakers, senators in there asking questions today. again, primarily about that meeting with the russian lawyer. >> let me switch gears here, tracie. republicans aren't happy about the deal made with democrats on harvey aid. the budget and the debt ceiling. >> the president flipped and they're scratching their heads to figure out why. the president came out publicly and said he's siding with democrats on this on a short term budget that will avoid a government shutdown until december. on a short term extension on the debt ceiling. basically meaning they have to deal with this again in december. republicans wanted a longer deal that would go past next year's elections. all of it in exchange for quickly getting that nearly $8 billion in harvey aid to the victims in louisiana and texas. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. 4:48 now. a maryland man will spend the st
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series of killings that left our area terrified. he was sentenced to two life terms for his wife's murder outside a high school last year. during the sentencing, we saw this video for the first time. it shows him talking up to his wife's car at the same time their duter is coming out of school. the girl drops her bag and gladys told her daughter to run back into the school. next comes a heartbreaking 911 call from the girl telling police her mom needs help. he shot and killed his wife and injured a man who tried to help her. the march to confront white supremacy made it from charlottesville to d.c. but we know the journey for that group is not over. after a ten-day trip there was a rally. now they're camped out at farragut square. they'll camp out there until the march for rac
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members of the dave matthews band are responding to the recent violence in their hometown of charlottesville with a free concert. some big headliners signed on to perform. including pharrell williams, justin timberlake, ariana grande and britney howard of alabama shakes. it will be sunday, september 24th at the university of virginia scott stadium. we've posted details on how to get tickets on our nbc washington app. search dave matthews. now to a story first on 4. the violence in charlottesville has changed the way the washington national cathedral looks. the episcopal church has begun removing four stained glass panels honoring confederate generals stonewall jackson and robert e. lee. the cathedral says they're an obstacle to church teaching. >>
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we can take care of it an get it done, the sooner we would like to move on with the mission of ministry of this place. >> last year after the massacre in charleston, south carolina, the church removed two tiny confederate flags from the same panels. police are looking for this man, nathaniel tyrone ford. he's wanted for sexual battery and another incident. both happened in virginia on metro. it's unclear what line he was on at the time. according to court documents, ford has been charged with similar incidents in d.c. and maryland as well. boy, with all the heavy stuff we're covering this morning, here's a little positive news. the future king of england just started school. these are new photos from the kensington palace from overnight. prince george is going to a prep school in london called thomas' batter si. kate middleton isn't there, because she'sre
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younger brother or sister. >> same age as my son with a heck of a lot more nannies. back to you. >> but i'm sure your son is equally adorable. >> yes. >> thanks, chris. all right. ready, set, shop. a brand new nordstrom rack is opening today in prince george's county. it's in wood moore town center where the wegmans is. this is the first one to move in, in about 30 years. getting mccafe drinks is going to be easier. it's going to sell three bottled flavors of the mccafe frap fra pay drinks. executives say they will remodel the mccafe restaurants and add espresso drinks as well. all about options. >> and for the caffeine on this show. bring it. seven days into september aly.
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officially upon us. summer, i hardly knew you. i'm going to mourn. tomorrow you can get your hands-on a krispy kreme pumpkin spice doughnut. don't you think it goes crazy. there is a catch. the doughnut will be available for one day only. >> i think that's part of the -- >> what is that then? >> that's a part of joke. pumpkin spice is a running joke of summer. it's like -- oh, my god, it's too soon. we're not there yet. it's a joke. >> justin finch tweeted that a person in front of him were getting three of them. >> you can pumpkin spice yourself out. you can overdose on it. >> don't give me a peppermint mocha until november. >> it reminds us of fall, eun. we're going to get pineapple coffee. it will remind us of summer. we have fog around this morning and then sunshine this afternoon. great weather setting up really fantastic as we
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weekend. we are watching irma. we expect the remnants here next week. right now, it's heading to the turks and caicos. this is really bad for the turks and caicos. it's a category 5. it will be passing over the islands. i'm show you irma in a second. half mile at dulles. warrenton, manassas, in la ray, visibility there less than a mile. about a half mile. a lot of the areas seem fine. temperatures on the cool side. upper 50s, 60 in washington. here is irma. just to the north of the dominican republic. that's where the eye is. it's headed to the turks and caicos. going through time, the track continues. it's very similar to what we've been seeing friday evening between the bahamas and cuba. it's continuing on a track to florida. we expect this turn. there's nothing showing that there will not be a north turn. we'll be seeing the updated track at 5:00. stay tuned in a
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your weekend looks absolutely fantastic. you see the remnants of irma heading here next week. let's check the roads with jack taylor. >> sheena, good morning. the one work zone in manassas headed eastbound near the prince way and parkway, gone, it just cleared from the right lane. last of the barrels being pulled out. authorities are leaving the scene as we speak. otherwise, looks good. still very green. that's what we like to see as we start things off. >> live look at 270. some of the roadways still wet. a foggy spot here but a number of areas you will find fog. be careful. give yourself extra time. jack, thank you. 4:55. just when you thought amazon couldn't get any bigger, the store offering products from the online retailer. we are tracking the breaking news this morning. hurricane irma, the national hurricane center just about to release another report as sheena said minutes away here. the
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it's probably the part of your car you think about the least. the headlights. >> unless they go out. a new study says your headlights probably aren't very good. only one in 31 mid-sized cars studied by the insurance institute for highway safety have headlights it considered good. the toyotari
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rating only for the headlights included with the advanced technology package. bmw 3 series posted the lowest headlight score. check the headlights. $400 million in debt and now toys-r-us hopes lawyers can keep them from filing for bankruptcy. cnbc confirmed the toy giant might have to file for bankruptcy unless the attorneys can dig them out of debt. this comes before the holiday season which can make or break brick and mortar stores. kohl's will have designated spaces for amazon products in ten stores. you'll be able to browse them and buy directly from amazon. the in-store experience will not be available in our area though. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. right now at 5:00 a.m., lots to catch you up
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hurricane irma. we have new video from puerto rico and other islands in the caribbean showing the shear power of this historic storm. leaving towns in ruins and thousands of people homeless. >> the national hurricane is getting ready to release its latest information on the category 5 hurricane making its way through the caribbean and is expected to hit florida in a matter of days. >> it's a very business thursday morning around here, folks. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we're bringing you the most up to date information on irma. we want to go to sheena parveen in the storm center. >> good morning, guys. i'm sitting here waiting for the 5:00 a.m. update from the national hurricane center. we've been watching the cone. it has been pretty similar over the past several days here. just kind of putting florida in the trek. the real question is what side of florida is the storm going to favor. the last update, again, which was from last night. we're still waiting for the newest update coming out any minute now. someti


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