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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 8, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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an hour. our team is working for you this morning. everything you need to know about this, start with sheena parveen update from the national hurricane center. >> we have the update at 5:00. an advisory that came in a little bit early this morning. here's what it looks like right now. hurricane irma is a category 4. 155 miles an hour sustained wind. even though it dropped from a 5 to a 4, it doesn't matter. still expected to impact florida. between cuba and the bahamas, very warm favorable waters for it to remain. it should turn to the north, anticipated turn, still a major hurricane. really impacting the florida keys. it's not going to be good for the keys or south florida. storm surge could be 7 to 10 feet. it moves inland through the day sunday. that would be impacting both coasts of florida still as a hurricane possibly. this storm is about 400 miles wide. the state of florida is only about 135 miles wide right near the center. then it moves
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we expect rain still. let's head to somara with a closer look at our local weather as you step outside. >> stepping outside this morning, it's pretty brisk. the normal overnight low should be 69 degrees. manassas at 48 degrees right now. gaithersburg 49. up to 56 in washington. the good news is, as we head throughout the day, we're expecting temperatures to rise into the mid-70s. think yesterday, with less of a breeze. pleasant conditions, tons of sunshine today. as we head into the weekend -- out to the coast, maybe going to head to the beach, i'll have that forecast coming up. for now, i'll toss it over to jack with breaking news. >> the breaking news is our woodrow wilson bridge opening occurred five or ten minutes ago. the beltway is closed both inner, outer, local. nothing is moving on the wilson bridge. good news, the bridge is back down. it's a matter of making sure everything is okay and they can release the hounds so
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for now, the beltway is stopped. on 270 southbound, after 15, before you get to 85, accident activity only single file getting by on scene. that hopefully can clear quickly and get out of there. 66 westbound, our accident after sycamore. that has only the left lane getting by. virginia state authorities are on scene. back to you. >> jack, thank you. another disaster. a massive earthquake just hit mexico. chris lawrence is at the live desk with the latest. what's going on? >> i just retweeted new video that we got. to put this in perspective for folks, there is like a major earthquake hitting the middle of manhattan in an area as large as new york city. we're hearing tsunami waves ten feet high headed towards the shore. that is really bad news. we also learned up to six people have died. two are children. fa take a look at some of the video.
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major aftershocks. some so strong, they qualify as earthquakes on their own. still shaking mexico city at this hour. more than a million people don't have power right now. it's not even clear how much damage this has done to infrastructure. it certainly looks like a lot. we're going to get more in the next hour or two as the sun starts to come up there in mexico. aaron? >> chris, thank you. it is 5:03. we're also working all angles of hurricane irma this morning for you. let's give you another look, a live look at the satellite images coming in. as sheena mentioned, this storm weakened to a category 4 storm. i reluctantly use the word weakened. it's still an incredibly powerful hurricane. you can see how big the storm is as it moves through the caribbean. that storm has pummeled several small islands in the caribbean. >> 12 people have been killed by the storm. that number is likely to rise. the images of the damage is breathtaking. lo
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barbuda to saturday martin. homes reduced to rubble. cars floating down the street. thousands don't have running water. in puerto rico, more than a million are in the dark for a second morning in a row. this is a terrifying preview of what could be in store for florida. >> right now, the people in florida are paying attention to the warnings and the evacuation orders. thousands trying to get out of irma's path by land or air. if you take a look at the lines for gasoline. reports of people waiting in line for two hours in some cases. some gas stations have police officers patrolling. once folks fill up, they're in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get away. highways are not the only places crowded. airports have been packed all week. >> as the storm approaches, people running out of time to board a plane. news 4's megan mcgrath live at reagan national to continue our team coverage about how this is impacting our local airports. megan, good morning. >>w
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we're starting to see a bit of an impact at reagan national airport. take a look at the departure board here. we've got three flights headed to miami here this morning. one, as you can see, is canceled. the other two are listed as on time. but they're -- all three of them are -- if you look at the icons for american airlines, they're going in and out. i talked with somebody with the airline and asked why it's doing that. he said because perhaps there might be changes. as for now, though, that 6:00 a.m. flight is scheduled to leave at 6:00 a.m. in fact, i've talked to people who are on that flight, they got their boarding passes and are getting on their plane. they're hoping for the best. hoping to get there for a a variety of reasons. later, we're expecting massive cancellations and lots of problems for travelers am one guy headed to miami, that's his home. and he's going to batten down the hatches there and probably evacuate. >> i'm going to button up the windows, put up some protection to make sure what can be salvaged can be and
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some important stuff, pack for about two days and then go up north probably to the panhandle. and then watch the news. >> we'll be keeping a close eye on those boards this morning. we'll let you know when we start so see the cancellations rolling in. the airlines are obviously starting to shift planes around, get them out of the affected areas. thousands of flights have been canceled out of miami. whenever you see that, you see that snowball effect around the country. when you have that many planes canceled, people have connections they won't make. they ramp things down later on into the afternoon. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath live at reagan national. thank you. it's 5:06 now. so many of us have family and friends in the direct path of this storm. one d.c. woman can breathe a sigh of relief now that her 93-year-old father is out of irma's way. her father lives in sou
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florida. his three care-givers evacuated leaving him alone. she scrambled to have her sister fly into ft. myers, board a flight to dallas. he'll arrive there later this morning. >> his area of florida could be a target. he's been there many years and he'll be safe with my brother's family in dallas. >> once the storm passes, cheryl and her siblings will have to make other arrangements to get their father back to his home in florida the state is in effect shutting down ahead of the arrival of irma. david culver has been showing us how people are preparing their homes for this massive storm. they're used to this. you can watch his reports on the nbc washington app. be sure to stay with news 4 as david continues to bring us live reports a heftd impact this weekend. it's 5:07. here's another look at the top stories. >> no charges for a d.c. officer in a
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shooting. he was responding to a domestic incident on walnut street in northeast. gerald hall was killed after he came to the door with a knife in his hand. he had already stabbed his girlfriend in the arm. when he wouldn't drop the knife, the officer shot and killed him. one officer was wearing a body camera. an update on the georgetown branch trail controversy. earlier this week, a group filed ail temporary restraining order to lift the trail's closure due to the purple line construction. officials are now responding of the. the group is asking for a delay in tree cutting along the trail. according to wtop, the state says they can only delay the tree cutting operations by a day or two. a longer delay could risk the entire project. suspending the tree cutting operations would give plaintiffs a chance to have their motion heard. you may see a new chevrolet corvette stingray rolling down the streets in weekend. a dumfries woman won
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handed the keys to it today along with some money. >> the corvette and cash scratcher game. people win it? >> this is proof. >> you get a car and $100,000 to put gas in. the search continues at 5:09 for a missing maryland teacher pregnant with her first child. news 4's justin finch just arrived at her house in olney. who neighbors say was at the home overnight. first, if you don't have dinner plans overnight, make a reservation, maybe for the patio. >> yes. i would definitely sit outside. the bus stop forecast is good. temperatures in the mid to low 50s. sunny skies, low humidity. recess outside today. lunch outside, dinner outside. do whatever you can
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and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to born and raised incian, dr. rrural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director
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as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away. we continue to follow breaking news and the latest on hurricane irma this morning. in the last 20 minutes or so, we learned the story -- the storm is now a category 4 hurricane. >> you can see there storm team 4 meteorologist sheena
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plotting the path here. she'll bring us another update in a few minutes. we're following a developing story concerning this missing pregnant teacher. laura wallen. she's been missing since monday. >> justin finch just arrived at her condo in olney, maryland. justin, what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: eun, good morning. we got word from her neighbors overnight that montgomery county investigators were here overnight searching her condo where she does live alone. we have calls in to police to follow-up on that. we can tell you that she was last seen here labor day monday morning close to 8:30 a.m. also two neighbors will tell you she was so proud of her baby. laura was proudly four months pregnant, even posting her sonogram on her refrigerator in her home. she was a popular teacher in columbia at a high school. when she did not show on the firsy
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it was a major red flag coming about one day after she sent her family what they're calling a troubling text. one that sent her father to her condo, but she was not here. also missing at this time, laura's suv. take a look. it's a black ford escape suv with maryland tax. m 522473. police asking everyone to be on lookout for that vehicle. if you soo he it, laura is about 5'5", 200 pounds. she has blond hair and 31 years old. if you've seen her, police want to hear from you. aaron, eun. >> justin, we know there was a text message that had been sent and received. do we know anything more about that, maybe what it said? >> reporter: we have reached out to the family for more on that text, aaron. also, to police. they say at this time the content of that text are sensitive and they don't want the details out there at this point in their investigation.
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i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. this morning a lot of you are reeling from the news that your personal information may have been compromised in a massive hack on equifax. if you have a credit report, there's a good chance hackers got ahold of your social security number, address, even driver's license number. the breach at one of the big three credit reporting agencies is impacting 143 million consumers. equifax was hacked in late july. but just reported the breach on thursday. chris, that's not the only controversial issue right now, is it? >> certainly not. three senior executives at equifax saw $2 million of the companies shares within days of that security breach. the company says it was only a small percentage of their stock and they didn't know about the intrusion. eun? >> all right. chris lawrence thank you. >> the army corps of engineers is trying to
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made 7 construction workers so sick they had to be temporarily hospitalized. according to our news partners at wtop, the workers were trying to clean up a world war i chemical site. they experienced serious symptoms. the site is near american university on glenbrook road northwest. at first, it thought the workers were exposed to mustard gas. that did not end up being the case. they're working to figure out what it was. >> the national park service may have a fix for getting rid of that grime i film on the jefferson memorial. lase lasers. a chicago-based company will use laser ablation treatment to remove the biofilm on the iconic landma landmark. the full test will take about four weeks, but we should see the results immediately. we told you about this and now it's happening. behold the pumpkin spice original glazed doughnut from krispy kreme. the fall inspired
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back for one day only. it's the same original glazed it serves daily with a hint of cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavor. you can buy it at participating stores across thest. >> eun, are you going to try one? >> i am not a pumpkin spice person but that looks good. >> any doughnut looks good. >> is that today? >> today. >> today only. >> you have those hot out of the the box. >> i will say, my favorite doughnut hands down is boston cream. you don't want to watch me eat it. it's one of those guilty pleasures. >> turn away. it's friday. we have a lot going on. tracking irma, also working the weekend forecast too. >> if you think about it, if we were in south florida right now, think about the mass exodus going on currently. a lot of people have been on the roads
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we've been watching hurricane irma and here is why. take a look. first we'll show you wind tunnel video. this is doug kammerer. he's going to be in sunday morning. of course, he's showing you what a category 3 wind looks like. now, you don't want to be standing in kpcategory 3 wind. he's strapped down here. category 3 winds are not something to mess with. he's showing you -- look at his face, his skin. look at that. you don't want to be in that. that was a while back he did that. he wanted to show everybody how strong the winds are. category 3 wind will cause damage as the storm moves into flori florida. the category 4 hurricane moved through the turks and caicos and heading for warm water. the direction of motion between the bahamas and cuba, the most dangerous side of the hurricane is northeast of the eye. so whoever is northeast of the eye is going to ge
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threat of tornadoes. the most damaging winds and heaviest rain. this will move into florida. we don't know exactly where it makes landfall. we have to wait for the north turn going into saturday. 155 miles an hour sustained wind. expected to stay as a category 4 as it nears the florida keys. this isn't good for the florida keys. winds could be sustained towards the center. as it moves up through the state of florida, this track could shift a bit. we expect the entire state to be impacted because the storm is so large. could be a hurricane near tampa and inland towards tennessee and less wind and rain locally. still rain. we have hurricane watches and warnings throughout south florida. winds near 70 to 90 miles an hour with 124 mile an hour wind gusts. storm surge starting saturday afternoon through sunday. that could mean 7 to 10 feet of water moving in from the ocean into south florida. our local weather is beautiful.
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now or through the weekend. 51 in clinton. 49 gaithersburg. 57 in annapolis. i think when you walk outside, you can probably get away with a light jacket this morning. your fitness forecast, if you're working out outside, plenty of sunshine around lunchtime. temperature around 70 degrees. if you can sit outside, i would do it. low humidity by 5:00 p.m. it's going to look a lot like yesterday across the area. sunshine and low humidity. it will be like that through the weekend, too. saturday and sunday look gorgeous. monday, clouds increase. tuesday, chance of showers coming in from the remnants of irma. let's check your friday traffic this morning with jack taylor. wtop. hey, jack, good morning. >> sheena, we had breaking news because of the woodrow wilson bridge opening about half an hour ago. the opening has been -- finished everything up. traffic is moving again. still a maryland delay. the outer loop out of
5:21 am
66 westbound, our crash after sycamore street has left lane getting by. the response has been -- 270 southbound, be careful out of frederick. leaving 15. before you get to 85, tractor-trailer and a car involved in a crash. one right lane is getting by. hopefully, this is going to be cleared out of the roadway quickly. won't have gigantic delays towards urbana. back to you. >> thank you, jack. it is a story getting a lot of buzz this morning and warming hearts at the same time. how major league baseball teams from across the country are making one little girl's dream come true. be sure to tune in later today for the ellen degeneres show. she's back from summer hiatus. you can watch her show for weekdays at 3:00. st
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you got get a free play for brady. it is caught! >> football is back. last night the season opener kicked off right here on nbc4. super bowl champions new england patriots versus the kansas city chiefs. but couldn't get the home win. the chiefs went on to win 42-27 with some crazy tom brady streak. there were a lot of people happy to see the patriots lose. i'm just saying. now we talk about our team. the home team redskins are busy preparing for their first game of the season. it is a home game. they're taking on the philadelphia eagles at fedex field this sunday. later on "news4 today," molette green is getting the party started early. people are tailgating already. you got to get on board. she's live from the pep rally and tailgate happening this morning. game is not until sunday afternoon, just fyi. you're going to fall in love
5:26 am
>> here's her pitch. hailey dawson wants to throw ought the first pitch at every major league baseball stadium. she might get the chance. she was born with a disease and she doesn't have a right hand. >> but she does have a special 3d printed prosthetic and she can throw as you see there. this is video from june when she threw the first pitch at nats park. >> she was featured online the other day. look at the teams that want her to play. more than half of the baseball teams asked her mom to reach out to them. so far, she's only pitched here and at camden yards. >> that's a great start. >> every team should be calling her and saying please come, please come be our mascot. >> 7 years old. already been college teams asked her to come, minor league teams. she'll have a lot of baseball in her life. >> face of the future. vandals leave a message of hate. this time the target is
5:27 am
school is doing now to ep sure the safety of students. plus, if you're following the #black girl magic, you may have heard about this magical night at the u.s. open. look at what everyone is talking about this morning. as of recent, we've learned that hurricane irma has been downgraded it a category 4 storm with wind speeds at 155 miles per hour. still a very strong storm. it's just under 600 miles from t
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tracking hurricane irma in the last 30 minutes, we learned up to the minute details on the strength of the storm and its path. plus, swastikas at georgetown university. vandals leave their mark and the campus is on edge. it is 5:30 on this friday. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we made it to the end of the week and we're getting new information on hurricane irma. we want to get to the headlines. >> as irma marches towards florida, it's already leaving a path of destruction through the caribbean. 12 people have been killed already by this hurricane. that number will likely rise. >> take a look. these images we're seeing are breathtaking from barbuda to st. martin. homes have been reduced to rubble. we see cars floating down the street. thousands don't have running water right now. there are moha
5:31 am
morning in a row. let's go to sheena parveen with more on irma's track. sheena? >> good morning. an up from the 5:00 -- update from the 5:00 advisory. winds sustained at 155 miles per hour. it has weakened a little bit. it's still a huge threat to the state of florida as we go into saturday and sunday, it will be taking that turn to the north over very warm waters here. it's going to be expected to stay a major hurricane. moving into south florida, the keys and south florida as far as storm surge and high winds are concerned, moving inland near tampa by monday morning, possibly still as a hurricane. it's so large, it will impact both coastlines of florida. it will move inland and the remnants towards tennessee. this is a huge storm. about 400 miles wide. it's going to cover the entire state of florida. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about what florida may be expecting locally and speaking of that, somara has a loo
5:32 am
your weekend forecast. >> you know what, this weekend is shaping up to be a nice one. in fact, we can head out to the beach maybe. let's look at what we can expect. the good news is, it's gt going to not be as windy this weekend. it should be comfortable heading to the coast. it is a little cool. water still pretty warm. temperatures in the low 730s, tons of tons of sunshine. a repetitive forecast on saturday and sunday. mostly sunny. just a notch warmer heading towards ocean city with temperatures in the low 730s on saturday. cape may also going to be experiencing some beautiful conditions out there. so a nice weekend to head to the beach. make sure you've got outdoor plans this weekend. jack, over to you. >> if you're headed to the beach, nice segue. towards the bay bridge, they put out a vehicle fire, moved everything to the right side of the roadway. you have at least now two lanes getting by. traffic was temporary held for five or six minutes as
5:33 am
fighting the fire itself. the crash out of frederick, southbound, one right lane is getting by as seen and causing a slowdown even for a friday morning. in virginia, 66 westbound inside the beltway after sycamore street, police dealing with this police activity. one left lane has been getting by. it should clear pretty quickly. breaking news now, a powerful earthquake in mexico. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> a small sooim has come ashore in mexico after the 8.1 magnitude quake rattled people in capital as they were sleeping. take a look, the epicenter of this quake was in the pacific ocean. it was about 600 miles southeast of the capital. about 74 miles from the pacific coast. the strongest earthquake in about 100 years. the devastation has been incredible. the countr
5:34 am
military to pull people out of some of the homes they've been trapped in. we've learned that a hotel collapsed, i home collapsed. the death toll at six people, including two children and tsunami warnings have been issued for guatemala, el salvador, costa rico, down to ecuador. eun? >> chris lawrence at the live desk. we know you're following that story. we'll check in with you later in the newscast. here's a look at the other top stories. there is still noll sign of this missing pregnant teacher. laura wallen. her family says her familiar hi never made up for tuesday. justin finch is live at her condo. the latest on the search at 6:00. a federal appeals court rejected president trump's view of who is allowed into the u.s. under his travel ban. the court ruled that grandparents, cousins and similarly close
5:35 am
not be prevented from coming into the country. a settlement agency should be -- the ruling will go into effect in five days. the nfl season opener kicked off right here object nbc4. super bowl champs patriots against the chiefs. it started off good for the brady bunch. but they couldn't get the home win. the chiefs went on to victory, 42-27. big score there. 5:35. more racially charged graffiti showing up at georgetown university. >> swastikas were painted inside an elevator. last week, there was graffiti on the outside walls of another building on campus. the university september out an e-mail condemning it. the reasons spark racist and isn't semitic. university police are still investigating these incidents. >>. the wife of an
5:36 am
adviser for president trump's business trust is due in court after apparently having sex with a virginia inmate and giving him contraband. deputies found teresa birchfield of mclean in the back seat of a car with the inmate. this happened outside the fauquier county detention center on tuesday. deputies say she gave the inmate cigarettes and vitamin supplements. she's married to a d.c. attorney appointed to the president's trust. a little girl's mother or aunt helped to catch a man accused of exposing himself inside a home depot. >> he went up to an 8-year-old girl and exposed himself the other day. >> a woman and her family confronted him and took a picture and police used that photo to track him down. he was arrested and charged with indecent ex poush sure and assault and battery. he will be in court next month. an update n the georgetown trail controversy. the group filed a temporary restraining
5:37 am
during the purple line's construction. the group that wants the restraining order is asking for a delay in tree cutting along the trail. according to wtop, the state says it can only delay the tree cutting operation by a day or two. a longer delay could risk the project. suspending the tree cutting would give plaintiffs a chance to have their motion heard. it is the battle of titans. an american woman is poised to win the biggest prize in tennis history. the match has meant i beaming. we're working for you to see
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
oh, my goesh. i tried to stay up. i couldn't. what a match. another upset in the u.s. open. venus williams is out. this is sloane stephens heading to the finals for the first time. the first time in semifinals. such a match. >> they're both such incredible athletes. bo both. all the women left from the united states. stephens will face madison keys in the final round tomorrow. some people wonder to sloane, well, this was venus' -- it could have been a big de
5:41 am
in 15 years she hasn't run. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. what am i supposed to like not try my hardest and compete? that's the thing. a lot of people were rooting for venus. it was hard to figure out who you wanted to win. i'm so happy for her. she was ranked in the 80s and rose up the ranks. so happy. >> it's a win-win. >> reporter: we're starting to see an impact at airports in our area as hurricane irma barrels towards florida. a live report coming up. plus, help for harvey victi victims. congress acting fast. the president makes a deal with democrats. what's at stake and how it all went down. next. and tgif. take a lock at the forecast. nothing makes the commute better than the temperatures to be -- a brisk walk to the car. warming up to the 70s.
5:42 am
accident activity in virginia. 66 westbound inside the beltway after sycamore. the left lane had been getting by. 270 south of frederick after 15. with theight r he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam.
5:43 am
d in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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good friday morning. it's a category 4 hurricane now headed towards florida. i'll have an update on this and the weekend forecast. equifax security breach. millions of americans at risk. the next step you should take this morning. redskins fans, how some fans are already kicking off the season before the first kickoff. 15 before the top of the hour. ug
5:46 am
>> it ties the debt ceiling and hurricane harvey relief. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at both sides. tracie, good morning. >> this is going to be supplemented, aaron. good morning everyone. because this -- has to happen in the house today where there are more conservatives against raising the debt ceiling. it is likely to pass. but probably not without some pushback. the package that the president negotiated with democrats now includes $15 billion in aid. about half of it for harvey, about half of it for other future disasters, like hurricane irma now just about to barrel ashore in the next 24 hours. it also includes a short term budget extension. so we avoid a government shutdown and raising that debt ceiling so america avoids a default and can pay its bills. we'll find out in a
5:47 am
hours if there's enough support to get this on the president's desk. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. tracie, thank you. the gold star father who challenged donald trump to read the constitution at last year's democratic national convention will speak at a church in indiana today. khi khizr khan urged the -- his son was killed in iraq. he's delivering a message of unity and civility at the event tonight. maryland governor, add larry hogan to the list of those who disagree with the daca decision. the governor says congress must act on a reform of policy >> most of the accident that the president took the other day personally, i said that. i think we ought to be focusing on the criminals that are in the country, do something about them and not innocent
5:48 am
own. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe is a democrat and he put his views in stronger terms. he called the daca decision heartless and terrible and hopes that president trump would reconsider. we're following some breaking news out west. this is video from our affiliate in oregon that the eagle creek fire is 7% contained. it has burned 33,000 acres out there. and debris is still blocking major interstates. so crews say those won't open any time soon as the fire continues to burn and they try to get things cleaned up. aaron? >> chris, thank you for that. it is 5:48 right now. as irma makes its way toward florida, people are spending hours waiting in line to stock up on essentials. news 4's david culver is in the
5:49 am
ft. lauderdale area. she's in a first hurricane. >> of course, in maryland we have the snow. i've lived there more than 20 years. so i'm accustomed to that. but here, yesterday i went to costco and i stood in line for two hours to get water. >> batteries are also in high demand. david says most stores have empty shelves at this point. gas, like gold these days. many stations are already out. >> if people aren't hunkering down, they're getting out of town. a lot of them are coming to our area. megan mcgrath is live at reagan national to continue our team coverage now of how this is impacting our local airports. megan, good morning. >> well, good morning, guys. we are seeing flights that are arriving here at reagan national airport from the miami area. there's one delayed a couple of hires but due
5:50 am
flights leaving from our area too. we have three miami flights, two are listed, believe it or not, on time. including one at 6:00 a.m. the one in the middle, that however, is canceled. they're both strobing here. not exactly sure what that's about. we are expecting as the day wears on to see more and more cancellations on the board. areas affected, airports like miami have canceled thousands of flights in preparation for irma. so we are expecting a big impact. some did get out, including a couple headed to jupiter, florida. they've got to go and get family they've got to get home. >> we have impact windows already. just going to have to go the storage unit and go up to my mom in laws and get her squared away and do whatever we can do.
5:51 am
the best. di talk to a colleague who works, a photo jusjournalist wh works for another organization. he got pulled off a plane. we bumped into him again this morning. he's trying to get out to miami. his flight still listed as being okay. we have to wait and see. it's a fluid situation with all of the flight cancellations. you get that snowball effect. people missing connections and trying to pull planes out of the affected area so they don't get bogged down. we'll keep keep an eye on it and get you the updates. >> a long few days at reagan national. as we've been saying, hurricane irma remains on a track to hit miami this weekend. >> even though it's weakened to a category 4, it will still pack a punch. we'll take you to miami where people are working around the clock to stock up and prepare. sarah rosario has our team
5:52 am
good morning. >> good morning to you aaron and eun. people are preparing here in south florida. they are trying to get out ahead of the storm, this will be last day that people will hit the roads before we feel significant impacts of the storm. this is the calm before it hits. >> beautiful start to the day in miami. a little breezy. career skies. in 24 hours, things will change significantly. we've got bus evacuations happening. they've been taking place since yesterday. airports as you've been talking about. in miami, they're shutting down today. we've got the gas stations, long lines at the gas stations and people are boarding up their windows. shelters across south florida opening their doors. making sure they have a safe place to say. mandatory evacuation this is the florida keys and in low-lying areas here in miami. where i am right now, this is
5:53 am
mandatory evacuation. we're worried about storm surge. they're trying to get out ahead of time. guys. sarah rosario live in miami. thank you. >> i have cousins in jacksonville or a cousin. people are trying to get out. i talked to a friend in atlanta. the traffic in atlanta has been doubled because people are leaving florida. they're doing the right thing. this is going to be a monster storm. >> i mean, i hope everyone gave themselves enough time to leave. >> we'll see. it is still expected to be a hurricane as it moves into south florida. if you haven't seen the updated track, here it is. it's the 5:00 a.m. advisory. it's on the high end of a category 4. i'll show you those in a minute. between cuba and the bahamas, this is not good. if it passed over cuba, it would weaken. that's a mountainous terrain. this, in fact, is very, very warm water. water temperatures running in the mid
5:54 am
a major hurricane. the keys are to get hit really hard really in that koechblt really, it can move anywhere in the -- it will impact both coastlines. it will move in early sunday, by monday near tampa. potentially still a hurricane. the remnants in georgia and through tennessee. so with this storm, i'm talking about the categories here. category 4. i told you 155 mile an hour sustained winds and category 4 goes up. that's major damage to structures. moderate to heavy damage with numerous trees down. as far as the storm surge is concerned, this is the worst thing in a storm. storm surge is expected to be 7 to 10 feet. so right around a category 3. hurricane warnings for south florida, hurricane watches farther to the north there. i think those watches will be turning into warnings as the storm gets cloerer. for us today, 75 degrees,
5:55 am
really nice across our weekend. if we see impacts from irma, it will be by the middle or -- next. good morning, we don't need this delay as we start on the outer loop. haven't quite cleared the work zone. two left lanes will get by. for now, 270 southbound leaving frederick, accident activity before 85. only a right lane getting by. 27 near penn shop road. sounds like 27 is closed because of the chopper fire. near 198, so far so good without delay. looked good toward the beltway. volume pretty light as we get through a friday morning rush hour. credit reporting agency equifax has been hit by a cyber breach. >> landon dowdy is here to bring us up to date on this. landon, good morning. >> aaron, eun, good morning to you both.
5:56 am
exposed information from about 143 million americans. the credit bureau says the breach occurred between may and july and hackers stole consumer names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver's license numbers. that can be enough information for thieves to hijack a person's identity. equifax discovered the beach july 21st. but publicly until yesterday, it has set up a website and phone number where consumers can check your security status. definitely we should ache a look at. thanks, landon. everybody is getting excited for the first game of the season by the home runs. it's a home game. molette green working for you at fedex field. she has details how to get the party started early. >> oh, yeah. we're ready tore a daily gait this mormg. we've got it.
5:57 am
we're cooking it up on the barbecue. pork tenderloin. and of course -- smell-a-vision. and the fans. redskins. all that and more on news 4 at 6:00 and 10:00. see you then. >> amazon is making another big move. the question now is where. the change that could bring hundreds of jobs to a city near you. >> new fallout from hurricane harvey, the action taken now that the waters receded and the fire it out. >> reporter: the search for a missing teacher resumes in olney. i'm justin finch with who neighbors say was at her he overnigomht
5:58 am
5:59 am
tracking hurricane irma. a look at the track and the timing of landfall in the u.s. >> we're seeing the damage in the caribbean. take a look at this. a scramble to get out of harm's way is impacting travel in our area. >> more breaking news over night. a massive earthquake in mexico turned deadly. you are waking up to a busy friday morning. take a look at this monster storm here. >> we are tracking the
6:00 am
in the last hour, we learned that storm is starting to weaken just a bit. >> storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the storm. this doesn't mean the coast clear, sheena. >> it certainly does not. aaron is right, it did weaken to a category 4. it's at the top end of a category 4. still a major hurricane and on a track to florida. it's going to be passing over warm weather. we don't expect it to turn to cube a the update from the national hurricane center, the 5:00 a.m. advisory, the track is what everyone is looking at. it's passing over the warm with the waters moving into south florida. taking that turn. we're going to be watching for that turn that will determine where the center goes and where the strongest winds are. it's going to slam the florida keys, move into south florida. affect both coastlines. this is ever glade territory in south florida. that is warm swamp water. it could maintain hurricane strength as it nears


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