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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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17 dead, 100 more injured and now all eyes turn to florida as irma closes in. >> tens of thousands of people have already evacuated, but others are choosing to ride the storm out. >> tonight we have working for you, tracking irma's path and the potential impact. let's start with doug amelia and storm team 4 weather center. >> we continue to track this storm and the closer and closer it gets to florida, the better we have an outlook on exactly where this is going to hit. it's shifting a little bit. >> it's shifting towards the west, we talk about you'll show the track and it's getting smaller and smaller to hone in on what areas you're going to see the most
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category 5 is 170 miles per hour, it's very close any way. very close to naples and that's where the eye wall will be with 145 mile an hour winds. now i'm going to talk a little bit later on and this is better news for miami. they'll be in the northeast quadrant but a little bit different here. >> we'll take a look at what we
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surface and some of the higher winds. >> and lots of damage. you're already seeing that irma is capable of doing in the caribbean. the storm destroyed whole buildings and decimated island neighborhood and doug and amelia mentioned next up is florida. >> talking to people planning to ride out this storm. david? >> it's beautiful right now, mentioning the calm, this is the part of florida people flock to to enjoy, it's what's coming that has folks nervous and some cases and really kind of fearful. and you can see behind me. this is the police officer fort lauderdale police, this is an area that part of the mandatory evacuation. understandably t
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other side. police are not here to enforce that so much as to keep people comfortable. and, mostly, the people who are here are staying here and not quite sure what to expect. >> a drive over fort lauderdale intercostal waterway, phoenix for now. >> in that building on the top floor. >> despite warning the evacuations, he's saying, irma, he doesn't think it's worth trying to out run it. 40 years of south florida and whether every hurricane from the ocean front hotel where he works, not this one, he's checked into a shelter. and for you have said, you know what, let me go to a shelter and you have an eye
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miles across. >> so positive, how do you stay positive during something like this. >> i see this is what is happening now. it's the only thing that can be happening, so -- why refuse it. >> a live look, now, on what is a beautiful evening here in fort lauderdale, this is something that we're going to be keeping an eye on post, we're going to look into what's going to be the aftermath here and what'
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images, they were tossed around like they were nothing, doreen. >> the eerie calm before the storm arrives. thank you, david. a travel nightmare is unfolding at miami international airport. their flights were cancelled and they say they don't have anywhere else to go, all major airlines are suspending service here tonight. >> it doesn't seem to impact our local airport too much right now. it's likely to change as more flights are cancelled and you can expect more trouble next week as irma heads towards the busiest, atlanta's hearts field jackson. what's left is expected to pass over western georgia on tuesday. >> tourists are facing gap shortages and grid lock as they try to evacuate. more than 600,000 people are clearing out in miami-dade county alone, still ahead, the challenges for people who
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town but found -- >> the breaking stories here in our area, chopper 4 over the scene of a bus crash in louden county, not far from dulles airport, looking at the live pictures coming in here. we're told several people are seriously injured here at watson road. this is a school bus that's been c converted into a food truck as we understand it. appears to be from an outlet called rolling, we're working the phones to figure out exactly the response, the car pinned in front of the bus, looks like on the driver side. erica gonzalez is going to have another update in just a few minutes. more breaking news, now, what could turn out to be a key piece of evidence in the search for missing pregnant woman. >> now, police have her suv, it was found a few blocks from the high school where she teaches. kristin wright reports, now everyone wants to
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laurel wallace. >> chopper 4 over the parking lot at the apartments in columbia, where new and sun unsettling information. police found her suv in that parking lot last night. police source tells news 4, with each passing day, laurel wallace disappearance becomes more frightening, family and friends desperate to know where she is. >> you run into laura in the parking lot and have conversations. she engages you, she wants to know how your life is and tells you what's going on in her life, for her to be gone, doesn't make sense. >> today police back at the pregnant teacher's home, looking for evidence, anything to leave them to laurel. her suv found near the high school where she teaches, but never showed up for the first day tuesday. crisis intervention team is helping students and staff. >> they're deeply concerned for her well being and safety and we're
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possible for this. >> her family telling pat collins she's excited about the baby. monday morning got a text from the phone that they will only describe as troubling. >> the alarms were going off for me, and i had no -- you feel helpless at that point. you don't know what, you know, we're -- where your child is. >> our police source telling us that police took the car out of the parking lot back here and have taken it for processing, meaning they are going to go through every inch of an, erin. neighbors and friends we talk to today say they are hopeful there is some explanation to bring her home, but at the same time they're not feeling very competent about that possibility. back to you. >> kristin wright for us in columbia, now, thank you. in maryland tonight, right through the window, you'll see here is the
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on fire today. neighbors say they were dating. investigators are still on the scene in capital heights. shomari, what else are you learning. >> e explained she's in photographer brooks merry weather. they are working outside of where this fire occurred. you can see them, they have wood and they're putting it over these windows. police say a man set the woman on fire shortly before noon out here in their capital heights apartment. we're at 1405 elk wood line. police say they were spotted here for domestic related arson. neighbors tell me the suspect is the woman's boyfriend. he turned himself in, they say, police are going to be asking him a lot o
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woman was pregnant and she gave birth at the hospital to a girl. police also tell us that she has two other children. we are waiting for their relatives to come here to the scene. live in prince georges county, shomari stone, news 4. >> disturbing allegations of child abuse discovered in a drop box account. police say it belongs to a former substitute teacher and basketball coach from prince georges county. we told you about the arrest in april. but this investigation is expanding now and police now fear there can be dozens of victims. his arrests is the latest in a series of high profile activations in crimes against young children in maryland. scott macfarlane, tracee wilkins with a warning for parents tonight. tracee. >> he was charged based on what was found in his drop box, not because -- that plays into this investigation right now. because defense attorney is
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of these kids they have images of are. >> i didn't quite understand his role in the school. i know they were using him as a substitute teacher. >> reporter: this parent is wondering should she have paid more attention to the coach when he tried recruiting her son to play basketball. >> texting me to see if he could try out for his team or if he could come and practice with him. i'm like, well, no, he already is dedicated to a team. >> reporter: today they announced charges in a widening case against christopher spates, creating and distributing child pornography. the case is believed to be so widespread, police are providing a hotline for possible victims. >> i encouraged any kid that's involved -- any program to call the hotline. >> luther henry began the south county sports academy today, a youth sports organization. >> this was a gut moment. this was terrible. >> you said when news of federal
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some of whom were possible victims. >> the kid that he coached young kids, they were like 13, 12. and we're like, if there was anything, why didn't one of you say anything. >> the program did background checks but found nothing, leaving him and others wondering, what could they have done. >> you're emotional about this. >> yeah. yeah. >> you know, he was a friend. he was a friend. and we didn't know. i couldn't tell anything, as well. tracee wilkins, news 4. >> our team coverage continues now with the i-team scott macfarlane in our newsroom. revealed a fast rising number of unlicensed school workers accused of abusing kids. what's going on. >> doreen everyone who works at a public school has to pass a background check. not everybody needs a license. christopher spates is a substitute teacher and in the state of maryland, either. nor did two others accus
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pleaded guilty to federal porn charge and carlos bell in charles county school aide who pleaded not guilty to sex misconduct. teachers, administrators and counselors need licenses, we found 30% of jobs posted including aide and security guards do not need licenses, without the risk of losing a license, those staffers don't necessarily face the end of a career if they engage in misconduct. even though they have one on one access to kids. scott macfarlane, news 4, i-team. the wife of high-powered lawyer for president trump for having two inappropriate relationships with local prison inmates. >> plus tracking the threat of irma, as we take a deeper look into what's fuelling so many hurricanes and why s many are ota
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my shoulders carry some i deserve others i don't but in the end only one name really matters because shoulders were made for greatness, not dandruff
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>> i'm erica gonzalez. these are live pictures that you are seeing from chopper 4 over the scene there. there are so many firefighters at the scene easily two dozen from what you're seeing here,
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chopper 4 three, four, five -- it looks like a guardrail that was there that has completely just smashed in and right in front of that red bucket, it looks like a dark colored vehicle, looks like it, too, may have collided with one another. we want to show you all of the videos we do have from the scene, our crew has arrived there. this is one ambulance that was rushing away from the scene. we've also been able to see through chopper 4, multiple medivacs on the scene, a very serious accident. what we can also tell you, now, we can show you some pictures where we were able to zoom in here chopper 4. we were able to see some signs of this. let me be careful with these pictures. these are not people we believe are involved. these are pictures that were found on facebook. the point of this what
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this looks like a full bus that was converted. mobile diner is what we found, these pictures to relate to, it looks like there are -- kind of like bar stools on either side of the windows for customers to be able to look out, where it looks like the kitchen is. these are live pictures coming in from chopper 4. there you see, one, two, three, medivacs on scene to show you the severity of this crash and watson road that happened just about 5:00 this afternoon, as soon as we get more details, we'll happen here at the live desk. back over to you guys. >> erica, thank you. hurricane is barrelling down on mexico and the most powerful earthquake and mexico in 100 years. at least 60 people have been killed. it had a magnitude of 8.2 at the center of the southern coast of mexico.
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waves of more than 3 feet. violent trimmers through mexico city, nearly 450 miles away. the place was slightly more powerful of the one that killed 10,000 people in 1985. construction codes are much more stricter now. >> back in our area, a startling discovery, the wie fe of promint dc lawyer and jail inmate. deputies found the pair, now the program that's trustworthy inmates to do work outside the jail wall is under review. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has the details. >> suspicious activity, that's the report that came in tuesday afternoon. sheriff's office investigators discovered 53-year-old theresa birchfield in the backseat of her vehicle, along with this
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inmate, 23-year-old derrick patelo. >> what's being alleged is the female subject was delivering unauthorized articles to the inmate. >> he was arrested for getting the inmate a bag of vitamin supplements. but these court documents reveal even more details. the inmate told investigators, he's been meeting with them for the last month. she would bring them cigarettes and she said they would have sex in her car. and sources tells new 4, the investigation shows there is a second inmate who have been meeting with birchfield that the activity has been going on for six months. both of the men are jail trustees in a work program for inmates who have committed less serious crimes. these two have been given opportunities on the law enforcement campus, taking out the trash, both have lost those privileges and back in secure confinement and that trustee program, under review. >> we're under continue review of our programs, obviously, this one,
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reviewing. >> reporter: the attorney's husband is with the firm king & spalding. his biography on the web site describes it as ethics adviser to trump's businesses. theresa is due back in court on november 13th. that's when a preliminary hearing will be held, something that could reveal new details about the case. i'm julie carey, news 4. the timing couldn't be worse. we will break down the reason for so many strong hurricanes. >> high drama for people living in the high-rises of south florida. first a moment of reflection is hurricane irma inches closer to the u.s. if you live on the south carolina coast, myrtle beach area, they haven't evacuated but they may have to as the weekend progresses. i'm pretty worried about them. i
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carolina for about eight years. i had a small place near the beach. i've been through one flood a couple of years ago and worried that hurricane irma is going to do more damage. >> as hurricane irma draws near, please note we're with you every step of the way. and we'll be sharing ways you can help victims down in florida on our nbc washington app he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia
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big story we've been following for days. this weekend hurricane irma will make land fall in florida. >> doug and amelia are tracking all of the developments here. let's start with you, what's happening right now. >> we've been talking about this throughout the broadcast and the biggest issue of really the question that is out there, how much of an impact that cuba is going to have. take a look at this right now. you note this is very close, the eye of the storm close to cucub. they're getting incredible amounts of rain right now. the european model has been nailing this storm, hour after hour, day after day, it's doing it again. i think the european is having this storm coming into cuba the northern part, wrapping right up and back into the water. i think that's what going to happen. it will make land fall, a devastating land fall in towards that island nation and back up and in towards the florida straits will it will
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reintensify, possibly cat 5 once again. you can already see the rain and here is the bahamas, here is cuba down to the south and seeing the rain bands coming in and far into parts of florida as we speak. the current winds, 155 miles an hour, remember category 5, 157, so very close to that already. moving to the west at 12 miles per hour. it is expected to make a turn to the north and then eventually right towards florida. look at this b line, right in towards florida, down towards the florida keys. it is going to impact the keys tremendously. the storm surge could be over 12 feet and many of those islands are not 12 feet in elevation. 140 miles an hour, very close to naples, florida, that's where this could make land fall, south of naples. i want to show you this, too, this is interesting, as well. take a look, we're going to see the storm across portions of the keys and then into south florida. look at
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sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. by around 3:00, 104 in miami. i mentioned to you 104, that's at the surface that's going to be much different. ten stories up and 20 stories up. amelia draper with a little bit more on what that makes it. what we can expect with the storm moving in. >> exactly, doug. so i did some digging today on what are basically down in florida. we have some of the strictest building code in the country. since andrew, it's been built, it has to be able to handle winds of 110 miles an hour. that's a very powerful category 2 hurricane. that's the number i want you to keep in mind. 110 miles an hour. now, in miami, it's been happy 130 mile an hour winds, and critical building have to withstand category 5. keep in mind, that 110 mile an hour, that's
6:28 pm
withstand. we're talking about wherever the eye makes land fall, winds at the ground at 145 miles an hour, so that's already going to be causing structural damage. and the higher buildings there as you go higher up, the wind increases, it's less friction at about 3 to 10 stories pending on what's on the ground and how many other buildings are on the ground. so take a look here at 25 stories up, winds are 145 at the surface or 170 miles an hour, 50 stories up, they're close to 180 miles an hour. now, talking about why we're seeing a lot of storms right now, we're in a lanina warning, warm water temperatures near 90 where irma is moving into. this is the hurricane season, guys. >> hurricane center right around september 10, and we're right about there. this storm will hit tampa,
6:29 pm
quickly as it moves through the north as tropical storm hits parts of georgia. next couple of days, weekend looking great, saturday and sunday looking good, chance of showers from irma coming up on tuesday but nothing to worry about here. >> good news for us. well, in the path of a nuclear hurricane, our coverage of irma continues as tens of thousands of people in florida scramble to safety. >> plus our local organizations is helping some of the most vulnerable storm victims. >> as drivers complain their cars are putting them to sleep. susan hogan is working for you, igining a l
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that...
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be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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there is a whole lot of anxiety right now at the airports across florida. people hope they can get out before hurricane irma gets in. >> the airports have shutdown and the last flights leaving miami less than an hour. nbc jay gray is in miami watching the evacuation that was there. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: hey, erin, doreen, and it's the largest massive evacuation in u.s. history. nothing to do with storm, we're out by the water, it is always windy in miami. it is a little stronger than you would normally
6:33 pm
it's category 4 storm with s sustained winds. it is moving day in miami and across florida, today is the day to do the right thing for your family and get inland to safety. millions are in the path of irma, the storm so massive it could literally swallow the entire state. >> this storm is wider than our entire state and expected to cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast. >> so from coast to coast, residents are preparing as best they can. which are quickly running short of supplies, the gas stations and grocery stores across the state. as residents board up and load up what they can in a scrapple to get to safety, lines gathered outside of this shelter before it
6:34 pm
facilities, there's a growing fear. >> what's the most scarey what are we going to go back to. >> it's a valid concern when you see the fury already unleashed by irma in the islands. devastation. a sense of urgency for so many now in the storm's path. but the time to prepare is quickly running out with irma closing in on the coast. >> and if it stays on the current path, it will battle the path. doreen, erin, we'll keep watching it for you. >> all right. be careful, jay gray, thank you. police union is loading up four trailers to send to victims in texas and
6:35 pm
departments collecting these goods. two trailers left, the other two trailers will head to florida later this weekend. >> thousands of people in irma's path have chronic illnesses and need frequent care and prescription medicines when a disaster like this strikes, the first priority has to be emergency for saving lives, what is people who require kidney dialysis or who need prescription refill. that's where it is small or dedicated organization made here in washington. >> this is the emergency command center. here at health care ready, staffers have been working around the clock. >> we aren't going to be able to do a meaningful close out. >> from this small room in northwest washington, d.c., this small team works the phone. >> let me ask around. >> and the computer, to help
6:36 pm
delivery of medicine in disasterville to people who need it urgently. >> the first look at what the community is facing, that's going to mean puerto rico and the u.s. virgin island. >> health care ready is a national nonprofit that was created after hurricane katrina, the team worked with nonprofit organizations in houston during harvey as well as healthcare providers all across the country, health care ready has representatives on the scene, but most of the work is done from this room. >> nicolette is in charge. >> how to make sure health care system cooperates, how to make sure deliveries can be made. the place that the hospital maintains power. if they don't have the supplies they need, they're not able to take care of patients. >> health care ready, also helps individual patients. >> one lady said her brother took last hiv pill and called the pharmacy and they said it would be five days before they would have another prescription
6:37 pm
ready for him and with an hiv patient, you can't wait five days. we were able to get his medicine in 12 hours. >> it's called rx open, fema, the federal emergency management administration relies on it now. >> we're able to use data that we get twice a day to update the status. >> with all eyes on hurricane irma, rx open has been activated for puerto rico. >> there are some pharmacies that are starting to close as a precaution and so we have a number that are coming up now. but there are a number of pharmacies that are open. >> her and her team have started getting calls from florida pharmacies. they're going on 16 straight days of work now, but the benefits are worth it. >> we believe that we are helping thousands of people. health care ready, they are
6:38 pm
there. many of you have friends and relatives in florida where a list of resources on our web site. go to nbc washington app and search health care ready. >> we are keeping an eye on constantly watching evolving storm, tracking irma's path tonight. >> he's in the storm center with an update for us. >> those updates are going to continue to skocome. they're going to come faster now. this storm may be coming on shore around cuba and then moving right back to mainland, right around parts of
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we go back to the scene in louden county that's developing story that started coming about at 5:00 this afternoon at ever green mills road. chopper 4 news in here. you can see all of the effort from -- rig t
6:41 pm
right-hand side of your screen by that guardrail, they are, actually, looked like some of the firefighters are in the trunk of a vehicle that's there -- and they may have even tried to pry back or cut back that looks like the roof of that car to try to access, possibly, the people that are inside. we can see multiple threats are there on the ground and three medivacs are waiting not far away. that red bus, we can tell you, some sort of like a mobile diner, a very serious crash, multiple injuries here and developing story in louden county, at the live desk i'm erica gonzalez. new fall out after drivers complain their cars were putting them to sleep. susan hogan is working for you exposing the problem and what's being done to fix it. >> and tracking hurricane irma, as that deadly storm sets in site onflorida,
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a massive recall may be in the near future for some ford explorers. the government has stepped up in the investigation. >> consumer investigation is working for you, revealing information that brings into question just how long the manufacturer may have known about this potential safety defect. consumer reporter susan hogan joining now with what you need to know to keep your family safe. >> here is what we know so far, in july, 2016, the national traffic safety administration opened up an investigation into 2011 through 2015 ford explorer. in one year later it's now called an engineering analysis and that include model
6:45 pm
but our investigation found complaints to ford and the government go back years before any investigation ever became public. >> when do they know? it's an answer many safety experts and consumer advocates want to know. david freeman, former head of the nasta not only has ford known about possible exhaust or carbon monoxide leaks for years. they sent these technical engines to their dealer to know how to fix it. >> that tells me they know something is wrong. >> they found technical it also known as tsb going back to 2012, 2014 and 2016. check this one out, explorer exhaust odor and vehicles, model year, 2011 through 2013.
6:46 pm
the leaks. then in 2014, another to ford dealer that includes 2014 and '15 explorers. exhaust odor in vehicle when aux system is on. here is one from june 2011, the vehicle is filled with exhaust fumes. another from march 2011, numerous times having problems concentrating while driving. in all, more than 2,700 complaints over a six-year period, three reported crashes, 41 injuries. now many explorer owners like susan from white plains maryland are filing lawsuits against ford, claiming their car is making them sick. >> i'm still waking up every day with a migraine. >> cases like hers, could fall under the lemon law. >> it clearly follows within the paramers
6:47 pm
inhaling this carbon monoxide, passing out, getting migraines or all of the things that are happening to them. obviously that's serious in effect. >> news 4 reached out to both ford, it does not comment on open investigation. ford tells us, safety is our top priority, we have not found elevated levels of carbon monoxide. this is preliminary investigation found no evidence to support claims that any of them were poisoning. it does say that the co levels may be elevated in certain areas. >> ford will be on significant fines for failing to address this property when they already knew about it. >> now, several police departments nationwide, including montgomery counties, have been taking their
6:48 pm
explorers out of service after several police officers reported being sickened from carbon monoxide leaking. >> no recall, what are you suppose to do if you think you could have it. >> a lot of consumers have been asking on facebook. should you file complaint on which is part of nifta's web site. they explain what happened and you kind of keep track of what's going on. >> all right. >> great work. well, doug is back with another check on irma and in ou weather, too. >> continue to watch this storm as it moves across cuba, waiting for what could be land fall if it does not change into cuba. you can see it moving to the west. if it does, in fact,
6:49 pm
into the northern portion of the island and right into towards portions of south florida, that's what all the computer models are doing. we have hurricane katia, 105 mile an hour storm moving right into mexico. and then we have jose, we've heard about jose, 150 mile an hour category 4, another one right on the heels of irma and is expected to hit some of the islands, unfortunately, and move back out to sea. we'll be tracking jose for the better portion of the week or so. irma is the one we're worried about. we have the hurricane warnings. hurricane watch in effect, daytona beach, all the way down towards tampa, for south florida and storm surge warnings now from north of fort pierce all the way through the coastline, all the way up close to the st. petersburg area right around sarasota, 5 to 10 feet. some areas up to 12 feet of water coming in. florida taking it extremely seriously.
6:50 pm
portions of south florida. you've seen firsthand how serious people are taking the storm. >> and, doug, you and i both have families who are connected or live in this area. we know south florida is -- they've weathered a lot. for a lot of them, they feel like they can go through another hurricane. this one is different. we've been talking about the size of irma and what proves that a difference -- shelter situation. something we found a short time ago to look at how they are filling up. some of them are at capacity. you have people who are showing up at these shelters. they've dot to bring everything that they can hold, food, pillows, blankets, of course their families who are going through that. it's system that's scarey for them because someone who have gone several of the shelters. no room here. youf eve got to find -- you' got to find -- you've got to find another one. they're driving from shelter to shelter to shelter and gas is not easy to come by. once we get there after irma, are we going
6:51 pm
up at some point. the anxiety is rising. >> my family and brother in miami who flew here today. he finally got out today. but my family in fort myers, they have chosen to stay. they say they're going to go to a shelter tomorrow. that's my biggest concern, you said many of them are filling up. >> yeah, and the folks who have left, you mentioned your brother, my cousin i was on the phone with him yesterday as he was working down there. he was on a plane for four hours yesterday at fort lauderdale airport only to be deplaned to sit another eight hours. altogether he was there 12 hours waiting. he went to bed at 1:00 in the morning hoping he would get a flight out today. he finally did flying through atlanta. the airports are dealing with a jam here. folks desperate to get out and go anywhere but here, essentially. so that's the focus for a lot of people just to get out of florida for right now. i can tell you, one of the
6:52 pm
to see are what are normally bustling communities on a friday night, in particular, september friday night, oh, man, you see people out everywhere. tonight at 11:00, i'm going to take you to some of the hot spots, you're going to see, doug, just how some of these places look. >> been to a lot of the places and hopefully they're still there. tomorrow night and today on sunday. thank you, david for doing that for us. make sure you stay safe. we'll continue to talk oon where you should be to stay safe from that storm. temperatures here the next couple of days. we can talk a lot more about irma. s saturday, sunday. irma some showers, until next time. >> doug, thank you. a program note. we invite you to join us next week as we celebrate the life of jim vance. as many of you know, long-time friend and colleague passed away on july 22nd. he will be remembered at washington national catdr
6:53 pm
tuesday morning at 10:00. we know many of you want to honor him, so we will provide live coverage of that memorial service starting at 10:00 a.m., nbc 4 tuesday. we will also stream the service on nbc
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getting ready for the nascar race in richmond, and his eyes are on the burgundy and gold. he has some serious trepidation, ahead of the season opener on sunday against fill ladephilade >> honestly. they didn't look good at the preseason and it could be -- and they're depending on, you're going to have to win some post games. >> well, pump the brakes. i know you have pause for concern with sputtering offense. here is our song and desean jackson, the first time two one thousand receivers from the previous season. had both battled injuries, now crowder is listed as questionable for this season opener. not listed on the injury report. neither is josh johnson.
6:57 pm
questionable. linebacker ron anderson are the other two. the burgundy and gold could be without the top returning target on sunday. >> whatever i have to do. it wasn't nothing major from the set, from the get go. it was just minor -- minor injury that, you know, i planned this whole week. it wasn't nothing. >> fresh off the biggest upset in college football history, howard is looking for an encore, the odds will be stacked against them the same way they were last week, that's 45 points at unlv. howard taking along, final note, ezekiel elliot will play the entire season. that came down right before it came on for this broadcast. the cowboys will have it and contact
6:58 pm
>> all right. chris myles. thank you. have a good weekend. >> thank you for joining us. "nightly news" is coming up he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor.
6:59 pm
and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. bracing for impact. a ferocious hurricane wider than the entire state closes in on florida. a direct hit with catastrophic winds and storm surge. an ominous new warning from fema. >> i can guarantee you that i don't know anybody in florida that's ever experienced what's about to hit south florida. >> tonight a massive emergency operation. thousands packing into shelters, and hospitals on alert. miami a virtual ghost town and fears are growing on florida's gulf coast as the latest track just in shows the storm ticking to the west. al roker is here with brand-new details. "nightly news" from florida begins right now. hurricane irma.


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