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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 12, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight misery in paradise from the keys to the caribbean, warships and cruise ships aiding in massive emergency operation for islands left devastated by irma. and across florida 15 million people left powerless, could be knocked out for month. growing outrage, congress stepping in as lawsuits pile up over the security breach hitting nearly half the u.s. population. tonight every american adult urged to take protective action. hormone replacement. news for millions of women dealing with menopause. after headlines about health fears, why researchers say it's option you might want to consider. about face, unlock your phone just by looking at it. big announcement from apple.
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"nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening and thanks for being with us tonight. devastation from hurricane irma is fully revealing itself in stunning images from florida keys tonight where urgent search and recovery effort is under way. fema estimating a quarter of the homes there have been destroyed. and up and down florida, an estimated 15 million people faced another day without power in stifling heat. death toll climbed to at least 17 through three states and president trump will visit florida on thursday. we begin our coverage with the desperate situation in the keys and nbc's gaudy schwartz. >> repte
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first made landfall in the united states. and when it did, packed winds so strong it lifted this mobile home over the fence and smashing it here on the ground. neighbors talk of seeing tornadoes as the hurricane's eye passed. live look from above. you can see hurricane irma's paths of destruction throughout the florida keys. tonight in some parts of the florida keys what was once a paradise now completely destroyed. >> i couldn't see eight feet away, such a whiteout of water. >> reporter: in one family's home, clock stopped around 1:00 just hours after hurricane irma made landfall. >> doors gone, roofs gone. >> reporter: some homes ripped off foundation and others completely flattened. many of the neighborhoods ghost towns after residents evacuated and those who braved the storm checking on damage, scavenging for gas, batteries and water.
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>> reporter: and this stretch of highway linking some of america's most famous sailing communities, broken boats litter the roads and the shores. >> won't be tourism for some time. make life tough to make a living. >> reporter: crippling the southeast. in jacksonville could take a week for flood waters to recede. today the mayor phrased first responders for rescuing more than 350 people from rising waters. >> what i saw on the ground is nothing short than what definition of humanity should be all about. >> reporter: still flooded after four feet of water rushed downtown and in georgia two people killed by falling trees from ferocious winds but hopeful signs that normalcy is returning. miami and fort lauderdale airports reopened today. >> i got three flights. whichever is on time and comes through i hope to be
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>> reporter: and miami beach, bummer-to-bumper traffic as residents allowed to return home for first time. road to recovery may be longest here in the florida keys. those who live here are ready to rebuild. >> we're going to come back strong. everybody who lives here in this community, we will survive, we will survive this. >> cudjoe keys, florida. >> reporter: i'm miguel with the u.s. navy, tonight by air and sea deploying across the florida keys, a swarm of mh-60s, looking for anyone in need. >> when the same people deployed over harvey, rescue operations lasted days, and usually at end of the mission when they find the most desperate. landing today on the "uss abraham lincoln," this warship
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>> 24 boxes or pallets. >> reporter: weapon magazines where ammunition is stored packed with food and water. >> we can do a lot, provide about an extra 100,000 gallons of water per day. >> reporter: new mission to supply the basics, rescue and recon back in the air. arriving behind irma, face a new storm on the horizon, region on knees and thousands in desperate need. rescue and relief missions just getting under way. navy using helicopters and massive cargo planes to go around the clock. even have infrared to spot the stranded in debris fields overnight. lester. >> thank you. as search and rescue operations continue in the keys, it's misery for up to 14 million more throughout the state left with no power. no ac in sweltering heat, no place to cook. no lights or tv. crews are working aroundhe
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with so many knocked down, some could be waiting for weeks. gabe gutierrez with report from hialeah, florida. >> reporter: largest power restoration effort in u.s. history. tonight local crews plus teams from new york, pennsylvania, even minnesota, working to light up the southeast. >> we've got 20,000 workers from 30 different states and canada here. >> reporter: staying with friends after the temperature inside home near fort lauderdale reached a stifling 88 degrees. >> it feels very overwhelming, especially when i look outside and i see our house, trees, life, everything that we've worked for and built is now in jeopardy. >> reporter: 15 million people lost power in florida alone. this is the view before irma and after. time lapse shows the moment miami went dark. this generator is crucial for his sick wife. >> it's life-giving,
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>> reporter: at senior facility in fort lauderdale, trying to keep ac on. >> biggest concern is making sure you have enough fuel to continue to operate the generator. >> reporter: and can be dangerous. southwest florida, 20 people including 13 children, were rushed to the hospital after carbon monoxide from a generator apparently got inside a home. miami-dade county, medical calls are up. >> people dependent on the electricity for lives and if they don't have backup power source, need to be taken to the hospital immediately. >> reporter: power crews here are from connecticut. schools remain closed because many don't have power. ftl, florida's largest utility says it hopes to restore electricity to the east coast by this weekend but other parts could be in dark much longer. lester. in the caribbean, urgent relief missind
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islands left in ruins. thousands there desperate for food, water and other supplies in still unfolding crisis. nbc's ron joined the coast guard as made way to st. thomas, one of the islands that saw worst of it. >> reporter: in puerto rico, a coast guard cutter loading up with supplies. heading for islands that irma hit hardest. bringing everything they can to keep the relief effort growing. tsa officers on board with critical goal of getting airport back up and running. whipped by category 5 winds. >> for a place once completely green and lush, everything now looks dead and bleak. >> reporter: largely cut off, no cell phones, limited fuel. >> long line. this is a gas station and everything, so many people. >> reporter: the devastation on the u.s. virgin devastation on the u.s. virgin islands of st. thomas
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>> can't even see the street in some areas covered in trees and roofs and just every kind of debris imagine national. >> reporter: from the air, stunning images emerging. tortola, pieces of homes strewn across the hillside, boats piled up. >> mom's home, roof came off. >> reporter: from space, st. martin before and after irma came blowing through. buildings flattened, cars crushed. urgent need for relief aid is growing. residents struggling to get by. >> need water and food it's not maybe, it's for sure. >> reporter: others trying to get out. kentucky air national guard evacuated more than 1,000 americans from the virgin islands. royal caribbean is using their cruise ships bringing people to puerto rico, tropical paradise desperately trying to pick up the
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st. thomas, part of hundreds of service members taking part in giant relief effort. white house tells nbc news its president is looking into possibility of making a trip here when it won't imperil the relief efforts. lester. >> thanks. after harvey and irma, keeping a close eye on hurricane jose in the tropics. expected to drift southeast for 24 hours before looping back to the atlantic. forecasters say the east coast and bahamas should avoid landfall by the storm but could be affected by high surf this weekend. we'll keep watching that. and program note. tune in tonight for hand in hand benefit for hurricane relief. all-star lineup at 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. another big story is massive security breach for equifax. the credit rating agency. company whose mission is determining whether you're responsible with your finances, with nearly half the popula
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congress is promising hearings and some customers, whose information has been stolen, are promising lawsuits. tom costello. >> reporter: tonight nbc news counts nearly 50 lawsuits already filed over the historic data breach, including a multibillion dollar class action suit. >> i got an alert. >> reporter: plaintiff jamie mcdon gal says criminals have already used his information to make four illegal credit inquiries. >> i never gave equifax consent to have my information in the first place. took it without my permission and were careless with it. >> reporter: 36 senators called for federal investigations into three executives who sold stock before the breach went public. although the company has said they didn't know of the breach. on equifax's facebook page, outrage, i can't wait to be part
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is only offering one year of free credit monitoring. do the right thing, lifetime subscription. >> troubles me amount of time it took for them to come forward and let us know we were at risk. that our identities had been compromised. >> reporter: will they be held accountable? credit agencies face fewer regulations than banks. congressional republicans want to further reduce regulations. company has spent half a million dollars this year lobbying congress to ease regulations and its liability in data breaches. >> this is a massive breach affecting most adult consumers in the country. equifax's response wholly inadequate. they need to be held accountable. >> reporter: ceo richard smith hasn't responded to nbc's request for comment. >> strangers know who i am, my birth date, social security number and specifically where i live. that scares me.
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urged every adult to take immediate action to safeguard their credit. we have tips on our facebook page. lester. i did it myself. back to you. tributes pouring in for edie windsor, icon of the gay rights movement, took case to the supreme court and won, paving way to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. passed away in new york at age of 88 and pete williams has a look at legacy she leaves behind. >> reporter: edie windsor didn't set out to blaze a legal trail but she ended up a hero to the gay rights movement in landmark legal battle that went to the supreme court. after she got married in canada where it was legal between two women, spouse died and left her estate but irs didn't consider her married and sent a huge tax bill because a law,
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act, blocked the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. >> i couldn't believe making a stranger of this person i lived with and loved for 43 something years. >> reporter: in u.s. v. windsor struck down the law, saying it served no legitimate purpose. and just two years later, based largely on the windsor ruling, the court struck down laws that prohibited same-sex marriage nationwide. at first reluctant figure, came to enjoy celebrity status. few months ago at one of her last interviews, she said she got rock star treatment at public appearances. >> these days they automatically stand up and roar to me. okay. it feels wonderful. >> reporter: her new spouse tonight called her tiny but tough as nails fighter for freedom, justice and equality. pete williams, nbc news, washington. still ahead as we continue tonight, treating menopause,
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death. nbc's stephanie gosk tells us more. >> major development for women's health and hormone replacement therapy. >> reporter: in 2002, landmark study warned most women to avoid hormone replacement therapy because the popular treatment taken for decades could be dangerous, elevating risk for blood clots and breast cancer, discouraging women from one of the most effective ways to provide relief for menopause symptoms. but today a follow-up on the original study tracking same women for 18 years, eases fears on the therapy. concluding that women no more likely to die years later than those who do not. >> science evolves over time and we think we now have a clearer message about the ba
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hormone therapy. >> obvious of the symptoms are the hot flashes. my face turns red, i start to sweat. >> reporter: lisa is suffering through menopause but even with today's study she worries, there's still a risk of breast cancer. >> running risk of getting cancer isn't worth it. to me. >> reporter: her own gynecologist, on the therapy herself, says it needs to be personal decision based on doctor's guidance. >> take into account personal history, family history, other medications and medical diagnoses she may carry. >> reporter: add to that new findings, some women who feel helpless have renewed hope of relief. nbc news, new york. back in a moment with four-legged friends. do you get a better night's sleep with or without them? depression is a tangle of multiple symptoms.
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anticipated tech announcements of the year. apple today unveiled not one but three new iphone models, including the iphone x, face i.d. and other cutting edge issues and hefty price tag. nbc's lucy cav athat you has the inside look. >> future of the smartphone. >> reporter: two updated iphones, 8 and 8 plus and apple watch that helps you ditch the phone. >> we do have one more thing. >> reporter: star of the show. >> this is iphone x, biggest leap forward since the original iphone. >> reporter: thin, sleek and for first time ever no home button, the iphone x recognizes your face to unlock. but doesn't come cheap. starting price is $1,000. >> this is the most expensive base entry price for an iphone ever, and i do believe
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you're going to find people jump all >> reporter: new phone offers brighter display, better battery life, wireless charging and animated emojis that follow your face. after recent slump that saw android account for u.s. sales, apple under pressure to get it right. >> works like magic. >> reporter: ten years since steve jobs unveiled the phone to change everything. >> can now reflect on him with joy instead of sadness. steve's spirit and timeless philosophy on life will always be the dna of apple. >> reporter: apple founder may be gone but today his influence is alive and well, nbc news, cupertino, california. we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that is "nightly news" for this tuesday night. i'm lester holt, for all of us, thank you for watching and good night. night. i'm lester holt, for all of us, thank you
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for watchind i don't believe you exist. >> there's no me. >> there is no me. >> there's no you. >> on the good foot. >> jim carrey in crisis or is the joke on us all? only "access" gets to the bottom of what's going on with jim. >> when i tried to go back and play jim carrey, i got depressed. >> get out. harrison ford, traffic cop.


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