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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 15, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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what you need to know before you hit the road this weekend. when it comes to the possibility of a pregnancy. good morning everybody. i'm chris lawrence. thank you for starting your day with us on this friday morning. before we get to all of that, let's give you a live look outside this morning. some of you may have to dodge a few sprinkles. i guarantee, it's all going to be worth it. >> you bet it is. >> lots of sunshine, warmer than average temperatures this weekend. running about five or so degrees above average. feel a little bit more like august than september. nonetheless, though, we paid for it last weekend when it was awfully cool. little bit on the humid side. the mujahid air mass is not going anywhere. you add daytime heating to it, there could be a straywe
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tomorrow, into your weekend and sunday as well. high school football games, nothing to worry about. not a problem for baseball. the last of what was irma moving off of cape cod. there are lingering showers just down to our south. rain chances, though low, chris, are probably not going to impact too many of your plans. today's high, 84 degrees. back to you. >> wow. sounds good. thank you, chuck. we're following breaking news. jacob and sara hog will disappeared more than three years ago. their mother goes to court today where she's expected to be formally charged with their murder. it's a story we've been following since it broke in september three years ago. katherine hoggle was the last person to see her children alive. but her mental health status stopped her case from going forward. why prosecutors haveal
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>> katherine hoggle has been indicted with two charges of murder and will be in court to face them today. the montgomery county woman is suspected in the high pro feel disappearance in and death of her children. she left the two with a friend in september of 2014. those children have not been seen since. she's faced several charges, including child neglect, but she's been found not competent it stand trial. she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia before her children disappeared. misdemeanor charges against her -- we reached out to her mother and she told us that police took katherine in last night. we'll stay on top of the story and bring you any new developments on news 4. back to you. developing this morning, we're learning more about the final moments of laura wallen's life. it's heartbreaking. last night police confirmed how the pregnant teacher was
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montgomery county police say she was shot in of her unborn child. they believe stie letter tessier was in a pack of lies to cover up the crime. it ended in a rural field in damascus. >> on wednesday, chopper 4 was over the shallow grave where her body was found. tessier was living a double life. he asked for wallen's father for permission to marry her despite being engaged to another woman. >> he's been deceiving and lying their entire existence. he is a monster and he is a liar. >> police say they suspected tessier's involvement in wallen's disappearance since the beginning. the judge ordered him held without bond yesterda
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only woman in his life. we posted a text message. wallen says the other woman. just search laura wallen. here's a look at the other top stories. in just a few hours, fema is expected to give an update on the federal response to hurricane irma. this comes after 64 nursing homes in florida still without full power, along with the relief and recovery efforts, there's a criminal investigation under way after eight senior citizens were discovered dead at a nursing home in hollywood, florida, on wednesday. for the second time in weeks, north korea launched a ballistic missile. south korea responded with one of their own.
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they called it a dangerous action. we're following breaking news. we're just learning about an explosion in london. at this point, we don't have a lot of information to share. reports say it may have happened in a subway station. british police would only call it an incident. they are rushing first responders to the scene right now. when we find out which subway station and if anyone has been hurt and obviously the motive behind the blast, we'll bring it to you right here. you may have a pretty tough time getting around town this weekend. dozens of events are planned across the city. not only will a lot of streets be closed to cars, the smithsonian metro station will be shut down as well. two of the rallies will take place on the mall. organizers are already calling one of them the mother of all rallies. it's being organized by supporters of president trump. at the same time, a group called the juggalo's will mark through the streets. they're upset the fbi
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the d.c. police chief hopes both protests to be peaceful. >> the fbi to classify it as a gang, has to be a criminal nexus. if the people are upset about the fact they're associated with a criminal nexus, i'm anticipating the people that are coming are coming here to be peaceful and to have a good time. the chief has ordered every d.c. police officer to be on duty tomorrow. we have all you need to know about the events and closures on our nbc washington app. search road closures. turns out may jong does not have a bun in the oven. the panda will not give birth this year. she was artificially inseminated twice in play. they've been keeping an eye on her. her hormones indicated she could be pregnant. she's 19 years old and nearing the end of her reproductive cycle. she has three cubs.
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considered old. i don't know what that makes us. >> from a panda breeding perspective maybe. >> true. >> i don't know the average life span of a panda, probably another couple good years. >> three cubs. >> temperatures will be well above average here the next couple of days. rain chances are nice and low going throughout weekend. four things to know about the weather. even more sunshine today than yesterday. though we ended up with a fair amount of sunshine. an opportunity for a stray shower or two. it looks dry for the high school football games. jose on the ocean promises to be a problem child of the forecast. we'll show you why in a few minutes. who is in there? how old is she? >> it's almost unthinkable for any parent. your son or daughter trapped inside a burning home. firefighters can't help. that's what happened to one woman. we'll show you the
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caught on camera. newspapers and magazines have probably been lined up and re he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor.
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and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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who is in there? >> my daughter. >> how old is she? >> that's a mother screaming for firefighters to rescue her teenage
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in tex tech. the entire thing captured on a police officer's body camera. he breaks the window and starts searching for the 13-year-old but can't find her. moments later, the officer helps a firefighter climb through the window. he finds the girl, they pull her out together. first responders had to use cpr to revive her. welcome back everybody. i'm chris lawrence. take a look at the other stories that have people talking this morning. this week, hillary clinton answered the question of what happened during last year's election. now the new yorker is using that opportunity to share what might have been. this is the cover it planned to use if clinton won. it shows her standing in the oval office but the magazine will now use the image in an article called hillary clinton looks back in anger. ♪ the world's most famous beer festival starts this weekend in germany. tents are already being set up in munich for live
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garb. chuck you ever been to octoberfest? >> i've never been. always confusing me because it happens in september. that's where i get mixed up sniemts you go in october and they're telling you, it's over. >> you missed it. they're at a higher latitude. it's cooler there. october comes earlier for them no matter what the calendar says. anyway, for us, it's going to be a nice couple of days to be outside. i wish i could promise you dry weather. it's in all likelihood going to stay dry through the weekend. look at the saturday afternoon temperatures. the low and mid-80s yet again. again, we'll take a peek at today's forecast hour by hour in a second. does leaving notes for your kids in
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hope your morning is off to a great start. welcome back to "news4 today" at 4:00 a.m. i'm chris lawrence. here's a look at the top stories we're following for you this morning. i standing ovation for the bravery of these teenagers after a fellow classmate started shooting their high school. there was a community meeting last night at freeman high school in the state of washington. the superintendent says every parent should be proud of
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a 15-year-old student killed one student and injured three others. one soldier is dead, seven others injured after a special operations training exercise went awry. the army is investigating how staff sergeant was killed yesterday at ft. bragg. this week alone, two soldiers have been killed and 20 others injured in military training accidents. this morning, another statue honoring a confederate general is gone. the statute honoring robert e. lee was removed in dallas yesterday. it's being hoisted up by a crane before being trucked off. the city council voted to remove the statue earlier this month. they're looking to change 15 street names, including lee parkway. a girl from arlington will find something unique in her bag. nothing to do with a sandwich but her dad's very special talent. kristen dahlgren has the story of a
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one of his daughter's lunches into a work of arts. >> while some complained about brown bag school lunches for maggie jenkins, it's an event. every day her sandwiches come wrapped in a handmade, one of a kind work of art. >> they're always unique. never the same one twice. >> that's because her dad mike is a political cartoonist turned caricature artist. >> when our older two went off to college. >> our younger had an imaginati imagination. >> he started drawing. he spends about four hours a day crafting the next one. >> a steam locomotive and the tab is ailun much bag. >> each is elaborate. mike doesn't miss a thing. >> the clutter even is the same clutter that was on my nightsta nightstand. >> memorializing holidays,
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>> do you ever think how much work goes into it? >> every time. it blows my mind how many hours have gone into making these lunch bags. >> the two know they have a time limit. mike probably won't be sending lunches to college. >> in an ideal world it would be nice. but i'm not going to ask him to do that. >> the bond they have is unlikely to fade. >> i'll look back and always have these times when my dad put aside his time and put in so much hard work. >> if you ask maggie, there's no question her dad's got father of the year in the bag. >> have a good day. >> kristen dahlgren, nbc news, arlington, virginia. >> wow. he's got me beat. six ways to sunday and suddenly, chuck, those smiley face stickers we had on our bags don't seem so special. >> i had the metal lunchbox. that's old school right there. >> way back. >> ada
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do you remember that? >> i do remember adam 12. >> people of a certain age, chris. that's you and me. skies mostly clear. going to be a nice way to get your friday started. very low impact on your plans from a weather perspective for today and really on through the weekend as well. temperaturewise, we're mostly in the 60s this morning. at least around town. 69 at national airport. milder. 70 by the may in annapolis. cooler, upper 50s to 60 through the shenandoah valley. as you plan out your day, 71 degrees at 10:00. 78 degrees at lunchtime and afternoon temperatures in the low to mid-80s. there is a very slight chance for a rain shower today. rain chances are generally only 20% at the most. as a result, we'll give today an a-plus for the daily grade. plenty of sunshine today. there's that tiny chance for rain. if you can't find that umbrella, i think you'll be okay with that today. short sleeves and sunglasses for what to
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on radar, there's that tiny chance for a few showers that might reach into southern maryland in the next hour or so. most of what you see here on storm team 4 radar, all the green is ground clutter. no you can't get it on your shoes. future weather, mix of clouds and sunshine. i think you'll have more sun than yesterday. on future weather, the dotting of the landscape, one or two stray showers. not completely out of the question. your high school football games should be dry. with weather this nice, it's not a bad idea to sneak away to the beach for the weekend. today, tomorrow and sunday at the coastline, temperatures in the low 80s today. like here, at the beaches, there will be a chance for a shower. nothing that will chase you off or ruin your outdoor plans. 82 at the beaches today. 78 tomorrow. 76 on sunday. ocean water still not bad. 72 degrees. little on the cool side as you get in. you diveo
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you'll like it. i have the full forecast in 10 minutes or so. the pound of prevention is -- why didn't equifax install a patch two months before a massive breach? what the company is now accused of. we continue to follow breaking news in the case of catherine hoggle.
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ralpand i sponsoredralph northam, canthis adfor governor narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor
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spice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. this morning, we're learning more about the equifax security breach impacting nearly all of us. investigators say the company failed to install a security patch that could have prevented the hack. tom costello is here. >> master card and visa are notifying banks that 200,000 credit card numbers were among those lost in the equifax breach. public outcry continues
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years ago. now with the equifax hack, he and his wife have frozen their credit reports. total cost, $40. >> it makes me angry i have to pay the credit bureaus money to do what they should have doing to begin with, that's protect my information, my wife's information. >> credit scores aren't just used for loans. it can affect your alt to get a job, rent an apartment, turn on the power and sign up for a new cell phone. >> i think what this breach points to, we need better control for american consumers over the information in our credit report. >> more allegations of negligence at equifax. in a statement online, equifax joined the may hack on criminals who exploited the vulnerability in a apache software. apache issued an urgent patch to fix the vulnerability two months earlier. equifax fac
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>> it was due to their failure to install the associated patches for the apache project. >> equifax told nbc news it did not identify the vulnerability until july 29 ts when it took immediate action to stop the intrusion. among the questions investigators have, why did it take six weeks for we can i fax to go public? >> they kept americans at risk during that period of time. we want to know why that is and get to the bottom of it. >> it is now coming up on 4:26 in the morning. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. thank you, chris. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. right now on "news4 today," we have breaking news in a case years in the making. the murder charges catherine hoggle now faces and when she's expected to answer for the deaths of her own children. and every d.c. police officer on patrol. the events that have the entire force working this weekend and th
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have on your plans. she's been acting like it a little bit for weeks now. now we know whether our favorite panda is pregnant or not. first breaking news in the last hour. reports of an explosion on london's subway. >> chris lawrence has details at the live desk. >> guys, we want to be clear. these are only reports of an explosion. police have not confirmed that yet. but they do say there is some kind of incident at the station. that station is now closed. these are live pictures. first responders have descended on that scene. we did just get a photo that shows something on fire. we're not sure what yet. some of the service has been suspended and ambulances and paramedics are there on the scene. also, a haz-mat team has been called to the scene as well. >> chris, any word whether someone was behind this or why it happened at this point? >> obviously, in the world we live in today,
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know if it was an act of terror. that is not necessarily the case. i just retweeted a tweet from the london police. i want to read the exact quote here. we are aware of reports on social media regarding parsons green. we'll release facts when we can but our information must be accurate. we'll stay on top of it. >> 4:27 now. we want to get you up to date on our traffic. >> keeping an eye on the roads. let's start with chuck bell and tomorrow the storm team weather center. a warm friday morning. >> pretty warm fall. not far from us. we're waking up to muggy conditions. >> temperatures well above average. bonus summer like weather in the middle of september. mostly in the mid to upper 60s. 65 potomac. 66 in vienna. prince george's county, riverdale and crofton at 67 degrees. 65 upper
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waldorf and la plata. as you plan out your day, sun is up before 7:00 this morning. temperatures mid-60s between now and 6:00 or 7:00. a quick warmup coming. in the upper 70s by lunchtime. low to mid-80s today. we're carrying a silent chance for a shower or two. only 20%. never say never to mother nature. it is awfully humid on the outside. closer look at the weekend forecast in a few minutes. for now, over to mr. friday, jack taylor. >> thank you, sir. we've got an issue langley park area on 212 riggs road near lebanon street. all lanes are blocked. a car versus a pole. authorities are on scene and rerouting traffic through the area. there's an overnight work zone. very few on the outer loop of the beltway. two right lanes have been getting by. shouldn't be costing much time. good news, 66 coming eastbound into fairfax, after 50. crews are wrappingp
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two left lanes getting by. barrels and cones being pulled out of the roadway. a broken down vehicle near 123 in the left lane. v dot is apparently on scene. by the time you hit the road it should be clear. aaron, eun, back to you. >> thank you, jack. we're following breaking news. today catherine hoggle will appear in court. sources confirm to us that she's been charged with two counts of murder for the deaths of her children, sara and jacob. >> hoggle was the last person seen with the children in september of 2014. she had faced several charges, including child neglect, but was not competent to stand trial. her attorney filed a motion to have the misdemeanor charges dismiss dismissed. she's considered still incompetent for trial. she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia before her children disappeared. we're learning more about the heartbreaking final moments of laura wall
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the pregnant teacher was killed. montgomery county police say wallen was shot in the back of the head. her boyfriend and the father of her unborn child pulled the trigger. investigators believe tyler tessier weaved an elaborate web of lie toss cover up the crime. the search began at her house in olney and ended in a rural field in damascus. chopper 4 was over the shallow grave where police found her body on wednesday. prosecutors say tessier was living a double life. he asked laura wallen's father for permission to marry her despite being engaged to another woman already. >> he has been deceiving and lying their entire existence. he is a monster and he is a liar. >> police have suspected tessier's involvement in wallen's disappearance from the beginning. the judge order


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