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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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let's go to dave dildine with a look at roads this morning. >> good morning, sheena. a mostly quiet trip, except i-95 southbound in springfield, virginia. there's a crash and headed towards -- no work zones in the way on to 395. in maryland, 270 southbound with the work zone. last of it. south of 109, it's single file fashion getting past it. montgomery-bounds traffic. montgomery county bound traffic from frederick toward germantown. stay right to get by. with some slowing in the process. that's the latest traffic. we'll keep you posted. thanks, dave. leave early if you use the orange line. the metro opens in about 30 minutes. trains will be single tracking between new carrollton and cheverly. >> trains are expected
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about every 16 minutes or so there instead of the normal eight minutes during rush hour. metro says it's because of problems with a weekend project. adam tuss is going to have a live report in the next hour. a lot of you are weighing in on the nbc washington facebook page about noise complaints at our airports. here's why. the number of noise complaints for flights from reagan national and dulles international increase frd 2015. "washington post" says airport leaders received more than 42,000 complaints last year at both airports. that is a huge increase from two years ago when there were just 10,000 complaints. they blame the increase on the faa's change in flight path. head to the nbc washington facebook page to tell us what you think. angie goff at the live desk. >> hi, aaronment more damage in the city of st. st. louis.
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but once the sunset, a few started smashing things, windows of businesses, flower pots in the streets. take a look at all the people running. the police officers met groups almost as big. they arrested 80 people. no one, though, was seriously hurt. that they're prepared to do this again. >> this is our city. we're going to protect it. >> and the mayor chief of police spoke right after midnight. that's just coming in. as we said, this is after an ex-police officer who was white was found not guilty of murder for a black man's death. aaron? >> angie goff at the live desk. thank you. it's 4:32 now. there will be a preliminary hearing today in the trial of the man accused of killing his sister and two young cousins. d.c. police say antonio williams admitted to stabbing the girls -- prince george's county police say he admitted to
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clinton last month. he's suffering from some kind of mental illness. prosecutors say there is no evidence of that. it is the start of a big week for president trump and his take on u.s. foreign policy will be in the spotlight. this is president trump arriving back home in new york city yesterday. he was getting ready to attend his first united nations general assembly as president. mr. trump will take center stage tomorrow when he addresses the u.n. >> address the specific threats, north korea, iran, terrorism. global terrorism. why it is important that all of us come together and confront these as a unified body. >> the president is expected to meet with the leaders of israel and france today. news 4's tracie potts will preview the first general assembly in just a few minutes. well, this is
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kirk cousins in the red zone. tie game and he comes through. d.c. beat l.a. because of that touchdown, folks. >> hello. it was clutch. it was at the end when we were all sweating and crying and screaming. me, not you. >> the team has some good vibes coming home next week. >> carol maloney talked to players in los angeles. >> a season saving road win in week two. that may be overstating it a bit. but the redskins won a game that was tied with 2:00 to go. kirk cousins to ryan grant. then they sealed it with their defense. mason foster, a game clinching interception. redskins win 27-20. >> it's big. this is huge. any time you come on the road. get on a five-hour flight, walk into somebody else's house, it's big. >> it feels great to get a team win. everybody was playing their
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man. it feels great but we got to get on the plane and watch it and get better. >> redskins on the lookout for a number of injury announcements and one birth announcement. kirk cousins wife julie expecting any day. >> you can imagine with two minutes left of the game. my heart was coming into my -- i mean -- >> you're still trying to pull it together. >> my goodness, gracious. they say defense wins games. you can get a good deal on lunch. if you buy a drink, it comes with a free 6-inch sub. >> didn't tell you the coke was $5. >> this is happening the day after every win this year for the redskins. you'll need to show a coupon to get the promotion. >> not bad at all. d.c. public schools is basking in its 15 minutes of fame. that 15 minutes is going long. >> that's right. check it out. >>
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take a look at their tweets. what an unexpected honor. we'd like to thank our educators and our families and our amazing students. this all started when comedian and d.c. public school alum, dave chappelle admitted he didn't show up for rehearsal. >> now i'm going to read this teleprompter. please forgive me. shout out to d.c. public schools. here we go. >> you know what, he knows how to read. talk show host john oliver echoed the shoutout. he said listen, i'm going to do it to get it trending. chappelle is a d.c. native, graduated from duke ellington school of the arts in 1991. he also spent some time in silver springs. it's still trending. d.c. public schools is trending. the emmys were a lot of fun for moments like this and a lot of other moments we'll be talking about this
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the show. as you can expect, it made fun of washington. >> look at that face. look at that reaction. >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmys, period. >> so we weren't really sure if it was sean spicer playing himself or if it was melissa mccarthy. she was in the audience. >> the reactions are priceless. he's poking fun at himself for the inauguration question about -- >> how big the crowd was and who had the biggest crowd, that sort of thing. >> i love her reaction, too. >> he was on stephen colbert, spicer was, a couple of days ago. maybe they worked that out then. >> probably a genuine surprise. nobody was expecting this. let's run through some other stuff. talk about the big winners from emmy night. >> it was a big
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really thrilled about this. this is certainly my favorite show. not just because it's on nbc. it is an awesome show. it's a tear jerking, moving and sterling k. brown won for best actor in a drama. he is amazing in this show. amazing. >> he really is. this is us took home two awards. snl got four awards for some really hilarious work done. >> then the voice won for best reality competition series. this is one of the first times, i feel like amazing race won every year for 20 years. >> nice for the voice to get love. big little lies on hbo. best limited series as well as several top acting awards. the hand maids tales. >> hulu winning all these shows. >> some historic moments from that show last night. lena waith became the first black woman
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it was the first time a black woman was nominated for comedy writing. donald glover made emmy history. you see him right there hugging dave chappelle. the first black man to win an emmy for outstanding directing for -- >> didn't he win an acting award too? >> also for the same show. >> big night for him. congratulations. we also have a photo gallery of all the fashion from last night. more highlights from the emmys in our nbc washingturk toshingt >> i think jessica biel looked amazing. amazing. >> she always does. >> she just has a really -- she looked different from everyone else. >> i don't know how they pulled it off. jane fonda looked like she was 30. i don't know how they pulled it off. >> you know how she pulls it off. >> you know what i'm saying. >> pulled back, right? >> high pony fail, gotail and g lighting
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lighter as you get older, you look younger. >> who am i calling right now? i'm going to wake her up. >> here's a look at the temperatures before you walk outside. it's mild. 71 right now in washington. we do have a little patchy fog, though, for you to know about this morning. a half mile visibility. not too bad. some areas are seeing that patchy fog as far as the bus stop is concerned. it's going to stay mild. maybe a sprinkle. maybe an isolated shower this afternoon. a closer look at the forecast, the extended forecast in a bit. thank you, sheena. fighting fire with snow. the new video coming in from montana. mother nature is helping fire crews with a massive wildfire. they've been isolated for more than half a year. this morning, nasa researchers are back home. the mission they just completed without even leaving earth. it's the rumor going around that has eun on edge.
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we're talking about to find
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believe it or not it's snowing in montana. this is real. it could be the difference between safety and destruction, though. there were huge wildfires burning. but the snow could stop them from spreading and give firefighters a chance.
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square miles of land and they're getting bigger bit week. that's the latest. aaron? >> angie, thank you. 4:43 right now. you may need the high beams this morning as you drive into work. few areas dealing with fog. >> we have patchy fog this morning, aaron. as you're leaving, have the headlights on. take your time. not everybody. but everybody will be feeling the mild temperatures. later on today, it will stay cloudy. isolated showers in the forecast. we'll take a closer look at the timing coming up. you can notice a difference on your kids report card if they go to school in a certain
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dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. good monday morning. aside from a little bit of patchy fog as we start out your week. we're also watching hurricane
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we do have tropical watches and warnings in part of the coastline to tell you about. coming up in a bit, chuck is back with a closer look at that and what areas closer to the water can expect. >> sheena, thank you. president trump is preparing for a full week of meetings with other world leaders. >> they're in new york city for the u.n. general assembly and north korea will be high on the agenda. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, good morning. he's speaking tomorrow. how are aides framing this speech? >> they're saying it's going to be a speech about reform and democracy and american goals with the united states coming to the u.n. after president trump has described them as a club of people just sitting around talking. it's the first time that he will have addressed the united nations and rex tillerson, the secretary of state says he's going to be talking about specific threats. iran, terrorism. global terrorism and yes, north korea. two rounds of sanctions against north korea so far don't seem to be rk
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this is an interesting situation because the president has criticized the united nations, called them a club, saying they're not a friend of democracy, not a friend of israel. questioned nearly a quarter of their budget that the u.s. is contributing. now he needs the united nations to help with this israel conflict. it's not something the u.s. can solve on its own. it's going to be a major speech by president trump. before that, he's got meetings that he's attending, including sitting down with the prime minister of israel. >> thank you, tracie potts. hillary clinton is bringing her book tour to d.c. the former democratic presidential nominee is holding an event tonight at the warner theater. she will talk about her book, what happened? how she moved on since her loss and what's next. >> the virginia candidates for governor will face off in a debate tomorrow night. you can watch it here on nbc4
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7:00 p.m. nbc's chuck todd will moderate the debate. our northern virginia -- julie carey and i will be panelists. you can also watch it on the nbc washington app. we're working to find out the name of the person killed in in crash in southeast washington. look at that car just crunched. the car was destroyed on impact. the two-car accident happened early sunday morning on good hope road and ol mont place. three others were pinned inside their cars and critically injured. they're trying to figure out the cause. along a stretch of road in virginia cars slammed into a free over the weekend. two people died and a teen girl critically injured. these are photos now from the crash that you will only see on news 4. fairfax county police say benjamin wenger of annandale and abigail ryan of great falls were killed. another girl is in the hospital. the car they were in
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night. police say wenger tried to get it back on the road but instead crossed the road and hit a tree sending car parts flying. a mom nearby heard the crash and ran to help. >> when they say a car was wrapped around a tree, the car was wrapped around the tree. i can't fathom or even imagine what those families are going through. >> you can now see a small cross there and flowers where the crash happened. police are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to runoff the road. today we should get more information on reports of a gunman on the university of maryland campus. last night the university sent an alert that police were actively looking for someone who was reported to be armed near leonard town and frat road. they didn't find anyone and an all clear was issued. on the largest high school in montgomery county, today school leaders break
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germanto germantown. it will be on crystal rock drive where the current school is now. when it opens in the fall of 2020, it will hold more than 2400 students. shows the kind of growth montgomery county is going through. it's going to be in germantown. >> the new school in st. -- they did that with your alma mater. >> that's right. if you have a child in montgomery county schools, you'll notice letter grades are making a comeback. this is according to the "washington post." the school system is getting rid of the old system, which included p, proficient. they called it too vague. they made the change after a long tryout failed to resolve complaints and glitches with the old system. all right. so my heart nearly stopped and i'm not talking about "it." that will do it, though. apparently there was an article out there that claimed hershey's was distongue reese's butter
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halloween is coming up. that's the only candy i steal from my kids' baskets. >> at least you admit it. >> everybody breathe a sigh of relief. it was just a prank. why would they discontinue the best candy? the online article had thousands of people demanding answers from the hershey company. can you imagine hershey? who is answering those calls. >> the protests out there. >> let's go. they settled everyone's nerves and said rest assured the only thing products pulled from shelves are consumers taking them home to eat. >> you love them too. >> i do. >> they're the best. >> it's so horrible but it's so good. >> they're like 120 calories per cup. >> they set them at the register, you're standing there waiting. it's calling you, literally. >> the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter is perfection. >> just the way we like it. >> so now somebody get me some. >> we're working on that. we're going to be
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jose is just off the east coast of the united states and maria. so before we have solve a problem like maria, jose can you see the clouds outside this morning. they are indeed related to the storm. it's a category 1 hurricane. the biggest impact from the storm are luckily going to stay off the east coast of the united states. but it's going to get close enough where we could have very strong winds along the coastlines here, especially between midday today and about early wednesday morning as the storm goes right here. never going to get more than 150 miles off the beach. but a howling northeast wind and big waves and rip current. if you have any friends or interests out there along the eastern shore of maryland or delaware, this is going to be a very windy and rainy tuesday. on our side of the chesapeake bay, precious little is actually going to happen other than cloud cover and a bit of a breeze. for today, future weather keeps the clouds in.
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for a shower. they have that spiraling band shape to them. that is the outer most reaches. not having a big effect. bigger still, an impact. relatively thick fog in a few spots this morning. keep your low beams on and speeds down. >> temperatures 60s to 70. a b-plus today. today's high around 81 degrees. here's the first peek at the ten-day forecast. breezy tomorrow. a chance for showers, especially closer to the bay and out on to the beaches. we head towards the middle and later parts of the week, warm it right back up again. all eyes on the weekend on a monday. the weekend looks good. what's left of maria, we may have to contend with that next week. sounds good. 95 southbound, south of springfield. the crash just about under the franconia-springfield parkway. one left lane getting by toward lorton. northbound, the e-zpass lanes to the right side of the screen, no delays north of
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maryland 270 -- all around the beltway traffic is moving well. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, dave. it is a major problem on some college campuses. we're talking about hazing and experts say there's a good reason why students take part in this. how it makes them feel they belong. >> just joining us. we're keeping an eye on a m
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rolling stone is for sale. the magazine has been known as the bible of rock 'n roll for half a century now. jan werner, the co-founder says selling is the right thing to do. it was founded in 1967 and created some of the most famous covers in american publishing history. june, they settled a defamation lawsuit. it was from a 2014 article about an alleged gang rape. we've seen several stories on hazing on college campuses making headlines over the last few years. it's led to the question of whether college students involved in hazing should be prosecuted. according to a new nbc news survey monkey online poll, 66% say it depends on t
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while 25% say yes. experts say sometimes hazing is about young people wanting to prove themselves. >> they want to gain and earn that respect and in some cases, it's a conditional respect. they feel like they even coming into the situation feel like they need to earn their way and prove that they can be part of that group. the "today" show will have a special conversation on hazing in america this morning. matt lauer and savannah guthrie will speak to the family of penn state student tim piazza. he died in february during a hazing at a fraternity house. in news for your health, the fda approved a phone app to help treat substance abuse. the reset is designed to help treat those -- it's not for opioid dependence though. it offers behavioral therapy that will help someone stay sober. 40% of people who
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many parents are not confident their child's school is equipped to handle serious health issues. this is according to a poll from the university of michigan. most parents are sure the school could provide aid for cuts and bruises but less -- 38% of parents believe schools can help with a mental health problem. mcdonald's is getting in on the trend of making fast food healthier. your child will reap the benefits of it. beginning in november, mcdonald's will include organic juice in happy meals. it's replacing traditional juice. less sugar is a good thing. customers can opt for a conta container of 1% fat milk or fat-free chocolate milk. don't make that face. chocolate milk is delicious. >> can i roll my eyes hard enough on this? >> i think they were rolling pretty hard when i was reading the story. >> let the kids have some ju


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