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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2017 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. breaking news, double disasters. hurricane maria slamming puerto rico right now. making land fall as a powerful category 4. 155 mile per hour winds, two feet of rain expected. san juan's mor with a desperate plea. >> don't forget us. just don't forget us. while in in mexico, the death toll climbs to more than 200 from the powerful earthquake that caused buildings to collapse. and triggered explosions. reue
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for survivors in the rubble. [ applause ] we're live in mexico city and san juan where mother nature's furry is taking a devastating toll. today wednesday, september 20th, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning everyone, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we thank you for joining us. >> we have a lot of breaking news to get to. two natural disasters unfolding as we speak. >> all right. this is the scene you're looking at right now in puerto rico where hurricane maria roared ashore just a short time ago. and in mexico, police, soldiers, and volunteers are digging through debris right now, they're looking for people potentially trapped by tuesday's devastating earthquake. >> we're going to have the latest in just a
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wanted to begin with hurricane maria, category 4 storm. winds of at least 155 miles an hour. this is the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico in nearly a century. >> ahead of the storm's arrival, forecasters warned of catastrophic damage and life threatening flooding and the island's public safety commissioner did not mince words. telling people you have to evacuate otherwise you're going to die. >> and it appears that blunt warning had an impact. this morning thousands of residents and tourists streamed into shelters and riding out the storm as we speak. >> we have complete coverage this morning in puerto rico's governor will join us live in a couple of minutes. let's begin with gabe gutierrez, he's in san juan, gabe, what's it like? >> reporter: matt, savannah, the situation here in dire. we have been seeing pounding winds and howling rain throughout the morning. san juan is getting hammered by maria. authorities have been practically begging people throughout the past few days to
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flood-prone areas and wooden structures. we have sought shelter in a concrete structure, as you can see, this is a scene of utter chaos. now the time to evacuate is over. this is the strongest storm to hit puerto rico in nearly a century. after storming through the caribbean with a vengeance, this morning maria is a life-threat behemoth, slamming puerto rico. tenth strongest atlantic hurricane ever recorded. >> i have a lump thinking about what's about to happen. and i am really worried about people not only getting injured, but losing their lives. >> reporter: the storm strengthening again before pounding st. croix with winds of 1756 miles an hour. the largest escaped the wrath of hurricane irma, but now is struggling with similar devastation as other parts of the caribbean, maria also ripping through the remote islands.
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dominika. she evacuated after irma tore through her home in st. john. now she's facing the horror all over again. >> there's nothing i can do. i have to just stay calm for my family and i have to persevere. >> reporter: as san juan is boarded up, evacuees streamed into 500 shelters. >> we didn't even have a chance to rebuild yet. >> reporter: san juan's mayor for a message for the rest of the u.s. >> remember that you are part of us, even if you're not here. don't forget us. just don't forget us. >> reporter: maria expected to slice through puerto rico with ferocious winds capable of destroying buildings, up to two feet of rain in a storm surge of up to nine feet, likely spawning massive flooding. >> i think the guests probably don't have any idea of about what's to happen here. i don't think anybody does, this is an unprecedented, historic hurricane. >> reporter: the s
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juan is intensifying and the situation is deteriorating. you can see thesen rains pounding san juan and we've seen debris peeled off roofs. we're in a structure seeking shelters, authorities here fear power could be knocked out to four to six months. again, the governor here saying this could be a potentially catastrophic situation and the worst of it is just still hours away. matt, savannah. >> all right gabe gutierrez in the thick of it there. >> let's go right over, mr. red oaker is -- mr. roker is standing in the weather area. >> this is exactly what we did not want to happen. it has now made land fall, category 4 storm, 30 miles southeast of san juan, puerto rico, 155 mile per hour winds, moving northwest at 10 miles per hour. here's what we're looking for as far as the impacts on this thing. we're talking wind gusts over
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going on right now. the gusts out there, we've had gusts of 90. the storm surge is going to be catastrophic, six to nine feet, extreme damage to buildings and marinas and flooding. rivers and highways flooding with lots of mudslides, upwards of 25 inches of rain before this is all over. now, as far as the impacts and let's go over here, the impacts right now for maria, here's what we're looking at, dominican republic tomorrow, 50 to 75 mile per hour winds. four to six foot storm surge, rainfall four to six to eight feet. turks and caicos on friday, 120 to 125 mile per hour winds. the surge is going to be incredible, and then the path continues along by monday, 2:00 a.m., we're looking at really a really a still a strong storm. now here the models. this is the spaghetti plot that continues it on up to the north. and you c
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out any land fall along the southeastern atlantic coast. we're watching this. now why do we think, hopefully, it will stay offshore? well, we've got maria here, and then we've got jose up off the northeast coast. now what's going to happen, we got two areas of high pressure, we expect maria to make it's way between those two areas of high pressure, following jose. and even if that weakens, we've got another system coming this way, but all of these things have to come into play to keep maria offshore from the southeastern atlantic. right now all eyes on puerto rico. they're not out of the woods, they have a full day of battering, damaging, and possibly devastating storm surge, wind, and rain. >> it's the nightmare scenario. now we want to get more with puerto rico's governor. governor, good morning, and we appreciate your time, sir. how are you fairing? what are the conditions you're witnessing? >> well, the conditions are
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the critical part over here right now is to make sure people are safe and we opened 500 shelters. we're making sure we can maintain communication with them as long as possible. this is say clearly going to be the most devastating storm in the history of our island. and our main focus, our only focus right now is to make sure that people are out of harm's way, that they recognize that this is just the beginning of the storm. that it's going to take about another half a day to the worst part of it hits in terms of the wind strength, but then we're going to get a lot of rain, which of course is going to produce a lot of flooding. so dangerous scenario, but obviously we have a lot of faith that we'll be able to save lives and then start replacing. that is replaceable.
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safe and officials there including you, you did not mince words. you told people get out or the results would be horrific. you've got all of those shelt s shelters, you have all those people in those shelters, are those shelters all equipped to withstand of 150, 160 miles per hour? >> well, you know, it is a critical question. we have a code of construction established right around 2011. the infrastructure that was built right after that should withstand those winds. of course, some of it did not went under those codes, but really the critical component was we have a lot of houses over here that are wooden. that are flooded areas. those houses had no chance. essentially at the strength that these winds are coming in, you know, the high levels of flooding we're going to get. what we wanted to make sure was to put
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safest possible way, place, they're out of flooding areas. they are built in solid concrete. so we expect them to withhold, of course, the tenth strongest hurricane of it's kind. so, and it's a slow storm as well. so it's going to be here in puerto rico for a while. our hope is that it can withstand. we know we've put them in a much better position. information of the infrastructure, of the weak infrastructure that we have it's in the early onset of the storm, it's been devastated. so again our only focus throughout this preparation process was to make sure people got out of harm's way. went either to their, you know, some of the shelters or family homes that were safer. >> governor, you have our thoughts and our prayers with you. these are going to be some tough
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we're going -- >> thank you, thank you all and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. >> thank you. we're going to keep following this and have the latest from puerto rico all throughout the morning. turn now to the other disaster that's playing out right now. that devastating earthquake in mexico. this morning the death toll there is skyrocketing, now in the hundreds. and rescuers are searching frantically for survivors under rubble of buildings that collapsed. the 7.1 epicenter about 80 miles to the southeast of mexico city. miguel al ma gar is there, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. this is the scene across mexico city, block after block, building after building in ruins. this is an employment center over my shoulder where dozens of people have been rescued and where dozens more are still believed to be buried underneath all of this debris. at a nearby school, the bodies of 20 children have been recovered. the death toll now officially st a
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>> it took only seconds to bring this region to it's knees. a devastating, earth-altering 7.1 magnitude quake tuesday. rattling mexico city. building after build iing tumblg to pieces. a wave of panic as thousands of terrified people poured into the streets. explosions rocked neighborhoods as natural gas filled the air. today, a growing sense of desperation. more than 20 children killed when their elementary school collapsed. this morning, more bodies are being pulled from the rubble. many are still missing. this man says, we're trying to clear the streets. so ambulances and firefighters can get through. overnight, the race is on to rescue survivors.
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desperate to find friends and loved ones buried alive. the injured carted away, any way they can. the epicenter of the quake, 75 miles outside of mexico city. the tremors powerful enough to sway reinforced buildings. on the air, a local news anchor warned viewers to stay calm and seek shelter. before deciding to take his own advice as the tremor became more violent. plumes of dust bill lowing into the air where structures once stood. hospitals are in shambles. on the streets, a call for quiet. to hear the cries of those buried beneath the rubble. just two weeks ago, southern mexico was rocked by a magnitude 8.1 quake that killed at least 98. >> what we can say is that one earthquake makes another one more likely. so that eight probably did make the seven more likely. >> reporter: this morning,
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streets. too afraid to go back inside. since that massive 7.1 quake, there have been no major aftershocks, that's allowed first responders to continue to search through the debris just hours before the quake was triggered, they were marking the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed more than 10,000 people. many people were practicing drills they then used just hours later, matt and savannah, back to you. >> miguel in the midst of another terrible story in mexico. miguel, thank you very much. in the meantime it's a consequential day on the heels of his first address to the united nations assembly. the combative speech including harsh warnings for north korea and iran and drew mixed reviews from other world leaders. peter alexander is at u.n., peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, savannah, good morning to you. president trump sitting down today for back to back to back
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britain, palestinian, egypt, and jordan. the focus is heavily on the combative remarks he delivered yesterday even as he prepares to focus on radical islamic terrorism as he describes it today, people are talking about that combative address taking aim at north korea and iran. overnight president trump calling his u.n. debut a success tweeting met with leaders who agree with much or all of what i stated in my speech. that controversial speech filled with fresh fire and fury. delivering a dire warning to north korea. >> the united states has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or it's ally, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> reporter: deriding it's erratic dictator kim jong-un who left a lone diplomat in the room. >> rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.
7:16 am
reference a top move was a move by the president tacked full a blunt, bleak assessments. >> major portions of the world are in conflict and some, in fact, are going to hell. >> reporter: the reactions in the hall from the president's chief of staff drawing attention on social media. hillary clinton weighing in late tuesday on colbert. >> i thought it was very dark, dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering. and not calling rocket man, the old elton john song. >> reporter: mr. trump also putting an international twist on a favorite campaign theme. >> i will always put america first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries will always and should always put your countries first. >> reporter: president trump reinforcing his
7:17 am
warning the u.s. may withdraw from the pact, negotiated alongside five other countries. >> that deal is an embarrassment to the united states, and i don't think you've heard the last of it. believe me. >> reporter: israel's prime minister saying he's never heard a bolder or more courageous speech at u.n. iran's foreign minister criticizing it as ignorant hate speech. lester holt asked iran's president about the potential impact. >> iran would be able to make choices if the u.s. withdrew, would that include resuming some of the nuclear activities that are currently prohibited? >> question easily go back to previous conditions if counterparts were to not live up to their commitments. >> reporter: insisting his country would only return to peaceful nuclear activities, but arguing america would no longer be trusted on the world stage. also this morning on domestic politics, sarah huckabee standers tells
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republicans latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare. an effort that's getting real traction today. senate republicans in the white house right now furiously searching for enough votes with several republican senators. still undecided. matt and savannah. >> all right, peter, thank you. coming up, we're going to dig a little deeper into that speech with the u.n. ambassador nikki haley. first another check of the weather from mr. roker. >> all right. as we look around the country,
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71 degrees now mild start to a few clouds around. overal going to be a nice one out there. 66 in leesburg currently. 59 manassas. cooler spot, 69 clinton. 88 a high today. plenty sunshine through the aftern unseas warm. normal this tichl the year fall starts friday. it's not going to feel like fall. we in and that's your latest weather, guys. >> all right al, thank you. just ahead, we're going to have a lot more on hurricane maria, category 4 storm. it is pounding puerto rico right now. but first on wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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comfor to the day. 71 right now in washington. 64 in leesburg. 64, fredericksburg. warren57 degrees. it's to heat up quickly by mid 80s by the afternoon. feelin hot with highs in the can yo expect dry conditions
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we're back. it's up 30, it's wednesday morning and that is puerto rico punishing winds, torrential rain as hurricane maria is hammering that island right now. and coming ashore as we speak. >> that dangerous storm begins our look that the morning's headlines. evacuate or die. that's the message puerto rican officials are sending this morning as hurricane maria slams the island with devastating winds and heavy rains. >> debris that is starting to fly behind us, tree branches, shudders, people are honkered down. frantic search, desperate search to find survivors after a massive earthquake rocks mexico city. the d t
7:31 am
hundreds and expected to go higher. outbreak fear. scary warning from the world health organization that the planet may be running out of antibiotics in the fight against deadly bacteria and infections. few months ago after my son had open heart surgery, this guy, bill cassidy, just lied right to my face. >> hollywood versus washington. late night host jimmy kimmel takes on senator bill cassidy over the republicans new health care bill. >> he said he wants coverage for all, no discrimination based on preexisting conditions. lower premiums for middle class families and no lifetime caps, and guess what, the new bill, does none of those things. and look out below. a massive sink hole swallows part of a central florida house as owners scramble to save their belongings. today, wednesday, september 20, 2017. and we want to get right back to hurricane maria, our breaking news. it is lashing puerto rico right
7:32 am
gabe gutierrez is in the capitol, san juan, gabe, good morning again, how are things? >> reporter: savannah, good morning, the winds here are intensifying rapidly. we are inside a concrete structure taking shelter and there's a wall protecting us here to our right, but you can seal these howling winds and torrential rain are continues to pound puerto rico's capital, san juan, appears to be devastated. it's hard to see anything from the vantage point. debris throughout the streets in parts of buildings being blown off. the governor and other authorities have been urging people to evacuate for days, especially those in wooden structures and flood-prone areas. and some point officials saying evacuate or die. well the time for that has passed, at least here in san juan. as you can see, there is nowhere to turn. this potential lip could be catastrophic. it is the strongest storm to slam into puerto rico in nearly a century. and it is absolute chaos here behind m
7:33 am
try to weather this massive storm. matt, savannah. >> all right gabe, thank you. >> we're joined by a woman whose home on st. john was destroyed by hurricane irma. she went to puerto rico and this morning she's dealing with the impact of maria, can you hear us? good morning. >> yes, hi, good morning. >> it's hard to imagine the couple of weeks you've had. talk to us about where you are right now and what you're seeing. >> well, i am here in san juan with a bunch of other islanders who got slammed with hurricane irma. we came here in hopes, a lot of us, of getting like sliced out for our families and friends. my 75-year-old mother who would want to get out. they had a flight today at 7:00, obviously that's not happening. we're all holed up here in sheridan, the hotel's boarded up, they boarded up the windows and things so we can't see outside, but the glass is like rattling
7:34 am
raining. they're treating us nice. they made everybody leave their room and we're all like in this banquet area. just trying to hold on for the next two hours until the storm passes. >> and i can't imagine how you and your family must feel because you just went through this with irma and your home on the virgin islands. tell us what happened there. >> yes. we're very stressed. my husband said we're all going to need counseling when this is over. the door blew in and part of our roof went and our house was unlivable, we went to the car, neighbors, and now we're at the sherid sheridan, we're just like refugees refugees. we're comfortable here. we don't know -- i've lived in st. john for 25 years. my son's school was damaged. a lot of people had to close up businesses, car rentals, catering, the island won't be up and running right now. >> we're showing a picture of
7:35 am
that's the building my husband manages. but there -- it was a beautiful million dollar building and went to check it out. st. john's economy is tourism. all the villas, hotels, the campgrounds, some of them are gone. there was a beautiful campground in the bay, very damaged. mill bay resort, may not reopen, may reopen. and so, yeah, it's going to be a rebuilding for a year or two. >> yeah, that sounds like a daunting task, the rebuilding. are you getting your head around that even at all at this point? >> i'm trying to because, you know, i've been told to relocate for like six months to a year, but i'm trying to -- six months, i want to see the light of the end of a tunnel but maybe in six months. like i said, i've lived there for 25 years, my son is 11, he was born in the virgi
7:36 am
he came from a small class at a private school. everybody's all scattered all over the united states, people all left. he's starting middle school and i would like him to rejoin his class maybe in the spring or something. >> laurel, our hearts are with you as you weather this storm as we speak. you've been through so much. thank you for your time and hoping for the best. >> all right, thank you for paying attention. >> of course. mooi. >> michael bloomberg came to visit and he said you guys picked a bad time to have a disaster. >> no, i know and there's so much devastation because of that hurricane season. that brings us over to matt and dylan. >> dylan is here with more on maria and important information to bear in mind. when we look at this area, look at the caribbean, the u.s. virgin islands, this is ripe for hurricanes, but are we seeing some kind of abnormality here this year? >> well, i would say despite puerto rico's location. you know, they've only ever had ur
7:37 am
within 75 miles of it. they've only been hit by a category 5 storm once in 1928. if you think about it, the storms are really very small relative to the size of the ocean. it takes a very precise path for these storms to make a direct hit, and unfortunately we are getting that precise path for these storms. >> let's go back and look at irma. that was a category 4 storm, it was a glancing blow, you and al tell us about the weak and the strong sides of the storm, does it matter in this case because it's cutting diagonally right across puerto rico. >> irma was a test run, it stayed 30 miles offshore and still, 70% of people were without power, 34% were without water. now this storm is staying to the southwest of san juan, the most populated city 12 is now on the dirty side, the northeast side of the storm, we are going to see much more significant damage. >> it seems like day after day, hurricane, hurricane, hundred, how much longer of the meat of the hurricane season do we have to face? >> well, we are in th
7:38 am
we're just getting passed peak, 13 name storms so far this season. savage ten. it's an above average season. the thing is this year we've had two category 5 hurricanes in the same season, that hasn't happened for ten years. we had two category 4 hurricanes make direct land fall in the mainland united states. so, i think this year, it seems more active because many more people are affected as opposed to these storms staying out over the water. so it's certainly raised awareness and we're concerned because people are impacted. >> they are. dylan, thank you very much. for more, let's go over to al. >> all right guys, let's take a look at jose which is just hanging out right now at this point. it's a tropical storm, 195 miles south of nantucket, 65 mile per hour winds, moving northeast at eight miles per hour and keeping in context of this kind of crazy season, i've never seen a system kind of just do this loop like this. and just kind of sit out there.
7:39 am
pretty comfortable. 63. dulles right now. 66 in gaithersburg. there is jose. it's off shore as a tropical storm. it's not bothering more for today. unseas warm. year is 78 degrees. we'll be 10 degrees above. with all this weather going on, check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. >> al, thank you. why photos newborn babies
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♪ ♪ if you like cinnamon toast crunch, you'll love new apple cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares back now, 7:44 and disturbing story to tell you about out of florida. >> employees at a military hospital there barred from caring for patients after they were seen in disturbing images mishandling a newborn and making obscene gestures. kerry sanders has the latest on that, hey kerry. >> reporter: good morning, the navy medical staffers here are known at, they're like the emts. this morning they have been removed from jobs after takings what are considered inappropriate photos, photos that went viral with a
7:45 am
we should warn our viewers, some people may find these photos offensive. two medical staffers in jacksonville, florida, are out of a job taking care of patients this morning. after disturbing new images surfaced that appear to make them making inappropriate gestures while posing with a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket. one shows a staffer giving the middle finger to the baby along with a caption that reads, how i currently feel about these mini satans. video posted on snap chat shows a staffer holding the baby, making the newborn just a few hours old dance to rap music. the photo and video quickly went viral. public affairs officials at the naval hospital posted the following statement on facebook that reads in part, we are aware of a video photo posted online. it's outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated. we have identified the staff members involved. they have been removed from patien
7:46 am
handled by the legal system and military justice. the navy hospital says it has now notified the parents of the newborn. no public reaction from the parents so far, guys. >> that is one of the most nauseating stories, kerry, thanks. >> it's despicable. we have a lot more to get to on a wednesday morning. we're going to shift gears. billy jean king will be here. what it's like to have a movie made about her tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass, you get time for more life. this family wanted to keep the game going. son: hey mom, one more game? tech: with safelite, you get a text when we're on our way. you can see exactly when we'll arrive. mom: sure. bring it! tech: i'm micah with safelite. mom: thanks for coming, it's right over here. tech: giving you a few more minutes for what matters most. take care! family: bye! kids singing: safelite® repair, safelite® replace. while expecting,
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7:50 on a wednesday morning. we're back with an e-mail glitch that's caused some major confusion. dylan has moved over to the orange room to talk about that, dylan. >> good morning, guys. certainly has. this happened to some amazon customers on tuesday. people received this e-mail saying someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby registry. that would be fine, but many of the e-mail recipients were not pregnant. so social media users had plenty of fun with the
7:51 am
katie writes, amazon, you know something i don't know, i don't have a registry or a baby. karen writes, amazon informed me that someone has purchased a gift for my baby registry. my baby is 21 and hopes it's a keg. really, hoping the gift is not a baby. and amazon spokesperson said a technical glitch caused us to inadvertently send a gift alert e-mail earlier today. we apologize for confusion. sure enough, the affected customers started sharing something similar on social media. i actually received this e-mail yesterday, i was thinking it was like the wedding rule where you have a year to give a gift. and i got excited, but, nope. didn't get a gift. >> aw. >> dylan just dropped a major hinlt. send gifts for calvin, she's still open. >> thank you so much. coming up, megyn kelly tries her hand at keeping up with the kardashians, she sit down with kris, kim, kourtney, khloe, and kendall. all of that after your news. ["thu"
7:52 am
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7:56 am
2017. good m to you. we want to get right to dave and your first 4 traffic. how are the roads looking? >> all right. outer looch the beltway is not jammed traffic through landover. the dump track near 450, that there. summer is over. that very latest. back t
7:57 am
mark herring: my mom to provide for our family. at one point, she got fired for of all things -- getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
7:58 am
7:59 am
we hav clouds around right now. but otherwise, it's going to be 71 in the district. rest the area looking at going through the day to day, today, friday starts fall. normal highs 78 degrees. we're going to be well above so for the weekend, not feeling but do look to stay nice and
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today and coming up, maria's fury. the powerful category 4 storm lashing puerto rico with 155 mile per hour winds. up to two feet of rain expected with residents still reeling from hurricane irma. >> this one scares me because we didn't even have a chance to rebuild from the first one. >> we're live in san juan. queen of the court, billy jean king opens up about the movie made about that famous battle of the sexes match. she joins us live. and ten years of kardashian. >> i think we initially signed on and thought oh this will be a great season. decade after introducing themselves to the world, the
8:01 am
media, entertainment, beauty, fashion, megyn sits down with the family to talk about the wild ride. >> i think people forget a lot of the time that it's not only when we're on the show that we're being followed or whatever. it's every point of our lives and every second of the day. >> today wednesday, september 20, 2017. ♪ ♪ today we are shouting out friends and family, all over the country. who do you want to say hey to? >> happy birthday to my dad in colorado. >> we have an international hello. who do you want to say hello to? >> hunter and liam, good morning. back in california. >> we have people want who to say hi to someone. >> say hi to our parents and by the way, we're pregnant! >> and we
8:02 am
"today" on this wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. we're going to get outside and say hi to them because you know what, we need some handshakes and hugs on a morning like this. >> we really do, it is just so sad, we've got twin stories going on right now. breaking overnight. two major disasters. let's get right to your news at 8:00. puerto rico facing a catastrophe as hurricane maria makes land fall this morning with historic fury. we're going to start with gaudy schwartz, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, good morning, matt. you were asking about the storm shelters, hurricane shelters here. we're in one. this is a concrete structure. that is what's going on outside of us. in fact if we can walk over to here, you can see at the corner of that parking lot, the flood waters are already starting to rise. and let me show you what's going on in here. it's a little bit windy. we are in a huge coliseum, these doors are flying open, flying closed, in fact, just down the hallway, there were some pole
8:03 am
with fire hoeses and the zip tis and the doors kept flying over. over here, this is a less-protected side. you can see there are already trees that have come down right down here. and we're seeing debris flying through in area. and if we come through these doors, we have to be careful here, they've been flying open and there's some debris down there. some of the ceiling panelling are starting to fall. let me show you the shelter. this thing is massive. this is a coliseum right here. and earlier, last night, there were people sleeping here about 3, 400 people sleeping down there. then the roof started to leak, and if you look up, as the wind starts blowing, you can see the fabric of that roof start blowing. so the roof started to leak, they took a precaution, they moved everybody to the side wing. so a lot of the people are now under bleachers, but again, here in san juan, here in puerto rico, you heard the governor earlier say that about 10,000, a little bit more than 10,000 people evacuated to shelters
8:04 am
million people. matt and savannah. >> terrifying night, thank you very much. >> we want to know how long that hurricane's going to stay there and where it's headed, hey al. >> yeah, in fact we're watching right now. you can kind of watch the eye start to fill in a bit as it gets inland. and it is just now to the southeast of san juan. it's 15 miles south, southwest of san juan. 150 mile per hour winds. it's moving northwest at ten miles per hour. and we put on some of the current wind gusts here and you'll see that basically, we're talking about some gusts right now of over 100 miles per hour, you can see all over as you get further to the west, it's a little bit less, but we are looking also at a storm surge that is going to be devastating, six to nine feet generally a little bit less as you get into the northwest corner and the flooding is going to be a big problem with rain up to 25 inches. now, the impacts of this as it goes forward, dominican republic
8:05 am
turks and caicos, friday, 125 mile per hour winds, four to eight inches of rain or more. then sunday, by monday morning, it's out into the atlantic. we put the spaghetti plots in now, to give you the ensemble models, as you can see as it continues up on into the mid-atlantic, we have some of them that actually bring it onshore. we're going to have to continue to watch this. we think steering wise that maria will come between these two big areas of high pressure and kind of follow jose out, but if either of these weaken, we have to worry about the system making it's way to the mid-atlantic. so, we're going to have to just continue to watch as we're still five to seven dales out from that point, but right now our main concern, the folks in puerto rico and going forward into the turks and caicos and the dominican republic. >> one day at a time. thank you very much. now we turn to that earthquake disaster in mexico. search for survivors and victims growing more desperate this morning in mexico city. ashe
8:06 am
overnight to more than 200 people. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. the scene of destruction across so much of mexico city. the building behind me actually pancaked below. it was a six story building. search and rescue teams are currently conducting search and rescues all across this region. this powerful 7.1 earthquake rattled this region, bringing it to it's knees. thousands flooded right into the streets moments after this massive quake. many fearing there would be massive aftershocks in it's path. so far, there have not been, but the death toll here has climbed to some 200. officials say that number will no doubt rise in the coming days. at this hour, we are told thousands are among the missing, among the missing, they are searching them from building to building, location to location, they're asking for quiet on the streets so they can hear the cries of those that are still trapped. still a very active scene unfolding all across
8:07 am
city. >> active and tragic scene, miguel, thank you very much. also this morning, president trump's speech to the united nation is reverberating around the world. especially in his threat to totally destroy north korea if the u.s. is forced to defend itself. earlier this morning, we spoke with nikki haley, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and asked her to clarify those remarks. >> i think what you saw was the president was responding to north korea's ballistic missile testing, their nuclear bomb test, and their threats that they're going to reduce the united states to ashes, as well as destroy japan. so what you saw was a very firm response to the kim regime that they need to back off, and he the entire international community with him. >> yeah, but the last time the president used words like that, threatening words against north korea was that whole fire and fury thing about five weeks ago. in the time since then, kim jong-un has tested three missiles, two of them flying over japan, and tested a hydrogen bomb. aren't you afraid thate
8:08 am
into making a catastrophic mistake? >> look, words are not what's going to push him into making a mistake. what we've seen is no matter whether it's sanctions, whether it's words, whether it's dialogue, we have tried every possible measure, we have reduced all of our diplomatic measures, as much as possible to try and see how we can get to him. the thing is you've got a very paranoid leader who is determined to show his strength, who's determined to threaten his neighbors and threaten the united states, and i think the president has to speak up. he has to speak up on behalf of the american people and on behalf of our allies and our friends. >> ambassador haley defended the stern warning to iran saying that if it does not live up to it's end of the nuclear treaty negotiated during the obama administration, it could become another north korea. >> let's turn now and hoda has a morning boost for us. >> let's lighten it up, kids. imagine you're at a beer garden with your friends, listening to live music, ihr
8:09 am
cops show up. you do an uh-oh. that's what happened at champs sports bar and grill in wisconsin. everybody must have been thinking oh the party's over. no wait, wait, take a look at what happened next. ♪ ♪ >> and the crowd goes wild. that's officer jonathan of the police department. turns out had he can play a fiddle. in fact he's been playing since he was three years old, and of course the local musicians were happy to share the stage. come on. >> i love it. that's called multitasking. in uniform, playing the fiddle. love it. >> we needed that. thank you very much. we have much more ahead. and the oscar winner you don't want to sit with on the plane. >> that's a good
8:10 am
plus megyn chats with the kardashian clan about the perks and pitfalls of life in the spotlight. and then ben stiller stopping by. we'll talk about his health, his new movie, and a lot more. and our style squad on the fashion rules that were made to be broken. but first, these messages. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way. at hellmann's, dad! we care about sourcing 100% of our oils responsibly. and we care about incredible taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food.
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in this home we make breakfast. sometimes messes! but always masterpieces ...together. what matters most is made at home. hi. oh, hi! welcome to the neighborhood. i brought you this pie to see if you're weird. wow, that smells intrusive. it is. did you want to come in, maybe snoop around a bit? that's why i'm here.
8:13 am
the citi® double cash card does. only citi lets you earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. we're back. 8:13. what's trending today? megyn kelly is joining the party and brought us some popcorn. >> yes. movie time. >> close to the megyn kell today, sleeping days are over my friend. >> i know. >> you've been counting down each day. we've been showing something with each countdown of the days. how would you explain that? i totally failed at that. >> you know, guests at dinner party. just, you know, getting to know the viewers and getting to know me. and so today we're talking about movies you can watch over and over again, here are mine. five movies i could watch over and over again. number one is
8:14 am
wonka. favorite of all time, easily. number two, movie magic right there. enjoy, you're welcome. jaws. obviously. wall street. surprisingly. and sense and sensibility. tied with pride and prejudice, but i'm going with sense and sensibility, jane austin, good stuff. >> and i feel bad i didn't get my cousin vinny in there. >> right there, on deck. >> list of five. take things out. >> overboard is a really good one. >> isn't it amazing? >> i forgot about that one. >> dylan, if you had to watch any movie, what movie? >> only allowed to pick one which was hard. i wanted to go with the godfather because i watch it every christmas. good christmas movie. ferris bueller's day off. >> i love that one. >> the hair. >> uh-huh. >> that is a good one. >> uh-huh. i think i'm next. i picked -- i had two. which one did i end up picking? just roll the tape. >> oh yeah.
8:15 am
>> what? >> oh my gosh. >> so good, classic. >> the best. >> there's only one really perfect movie ever made. >> okay. >> well, love that one. >> godfather. come on. perfect casting. >> i thought you were going say the notebook. >> don't make me cry, all right. i just got over that. >> okay, mine is the perfect movie. love actually. >> oh, yes. have you seen it? >> i have never seen it it. >> what? >> wait. i swear. you've got see it. this is one of the finest you will weep and laugh and cheer. >> is this -- >> yes, yes. >> he was here. he wasn't there. hugh grant and -- >> everybody. >> little boy. yes, i have seen it actually. >> al, what was yours? >> raiders of l
8:16 am
>> any time i come across it -- alfred, the great alfred molina, his first movie role. >> plus the dreamy harrison ford. >> you need to see, hoda -- >> i have seen it. okay. >> watch it again. >> you have to. >> all right. >> miss dylan. >> i keep putting popcorn in my mouth. i have to read things. let's start pop start with serena williams, the all star and new mom wrote a heartfelt letter to her mom. she shared the message and reads dear mom, one of the one of the strongest women i know. i was looking at my daughter, omg, yes, i have a daughter and she has my arms and legs, when i exact same powerful, sensational arms and body. she praised her mom for not fighting back over body shamers calling her a role model. williams added i am proud we were able to show them what some look like. some are curvy, strong, muscular, tall, small, just to name a few, and all the said,
8:17 am
here ear, i think we can agree. and now jada, slamming scientology rumors after leah remini told the daily beast that smith has been in it for a long time. she saw jada at the celebrity center. jada fired off a series of tweets in response saying she studied many religions, visited various houses of worship, but it doesn't mean she believes in it. i practice how many kindness and i believe that each has the right to determine what we are and what we are not. and finally, jennifer lawrence while promoting her new movie, one of her own anxieties, airplanes. the actress said she's not afraid of the plane itself, but rather her shelf control. you know when they hit air air pocket, i did it on a night flight one time, we're going down, it's coming down. i tried to jump out of an air fright france once and can't believe i didn't get arrested. >> you don't to want fly with her. >> no, no, no. >> really quick.
8:18 am
>> okay. so today's video is really quick. i'm going to play it for you twice. but it sums up the perils of parenting really quick. >> no. >> oh my god. >> let me see what you have -- >> no. >> he's saying a knife. >> oh. >> no! >> let me see what you have -- >> the clip is going fast clearly because she dropped her fun and runs after him. >> this video has been retweeted and liked over 200,000 times. parents online saying they can definitely relate to this moment of panic. >> wow, and the sympathy some scissors. >> no! >> that moment. >> that was a little dark. >> it was. >> sorry. >> really dark. let's get another morning boost. no, we'
8:19 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. now to a major milestone for the kardashian family. their reality series is about to mark it's tenth anniversary. and megyn, you sat down with the whole kit and caboodle. it was fascinating.
8:20 am
>> take it to the bank brand. kris and kendall jenner in and kourtney, khloe, and kim kardashian talked about their decade of dominance. it was 2007 when the world first started keeping up with the kardashian ps. >> i think we officially signed on for a great season. >> anticipated it lasting for ten years. >> that was then, and this is now. the fans have watched riveted as the women laid themselves bare, yes, like that, but also emotionally. through marriages, divorces, births, the aftermath of kim being robbed at gunpoint in paris, even bruce jenner's transition to caitlin. ten years later, you have huge family, huge success, huge money, but you've also become huge targets, so was it worth it
8:21 am
to work together as a family and be together every day and we've had this amazing ride and with so many blessings that we just, i think we're really happy with where we're at right now. >> actually, i would say it is. even my worst experiences, i feel like have taught me so much that i don't think if i was doing what i would be doing i would have met my husband, i wouldn't have my babies. we've traveled the world. i don't think we ever would have been been to the places we have been to and that's such a blessing. >> fame, kardashian-style, isn't all selfies and fun. it can be exhausting and even dangerous. >> i think people forget a lot of the time that it's not only when we're on the show that we're being followed or whatever. it's every point and every second of the day. is like always a thing and -- >> if you're trying to do something secretive, it's like sometimes we go to such measures that you also have to live your life. like we want to go -- >> have fun and do things -- >> like to the mall or the
8:22 am
>> i haven't been to a mall in a long time. >> you don't go to the mall. >> i would love to go. >> and i think a couple hundred thousand people showed up. literally. >> that was wild. >> putting aside the security scare you had, do you remember the first moment that it dawned on you that you could be unsafe. life has to change. whose brand keeps growing. kim and kylie have their own beauty line. >> kylie, i think you just launched an empire. >> still, there are detractors. >> women will say the kardashians are evil because my kid is looking at pictures of
8:23 am
superficial goals that are unattainable. i said publicly before, i want to ask you that question. are you a force for good or for a force for evil? >> i think we've honestly through our show, we've shown so many much more positive things and the amounts of feedback we get, even from, you know, kendall and kylie's dad transitioning and people not knowing thousand handle and deal with that, they only want to focus on they're superficial, oh, they're wearing make-up, oh they're this. >> i think that's a small percentage. the girls have hundreds of millions of followers. hundreds of millions. and like kylie, for example, she employs 5 or 600 people. >> she's 19. >> she's 19 years old. >> my little sister has an insane business and anyone who says they don't want their kid to be like that and have an insane business at 19 and literally be so successful is insane to me. >> the people who don't love it say my daughter doesn't look like a kardas
8:24 am
perfect and to look like they look. >> none of us are perfect. >> i grew up with sisters that everybody else was comparing me to. but, i had such an amazing core base that i never felt less than. if anyone is comparing themselves to somebody else, that's -- your responsibility at home to teach them what core values are and to be a good person from within. >> if it all went away tomorrow, all the hard work you've put into this, money and the success and everything that you have, what would you do? >> well, we'd definitely would figure it out. as a family. and i think that it's going to come to an end sooner or later. it's something that we've enjoyed doing together as a family for so long and it's been such a blessing that i think we would have the best home movies ever of life. and have some really amazing memories. >> so you heard kris and kendall remark on how successful kylie a
8:25 am
well, she has now turned 20 and her business is on track to be worth a billion dollars in the next few years. >> with a b. >> billion. she was right, she did launch an empire. kris was right. >> they seem like really tight sisters. >> the dynamic was charming. obviously love each other a lot. they were, you know, grooming each other. they were complimentary of each other, really complimentary of each other. joking. the one thing i took away, it's a lovely family. and i think this whole experience has only brought them clos closer. >> they have good home movies. >> every minute of their lives. no question. >> thank you, megyn. >> keeping up with the kardashians arrest sunday night on our sister network, e. >> and have we mentioned megyn kelly launches. live studio audience which is fun. go to to get your tickets. they are free. >> good times. >> and maybe free stuff. >> all ri
8:26 am
let's check on your first 4 traffi good morning, dave. >>morning. we're taking a look at the on the outer loop, there is a look at the map. take a look at the cameras here. aacros board. that's the big incident. a lot more of this 270
8:27 am
8:28 am
pretty nice start to your wednes 71 degrees. highs in the upper 80s normal we should be around 78
8:29 am
year. we stay above normal for friday. throug the weekend, a dry mid up toer 80s. at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud.
8:30 am
we want them to grow up stronger. how are you? love dylan, so do we. >> oh, thank you. >> good morning everybody, it's a wednesday morning, it's the 20th of september, 2017. nice crowd out on the plaza. look at that sweetie. >> adorable. lots of cuties on our plaza, good morning. >> just ahead, we have ben stiller here. we're going to talk to him about his new movie that dads are going to relate to and his upcoming dodgeball battle with who? with us.
8:31 am
no, no water bottles, no water bottles. >> and our style squad is here with the fashion rules that they not only want you to rethink, but they want you to bring them too. >> okay. first a check of the weather. >> is it necessary? let's show you what also mild, too. 71 right now in washington. 70 leesburg. 63 front royal.
8:32 am
mid 80s by lunch time. by afternoon, 88 for a high temper it will feel more like summer. this iunseasonably warm, too. we stay that way tomorrow. friday for the first dave fall, mid 80s. this portion of today is created with our sponsor, citi, a proud partner of the global citizen festival. all right, al thanks so much. time now for our proud moment, you guys, and this is a special one. as you may have heard, the annual global citizen festival is this saturday in central park. the line-up is crazy. it includes terrific performers like stevie wonder, green day, chainsmokers, citi bank is a global partner. jennifer is the chief marketing officer. it keeps getting better every year. >> it is so exciting. >> in an effort to end extreme poverty, and this year is really
8:33 am
to be live streaming in virtual reality with the steve we wonder, it's going to be incredible. >> chainsmokers, stop it. this is the time where we take care of someone in the crowd. it would have tickets to go -- >> vip tickets. >> these are really big deal. and we're going to pick somebody in the crowd to give these to. i see -- i spy some honeymooners. what do you think? i see keith and jackie, are you guys keith and jackie? these guys by the way jennifer are honeymoon, newlyweds on their honeymoon. >> congratulations. we would love to have you come out as our guest this weekend. >> would you come? >> absolutely. >> those are vips, you get good seats. all right. jennifer, thank you so much. you can watch the global citizen festival live this saturday on msnbc, before go, just one quick -- can we just show this, this is unbelievable. this is a beautiful baby. let's go over to matt and savannah. >> oh my gosh, she is beautiful. thank you, hoda.
8:34 am
of instant classics from zoolander to dodgeball and of course, there's something about mary. >> well, in his newest movie, brad's status, he plays a part he knows well, dad. take a look. >> you're going to harvard. >> maybe, you know, i don't know. >> does your mother know about this? >> she knows i want to. >> i can't believe -- i didn't know about this. >> what do you mean, you knew we were coming in here. >> i knew we were checking out the school, i didn't know you were actually going to get in. >> why would i not get in? >> but it seems like you might. >> yeah, i might. >> kid's going to harvard. >> don't jinx me, dude. >> don't jinx me, dude. >> what's going on, how are you? >> i didn't go to harvard. >> where'd you go? >> i went to ucla. >> why do you laugh? >> i went for about eight months, and then decided i wanted to be an actor. >> i'm sorry it hasn't wor
8:35 am
>> picking up the pieces. >> can i take a detour before we go to the movie? feeling okay? >> i am. thank you. yeah. i'm three years now, cancer-free. and i'm really happy that getting the word out there about psa test is actually made a little bit of a difference, i think. >> from a lot of guys out there. >> yeah, a lot of people talk to me, and also the united states preventative services task force has changed their guide looilin speak with your doctor about taking the test. i think that's a good move. >> i wanted to make sure. >> talk the last time you were here, now in a more traditional setting, you have this new movie and i think it's such an interesting premise. you're playing a father, you have a good life, by every measure, you've got a son about to go to harvard, you've got a nice house, you've got a good organization you work for, but he's still kind of jealous of his other friends on social media. >> yeah. i mean, i think, you know, in the movie it's about sort of how we compare ourselves to other people and how when you're living your life, you can't help but look at where
8:36 am
especially when you goat certain age and think about what have i done, what's ahead of me, what's behind me, and mike white who directed the movie, got into an area that you don't see a lot of movies get into, that inner monologue that goes on in your head all the time where you're thinking about where do i stand? and i think social media sort of exacerbates all of that. >> does an successful actor like you look at reality and be like oh, that guy. why is he on the billboard? >> driving down sunset boulevard, looking at all the other actors? >> of course. being an actor, just being an actor, you're constantly not getting cast in things. you could look at everything and go whoa, they didn't pick me for that. the rock's doing that? >> like i never got called. >> i didn't get -- harry styles got called for dunkirk, but i -- it's a part of being, you know, an actor. and constantly say and you have to take a breath and go, doing okay two seconds before i saw the billboard. >> i'm mr. detour today. i'm changing it again. you are coming here
8:37 am
going to go back to dejball, you are going to come in full character. >> well, i hadn't committed to full character -- >> you just have. >> yes. >> you're coming in full character. >> would you be in character too? >> bill in this character. >> you could be white -- we'll be dualing white goodmans. >> and we're going to have a dodgeball showdown out on the plaza but for a great cause. >> we wanted to raise money for educational programs and enlight of what's been going on with the hurricanes, we're actually going to take a portion of the money and buy about half a million bottles of clean, drinking water for people in florida and houston and also flint, michigan, too. >> stost needed, but back to the competition -- >> yes. >> so it's you and who -- what army? >> we don't know who else. we're going to see who shows up. i know lewis hamilton said he wanted to come. and we're going to get our aggression out out there, i guess. hopefully al roker will be
8:38 am
>> settle some old scores with roker. >> when was the last time you actually played a game of volleyball -- >> dodgeball. >> i'm sorry, dodgeball. >> we did this promotional video for the, you know, for the fundraising, that was probably the last time. it's a very -- you get out that aggression. >> in november, full character. >> we'll see you there. >> full character. okay. >> before we -- >> oh, before we let you go, you are directing something that is -- that we're fascinated by because it's a story we covered extensively here on the show. it was a prison break at the clinton correctional facility in upstate new york. why did it fascinate you? >> it was the human story. really watching your interviews sparked it for me. watching you talk to joyce mitchell and her husband, the civilian workers working in this prison and seduced by two prisoners and she helped them escape. and the escape is fascinating, but the human interactions that happen in this prison to me are really what the core of story is. >> before the
8:39 am
got to be so much to mind there. >> yeah, for how you get to that point where someone is actually, you know, brought in like that. so yeah. >> ben, who is going to play the role of matt lauer? >> you know, we couldn't -- nobody could compare to lauer. so there's no lauer in it it in this one. >> he's directed me in the past. >> have you? >> that's right. >> how does he take direction? >> not well. >> shot you like three times. >> i know. >> and i didn't know whether that was because he messed up or i messed up. >> should we clear that up right now. >> it was me. >> november -- >> yes. >> game on. >> bring it, bring your mustache. >> thank you. brad status in nationwide this friday. ben's going to be back on our plaza. coming up next, where would you want? our style squad has breaking fall fashion rules. first this is "today" on nbc. >> that was fun.
8:40 am
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back now with our style squad edit. we crowned this wear what you want this week. there are rules telling us what we should wear and shouldn't. we want to hear from you about them. according to our survey, 87% of adults agree that standards of dress for different occasions are less clear today. and while there's strong support for dress codes within certain environments like the office, nearly half of all adults think it's okay to wear whatever you want. wear what you want. all right. with those encouraging findings, our style squad hit the ground running to break those rules in fashion. we're going to start off with lilliana. >> good morning. >> a lot of us have suits. savannah and i did in local news, matchy matchy with the pants and the top. >> absolutely. >> you're saying you can break it up. >> absolutely. it's all about reinventing the suit so you can have more fun, especially in a professional environment, you want to aid in a couple of elements to make it feel uniquely yours. >> okay. lovely models.
8:43 am
we have the same elements of a suit, blazer and a pant, but what we did here was mix texture and it's bringing it to life. carl jacket, the tones are complimentary so it flows really beautifully together. >> what's olivia doing? >> olivia is showing us -- think about a skirt suit, it's a pencil skirt. we did an asymmetrical skirt and a sweater and beautiful jacket from ban ma republic, and they look professional, but it's the sue redefined for somebody that wants to express their personal style. >> you know what's crazy, billie jean king just walked in here, with the pants. you are totally and completely on trend as usual. >> and breaking all the rules. i love it. >> i don't know. >> what is happening? anyway, we're going to talk to billie in a little bit. >> billy jean king is here. >> i love
8:44 am
doesn't have to be nighttime new year's eve thing. >> you can shine in the daytime, and it's all about how you can make it more effortless and less serious, i decided to put on a little party skirt, but with a button down and a cozy sweat per. >> it's cute. >> it's preppy with a party on the bottom. and great embellished bomber jacket from macy's with the sktirha ts got that gold sheen and it's all about the t-shirt and the sneaker. carrying it with a t-shirt and sneakers will dress down the dplam. and then, if you're a princess who wears pants -- >> yes. >> you can do the jean -- >> nice. >> you can wear the jeans and add your spark wl some fun fashion accessory that you might think that's only for special occasion, but go ahead with the mens wear and the mens wear is what balances it. doing that blazer and slip on loafer, you can really add that to your wardrobe and don't be afraid to let the five-year-old out once in a while. >> i see the sparkle, you could do a sparkly accessory if you do it with something else plain with it. >>
8:45 am
mask lin feminine, think about thousand balance it out. >> thank you so much. and to a girl who always sparkles, dylan. >> thank you. i'm joined by the sparky jill martin as well. no white after labor day. i follow that rule. change my mind. >> we can wear white after labor day, it started that there were a lot of reasons, one was in the 1880s it represented your social status. feel free to wear white. we wanted to show you how to shop in the closet. i just added this j. crew necklace because label the of sparkle incorporating the trend and the white. that's how you do it in a simple way. >> now white on white. >> i'm in my winter white suit which i wear to cocktail parties, feel free to wear it, do a burgundy, maybe a little black. then beautiful ashley. you may already have a winter white sweater in your closet, white jeans, wear them in the fall and winter, high boot, brown, black, and then a hat which savannah loves hats. >> i like hats too.
8:46 am
>> i love the white button down, maybe wore it to the beach, tied it, wore it around the house. now wear it with a long sequinned skirt or a dressier skirt you have in your wardrobe. i've been wearing this to cocktail parties. it's unique, it's pretty, it's slick and allows you to shop in your closet, wear chaupt is all about that. but having to incorporate things you already own. >> and rewarning the things that you have. >> for more on these looks, head to our for our 2017 style heroes as well. coming up next, billie jean king on her match heading to the big screen. but first, this is today on nbc. i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly
8:47 am
john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
8:48 am
we're back on wednesday morning, take you back 1973. 90 million viewers tuned in to see the legendary battle of the
8:49 am
billie jean king and bobby rigs. >> as you probably know, billie jean won, a victory not just for her, but women everywhere. now the story is heading to the big screen. billie jean king is here, geeking out to be in your presence. >> geeks rule. >> billie jean, what did you think when you learned they were going to make a movie. it's not just about the match, it's about more than that -- >> more than that. it's personal. it's deep, it's deep, but it's funny too. it has funny moments, very tense moments. but, the battle of the sexes, really caught the essence and emma stone, of course -- do i need to say anything else. emma stone is going to play you. what? it's like so excited. so, this is the anniversary today. i played, i played exactly september 20th, 1973. so this is like a 44th anniversary. >> we were talking about this match in a commercial break the other day, and one
8:50 am
younger members of our team here, dylan, said -- she said, was it a huge deal back then? >> oh wow. >> for people who didn't live through, they may be can't understand how captivating this was. >> no, they can't. it was impossible. it was so emotional. title ix had just been passed the year before, which was very important piece of legislation. because before that, when federal governments db the federal government would give money to the high schools or colleges or -- private or public, didn't matter, it's like they had to do it equally for the first time. that is the essence. they had an afterthought of physical activity. so a woman never got an athletic scholarship until after that. and before that, it was classroom quotas, doctor at harvard for instance, 5% before 1972. >> wow. >> and that's why there were no women doctors and lawyers. and now there's
8:51 am
medical school and law school than men. now everyone needs to understand that. it's only 37 words. everybody can handle to read this. i know they want to read only about three words of it -- focus a little bit longer. >> you can do this. you can do this. >> what was the relationship like in real life with you and bobby rigs? it seems like you were jovial and had fun together? were you friends. >> no -- but i love history. i knew all about it. i knew he had been deprived during his prime. he won the triple crown which is singles, doubles, and mixed at wimbledon, and the second world war came. he never got the attention that he craved. here's his moment where he is just can't get enough. and i understood that about him. and i respected him so much because he was one of my heroes that i think that's the reason i beat him. because i respected him, did my homework, i was ready. >> we just went a few seconds because we could talk to you for hours. is there one thing like
8:52 am
most distinct memory from the match itself? >> probably when he jumped the net and said i underestimated you. my dad taught my brother and i, my younger brother was a pitcher for the san francisco giants, good slider, my dad emphasized you always respect your opponent, even if you don't like them. and you always -- never, ever underestimate them. so when he said that, i went oh, i can't wait to tell daddy. >> sweet. >> that is so nice. billie jean king, how is this changeup? >> he was really good on the slider. >> i like a good slider. >> a good slider. i love it. >> i'm with you there. >> i want to tell people you're going to be back with hoda and kathie lee. battle of the sexes hits theaters on friday. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. thank you. >>
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
zplmp all right, let's start spinning the smuckers jar and start you have for the happy 100th birthday to earl who is an avid golfer from connecticut. says the secret to longevity, drink green tea. ralph, wichita, kansas, 100 big one for ralph. in addition to a milestone birthday, he and his wife celebrating 75 years of marriage. congratulations to both of you. happy 100th birthday to hazel law, world traveller from d.c., she worked as a nurse for 22 years. houston, texas, retired teacher celebrating 100 years, secret to longevity, walk a half mile every day. frank gomez, 102, proud grandpa, worked as plumber for 70 years. and last but not least, check out this guy, happy 100th birthday to mr. william smith. like that hat. his friends and family call him the mayor of
8:56 am
if you know somebody celebrating, love to hear from you. head to don't forget to include a photo. christian slater is joining us. >> and adrianna lima has a new show. and weird science. >> and
8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
[crowd applause] temper in the 70s for part of the area. otherw upper 60s. we're starting to warm up now. 73 washington. 88 a high this afternoon. feelin like summer. about 10 degrees above normal then we go through the rest of unseaswarm. >>you.
9:00 am
this morning on "today," one of your favorites, christian slater. thensupermodel adrianna lima is here. you could be a winner on the giveaway coming up right now. from nbc news, this is today's take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today," wednesday morning, september 20th, 2017. also happens to be debora robert's birthday. >> really? >> happy birthday. >> well happy god her. >> that's right. >> also my mom's boyfriend's birthday. happy birthday.
9:01 am
he might be. >> happy birthday, ed. >> ed. is debora watching? >> no. >> hand clap, bit was a tantrum we love. >> kind of like that. >> yeah. >> so one of our compatriots, katie tur. who i first worked with years ago at the weather channel. >> oh really? >> she was a freelance reporter, and i knew then, she was like terrific. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. >> and now, of course, has just one of the most unbelievable careers as one of our washington-based correspondents, and she's just written a great book called "unbelievable" about the late 2016 campaign. had a book party. andy lack, our boss, held a nice party for her at the poolroom at, you know, what used to be the four seasons. and hoda was there, all of our nbc friends were there, and because of -- because of the u.n. general assembly, a lot of
9:02 am
welker, all of these folks were in, it was a lot of fun. >> that is so neat when you meet somebody, man, off story to tell. her to sit down, and she is so busy. for her to sit down and crank out that book is impressive. i remember reading an article she wrote, i think it was like marie claire magazine or something like that one day, i remember tweeting her that day and i adore you, like saw her out, she is such a source, such a great writer, it's such a good read. >> good story. >> yesterday i was in between covering maria and jose, i was going down stairs to get some food and i run into you. and you looked so excited. >> i was so happy. first of all you were walking with your red bike. you were about to go biking outside. >> and then i realized it was raining. looked out the window. >> i love when the weather man gets stuck in the rain. >> we knew it was raining -- >> i didn't think it was going to come down that hard. >> happened to me. >> oh
9:03 am
>> i don't feel so bad. i didn't even get out into the rain, i looked out the window. i said what are you still doing here? >> and i was smiling. >> grin on your face. one of our producers say i died and went to shonda land. shonda rhymes was here for billie jean king and we asked her if we could talk and she said yes, and it was the most -- 30 minutes that i will cherish for the rest of my career here. we started talking about the fact that, you know, she has this new website, shondaland, she's made hundreds of millions of dollars with her network shows. and a lot of people you just stay there, this woman decided to do this deal with netflix where she's going to create a whole new lane of content. and i asked her, when you close your eyes at night, do you have like olivia pope and characters from grey's anatomy -- >> actually, sometimes yes. but she said she
9:04 am
thursday. she's such a jewel. >> and she's -- i've actually we've gotten to go camping with her. there was kind of a dude ranch, and she's such a great mom. and she's so down to earth. >> three kids. >> yeah, she has three daughters. i'm like how are you doing all of this? and she gives us some secrets of things that work for her and things that could work for us. i'm telling you, lots of golden nuggets of wisdom. >> you all to want go to shondaland. >> when i was little, people used to say this is a chanelland, she gets her own land. she can do what she wants. >> nice. i sent you a letter. >> yesterday we talked about the letter al sent me from france that took me a while to open. guess what i just got today. cookies from al from france. but the problem is -- >> where were they? >> i think they were at my desk, and i haven't been to my desk in a while. so -- >> they're going to be fresh. >>
9:05 am
what they're two weeks old, they're very stale. >> yeah. much like most baked goods. >> i think these would have been delicious. >> i bet you it's still delicious. >> i mean, the chocolate is still really good, but it has a staleness to it. but thank you. thank you for thinking of me. i'm so sorry. i feel like you did something so nice and thoughtful, and here i am just -- >> were you wondering why she never said thank you. >> i was thinking, huh. >> which is a good point. does this count as my thank you or do you want a handwritten letter? >> i want a handwritten letter. >> never said thank you for those cookies. >> i got these at the airport. i mean, and in paris. >> it is still from paris. so they are still good. >> africa doe cookies. >> would you like some? >> i'm good. i'm okay. >> but thank you. >> you know what's good, what's great about your life, besides calvin, that you and your husband work in the same building. so you can have these random meetings. >> weo
9:06 am
over at msnbc -- >> you seem surprised. >> i was surprised when i saw him. because i was over at msnbc doing a hit for hurricane maria, and not realizing it was 12:30, brian was showing up at work and the nightly studio is connected to the msnbc studio. so he's randomly taking this video, in a stockery way, it's my husband. so he takes this video. he had the cutest post, you know in high school when you run into your bestroom, that's kind of the way it was. i was just really excited. i don't know why i was walking like that. >> what was that? >> you're kind of like a little tim conway character from carol burnett. >> i don't know what that is. >> sour young. >> i'm sorry. >> did you guys ever connect or just wave from afar. >> i gave him a hug, and i was like can i give you a hug at work. >> we did it when we were dating. >> you were dating him too? >> brian gets around. no, i'm kidding.
9:07 am
that's my first time trying it. my breathe reeks of garlic. >> that's the trick. when the toast is still warm, you put a little olive oil on it and then a half clove of garlic and rub it. >> i got a whole clove. it is delicious. >> we literally, the show open is rolling. coming up, blah, blah, blah, and right before we come out on camera, i see aweavocado. in my head, i'm like how you going to do that. >> i'm just shameless that the point. >> professional eater. >> i just eat. >> which is why i love her. >> when you have food as good as on the today show, cook by chefs and al roker, i'm going to eat. >> you guys are going to be cooking for me later. >> i see my blueberry coming out of the oven right now. >> aren't you excited? >> salmon and blueberry buckle. >> not together. >> sounds like -- >> stomach ache. we're going to get ready, the the end of the week we hand over the reigns of this program, this hour, t
9:08 am
we to want take this time to reminisce about our favorite moments from the show. so you're up. >> i have my top moments. so, you weren't here for this because dean king was filling in for you -- >> one of yours is not with me? >> it is, at least one of them is. >> i forgot about this. >> we did a pie in the face thing. and are we going to show it. like, right in the face. >> wow. he didn't think i stood a chance. >> nobody did. it was kind of far away. i was so happy. >> dylan nailed it. >> wow. >> right? that's a good arm. >> bam. >> proving i was point that he thinks i'm a boy. >> there are a lot of great female baseball players. >> there are. >> i never say throw like a girl. >> i'm proud to throw like a girl, i think as a girl i throw well. the other one, that does include you was the water fight we had in orlando. when we were went to -- >> volcano bay. >> yeah, at universal. >> and our
9:09 am
kate cook. >> this just -- >> went after pus. >> this was chaos. >> what was the game? if you got the answer wrong, you would get sprayed. >> yeah. i love that chanel had a hat on trying to keep dry. and then yeah -- >> finally we were over it and we went after them. >> that's right. >> that was a fun -- >> that was fun. >> we had a good time. >> bonding trip. >> you look like you're on an island somewhere. that was -- see your skin's all dewy and fresh and tanned. >> i think i was sweating. and my final surprise, calvin when he dressed up as superman and surprise med on my birthday. >> so sweet. that was just one of the sweetest things. >> oh, look. >> and i don't cry. i'm not really a crier. so that definitely -- >> you say you don't cry. >> dean king was there. so that worked out. >> that was perfect. that was perfect. >> he's a little baby. which is superman's original name. >> over our heads. >> yeah. >> his
9:10 am
>> mr. superman and mother's name -- >> mom. anyway, time for the giveaway every day drum roll, please. thanks to dell, we're giving away three, not one, not two, but three 3,000 two in ones, right there. it combines the performance of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet in four different modes. and hd touch display, i wish did, let's show you how much it can move, dill. >> yeah, you're supposed to like move it and stuff. >> you can flip it back. >> i'm going to break it. >> for a chance to win one of the three we're giving away, go to just ahead, we're bringing back
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otection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ welcome back to today's take. somebody who when we say special guest, we mean special guest. >> thanks. >> he's been a co-host so often, love him, mr. christian slater. that's right. >> good to be here. love being here. a lot of fun. >> mr. robot in just a bit, we were hoping you would help us weigh in on topics. >> oh good, i love it. topics are fun. fun, fun, fun. >> one headline that caught our dwlie morning, "new york times" advice column, one reader wrote, i love my fiance, but i'm totally crushing on a co-worker. >> yikes. that's an awkward situation. >> is that allowed? >> i don't think so. maybe share it with your therapist or something like that. >> i mean, a crush doesn't mean you act on it. >> i guess, you can be attracted to people, of
9:16 am
business. if you crush on a co-worker, that's a chance you could make out with a co-worker. >> that's true. and talk to the writers, hey, you know, i think it'd be good if there was a smooching scene here, yeah, we could work that out. yeah, i know, it's very, very tricky in this business. >> we were talking about earlier. i guess you can have a crush, you can't act on it, and then once you're married if you have friends with a guy or girl before you were married, maybe they're okay, can you have new friends of the opposite sex when you're married? is that okay? >> uh, wow -- >> that off crush on or just friends. >> i don't know. >> i'm confused. >> why do they keep putting the camera on me. >> you're the special guest. >> what do i think? >> if off crush on them -- >> i think it's better to just streamline it all. don't put yourself in the firing line of any possible dangers or anything like that. right? >> yeah. >> these are my wife's friends. they can be friends. that's good. i'm just going to, you know, live solo and s
9:17 am
>> streamline it. >> the the safe answer. >> that's my advice, america. you heard it here from christian slater. >> i wasn't here for the meeting for this part. >> okay. >> crush on a co-worker. >> i did, and i ended up marrying him. >> this was just somebody you had a crush on. >> he became my fiance. he was my cameraman when we worked up in boston. >> looks just like me, weird. >> he does actually. >> that is interesting. >> although what's interesting, having been here far while, if you watched our program on a regular basis, both chanel and dylan have maybe had some crushes on -- >> where are we going with this. >> for example, zac of ron. >> come on. this is so unfair. >> oh come on. >> i just -- >> we don't have the audio. >> there's no sound. >> let's just talk about it. >> how about the outfit, his by accepts. >> i was distracted. >> the shorts. >> there was a lot going on. >> how did
9:18 am
>> were you just a mess? >> we told him that too, sorry. >> oh no. that is adorable. >> oh my gosh. >> i love that you got your blazer. >> oh gosh. >> caught me off guard. >> that was good. >> that was cute. >> that was cute. >> i don't think we have tape of yours. >> because i don't have any. >> what are you talking about? who was it -- >> dan stevens. that's not fair. his eyes are mesmerizing. >> i was sitting across from him and i was like hallucinating. >> because that's the safe way to do it. you just tell people. hey, your eyes are amazing. >> that's true. >> and it's fair. that's fair game. that's fun. yeah. >> all right, what's our next topic? >> next topic says -- >> oh yeah, we were just talking about this. >> john sta moos day. >> i love this guy. >> joining the world of -- so much fun, he's going to be taking the stage for a
9:19 am
the chocolate factory. >> i'm crushing right now. >> there you go. >> and if he was here in person, we'd tell him he has a nice smile. >> i do absolutely. weird al yanukovych is going to play the oompa loompa. >> picture him orange. actually, he looks a little orange right there. >> i could think of other casting choices they could make as well for that. >> and ellie king is going to be the role of varuka salt. >> oh. >> this is a stage version in -- >> this is something you've done before. >> the hollywood bowl. right. they do these -- yeah, i did spamelot a couple years ago. >> once in every show, there comes a song like this. >> yes. >> wait, you
9:20 am
that was it. that was my song. >> wow. >> no, we didn't know you -- >> sorry, i did just belt that out. it was early and why not? >> i send a note so he can belt out singing. >> thank you very much. >> staying in hollywood, speaking of movies -- >> yes. >> if there was one movie you could watch over and over again, what would it be? >> i always go with raiders of the lost ark. i enjoy that one. >> someone said that earlier today. >> harrison ford. >> look at that guy, come on. >> i remember seeing -- i sat back then and -- do you know who that actor is? >> yes, i do. i do know who it is. but the name is escaping -- >> alfred molina. yes, of course. it's amazing to see him young. that's just so crazy. >> adios. >> yeah, yeah, exactly. >> i think most people have seen it by now. >> by now i think the world has glomened to raiders. >> yeah. >> well, i
9:21 am
>> jaws. >> in fact, it was just on -- >> need a bigger boat. >> yeah. i mean that was just unbelievable. >> it really is. >> these movies are just on the loop, they're always on tv. >> really? >> always on -- >> on in our house. >> like these movies. raiders and jaws. >> mine's the godfather. >> yes. >> it's her christmas movie. >> every christmas. >> really. >> little glass of wine. >> most people it's a wonderful life, you go with the godfather. >> die hard. >> odd ball at this table, i pick midbest friends wedding, nodding hill, and love and basketball. not that i don't like the godfather, by it's more my jam. >> makes me tear up a little bit. i like that feeling. get a little choked up. aron i did mcdow. come on, doesn't get better. >> we bring this up because megyn kelly who is five days away from launching megyn kelly today is sharing the five movies she could watch over and over agai
9:22 am
over and over again, number one is definitely willy wonka and the chocolate factory. favorite of all time, easily. overboard. movie magic right there. enjoy, you're welcome. jaws. obviously. wall street, surprisingly, and sense and sensibility. tied, tied with pride and prejudice, the bbc version, but i'm going with sense and sensibility, jane austin, come in for a fan favorite like smoked mozzarella chicken here
9:23 am
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one ♪ ♪ they cling there for you and for me ♪ ♪ flowers in spring ♪ the robins that sing ♪ the sunbeams that shine ♪ they're yours and their mine ♪ love can come to everyone ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ the music is so serious. >> really. >> this is fun. >> al's not going to die. we're cooking for al and they play funeral music? >> it's like in memorium. >> we've turned the table. >> we can. cooking for
9:27 am
meal part with the salmon and chanel is going to make the dessert. >> i've called it precautions. hello, nurse. >> oh my goodness. >> nurse olivia. >> safety precaution. >> safety nurse. >> do they wear that thing anymore? >> come on, go with it. >> okay. i'm going to start with the salmon. this is the one thing that my kids can make it and the kids will eat and i don't feel guilty. five ingredients, that's how i role. butter, but thor is better. salmon, and then you guys all, oh, fresh dill and that, no, fine, get some dill -- >> where's the hating coming from? >> dill seasoning, smidge of old bay and adobe. that's what you need. cut out the salmon like this, mine never looks this perfect, take butter, be generous with the butter. >> do you keep the skin on? >> i do. i like that. >> i do it like that, i say that -
9:28 am
the butter, no, no, when you cover it in butter. okay. and then, this is how the professionals do it, they do it like this. okay, fine. then just a smidgen of old bay, just a little. right. and then, you want to be generous with that. and guess what, guys, in about 20 minutes, dinner is served. come over here. >> what does it go in the oven for? >> 375 for 15 minutes or 350 and i do a little bit longer because the kids don't like it -- they like it done, whereas i like it a little -- >> rarer. >> uh-huh. >> okay. >> i could have helped you, sorry. >> when you pack it in the foil, i like to make a pocket so it steams -- >> like a hobo pack. >> and you open it up. this is a good time. and it's the one thing when people come over i cook -- >> that's really good. chanel can cook. >> we will not need your services yet. >> semi-truck some salmon though. >> on stand by. >> dylan, your turn. >> what goes better
9:29 am
>> you know what else, couscous. i brought you some of your favorite cvs couscous. >> what? >> what? >> can i taste it? i've never tasted it. i don't to want run out of time. >> we'll be really quick. >> are you going to try it. >> you open that -- >> al, come on, you're going to try it? zbles hoogoing toing true try it. yum, that's good. that's so good. >> so done with you. >> it is good. >> thank you. >> but again, in case you want some real couscous. >> al brought his from home. blueberry buckle. i love blueberry season, we're a little bit passed it, but we decided on this a while ago. so, there's all your ingredients. so i like to start with the struszle topping. brown sugar, salt and cinnamon, flour. i like to use melted butter because i like to just get in there -- >> if there's any leftover from the salmon. >> that's
9:30 am
make sure -- otherwise if if you miss a piece, it gets dry. i like to just go all in. set it aside. >> i don't know if it really makes that much of a difference. it's what i use. so cake flour, ground ginger, i don't know why i put this in the recipe, but it works. >> it's good. >> salt, some baking powder or soda, i forget. i usually look at the recipe. mix that altogether, and then here i have butter and sugar, mixed together. >> right. >> throw in vanilla, egg, okay, good. then we throw in this mixture. right. we throw in some of that. i guess i could do this. i'm like so nervous cooking for you. so a little bit of flour, little bit of whole milk or 1% milk, whatever you want. go back and forth until it's all done. >> this is so good. >> it is. >> and then you stir in all the blueberries, i tend to do too many because i feel like i'd ra
9:31 am
than the cake batter. >> buttered floured pan. >> buttered floured pan, and sprinkle it on tom. teet if you want. >> nurse olivia, what do you say? >> it's fantastic. i think we're good. >> can you stand by and let al try some couscous. >> you didn't try it. >> this is try. >> do you like it? >> you guys are fantastic. >> yeah. >> you know what, yoi going cook from now on. >> thanks, al. for these recipes and more, go to coming up next, speak peek at the new season of mr. robot with our pal and golden globe winner, christian slater right after this. >> not couscous. >> it's hard to cook on camera. >> christian slater. ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪
9:32 am
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could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
9:36 am
we're back now with christian slater. another reason we love him, he got excited when i told him about the reboot of the -- >> and we started singing the song. >> and he's also one of the stars of the hit series, mr. robot. >> yeah. >> on the usa network. >> yeah. young antisocial computer programmer named elliott who was a cyber security engineer by day and hacker by night. leading a revolution by america. >> he plays mr. robot also doubles as elliott's dead father. got that? >> what a character that is. >> here with a preview of season three, christian, good morning. >> good morning. >> yeah, thanks, again. yeah, it was fun earlier. >> so it's hard to jump into season three. so fill us in on what exactly -- where we're at. >> no, we definitely left off season two with some questions about what was happening with elliott, just been shot. there were questions about all of
9:37 am
i would have to say i actually answers a lot of questions that happened that were left unanswered in season two which is what i love about it. >> when you started this, did you know all of the ark of your character? or did you discover as you went along? >> i knew everything from the first season of what was going to happen. as far as what sam, the creator was going to do in season two and three, i was completely in the dark. i've been continuingly surprised and amazed as he has come up with new concepts and ideas. >> when someone says you're going to play an imaginary character, does that change anything for you? it's not like you can whisper. >> i tried to play it as though i was as real as elliott imagine med to be. and elliott really does believe that i am this guy and i am his mentor and his dad and he makes all of these discoveries slowly over time. and now we're working out our relationship as the show continues to unfold and it's at times combative and at
9:38 am
very fatherly. >> uh-huh. now this show has a cult following, what do you fans say to you when they see you on the street say? >> i do get a lot of hey mr. robot stuff as i walk down the street. you know -- >> do you say hey back. >> i do, sure. well, this is not my usual attire, usually i'm wearing a flannel shirt and look like the character in the show. >> sure. >> so, you know, they think i'm just dressed as the guy all the time. i know. i know. that's great. >> so i have to come here and mix it up a little bit. >> i actually have real clothing. >> that's right. yes, i can wear a suit. but you know, people are great and very excited and anticipatory about what the season is going to look like and whether or not elliott is alive or dead. >> speaking of exciting, you're getting ready to go to london to do glenn gary, glenn ross. >> yeah, i'm doing that on the west end. i leave on saturday and then we
9:39 am
supposed to run through february 3rd. anybody wants to come see glenn gary, glenn ross. >> tell them you know christian slater. >> yeah, that's right. come right in. i got house seats. i'll set you up. >> before you leave us this morning, one of the producers was telling us recently on late night show, you said, you have a skbrient life-sized storm trooper in your dining room. >> yeah, i can't believe it. >> we made it. we had to get that in. >> i know. look, i'm, i'm a nerd. i'm a goof. >> like a mr. robot. >> that's right. i love all of this techie stuff, i love sci-fi, and you know i grew up watching star trek and star wars and -- >> okay -- >> go ahead. >> star trek or star wars. >> oh, that's a good question. how do you -- it's -- >> i know. >> i started my journey with cap tir kirk, william shatner, that's the guy, he's sort of embedded, lodged if you will in my head. like the an man yaks. >> william
9:40 am
pine? >> chris pine is pretty cute, isn't he? yeah, i know. >> kind of crushing on him. >> another crush we all have. >> john stamos. >> surrounded by gorgeous men, it's amazing. >> season three 12 starts, wednesday. >> al roker. >> yes. >> sister network usa. >> who were the animaniacs. >> one of the most famous supermodels in the world, adrianna lima is hoping to -- >> you can hang around. >> no, no, i'll leave. no, no... ♪ k up. ♪ the all new 2018 camry. toyota. let's go places.
9:41 am
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do you like our wings? if you're wondering why we're wearing angel wings, one of the most recognizable supermodels is here. adrianna. >> we think we look just like her. >> not so much. >> the brazilian beauty is victoria secret angel and has been strutting across runways for more than 20 years. >> well now the mom two of is the host of executive producer of a new reality competition series, american beauty star on lifetime. take a look. >> listen, i'm so nervous right now, i can't imagine how you guys feel. >> you got this. you got this. >> okay. sop you guys ready for this? yeah. yeah. you have been selected from thousands of very talented hair stylists and make-up artists. >> there are thousands upon thousands of people that would do anything to be here, even if they knew they would get cut the
9:45 am
>> hi. >> good to see you. >> good morning. >> hi, good morning. i like the wings. >> you like that? >> for you. >> it's the first time i'm here and i'm not wearing with, how does it feel? >> they feel very fluffy. >> i'm in a christmas pageant as opposed to victoria secret's runway. >> what made you want to do this? it's fascinating. >> it was something new for me, obviously i don't have any experience hosting, but i loved the idea of the show. you know, especially now with this social media, you know, reaching tout beauty, i think it's just the perfect timing. the show is about -- it's a reality competition. and we have 12 contestants from hair and make-up which they are responsible to create and overall looks and other models, they are basically beauty, their own beauty directors. and we do have teammates, you
9:46 am
challenge they get to pick their teammates. our challenges go from red carpets to makeovers. editorial, but it's different from the other competitions like reality tv show competitions because it shows where it goes behind the creativity, where they get inspired, and how they pull out, you know, their struggles and who they are as a person. who they were before they got to the show. everyone, they are from all over the world. we have the 12 contestants, and from different ages. >> i love it. you brought up a good point earlier, everybody these days, especially, you know, not even just millennials, but you can go on youtube and social media, instagram, and everybody's obsessed with contouring and doing people's hair and make-up and lashes, you struck a nerve with the show. how do you pick out who's the best? what's your advice? >> well, they go tou
9:47 am
series of testings, you know, so for you to make it to that show, you already the best. >> yeah. >> thousands and thousands -- well, you watch and you see it. they're amazing and work very hard for judging really. >> adrianna, thank you so much. looking forward to it. american beauty star premiering tomorrow night on lifetime. up next, the four body language tricks to help you make a good impression and get people to like you even if you're wearing wings. ♪ ♪
9:48 am
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9:51 am
it's almost fall, so we thought why not call in our pal body language expert to show us tricks that will have people falling for you. good morning to you. >> good morning. so excited to be here. >> and it starts. >> and it's off and running. boom. >> let's start off with first impressions. what are some tips? >> the first impression matters, and the last impression matters. so some people, it's as soon as they meet you judge you, and some people, it's the last couple minutes. so you want to make sure you're bookending it. something as simple as a handshake matters. many of us will shake like this, but i'm literally giving you the cold shoulder hi, i don't recollect who you are, and i don't look at this tool. i'm not even looking. >> wow. >> so you want to face your belly button towards people you like, admire, trust. big final week here, al. nice to see you. >> i can trust you too. >> belly button faces people. be careful of smiling too much. then you're
9:52 am
phony. you should smile when someone introduces themselves. >> hey, i'm al. >> hi, i'm nice to meet you. i don't to want walk in with a perma smile. does that make sense? >> yeah. >> somebody asks you a question and throws you back on your heels a little bit. what can you do to recover? >> so if if someone is throwing you off, you can -- yourself, do something. usually we might get nervous. and we're like oh, what just happened there? look, scratch your face. is that what you should do? >> no, this is what we usually do. or we'll grab our neck instead. we want to grab your chair. >> grab your chin to win. >> grab your chin to win. >> look how sbengt you look like this. >> see how smart i look right now? >> yes. >> if you notice other people are nervous, what do you do if you think someone is holding back. how and what questions. say bye to why. >> why questions people feel judged. why do you work at the "today" show.
9:53 am
show? >> i just did a talk on thinking like a hostage negotiators, hostage negotiators don't say why are you holding a gun against al. what's difference. ask who and how, and say bye to why. when you think someone's holding something back. >> if somebody is saying, are you supposed to nod so that you think you're engaged. >> you're a nodder. >> research shows that doctors that nod when they're talking to patients, the patients feel the doctor is more empathic. do a single nod. it's good. it's like i'm listening. now a slow nod. hmm. this is like you're a weirdo. now do like the triple nod. >> this is like, yeah, wrap it up. >> yeah. >> so -- >> what do you want to do? >> nice, simple nod. yeah, i'm listening. >> we have a balloon. >> yes, we do. because we just -- do you need -- you've been terrific over all of these years helping al with the awkward things.
9:54 am
that. >> i'm a mother of three sons, i'm not afraid. >> okay. >> oh boy. >> so now when you want to be able to do with body language. >> and that's what i love. youtube star explains what happened here. but first, this is "today" -- >> i'm on the tad show. you guys are amazing. we'll be back. hi everybody. >> that's not awkward. >> i lovei'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
9:55 am
so, when it's your turnt to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
9:56 am
hey savannah, take a swig of is this. >> i just walked by. >> oh my god. i have to do the news now. >> don't worry. it'll wear off in just a couple hours. you're fine. >> really? >> no. >> it's back. >> my goodness. >> i'm sorry. >> you guys are freak dplps yes, you are. >> i've got to go.
9:57 am
you remember when nick stopped by and stunned us with this gas called sf6. >> i sound the same, oh wait, no. we'll get ready to be amazed again. nick is back with another fun trick he can do with the very same gas. >> i'm afraid. >> good morning. >> good morning. what's the trick? >> yeah, so, watch it, i had helium in here. let that out. as you guys know, the reason this works, it's so dense. so we have this little thing that's called bob, it lets us know where there's a level of gas in here. it's filling up right no to here. it's not leaving because the gas is so dense. so, if i can do this slowly, what i should be able to do. >> but it's really in there. >> is pour this gas right down on -- >> wow. >> that's amazing. >> coolest dominos i've ever seen. t
9:58 am
>> so it's down in here and it displaced the oxygen. what happened is it just pushed all the oxygen out and all the candles extinguish it. >> what's the name of the youtube channel? >> that was amazing. >> thank you so much. coming up, kathie lee and hoda. >> that was helium, al. >> i know. >> this stuff is great, i'm going give some more to savannah. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up next. >> oh, we switched.
9:59 am
sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. z2i1wz z16fz
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y2i1wy y16fy today on wines day wednesday, new mom serena williams emotional letter to her mom. find out what the tennis star is saying. > then three viewers kick off our diet and exercise plan to get trim before turkey. plus, you could win a huge surprise when we play hugh knew". >> welcome to the happiest day of our supply of this is the best show in the world. >> oh, that's good. >> from nbc news. >> what? >> this is "today." >> come to the right place. >> with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rec follower plaza. >> how do we do it day after day. >> loving it. >> we still don't know how we do it. welcome to wines day wednesday, septembe


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