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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. >> now, a search is on for a man accused of groping and exposing himself to women. why he's being charged with the same crimes multiple times. as hurricane maria weakens, the recovery effort in puerto rico kicking into high gear. what they're dealing with as they pick up the pieces from the devastating storm. welcome you in on this saturday morning, the 23rd of september, 2017. i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff. making sure i don't have crumbs on my new crumb catcher. >> you got it all. >> have a good week? >> i did. got
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weekend, the last couple days, and now excited because it will be great weather. >> we heard her welcome into the newsroom, as always. lauryn ricketts tracking what is going to be a nice weekend. >> i'm excited. i'm at work. it's my monday. technically everybody else's saturday. it's looking good. we've been fortunate to have nice weekends over the summer. of course, it is the first few weekendov of fall. it is beautiful out there. look at our view. the sun is coming up. just under an hour. 6:57. 65 degrees. we have a north wind, little touch of humidity this morning and throughout the day. you're also dealing with patchy fog. be careful out and about. visibilities are down, especially toward the shenandoah valley, where visibilities are less than a mile in some spots. be careful, especially in
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frederick county. we'll talk about maria and her impacts. we got the latest track at 5:00 a.m. where she's headed coming up. >> we're going to talk about her aftermath right now. puerto ricans are waking up to another day without power. they have little drinking water and the threat of a failing dam. >> this is a huge worry. hurricane maria left its mark on the island. nbc reports on puerto rico's recovery effort that is filled still with danger. >> reporter: hurricane maria's torrential rains drenched parts of puerto rico. 15 inches in some places, leaving towns underwater and swelling reservoirs. >> everybody okay? >> reporter: in san juan, the mayor waded through flooded streets, calling out to residents, checking on their welfare. the island drowning in rain water is short on drinking water. people lining up with jugs and
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from a hillside. the shortage blamed on puerto rico's power crisis. many spending the night in the dark. contractors brought in to help clear debris before they can reconnect electric lines. >> it's a new experience for us. we're working. i've never seen something like this. >> reporter: on top of that, 95% of the cell service is out. puerto rico's largest airport has reopened for some flights. desperate people trying to return to their homes and loved ones. the threats are not over. the risk of flash flooding, very real and very dangerous. nbc news. all new this morning, we're learning nearly 300 people have died from the earthquake in mexico. among the dead -- this is tragic -- a two-month of old pab b -- baby. the baby and six family members died during a christianing when the church collapsed.
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rescued 115 people from the rubble of buildings in mexico city. the 7.1 magnitude quake hit on tuesday. it is 6:03. a man wanted this morning for inappropriately touching a woman's thigh on a metro train. as news 4's jackie benson reports, it is not the first time he's been accused of something like this. >> reporter: you may remember lawrence harris from june 2016 news coverage, when he was arrested for leaving a fluid-filled condon on a woman on a ride. he received one year's probation according to police, who are now looking for him again. this time, he's wanted for an incident this past july where he allegedly groped the thigh of a female rider. records show harris was arrested four times in the last three years for sex crimes against female metro riders. july's incident would be the fifth. >> there's no
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yourself, you're not going to be able to ride again. >> reporter: the neighborhood ride commissioner, denise krepp, has not been able to keep harris and other offenders away from metro riders. >> how many times, for example, has this man done this? once, twice, three times, four times. and he's still riding. ladies and gentlemen, he's going to continue to ride because there's nothing going to stop him. >> reporter: lawrence harris is 6'3", 175 pounds. anyone who knows where he is should call metro transit police. southeast washington, jackie ben s jo son, news 4. siding with abusers is what critics are accusing the trump administration of doing for chancing the rules on sex campu. there must be clear and convincing e
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occurred. education secretary betsy devos said the rules were unfair to the falsely accused. it is up to universities to choose which guidelines they'd like to use. 6:06. president trump blasting senator john mccain, calling his choice to oppose the latest gop effort to repeal the affordable care act, quote, honestly terrible. the president made the comments during a rally for a u.s. senate candidate in alabama friday night. he also lashed out at kim jong-un, north korean leader, and said threats from that country should have been dealt with by past administrations. >> this should have been handled eight years ago and four years ago. honestly, and 15 years ago and 20 years ago and 25 years ago. this shouldn't be handled now, but i'm going to handle it because we have to handle it.
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trump's combative speech on tuesday at the u.n. general assembly, in which he called kim jong-un a rocketman on a suicide mission. in response, kim called trump a, quote, frightened dog and a gangster playing with fire. mark warner slamming the department of homeland security for bawaiting to tell states russians targeted their election systems. he said states need to know in real time. dhs said hackers singled out 21 states in the runup to the 2016 election but many states only learned about the targeting yesterday. the hackers succeeded in breaching the voter systems in illinois. congress is investigating russia's interference in the election. all weekend long, the national museum of african-american history and culture is celebrating its first birthday. it's been one historic first year for the museum that took a decade to build and
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news 4 is on the national mall with how the museum is marking the occasion. >> i'm happy just to be in this one-year anniversary, to be a part of it. >> reporter: quinton herschel and his son visited the museum of african-american history and culture. what did you like most about the museum? >> how it taught me more about where i came from. >> reporter: it's celebrating its first anniversary this weekend. >> it was very exciting for me and my family, to be able to come out all the way from nashville, tobaccennessee, and this moment. >> reporter: generous donations and hard work allow people like quinton and jaden to learn african-american history at the museum. >> literally decades building up to getting the museum open and millions of people over the last year enjoying it. >> reporter: patty is one of the vice chair's of the museum's council. >> today is a celebration for all the people who built it and al
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>> reporter: everyone in the community is invited to check out a free event starting 10:00 a.m. on saturday and 11:00 a.m. on sunday. quinton says the museum is extraordinary. >> just to go back and see history, way before my time, my parents' time and even grandparents' time. so i have a mixture of emotion. >> reporter: a mixture of emotions. it's nice to see him share the experience with his son. you can read more about this weekend's events on my facebook page. @shomari stone nbc. news 4. when you win a national championship, you visit the white house, right? it's a tradition for many teams. one that the golden state ware yo -- warriors may be willing to break. the latest on the saga making its way to washington, in a moment. lots of kids in the area getting ready for homecoming. tonight's dance is extra special for one couple. the disorder that brought
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lives together while threatening to take them at the very same time. >> awesome story.
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general.
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i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. hundreds of high schoolers will be headed to homecoming dances this weekend, but one couple has a story to tell about how they got together. >> great story. they met 13 years ago. look at them. they were toddlers when they both underwent a first of its kind liver transplant. northern virginia bureau chief reports that that experience led to a special pond. this, folks, a story you'll only see on news 4. >> reporter: at rockridge high school, the hallways are decorated for homecoming festivities. j.j. looking forward to the dance. he's invited a childhood friend, grace. >> she's really the one person i know who has gone through the exact same things i have. >> reporter: theet
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toddlers when both were being treated for msud, a life-threatening disorder, livers unable to process protein. their parents lived in fear of dire complications. >> it was brain damage. it was death. it was a volatile disease. >> reporter: the families forged a bond, determined to find a medical solution. in 2004, children's hospital of pittsburgh, j.j. became one of the first in the world to undergo a liver transplant to cure his disorder. three weeks later, grace did the same. >> with transplant, it is like a whole new life. it is a new life. >> reporter: though j.j.'s family moved around, the families kept in touch. they'd see each other at transplant camp. being a recipient means medicine, monthly blood draws, fear of organ rejection. >> just complain about things we don't like about the transplant, but we remind each other you're grateful. >> we say, i know what you feel
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the same thing. >> reporter: this summer, the couple went to a camp dance together. you might say, their bond deepened. >> over the years, it's gotten closer and closer. this year, i guess it's significantly closer. >> it was kind of subtly there, and then it grew over time. i was like, yeah, there's something there. >> reporter: both looking forward to the homecoming dance. she's got her dress ready. her mom will drive her from montgomery county to louden. >> to send them off to a homecoming dance, it's exciting. without the transplant, i don't know necessarily that could have happened. >> reporter: for j.j. and grace, going to homecoming is not something they take for granted. they hope it sends a message to other transplant candidates. >> want to show them there is normal life. before, we thought kindergarten wouldn't be possible. here i am as a senior, going to homecoming. going to enjoy myself. >> reporter: in louden county, julie, news 4. >> how
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want information about tissue donation? go to the app and search what you see on the screen, organ donation. >> friendship on a new level. >> so cool. 6:15. it is officially fall, and we're going to get a check on storm team 4's forecast. find out when you can break out the scarves. i had my pumpkin spice latte yesterday. >> you're kicked in gear. fall means football. president trump may want to cut your favorite team down a w players.fe
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well, maybe if you're looking to get hitched this weekend, hopefully already have plans to do that. temperatures are going to be a little on the warm side for september. we're taking those temperatures into the mid to upper 80s for the day today. plenty of sunshine out there. just a touch of humidity. the humidity is actually going to build, feeling like summer before the end of this weekend, if you haven't felt it already. we're heating it up, taking the humidity up, as well. talk about that and maria coming up. training camp starts for the nba champion golden state warriors. kevin durant led the team to the title back in june. the moments after their win, rumors o s of a white house boy surfaced. steph curry made his desires ow
6:19 am
when honored a few weeks back, he did not want to attend. >> we'll talk about it as a team. figure out the next steps from there. >> by acting or in not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country. >> well, as far as we know, there has not been an official invitation for the team to visit the white house. we'll be keeping an eye on any official word on whether or not the warriors will actually make the trip to washington. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, get that son of a -- of the field right now. he's fired. he's fired! >> president trump making the comments during a rally for a senate candidate in alabama last night. he's calling on nfl owners
6:20 am
fire players who kneel during the national anthem and encouraged fans to walk out of the games. a prince george's county woman -- >> you are a winner of a date with me to the redskins game on sunday. >> thank you! >> oh, my gosh. >> she will be enjoying the game at fedex field in style with pat. the perks include a stretch limo, field passes and, as pat says, he has the boss' credit card. she's the mother of five and will be able to fulfill her late husband's promise to take their son to a game. i can't imagine a more fun way to do it. that's so exciting. whether they win or lose, that's going to be a good time. >> it is awesome. >> nbc 4, by the way, working for you in the community before the big game. we have a saturday night
6:21 am
football bus at national heart po -- harbor. it'll be parked tonight until 4:00 a.m. you can snap a selfie with the lombardi trophy and life-size photos of your favorite redskins players. the bus will be there tomorrow from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. how cool is that? >> really neat. lauryn ricketts with us now. for pat's date, what do you think? >> we're going to deliver in the weather department. it is going to be awesome outside. it really is. >> really? >> yeah. it'll be a little warm, especially tomorrow because the humidity is building. >> can't complain. >> temperatures above average. average temperature this time of year in the upper 70s. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s. we'll take it. getting a taste of summer. i don't feel we had much summer. >> it was a deficit. this is well deserved. >> exactly. all good things must come to an end, and the warm
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by the end of the work week. beautiful morning out there. the sun coming up. 6:57 this morning. just above the 7:00 hour, right before we go off air. the heat and humidity was building through the day tomorrow. maybe a little humidity you'll feel tomorrow, but building tomorrow. we'll watch maria. tracking a little closer to the coast. just too close to call right now. we have a warm spell that will finally break by the time we get into friday. visibilities are down. we have patchy fog out there. it'll be the case throughout the morning. current temperatures, a little cooler if you head out to the valley. temperatures in the 50s and mid 60s out there. we'll continue to take the temperatures up pretty quickly into the lower 80s just around lunchtime. so it is going to get a little warm. it is not going to be wet though. storm team 4 radar, dry right now, thanks to high pressure. all sunshine out there today. temperatures in the mid 80s. again, j
6:23 am
if you're headed out tonight, a great evening. temperatures snowfafall into th with fog. nearing 90 tomorrow with an uptick in the humidity. maria, a category 3 hurricane, is continuing to move. just about 10 to 12 miles an hour to the north and west. it'll start to shift to the north. here's the track. my computer always gets stuck. look how it continues to track off the coast. it'll stick around the coast of north carolina and virginia as we get to wednesday and thursday, before we have a frontal system that kicks it out. look what happens thursday to friday. look at the temperature. that's going to be the end of the cold spell. a strong cold front be come through. we will be dry here but we could see cloud debris wednesday and thursday from maria. temperatures drop friday and into next weekend. into the 70s, responsible for kicking maria out t
6:24 am
>> then back where we're supposed to be, the 70s. why do you go to work every day? that is the morning question. is it the fulfillment of your job, because you love it so much, or is it the money? >> it is the co-anchor, right? >> hey! >> and weather. >> you're a liar. >> we're going to be back. we're going to examine what hits the average worker's mind when they h
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turns out, hanging out with your co-workers isn't what gets you out of bed in the morning. a majority of americans wake up thinking about two things in particular. money and work. the survey also found that folks who woke up thinking about money and work were less likely to hit the snooze button. maybe i need to think more about that. >> i think about -- the first thought that goes through my mind is nap. when getting home, i'll take a nap. never happens. >> after this shift, yeah. the next nbc 4 all state community shred is happening from 8:00 to 11:00 at fedex field at landover. you must be in line by 11:00 to be served. there is a four box maximum per car. shredding is the best way to preve prevent identity theft. >> you'll find directions and rules on
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6:28, the time now on this saturday. how is the weather looking for that community shred and all your weekend plans? >> well, take a look behind us. that is so beautiful. >> yeah. >> sunrise on this saturday. lauryn ricketts is standing by do break down what you nee to
6:29 am
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before you take metro today, this is a face you'll want to reme.
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they say he is accused of touching the thigh of a woman on a metro train in july. records show harris has been arrested four times for sex crimes against female riders. today, you can head down to the national mall and secelebra the national museum of african-american history and culture's first birthday. the museum welcomed nearly 3 million visitors since opening last year. you can find a lineup of today's activities in the nbc washington app. hurricane maria has killed 29 people in its path. half of the deaths are in puerto rico, where residents are trying to recover from maria's wrath. they're waking up to another day without power, little drinking water and the threat of a failing dam. >> announcer: news 4 today starts now. >> taking in the view here. look at the sunrise behind us. a beautiful start to your saturday morning. i guess the first of fall saturday morning, right? >>
6:32 am
and you know what? once the sun rays get up and going, they're going to be working more than they're used to this time of year. >> yeah. >> i'm angie goff here with david culver. we were talking about how not only are we going to have a dry weekend, but it is a taste of summer late in the game. >> lauryn ricketts in the storm team 4 weather center. summer lingering a bit. >> definitely. a all the way through at least wednesday/thursday, temperatures will be above normal. our average temperature this time of year, 77 degrees. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s for day time highs. tomorrow and monday, could reach 90. beautiful sunrise. david and angie were admiring it. the sun comes up at 6:57 this morning. there is some patchy fog out there, so be careful. we had clear skies. overnight temperatures in the mid 60s. a little cool. you're in the mid 50s in the shenandoah valley. it is a little on the cool side out there. with visibilities down, especially in the
6:33 am
valley, coming up to montgomery and frederick county. be careful on the roadways early this morning. it will burn off because we're going to get a good deal of sunshine through your saturday. this warm spell will break. we'll talk about that and maria in 10, 15 minutes. 6:33. senator john mccain delivers a tough blow against his party's efforts to repeal the health care law. the future on the republican's newest health care law after mccain says no. >> reporter: it's not a fatal blow but arizona republican senator john mccain says he will not vote for his party's latest effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. mccain says there are too many unknowns for him to support the graham/cassidy bill. in his statement, called for a bipartisan effort to fix obamacare. writing, quote, i believe we can do better working together, republicans and democrats, and have not tried. >> mccain, as we saw in his lengthy stateme
6:34 am
issues with the bill. he can't in good conscious vote for it. >> reporter: mccain joins rand paul in no voting it. susan collins is leaning toward voting no, as well. earlier this week, president trump projected confidence that republican's seven-year effort to repeal obamacare would happen. friday night at a campaign event in alabama, trump down played mccain's defection. >> repeal and replace. mccain's last campaign was all about repeal and replace. repeal and replace. he decided to do something different, and that's fine. and i say, we still have a chance -- or we're going to do it eventually. we're going to do it eventually. >> reporter: comedian jimmy kick el, outspoken for months on republicans efforts to repeal health care laws, after his infant needed heart surgery, called mccain a hero. >> there was some hope tha
6:35 am
personal friend from south carolina, the bill's namesake, that he'd be able to bring mccain along. >> he couldn't. republicans turn to collins and alaska's murkowski, two votes they need if the replacement vote has any hope of passing. thieves in louden county are targeting those of you who are parent parents. this video was taken at the goddard school in ashburn. the suspect smashes the window, lunges in, takes a purse and goes off. they hit three cars in total, outside of schools and daycares. you need to protect yourself. >> even if you lock the doors, it is important that you don't leave anything there on the seat that would entice a criminal to break into your car. >> so far, no arrests have been made. if you recognize that guy, the
6:36 am
louden county sheriff's office wants to hear from ya. 6:35. moms and dads, if you think you had a long shopping list for back to school, you are not alone. the news 4 team found local teachers spent millions of dollars out of their pockets this year to get supplies for their classrooms. >> i have a lot of friends among the teachers. investigative reporter scott macfarlane shows us the growing expenses for our educators. >> reporter: the french teacher at walkersville middle school is always prepared, moving 34 students through an hour-long lesson every day. getting here started here. earlier this summer. >> this doesn't look like i need anything down there. >> reporter: days before school began, she was at target. >> there's always going to be kids who are going to forget to buyin declaration cards.
6:37 am
along, where she bought nearly $100 of supplies. from basics like magic markers. >> reporter: you don't mind it is $20? >> the thing is -- i don't know. i have to think about this. >> reporter: the snacks, stationa stationary. >> never hurts to have some on your desk. >> reporter: for her students. this is an out of pocket expense for you? >> absolutely. >> reporter: every year? >> every year. >> reporter: she's one of hundreds of teachers who spend personal money on classroom supplies for classrooms this summer. >> they do it every year. doesn't matter if they're a first year teacher or 30-year veteran, they're spending money on their students. >> reporter: while school districts spend tens of millions of dollars to equip classrooms, teachers need more. things not found in the supply closet. from food for hungry students to wall hangings to extra pencils for forgetful kids. you don't want to stop class and send them to the lockers. >> exactly.
6:38 am
look at how much they're spending, surveying 1400 local teachers in every major district. half spent between $100 and $300 and all the rest spent more. including unexpected items like dry ice for science classes. and fans with schools were poor air-conditioning. a microwave for biology lessons. and yoga chairs for students with adhd. >> there are some teachers that spend into the thousands. they do it year after year. >> reporter: our review found some local school districts come in help for teachers in the form of money or gift cards. >> articlelington gives teacher money. d.c. gives teachers $200 gift cards to a supply store. it's not a handout but something the teachs
6:39 am
>> they do what's neetd edneedee kids. >> reporter: the survey results showed a wide range when it comes to getting help from either the school or the pta. many answered, none. one teacher said, $500. >> you cannot be late. >> reporter: for her, the out of pocket expenses are not optional. >> teachers are creative. when we have that idea in our minds of what it is supposed to look like, what our stage is going to look like when set, we work really hard to achieve that because we think it is going to end up with the best result for our students. >> if you're a teacher in our region, you can take our survey. visit the nbc washington app. see how educators in your local school district responded. all you have to do is look under investigations. 6:39. the countdown is on until megyn kelly today begins. we're getting to know the newest nbc family member in a moment. plus, donations from the heart. a local school district giving back to folks devastated
6:40 am
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6:41 right now. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> let's get a preview with sheinelle jones and craig melvin. good saturday morning. >> good to see you, david, angie. >> coming up on a saturday morning on "today," president trump ramping up the rhetoric last night during a rally in alabama. the president taking on north korea, senator john mccain, the health care bill, and even some players in the nfl. we're live with the latest. also ahead this morning, prince harry will be in canada all weekend for the invictus games. will he make the public debut with his girlfriend meghan markle? we are there live. we'll introduce you to the sign language interpreter helping put the rock in rock concerts. she makes sure people deaf and hard of hearing enjoy concerts as much as everyone else. >> those stories and more when we get started in a few minutes here on the "today" show. >> all right. thanks so much, guys. >> see you
6:43 am
see something different on news 4 today. come monday, we'll have that story. also, another look at the storm team 4 forecast when we return. >> the sun making its way up. plus, one little girl is thanking her lucky stars her letter didn't get returned to the sender. we'll have more on the pet surprise from the power company. this is aw
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it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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a lot of events going on this first full weekend of fall. snallygasters is down at yards park. i'll see you down there. beautiful for that today. homecoming dances, nothing to worry about. looking good for tonight. even a taste of georgetown tomorrow looking wonderful. a little warm. we'll get hot. it'll feel like summer before the end of the weekend. details coming up. 6:46. come monday morning, you'll see something different on nbc 4. >> megyn kelly will slide in as the host for an all-new show during the third hour of the "today" show. a face that many people around here probably are familiar with. she did work at local news. nbc reports on kelly's hopes for the show, which will be a blend of news, lifestyle, as well as celebrities. >> i am feeling great. i'm excited. can't wait to get going. >> reporter: when megyn kelly
6:47 am
it'll be a change after more than a decade in cable news. >> it was too combative, too political. and i am not -- >> reporter: megyn kelly today gives her a chance to tackle topics in daytime that weren't top of mind when she worked evenings. >> i'm trying to launch a show that brings people together and makes them feel connected instead of disconnected and unified instead of divided. >> reporter: getting to do it live in front o a studio audience provides a new connection for kelly. >> it's been electric. you know, their energy comes into me, and mine goes back to them. on and on. audience at home i know will feel it and be uplifted and energized by it. it is kinetic. >> reporter: the audience at "ellen" got to see a different side of kelly's personality. >> i have the sense of humor of a 9-year-old boy. >> so did her "30 ro30 rock
6:48 am
on politicians every night, i never felt it was my calling. >> reporter: kelly hopes she found the calling with what viewers see on monday. >> uplifting, empowering, dynamic, compelling, at times provocative and surprising program. >> reporter: one that kelly can't wait to watch. nbc news. 9:00 a.m. monday morning here on nbc 4. all right. 6:48. honest mistake turns into a sweet surprise for a little girl in d.c. check this out. this is a handwritten note, complete with a one of a kind piece of artwork that showed up at pepco headquarters. 8-year-old serenity promised to work hard at school if she could have a hamster. why was she asking the electric company for a pet? the letter was supposed to go to petco, p-e-t. the people at pepco were so touched, they made the wish come true. check it out there.
6:49 am
friday and named him brick. what's up, brick? got her hamster. that's a solid name. >> pretty much. that is so adorable. people loving this story all over the place. you know, with kids, this happens. my kidschick-fil-a and call it chick-a-lay. >> love it. it'll be warm out there today. you think today is warm, tomorrow is going to be hotter. temperatures warming 90 on sunday and monday. the average temperature for this time of year is in the upper 70s. we're in bonus territory. summer is continuing throughout the first weekend of fall. let's go to the maps and show you what's going on out there. it is a beautiful sunrise. the sun is just coming up at 6:57. you can already start to see it a little bitn
6:50 am
beautiful morning. we do have some fog out there. be very careful if you're driving out and about. montgomery county, coming down through the panhandle of west virginia. along i-81, to the central shenandoah valley. it's almost at zero. chilly in the shenandoah valley. temperatures in the 50s. in d.c., we're in the mid 60s. we'll continue to warm up and be dry. nothing showing up on the storm team 4 radar right now. looking good. planning over the next several hours, we are looking at patchy fog earlier this morning. we will have warming conditions throughout the day with a touch of humidity building through the day. tomorrow, we will feel that humidity building throughout the day. in fact, by tomorrow afternoon, it'll be hot and humid. look at the sunshine. it continues through your sunday. we are heating things up. of course, the tropics continue to heat up. this is now a look right now at hurricane maria. category 3 hurricane. winds are at 120 miles an hour,
6:51 am
9 miles an hour. the thing about this, it is going to enter cooler waters that were left over from hurricane jose, as it travels to the north. here it is at the present moment. the pressure at 9:51. watch this track. it is going to continue to scoot between the bahamas, bermuda and come just between the united states and bermuda. it gets a little too close. this is the cone of uncertainty right now. you can see how it weakens because it is entering the cooler water. plus shear is breaking it up right now. again, in this cone of uncertain uncertainty, we could see it shift either way. this is going to be wednesday to thursday of next week. again, something we will have to watch. watching for wednesday and thursday for us. we're looking good, looking great for the redskins game, looki ining good until next wee. temperatures drop by friday, saturday and sunday. she was too much. it wasn't even fair. that's what i like to think about her being o
6:52 am
version of this show. it wasn't fair for everybody else. >> jhud joining the judging panel on "the voice." >> more of what you have to look forward to with this upcoming season. that's when news 4 today ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
6:53 am
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♪ oh, she may be weary
6:55 am
weary ♪ >> congratulations. >> after agt was over, i was like, what are we going to do? we have if tthe "voice." the show is back on monday night with a brand-new judge we know well. grammy and oscar winner jhud. jennifer hudson joining the panel. hudson, miley cyrus, adam levine and blake shelton are looking for the hottest talent out there. they're in their chairs monday here on nbc 4. >> or if you're like angie, you can join them in person, just like posting your picture with jennifer. >> i did, yeah. >> no big deal. >> she's talented. i can't wait to see her take on things and what talent they come up with this year. >> she's coming from the uk version of the "voice." a lot of folks excited to see what she's going
6:56 am
u.s. television viewers. >> monday nights are going to be so fun right now. >> cool. five minutes from 7:00. here is a look at four things to know on this saturday. metro transit police need your help finding this guy. lawrence harris. they say he is accused of touching a woman's thigh on a metro train in july. harris was arrested four times for sex crimes against female riders. senator john mccain saying no to his party's latest effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. president trump just tweeted that he thinks mccain never actually intended to vote yes. adding the senator has let arizona down. today, you can head down to the national mall and celebrate the national museum of african-american history and culture's first birthday. already one year. the museum says it's welcomed nearly 3 million visitors since opening last year. you can find a lineup of today's activities in the nbc washington app. we're working for you in the community today. the nbc 4 all state community
6:57 am
8:00 at fedex field in landover. you'll find directions and other rules on nbc washington's app. search community shred. lauryn ricketts? we have temperatures that will warm. if you're headed to the redskins/raiders game tomorrow tonight, and if not, you can catch it here, it's looking good. temperatures tomorrow into the 70s. we'll have plenty of sunshine and clear skies tomorrow night. looking good for that. we'll watch maria wednesday and thursda thursday of next week. visit the sunday football busses starting at 11:00 this morng. >> bacink sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network.
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7:00 am
good morning. shooting from the lip. a fired up president trump takes on his adversaries at a ruckus campaign rally in alabama. from kim jong-un. >> we can't have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place. >> to republicans who won't vote for that last-ditch bill to replace obamacare. >> they don't have the guts to vote for it. >> even nfl players who won't stand for the national anthem. >> get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. >> we're live with the latest. bracing for the worst. hard-hit san juan, puerto rico, preparing for another potential catastrophe, days after hurricane maria roared ashore. a dam just hours


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