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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  September 25, 2017 2:30am-3:30am EDT

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this sunday, race, free speech and patriotism. trump takes on nfl players that take a knee in the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these owners that disrespects our flag say get that son of a bitch off of the field right now, he is fired. dozens respond with anger and disappointment. >> this guy that we put in charge has tried to divide us once again. >> and the golden state warriors cancel their white house trip. plus, repeal and replace or rinse and repeat? once again, republicans trying to get rid
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>> tremendous at work from republicans. >> and once again there may be just enough republican opposition to kill the effort. >> i obviously have very serious reservations about the bill. >> are you ready to support it? >> nope. >> my guest this morning is senator rand paul of kentucky who says he is a no for now, and mark short. and can chuck and nancy do business with president trump, or were their immigration talks a one-time only deal. i'll ask nancy pelosi if she trusts the president. joining me is rich lowry high pressure eliana johnson, stephen henderson, and former obama deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press."
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the longest running show in television history celebrating it's 70th year. good sunday morning. there are two big stories we're watching this morning, but first is president trump's attack on nfl players that refuse to stand for the national anthem. it began friday night with a speech saying he wishes an nfl owner would say the following "get that son of a bitch off of the field right now, he is fired." >> countless people have pressed back, steph curry and the golden state warriors said they would not come to the white house, and lebron james weighed in calling the president a bum. more on that back and forth coming up. the other big story here in washington is the graham cassidy health care bill. the last chance this time we really, really mean
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once again it is john mccain that came into save or ruin the day depending on your point of your view eight weeks ago, mccain gave his now famous middle of the night thumbs down to a previous re peel and replace plan. this time it came in a more dramatic fashion. >> i cannot in good conscientious vote for the graham-cassidy bill. the bill is unpopular with voters and it is opposed by a who is who of medical organizations. with democrats united, 48 no votes. two republicans are are already opposed and it will take just one more republican vote to kill the bill, but president trump is not giving up. the president went after mccain as the latest repeal effort appears on the edge of failure yet again. >> it's tougher without mccain.
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tougher. >> even president trump is acknowledging the latest republican effort to dismantle obama care is very likely dead if. >> we're going back. we're a boxer, you get knocked down, get up, knocked down, get up. > >> in alabama on friday night, the president lashed out at mccain who announced his displeasure with the bill. >> his campaign was all about repeal and replace. he decided to do something different, that's fine. >> saturday, the president continued to attack mccain tweeting john mccain never had any intention of voting for this bill, which his governor loves. he campaigned on repeal and replace, let arizona down. just days ago, president trump was optimistic about getting legislative points on the board. >> tremendous sup
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certainly we're at 47 or 48 senators already. others are looking alt it very positively. but attempts to rush it through, a deadline that would pass it with just 50 votes looked doomed. with two declared nos and more senators signaling they were not ready to support the bill. >> i have very serious reservations about the bill. >> are you ready to support it? >> nope. >> the bill attracted opposition from all corners of the health care industry as well as from comedian jimmy kimmel who bill cassidy hoped to win over. >> he lied right to my face. coverage for all, no. it will take about 30 million americans off of insurance. pre-existing conditions, nope. >> realizing that repeal and replace is doomed, the president turned his base's att
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players that protest in the national naal anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when someone disrespects our flag, get that son of a bitch off of the field right now, he is fired. >> nba star lebron james weighed in calling the president a bum. >> we know how much sports brings us together. the passion, the love, the care, the friendships and everything that it creates. for him to try to use this plasform to devise us even more is not something i can stand for or be quiet about. >> joining me now is republican senator rand paul of kentucky, welcome back to "meet the press. >> i want to start with the president to did start with president m
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let me play it. >> he voted quite yes. okay? he was very good. and i have not given up on him. i think he may come around, okay? >> senator, are you going to come around? >> i have always been a yes for repeal, but the bill unfortunately keeps most of the obama care spending, almost all of it, and just reshelves it and block grants it to the states. i don't think block granting it makes it go away, it just makes the money you're spending still in obama care. taking it from democrat states and giving it to republican states. it sets up a food fight over the father or mother formula. this is a bad idea, not repealed, however all of that
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focus to what we all agree on, giving governors more freedom, slowing down the rate of growth of a outrageous entitlement spending, sure, i would be for that, but just not for this block granding concept because it is affirmative that i have agreed to keep obama care. >> if you can't accept the block grant concept, then you will never accept it. >> they could remove it and then we could vote on what we all agree on. >> wasn't that skinny repeal? >> i think there is more in this bill than skin any ny repeal, b started my political career campaigning against obama care. i said at rally after rally that we would repeal it, all of the spending, once we do, the republican name will be on income, and this
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we'll have republicans absorb the blame for a terrible health care system. >> so if block grant is in there, you're a no. >> i would block grant at preobama levels. if you want to look at 2009 levels with medicaid i would say yes. we have a $700 trillion deficit this year. there has to be awe few republicans left that say we're really for repealing obama care. >> you probably heard the speculati speculation, but the national review put it this way about you. there has been widespread speculation on obama care. he does not wish to really see major changes to it and he will find lynntarian-sounding
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objectio libertarian-sounding problems. -- zla that is an insult to my character. i don't doubt they would say that. this is neocons that don't like it. they insult me and say it is a charade. most people that follow me know there has not been a more consistent voice for repealing obama care. right now i'm still working with the president on letting people buy across state lines in groups, health care associations and the president assured anyway is coming by executive action in the next couple weeks. he believes he can do this. the secretary of labor believes he can do this, and it will get millions of peek access to inexpensive insurance.
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[000:10:59;00] solutions but not for blockgranting obama care, calling it a day, saying we're keeping it but we're going to divy it up. >> there is a lot of conversation between the president and the leadership in north korea. the rhetoric has been, not hoot, it has been a little low. the president sending out these tweets -- then you had the leader of north korea calling the leader speaking about him. are you concerned we're going down a road we can't pull back from? >> yeah, i think there is a problem. if i were going to be sending messages to north korea. i would say we don't plan on
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invading, we don't plan on regime change, or we don't plan on being the one to have an offensive military strike for any reason. i would also say there is no good military option for us, but also for them, and they need to realize that in no uncertain terms, that there is no option for them to use military weapons. the results would be catastrophic for them. i hope that we can ratchet down the rhetoric, but i'm still a believer that china can be coaxed into this. i would say to north korea, if you will dismantle your nuclear weapons, i invite china to be part of an international force to help keep peace in there and that will help them know that we will not come in here. the problem started with barack obama boming leadership ya that sent a terrible message to north
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korea. >> you libertarian ideoology. wh what do you think of the nfl players and their protests. >> there is a racial injustice that comes from the war on drugs. but should speak out and do something about it. i don't like that we fight undeclared wars in foreign lands. if you ask me if i'm proud of our country, yes. am i proud, yes. i reaction would be that i don't hesitate to criticize policy, but i stand and say the pledge, and i think that people should. that would be my advice. if a kid asked me, still complain, have your focus, but i
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think this is the greatest country on the need to be proud of our country and try to make it a\place. >> so you think it was appropriate that the president criticized these players that do this? >> i think people have the right to protest. i understand their protests and join some of the things they're unhappy with, personally i stand and say the pledge and i think that is better, the better way to do that. >> i understand that, but you didn't address my question. >> if i was the president i would probably not get involved in this. i think that the nfl makes money off of their fans, and the one thing you could hear from trump saying that to that crowd is tens of thousands of people. they don't understand dit respecting the flag or the country. i can stand up in my state and have real serious complaints about fighting.
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but at the same time show that and i think you can do both at the same time. >> senator paul, thank you i will leave it there. >> i spoke with mark short this morning, and started by asking him what president is trying to accomplish with his attacks on colin kaepernick and other nfl players president. i think it is simple. coaches are getting punished for praying with their players in high schools. there are ways to express concern about social causes, but there are generations of americans that fought and died for the freedoms that we enjoy. and i think the president is saying yeah, the players have a first amendment right but nefl owners have a right. these players represent their
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teams and if the owrs get rid of them, they should. >> what do they think of a vast majority of owners that think they are creating more i did visiveness, not less. >> i think the president is standing with vast majority of people who think our flag should be respected. >> is it because two hours earlier he found out that john mccain was voting no on health care. >> i think the president has felt this way for awhile and friday night he expressed it, i don't think it has anything to do with the health care vote coming up. >> it was unthing that unified the country. 70% thought race relations were bad, and this was across party lines.
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accord the spectrum. does to try an play a role? >> i think he has a role, but it is also important to note that we had a his touric election, but race relations didn't improve under his tenure. >> does picking fighting on twitter with steph curry, getting in back and forths, does it help it? >> steph curry is an amazing story, he is an ion for a lot of young children. my middle schooler idolizes him welcome he was a great guy that was overlooked. he is now perhaps the best basketball player in the nba.
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what is unfortunate when they polize house. it's not necessary to make this into a political argument. he is trying to invite them to acknowledge their terrific season and steph curry is amazing. why they chose to politicize it is unfortunate. >> you were hoping the warriors would take the high road, why not the president? >> they were the first to come out and -- >> does who wron-- two wrongs ma right? >> if they don't want to go to the white house, the president says don't come. >> are the votes there for health care, or is it make sure the vote happens regardless of whether or not they know they have the 50. >> we're planning to have the vote, we think it will probably be wednesday. >> do you believe you will get the votes and who is in place in do you think you request get
2:49 am
rand pa -- k >> obama care has imploded. people are hurting. there was promising if you like your insurance you can keep it. over 1400 counties have only one insurer left. there is no competition if is a monopoly. you were promised your premiums would decrease. is there anyone that can say their premiums have decreased? arizona, 109% -- >> you laid the case for why changes need made, but this change, basically every medical group you can think came out this morning with a letter and they write this. we agree the biblical l result in dramatic cuts to medicate, changing the what i that states provide coverage. millions will close their coverage and go without needed care.
2:50 am
thece medicaid is giving in and out this country. >> it is going to go broke. what the republican plan does is not cut medicaid, it decreases the rate of growth which only in washington does that mean it's a cut. all of those groups decided at a price they would climb in bed with the obama administration to pass obama care. because it mandated that everyone had insurance. so if you want it or not, you're forced to buy insurance or if you're a corporation you're forced to buy insurance. they want more government bailouts. american people are tired of special interests deciding what the vote be in washington dc. >> shouldn't there be some pause that there is not a single medical health care group that supports the bill. >> there are millions of americans that will benefit, we think every state will benefit,
2:51 am
because governors will be given e program that makes the most sense for their constituents and residents. taking something where the previous administration where they thought a utopian idea would now best how to distribute across america. less e let's allow the states to divide the program that is best for it's people. >> do you accept the analysis that precysti-existing conditioe not going to be protected? >> they are protected in this legislation. it does not change the legislation that obama had in obama care. it leaves that clause the same. >> and you believe that states will abide by this, nothing in here legally that says states have to. >> there is nothing that changes it. >> it says in there there is nothing that protects that
2:52 am
person from the state. you're assuming do it from the goodness of their heart. >> there is nothing that takes away pre-existing condition coverage. >> the president said he may have made a mistake in getting involved in the alabama primary. he said it in the rally itself for one of the candidates, does the president regret it? >> he has supports luther strai strange from the start. the president won all four special elections he has been involved in this fall. we're confident he will win again on tuesday night. >> if he loses, republicans will still hold that seat. >> is it still a win for the president? >> i think that the way it will -- it will depend on what roy moore does. he has been a loyal ally of the president.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. stephanie cutter is here along with rich lowry. i will begin with you, but i want to show you a few things here. a if you remember of nfl steam owners made statements in dense of their layers. they supported their fellow players was a full-time job of our staff, and also mark cuban
2:56 am
who has straddled politics a little bit. he was at the global citizen festival yesterday. >> if the president is going to say something condemning a person or an industry, a sport, then he has to be about to take the blow back that will come back. >> it is an open door now. they have every right for the same reasons to say whatever is on their mind. >> now, yesterday you said that locker rooms are pretty emotional, that was before noon yesterday. how emotional now? >> i think the players that gather saturday night to get ready on sunday, they had conversations. buffalo and seattle for sure. ownership was involved. pete carroll said it ended with "i stand with my players."
2:57 am
i think you collective show. not necessarily protesting the initial show, but protesting the president's direct pointing to these players. >> there is a lot on conspira conspiracier thconspiracy theories that the owners blocked kaepernick. the number of teams that stepped out, and the six owners, none of them spoke out until this morning, and bob craft has united players. >> and he is wind of the most prominent voices in the league. he is a friend of trimp. for him to come out as strongly as he did, and some of the sames did not include the president's name. when craft did, that was an eye
2:58 am
opener to me this morning. >> he is speaking for a public entity. i thought that was the most surprisin surprising. you had an interesting tweet, rich lowry. a typical trump move, he takes something to 11, and a liberal media blow out. i didn't think bob craft would be denouncing him on sunday morning. >> the president should not be musing allow for people being fired for acts of free expression. if this is a kneeling versus not kneeling debate, trump will win all day long. this is one of the most flag soaks countries in the world. >> this is a good political wedge even if it is more divisi divisi divisive? >> i think it is if he is speaking to the very small
2:59 am
section of disagrees with him, including players and owners uniting. they have a deeper reach into the communities than donald trump does, and he just ignited a cultural war that he may not be able to win. >> the white house thinking this is a good political fight. they were not happy when they found out our happy would be changed. they weren't unhappy. >> i think the white house understands that they do see it as a kneeling versus not kneeling issue. not a sports star versus the president issue. the president has a keen understanding, if he understands one thing it's what cultural flash points in this country are. after he picked a fight with the pope -- >> we all said oh, mccain, that will hurt, the pope --
3:00 am
>> he has a way of taking it to the extreme in such suggesting these people should be fired, and it ignites a blow back and makes it different for people to stand with him. the truth is the majority of americans, i think 54%, do object to players not standing for the national anthem. >> stephen, we put together a list of president trump and racial controversies. the border wall, the muslim ban, the khan family, both sides of charlottes vil, colin kaepernick, steph curry. >> there is a patter, i think it is clear, the annoyance on the part of african-americans and
3:01 am
people that want more racial justice is the organizations of white supremacy. he said these people should be fired. contrast that with what he said after he saw white men with torches mar nch charlottesville. there are lots of fine people among those marchers he said. put it into the policy context. he said "we're going to back off of these consent agreements with police departments that are causing the very problem that people like colin kaepernick is protesting." you know, how can we continue to have an argument about whether or not this is a president who is pushing the idea of white supremacy. >> the race conversation is never comfortable in america, in sports it is more comfortable. the locker room unites people of all colors.
3:02 am
>> the torn acl knows ow locker rooms come together, that's what you'll see today. i think you're going to see teams come together in support. maybe not saying we would also kneel with you, but maybe we'll put an arm on you and support you. >> i think that is the question. regardless of whatever poll you want to point of of whether or not people think nfl players should stand during the anthem, they probably also agree with "it's their right to do what they want." no one should take it away from them, and that united the nfl today. donald trump is saying -- >> he is not randomly attacking the players, it is because they're kneeling during the national anthem, but the anthem are not a white supremacy --
3:03 am
>> the supremacist worlds. >> but it's also a nation with ideals that worn down injustices over time, and people have died under that flag for those ideals. >> i understand, my father and grandfather among those that served. >> so to take a knee and respectfully sit there. he is not turning his back, he is not burning it or dragging it through the dirt. what is disrespectful? >> it takes two minutes to stand and pay respect to the flag. >> why didn't he find it disrespectful for people to be marching and carrying torches and invoking violence and a young woman was killed. he didn't find that disrespectful. >> that was wrong. >> you're right.
3:04 am
why is the president enraged about someone taking football game but not enraged by violence. >> i have to put a pause on this, but let me try to put a period with you, mike, will colin kaepernick have a job this time next week? >> i don't think next week, but maybe in the near future because of this dust up. there is a separate football question. does he want to play, is he ready to play? clearly his ability on the field, he is worthy of being on an nfl roster. >> how about the fact that the quarterback play we have seen shows maybe some people at this table could tryout and have a shot. >> there is room for him from a football stand point. >> we will see you tonight, sunday night is "football night in america." when we come back, nancy pelosi helped put together a number of deals with president trump, but does she still trust him?
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yours. . welcome back, last month trump shocked the political world. senator chuck schumer of new york and house minority leader nancy pelosi. one was for immigration and one was to provide hurricane relief money. is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship or a one time only moment. joining me now is nancy pelosi. welcome back to "meet the press." before we get to the business side of washington, you
3:08 am
represent san francisco, the golden state warriors, collin high topic of mind in your district, i imagine i know where you are on the president's comments on this. what would you like him to do if you think he would do it? >> i would like him to do what he said he would do when he ran and was inaugurated to bring people together. he should see this as an opportunity. somebody doing what he did like kaepernick, he said this flag enables me to do this, the anthem enables me to do this, it is about freedom of expression instead of what he is doing now. i think he is ill advised if advised at all. sports are always been a great unifier. sports and the arts bring america together. we put our differences aside. let's not have the president of
3:09 am
the united states do anything but bring people together. strategy in this? >> well, the -- you gave a lis of the examples of how the president has been explosive of certain divisions in our country when it it comes to race. i hope that he would not transition from that and understand that he has a different responsibility than feeding red meat to his base. and his hands are not clean because of what he did after charlottesville and other examples that he gave. >> what do you say about the activity -- activists on the left that say don't work with him. >> let me just say this, as a
3:10 am
speaker, i worked very be worse than taking us in on the basis of a false premise. isn't that one of the worst things to happen in our country. helping with refundable tax credits, saving lives, there is a long list of things we did working together, even though i drastically disagreed with him on the war in iraq. >> so none of this gives you pause about working with president trump? >> it is one by one, one issue at a time. we don't know where the next issue may be. i believe we may -- as a kid we may have been saying the same thing. but we have important challenging in our country that
3:11 am
we have to address. what about what you feel like you're instructed for daca. what is this compromise bill going to look like? >> what the piece of it, chuck schumer -- leader schumer and i, what we agreed with the president on was that the basic bill would be the dream act. it is a bill that we will take forward and it is the bill that we all support. what was to be determined is if and what there would be in terms of border security. but the essence of the bill is
3:12 am
what the >> we commit him to a path ray of citizenship for residents. >> keep in mind that is way down the road. >> you believe the president agreed to a pathway to citizenship with this dream act? >> that is what is contained in it, yes. >> you think he will keep his word on this? >> i trust him on it. we'll see. i'm concerned about what he might come up with in terms of border security and the rest of that, but we have said no wall, the dream act and as long as we understand -- >> the president on friday started describing the wall as the following.
3:13 am
thar already there. some parts will be natural barriers, and it will be see through. you gave me that definition, and i said shast a fenz. are you happier that he is describing a fence? >> no, but i'm more concerned about what they do in terms of
3:14 am
enforcement. we said to them -- >> willing to sit down -- >> infrastructure right from the start. it has never been a bipartisan issue. we always worked together, we worked regionally in terms of people coming together in re johns for different things, and it is absolutely necessary. good paying jobs, a good place in the country for everyone. he talked about it during the campaign. we don't want it to be a tax break for some friends disguised as -- >> that is something you're going to the table with him on this for, too?
3:15 am
>> calendar year? >> we have to. i think so, we have that bapath. i would like to see it in the next few weeks but certainly before we leave. >> thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure, appreciate it. >> the national anthem has been played at the first nfl game of the when you have $4.95 online u.s. equity trades... ♪ realize the smartest investing idea,
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and always working to be better. this may be the only day when more eyes on what happens during the anthem than what happens on the field. the player reactions were mixed. many players took a knee, others stood, many of them locking arms. this is a scene that will play out across the country today in the wake of president trump's criticism of players that take a knee and the players sharp reaction to him. we'll be right back. >> coming up, end game brought ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> back to "end game." that two hours after mccain said no the president went on an nfl ramp, meaning he viewed that issue as dead. is graham-cassidy dead or alive. >> it's not totally clear. my instincts say don't bet against it, but for as many self inflicted bouwounds as the president has, this bill has been the talk of the town until yesterday. there has been no time for it to really amass public support. the same thing happened with the last bill. no one owned it, no one was amassing support for it.
3:24 am
this is not a way to pass a bill that needs >> you're trying to reflect your community as editorial page editor, are people, i'm outraged about obama care, don't get rid of obama care. is that what we have come to, don't change it, it's like the public is sending mixed signals. >> in michigan, we were a state that embraced the medicaid expansion. 700,000 people have signed up, and that raises the cost, considerably. a lot of those people will say i'm against obama care. there is a lot of misunderstanding for people about how it works. then you have middle class people in mitigating circumstances whose premiums have gone up or they cannot afford coverage any more saying this made it worse for me. so you have people all over the
3:25 am
map, and i feel like congress is sort of manul political purposes as opposed to coming up for a solution that does not walk us off of the clip. it also deals with the rise in premiums. >> and rand paul came after you and national review. first, his ask to become a yes vote seems unrealistic. isn't it the entire point? >> it's a centerpiece of the bill. for he his reaction was a good sign that editorial landed. one of the great ironies is the reaction of rand paul was one of the best things to happen to the cause of preserving obama care. he will find a way to vote against anything that is plausible. the process has been terrible, it would have been better to start at the beginning of the year and say it will go to the
3:26 am
beginning of the year or work out the various kings and problems rather than this rush and stop, rush and stop, and it makes it impossible to build any support for the bill. >> i think the irony is they will take an entire year anyway to get nothing done. >> one of the chief criticisms of your boss who took on health care is it gobbled up his two terms politically to defend it, now it is gobbling up president trump's first year. >> it has gobbled up everything. we always knew, it took us 18 months, almost two years, to get it done through a very public process. politically that was very difficult. but we always knew when it passed it would be difficult to undo it. there are very few good options on health care. >> i think your point is being proven.
3:27 am
>> we also knew that once people were on this, are fixes needed? absolutely. but they don't want to throw it out or start over. they want us to come together and find ways to make it better. >> unfortunately we're so way out of time. we didn't even get to the alabama senate. but finally we spent a lot of time last week in the u.s. virgin islands talking about the damage of hurricane irma, now, this week, hurricane maria has happened. if you want to help your fellow americans in puerto rico, these are the four charities that have a top four star rating to aid puerto rico. don't forget them. that's all for today, thank you for watching. we'll be back next week because if it is sunday, it is "meet the
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3:30 am
press. there is the tennessee titans locker rooms. no players have come out on the field for either team. each team making a statement here for social equality, for unity. >> something we've seen all across -- >> across the nfl landscape, players, coaches and owners are linking arms, kneeling or sitting out the national anthem in the league-wide response to president trump's critical comments. >> a sunday service had just ended when shots rang out. a gunman wearing a ski mask firing, but it was a brave usher who saved the day. >> the president's son-in-law under fire for using his own private e-mail account at the white house. >> jennifer lopez donates a million dollar to puerto rico recovery, but that's not all. >> and just how good a driver are you?


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