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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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night football." we'll show them all and the protests some fans are launching of their own. >> redskins all day. >> a win for washington. the redskins roll over the raiders. what happened after you went to bed. >> good morning, monday so much better when the redskins win. it's monday, september 25th, ready to kick off this workweek. thank you so much for waking up with us. we want to check in with meteorologist chuck bell. chuck, it is the first full week of autumn. what is going on? we might get another 90 degree day. >> 92 yesterday. that's the first time the airport has been over 90 degrees in over a month. august 22nd was the last time we were above 90 until yesterday on the
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it's getting a little late in the year. we may very well make another run today. right now it's mild, 60 to around 70 degrees. planning out your day, sun is up. today into tomorrow is actually our e equinox day because today and tomorrow are the days we get right at 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of nighttime. so sun is is up today at 6:59. and down at 7:00 p.m. unbelievably warm. up near 90 degrees again for today. so be ready for another taste of summertime. we'll start talking about the clouds for statomorrow and the kmalkts that hurricane maria may have on our weather coming up in a few minutes. >> the one storm that won't give up. we continue to follow this breaking news happening near the white house. a man is undergoing a mental e evaluation in d.c. this after he was caught with a whole bunch of weapons. cnn reporting that the man had
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inside of his car. the arrest happened yesterday morning in pennsylvania avenue in northwest. the man reportly told the secret service he want. ed to talk with white house officials including the defense secretary about missing paychecks. more to follow up on that. president trump making some changes to his controversial travel ban. the current ban has expired. take a look at your screen here. we have broken it down for you. it restricted people from traveling to the u.s. from six muslim majority nations. the new ban, which takes eflkt next month in october, will keep five of the same countries on that list. chad, venezuela will be added to the new list. sudan is no longer part of the ban. that part has been lifted. ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ >> an image you'll likely be seeing all ove
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feed this among. redskins owner dan snider taking to the field with his team. some players stood and locked arms while others decided to kneel. on the other side of the field, the entire offensive line of the raiders sat down. that's the only o-line in the entire nfl made up of entirely african-american players. in response, president trump's remarks on friday, we saw an increased number of protests all over sunday football all day yesterday. all the different games. more than r 100 players taking a knee during the anthem. three teams decided to sit the anthem out altogether. president trump was obviously watching football yesterday because he was tweeting about it. he approved of the players locking arms, but said kneeling during the anthem was, quote, not acceptable. the redskins did win, by the way, last night's game. the game ended late
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morning the skins are tied for first place in the nfc east. last night they showed off in prime time. carol maloney breaks down the game. >> reporter: patriotic protests and signs of solidarity took the national spotlight here at fedex. but the story on the field, the redskins' defense. 4 sacks, 2 interception, redskins holding one of the highest power offense to just one touchdown in route to a redskins win. >> i feel like we played a complete game. i don't feel like we did that up until now. >> we wanted to set a statement tonight. i think we did that on both sides of the ball. the offense played great. lights out. >> when you see our defense just give it their all like that, we know we have to put on a show and just keep this crowd going. >> third s
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thompson has found the end zone. more prime time coming for your redskins. coming up next monday night, they are in kansas city to face the undefeated chiefs. carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> they have their work cut out for them. the wrong winner of the night, the family that spent it with pat collins. coming up, we're going to tell you about the woman who won a date to the game with him and who she brought along. you know for sure, chuck, that was a good time. didn't matter if they win or lose. >> i heard a little out of editing and it sounds like everybody had a great time for that. and man, was it warm. they started the game at the 8:30 because we were in the 90s yesterday afternoon. and the temperature trend showing way above average the next couple days. . what about the weekend? already looking at that, when we come back. plus hope amid-ruin. where a dog was found days after the deadly earthquake in mexico.
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but first, concert in charlottesville, a look at a star-stud
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welcome back. you're looking at new video this morning of the man police say
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community. a church. this happened in nashville yesterday morning. we know that one person was killed, half a dozen others were injured. police say that 25-year-old emanuel sampson's first victim was a woman walking to her car from the chapel church of christ. he then allegedly walked through the main zach ware door at the rear of the church and began shooting, witnesses say. a church usher was able to stop sampson, who once attended the church after sampson accidentally shot himself. people in schacharlottesvil are taking a stand against. hate and violence. this time the community is using music to come together. it was a full house and thousands packed uva scott stadium for a concert for
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matthews band, all of them performed for free along with many others. donations raised money to help victims and families of first responders of the deadly august protest that involved hate groups. >> tonight i'm taking a knee for america. >> meanwhile at the global citizen festival in new york, stevie wonder highlights injustice. he knelt on stage in an apparent show of solidarity with professional athletes who had been taking a knee during the national anthem. president trump spent all weekend denouncing those players. the festival aired on msnbc which allowed with comcast is a premier media partner of the annual event. we do have some heartwarming video from mexico where people are dealing with the destruction of a major earthquake. a dog, you can see there, pulled
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collap collapsed building. the rescue team went back to work. the site is one of just a few where crews have hopes of finding more people alive, but we know that a will the of those rescue missions as the days go on have become recovery missions. they are also dealing with aftershocks. >> absolutely, sad stuff. ween always send our virginia task force one. it's nice to see the japanese are sending their e equivalent of serge and rescue teams to lend a hand. we have a mostly clear sky over head it morning. your monday is going to be no weather problems at all. oulds of the fact it's going to be plenty hot. temperatures today back up near 90 degrees once again. a check of today's forecast and a peek of the weekend, just
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ah also snakebite. it leaves a woman's foot inflamed and where she was when she was bit may have you rethink your dinner plans. wael explain, ahead. she's a lady that won a date with pat collins. how their fight at the redskins game all turned out. and we. want to remind you that megyn kelly's new show is about to begin just hours away. starting today you can see her on the 9:00 a.m. hour of the "today" show. you can watch "today" every weekday morning at 7:00 right after news 4 today . sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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little rock, arkansas, celebrating one of the pivotal moments of the american civil rights movement. it was 60 years ago today that nine african-american students were escorted into the all-white central high school playing a big role in the desegregation of public schools. little rock has been gearing up for this anniversary of the historic event. the surviving members of the little rock nine even took part in a discussion about race in america and education. >> the question would be when are we going to acknowledge that we still have a tremendous amount of work to do rather than focus on that concept of progress. >> former president bill clinton will deler
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today at central high school. one of the most popular museums in d.c. is celebrating a huge milestone. the national museum of african-american history and culture marked its one-year anniversary over the weekend. you can see crowds packed the museum inside and out. it celebrated with music, dance and interactive programs. a lot of them for the kids. even though the muse move seem has been open for aee, you still need a ticket to get inside because there's so many visitors. they average about 8,000 a day, they say. more than 2800 of you entered to win that date with pat collins, by the way. that was to go to the redskins game last night. but unfortunately, we could only have one winner and that person was from district heights and she ste deserved it more than anyone. >> when snoop dogg is in town, this is his ride. when pitbul is in town, this is s
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tonight, this is my ride. me and my guest. she and her son alex won the contest to go to the redskins game with me. she's a widow. her husband promised to take alex here to a redskins game, but he passed before he could do it. en tonight she's making good on that promise. >> he thought i was playing. when he realized when he came to. pick us up in the limo, he's like, you weren't playing. >> i'm going to leave a credit card here. >> not only did they go to the game in that limo, but she and patten spent some time down on the field. you might have seen the posted pictures on social media. they sat in club seats and the redskins won, 27-10. what a great time for all. chuck, i'm interested to see what the receipt looked like. you know pat has the boss's credit card. >> no
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that was going to leave a mark. >> good for them. then we got the win on top of it. >> i'm glad they had a good time. extra happy that the redskins won that game. you hate to go to all that trouble and then only have a clunker. 27-10, way to go skins. next game is a week away. on a monday morning now, skies are mainly clear across the area. a bright and. sunny and toasty warm weekend around here. 92 yesterday at national airport. first time above 90 degrees in over a month. we may get there again for today. outside we have a quiet view looking northbound here into bethesda. silver spring, 72 degrees now. the only real knock on the day would be air quality. we're at code orange, which means unhealthy for sensitive grou groups. th
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remind them to limit those outdoor activities for today. high pressure has been in charge. it's been days and days before any rain. we have just had a lot of pollution that's stuck in the atmosphere. 65 at dulles airport. milder, 72 here in town. sunny and bordering on hot yet again. temperature hs this afternoon to near 90. our average high, 76 degrees. today's record is 95. so 90 or so downtown locations only. everyone else mid- to upper 80s for today. tomorrow looks a little cooler. still warmer than average but 83 tomorrow. not much of a rain threat around for tomorrow. if you're starting to think about the weekend, way cooler by saturday and sunday afternoon highs in the low 70s. that's just about average. we'll take that. meanwhile, hurricane maria continues here off the coast
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it's about 300 miles southeast of cape hatteras. the latest from the hurricane center, which will be updated coming up at 5:00 has the path of maria there skirting only about 150 miles east of the outer banks before making a hard right turn out to sea. that's the wednesday/thursday time frame. we'll have some clouds from maria tomorrow. and any little rain chance here only an isolated shower on wednesday before maria makes that turn out to sea. the whole forecast coming up in the next half hour. we'll see you then. >> sounds good. what a day for eating and enjoying all that sun. hundreds came out for the taste of georgetown. more than 30 of the best restaurants came together for the event that benefits ministry center's mission to support the homeless. this next story might have you looking at your feet a little more next time you're out to eat.
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now was bitten by a copper head snake while inside a restaurant. take a look at this. this is her foot. it became the size of a grapefruit. the snake dug into her while she was eating at long horn steak house. she told the freelance star she's now out of the hospital. her boyfriend and son were able to kill the name is snaik. a spokesman says they will help her and will look for ways to prevent this from happening again. so many of u yo have been talking about this on the nbc washington facebook page even this morning. continue b to leave your comments. it's 4:21. a new kind of sticker shock. and this time it's not the price that'sen meant to scare you. how some local teens are marking alcohol to keep their friends safe. and ahead at 5:00 a.m., a health warning this one impacting some county fairs. the iss
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feeling and whi ch
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fedex field was more than just a football field this weekend. it was also where you broke a record for biggest ever nbc 4 all state community shred. we're working for you and want to say a big thank you. more than 4,000 cars pulled up, packed with sensitive documents. we shredded everything for free. if you missed this one, don't worry. watch to find out about the next one. a lot of you have been tweeting us to come to your communities. we do this every few months so there's a good chance we'll see you soon. if you saw a group of teens hanging around the beer aisle, you might think they were trying to score some booze. but in fairfax county, teens were just doing
4:25 am
opposite. how project sticker shock is pushing people not to buy liquor for miners. >> put iting a warning sticker every six pack. as this students why they do it, they make a solid case for their cause. >> the importance of not drinking underage, it afengts your mind and performance in school. it's just a really important issue. that's illegal. >> it's so calm. at many school, it's easy to just buy alcohol or drugs from anyone in school. it's super terrifying all the horrors you hear. >> but taking saks what keeps them in high spirits. >> just the thought of seeing people actually be healthy and avoiding alcohol and drugs, makes me really happy and hopefully this scares people so they avoid doing this at all costs. >> as students place these stickers, they try to do it around holidays and school breaks. that's when drinking is more likely to be a
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about it thand to be aware rath than to not know about the dangers. >> the brain isn't fully developed until mid-way through their 20s. i think kids should be aware of that. they might be negatively impacting their brain. >> it's why they hope to change some minds about drinking alcohol, one sticker at a time. >> amy shaw, news 4. >> a gret cause reminding all us. it's 4:26. news 4 today continues right now with aaron and eun yang. that breaking news right now at 4:26. a car full of weapons found near the white house. new reports about the man now in custody and who he says he was there to see. a day of protest lasting into "sunday night football." we'll show you the protests some fans
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a win for washington. the skins roll over the raiders. we'll tell you what happened after you went to bed. plus your weather and a look at the commute. we're working to get you up and ready for the week ahead. good morning, 4:27 is your time now. thanks for waking up early. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. mondays are always better when redskins win. business is better. they think things are going to be better on a monday. >> when was the last time we said two weeks in a row. only because we had it last week. you get a free half a sub sandwich. >> that's right. there's some deal. i heard free sub and i was down with it. you have to buy
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>> i was outside all weekend long. it felt like the middle of summer. >> it did. 90 plus. our first 90 degree day in more than a month. now back into the 60s this morning, 66 in potomac. forecast then for today. it's going to be another hot one. high near 90 again today. poor air quality as well because we had no rain around here in more than two weeks. so the air quality is getting a little gungy out this. code orange today. 88 in mona sass. have a good monday, everybody. let's go toefr to dave. >> great start to the workweek traffic. no travel troubles on the beltway. . but we have a
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on the north side, blocking the left side as well. through both of these, traffic is flowing pretty well. that is the very latest from the traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. we are following some breaking news now near the white house. a man undergoing a mental evaluation here in d.c. after he was caught with weapons. >> cnn reports the man had nine guns and three nooifs in his car. the arrest happened yesterday morning near 17th street and pennsylvania avenue northwest. the man reportedly told secret service he wanted to talk to white house officials including the defense secretary about missing paychecks. >> this is the image you may be e seeing all over your news feeds this morning. dan snider took to the field last night with his
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some players stood and locked arms while others decided to kneel on the other side of the field the entire offensive line of the oakland raiders sat down during the national anthem. this is the only o of line in the entire nfl made up entirely of african-american players. >> in response to president trump's remarks on friday, we saw an increased number of protests allover football yesterday. more than 100 players took a knee during the anthem on sunday. three teams decided to sit the anthem out altogether. >> president trump was watching football yesterday and tweeted about it. he said sports fans should never condone players that don't stand for the national anthem and stated that the nfl should change its policy. strong words saying they should be fired or suspended. >> the response from the players, nfl, a lot of fans was get out of here. >> this is our first amendment. they were saying it's protected by the constitution and their right to peacefully protest. there are two sides to this


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