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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 26, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tloi put -- quickly to put this out. it may have been a street sweeper. all the lanes were shut down for a time before this. even before the national anthem played for monday night football, players, coaches and even team owner jerry jones took a knee. >> you can see a show of solidarity here at the game last night. the crowd in arizona not too happy about this. you may be able to hear the boos a little bit there. after kneeling, the cowboys stood up and kept their arms locked as the national anthem played. jones, who has been a vocal supporter of the president, said after the game that the message about unity and equality was being pushed aside by the controversy. the controversy started on friday when president trump said players who protest during the national anthem should be fired. the arizona cardinals also locked arms during the nags an anthem. >> jordin sparks
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then shortly sent her own message to those watching. right there on her hand, something written there. we looked into that and it's a bible verse. proverbs chapter 31, verses 8-9 speaks for the oppressed. the verses made an oppression and it was trending during the game. sparks' father played nine years in the nfl. >> it was her own way to show some sort of solidarity without having to do anything. >> it's an honor to sing it in front of an audience like this. you can't ignore what's happening in this country. she had a message. >> there have been dueling conversations on social media in favor of and against the nfl protests. >> it's grown to race to one about respect for our country and free speech. we went to the world war ii memorial and asked people about how they feel about the protests.
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disgrace to our country i'm fed up with the nfl. >> i'm frustrated but i wouldn't protest the nfl in general. >> despite the pushback from the nfl vice president -- from the nfl, vice president mike pence defended the president and his words. he tweeted it's about respect for the flag, respect for the country and respect for those who fought and died to defend it. after that, the president tweeted saying the players were disrespecting the country. >> on sunday, the entire pittsburgh steelers team did not participate in the national anthem except this player. him. >> we're going to tell you why the former army ranger now regrets his decision to stand there with his hand over his heart. >> 4:32 right now. this morning a plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act is in trouble. republican senator susan collins says she will not
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health care bill. >> the democratic party made a huge mistake in pushing through the affordable care act without a single republican vote. it is a mistake for my party to repeat that error. >> that no from senator collins means republicans don't have the numbers to push the bill through. coming up in a few minutes, news 4's tracie potts will join us live from capitol hill with what congress has to do now to save it. two sides of the debate being heard today. first, everyone would welcome more money in their paychecks. the other side, not all business this is montgomery county can afford a minimum wage increase. both sides will be at a meeting in rockville. here's what's being considered. a bill allowing businesses with fewer than 25 employees to wait until 2022 to raise their wages to $15 an hour. many business owners say raising the minimum wage too fast could end their
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county executive leggett vetoed a similar bill in january. someone had to make a disturbing 911 call in january. that person discovered a body inside a car in the white flint plaza parking lot. we sent chopper 4 to the scene for you. take a look at the triangle of crime scene tape. police cordoned off the car. they found a man dead inside, partially decomposed. police have not released his name at this point. the medical examiner will have to determine how the man died. it's now 4:34. breaking news. another wildfire is putting people in danger in california right now. look at those flames. this started burning in anaheim yesterday. >> in just the last 12 hours, it's spread across several mimes. people had to leave their homes with little time to get their things. wind is making this fire even worse. >> an i governgie goff is at th desk on more. >>
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recentfully southern california. take a look at this video here. you see the bright flames burning up right there. it's next to the highway where cars are packed on the road and still moving. you mentioned the evacuations. we know about 300 homes are close enough that they could be damaged or destroyed. the weather, aaron, you talked about the wind and how strong it is and fueling the flames. we might have hope today. because forecasters are saying the weather is supposed to improve and could help firefighters. expect higher humidity to help out. if you know anaheim because that's where disneyland is. officials say it's about 20 miles away and not in the path of the fire. aaron, eun. >> angie, we'll check back in with you on that. 4:35 right now. we've been covering hurricanes for more than a month now. >> imagine what it's been like for first responders in our area and their families. members of virginia task force one have been on call that
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some deploying hours after arriving home. now take a look. they receive a well-deserved heroes welcome when they arrived home at chantilly. there were a whole lot of hugs and tears from relieved family members. the team from fairfax county fire gandee employing last month after hurricane harvey devastated texas and louisiana. after that they headed to florida to help with irma's aftermath. days later, team members arrived in puerto rico to help with hurricane maria, but found themselves in the eye of the storm. >> so at 4:00 in the morning, the hotel, the structural engineers with up with us. we pulled their team out of the rooms at 6:00 and went to the safe zones and were in those areas until 7:00 that night as it went over. >> members of maryland task force one from montgomery county are still on the ground in puerto rico helping with the growing humanitarian crisis there. >> we can't emphasize enough the grati a
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the families who sacrifice while waiting for their loved ones to get home safely. >> incredible people. we appreciate that for sure. >> i want to get another check on that breaking traffic news. >> wtop's dave dildine is here. before we check back in with the storm team forecast, dave, what are you seeing? >> we're still watching a live view from chopper 4. yet another serious crash on the baltimore washington parkway this morning. southbound all traffic on the parkway is still diverted on to maryland 197. chopper 4 sees the car that went into the wood line. the police are still investigating. the northbound lanes of the parkway have reopened. consider your other options. route 1 or i-95 are both open and work zone-free. that's the latest from the traffic center. now we'll send it to storm team 4. >> thanks, dave. ugly ride there on the bw parkway this morning. otherwise, it's quiet weather outside.
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morning. weather feels comfortable. but today will feel a little more like summer in the afternoon. fall is coming. >> what is up with all this? the calendar -- i double-checked. it says we're a couple days from october. we had back-to-back days in the 90s. won't make it to 90 degrees this morning. not finding anything just yet. rain chances are very, very low today. near zero rain chance in the shenandoah valley. maybe a stray sprinkle or shower east of 95 towards the bay in southern maryland. otherwise, plan out your day today. plan on more cloud cover than in the last few days, particularly in the first half of the day. we'll get just enough sunshine to get afternoon highs into the low and mid-80s. we'll look at tomorrow and the ten-day forecast in 15 minutes. chuck, we'll see you then. thank you. it looks like a class project. but this is an exam. how a classroom loophole let a student bring this massive study guide into a midterm. >> can you imagine? first, ancr
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story. a maryland man pulled from the wreckage of a plane cr ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan
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private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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welcome back. a maryland man is lucky to be alive this morning. >> he survived after his plane crashed one mile from the runway. take a look. this is video of the plane's wreckage there. you
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field in a front yard of a home in pennsylvania. the pilot's name is philip beck ner jr. he's from crofton, maryland. he was on his way back from visiting friends when his plane went down just after takeoff. people rushed in to help him. >> we're next to the guy and holding him. there was no pulse. he reaches and finds a pulse. you realize there was a seat belt around the guy's neck. >> at last check, he's still in the hospital but should be okay. to see that wreckage scattered on the yard and think that he survived is incredible. >> amazing. >> when they finally reached the pilot, he was still inside the cockpit. >> the faa and ntsb are both investigating to find out what happened. the ntsb does these investigations. it's all about lessons learned for them and what regulatory changes might need to come from this. we'll hear more. >> incredible that he survived.
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as you wake up and walk outside. we have a little bit of fog around. definitely not for everybody. otherwise, it's a comfortable start to your morning. temperatures in the 70s and 60s in some suburbs when you walk outside. feeling like summer later on. we're still tracking that breaking news from the bw parkway.
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dave dildine from the wtop traffic center keeping track of a major crash on the baltimore washington parkway. the southbound lanes remain closed between maryland 197 and powder mill road. chopper 4 above the scene. nobody is getting by. all early morning commuters are diverted at route 197. route 1,
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if you're headed out early. the northbound lanes of the wb parkway are open. we're on top of it. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. some details about that breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. we now have learned that it was the former tennessee police officer who caused a scare outside the white house. >> secret service officers arrested timothy bates on sunday outside of the renwick gallery. after searching his car, they found a machine gun, eight other guns, knives and ammunition. bates appeared in court yesterday and according to court documents, he told officers he was headed to the white house to meet with officials about missing paychecks and to have a chip removed from his head. bates was a police officer in memphis for 13 years but was medically discharged in 2013. 4:46 now. after an emotional day of protests and nearly 200 arrests, another gop senator says no to her party's latest effort t
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repeal and replace obamacare. >> here's a look at the scene hours before senator susan collins announced that she's voting no on the bill. we're learning this morning that 181 people were arrested in protests against the graham cassidy bill. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill now with a exactly what senator collins' no vote means for the bill now. tracie, good morning. >> good morning. it's a matter of numbers. senator collins becoming the third republican to say no means this bill, this particular bill the way it's written now cannot pass. republicans need a majority and they don't have the votes with senator collins not on board, along with john mccain and rand paul. so now back to the drawing board. senator collins and others were concerned about preexisting conditions not being covered. people losing coverage. the congressional budget office came out and said that millions of people would lose coverage. that sort of sealed
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this morning, a couple of things we're watching. president trump is having a news conference. he could weigh in on this. we heard from the vice president last night saying they're not giving up. senator graham who helped write the bill saying they want to push for a vote on this. we could also see republicans come up with a new strategy today. they're set to sit down and figure out what happened here and from their perspective whether or not they can fix it before saturday when the threshold goes up even higher to 60 votes. >> tracie, now that senators mccain, collins, paul have said they're going to vote no on this bill, will there even be a vote this week? what happens? >> that's a good question. we might find out when republicans sit down. we've seen in the past, they knew it couldn't pass, didn't want to be embarrassed, they didn't hold the vote. sometimes they will renegotiate. senator collins has gotten phone calls from the president, the vice president, the secretary of health and high man services
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support her bill. she thought it was not the best thing for the people she represents in maine or the residents of the u.s. anthony weiner is going to prison. the 53-year-old is set to serve 21 months for sexting a 15-year-old girl. weiner wept as he got the -- it's an attempt to end the tragic cycle of his behavior. he pleaded to the judge to spare him prison time, tearing as he red his statement to the court. his wife, former hillary clinton aide huma abedin did not attend the sentencing. weiner's parents were there, though. two maryland parents are asking the fbi to bring their daughter home. 19-year-old ashanti billy has been missing for more than a week now. billie was lasten
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creek in norfolk last monday. her car and cell phone were found over the weekend. her parents are both veterans. they believe someone took the college student from the base and did something to her. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information about her whereabouts. take a look at how many friends and family members filled the streets to remember a teen whose life ended too soon. >> zaire kelly was 16 years old when he was killed. hundreds gathered for a vigil. this happened during a robbery at the park on 13th and downing street in northeast last week. that's where the -- where he was killed. kelly was a rising high school senior. before last night's vigil, his classmates shared what they remembered most about him. >> he had the opportunity and to be whatever he wanted and all of us know that. all of us love him and we all a
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>> we've also learned new details about the night of the attack. zaire's father says the teenager who shot zaire also tried to rob his twin brother zion that same night. zion ran home and texted his brother to be careful. their father said zaire responded saying he'd be fine. >> adds sadness to this terrible story. >> knowing that something like this could happen. a lot of you are sharing your thoughts about the protests in the nfl on the nbc washington facebook page. >> one football player is opening up about how he did not take part. look, this is alejandro villanueva, the only steelers player who came out on sunday. he's no longer sure that he did the right thing. >> angie goff joining us now with why he regrets what he did. >> a lot of people still talking about this one. villanueva, by the way, served in the military in afghanistan
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mentioned, his teammates stayed in the tunnel during the anthem except for him. now he says he should have joined them there. he wanted to stand just outside the tunnel with some teammates. but you can see he was the only player there standing. he says he made his team and his coach look bad, which he did not plan to do. he's not offended by the protests. because they're not about the military or the flag. one thing we should mention, villanueva's jersey was the number one selling item on the nfl shop yesterday. he says, by the way, he will donate all the money he receives from those sales. eun, aaron. all right. interesting turn of events there. angie, thank you. it is all about the details. that was the lesson learned for an accounting professor at anne arundel community college. >> he told his students they could bring a 3 by 5 note card with he
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he did not specify inches, though. so his student decided to see if the professor would allow a 3 by 5 foot poster instead. >> look at that. >> you see it right there. >> and the professor did allow it. professor beatty posted a picture of the poster calling it well-played. >> well-played indeed. the post has been shared more than 28,000 times. good for the professor to say, listen, if i didn't specify, how can i then take away your ability to use a 3 by 5. that's a 3 by 5. >> student can make the argument. a professor is helping everybody learn by doing what he did. >> i hope that student aced the test with those notes. with a note card that big, can you find the answers there? >> i'd find it. >> sounds like you had some practice. we're working for you with breaking news on the roads. let's check in with wtop's dave dildine. dave? >> it's not go
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baltimore washington parkway still shut down in laurel. south of maryland 197. from the shot there, you can see the police investigation. we're beginning to see a backup building at that diversion. southbound at 197. an indication that we're getting into the fringes of rush hour and also that some folks aren't getting to work. take route 1, take 95 instead of the southbound parkway. that's the latest from the traffic center. i believe we're going to head over to storm team 4 and meteorologist chuck bell. >> all right. thank you, dave. a partly cloudy sky over washington early this morning and we have literally had an unupside down month of september. the first 12 days compared to the second 12 days. 1st through the 12th. the average temperature was 68 degrees. september 13th through the 24th it was 8 degrees warmer than that. unbelievable. hottest day of the month was the 24th. the coolest day was the 2nd. i don't know what's gone wrong with accept.
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side for the next couple of days. clouds from maria today. hot and humid again for tomorrow as maria moves out to sea. it gets blustery around here thursday afternoon as low pressure moves out and high pressure moves in. high pressure bringing noticeably cooler weather for the weekend. there's maria right knew. still a hurricane. only a category one hurricane. fortunately out in the open waters of the western atlantic. that is not going to be bothering anybody. the long-term forecast track for maria eventually brings a storm up and close to the outer banks of north carolina the next 24 hours or so. but eventually the storm turns ever eastward and goes out into the open waters of the northern atlantic here over the next three to five days. the outer most reaches of that storm will bring us a partly to mostly cloudy day with the east to northeast wind. most of the light rain chance today will be southern maryland, the lower bay towards tidewater and the outer banks. a stray shower as far north as
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it. there's the cloud cover tomorrow. tomorrow maybe a stray shower as well. the real change arrives on friday. friday's high only 74. highs other the weekend, both days only around 70 with 40s in the shenandoah valley. it's going to be a big change, chuck. thank you. hand of problems. you know i love these pandas. coming up, bad news when it comes to the future of these favorite creatures of mine. we are also hours away from the return of this is us. >> i can't wait. >> ahead at 5:00, we'll have a sneak peek at season from one2
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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looks like one of the world's most beloved animals is in a bit of trouble. we're talking about the giant panda. chinese scientists say their habitat is shrinking and could ruin their sex lives. you know what that means. the creation of the panda cubs is at risk. what's contributing to this. earthquakes, agriculture. >> these are infrastructure problems for endangered species. the happen tats with getting smaller. >> what kind of sex are these
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this space? >> they're gigantic animals and need some privacy. mood setting too. >> have a little fun. good for them. >> anything that is going to prohibit the creation of more pandas is a problem. >> agreed. an estimated 1900 pandas now living in the wild and we need them to have all the room they need. >> not enough. news 4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news could impact your commute this morning. we have a big warning for anybody he hadding into d.c. from maryland. >> expect backups after a bad crash on the baltimore washington parkway. this is happening in the southbound lanes of laurel. take a look right now. brad freitas is in chopper 4. justin finch is on the ground. we begin our team coverage with dave dildine. what's going on? >> it is a bad crash.


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