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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this space? >> they're gigantic animals and need some privacy. mood setting too. >> have a little fun. good for them. >> anything that is going to prohibit the creation of more pandas is a problem. >> agreed. an estimated 1900 pandas now living in the wild and we need them to have all the room they need. >> not enough. news 4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news could impact your commute this morning. we have a big warning for anybody he hadding into d.c. from maryland. >> expect backups after a bad crash on the baltimore washington parkway. this is happening in the southbound lanes of laurel. take a look right now. brad freitas is in chopper 4. justin finch is on the ground. we begin our team coverage with dave dildine. what's going on? >> it is a bad crash.
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southbound lanes are closed south of maryland 197. all traffic must divert. backups are beginning to build as rush hour gets under way from powder mill roid. you can go south and n-- >> give yourself extra time be it route 1, i-95. neither of the routes have work zones in the way. they're south of 212. that's a wrap. you can see the car into the wood line. happens here often, unfortunately. southbound it's happened again. all southbound traffic must divert on to maryland 197. we got you covered from cameras on the ground to eyes in the sky. chopper brad freitas is up in chopper 4. brad, what's the latest from your vantage? >> dave, this crash happened about 2:30 this morning. we've been up here about an hour. the bw parkway after
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into a tree. the investigation, as you can see, ongoing right now as they try to figure out what went wrong. all lanes remain closed on the southbound side. you are forced on to 197. if you bear with me quick, i'm going to turn the camera around. the delays are southbound through laurel as both lanes are blocked. no end in sight for this investigation. as the rush hour continues, you definitely want to consider using 95 if you haven't hit the road yet or you'll be force today route 1 to head south towards college park. live from chopper 4, aaron and eun, back to you. >> from that vantage point, you can see all the headlights and how long the backups go. we'll stay on top of that story for you. >> let's get you on the ground live to justin finch at the scene for us. >> justin, where are you and what can you tell us? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. we are on southbound bw parkway here. more than a mile or so fro
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closed off for the investigation. of course, traffic now being diverted on to southbound 197. you are seeing a long line of traffic making their way to that area and that, of course, at this hour is where they are heading. i want to take you to a live chopper shot. chomt ir chopper 4 over the scene. you can see the enormity of this. southbound bw parkway and perhaps way up in the distance here. but on the ground, we can tell you this crash happened overnight on the baltimore washington parkway heading south. this is just south of the 197 exit there. the wreck and response now is blocking all lanes in that area there. perhaps you saw that car, as brad mentioned, careening off the roadway and crashing into a tree. we have word of one person who was taken to the hospital and back out live. we're watching a slow go of cars making their way on this
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diversion on to 197. to give you a sense of how severe this crash was for that person inside, we're hearing that person was flown by a park police chopper to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. we don't have word just yet of how severe they are. but knowing that, that person was taken right away from the wreck scene via park police chopper to the hospital. that lets you know what bad shape that person is in. we're going to be here on the ground all morning working more details and we'll get them to you. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. 5:04 now. let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist sheena parveen. hey, sheena. >> good morning guys. we're talking about temperatures this morning in the low 70s through the district. 68 dulles. 64 manassas. it's comfortable outside for most of the area right now. 72 degrees in quantico. as we go through the afternoon today, temperatures will be feeling like
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normal high. 76 degrees. look at 4:00 p.m., feeling like summer. by 7:00 p.m., still warm. low 80s. we're tracking hurricane maria coming up. chuck will have a look at the updated track straight ahead >> sheena, thank you. it's 5:05. we're getting a look at new video of a pretty intense fire here on i-66. look at the flames across several lanes here. as we understand it, this was from a large vehicle that caught fire around 12:30 this morning. crews got to work pretty quickly to put out the flames. we're hearing this may have been a street sweeper. all lanes on the westbound side of 66 just before spot run parkway were shut down for some time. we'll get an update on traffic there in a moment. even before the national anthem played for monday night football, players, coaches and even the team owner, jerry jones, took a knee. >> you can see from some of the video here, a show of solidarity. the crowd in arizona was not
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boos in the video too. after kneeling, you see here the cowboys stood back up and kept their arms locked. jones has been a vocal supporter of the president. he said the message about unity and equality was being pushed aside by the controversy. the controversy started on friday when president trump said players who protest during the national anthem should be fired. the arizona cardinals also locked arms during the anthem. singer jordin sparks performed the national anthem and sent her own message to those watching. you can see something written on her hand, the one holding the microphone. it's proverbs chapter 31. refers to speaking for the oppressed. >> it was trending on twitter during the game. sparks' father played nine year in the nfl. there have been dueling conversations on social media from those in favor and against the nfl protests. >>t'
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from a discussion about race to one about free speech and respect for our country. we went down to the world war ii memorial and asked people how they feel about these protests. >> i think it's a shame and disgrace to our country and i am fed up with the nfl. >> i understand why they're doing it. i know this country has unfinished business. >> i'd be frustrated but i wouldn't protest the nfl in general. >> despite the pushback from the nfl, vice president mike pence defended the president and his words. yesterday he tweeted quote, it's about respect for the flag, respect for the country and respect for those who fought and died to defend it. after that, the president tweeted saying the players were disrespecting the country. >> this morning, the latest plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act is in trouble. republican senator susan collins says she will not support the health care bill. >> the democratic party made a
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the affordable care act without a single republican vote. it is a mistake for my party to repeat bad error. >> that no from senator collins means they don't have the numbers to push the bill through. coming up, tracie potts will join us live from capitol hill with what congress has to do now to save it. right now, hurricane maria is causing problems for people in the united states. if this video looks familiar to you, it's because this is ocracoke island in the north carolina outer banks. a lot of people, many tourists, are forced to evacuate. >> back in july, a massive power outage pretty much shut down that island for days. this time the problem is a major storm. take a look now at hurricane maria off the coast. we just received the 5:00 update. so we're going to check in with meteorologist chuck bell. what does this mean what we're seeing here? >> necessity need to get folks off the outer
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they're incredibly exposed and very low. they're basically nothing more than a sandbar with a power line across it once you're towards kitty hawk and cape hatteras. the risk of on on shore wind overwashing the outer banks is the reason for the evacuations in that part of the world. the storm is going to continue to get closer to the outer banks. never going to make landfall, it doesn't appear. still a category 1 storm. it's expected to maintain that strength and come northward over the next 24 hours before eventually making that right turn and going out to sea. it will race off the coast once we're past sunrise on thursday morning. a check of our five-day forecast in a few more minutes. don't go away. >> we'll be here, chuck. thank you, sir. we've been covering maria and other hurricanes for more than a month. >> imagine what it's been like for the first responders in the area and their families. take a look at this video. members of virginia task force have been on call that entire time. some deploying hours
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arriving home. they received a well-deserved heroes welcome when they arrived home in chantilly last night. a lot of hugs and tears from relieved family members. the team from fairfax county fire gandee employing last month after hurricane harvey devastated texas and louisiana. after that they headed to fla to help with irma's aftermath. days later, they went to puerto rico to help prepare for hurricane maria but found themselves in the eye of the storm. >> at 4:00 in the morning, the hotel, the structural engineers were up with us. we pulled our teams out of their rooms at 6:00 and went to the safe zones and were in those areas until 7:00 that night as it went over. members of the task force from maryland are helping with the growing humanitarian crisis there. during their time in puerto rico, virginia task force one went island hopping by helicopter. >> canine handlers and their dogs were able to conduct several
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different islands every day. welcome home and thank you. how did you guys decide? >> there was nothing to decide. the moment we saw you -- >> you knew? >> i'm going to have to get more tissues, aaron. it's almost back. a new season of "this is us" is hours away. we hear from one of the stars for a sneak peek on what to expect in season 2. eun, i know you're excited about that and you'll be excited about the weather today. feeling like summer if that's what you want. temperature right now, 71 degrees in the district. already low 80s by lunchtime. well above normal for this time of the year through the afternoon. we have fall weather in the forecast this week. it is coming. we'll show you which day you can expect it. straight ahead. >> reporter: amazon's looking for a new headquarters. now metro wa
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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we have breaking news before you head out this morning. >> wtop's dave dildine is here with an update on the breaking news on the bw parkway. dave, what are you seeing? >> southbound traffic being diverted at maryland
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we're in laurel. this is a look at it from chopper 4. it's a serious wreck and under police investigation. if you're headed out the door early this morning, you don't want to commit to the southbound baltimore washington parkway south of ft. meade. chopper 4 sees the backup which extend south of route 198 toward the point of diversion. i-95 and u.s. route 1 are work zone-free headed toward the capitol beltway. that is your best bet and ticket to avoid this. southbound lanes of the baltimore washington parkway remain closed. that's the latest from the traffic center. eun and aaron, back to you. i'll pick it up here from the live desk. check out this video. look closely to the left of your screen down low. you see there's drivers there, a lot of them dangerously close to the flames near anaheim,
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forced people to evacuate within eight hours. strong winds have been a real problem fueling the flames. but forecasters are saying this morning that the weather should be better today and help firefighters as they continue to try to contain this massive fire. aaron, eun. >> hope they get the help they need. angie, thank you. house of well-paying jobs could be coming to our region. that is if amazon chooses to build a second headquarters here. >> there's a fight under way to attract the massive retailer. adam tuss is live this morning to tell us why metro is now looking into lure amazon. adam, what is this all about? >> reporter: this is really interesting, eun. this is where metro and amazon meet in the middle and it's all because of transit oriented development and space. take a look. we have an interesting shot here from our mass camera at the greenbelt metro son
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available here. metro says a lot of the land around the metro stations could be developed to attract the new amazon headquarters here to the washington region. just a couple of sites that come to mind, vienna, shady grove, here at greenbelt. there's a lot of space around certain metro station that is could potentially attract up to 50,000 new jobs for amazon and that is what the company is looking for when it decides to build its second headquarters. obviously, this is a huge topic of conversation across the country, really. there are a lot of cities that are vying to get amazon to build their second headquarters in their particular city. but metro says it is uniquely suited to bring that headquarters to a place where there is rail, bus, all sorts of transportation. that's one of amazon's requirements now. interesting that metro wants to jump into the game. >> metro will
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right, adam? >> reporter: if we're talking about 50,000 new jobs. yes, it's a lot of what's in it for me. metro would get a ton of new riders. they're saying absolutely, we want in on this game. >> all about dollar signs. adam tuss. >> reporter: of course. >> i don't know. ton of new riders on a system that struggles every day with people are always criticizing. i don't know that i see the upside. >> well, if you have paying customers. they figure that's more revenue to help fix the problems they have, maybe. >> if you say so. 5:18 our time right now. you've waited all summer and finally you can get your "this is us" fix. >> the hit drama returns for a new season tonight. we're hearing we finally get clues about how jack dies. that's a spoiler in case you didn't watch last season. >> i can tell you that the first episode will hit you in the
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we pick up just after jack has left the house and what happens when a couple that has said some very hurtful things to one another in an argument, how they hopefully find their way back to repair. >> they better get back together. that's not okay if they're not back in the end. you can remember to catch the season premiere right here on nbc4. i didn't even believe that the end of that last season. that's not happening. that's not real. he can't leave. what is happening? >> he told you you'll feel like you've been hit in the gut. prepare yourself now. get it together. >> get the tissues. >> i want to dvr. it airs at 9:00 after the voice. we'll see. >> don't tell me anything tomorrow. >> no promises. >> let's turn back to traffic now and get an update on that breaking news. dave dildine is here. what's going on? >> we're staying on top of it,
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aaron. southbound lanes of the baltimore washington parkway remain closed. the crash was serious. it's under investigation. you can see police have spot lights on a vehicle that went into the wood line. all southbound lines diverted on the 197. there is a big traffic jam as we pan out on chopper 4. you can see the southbound delays away from ft. meade. maryland 197. the northbound lanes reopened from the capitol beltway. it's going to take time with rubber necking. there's the southbound backup heading towards that diversion. you don't want to commit to that. take route 1, i-95 south of laurel toward the capitol beltway. that's the latest. at least the weather is nice and dry. that's one good thing about the commute. feeling like summer into the afternoon. fall weather, i know you've been waiting for it if you like the fall season. it does arrive later in the week. we have fall temperatures and we're watching hurricane maria.
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chalk is ba chuck is back with a look at that in a moment. 65 gaithersburg. 66 clinton. 64 in manassas. if you're exercising today, really nice this morning. by 7:00 a.m., it will be 70 degrees. we'll have the clouds around today but most of the area will just stay on the cloudy and dry side. 82 by lunchtime. by 5:00 p.m., temperatures in the mid-80s. normal high is 76 degrees this time of year. we're unseasonably warm. feeling like summer. locally, we are dry. a few areas of patchy fog. most of us looking good as far as any fog is concerned. there is hurricane maria. you see it off the north carolina coastline. this system will be moving out to sea. it's not going to be moving inland. what it will be doing is causing that high surf right along the eastern shore. parts of virginia beach. maybe 9 to 14-foot waves later tonight and into early tomorrow. tropical storm warning is far to our south after the waters of virginia beach and down through much of the cin
5:22 am
north carolina coastline. the outer banks seeing that tropical storm warning. for us, we'll get the cloud cover here today from maria. as we go through the rest of the week, we really have little to no rain in the forecast. take a look as we go into today. 85 for a high. tomorrow 88. we feel like summer until friday and saturday. really nice fall weather coming. i think you're going like it. we'll look at maria's track and a closer look at the weekend coming up. she was bitten by a snake inside a restaurant. the victim of this venomous attack is
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders
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foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. so this is a story that a lot of you have been talking about online. the snake that bit a woman inside a spotsylvania county restaurant. >> now we're hearing from that woman who says five seconds turned her life upside down. we showed you the photos of the snake and e
5:26 am
yesterday. rachel myrick's foot swelled up after a baby copperhead snake bit into it. this happened in the entrance to the longhorn steakhouse. despite the injury, she says she's very lucky. >> it could have been anyone else's child wandering in or out. the fact that it wasn't a child, a million times over is a blessing. >> myrick's boyfriend and son were able to kill the snake. she makes a good point. you don't know if it was a child if he or she would have been more injured. >> the restaurant is going to do what it can to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> this is a baby copperhead. where are the other babies and the mama? i'm concerned about the situation. >> they'll be keeping an eye out i'm sure. vanished, a young woman with ties to our area and why the fbi is taking over t
5:27 am
a terrible accident on the bw parkway. we'll have an update on the rescue of a driver and the impact on traffic now. and coming up, i'll show you the commute forecast and we're also watching hurricane maria. you see it spinning off the north carolina coastline. i'll
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35:30 on a busy morning in prince george's county in particular. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang, good morning. right to the breaking news at 5:30. a serious crash in the southbound lanes of the baltimore washington parkway. take a look right now. you can see emergency crews on the scene and that car into those trees there. we know that someone is hurt very badly and park police flew that person to the hospital. >> this happened at 197 just before 2:30 this morning. wtop's dave dildine has a look at the impact right now. dave, what's going on? >> we're keeping track of this one. it's southbound traffic that's been diverted at maryland 197. a live look from chopper 4 shows a big traffic jam and building delays on the southbound side of the baltimore washington parkway south of laurel, maryland. south
5:31 am
point of diversion. new update here on the northbound side. there was a secondary accident and rubber necking. they managed to wrangle that on to the right shoulder. that is causing a delay in and of itself. southbound lanes of the parkway -- obviously, you don't want to commit to the parkway as well. stick with route 1 or i-95 heading out early this morning. plan ahead for big delays south of laurel on state route 295. again, that northbound rubber necking crash has been moved out of right shoulder. northbound lanes have reopen. it's going to be slow for rubber necking as folks look at the investigation. southbound traffic is being diverted at route 197. that is the latest from the wtop traffic center. let's head over to sheena parveen. storm team 4. >> good morning. weatherwise, it is a great commute day. not if you're right there. you don't want to be stuck in there. temperaturewise, really nice when you step outside.
5:32 am
surrounding the district are in the 60s right now. 65 potomac. 65 centerville. if you're in the district, we're at 71. 66 crofton. sev cheverly 66 degrees. here's the commute forecast. looking good and dry today. most of the area is staying nice and dry. just about mostly cloudy skies. 71 by 7:00 a.m. by noon already in the low 80s. by this afternoon, we're talking about the mid-80s. well above normal for this time of the year. feeling more like summer than fall. the fall weather is approaching. we're also talking about hurricane maria. it is close to united states. let's head inside to chuck bell with a look at the track. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sheena. the cloudy skies we'll get today is the outer most reaches from maria. they will more of an issue for maria along the outer banks today as they're much more susceptible to wind and wave action down on the outer banks. for us, the next 24 hours or so will tell the story. between now and ab t
5:33 am
slowly moving north. only 5 to 7 miles an hour. gradually, later on tomorrow towards thursday, that's when the storm starts to make the all-important right-hand turn away from the coastline and go out into the open waters of the atlantic and eventually race away from the u.s. coast. we will feel the effects of it. the cloud cover for today, that's effect number one. warm and humid air keeps us warm tomorrow. as the storm pulls out on thursday, rather breezy. we'll boil that down into your forecast at 5:51. for now, back to the news. >> it's 5:33. these are the top stories we're following this morning. dallas cowboys decided to show unity by kneeling for the national anthem. the monday night game, the players, coaches and team owner jerry jones there. jones has been a supporter of the president. after the game, he said the message about unit
5:34 am
was being pushed aside by the controversy. they stood up for the actual anthem. 181 people arrested during demonstrations inside a senate hearing on the latest version of the health care bill yesterday. now another gop senator says she will vote no on the new bill. news 4's tracie potts breaks down what's next from capitol hill in just a few minutes. after working three hurricanes in one month, members of virginia task force one are happy to be home. take a look. they received a well-deserved heroes welcome when they arrived home in chantilly last night. members of the team worked hurricanes harvey, irma and maria. incredible efforts and their families have been waiting for so long. back-to-back. at one point the team members were in the path of the storm. >> nice to have them home. new details about a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. we've learned that a forme
5:35 am
tennessee police officer caused that scare outside the white house this weekend. >> secret service officers arrested timothy bates on sunday outside of the renwick gallery. after searching his car, they found a machine gun, eight other guns, knives and ammunition. bates appeared in court yesterday and according to court documents, he told officers he was heading to the white house to meet with officials about missing paychecks and to have a chip removed from his head. bates was a police officer in memphis for 13 years but was medically discharged in 2013. he founded a charity and worked on a state senator's campaign. now, a fairfax county lawyer could be going to prison for fraud. a federal jury, grand jury indicted david h. miller. he's accused of taking part in three separate schemes, one of them prosecutors say miller and his wife misused money from a charity to help create programs for people with autism. in another, they say the couple
5:36 am
richard sass law. he's a state senate candidate. all told, miller is accused of stealing $1.5 million over years. a life ended too soon. zaire kelly was 16 years old when he was killed. many of his family and friends gathered last night nor a vigil. kelly was killed during a robbery at the park on 13th and downing streets last week. he was a rising high school senior. before last night's vigil, his classmates shared what they will remember most about him. >> he had the opportunity to be whatever he wanted. all of us know that. all of us love him and we're all going to remember him. >> we've also learned new details about the night of the attack. zaire's father says the teenager who shot him also tried to rob his twin brother zion that same night. zion ran home and texted
5:37 am
brother to be careful. their father says zaire responded that he would be fine. this morning, a maryland family is asking for help in bringing their daughter home. >> 19-year-old ashanti billie has been missing for more than a week now. angie goff is in the newsroom with more on the search and the new reward from the fbi. angie? >> that's the latest update we got, eun. we can tell. official immediate dwra when we first posted it. as you mentioned, eun, the fbi offering a $10,000 reward for information about her whereabouts. information that leads to finding her. here is her picture. posted it online again. 19-year-old ashanti billie. she was last seen entering joint expeditionary base little creek last monday. she works at the blimpie's on the base. they alerted her parents when she didn't show up for classes. >> they found her car and cell phone in a dumpster. it was fully charged. th
5:38 am
veterans, believe someone took the student from the base and did something to her. their gut feeling not good right now. they're still holding out hope and hoping that others will help them find their daughter. >> angie, thank you. a social media firestorm. new calls to kick president trump off twitter. why twitter is on the defense. plus, used to be one of the busiest malls in northern virginia until macy's closed its doors. new plans that may be raising
5:39 am
5:40 am
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you're looking live at the backups on the bw parkway. all southbound lanes closed because of a terrible accident this morning. emergency crews still on the scene. >> we're going to have the latest from our first 4 traffic team in a second for you. stick around for that. in the meantime, sometimes you just want your time in the spotlight. you take a closer look at the water there. you can see the fins of two killer whales. >> whoa. >> over the weekend, that duo stole the show at a surfing
5:42 am
quickly moved to the shore. you're not alone in the water. >> if you're with killer whales, they win the competition and the space, everything. the surfers did not want to be in the water with the killer whales. smart guys. >> might be better to look at that from a distance. >> they're beautiful animals, i will say. gorgeous. >> from a boat. >> i want it to be 6-something. it's 5:42. >> you're going to make people think they're late for work. >> 5:42. imagine someone hit your car in the parking and then took off. it's what the driver left other than cold hard cash that had the victim smiling despite the damage. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss, metro wants inn the game o w ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad
5:43 am
dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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getting married. that was a lifelong lesson for me: when people are hurt, you need to stand up and do something. and i've never forgotten that as your attorney general. whether it's protecting veterans and seniors from shady debt collectors, or cracking down on gangs and drug traffickers, i have one guiding principle: do what's right for people. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. we have breaking news impacting a lot of you heading into d.c. i'm angie goff at the live
5:46 am
with that news on the bw parkway. the latest update on this bad accident. right now we're working as we look at video of the crash. we're going to find how badly someone was hurt after being trapped in this. they're at the hospital now. you can see the car halfway flipped on its side off the road into the trees. we know that the injuries were serious. as i mentioned, they are being treated. we'll bring you more as we know it. now we want to take you live to show you. if you're sitting in the car not much. because you're not moving. right now this is a look from the ground southbound. bw parkway. between 197 and powder mill where all lanes remain shut down for the investigation. drivers at a standstill. every angle of the story covered. we take a look from above from chopper 4. really what we've been watching as we kind of zoom on out here, just miles and miles of headlights building up. this has created a major jam. we want to remind you that justin finch is on the ground.
5:47 am
information about the crash victim and also trying to get a timetable when the southbound lanes will reopen. you can follow first 4 traffic for updates on the best alternates to get around. traffic being diverted off 197. back to you. >> all those lights from chopper 4 is going to be a tough tuesday commute for sure. stay with us. we'll have you covered on that story for sure. 5:47. an emotional day for protest. >> we're learning that nearly 200 people were arrested in protests against the graham cassidy bill yesterday. now another gop senator says no to her party's latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare. tracie potts joins us from capitol hill with exactly what this no vote from senator collins means for the bill. >> it means the numbers aren't adding up. with three republican no votes, this bill cannot pass. as is for now. i
5:48 am
are a few more days before it takes more votes to repeal and replace obamacare. republicans meeting this morning to strategize and figure out what went wrong from their perspective and whether or not they have enough time to still try to repeal the affordable care act. susan collins says that the nail in the couffin was the congressional budget office report that says millions of people could lose health care because preexisting conditions wouldn't necessarily be guaranteed and that's part of what you saw people protesting in those demonstrations. collins said she got phone calls from the president, the vice president and the head of health and human trying to sway her vote and get her to rethink this. as she put it, i have to do what i think is right. she's joining rand paul all saying no at this point. we'll hear more from president trump. he has a news conference later today. >> tracie potts on the hill.
5:49 am
twitter policies are pretty clear about violent language. now, twitter says it is updating the rules to account for president trump. the website receives a lot of complaints about this particular tweet. it says "just heard foreign minister of north korea speak at u.n. messages. even before the national anthem played for monday night football, dallas cowboys players, coaches and even the team owner auto took a knee. >> thero
5:50 am
you may be able to hear some of the boos. they stood up while the national anthem played. jones has been a vocal supporter of the president said the message about unity and equality was being pushed aside by the controversy. the controversy started on friday with president trump saying players who protest during the national anthem should be fired. 5:50 our time now. a maryland man is lucky to be alive this morning. >> he survived after his plane crashed one mile from the runway. take a look at this video. the plane's wreckage is scattered all over the front yard of a home in pennsylvania. he was on his way back from visiting friends when his plane went down after takeoff in whit pain township. people rushed in to help him. >> we're like next to the guy and holding him. there was no pu
5:51 am
realize there's a seat belt around the guy's neck. >> the man is still in the hospital but stub okay. so, so lucky considering the wreckage and small plane crashing like that. wow. >> neighbors say when they reached the pilot, he was still inside the cockpit. >> faa and ntsb are investigating the crash to see how it all happened. we're getting new video. new look at video of a pretty intense fire on i-66 overnight. take a look at your screen here, you can see the flames coming from a large vehicle. it's about 12:30 this morning. you see the firefighters near the bottom of the screen. they got here pretty quickly to work on this. this may have been a street sweeper that caught fire. all the westbound lanes of i-66 before spot run parkway were shut down for some time. we believe they're back open now. thousands of well-paying jobs could be coming to our region if amazon chooses to build a second headquarters here. >> now, there is a fight under to
5:52 am
retailer. transportation reporter adam tuss is live this morning to tell us why metro is now looking into lure amazon. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. yeah. metro wants in on the game. this has become a national thing. so many cities are vying for amazon to move its headquarters. take a look at the camera shot from the top of the truck at all the space that's here at the greenbelt metro station. metro has a lot of land around its metro station that is it says could be developed to a potentially attract amazon and a big new headquarters. we're talking about potentially 50,000 new jobs that would be relocated because of amazon moving their headquarters to our region. amazon has certain requirements. wants to be near transit and buses and trains. and metro says it can offer that. now they're going to ask the board of director to give the general manager permission to
5:53 am
potentially attract amazon. take a look at this map right here. these are three of the sites that potentially come to mind with space that's available. vienna, shady grove and greenbelt. there are others that could be potentially redeveloped to have transit-oriented development. this is something that will go on through the next couple of months as the proposals come in. amazon expected to make a formal selection where it will move its new headquarters by next year, guys. >> adam tuss live for us this morning on this news about metro making a push for sam zon. thank you, adam. coming back and finding that someone hit your car can ruin anyone's day. just happened to me. my entire side view mirror, crunched. >> a laid ady in colorado got a laugh. they left an apology snonote, t $20 bills and some marijuana. she's going
5:54 am
to see if she can buff out the scratch. as for the joint, she says she's not a smoker. she's not sure what she'll do with that. >> they said i only have 40 bucks, i know the scratch will cost more. i'm going to throw that in. >> i'm so sorry. here's $40 for you man. >> it was you, aaron. >> did i do that too loudly. >> aaron, you should stop right now. >> did aaron commit a hit and run. even if you leave money and that, it's still a hit and run. >> living in the city, your car is dinged a lot. one time i received a nice note and said i hit your car with a business card. >> you're supposed to leave real information. not i'm sorry man with a sad face and see what that says. >> and a joint. >> well, that's interesting. any-who, if you are about to walk outside this morning, it is om
5:55 am
temperatures are in the low 70s and about the mid to upper 60s. the commute looks good. dry roads. feeling like summer. summer-like weather. lunch will be dry if you want to sit outside. clouds from hurricane maria staying offshore. your school forecast this morning. 7:00 a.m., 66 degrees. by noon, about cloudy skies through the area. we'll see peeks of sun. 77 by lunchtime. but if you're in parts of southern maryland, you could see an isolated shower, small chance there by 3:00 p.m. we're talking about temperatures in the mid-80s. that's close to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. 65 inga gaithersburg. we're nice and dry but we're currently watching hurricane maria. swinging the outer banks. some rain under tropical storm warning there. closer to home, we have a high surf advisory through parts of the delaware beaches, the eastern shore, through virginia beach because of that storm
5:56 am
here's future weather. we go through the day today. we see the clouds around. but most of the area does stay nice and dry. temperaturewise, as we go through the next several days, we'll stay in the 80s and quickly the 70s. we finally have some fall weather in the forecast. after we feel like summer. look at the 70s coming around through the weekend. it is going to be very nice. let's check the roads right now with dave dildine. good morning, dave. >> good morning, sheena. we have breaking news to bring you. the southbound lanes of the baltimore washington parkway have reopened south of route 197. the diversion lifted. but from chopper 4, you can see a new development northbound on the parkway. a new crash just north of 197. it's blocking the left lane. that is a rubber necking crash. only one right lane getting by. look at the southbound backup. wow. they're barely moving. that diversion was just lifted. it's going to take a long time to get a move on southbound of the bw parkway south of laurel and ft. meade. you want to stick with alternates.
5:57 am
route 1 i-95 incident-free. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you, dave. 5:56. we're working for you in the community this morning. kicking fall into full gear. >> molette green is at the tie canned rowing a farms. you look like you're in the mood for a fall festival right now. >> reporter: oh, yeah. i have my colors on. i'm ready to go. we're inside the market at amazing farm fun. as you said, we're in chantilly, virginia. thank you very much. this place is open year round. so much color, though, this time of year. probably the best time of year to be here. we're going to tell you why there's so much buzz on this farm in the next hour. >> all right. molette, we'll check back in with you in a little bit. >> looks like a lot of goodies there. germs at the gym, do you really need those sanitation wipes? >> i would say yes. >> the facts that could have you changing your routine. >> plus, snake at the
5:58 am
a virginia woman bitten by a copperhead. we tracked her down and find gps: faster route ct
5:59 am
let me finish downloading this from the cloud. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed, 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than in anyone america. the old man's still got it. take a look at the scene. a terrible crash on the baltimore washington parkway. >> this happened just before 3:00 this morning at 197 i
6:00 am
southbound lanes. we know the driver there was flown to the hospital, but the backups at the scene here, you can see from chopper 4 have been horrendous already this morning. >> we had all southbound lanes closed. that spot seems to be a problem. i know that we reported on multiple accidents right there on the bw parkway. >> a lot of them -- we'll have more on that in a second. first we have your storm team 4 weather team here. we'll do that in a minute actually. >> we do have to check in with wtop's dave dildine with an update on the accident. give us the latest. >> first things first. let's talk traffic. southbound on the bw parkway. the diversion has been lifted. it's complicated what's happening. southbound traffic is moving. on the right side is the delay getting to the scene. again, the diversion lifted southbound. the crash in the early morning hours has been


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