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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 26, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, island emergency, millions rapidly running low on food and water in sweltering heat. growing fears of mass exodus from puerto rico as president trump defends his administration's response. flatline, gop's last effort to repeal obamacare is now dead and all eyes turn to cliffhanger election night in alabama and an insurgent candidate who could spell trouble for republican leaders. heads role, ceo of equifax is out as many struggle to freeze credit. basketball bribery scandal rocked biggest universities in america. coaches arrested by the fbi. and to the rescue, a
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jumped in to save the day. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt, recording tonight from savannah, georgia. >> good evening from the 165th air lift wing. making way back from puerto rico, stopping in savannah where the national guard continues to launch round the clock relief flights into the hurricane zone. puerto rico is where we start tonight as its governor warns of impending humanitarian crisis, issues a plea for more help, reminding us they're americans in need. nearly a week after the hurricane struck the u.s. commonwealth, president trump is speaking out and defending his response to the disaster that's left the island mostly in the dark, short on food, clean water, cash and reliable communications. gabe gutierrez remains there with the latest.
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>> reporter: temperatures approached 100 degrees today. a stifling heat. nearly 12,000 people still in emergency shelters and half of puerto rico doesn't have drinking water as army corp. of engineers is now tasked with rebuilding the island's power grid. tonight in puerto rico, lines are long and tempers short. >> i need to get out of here. why? because we feel desperate. not just me, scary situation. >> reporter: in the airport, exodus on few flights. vanessa is running low on baby formula and frantically trying to escape to florida. >> it's a nightmare, not where i planned to be or wanted to be during first few weeks of my baby's life. >> reporter: today president trump announced he would visit puerto rico next week and defended federal response. >> we got a pluses on texas and florida and will on puerto rico but this is an island in middle
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>> reporter: fema announcing thousands of additional troops and navy ship headed to the island. san juan's mayor appreciates fema's help so far, there's been a lot of red tape. >> boots on the ground. but you have to start walking. seems to be taking a little bit too long. >> reporter: president also tweeting because of the broken infrastructure and massive debt, puerto rico is in deep trouble. that didn't sit well with some puerto ricans in bank lines today, who feel the u.s. territory is an afterthought. now humanitarian crisis unfolding, most hospitals at standstill on backup generators. not enough power for critical surgeries. >> only one available. all the other areas are without electricity. problem
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>> reporter: help on the way. more than 90 humanitarian flights a day. supplies delivered today by dallas mavericks and point guard j.j. correa. >> takes time to get back to normal. >> reporter: san juan, puerto rico. >> in some remote parts of puerto rico cries for help written on rooftops. families desperate for aid. roads obliterated by mud slides and flooding. >> might be stuck in area they just can't leave. >> reporter: puerto rico black hawk helicopters getting aid to remote areas like here where eight-year-old says her families need supplies. worried about grandparents she hasn't heard from in days. >> i hope you are fine. and i love you. >> this chopper crew also responsible for preventing major environmental catastrophe as nearby oil rig damaged by hurricane.
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bad could things have gotten? >> pretty bad, would have had oil spill. >> one of the countless missions, american soldiers protecting their island, looking for more people to save. >> thank you. >> gaudy schwartz, nbc news, san sebastien, puerto rico. rough day for republicans in washington and could be a rough night. last ditch effort to repeal obamacare is now dead. short of votes forced to pull the bill before another embarrassing failure on the senate floor. attention turns to cliffhanger election in alabama, president trump's preferred candidate versus insurgent who could cause headaches for gop leaders. our capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt with the details. >> reporter: republicans in defeat. calling off vote to repeal obamacare. >> we don't have the votes. >> reporter: president let down again. >> we're disappointed
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embarrassing defeat for majority leader mitch mcconnell. tried and failed twice to follow through on a seven-year campaign promise. >> would you say this is a tough day? >> senator graham and cassidy pointed out, we haven't given up on changing the american health care system. >> reporter: but the reality, health care is on the back burner. starting tomorrow, tax reform. this year's last hope for major republican accomplishment. >> will republicans forgive you if you pass tax reform? >> most important thing to do to restore confidence to the country and get jobs and prosperity. that's why we're singularly focused on getting this done this year. >> reporter: if they can't, could haunt them. election tonight in alabama could be first taste. >> don't be fooled, help trump drain the swamp, vote no to luther strange. >> reporter: special election where establishment groups
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strange. convincing president trump to campaign for him. >> it's a great name. >> reporter: but conservative judge roy moore is ahead in the polls. called himself the biggest threat to establishment power in washington and some voters believe he's better defender of president trump. >> need to get behind our president and listen to us. we're fed up and we'll vote you out. >> reporter: tonight another republican is taking himself out of the running. senator bob corker of tennessee announcing he won't run for re-election next year. he's a close friend of mitch mcconnell's and another sign of how toxic things are in washington right now. tonight hearing for the first time disturbing details from the parents of otto warmbier, first interview of what happened to their son in captivity in north korea, what he endured coming home in coma er
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chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> reporter: president trump today with more harsh words against north korea, saying prepared to use military force if necessary. >> if we take that option it will be devastating, i can tell you that. devastating for north korea, that's called the military option. if we have to take it, we will. >> reporter: as tensions escalate, horrifying account fra parents of american student otto warmbier on fox, revealing how their son was tortured in 17 months in north korean prison. sent home in coma. >> had a shaved head, feeding tube coming out of his nose, staring blankly into space, jerking violently, blind, deaf. as we looked at him, tried to comfort him, looked like someone had taken a pair of pliers and rearranged his bottom teeth. >> reporter: he died days later.
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stealing a souvenir. fred and cindy speaking about how the regime destroyed their 22-year-old son. >> they kidnapped otto, tortured him. >> north korean menace. >> reporter: despite angry words and new sanctions, secretary of state saying the goal is diplomatic solution. >> that's the way we'll solve this. >> reporter: and pentagon not seeing signs of military threat. >> we haven't seen a change in posture, we watch that closely. >> reporter: showdown with rogue regime and for the warmbier family rk already a horrific tragedy. nbc news new york. new developments in the massive equifax hack that compromised personal information of 143 million americans. company ceo is stepping down a week before scheduled to appear before congress to answer questions. meanwhile plenty of confusion
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among americans wondering how to protect themselves. more from tom costello. >> reporter: less than three weeks after announcing largest financial data breach in history -- >> i deeply regret this incident. >> reporter: ceo richard smith resigned today, although keeping $18 million in pension benefits and possibly $30 million in stock options. two other senior execs have already left. smith still expected to get an earful on capitol hill next week. >> i think equifax is a travesty, leaving of the ceo is not enough. >> reporter: a cascade of federal and four state investigations. >> going to get to bottom of how the breach occurred, when it occurred and holding equifax accountable for actions since the breach. >> reporter: consumer experts urge all adults to freeze credit reports at all three agencies so
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it. but americans struggle to get it done over the phone or online. some blocked by error messages. >> unfortunately it's still not working adequately. so at what point are we going to see that solution come to fruition? >> reporter: equifax hack and wall street regulator hack have experts issuing red alert. >> this absolutely undermines fundamental pillars that make our financial system work. >> reporter: want to know if lax security was to blame. why didn't equifax put a patch in place in march when first alerted rather than july and why take six weeks to notify customers? tom costello, nbc news, washington. in southern california, fast-moving wildfire forced more than 1,000 from homes. corona, just outside of los angeles, has everybody on edge. santa ana winds blow. all adding to the st
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fire season in history. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer is there. >> reporter: this is the sight and sound of losing ground in suburbs of los angeles. notorious santa ana winds turning fire into a blow torch before sunrise in corona. >> it's scary. really scary. makes your heart stop. freaks you out knowing it's so close. >> evacuate. >> reporter: 1,500 people in a scramble to escape the flames quickly closing in. >> evacuate now. >> reporter: 500 homes in the path of the fire. freeways and roads leading to safety surrounded by the blaze. known as the canyon fire, 25-mile-an-hour winds whip through the dry hills, funneling flames like a river towards homes. nonstop air attack, helicopters using night vision soarin
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with southern california now beginning santa ana wind season, the most dangerous weeks are ahead. but fire season has already cost a record $2 billion and now the fire fight is getting more dangerous here every day and every night. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. turning overseas to the middle east, there is a big change coming to way of life in saudi arabia. major victory for women's rights there. first time ever, women legally able to drive there following a royal decree. nbc's kelly cobiella now with more on the move that critics say was a long time coming. >> reporter: tonight saudi women who fought for right to drive are celebrating. saudi arabia will never be the same one tweeted, rain begins with single drop. arrested after posting this video of herself behind the wheel.
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in 2017, saudi arabia still had a ban on women driving cars. only country in the world to do so. penalty, fines, flogging, for some women jail time. had been justified by the government under strict islamic law. ♪ no woman, no drive >> reporter: activists pushing for change say been gaining ground. limited voting rights in 2015, last weekend allowed in national stadium first time and today this surprise announcement. >> a royal decree has been issued in saudi arabia, giving women the right to drive. >> reporter: change will take effect in june of next year. giving ultra conservative country ten months to adjust to having a woman in the driver's seat. kelly cobiella, nbc news. more to come. bribery scandal rocking college basketball. fbi arresting number
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we're back now with the scandal sending shock waves through the world of college basketball. fbi arresting assistant coaches from big-name schools for alleged bribery schemes and influencing student athletes.
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anne thompson with the charges. and the major programs that could be impacted. >> reporter: this is the dark underbelly of college basketball say federal prosecutors, today charged four coaches. chuck person of auburn university, anthony bland of the university of southern california, lamont evans of oklahoma state university, emanuel richardson of the university of arizona, along with six others. charges include bribery, conspiracy and fraud. case built on hundreds of wire taps and videotapes, alleging numerous instances of bribes. up to $100,000. prosecutors say agents and advisers pay the coaches to pressure players and families to sign with them when player turns pro. >> bribed coaches showed little regard for the players' well-being. >> reporter: bland's brag, can mold the players and put them in lap of you guys. other scheme alleges
7:19 pm
james gatto funneled up to $150,000 to families to attend universities sponsored by the company. including but not named university of louisville. >> all contribute to pay to play that doesn't belong in college basketball. >> reporter: adidas and all the schools say they lr cooperate fully. ncaa says it has no tolerance for this alleged behavior. but reforming a sport which generates a billion dollars from march madness is lone is unlikely says sports writer john feinstein. >> schools are making so much money, don't want to change things. want to pretend that college athletics are clean. >> reporter: tonight all the coaches are suspended and they investigate the flagrant fouls tainting the game. anne thompson, nbc news new york. back in a moment with diving catch that cost the fan his ballpark snack. tell you how the player made it up to him. your best.
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coming for social media users. after years of limiting tweets to 140 characters, twitter is testing out 280 characters, double the current limit. if you're on twitter and always run out of room to finish your thought or add extra emoji, may be in luck. it was wedding day to remember but not in way the newlyweds expected. aver the couple said i do, groom noticed a child in danger, jumped into action, fancy suit and all. wedding photographer caught it all on camera. joe fryer with the story. >> reporter: when brittany and clayton cook tied the knot, first big leap. second came moments later. >> i look over and see clay in the water and think what is he doing? >> reporter: groom jumped into a river to save a young boy he didn't even know. >> it was scary. i was a little bit shocked myself. i went over there, his face under water. he was fighting.
7:24 pm
[000:23:58;00] for photos in ontario park. clayton noticing the boy struggling after apparently pushed in by another kid. >> i grabbed him like this and just hucked him up. >> reporter: unconventional wedding images captured by photographer darren hat. >> when i realized what was going on, he had saved the day. >> quite the marriage memory, for better or worse, richer or poorer, drier or wetter. joe fryer, nbc news. st. louis cardinal fan got closer to the action than he bargained for when addison russell of the rival chugz spilled his chach chos when diving in to catch a foul ball. but russell made amends. returned with new tray of nach chors for the fan who has now changed his handle on
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♪ a c-130 on the ramp here in savannah awaiting its next mission. before we go, my time on the ground in puerto rico was short but don't have to be there long to understand the depth of the need. essential things in life from making a call to buying a gallon of gas to getting enough food and water are a struggle there. brings me to the national guard, we traveled with into the hurricane zone. some full time and some part-time guardsmen but all answering this important call to duty to deliver food and water and other essentials to fellow americans in need. we know the people of puerto rico are grateful and we're grateful to the men and women of the georgia air national guard. thanks for being here. thank you all from being here as well. 165th air lift wing in savannah, georgia, i'm lester holt, that's "nbc nightly news" for this tuesday night. thank you for
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watching. good n woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) they've been waiting and waiting and waiting. >> "this is us can t" at last, t be more than we can take? >> okay. ♪ what a night of debuts but d champ? plus, the unlimited access you can only get here.


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