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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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test test. now at 11:00, new clues in the search for a missing college student raised in prince george's county, missing in norfolk. her family desperate for
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no power, no water, a shortage of food. tonight the crisis in puerto rico leads to a family reunion here in washington. >> and a child with vision problems gets a brand new outlook, the tool that's letting him see things he's never seen before. tonight the family of 19-year-old is not giving up hope. good evening. >> no one has seen the prince george's county teen since monday september 18th, her car and cell phone found in norfolk virginia where she goes to school, but no sign of ashaunty. news 4 is live at the high school where everyone's hoping for good news. >> reportehe
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tiny woman, she's not even 5 feet tall. her family saying she believes her daughter's still alive, maybe in trouble, the family spent part of the weekend and a community prayer vigil. >> hear it baby. mommy loves you. mama loves you. come home to me my monky, come home to me. >> reporter: as concern for her daughter areas welfare increases to a alarming level. the fbi is now involved in the investigation into the petite just 4'11" 19 yield. she was living in norfolk to attend culinary school. >> her car was seen leaving the base and at that point is where we're looking for the help from the public. >> reporter: the fbi released this video from monday september 18th, the
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billy showingier mini couper around the time she was supposed to start a early morning shift at. her cell phone was discovered ringing in this dump ster. >> to retire, to deploy, to fight for freedom and turn around and know somebody i gave freedom to has taken my daughter's freedom. >> the family remains close to the search but they are receiving many prayers from their friends here in maryland. now to the definitely go crisis in puerto rico, there is still no running water there, only about 5% of the island has any power. five days after the island took the direct hit from
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millions of americans who live there need more help from the federal government. fema says it's sending thousands more troop and a navy hospital ship to the island. president trump will visit puerto rico next tuesday. >> the largest airport in san juan is filled with people trying to get off the island because the relief supplies are not arriving fast enough. tonight some of those people arrived to a tearful reunion here in washington. live at reagan national with that story. >> reporter: good evening it was such a emotional beautiful reunion this woman tells me she's been praying for her mother to come here to d.c. over the last six days. well, it happened tonight. there are many puerto rican american families in dc, maryland, virginia who are concerned, worried about their relatives on the island, many hoping t
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to reagan national. as planes land and people pick up their relatives, in package claim. >> i love you guys. >> reporter: ma relopez. >> i love united states of america and i'm from puerto rico, i love my island, welcomes her mother maria with a kiss. she just arrived from hurricane ravaged puerto rico with maria's niece and nephew. >> they made it. >> reporter: they waited at the san juan airport for five hours with no ac and little water. hurricane maria left home destroyed, a small amount of gasoline she has bad memories of ravaged neighborhoods. >> i'm worried because there are a lot of people who need help and i'm grateful that i got here. >> reporter: now they're all
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>> they want to take a long shower and they want to have a nice hot meal. >> reporter: isn't that lovely. now ma retells me that her mother, nephew and niece will stay here in the d.c. area until the recovery effort is finished in puerto rico. the last thing she wants to do is return them to the island and she's constantly worried about their well-being. tomorrow morning 10 d.c. officers will head to san juan to help puerto rico's state police. most of them have worked in puerto rico before or have family there. today for the first time since maria sit, one of the officers heard for my son. >> i wiped my tears for a second and went back to the mission. i was happy i could reach out to him and he could call me. like him, there are 3 million people, u.s. citizens that need our help. the
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supplies and satellite phones, phones that do not need cell service in order to operate. >> if you're surprised at the price of your grocery, double-check the price of o.j., the florida department of citrus said irma destroyed the crop, you could be playing $2.30, if brazil can increase its citrus exports to the u.s., it can help the price spike. the high surf from tropical storm maria is eroding beaches and flooding, 10,000 visitors have been told to leave. locals are staying behind as they often do. each erosion could be worse in maryland and virginia than the carolinas. how muchon
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the effects of maria. >> turn to meteorologist amelia draper for the answer. >> we're going to continue to feel the efkts at our beaches through thursday, potentially even the morning house on friday. what you just heard there. kind of a interesting statistic, maybe more erosion in maryland and virginia than north carolina. it's anticipated to see 60% beach erosion, here in maryland and virginia 67% beach erosion this comes from the u.s. coastal change forecast. it's moving 7 miles per hour with maximum winds 70 miles per hour. it's going to skirt carolina coast line, then curve out to sea, continuing to track out thursday, friday, and we will finally not be talking
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but we will be talking about by the weekend how it's very cool in the area. i'll have that in my upcoming forecast. >> reporter: here at the live desk with a man president trump supported in the alabama senate race this is lost. incumbent senator luther strange conceded. he blamed his loss on the current political environment. >> i'm telling you, the political winds, political seeds in this wind are very hard to understand. >> reporter: his opponent the more far right judge moor will compete where attorney general jeff session's old chair. he's been getting support from steve bannon. even though president trump campaigned against him, he called for unity in the republican party and promised to back
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>> don't think anybody in the press think because he supported my opponent i do not support him and his agenda. >> reporter: president trump wasted no time and tweeted his congratulations to judge moore. a quick thinking teacher saw something unusual in the hallway of a prince george's county hallway, it was a student with a gun. as officers arrested the 10th grader this morning at potomac high in oxon hill. the teacher saw the 10th grader and former student exchanging cash for that weapon. the former student stood out because he was not wearing the school's uniform. he was able to get away and police are still looking for him night. new night mixed reaction to montgomery county and a new plan to raise the minimum wage. they held a meeting over to raise it to $10 a hour over a
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number of years. a similar offer died in january. this offered more business exceptions than its failed predecessor. >> mandates like this are forcing businesses to modify operations at the expense of the very employees that such mandates were intended to help. >> increasing wages is the most effective tool to help low income workers move toward self sfigsy. >> it stands at $11.50 a hour. next at 11:00, technology gives a virginia boy a chance to see like he never has before. >> he was able to see their faces. he knew their voices but didn't know their faces. >> the special pair of glasses that's changing his life. >> see what brought comic star and
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six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. . it's not something that we really think about, but today women in saudi arabia learned that they may soon be allowed by law to drive. the saudi ambassador to washington who's also the son of the king says this is a huge step forward for his country. but the change will not take effect until next june. in the past, some have argued that by allowing women to drive, it would lead to prom he is cuety or it could even harm the woman's overies. the saudi ambassador would not comment on whether they would further r
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accompanied by mail guardians, such as their father, husband or son as they move about. a young boy able to see clearly for the first time with the help of wearable technology. his parents and teachers say it's opened up a whole new world for them. >> reporter: hive. >> felix is trying to read words. >> five. >> there you go. now we with do it with the glasses. >> ride. >> reporter: this 10-year-old boy has a whole new outlook. >> this gives him the ability to actually see what's outside of what for him i think is a gray area. >> especially faces because he has to be really within about 2 feet in order to recognize, to discern faces. >> for the first time he
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his class meeting with his pierce and he was able to see their freeways faces. >> reporter: he's had severely impaired vision his whole life. this past summer he got a pair of augmented reality glasses. >> they fill in the outside world and project the imagine on the electronic screen located right here. they sit on the users eyes. >> reporter: new eyes that created the glasses and manufactures them. >> glasses make bigger. and now i'm going to change the contrast. glasses change color. >> reporter: anyone who's legally blind or severely visually impaired is eligible. a few hundred people have them and the cost is just under $6,000 a pair, they are wireless
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changed this little boy's life. we sat in on one of his special education classes while he used his new eyes. >> it is her job. mea helps chan with the ball. >> reporter: what you see behind felix on the screen is what he says mirrored back to him by his glasses. >> there you go. >> reporter: he used to have to sit right up next to the board to be able to see just a little bit. >> he loves them. he loves technology so he loves the glasses a lot and it's been really fun. he loves showing them. he's been sharing them with his peers. >> i think this opposite his world in a way so far we've not had any technology like this that would help in all the ways that this helps. >> reporter: one of the best thing, fell
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us he feels like one of the other kids yet. >> are we done yet? they laughed, they drove, they drank coffee, comedy ians dave chappelle and jerry seinfeld visited the district. they stopped buy duke ellington's school of the west, that's chappelle's al ma matter. the car they were driving, one of jerry's hot sit reason car needed to be jump started. they -- chappelle is doing a series of shows in the warner theatre if you're lucky enough to see that. >> a cool ride with cool cats. >> with that job, you need a jump, a million people want to help you. >> the weather was
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>> it will change on thursday. for tomorrow feeling like summer once again, temperatures near 90 degrees, but when you factor in the humidity it will feel moer like mid 90's, that'll be your first weather headline. then thursday you see the changes with a cold front, that's going to lead to breezy conditions around for thursday morning on into at least the midday hours and much more comfortable air by thursday afternoon, humidity levels finally drop. for the weekend, fall is back friday. we're coming into the 70s, washington one of the warmer spots, 78 degrees. you have leesburg coming in at 70, twin brook 72. another nice start tomorrow morning heading out the door, you want your sunglasses. we'll have plenty of sunshine out there from
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just a few clouds around tomorrow morning. you want the tee-shirt for the kids with mid 90s being the feels like temperature. 7:00 a.m. some cloudiness from maria, we're around 69 degrees, after early morning clouds mostly sunny cloud the rest of the day. 82 degrees around lunch time, a high of 90, in the evening we're in the mid 80s. it is hot and humid, if you want lunch outdoor, eat in the shade. most of us completely dry tomorrow from start to finish, but i'll allow for a isolated shower in you're in southern maryland east of 95. thursday is our transition day. starts out a little muggy, thursday evening will be georges and a breeze will be with us again especially for the morning and midday hours and the cooler temperatures as well. take a loo
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forecast on friday we have high temperatures in the low to mid-70s with plenty of sunshine out there. saturday more sunshine than clouds, sunday it is a cool and crisp start. 52 degrees in the district, 40s in the suburbs. 71 for a high. after that really nice, mid to upper 70s. >> sweet. good timing. thanks. coming up bryce harper back for the nats and
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desk. >> well, bryce returned but the nats needed a little more than that. >> it wasn't the jaw dropping return we were hoping for. but it served its purpose. >> you don't want to wear him out. he's been injured, had flu like symptoms. >> bryce harper back on the field. will he return tomorrow. all depends how he feels with the knee. he did not get a hit in three at-bats but he feels about what he can do tonight. heading back to the batter's box. this was all about patience. i thought it was pretty impressive. if you're taking three straight pitches, he takes four and it's a four pitch walk. bryce finished 0-2 with a strikeout and walk in the game. also getting work in the field. bottom one, al tier at the
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pivotic, throwing, good steeg him sprinting, some trouble in the third. batting two on, takes this deep to center over the head of michael a. taylor, one run comes in to score, the second being sent. here's the throw and he is safe they plate. geo allows 3 to 5 innings, the philly win. >> felt good to be back, tearing it down the line. felt feign. got to speed it up a little bit on that play. i was happy about that. felt good. tried to, you know, see what i feel like tomorrow. try to get back out there. >> the orioles the pirates where it's is stair
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phone. bottom of 2, pirates up 2, bases loaded, boom, jacked this deep in center and it's gone, first career grand slam for mckuch in. two one, two up, mckuchen at it again in the seats in right, fouror four, 8 rbi. pirates bead the birds 10-1 the final. to the court wizards starting training camp in richmond high expectations. and it's nice to have the core set in place for years to come. signing a extension in the summer, over 400 million tied to three players. big sign of faith from management and a bigger opportunity for the guys to prove them right. >> that means the world to us. like ted always has
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give as much as expected. that's not any pressure, just more expectations. we expect ourselves to get better each year. it's a challenge. we accept it as men. and we're going to lead our team. >> they're just starting in richmond, there all week, saturday they open the season three weeks in one day against foelts, the number one overall pick. that's at the capitol one
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kate winslet, milo ventimiglia,


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