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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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73 right now in washington. so it is very comfortable outside, but it's mild. 63 gaithersburg, 69 manassas and fredericksburg and annapolis coming in at 76 degrees. if you're commuting -- many of you are, but if you're about to leave the house and leave for your commute, we're looking at dry roads this morning. 74 degrees. by lunchtime, look how warm we're getting. 85 degrees and by 5:00 p.m. you'll have the ac on. temperatures close to 90. we could have a stray shower around at best. we're still watching now tropical storm maria off the north carolina coast line. this thing is going to head out to sea. what's going to help it do that is a cold front. it's really going to be cooling us down. we'll take a look at the fall weather on the way. that's coming up. let's check the roads with jack taylor, wtop. hi, jack. >> good morning. crash eastbound washington
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boulevard between columbia pike. new crash on 66 eastbound just after lyndon. left side of the roadway, vehicle unfortunately left the roadway down into the woods. a lot of equipment is headed there. we have crews working rock creek parkway down to the kennedy center, they should be in the wrapup stages. cleared by 6:15. give it a few minutes. they'll be gone by the time you get there. aaron, eun, back to you. >> jack, thank you. it's 6:01. hateful messages on the american university campus in northwest washington are sparking anger and worry this morning. >> confederate flags were posted inside different school buildings. people say they will not be intimidated. aaron tuss is live with more reaction and what police are doing. good morning, aaron. police are actively searching for whoever might be responsible.
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>> at least three buildings we're having the posters of the cotton flag -- the confederate flags with the cotton with them. police are actively searching for whoever may be responsible for what is going on here. this is obviously sparking some concern here on the campus of american university as the campus has been dealing with issue after issue. this actually came on the same day that it was announced that an anti-racism center was going to be unveiled here. the plans on campus and it comes months after of course you might remember those bananas were found happening from nooses here on campus. a lot of people weighing in on this including the campus president who is telling people not to be deterred by this. telling people to remain strong. professors on campus trying to encourage students not to be bothered and continue on with the way they would live their lives. the police are trying to figure out if these images are in some way connected to that previous incident with the
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the noozses. no one has been found responsible for either of these incidents. police trying to figure out what is going on here. as american university wakes up yet again with more hateful messages posted here on campus, guys. back to you. >> adam tuss live at american university campus. adam, thank you. 6:03. following breaking news in northwest d.c. this morning. it took more than 100 firefighters to put out this fire at the ecuadorian embassy. >> that is at 15 and euclid street. one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital. the d.c. fire department tweeted this video of the two alarm fire. you can see the flames shooting out from the roof there. it took firefighters two hours to battle that fire from inside 15th street is now open to traffic. >> some breaking news now in prince gorges county. angie goff live at the news desk. >> breaking news at temple hills where we take you to the scene of a shooting investigation in a residential neighborhood. this is
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killed we're told right after 1:00 this morning on rocky mountain drive in temple hills. prince gorges police have not released information about a search for any suspect at this point but, of course, we will continue to follow up. that's the latest from the live desk. eun, back to you. >> angie, thank you. 6:04. now to the latest assault on a metro bus driver. metro transit police say this woman, allison thomas of northwest washington, was arrested tuesday after assaulting a w1 metro bus driver with a bottle of sunny delight orange juice. police say thomas was on the bus with two children and became upset after the driver drove off before they were seated. you'll remember this assault, take a look here. this happened last month on an x2 metro bus. a different woman threw a cup of urine on a driver. both women were charged with simple assault. now to the developing crisis in puerto rico. the governor there saying there is no running
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of that island has power. today ten d.c. police officers will head to san juan to help state police there. this is more than just an assignment for many of these officers. most of them have either worked in puerto rico or have family there. one officer said a week after maria hit he finally got to hear his son's voice. >> i wiped my tears for a second and went back to the mission. i'm happy that i was able to reach out to him and that he can call me but like him, there are 3 million people in puerto rico, u.s. citizens that need our help. >> they say the officers will also take supplies and satellite phones with them so they don't need cell service while they're there. fema also says it's sending thousands of troops and a navy hospital ship to the island. the help is arriving too late though for some people who say this past week has been unbearable. we've seen these images of hundreds of people trying to board a plane to get off the
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marie vazquez lopez finally reunited with her 85-year-old mother. she along with a niece and nephew arrived at ragan national airport last night. the family waited five hours in line to get on a plane yesterday. they told us while they're happy to be here in the states, they're still thinking about everyone back home. >> i'm so sad because my parents couldn't get plane tickets because it's packed down there in the airports. there's like no flights until like october people are saying. >> tough situation. president trump will visit puerto rico next tuesday. 6:06 now. we now know the name of a motorcyclist who died in a crash with a tractor-trailer. fairfax county police say justin wright was killed driving on back lick road in springfield when the tractor-trailerer
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the roadway. wright drove into it. police believe wright may have been going too fast at the time. today president trump is expected to try and sell the republican's new tax reform plan. the administration officials and top congressional leaders are calling for a 20% top rate for corporations. the president has demanded tax negotiators stick with a 15% corporate rate. 6:07 is our time right now. this is how it's being spun at this point. >> okay. >> twitter is trying to give us more space to express ourselves, to share who we are on the internet. >> that's dangerous territory right there. the social media giant is testing out a new 280 character limit. that's doubling the current limit. this is with a small group of users. in this announcement twitter says 140 characters just isn't enough space for some users to express themselves. h'm. most people that are reaching out or reacting to the idea say they would not like the
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and some want twitter to come out with an edit feature instead. that's the thing i think will work. tweet us. it forces us to be brief and concise and get to the point. >> that's true. we put out a poll -- >> i don't have time to read more than 140 characters. >> the majority of people in our poll are saying no. no to the extended tweets. if you watch hd tv, it's tough to miss chip and joanna gains. you see them right there. the surprise announcement to end be their hit show and what's in the future for the fixer uppers. plus, a gun deal goes down at a local high school. the arrest caught on camera. the quick thinking decision that may have saved lives. >> we have a mostly clear sky outside now. we will get a few clouds in later on in the day. the real story is the warmth. 60s and low 70s now will turn into the upper 90s later on in the day. a stray shower, how will the weathertay into s
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too.
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missing kid alert. just in to the live desk. take a look at this photo. we've also posted it on social media. share it if you can. 13-year-old gabriella ramirez is missing. she was last seen two days ago in the 3400 block of cheri hill and beltsville. if you have seen her or you may know where she is, please contact police. prince gorges county police leading the search. now back to you. thanks, angie. a very mild start to your wednesday. hump day. getting closer and closer to the weekend as you're waiting on the bus outside early this morning. temperatures near 70 early. low to m
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upper 80s near 90. there is a 20% chance of isolated shower. highest chances down in southern maryland south of waldorf. sheena's got your five day forecast coming up. hey, chuck. we've got an incident in the in bound stretch new york avenue. near kendall street we had a crash and it has within blocking the left lane. that just cleared. district authorities have wrapped up there. in arlington, washington boulevard eastbound between columbia pike and 110 have accident activity blocking the right side of the roadway. linden, a vehicle left the roadway off to the left side into the trees. a lot of equipment headed to the scene. back to you. tickets to see the nationals in the first round of the playoffs go on sale today. new want these though, you have to have a season
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the presale for season ticket holders starts at 10:00 this morning. tickets for the general public will be available on thursday. first game, friday, october 6th. if you're lucky enough to score tickets to playoff games, guess what? you're going to see this guy. bryce harper back on the field. he returned to the nationalities lineup last night. he only played five innings. he didn't want to overdo it. harper hurt his knee back in august and was out for six weeks. four major college basketball programs are in damage control mode this morning. their coaches are facing federal charges for bribery in the ncaa. a federal attorney says the coaches took between 13,000 and $100,000 to convince@leads to hire advisers or wear specific brands. coaches from auburn university, oklahoma state, university of arizona and usc were all arrested yesterday. six other people are also facing chanchs now and this could just be
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other universities could be involved. you may remember that terrible story last year when an alligator killed a child at disney world in florida. the toddler here is pictured and he lost his life after he was dragged away by an alligator. now his parents are launching their new lane thomas foundation that will help families caring for children undergoing organ transplants. the foundation will help with transportation, living and food costs for families during the child's hospital stay. well, you know, a lot of people might agree you go to target for one thing, you come out with 12 things you didn't expect to get. >> i can't get out of there without spending 50 bucks. i just need shampoo. i'm buying shirts and power bar. >> this story takes it to a whole new level. >> uh-oh. >> one expectant mother in georgia did the same thing. she went in expecting to get one thing and left with a baby. >> that doesn't sound like that. shad
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store that day, it was a labor and delivery nurse. couldn't get more lucky than that. she walked up and helped her deliver the baby. >> i see a lot of people saying that it's god sent. she was god sent. that's really what goes through my mind. god's provision. >> the right people were in the right place. it was one of those surreal things. >> look at that adorable baby. my goodness. there were actually two other nurses in the store as well that helped deliver her baby. the baby 11 pounds. >> what? >> what? >> and 6 ounces! >> i thought they -- i thought they knocked you out before they deliver a baby like that. >> wow. she delivered an 11 pound baby at the target. congratulations. a big boy. the way he first said it it sounded like she went and bought the baby at the target on the shelves like butter, cheat tows, baby. >> little boy. so we want to -- co
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around here to check in on this morning. a new member of the family. >> we miss her so much. >> we are talking about melissa mollet who's been on maternity leave with her newest baby colette. ryan, she is joining us this morning because molette is up this hour. norm is with you now. >> norm's here. norm is like, what's going on? i see a camera. i need to be part of this. but she is now out. she was awake, now she's out. she's got her hand over her face. she's being very dramatic here. that woman in target, an 11 pound baby. eun, i mean -- >> that's crazy. >> ow. i feel for this woman. no, they don't knock you out, aaron. >> i remember, what is it, an epidural. >> that doesn't knock you out. >> oh, it should. 11 pounds. >> she's a beautiful baby, fyi. my goodness gracious. >> melissa, how is everything
6:18 am
>> thank you. >> two other kids that are there with you as well. everybody's happy and getting along, i hope? >> everybody's good and the dog and the husband, it's just like a lot, you know? a lot going on. everyone's great. colette's doing really, really bell. -- well. if you're the third child, you have to keep yourself in check. barrett is 16 months this week. she's all over the place starting to run. she always comes over to the baby and blows her kisses and stuff. brennan, of course, is 7 and he's totally into it. protective big brother and loving every second. but mama is a very, very tired. >> yes. there is nothing like the sleep deprivation that a newborn baby brings. let me tell you. it's had ard to describe. you look fantastic, so does colette. sending all kinds
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norm. >> if you need rest, come back to work any time. >> i know. norm, too. i thought you were going to say if i need rest you can come baby set. >> melissa, you know absolutely i will send somebody over to baby-sit. >> he has people for this sort of thing apparently, melissa. >> thank you. >> great to see you. great to see you. >> you know what, at this point, i'll take it. i don't care who you send. >> baby sleeping so you go back to sleep while the baby is asleep. >> look, you do know that rule. you sleep when the baby sheeps. >> a good friend of mine said -- she said being on your shift is like having a newborn baby all the time. i said, exactly. >> all the time. >> that is what it is like for the rest of us. >> all the time. >> crazy hours. this morning though if you're up early, i tried to drive in with the windows down this morning. >> you said that. >> little too muggy for that. >> ruin your hair. >> yeah. >> that was my concern. >> yes. you know, but, look -
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>> we can't ruin aaron's hair when he's finding out what it's like to have a newborn baby every morning. >> too much at once. >> way too much at once. you won't want the windows down this afternoon, aaron. i will tell you as we go into the end of the week and the weekend, you will definitely, i guarantee you're going to have the windows down, i guarantee it. it's going to be really nice around here after about today. weather outlook, mild and dry. you don't have to worry about any rain. we could have a couple of isolated showers this afternoon. commute is dry. exercising outside is going to be best early today. it's going to feel like summer this afternoon. we're talking about temperatures near 90 degrees. lunch outside, you want to sit in the shade because it's going to heat up. mid 80s. 67 gaithersburg. 79 clinton. 73 degrees. if you're walking the dog today, this morning is going to be the coolest time obviously. this isev
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figure out how to give her a home. by 8:00, 80 degrees. by the afternoon, 89 degrees. tropical storm maria which is a tropical storm spinning off the north carolina coast. churning up the seas here. as we go into the next 24 hours, this is going to move off the shore. look at the cooler temperatures as we go into friday after noon. talking about highs in the mid to low 70s. look at our temperature trend. we have a huge temperature swing coming up. normal highs, 79 degrees. tomorrow at 90 and tomorrow at 80. breezy tomorrow. friday, mid 70s. look at saturday, low 70s. this is windows down weather, not today. as we go into the weekend, absolutely gorgeous. feeling like fall. really nice out there. let's check your commute with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> hey, sheena. 66 eastbound out of linden a vehicle left the roadway down
6:22 am
authorities should be on the scene by now. 66 eastbound reportedly after 123, sounds like we have a broken down vehicle on the right side. roadways. arlington, washington and the boulevard, accident activity causing a slowdown arriving into arlington. back to you. 6:22 now. scare in the air. a chopper targeted. danger for the crew that patrols our skies and the simple tool that turned into a weapon. ♪ ♪ and if you missed out on the new season of "the voice," we are getting you all caught up. the local star that is already stepping into the spotlight.
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you're watching "news 4 today." "the voice" is back in action and the second night of blind auditions did not disappoint. a allot of tell lent out there. >> check out this chair turning performance. ♪ ♪ epic. four chair turn for keisha rene from englewood, california. the judges, blake shelton, adam levine, miley cyrus and jennifer hudson could not deny her talent. there's a local guy we can
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♪ ♪ that's brendan shocking his students. he is now a member of team adam. he's been successful, that adam levine. he made his debut on the season premiere monday night. his family there. follow his journey on "the voice" every monday and tuesday 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. we love that he's a teacher and from arlington sipping his heart out. >> nice guy, too. >> go brandon. >> keep an eye on him. tell you about your favorite hd tv couple. they're saying good-bye to their show after five seasons. >> this is so sad. fixer uppers chip and joanna gains. their family is healthy and their marriage is strong because the rumor mill always gets started when things like this get started. they want to get back to a normal life in texas. >> for a w
6:27 am
like season five was going to be our final for this chapter. you know, we started out as business owners. our beautiful business here in waco. it needs our attention. we need to pour into that as much as we can. >> i don't know if they're going to be able to get back to normal. they have such a huge following. you can't go anywhere near waco or their magnolia market. >> they have a couple of businesses and be they're filthy rich. you can't be normal after making that much money. >> they do say they want to spend time with their children. they have four of them. seems so sweet at least from tv. >> we wish them well. >> yes, we're going to miss them. free speech fight. protesters clash in the streets. the campus that is dealing with another round of violence. the family of ashanti billy now alongside the fbi as they continue the search for their daughter. we are live with their pleas for help as well as the new
6:28 am
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missing. fbi on the case. a teen with prince gorges county ties missing on a military base. campus clash. protesters taking place. confederate flag outrage. a local campus marred with signs of hate again. new this morning, a look at the first pictures and the action the school is taking now. escaping the devastation. hurricane victims from puerto rico arrive in the d.c. area. see the family reunion that's been a long time coming. >> they made it here. "news 4 today" starts now. a lot of ground to cover for you on this wednesday morning for "news 4 today." 6:31 right now. get ready for another hot and sticky wednesday. you can feel the humidity already as we take a live look outside. pretty picture. storm team 4
6:32 am
bell and sheena parveen are on the weather desk. one more hot day, is that right? >> yeah. do you like it, eun? is it too hot? >> i'm going to take every warm day i can get. >> me, too. >> i know it's going to be cold before we get it. >> fall is the doorway to winter. >> i'm a fan of changing and a fan of going and visiting schools. yesterday i was at the congress -- yeah, i was at the congress heights campus of the center city public charter schools. the clicker is in my backpack. i'm prepared. you've got the clicker in there. >> i have your wallet. >> that's my wallet. leave my wallet alone. looking for the clicker. >> this is supposed to be a fun spot and now we've gone fishing in there. >> this is a pencil. >> see, they stocked me up with all kinds of good stuff. >> you can't find the clicker in there. >> if you hold still. >> i'll walk you through it. >> oh, wait i've got it. >> i'll walk you through it. >> i've got it. >> that was
6:33 am
the kids were a lot better behaved than i was in the backpack this morning. hot today. maybe an outside chance of a shower or two. highs near 90 today. look how much cooler it will be by the weekend. highs in the low 70s. in the 70s, highs in the upper 80s. >> if you didn't put so much stuff in the backpack, chuck. >> they put it in there. >> they put a wallet in there? >> i want my ten bucks back. jack taylor, let's go over to you at wtop and see how traffic is. >> that was awesome. all right. washington boulevard eastbound in arlington, we have a crash. unfortunately authorities remain on scene. it's still causing major delays. the good news is, tow truck is there. left lane is blocked. only one right lane getting through. maryland, upper frederick county. head towards middletown and braddock heights. that's causing early slowdowns. it was a really fast work zone in bound on new york avenue at the
6:34 am
left lane blocked. just cleared from the roadway. back in to you. >> jack, thank you. we will not be intimidated. that is a message coming from officials at american university after these confederate flag posters showed up on campus yesterday. some of those images were posted outside of a history of racism class. the posters discovered on the same night the school unveils plans for the anti-racism center. it was created after several racist incidents happened in may. prince gorges county police are looking for clues from a murder that happened. a man was shot and killed on temple hills on rocky mountain drive. the shooting happened a little bit before 1:00 in the morning. the high surf from tropical storm maria is eroding beaches and flooding some parts of north carolina's outer banks. more than 10,000 visitors have been told to leave. locals are staying behind and experts say beach
6:35 am
be worse in maryland and virginia than it is in north carolina. it's 6:35. today the parents of a young prince gorges county woman will be searching for their daughter. >> 19-year-old ashanti billy has been missing. the fbi has ramped up their efforts to find her. news 4's justin finch is live with what investigators have found so far. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. ashanti's old assistant principal at wise high says they're working to keep her face and her story out there. meantime, the fbi has released some new video that they and her loved ones hope lead to ashanti and some answers. taking you to a candlelight vigil held sunday where her parents have said they are not leaving virginia without their daughter. they're hoping that this $10,000 reward will turn up some tips that lead to ashanti's safe return. fr
6:36 am
surveillance video showing ashanti's car, a new white mini cooper, that's her car leaving the j.e.b. naval creek base where she works. what happens next here is the mystery. we have some other points investigators are looking at including where work jerps found her phone working and then her car, that mini koocher found five miles from the base. a ashante's mother says she has questions. >> you can't see who was in that car. you can't see if she was driving it. you can't see if someone was in there forcing her out. >> reporter: and our sister station down there says a neighbor told them that car had been there for a few days. the question though is who left that car there and where is ashanti. the fbi hoping that tips in this case will help them find her and they are still looking for as
6:37 am
back in to you in the studio. >> justin finch live for us in upper marlboro. thank you. a centerville man was arrested after authorities say he pointed a laser at a police helicopter. >> this happened on saturday. fairfax county police officers were making their way back to their hanger when they spotted that laser. >> i think he just said it was a laser pointer. >> oh, there it was. there was a laser pointer in there. pointing at the aircraft. that's not cool. >> do you feel it was directed at us? >> there's no doubt. >> i guess i kind of maintained cop mode. the person has done something bad and i want to catch them and find out what's going on. >> now officers on the ground were able to make the arrest and seize a high powered laser from the car. the suspect is now facing criminal charges. kneeling on the house floor. the protest that is going well beyond the playing field. why one congresswoman said she did it. and in case you haven't heard,
6:38 am
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jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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two legendary comedians take a stroll around the district. >> and your eyes aren't playing tricks on you yet. yes, that's dave chappelle and jerry seinfeld. they visited d.c. to film comedians in cars getting coffee. exactly what it is, that show. they stopped by duke ellington school of the arts in the northwest. that's where chappelle went to high school. not everything went as planned. the car the comedians were riding in needed a jump. you think two famous comedians, you wouldn't have issues. they didn't seem concerned about it. they went on their way. >> chappelle is doing a show at the warner theater in d.c. good luck getting tickets for that. >> we knew he was going to come because he gave that shout out at the emmys to d.c. public schools. >>
6:42 am
i am so excited for that, by the way. i heard jerry seinfeld talking about it on howard stern how chappelle is going to be in his next episode. i am so excited. 73 currently. nice outside. by 10:00 a.m., 82 degrees. by noon, mid 80s. near 90 this afternoon. fall weather is on the way. we'll show you that coming up. let's check the weather. jack taylor, wtop. >> good morning. couple of hiccups on 66 coming eastbound before 244 business. broken down dump truck in the far right lane. fairfax, 66 east after 123. another broken down vehicle in the right lane. hopefully before you hit the road they'll both be gone. >> jack, thank you. after the hurricane, a long time coming. families reunite. the airport connections you're going to want to see. it happened again. someone attacked a metro bus
6:43 am
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welcome back. at 6:45, outrage, anger, hurt and fear. those are some of the emotions students and staff are talking about. this comes after signs of hate were posted across the campus. news 4's adam tuss is live from au with reaction and what the school is doing to calm concerns. adam, good morning.
6:46 am
campus police want to try to figure out what is going on here. the confederate flags with pictures of cotton on them posted in at least three buildings on campus. i want to bring in matt stievack. >> you went into class, came out. how do you feel? >> yeah, i'm all right. i feel for everyone else on campus. people are angry. people are on edge. i'm all right. >> you mentioned one word because we were talking about it. >> the second and that american has been dealing with. high tensions here on campus. you guys are now at a point where they just want to see this end. you want justice, right? >> honestly, i won't say the population. at this point, everyone does. throwing cameras in the
6:47 am
of the academic building so you can't see who necessarily did it. it's the second time it happened and it's stupid at this point. >> what is the sense on campus? i mean, you're a senior. you've been here a number of years. do you feel like this is starting to taint their experience? is it something the world is dealing with now? >> it's something the united states has dealt with since its inception. it's all over the united states. all over the world, but in terms of campus, i mean, people aren't happy but they also recognize this isn't like an isolated incident either. >> this all comes on the same day that an announcement was made about an anti-racism center here on campus. so wrap all of that together and just tell me about your feeling on that. >> yeah. it's a new anti-racist research and policy center that's going to be really needed especially in these times. i'm not going to necessarily draw any conclusions about the timing of it. there's no right time or wrong time for these things to happen. the fact that it happened in the first place is enough to be concerne
6:48 am
senior here at american university. people are already starting to come out to the campus this morning after this incident to express their concerns, guys. campus police still trying to figure out if this is connected to the previous incident of hate here on the campus. back to you. >> all right. adam tuss live in northwest washington for us. adam, thank you. 6:48 right now. new this morning, fredericksburg leaders have decided to keep an historic slave auction block in place in that city. the freelance star reported that the city voted to leave the stone rather than moving to a local museum. the location came into question after cities around the country started removing confederate monuments and statues. that sits at the corner of charles and williams street. breaking news in the district. we're still working to find out what set off a massive fire at the ecuadorian embassy. >> it broke out just after midnight. more than 100 firefighters were called to battle the two alarm fire. on
6:49 am
hospital. we're working to find out his condition. 15th street has reopened. also breaking, we've just learned a woman was killed while she was crossing the street in gaithersburg. montgomery county police say she was walking across muddy branch road when a lexus ran her over. she died there. she was 76 years old. now to the latest assault on a metro bus driver. metro transit police say this woman, allison thomas of northwest washington, was arrested tuesday after assaulting a w1 metro bus driver with a bottle of sunny delight. she was on the bus with two children and became upset after the driver drove off before they were seated. you may remember this assault. this video that happened last month on an x2 metro bus. that's when a different woman threw a cup of urine on a driver. both women were charged with simple assault. students will be returning to potomac high school this morning after a scare on campus yesterda
6:50 am
video as officers took a 10th grade boy into custody at potomac high in austin hill. prince gorges county police tell us the student had a gun yesterday. this started when a teacher spotted the boy exchanging cash with another teen who was trespassi trespassing. school resource officer was immediately called and the school was placed on lockdown for about two hours. police are still looking for the trespassing teen. want to show you some images coming in from berkeley, california, right now. yet another heated free speech protest there. yesterday the protesters interrupted a rally sponsored by the right wing group patriot prayer. police arrested four people there. the patriot prayer march and rally was supposed to run four days but because of the protests sponsors decided to ind the event a day early. a show of support for nfl players in a surprising place on the floor of the united states house of representatives. >> congresswoman sheila
6:51 am
lee took a knee on capitol hill yesterday proclaiming her solidarity with players who choose to defy president trump and protest police brutality. >> i kneel in honor of the first amendment. i kneel because the flag is a symbol of freedom. i kneel because i'm going to stand against racism. i kneel because i will stand with those young men and i will stand with our soldiers and i will stand with america because i kneel. >> your time has expired. >> lee called president trump's comments about players who kneel on the field racist. we have new video into the live desk out of southern california where strong winds continue to fuel the big canyon fire. this is near anaheim. mandatory evacuations were ordered for hundreds of homes. thousands fled. you can see the flames there like a torch in the sky. the blaze right now, we last
6:52 am
no word still what started this fire. it's already burned through more than 2,000 acres of land and destroyed one home and a big rig. now back to you, aaron. >> angie, thank you. 6:52 right now. we turn to the developing crisis in puerto rico right now. the governor saying there's no running water and only 5% of that island has power. today 10 d.c. police officers will head to san juan to help the police force there. officers will take supplies and satellite phones with them. president trump will visit puerto rico next tuesday. fema also says it's sending thousands of troops and a may havy -- a navy hospital ship to the island. this past week has been unbearable say some. seeing these images of hundreds of people desperate to board a plane to get off the island. our cameras were there when marie vasquez lopez reunited with her mother there. she along w
6:53 am
international airport last night. they waited five hours in line to get on a plane yesterday. they told us while they are happy to be in the united states, they are still thinking of everyone back at home. >> but i'm so sad because my parents couldn't get plane tickets because it's packed down there in the airports. there's like no flights until like october people are saying. >> the family says to stay here until the recovery in puerto rico is finished. that's the plan. no word how long that can take. >> you see the damage -- the pictures of the damage coming in. in every instance there's a person, there's a family attached to that stuff and it's hard to deal with. let's check in with wtop's jack taylor first. >> hey, guys, good morning. 66 eastbound we had a couple trouble spots this morning. report 234 business broken down dump truck in the right lane.
6:54 am
vehicle. that one may have been moved over to the shoulder. washington boulevard moving eastbound before 110. that crash is gone. the delays are starting to ease. i-70 eastbound near route 40 headed towards middletown, the crash blocks the right lane of three. rest of the downhill slowdown 270 normal for this time. year. speaking of normal for this time of year, chuck, we have 80s but i see 70s in your looking ahead forecast. >> absolutely right. today is the last of the high temperature days for sure. up close to 90 degrees again today. if we hit 90 that will be three out of the last four days 90 degrees or higher. otherwise looking eastbound from our tower camera, notice more and more on the eastbound horizon. the clouds are the outer most reaches of what is tropical storm maria, but that will send enough cloud cover our way where southern marry land and the eastern shore will be under to partly to at most tim
6:55 am
temperatures as a result will be a little lower farther south and east. just enough time to get temperatures close to 90. the storm will make a slow right-hand turn before racing out to sea. by friday morning early it will be well off the coast line. tl thereafter it will simply race across the north atlantic and head out to the united kingdom. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. average high is 75. we're almost there already. the sun is not even up just yet. 89 the high. only a 20% chance of a stray shower between 2 and 5:00. here's that little hint of a rain chance there between 2:00 and 5:00. really along and to the east and south of i-95. that's the best chance. if you're going to see a stray shower, that's the best place to see it. for tomorrow, big story is a gusty northwest wind up near 30 miles an hour. kind of on the blustery side. that's the cooler air. much more typical of the end of september, early octo
6:56 am
right around 70. sunday morning, almost chilly. most of the suburbs in the 40s sunday morning. >> 40 is cold. it's 6:56. here are 4 things to know. these confederate flag posters with cotton branches attached sparked anger and concern among students at american university in d.c. the posters were discovered yesterday the same night the schools unveiled plans at the anti-racism center. the school will not be intimidated. follow adam tuss on twitter with a look at how the school is responding. 15th street is back open after a large fire at the ecuadorian embassy in northwest d.c. more than 100 firefighters were called in. one firefighter taken to the hospital. check the nbc app for updates. the search for the missing prince gorges county teen is ramping up. the fbi released video that showed ashanti cooper's mini cooper entering and leaving the
6:57 am
military base. follow news 4's justin finch on twitter for more information. president trump visits indiana to sell his tax reform plan. he's pushing for 15% cut. a full breakdown of his plan next on the "today" show. and as chuck just showed you, near 90 degrees today. the normal is 75. take a look at tomorrow though. we start to see some changes. a cold front moves through and the fall weather quickly arrives friday through the weekend. it will be cool to many people in the afternoon, saturday and sunday. low 70s. >> thank you, sheena.
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