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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now on news 4 today, still holding out hope after a grim discovery. the family of a missing teenager, praying investigators do not concern their worst fear. angie, developing right now, an arrest at an area trail attack. police trying to figure out if the suspect is responsible for more attacks. we are dying here. >> harsh words from the mayor of san juan, as the crisis in puerto rico worsens. we have the latest on recovery efforts following the devastation of hurricane maria. >> announcer: news 4 today starts now. >> we welcome you in on this saturday morning, the 30th of september,
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good morning to you. i'm david culver alongside angie goff. >> we're going to talk more about maria because this is a dire situation. they're expecting more rain, and it is going to slow recovery efforts. i feel so bad for the people there. >> i've been doing several stories on this all week, and a lot of you are trying to determine how to help. you feel the need to want to do something. you see the images and can't do anything but that. >> and we want to talk about our weather this weekend. i will say, there was a bit of a chill in the air this morning. >> yeah. >> i welcome that. >> you do? >> after -- >> lauryn ricketts is tracking it. >> after a week of heat. >> this last day of september, feeling like it. >> feeling more like fall now, finally. yes, tomorrow is october 1st. now we're getting a real taste of the autumn weather out there. average temperatures should be in the mid 70s for this time of year. we're going to be below that for daytime highs today. clear skies, you can see every star out there. it is absolutely beautiful right no
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sun coming up at 7:03. currently, the temperature at 62 degrees. again, with a full, clear sky out there. just looking beautiful as we continue as you wake up this morning. temperatures may dip as we get to the 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. hour. then we're going to warm up slowly, and not much today. the temperature cooler than our actual, average temperature. we'll talk about how cool it'll be for the rest of the weekend coming up. 6:02. we want to begin with the breaking news. d.c. police telling us two people were shot inside their car at the intersection of new york road. they drove on to the bw parkway and pulled off on a side street to call for help. as you can tell, they were loaded into ambulances and taken to the hospital from there. still no word yet on their conditions or possible suspect information. coming up on
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saturday. this is a story we've been following from the start. asihanti billie's family making their way to charlotte, to see if a body found is the missing teen. >> her family is praying it is not ashanti but preparing for the worst. >> reporter: from norfolk, a somber statement from the family's spokesperson. >> we would like to thank the hampton community and beyond for their prayers and their support. we have received information that a body hablo kas been loca charlotte, north carolina. as the family awaits further updates, we ask that you continue to keep us in prayer and pray that this is not ashanti billie. thank you. >> reporter: the disheartening discovery was made by landscapers in charlotte, north carolina, approximately six
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hours from norfolk. the secluded area has, in the past, drawn criminal activity. >> this has been a problem for a long time. >> we went a little where you didn't hear the pow, pow, pow. it's picked up again. >> ashanti billie has been missing since monday, september 18th. the fbi is involved in the search for the graduate. she attends tu s culinary schoo norfolk, and her mini cooper was seen at the military base where she worked at a fast food restaurant the morning she disappeared. the vehicle was found abandoned several plimiles away. her fully charged cell phone was found in a dumpster. >> that was jackie benson reporting. we have more details on this case in our nbc washington app. six women sexually assaulted in the area of this popularfax . that happened iwo
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jeremiah whitmore talley has been arrested. if your weekend plans include going out on a trail, be sure to stay alert and even go with a buddy. bring a friend along. this saturday morning, a massive search continues for some men who used a stolen u-haul truck to steal an atm from nationals park. you're looking at the new surveillance video of one of two persons of interest. d.c. police and the fbi telling us they rammed into the atm outside of the box office tearing it apart, but they didn't get away with the machine or cash. the men ended up jumping into a tan pickup truck and sped away. if you know anything about this, please contact police. at 6:05, the drop in temperature is not stopping some activists from raising awareness about gun violence in the district. in fact, they are camped outside in northeast -- or they c
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outside in northeast where two teenagers were killed. jamari stone brings us the messages of hope. >> it pains me. that's why i came out. >> reporter: bay worries about his son, drew, after recent gun violence in northeast d.c. >> every day i worry about his safety, because i realize that if nothing else, if nothing else, i have to be able to hold him close to me. >> reporter: he drove drew to hear council member mcduffie speak about the murder of 16-year-old kelly and 17-year-old seidnor. >> when parents have to bury their children, which is not the natural order, everybody should be outraged by that. >> reporter: council member mccuffm mcduffey and activists walked the street, where kelly was shot and killed during a robbery last week. investigators tell us he tried to defend himself with a knife. both teens
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happened less than a half mile away from where a stray bullet killed seidnor in august. >> the culture of gun violence in our communities is a problem. we know what the problem is. so tonight, we're going to encourage people to focus on the solutions. >> reporter: the council member encourages people to share their thoughts on he hweb his website >> hope the violence comes to an end soon. she has been arrested again. talking about this woman right here. opal brown. transit police arrested brown on friday for the second time after she failed to show up to court this week to face charges stemming from this bizarre video. it was recorded august 26th. that's when brown says she used the bathroom in a cup and then tossed it on
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because she didn't like the way the driver said, quote, "have a nice day." 6:07. a national call for racial fairness. marchers are joining forces in d.c. this morning. it'll begin with the march for black women at 9:00 in capitol hill -- or on capitol hill. the group will march to lincoln park to meet up with the march for racial justice, beginning at 10:00 a.m. together, the groups will march to the justice department and national mall this afternoon. puerto ricans, to put it bluntly, are desperate. they're waking up to another day of dwindling food, scarce water supply and no fuel after maria pounded the u.s. territory more than a week ago. supplies are trickling in, but many feel it is too little, too late. the mayor of san juan is lashing out at the trump administration and warning of a, quote, genocide if more help doesn't arrive a
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contrast. >> the world will see how we are treated, not as second class situations, but as animals that can be disposed of. we are dying here. >> as i've learned over the past week, many of you have ties to puerto rico. we want to bring you a first-hand look at that situation down there. it is why we will travel there as the u.s. military deploys its comfort hospital ship to the island. you can find live reports starting next week here on news 4. if you work for the government and want to use a chartered plane, expect to go through white house chief of staff john kelly from now on. this comes after president trump's health secretary resigned because of his costly travel. in his letter to the president, tom price said he'd become a distraction. his travend
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the use of public money. the government's budget director is telling all department heads to consider the appropriate use of taxpayer dollars when travel is involved. at 6:10, it could be o.j. simpson's last weekend in prison. you're going to hear why the family of ron goldman still believes he should stay behind bars. and abandoning your kids to go on vacation? the story behind this shocking accusation, when news 4
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two of the children heard that they might be home alone and called police. the kids, get this, range from age 6 to 12. >> so young. >> police say she also left a gun unsecured that the children has access to. >> a lot of questions to be answered on that one. o.j. simpson has been in the public eye for decades. we know this. now infamous, former football player could walk out of prison as soon as monday. on monday, he will be eligible for parole, where for the last nine years, he served time for an armed robbery and kidnapping in vegas. before that, he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife and ron goldman in the '90s. >> i've discussed it. i'm not too terribly thrilled that any horrible human being, certainly he is included in that description, gets out of jail. >> simpson's attorney says he wants to see his family and enjoy simple things like
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steak and getting a new iphone. 6:13. the drop in temperatures mean it is really time to say good-bye to summer. can it be true? >> no. >> how many fall scarves we'll see out this weekend. lauryn has the forecast. >> she'll break down that fall forecast. already feeling it. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network.
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clear skies out there right now means some chilly conditions. temperatures anywhere from the low 50s to the low 60s across the board. again, clear skies out there as we go through the remainder of the morning. temperatures are going to warm up very slowly, but we're going to warm up to the low 60s by the time we hit the lunch hour. after we drop into the 50 ss. we keep going from there. it'll be below average for this time of year. we'll talk numbers in three minutes. >> we go from above average to below average like that. that's how washington weather works. >> you feel it. two years ago, a high school student in prince wayne county got an idea. she wanted to send books to the african nation of ghana where she has relatives. >> this started after a conversation she had with her mom. >> one trip i came back and told my daughter that there are no libraries where we were teaching, so she decided then to start collecting books so we can one day maybe have a library for these kids,
6:18 am
interested in books, as she is. >> former garfield high school student started the project, now continued by one of her teachers and other students. right now, they're collecting and cataloging thousands of books that will soon be on library shelves in ghana. english is technically the official language in ghana, so having english books will go to the libraries. the libraries not only serve the students but the entire community there. sama samantha's original idea was so successful, it made her dream grow bigger. >> she said, mommy, this is bigger than we think. she decided to set up a foundation, read to lead foundation. >> the foundation has sent books to ghana but also built and operates two libraries there. with more in the works. those who continue samantha's dream say the rewards of their efforts are tremendous. >> all you have to do is look at the faces of the children in the pictures.
6:19 am
these students don't have necessarily the resources that public school students have in america. they almost seem happier. >> now the project has grown beyond books and buildings. >> i realized how we can better serve. children's shoes are one of the things we want to bring over this year. >> samantha now attends college at the college of william & mary. my alma mater. her work with the foundation continues from there. for more information on the group's work, search ghana in the nbc app. >> great to see young people making an impact. >> for sthure. the newest d.c. designed house is open and fit for royalty. the $10 million on congressional home in potomac has nine bedrooms, a ballroom. we caught up with one of the designers w
6:20 am
aspiration from princess grace kelly. tours run through october. pretty breathtaking. >> yeah. also today, it is national public lands day, which means free entry to more than 400 national parks across the u.s. we have dozens of national parks right here in our own backyard, as you know. public lands day is the nation's largest single day volunteer effort for public lands. the mount vernon trail is offering events along popular trail today. a good day maybe to get outside. >> yeah. >> you might want to have -- >> sorry. look at the squirrel. that's my a.d.d. >> back to the news. >> you're right. it is a good day. >> you feeling okay this morning? >> perfect. you have to wear some layers. >> especially many morning. a little chilly out this morning. that's how it is going to be tonight. yesterday, we made it to the mid 70s.
6:21 am
fast. >> we're not going to heat up that quick today. >> okay. >> very gradually, slow-warming trend there. that's what i was trying to say. as we go through the morning, temperatures are going to be barely 70 degrees by the time we head to the noon hour. they'll move up a little from there, but not much. live capital camera, beautiful out there. it is a gorgeous morning, albeit a little cool. another beautiful day out there. finally feeling like fall on this last day of september. i cannot believe it is already september 30th. september went by in a flash. you might need your jackets if you're headed out tonight. we don't need the rain jacket because we lhave little to no rain in the forecast. you can pocket it away a little bit. upper 60s for a lot of the region. we'll continue the temperatures up from there as we go through the beginning of this week. it is chilly out there right now. as we head east, a little warmer. temperatures in the low 60s. heading to the
6:22 am
today. it is going to be dry and beautiful. the sunrise coming up. it'll also be breezy today. winds picking up after 9:00 a.m. and will calm by 9:00 p.m. tonight. we have gusts up to 30 miles per hour at times, though it'll be clear thanks to high pressure. rain through new eng laland and down to the south. 71 tomorrow. we won't do much better than today, but we'll have plenty of sunshine around for your sunday. look at the ten-day forecast. all sunshine thanks to high pressure. a cold front moves through on thursday. however, temperatures in the low 80s by thursday with a few more clouds. dry as we continue to next weekend. ew have more n
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i want to give them something they'll never, ever get. >> you'll still need a visitors pass to get upstairs. >> you run a tight ship. >> i respect that. hey! >> okay. that's the way out. i don't know why i thought -- >> what can he not do? funny man. he can dance. break our hearts. >> go easy. >> i'll read the script. "saturday night live" returns to nbc 4 tonight. a new season wit
6:26 am
hosting and jay-z as musical guest. the show is cranking up after one of its most memorable seasons. >> live from new york. >> it's saturday night! >> reporter: even for a show with 42 years of memories, last season was a standout for "saturday night live." >> all i know is i won. >> it was one of the most amazing years we've ever had because everything changed every day. >> reporter: the red-hot election season. >> this is going so well. >> reporter: followed by the donald trump presidency. >> yes, this is real life. it's happening. >> reporter: fuel td fires for big ratings and four emmy awards. >> every week had this special electricity running through it. >> reporter: and energy that made melissa's first season with "snl" more memorable. >> i'm the new, hispanic cast member. >> reporter: especially the week she got to start the show. >> i was very nervous but, at the same time, it was
6:27 am
go live. >> okay. here's the deal. >> reporter: no longer a rookie, she feels settled? >> i love when it's a really busy episode, to be running and changing into new acharacters ad going back out, not thinking. >> reporter: they welcome back ryan gosling to host the season owner. >> how did the aliens return you back to earth? >> reporter: gosling got the giggles during his first visit two years ago. >> laughter is the best thing, so that's what i'm excited about. to get back to all the laughs. >> reporter: "snl" fans are ready to oblige. nbc news. >> i love that alien invasion sketch. >> i'll look it up. r ryan gosling hosts the season opener. >> yes. >> finally feeling like fall.
6:28 am
many layers you're going to need as you get ready to get out there this weekend. a very special honor for a d.c. native that keeps folks in stitches. we can have our time with dave chappelle.
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this morning, a family praying a body found in north carolina is not their teenage daughter. ashanti billie is from prince george's county and went missing from a virginia military base on september 18th. her car and cell phone were found near the base. government department heads will be getting extra scrutiny the next time they book a work trip. this comes after president trump's health secretary resigned because of his costly travel. price faces public outcry after his use of private jets to do government business, which cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. d.c. police telling us two people were shot inside of their car at the intersection of new york avenue and blatentburg road. the victims drove on to the bw parkway and pulled off to call for help. no word on their conditions or suspect information. welcome back to news 4 today on this saturday morning. i'm david culver alongside angie
6:32 am
goff. you now have permission to drink your pumpkin spice latte. >> feels like fall out there. want to give you a programming note about this morning. we have golf airing later son, o we won't be back at 9:00 a.m. but we'll be broadcasting live at facebook live. if you go to our pages or nbc washington, not only can you get the news but we'll chitchat back and forth. >> we're here for another hour, so stay with us then. >> that's right. >> lauryn ricketts is joining us in the weather center, tracking this cool start, lauryn. >> yeah. it is chilly. i'm actually outside right now. it is a little cool out here. i went ahead -- thank goodness i had this pullover because it is chilly out here. temperatures from the low 50s to the low 60s. we're warming up today. not as warm as yesterday, making it to the mid 70s. it was beautiful. we will be beautiful today. look at the sunrise. sun coming up at 7:03. it is going to be a gorgeous day out there. as we continue for the remainder of the day, we ar
6:33 am
temperatures into the lower 70s. some areas only in the upper 60s. my maps aren't working. we are having a beautiful sunrise. low 70s for day time highs. plenty of sunshine. weekend events going on. we'll talk about those and let you know when we see rain chances in a few minutes. >> thanks, lauryn. so there are new laws that can save you some money and protect your children. >> they all go into effect tomorrow in the state of maryland. arguably, the biggest change has to do with prescription drugs. maryland could be the first state in the country to take action against drug manufacturers that price gouge. the new law prohibits gauging from the off-patent or generic drugs. >> also new protections for kids at school. the whistleblower protection act makes sure all school employees feel safe reporting unlawful activities. take a look at the laws posted by our digital t
6:34 am
just search new laws. school is back in session, and you've heard the warnings to make sure you watch out as you're driving down the road. there has been another spike in cases of distracted driving incidents. news 4 i-team's scott macfarlane explains what is going on. >> reporter: a big spike, at least in maryland. repo records show officers in maryland stopped at least 26,000 people for driving while distracted in the state already this year. that's up from 3,000 this time last year. the rate is increasing in the past month, even after school went back in session. a news 4 i-team investigation last month showed a growing number of the incidents around school zones. 1400 drivers pulled over near school zones. also an increasing problem on the highways, including the icc, where we saw drivers over 70 miles an hour w
6:35 am
hand. were you doing what they say you were doing, having a phone in your hands? >> yes. >> reporter: did you know it was against the law? >> i know. i'm very careful all the time. >> reporter: in virginia and maryland, police are trying new enforcement details to stop distracted drivers. in montgomery county, the details will be near schools later this school year. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. 6:35. ed to today, you can get extra blessings for your furry friends. st. james' emiss piepiscopal ch going to bless the animals, no matter their sizes. if you bring your pets, remember that dogs should be leashed and other animals should be in cages, just so they don't get scared or spooked by other animals. the blessing runs from 11:00 to noon. you have a chance to help families affec
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natural disasters. the alfred street baptist in alexandria is teaming up with soul brothers for a drop-off event. it'll start at 9:00 this morn ig and ends at 2:00. organizers are asking for new tennis shoes, dry cleaned clothes and baby supplies. there is a national call for racial fairness. two groups are joining forces in d.c. this morning. it'll begin with the march for black women, starting at 9:00 this morning in seward square on capitol hill. the group will march to lincoln park to meet up with the march for racial justice, starting at 10:00 in the morning. together, the groups will march to the justice department and national mall this afternoon. comedian dave chappelle has been performing to sold out crowds this week in d.c. >> no prize because the emmy winner got his start right here in the district. he seems proud
6:37 am
news 4's tracy wilkins tells us why he returned to the school of arts yesterday. >> reporter: impromptu jam session, spontaneous acting or dancing in the halls of duke ellington are a normal part of the school day. this is, after all, a school of the arts. >> i've been working on my standup. i've been trying to write some jokes. not that good yet. >> reporter: this budding comedian is on his way there with help of alumnus, actor and comedian, dave chappelle. >> he told me, don't worry if your jokes are funny, if people will like them or not. stay true to yourself. he also said try to stay on stage as much as possible. >> that's my own personal metric for profissiciencproficiency. how many hours do you spend on the air? how many hours do you spend on stage? >> reporter: dave chappelle was a student at this school, just 14 years old. >> he used to come
6:38 am
mom, and his mom used to watch him say the filth and the foul. >> reporter: dave returned to his alma mater and received the key to the city from the mayor, then gave the school his first and only emmy award he just won for his performance on "snl." in a serious moment, he gave the students here another gift. wisdom. >> you have an opportunity to make yourself into a very unique individual because you're a trained artist. >> reporter: understanding chappelle's passion and drive is not lost on these up and coming artists. would you go to a comedy club and try it out at this age, like he did? >> of course. definitely. >> reporter: where are you going to be? can i get in for free? >> probably not because i need money. i'm 15. >> tracy wilkins reporting there. really cool to see. he seems detached with things. >> what a treat. very grateful for what he got there, as we saw, when he was at the
6:39 am
>> doesn't only say it but shows it, too. >> yeah. >> chappelle has two final performances tonight at the warner theater. >> the other shows were sold out, and these are sold out. i'm sure if you're trying to get them online some other way, you'll have to -- >> pay a lot of money. >> that's right. 6:39. attention whole foods shoppers. your credit and debt card information, folks, could be at risk. what you need to know about the latest data breach at the grocery chain. new eyes. meet the little boy gifted with the sight he's always dreamed of.
6:40 am
6:41 am
to a story that'll uplift ya. >> you're asking us for a positive, uplifting story. we have one for you right here. >> news 4 brings us a story of a young boy who can see clearly for the first time all because
6:42 am
[000:41:58;00] >> reporter: felix regis is trying to read words. >> five. >> there you go. now with our glasses on. >> ride. >> yup. >> reporter: this 10-year-old boy from reston has a whole new outlook. >> what this does is gives him the ability to see what's outside of what, for him, i think is a gray area. >> especially faces because he has to be really within about two feet in order to recognize, to discern faces. >> for the first time, he went to his class meeting with his peers, and he was able to see their faces. he knew their voices but he didn't know their faces. >> reporter: the sunrise valley elementary school fourth grader has had severely impaired vision his entire life, but this past summer -- >> is it hard to see the bloom? >> yes. >> reporter: he got a pair of augmented reality glasses. >> they film if outside world
6:43 am
and project the image on the they sit in front of the user's eyes. >> reporter: christy moore works for new eyes, who manufactures these glasses. >> glasses make bigger. now, i'm going to change the contrast. glasses, change color. >> reporter: anyone who is legally blied legal ly blind or visually impaired is eligible for these glasses. right now, a few hundred people have them, and the cost is just under $6,000 a pair. the glasses are wireless and voice activated. they have helped to change this little boy's life. >> can you zoom in? >> reporter: we sat in on one of felix's special education classes while he used his new eyes. >> it.
6:44 am
mia helps chan with the ball. >> reporter: what you see sees mirrored back to him by his glasses. his teacher told us he used to have to sit right up next to the board to be able to see even just a little bit. >> he loves them. he loves technology. he loves the glasses a lot. it's been really fun. he loves showing them. he's been sharing them with his peers. >> i think this opens up his world in a way that, so far, we've not had any technology like this that would help. in all the ways this helps. >> reporter: one of the best things, felix's parents told us he feels like just one of the other kids now. >> are we done yet? >> reporter: news 4. >> life-changing right there. 6:44 is your time right now. this cooler weather making you think of a get away? >> we're going to tell you what you need to know before you book
6:45 am
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and get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit get the 100% fiber-optic network. go to we're working for you this morning with important information on yet another big data breach. this time, affecting whole foods. you should be especially concerned if you ate at one of the store's full service restaurants or maybe the tap rooms. the grocery chain says hackers stole credit card information from the registers used in those parts of the store. the company says the systems used in the normal checkout lanes, if you're buying groceries, for example, are different and were not affected.
6:48 am
you may say, a they own whole foods. they acquired the chains but the systems are not connected. have you stayed at a hotel, got a bill and said, what's that for? this is a story for you. no one likes to be choshocked b unexpected fees at any hotel. many spots are tacking on a so-called resort fee that many wouldn't consider resorts at all. tom costello spells us now d.c. and states across the country are fighting back. >> reporter: how often has it happened to you? you check out of a hotel in any town, usa, and on your bill is an unexpected charge? when a wisconsin doctor and his family visited new york, he expected the $260 a night charge for the crowne plaza in times square, but not the $30 resort fee in fine print on the internet. >> they hook you with the lower fee and add this to make up for
6:49 am
it. >> reporter: resort fees, u destination fees, service fees. hotels say they cover pool access, turn-down service and so-called complimentary drinks. 47 state attorneys general are investigating whether hotels are being transparent and honest about adding the fees. >> we don't think it is fair to consumers that they're going in thinking they're paying one rate and they're coming out paying another. >> reporter: crowne plaza didn't respond to our request for comment. marriott is among the hotels named in the investigation, though it and the hotel industry tell nbc news, those fees remain transparent, whether consumers book online or with the hotel directly. if unexpected fees sound familiar, the hotels got the idea from the airlines, which charges for everything, from luggage to leg room. >> the airlines proved it is very, very profitable to charge extra fees. they're making billions of dollars in extra fees. now the hotels are, too.
6:50 am
>> reporter: the doctor says loyalty goes both ways. disney word, where it truly is a resort. >> reporter: he is pledging never to return to hotels that don't disclose all their fees before he checks in. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> read the fine print a little more closely now. this happens all the time. you lock in a fee online. using the search engines, which takes time to go through all that stuff. then you get the final bill, even when you didn't order room service, this and that, and it is always more. >> i try to go directly to the hotels. sometimes you can get them to honor the same price. >> lower it down. >> that is a good idea. >> i'm working for you. it is chilly outside. >> yes. >> the fleece. >> you broke out the fleece. >> so glad i had that. >> all the winter jackets in the weather center. whether we go. i'll take that one. it is chilly. clear and crisp outside on this last day of september. beautiful sunrise coming up just in about 14 minutes.
6:51 am
beautiful out there. as we continue through the much cooler pattern over the next couple of days. then we warm up. not saying good-bye to the 80s yet. we have a lack of rain chances. i'll show you that in detail. right now, talk about details, oh, it is chilly out there. make sure you have that hat on possibly when you head outside, especially in the shenandoah valley, where temperatures are in the low 50s. long sleeves and sunglasses at least this morning. you can probably shed the long sleeves later this afternoon. 70 degrees. winds are picking up after 9:00 a.m. and will be with us all the way until 9:00 p.m. tonight. gusts up to 30 miles per hour possible. clear skies. high pressure in charge. looking good out there. as we continue through the weekend, if you want to join me for over the edge in bethesda, say hi. i'll be repelling off a building, all for the special olympics at the metro center in bethesda. the oktoberfest looking good.
6:52 am
nats game, befu tomorrow, beautiful, as well. it's not going to be too bad, but temperatures will be around 70 degrees, once again. no rain chances. you'll see this on the ten-day forecast. it is just going to be dry. the only chance we could have of a few sprinkles might be thursday to friday morning. cold front comes through. now it looks like a dry frontal system passing through. the prince and the president. bromance in bloom? >> story behind what brought
6:53 am
6:54 am
prince harry and for i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general,
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and i sponsored this ad. question for you. have you been told you have a doppelganger doppelganger? >> every day. somewhat of a resemblance there. >> there we go. >> he smiles more, i guess. >> looks like you aren't the only famous faces to have a double. >> we look at some regular folks who look identical to the stars. >> no way. >> they've all got look aways. we're wondering if you can spot the imfoster. one of these women sing and one doesn't. that's ariana grande. that's the imposter. 20-year-old jackie vasquez. the cat eye liner and the hypony tail down but says she's
6:56 am
actually gotten a lot of hate mail will the real ryan gosling please stand up? nope, not that guy. he is a law student and men's ware blogger from germany. he told "time" magazine, you shouldn't complain if you have a resemblance to mr. gosling. better than if people say, you look like danny devito. >> thanks for pointing that out. selena, meet sophisophia. she's 22 and lives in mexico. she loves all the attention but told e news she doesn't want to lose herself, trying to be someone she's not. this shot of someone's grandma was making the rounds because her younger version is a dead ringer for scarlett johansson. >> holy crap. i want to meet you in person. let's have a drink. >> reporter: scarlett took the 72-year-old to the premiere of her film, "rough night." so many kardashians but only two are actually reality stars. and these two sisters from dubai
6:57 am
have a double take. they were actually follow heed by photographers while shopping in bieverly hills and got a tase of what it is like being the famous family.
6:58 am
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because we don't just want your kids to grow up. ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
7:00 am
news 4 tod >> welcome into news 4 today on this saturday. the final day of september. we start october tomorrow. >> yes. i'm angie goff alongside david culver here. starting october. it's finally starting to feel like it should feel, right? >> sure is. we do want to catch you up on some news coming into our newsroom at this hour. we've learned a maryland state trooper is resting at home after being struck in queen ann's county. >> he was making an arrest when he was hit on route 404 last night. he's been released from umd shock trauma and is back at home. we're happy to hear that update. time now, 7:00, as we check in with lauryn ricketts, who is tracking a much cooler forecast for this weekend. what you thinking, lauryn? >> it is going to be chilly out there. chilly right now. temperatures are anywhere from the '50s and into the low 60s. we're going to take it to around 70 degrees for day time highs today.


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