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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> well short. >> both of them, international shots were way short of the green. way short. >> so bones, how is the -- i wonder if the heart rate has come down from chappell after the celebration at the last hole. >> there is the ball of si woo kim. >> like i said that's a black muddy mess is what it is. he is trying to hit out of there i imagine, play a bunker type shot. >> i'm sure charley was paying attention. this is 5 iron. >> just peel it off. >> right towards the flag. >> that's short. >> it's the bermuda triangle of wind. it's really playing games with
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>> just slapping the ball down short, all three of them. >> okay our last contestant here with 6 iron. it's gotten cold. it's going no where. let's see if kevin can get it there. >> a good full shot here playing for a draw in the wind. came over. needs to go. >> it's amazing. >> yeah, that exactly wasn't a graup of stellar tee shots at the last. it is 57 degrees. going to cool down to 50 tonight in new york city, new jersey area. but the action was heated up at the last hole as charley hoffmann pitched in for birdie. and then you know what
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loose. bash brothers back at it again. but lahiri put it on top for a birdie.
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steve strike err might want to send out the veteran phil mickelson as the captain pick see if he clinches the winner tomorrow in. >> why not. >> 47 or 46. >> here is the mess that si woo kim could be making for himself here. just on the muck there, the black muck just down by the water, bones. >> yeah. and you know, i came up for firl once in a situation like process o this. his caddie can take off the his shoes and give to the player. that's an option if you want to take it. maybe he should have taken it off. >> last wall why not. get in there with everything you got. >> yeah. >> this is not for the faint of heart. >> it will come out like a bunker shot. it's
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>> hit really well. >> just missed that by a foot. good shot. >> relatively clean. he has a few -- >> there wasn't much came out. >> like i said. >> just water, no mud. >> i think he abbreviated the follow through to avoid a mess on the sweater. so we think lahiri is next to play, bones? >> we do. it sure looks like that. it's definitely going to be anirban. he is talking it over with his caddie. but it looks like he is getting ready to go.
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>> again, the only match won by the internationals this week was on thursday in the morning foursome with branden grace pan louis oosthuizen, the formidable unbeaten duo from 2015. that is it so far as lahiri and kim won their fifth today. total. >> that's a nice shot by the way that's a nice finish by him showed a lot of class that he could hit the shots. from the last hole and this shot forces the u.s. to have to hole it out. >> and again, lahiri was on the short end of a 6 and 5, robbed by chappell and hoffmann in the four-balls yesterday.
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i forgot about that one. >> here is hoffmann. >> he has to go in. >> yup. or. >> it is the second full point and the second winning match by internationals. >> so now it's up to kevin chappell to try to scratch out a half. once again, the president's cup single matches day 4 come your way tomorrow at noon eastern time. and a look at the lineup on nbc tonight. "will & grace." superstore be date line, saturday night mystery, 8, 7:00 central. season premiere of snl naem ryan gauze willing. jay-z and the internationals avoid a outright u.s. celebration on this
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and chappell. >> come on charley, give it to him. >> i think this is an ongoing discussion between kevin and charley what they want to do. but it looks like they want to finish this out. >> there is a lead not big enough for them? >> how far is that put of lahiris only two feet. >> johnny, it's three feet, downhill, it's not an easy putt. >> i thought it was much more for sure in
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>> so that's the third for hoffmann. >> maybe mickelson will be the first out tomorrow. on his 23rd straight international cup competition. >> it's been a long day. he was clean shaven this morning. >> all right. so here is si woo kim with his third coming back up the slope.
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what a scene, what a setting. the background. i guess i've never seen anything like in in a golf competition. now chappell. >> not an easy read here, dan. this is moving quite a bit to the right as it loses speed. so he brought charley in for help on the read. >> yeah, you see lahiri's markup there to the left. for his par, they have the 1-up lead. so chappel h
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and he does. >> nice putt. really nice putt. >> so that is all that's left for lahiri to clinch just the second. oh. that's what we all i think wanted to see. great sportmanship by lahiri and hoffmann and chappell and indeed. just a second match the internationals won all week. so it goes into the 12 singles matches, 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. the united states a single point away from winning the president's cup. so long from liberty national right now where the u.s. has just been too tough. just a matter of time tomorrow before they make it official. and win the president's cup again.
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two breaking news stories. a sad but expected update on the search for a missing virginia woman. police confirm they found the body of 19-year-old ashanti billie in north carolina. also breaking, a baby discovered dead in northwest d.c. what we're learning about this new investigation. and the backlash growing tonight after president trump attacked the mayor of san juan and the people in puerto rico struggling to recover from hurricane maria.
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i'm erika gonzalez. ashanti billie's body found hundreds of miles from where she was last seen. she disappeared from a military base in norfolk, virginia. she was there september 18th. darcy spencer is at the live desk tonight where a press conference just wrapped up. it sounded like we were hearing from her family. >> we were just able to listen to that press conference. we're working right now to get some of that sound to you. it's very powerful to think about the parents of this 19-year-old girl, having just learned that their daughter was, in fact, murdered. her body found yesterday morning to stand in front of the cameras just a short time ago, talking about the loss. and they said some pretty incredible things. first off, the father of really talking about other young people who were missing and saying that she's home with god now, we are okay with that. so really a selfless statements. we have those remarks
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let's listen to what the parent of ashanti billie had to say. >> our desire and our prayers were answered. she's home, she's home with god. and we're okay with that. we're well with that. >> the person or persons that decided they wanted to take our baby away from us and away from everyone that loved her, you're a coward. you don't deserve to breathe the air that she breathes at all. baby, we love you, we love you. >> so, again, some very powerful words from the parents of this young woman found dead yesterday morning. we want to show you some of the statements that were put out by fbi earlier today. our work does not end here. our mission is to bring justice for ashanti billie and we will be relentless in our efforts to find who did this. we will not rest until the person who robbed ashanti billie of her life is held fully accountable. and, again, all this
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developing. a lot of questions remain unanswered. we do not know how she died or how her body ended up there in north carolina. so fbi committed to this investigation, finding out exactly what happened and bring anyone involved to justice. back to you. >> your heart just goes out to the parent that now have to deal with this, trying to find peace and justice and still like you said there's just so many questions as to how she wound up in north carolina. what happened? what happened? so many questions surrounding her death. >> that's right. i was able to listen to the statements that they made. they were incredibly strong. just imagine the sorrow that they are dealing with. also there has to be a level of anger involved in this as well to find out that this happened to their daughter and they don't know who did it or why they did it. the mom calling whoever did it a coward. you can imagine the raw emotion. but they are showing incredible strength considering what they've been through in the last
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we are getting new reaction from the reverend of a church where landscaper discovered ashanti billie's body. the worker spotted the body late yesterday morning behind the church and call 911. police used helicopters to search the area and roped off the church area and neighboring homes there. the reverend described how the worker found the body. >> he initially smelled something and as he looked he could not identify it, assuming it might have been a deer or something and then he went and got the foreman. the foreman came and they identified it as a body and at that point called 911. >> it is still unclear how long her body had been there behind the church. we scene you and alert as soon as we learned police identified ashanti billie's body. stay tuned to news4 for more. breaking news out of d.c. where police want to know
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infant died. this happened in the shaw neighborhood on 7th street northwest. officers not releasing a lot of information right now. we're going to bring you more details on the air and through our app as soon as they become available to us. all right. now we want to switch gears to what's happening in puerto rico. people suffering from misery, the devastation in puerto rico. now having to deal with the president's tweets. this morning, this afternoon he went after the mayor of san juan who criticized the federal response to the disaster, mr. trump, spending the afternoon tweeting support for the island. but some say it's too little too late. >> reporter: as disaster relief efforts continue around the clock in puerto rico the president is lashing out at the mayor of its largest city. from his new jersey golf resort donald trump tweeted out such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan. they wan
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for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers now on island. >> i'm done being polite. i'm done being politically correct. i'm mad as hell. >> reporter: likely these comments from cruz drew trump's ire. >> i beg you to take charge and save lives. >> reporter: trump insists the relief effort is going well. >> people can't believe how successful it's been. >> reporter: puerto rico is still without power. two-thirds are back open for gas. trump plans to visit puerto rico and u.s. virgin islands on tuesday. it's not clear whether mayor cruz will be among those to welcome them. >> i have no time for anything that's not conducive and productive in terms of saving lives. >> reporter: as people in new york and other cities across the country to hp
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rico, the debate continues did the federal government act fast enough? >> in less than ten minutes we'll show you how folks in our area are providing relief storm survivors. a lot of people here have ties to puerto rico. doreen gentzler will be traveling there as the uss military deploys the uss comfort hospital ship. she will bring you stories from first responders and aid workers. you can look for her live reports next week. just how low are we going to go tonight? i mean we've got temperatures getting ready to drop. we're dealing with breezy conditions today. certainly is fall. let's go ahead and take a look right now at your planner. you're going out this evening. you might have to text your friend, hey i'm going stay in and make it a movie night. temperatures dropping into the 50s. by 11:00 p.m. if you're headed out know you'll need the
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we're going to go from the low 50s into the mid-to-upper 40s in some area. i'll have a full map on that in just a moment. for now take a look at the headlines. don't forget the jacket. a windy day. those winds are calming. we'll also take a glance at our rain chances. trouble for passengers on board two flights at ronald reagan washington national airport today. why all of them were forced off the plane every single one of them. two separate marches but a lotf common o
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crime scene tapes surrounding a car in southwest d.c. today as police try to figure out who killed a young man inside that vehicle. the murder happened on atlantic avenue about 7:45 this morning. police say somebody shot and killed 22-year-old marcus shepherd and have not released a description of the shooter. a man of killed this morning after walking into the path of a car. this happened at the intersection of barry road in waldorf. maryland state police said duane thompson was in the median when he stepped on to the road and was hit by a passing car. one american airline plane hit another at ronald reagan washington national airport and both had to be towed back to the gates there this morning. this happened a little before 11:00. one of the planes wings t
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nobody was hurt here. the airline rebooked all the passengers on the aircraft that was hit. so that's what that story was about. the crisis in puerto rico. grabbing the attention of people across our region. you're going to see how they are stepping up to help those in need. a convergence of causes and rallies i n
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back to the breaking news that we told y
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top of this broadcast. these are the parents of ashanti billie that spoke just moments ago. the former prince george's county woman's body was found in north carolina yesterday. she was last seen in norfolk, virginia two weeks ago. her father said she's now with god. it is unclear how she died, though. you can head to nbc 4's news app and nbc washington, our website i should say for more updates on this story and any breaking news that develops. >> a march for justice and a march for women's rights converging at the justice department. derrick ward has more on the common themes of both marches. >> reporter: this march began with two groups in different d.c. parks and different banners with the same goal. justice. the march for black women started in seward park on pennsylvania avenue but don't let the title full you. there was a range of representation across lines of race and
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we've seen a rise in discard for black women and today we come together. >> i think a lot of white women think this isn't their issue. that, you know, how does this affect me. how does this impact me. honestly until the most vulnerable in our country and world are taken care of we'll never see the peace and justice that we aspire. >> you want rights for everybody. if you can tell somebody is not getting the type of rights especially through the law you got to step outdoor and help. >> reporter: a few blocks away at lincoln park -- the march for racial justice encompassed all the themes of the day's events and encouraging signs were every where. soon they would be joined by the march for black women and the two groups melded into one and flowed down capitol hill. the justice department and eventually the mall. as those who marched hoped to a place o
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>> i'm 74 and these young ladies are doing what we should have done long time ago. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. lots of hurricane relief efforts under way right here in our own backyard. this is video from a donation drive today in rockville. dozens of volunteers from all over m over maryland gathering up supplies. they say they are worried about family members they have in puerto rico. >> they are still without power. without water. we don't have any communication. they are really struggling. their patience is running very low. it's very depressing. >> we're seeing a lot of similar scenes across the country. these volunteers will be back at work tomorrow. if you want to donate or help out we posted the details at our nbc washington app. news4 is working for you and today some of our very own participated in a special olympics


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