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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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>> we're going to take a pause here in a moment, top of the hour we're going to continue our coverage. this has been an nbc news special report. thee worst mass shooting in u.s history. nbc news special report. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. good morning. breaking news. a gunman opens breaking news. a gunman opens fire on an ñç outdoor concert crowd in las vegas. 200 others wounded. the gunman 32 floors up at the mandalay bay resort firing down on a terrified crowd. the shooter is 64-year-old stephen paddock, he was shot and killed by police, witnesses describing moments of pure panic. we have complete coverage today, monday, october 2nd, 2017.
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this is a special edition of "today," deadly las vegas shooting, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to a special edition of "today" on a monday morning. we almost feel like we should start by apologizing for what you're going to be hearing in some parts of the country we're joining you live a little earlier this morning as we cover what is now the deadliest mass shooting in u.s.é history. >> and when you hear the toll it takes your breath away. more than 50 people killed. >> let us get to what we know. this is the very latest information. it happened just after 1:00 eastern time just after 10:00 in las vegas, a gunman on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort of and casino shooting into a crowd at the route 91 harvest music festival, that crowd just across the street from the mandalay bay resort. >> as you mentioned the
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figures, at least 50 people have been killed, more than 200 others wounded, some of them, many of them we're told in critical condition and in surgery at this hour. >> we can tell you that the shooter who was eventually shot and killed by the police is identified as stephen paddock. stephen paddock. 64 years old, he is from mesquite, nevada. police are now actively searching his home in that town. >> in response to the shooting authorities shut down part of the las vegas strip,há tweeted d said people should stay away, shelter in place, all planes also were grounded at mccarron international airport, all flights in and out of the airport were temporarily halted. >> this story as you know and can imagine it develop. we are full coverage on the shooting and the investigation. we want to begin now with nbc's steve patterson, he is in las vegas. steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, we are at a central
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vegas strip, the only people you see in the scene behind me are ents, first responders, people combing through the scene, especially focusing on that suspect's room where he rained down fire on a crowd of people. those people we spoke to and got their tales of survival. this morning las vegas is on lockdown after a gunman opened fire at a popular outdoor country music festival. it happened3fw just moments af country music superstar jason aldean took the stage at the route 91 harvest music festival. machine gunfire possibly from an automatic weapong erupting intoa crowd of thousands of fans. ♪km)p÷ uk [ gunfire ] >> reporter: at first witnesses say they thought it was
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fireworks show, when the rapid gunfire continued to spray the crowd. >> get down. get down. >> confusion quickly turned toñ panic. terrified concert goers running for their lives, others diving for cover. some laying on top of each other for safety. by some accounts, the bullets raining down for more than an hour. >> and they cut the music and everyone said drop and everyone dropped and then everyone just got up and they said run and everyone started stampeding and out, we tried to reason this way, the same thing happened and we hid in a bush for an hour. >> police s.w.a.t. teams tracked the shooter to the 32nd floor of the mandalay&h bay hotel where officers used ex below tiffs to suspect's door. i need everybody in that hallway to be aware of -- >> copy. all units on the 32nd floor w.
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breach, everyone in the hallway needs to move back. >> breach. breach. breach. >> reporter: police shot and killed the suspect. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the alleged gunman has been identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. >> we believe we're confident but not 100% sure we have located the female person of interest. so i want the people to feel confident and calm in that aspect. >> reporter: now at this time 4:00 in the morning here on the las vegas strip most of it is eerily quiet as the police investigation into the worst mass shooting in american history is now in full swing. matt and savannah. >> steve, thank you very much. we turn to pete williams who has been on the phones. i know you have new information aboutg7át gunman, the investigation and this search that's going on in mesquite, nevada, of his home. >> reporter: right. you just heard the sheriff
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the report talking about the female person of interest, that's marilou danley who was living with stephen paddock in mesquite, nevada. shortly after this shooting happened the police knew who the gunman was, once they got into the room, and they immediately began to look into his past. they searched -- and that search is still under way -- his home in mesquite, nevada. they put an all points bulletin out for the cars that were registered to him, they've now found them. and you heard the sheriff say a moment ago that they believe they have located marilou danley but we don't know that that means that she's actually in custody. they are eager to talk to her. they don't know what her role in this was. several law enforcement officials have told us that when they got into the hotel room they found what one official just described to me a moment ago as a cache of weapons. had several weapons with
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we're trying to figure out what kind of weapons those are. obviously you listen to the video, to the sound of the gunfire, those are automatic shots being fired, meaning that you hold the trigger down on the rifle and it continues to fire shots at a very rapid velocity. weapons like that are illegal to possess unless they're registered with atf. you can't just go out and buy them. they're common in the kgimrmili. one big question here is how did this 64-year-old man get his hand on automatic weapons? did he buy them from some criminal contact? did you buy a regular rifle and convert it to automatic which is something people can do if they know how to do that. those are questions investigators will want to look into, but at this early hour, a few short hours after the shooting no one in law enforcement has any idea, motive and part of the preparation for
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a certain room on a certain floor facing a certain direction? >> very important question. was this a target that he had planned to attack in advance or that he would shot out the window in whatever room he ended up in, and that's an important question and we don't know the answer to that yet. as police begin to develop this backwards looking timeline, that's going to be an important question, when did he check into the hotel, what did he tell the desk clerk, did he ask for a specific room, who checked into the room, was it him, was it -- was he with this other woman, how did that all happen? all questions to be answered. >> pete, thank you. as we've been observing all morning long nothing to prevent somebody from walking in with a gun like that in a suitcase, it would have not caused any notice whatsoever. >> exactly right. we're joined on the phone by a witness to the shooting, going to refer to him just as sean. sean, good morning to you. where were you at this conce
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>> good morning to you guys. i was about probably 20, 30 feet from the stage, which is where a majority of the gunfire was ár @r(t&háhp &hc% >> talk about what you heard and talk about what you saw happening around you. and talk about what you saw happening around you. >> well, it sounded like a lot of people said, like fireworks at a vegas concert. you didn't know if it was or wasn't. the first rounds that were very quick, semiautomatic shots. very quick. you didn't know -- everyone was kind of looking around. i think it wasn't until the second round is when everybody started hitting the ground. that's when the band ran offstage. jason aldean was escorted offstage. and everyone hit the ground around us. there were people hit near us, as well.
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continuing to play before running off stage. am i right that the location where the shots were coming from, was slightly behind the stage. in other words, the superstructure of the >> i'm not exactly sure where the shots were coming from. i know that we were probably 20 to 30 feet in front of the stage and there was a young lady who was shot right next to us. so i don't know which direction they would have been coming from, but definitely the crowd that was a few feet from the stage were definitely getting hit. in shear panic, there seemed to be people hit all over the place. there were people hit as far as the back entrance where we had to get out of there and there were people hit near like the porta-potties there were people hit. it seemed like people were hit like everywhere. so i don't know what kind of
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far. >> and just briefly, sean, do you have any idea how long this went on? >> honestly it felt like eternitiy, it felt so long, but it probably went on -- i mean, we -- from the time we hit the ground, from the time we actually made it out the venue was probably eight to nine minutes, but it felt like it was hours. >> sean, we're happy you're okay. really appreciate you calling in this morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's go to nbc news analyst sean hannity who is with us here and who has been watching us. what are your thoughts? we have a name of a suspect, we have an incredibly high powered weapon, somebody who chose a vantage point in the most innocent of weapons watching a concert. >> like everybody else waking up this morning, this is the state this have country now going forward. from a security perspective when i think about this there are a of things i think we have to consider. first of all, what was the motivation of
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is he engaged with any other accomplices, is there some wider conspiracy? police officers have to be given a lot of credit here, trying to identify where this person was in a high-rise, i've stayed at that hotel multiple times, there is a large open area which is where this concert was and particular multiple venues from where the shooting could have taken place, you have the mgm, the luxor hotel, all of these high-ri high-rises. to try to narrow that down, the perspective of where the shots are coming while other law enforcement officers are trying to help evacuate people out of the area to maintain their safety and then to gain access to that space and do what's called a dynamic entry, we heard the law enforcement officers doing an explosive breach where police officers are stacked in a line and they come into that room, it's a dynamic entry, they are not concerned about their own safety, their primary
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to protect the people down below. >> they don't know what they're going to encounter, they don't know if there's explosives, more than one shooter. >> when you make an entry like that is to get as many weapons into the room using the explosion, it's a diversion, a lot of loud sounds, light, it's to divert the person, knock them off target and then to come in and try to eliminate the threat. >> stick around for a second, bill bratton just walked in, a former new york city police commissioner. commissioner, when we have big events here in rockefeller center like tree lighting and things like that all the time and when the police in a city like new york expect to gather in large outdoor gathering of a crowd like this they often do preliminary kind of overviews of the area to make sure they know what could happen from different areas. would that have happened in las vegas? >> well, las vegas, like new york, has events like this going on all the time. the event last night the
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promoters when they have a venue have to hire at least one off duty las vegas sheriff's deputy for each thousand people attending the concert. so there would have been quite a few off duty las vegas officers. las vegas also benefits from the fact of having a full-time s.w.a.t. unit, there is a unit all the time. a lot of communities have to call them in. so the quick response, las vegas, large department, very good response for this event. >> talk about the difficulty of goings into a crowded hotel as a s.w.a.t. team, locating the room where you believe the gunfire is coming from -- by the way, that's loud, that could be one of several rooms on the floor -- and then carrying out the mission they did, breaching the door and taking out the shooter. >> i've stayed at the mandalay, it's a huge hotel. huge hotel. so the quick identification of the location and then being able to get a unit up there as was just described, the entrance into that, we have the radio transmissions that we've heard this morning, those officers did
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one, quickly locating this individual and then, two, making that entry and taking him out as fast as they did. fortunately none of the officers going in on the entry appear to be hurt during that exchange, this was obviously quite early on, just a reflection of the professionalism of that department. >> one of the things everybody has been remarking upon is the sounds that we're hearing, that gunfire and every law enforcement expert including the two before me who have had it is that that's an automatic weapon and the caliber. you are talking about if you do back of the envelope map 300 feet maybe a distance and to be able to inflict that kind of damage, sean. i mean, what kind of weapon are we talking about? >> certainly listening to it it's an automatic weapon, there may be multiple weapons, 9 millimeter or 10 millimeter caliber perhaps, but raining those shots down from 300 yards away, perhaps, those bullets -- that person is likely just spraying across the entire crowd
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going to be hit indiscriminately. it's not clear if there was an identified target, was he trying to hit the performer on stage or was he just trying to inflict damage? certainly with the amount of shots that were fired this was intended for mass casualty. >> and, bill, i mean, you think about this weapon and you have an idea in your mind what it looks like and we've already talked over the last couple of hours, everybody who walks into a hotel to check in to a hotel like that has a suitcase. >> suitcase, golf clubs, there is no problem moving a weapon along into an environment, they disassembled, can be put back together again. on the way over here i was on the phone with a senior law enforcement official in vegas whose daughter was at that event last night. he said his daughter is totally traumatized, there were people being shot around her, he is a law enforcement official very familiar with what was going on, traumatized himself just thinking that his daughter might have been one of these
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hundreds of people injured in this. >> you think about the headlines we cover here and how many times we've talked about mass shootings, whether that's a few people or dozens, but now you look at these numbers and you hear at least 50 with many more in critical condition at the local level one trauma center and it's hard to even get your arms around something like this. >> if you guys will stay with us, we want to turn now, we have another witness on the phone, russell bleck who was there. can you tell us about what you went through, what you saw and experienced? >> thank you. it was absolute chaos. it was just strange. whoever the shooter was was just spraying the crowd. i mean, you just saw people dropping left and right. i was looking at the footage for the first time and it's hard to process what happened. >> where were you,
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the shooting happened? >> me and my fiancé were in the vip tent which is directly facing the mandalay bay, i'm guessing that's where most of the carnage happened was over where we were. after the first few bursts it sounded like fire crackers or like an amp crackling, jason aldean didn't even stop playing, then all of a sudden i was shooting video of his performance and i was like, you know, on second thought this sounds like an ar-15, and then sure enough -- i mean, it was an automatic rifle without a doubt, he was just spraying the crowd, it was relentless, there was no stopping. you had only five, maybe eight seconds to move from cover to cover to try to move and get out of there as he reloaded. >> did you see the wounded, russell? did you see people who had been injured? >> it was everywhere. i saw people -- thank god it was a country concert, i mean, you saw a lot of ex military just
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with their fingers, i saw police officers while everyone else was crouching police officers standing up as targets just trying to direct people telling them where to go. i mean, the amount of bravery i saw there, words can't describe what it was like. i mean, there were ten foot walls boxing everybody in, we couldn't escape. >> how did you get out, russell? >> took us about ten minutes, 12 minutes to finally get out. we just went under bleachers, cover to cover, waited until he reloaded and then moved. just trying to -- just trying to get out of there. there was one way in and one way out and the gunman had that bottle necked. we escaped to the side where all the food trucks were entering and exiting through the police checkpoint. >> i can't even imagine experiencing what you did. could you tell where the -- especially first
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gunfire was each coming from? it must have felt like it was all around you. >> yeah, i could hear like it going through the tent flaps and stuff and then we could feel the ricochets off the ground. what was interesting, the guy was so far away, you did not know where the shots were coming from. there was just no telling and then it would echo throughout the whole, you know, area. nobody knew where to go, all of a sudden a couple people would run away from a safe area, but you didn't know if it was safe. there was no -- it was absolute chaos and carnage. >> russell, stay with us for a second, i want to ask our guests here about something you just said. commissioner, or sean, he said it seemed like there were only five to eight second silences between the gunfire. so talk about your knowledge of loading and unloading a magazine from a weapon like that, does that indicate that this guy had
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>> certainly sounds like he was very familiar with the weaponry that he was carrying, only takes three to five seconds to disengage a clip, put a new one in, if he has them taped together, even faster. it will be interesting to see what type of ammunition, the type of ammunition is also critical here in the sense of some of the injuries that are being described, typical military style cartridge can cause incredible damage. >> just to stick with you for a second, when you hear him, russell, talking about police officers standing in the line of fire trying to help the people who had fallen victim to the fire, that's not surprising i would imagine to you. >> not surprising and somewhat reflective of what i heard earlier talking to my colleague down in las vegas in terms of what his daughter had seen. >> russell, have you made contact with everyone you were with at that concert? i would imagine everyone scattered in opposite directions. >> yes, about an hour, hour and a half later wefi
7:22 am
contact with everybody. a few friends are now in the hospital, they were hit, we don't know the condition. honestly, i don't think there is a person in las vegas that is not affected by this in some way. we are a pretty close-knit community. god bless those police officers. i mean, in a world where everyone is kneeling, these guys stood up and took -- i mean, they knew what they were against and they ran towards the danger with just -- i mean, that's real bravery right there. >> it is. >> i mean, there is no telling how many they saved. every second was a life lost. he was just spraying the crowd of tens of thousands of people. i mean, he fired into that crowd, you were going to hit something. i keep seeing the total rise and it makes me so sick. >> hold on one second, russell. sean. >> i'm thinking about the rounds and casualties that were infl
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i mentioned 9 or 10 millimeters, those were weapons i used on the s.w.a.t. team. if we're talking about military grade 223 those bullets have the capacity to go through multiple people. you hit somebody and go through multiple people. the 9 and 10 millimeter are particularly because you're looking to ensure that they don't transfer through sheetrock into other rooms so there are special rounds made for that. in this particular case with an ar-15 or other military grade weapon those rounds would have been able to go through multiple people. >> russell, our eyewitness who has just experienced something unimaginable, i hope you will stay with us and we're thinking of you and sending our prayers and so glad you were able to mention the bravery of so many people in that crowd, it bears repeating and highlighting and just we send our best to you. >> thank you very much. i hope everyone is going to end up okay out of it. >> indeed. thank you, russell. >> we're hearing now from the president, he has briefed and he has just tweeted
7:24 am
alexander is at the white house with more on what the president had to say. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. on this terrible day in las vegas we are now hearing from president trump, just a matter of minutes ago tweeting, i will read to you exactly what he wrote, he writes, my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. sarah huckabee sanders his press secretary i hung up with her a matter of minutes ago, she tells me that the president was briefed by his chief of staff, general john kelly and others as best she understands it right now. she put out a statement earlier saying that he had been briefed on the tragedy describing it as horrific, saying we're monitoring the situation closely and offer our full support to state and local officials. all of those affect ready in our thoughts and prayers. in the last couple moments i just spoke to the president's adviser in charge of homeland security and counterterrorism, tom boss cert who is trying to lead the response to this white house to what's taking place in the hurricane zones like puerto rico.
7:25 am
he was woken up basically has been up all night since this took place, has folken to the fbi director and others, but at this point has no new details on when the president will be briefed more thoroughly about this, though expect he will continue to get updates on this over the course of this day. >> peter alexander, thank you. we will have much more on this horrific story, the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history in a moment, but first these messages. oment. fi (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you too. at optum, we're partnering across the health system to tackle its biggest challenges. when it comes to reducing the evsugar in your family's dietom.
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- i'm a father. - puerto rican. - african-american. - i am bicultural. - we're all equal, no matter our differences. - and strong because of them. - celebrate diversity. 7:27 on a monday morning. covering the deadliest mass shooting, deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. more than 50 people, more than 50 have been killed, as a gunman opened fire from 32 floors above an outdoor country music concert. i'm joined by bill bratton and shawn henry. we were talking
7:28 am
it's outdoors but walled in and surrounded by buildings. in this case, that's what prevented people from escaping. >> when you think of military tact tactics, you want to get high ground because you have the visibility and the opportunity to see multiple targets. in this particular case, when you're in a venue like that, the first thing you want to do is get to an egress. how do you get out of the line of fire? because the concert venue is set up, there's likely an area of tickets to come in and people are prevented from getting out of the venue. >> bill, what they try to do to prevent people from sneaking into a venue, is what traps people in that venue. >> the unfamiliar venue, the preplanning for this, you have to have a secertain number of exits to accommodate the egress of the crowd. >> because of the tens of thousands of people couldn't tell where the shots were coming
7:29 am
direction to run. >> that's correct. >> i think about russell who was on earlier, an eyewitness. talking about the police officers. you have a lot of off-duty police officers, maybe former military. you hear the sounds, the sounds of automatic gunfire, their first response is to identify where the shots are coming from and direct people to protect people. and i think as russell said, a lot of lives were saved by quick actions of law enforcement. >> law enforcement and members of the military, he was surmising by the way they were treating the wounded there, and seemed to have some knowledge how to handle a pbattlefield wound, as it were. >> the horror of running towards the building, the mandalay bay resort, with a handgun, as an officer. knowing what you're hearing is the sound of incoming fire from an automatic weapon. >> the descriptions going on
7:30 am
effective anyway, until they got into the hotel. effectively unarmed, even though they're carrying a weapon. they have no ability to take him out. >> we'll continue our coverage in a mole. let other stations join us. we're back with a special edition of "today." it's been a long night. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history has taken place. more than 50 people have been killed. 200 others wounded. >> this happened at an outdoor country music festival. the last day of a three-day festival. jason aldean was on stage when shots rang out. shots of an automatic weapon rang through this crowd, from 32 floors up at the mandalay bay resort. he fired. he emptied magazines and reloaded andon
7:31 am
as people tried to scramble for cover. and there wasn't a lot of cover to find. >> that's right. we know the name of the suspect, stephen paddock, 64 years old from mesquite, nevada. he was shot and killed by police. police told nbc news they found a cache of weapons. numerous firearms in that room. >> president trump has tweeted about the shooting saying, quote, my warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible las vegas shooting. god bless you. i want to say, when you think about this, shawn, the shooter known to authorities, had a criminal record but not known to federal authorities. >> when we think about this, how do you secure a perimeter of a venue, going into a concert or venue where there's been
7:32 am
people. but a venue like this, somebody that can be in a high-rise, how do you stop that? we talked about at this table, intelligence. do you identify somebody? advance? what are the warning signs? have they made statements to people? are they accumulating weapons and ammunition? are they acting violent or irrationally? what do you do? what is the state of mental health? we don't know the motivation here, yet. but that's where the conversation will turn. how do you stop these things before we see this mass carnage. >> no matter what you do in terms of security, there always seems to be people one step ahead. if they have evil in their hearts, it's difficult to prevent it. stay with us, if you would. we're going to go to nbc's joe fryer. he is in a hotel room on a high floor himself. you have a pretty good idea of the vantage point that the shooter would have had.
7:33 am
>> reporter: yeah, that's right, savannah. so we are in the four seasons hotel which is basically part of mandalay bay. we are in mandalay bay tower, we are on the 38th floor so we are just six floors directly above where this shooter was at the time. we are on lockdown here, we've been on lockdown for six hours now, we just checked with the front desk, they said we are still on lock doub, elevators are shut down so we have to remain here. just minutes ago police intact cal gear were going door to door on our floor, knocking on doors, asking if anyone needed medical assistance, in no one was even harder until someone responded. police told us we're probably going to be staying put for a whi while. we are going to turn out the lights because we want to show you out the window and don't want the lights to create a reflecti reflection. this is thth floor, this is where that route 91 harvest country
7:34 am
taking place. this is the "viewpoint" from the 38th floor. the right-hand side of this screen is where the stage was, that's where jason aldean was performing when this happened and the rest of the area wasbm basically just filled with thousands of people, loud music was filling the air here in las vegas that we could hear from the hotel here through the night. so you get an idea of the vantage point at least some angle of where the shooter was, we can tell you at least in the room we're in, this window you're looking through does not open, it is a floor to ceiling window. we don't know what the situation is in the shooter's room but most of these which happened dose we are looking at here do not open to go outside. right now you are looking at the las vegas strip, normally this is las vegas boulevard, it's an incredibly bustling street no matter the time of day but the only thing you're seeing right now are flashing lights on police cars who have basically blocked off the roads here, no one is being allowed intoh
7:35 am
continue their investigation. as we pan to the right a little bit you are going to see mccarran airport, the main airport in and out of las vegas, that is located right in the shadow of what was going on here. for a time there were no flights going in or out of the airport here. that's the situation here, we remain under lockdown hire as police continue to investigate and as the sun will probably rise in the next couple hours we will get a better idea of this viewpoint of what the situation looks like down below. we are part of the mandalay bay tower, there are a number of rooms facing toward where this concert was taking place. so plenty of -- plenty of people could see what was going on from this vantage point. >> joe fryer, thank you very much. >> just briefly we are with bill bratton here, former police commissioner of new york city. we talk about these windows in a hotel like that, you have to know that's shatterproof glass but nonh match for a military style weapon that could be used to just take that window out. >> exactly. i think we willob
7:36 am
probably just shot window out and he has that platform looking at that angle from the 38th floor you could see what a clear line of sight he would have for what he did. >> we have bill bratton here, sean henry as well. a little earlier we spoke to jake owen he was performing at that concert as the shooting began and we began by asking how he was doing. >> you know, thankfully we are doing all right. and, you know, unfortunately there is a lot that aren't. it's been a pretty crazy evening here in las vegas. i think we are all still kind of trying to process. >> jake, you had performed earlier, you were not on the stage when this happened. where were you? >> no, i was on the stage. i was -- i had just walked up on the stage with a couple friends of mine, including one being luke combs another artist that had played earlier and we were literally standing 50 feet away from where jason was on sta
7:37 am
what sounded -- you know, it was the kind of thing where it was like is that gun fire and it got faster and faster, almost like it sounded like it was an automatic rifle, you could hear it ringing off the tops of the rafters of the stage, that's when you saw people fleeing, at that point everyone on stage started running everywhere possible. it was pretty chaotic for sure. >> where were you able to go to seek cover? >> unfortunately i ran on the opposite direction from where my usual:pz shelter would be whic my bus which was on the opposite side of the stage, so i kind of just ran like everyone else, i mean, at one point i was crouched down behind a with about 20 other people that were just people that come to the show and everyone is asking ifó everyone is okay, there's blood on people and you could see a couple folks in the street that had -- looked like they had been shot lying there. i mean,
7:38 am
was literally like a movie that you feel like you've seen before that's not real life. >> jake, i know when something like that happens i imagine that time is just really hard to even get a grasp on, but we're interested in it because it does sound like from other witnesses we've talked to that this went on for some time. if you had to guess how long from when you first heard the sounds to when the shooting finally stopped, how long do you think it took place for? >> oh, i mean, without -- without even over exaggerating i would say it was close -- it had to have been close to ten minutes because it went on for a good four or five minutes before i got back to -- luckily to a bus that was safe in a crew parking lot, i got back to a bus, once i got on a bus we were hiding in the bus because you could still hear gunfire outside. it wasn't something that just was quick. i mean, it was
7:39 am
to ten minutes. >> were you able to get back in touch with all of your friends and fellow performers or is there still difficulty because everybody is scattered in so many different directions? >> there was after a while, i just recently -- my tour manager and my manager just got back over to where i am now, we were all separated. a friend of mine was here with her family for a 50th birthday, just like a lot of people, they come out to these concerts because that's what life is about, we get to live this freedom thanks to the men and women who fight for us and we tend to -- we don't -- we live this life of not being scared, which i think is great, but, you know, this is reality these days, this stuff is really happening andy we were all scard and i do think -- i think it's important to say, too, that the las vegas police department responders and you could tell, i mean, they did everything they could to get out here as
7:40 am
these people and i think they really definitely need a shout out as well. >> i heard somebody, jake, earlier talk about the staff of the concert venue, the people who were working just -- you know, who normally would help guide you into a concert venue and that person said that they reacted with great calm and that they really seemed to try to do everything they could to try to help people get out of a area. we that i think them as well. jake, we're happy you're okay. again, we thank you for joining us on the phone this morning. >> that was one of the performers earlier in our conversation and i just -- it bears repeating, these images we're showing and the sounds you hear are incredibly disturbing and we know that and it's just -- i think all of us are just trying to comprehend what's taking place in our country today. more than 50 people killed in this terrible shooting. we're just really starting to count the toll now and our hearts are with those tt
7:41 am
a cone is with the university medical center in las vegas where some of the wounded are being treated. i know you have a level one trauma center there. talk to me about what's going on inside that trauma center once again. >> we have the only level one trauma center in nevada, we've been very busy all night long. 30 plus patients went to the trauma center side, more patients went over to our emergency department, the emergency department is completely separate from our level one trauma center. at our level one trauma center we are fully self-contained, so within those four walls we have a full blood bank, mri, ct scan, whatever we need a fully self-contained within those walls to take care of life-threatening injuries. you're right, we've been extremely busy with very critically ill patients this
7:42 am
"0z gunshot folks got pushed over in the crowd, but for the most part because we are a trauma center it was gunshot wounds that we were seeing tonight. tonight. >> danita, you mentioned you have three operating rooms. and we we spoke, you said they were just being used continuously. >> we have operating rooms just steps away. they don't have to stop or pass go. they go back to the o.r. so far, eight patients have been taken back to the o.r. about eight patients are in critical condition right now. >> we heard the tragic news from the transfer of clark county earlier, danita, where he says more than 50 people have been killed. many of those were pronounced dead at the scene. others were transported to local facilities
7:43 am
at your facility? >> unfortunately, we had four patients who have passed away so far. we had many patients already discharged. many were well enough to already go home. even though it's extremely difficult for them to get back to the strip, all of the strip properties on lockdown. we are holding those patients here with us and trying to reunite them with their families because they can't go back to the hotel room, which they left a few hours ago, before the concert. >> danita, is there a supply of blood? do you need anything there? >> right now, we are very adequately staffed with blood. we will be partnering with united blood defense services t folks in the las vegas area donate blood to make sure our shelves are stocked. we are a trauma center. trauma does not stop. we will see the normal amount of patients come
7:44 am
the other modes of injury on a daily basis. >> danita cohen, thank you for your time. i know you're busy. we'll check back. and thank all of the people that do this incredible work. >> thank you. i will. that means a lot to them. >> i want to go back to nbc justice correspondent, pete williams, who has been working his sources all through the morning. i am told you have new information, pete? >> couple of things, savannah. there were a couple of off-duty police officers, who were attending the concert, like anybody else, from a number of different law enforcement associations. a number of them were involved in the shooting. two of their officers were on duty during the concert. one had minor injuries. the other is in stable condition after surgery, they say. there were police officers who were wounded, as well, as concertgoers. we don't believe there were any police officers, at least we haven't ind -- no
7:45 am
that any were wounded or injured when they blew the door off stephen paddock's hotel room this morning and shot and killed him. and inside the room, they say they found a cache of weapons. multiple weapons. one question that's arisen this morning is, how was it that he was able to achieve such lethal results, given how far away he was, from the concert location? we don't know precisely how it was because until the sun comes up and we can get a good idea of where the room was in comparison to the concert field, we think about 1,700 feet the vantage point of his hotel window to the glass where people were attending the concert. we're told by experts that the range of an assault weapon or the kind of rifle that was used here, is about 2,000 feet. it's within the range of the weapon. and obviously, we
7:46 am
horrifying numbers we're hearing, that the rounds had devastating effect, killing more than 50 people and injuring several dozen more. you just talked to the hospital, some of the people were injured simply by the crush of the people trying to get away. but many of them were also hit by gunfire. and some of those people are critical, which is why these numbers have been going up here because the wounds and the injuries were so severe. as for the investigation, still no light. and i think it will be hours before we have any idea why stephen paddock chose this hotel to shoot at this target. we don't know whether he had that target in advance. a key to this may be the woman that they say he was living with in his home of mesquite, nevada, where authorities are searching
7:47 am
old, who was apparently, at least at some point, in the hotel with him. clearly not in the room when the shooting took place or not when the police blew the door off and came in. the authorities have said they have located her. but we don't know precisely what that means. does that mean they think they know where she is? or is she now in police custody for questioning? they've described her as a person of interest. and she probably knows more than anybody else about what went on here. and she's going to be very important witness for the authorities to talk to about what happened. and now, they're going back through the record of stephen paddock. his work record. trying to put his life back together. piece it together and do a reverse timeline. when did he come to las vegas? had he been talking about this? was this a spur of the moment type thing?
7:48 am
these are questions we don't know the answers to yet but they are aggressively working. >> all right, pete. thank you very much with the latest on the investigation. so many unanswered questions. >> bill, let me go back to you as someone who knows how s.w.a.t. teams operate. this shooting starts. it's chaos. you have people running out of the mandalay beay hotel. you have people running in, looking for shelter from what's going on outside. now, the s.w.a.t. team arrives. what are they equipped with? how do they deal with the chaos and the running? they don't know if the people are involved with this plot. how do they carry out their mission? >> las vegas has one of the most well-prepared police departments in america for dealing with these incidents. i've known the three preceding sheriffs. they focus with this dealing of this type of incident. shift incident, post-9/11. this incident, they have a fuim
7:49 am
watching the video, they obviously also now have started equipping the emts and firefighters with vests and ballistic helmets. as part of the evolution of training for these events, you need to get police in there, and firefighters, if there's a fire and emt in there. they start with volunteers that don't carry weapons but can get in there and render first said. >> when they get to the 32nd floor, with the s.w.a.t. team, i'm going to play a piece of tape for you. listen to it and we'll talk about it. we don't. sorry. this there was a piece of tape where you hear the recording of the s.w.a.t. team saying, we've reached the door. we've identified the door. we're about to breach the door. and you hear an explosion. talk to me about that standard operating entreprenee ining pro? >> that's correct. they call, breach, breach, breach. you indicate to everybody there's going to be a
7:50 am
toss in a flash-bang, which is a bright light explosion, that is intended to blind whoever is in that room. they don't know what is behind that door. they are going in against somebody who is well-armed. the idea is to try to take him offguard, or whatevoever is in room. and the flash-bang, the explosion itself, is intended to throw that person off guard for a moment to give them a chance to get into that room. going into that room will be a team of four officers that are trained as to what they're going to do once they get into that room. >> when we heard that police radio broadcast, that we're all talking about, you can hear him used a hushed tone. they're actually whispering because they need to have that element of surprise, obviously. >> that's correct. they need to let all of the officers outside who are focused on that building, that room, to understand what is going on in that room. >> they don't know if there's a hostage in that
7:51 am
>> in those situations, we learned after columbine, the total police shift and tactics after columbine. in nypd, we trained the time i was commission, is training to get into that location. hostages, unfortunately, cannot be really dealt with in that type of situation. >> what does it tell us about the weapons. how do you get your hands on them? some can construct a semiautomatic weapon and upgrade it, so to speak. what do you make of it? >> some of the fully automatic weapons are tightly regulated. there's a black market for this, this type of weapon. i want to go back to what the commissioner just said and matt's question about the
7:52 am
on somebody that's that heavily. speed, surprise and violence of action. with the explosive breach, throwing in the flashbang and disorienting. the law enforcement officers are trained. they train with the light and explosions because they want to appear when they do these live time that they've been through it before. if there's a hostage in that space, they're looking to discern who might have a weapon. but in this case, it's about getting into that room as quickly as possible to eliminate the threat. >> and the speed so important here, shawn, because if he had not run out of am missiomunitioy minute they delay getting into that room, he has magazines with 20 or 30 rounds in them. and there were people huddled in that concert area. >> that's absolute hi right. this goes on indefinitely until you can stop the threat. that's when
7:53 am
trained, when we talk about active shooters. get to the threat as quickly as possible. and police officers in the line of fire, to do everything they can to eliminate the source of that fire. >> all right. stay with us. we want to go to peter alexander at the white house for us. we're hearing more from members of the administration. >> reporter: that's right. we have heard from the president. president trump was alerted, briefed about this situation, in las vegas early this morning by his chief of staff, john kel lk. the president tweeting a while ago, my warmest condolences and sympathies. and vice president mike pence, tweeting on this shooting, the worst in american history. he writes, in part, to victims, families and loved ones affected by this senseless violence in las vegas, karen, his wife, are prying for you and offering our loves. the hearts and prayers of the
7:54 am
you have our condolences and sympat sympathies. for the courageous first responders, thank you for your bravery. ivanka trump has woken up to the terrible crisis in las vegas. she is tweeting saying america woke up to the horrific news of the devastating shooting in las vegas. our collective hearts are breaking for the victims and their families. matt and savannah, i spoke to tom bosser, in charge of counterterrorism and homeland security. he has been up suns he first learned about the shooting. he has spoken to the fbi director, christopher ray, about the federal response and the resources involved into the investigation of the shooting that has taken the lives of more than 50 people. he says as best they can tell from the earliest information they received, this was nothing but a fast response from those law enforcement officials in that area.
7:55 am
updated over the course of the day. if we know he's going to be speaking, he will share that with you. no word on whether he will make public remark rs. >> if you have just woken up and heard peter use a number, 50 lives at least, have been lost in las vegas over night, as a gunman opened fire, on the third day of a country music festival. jason aldean performing on the stage. and a man with an automatic weapon, 32 floors above, in the mandalay bay resort, shot out the window somehow and began firing indiscriminately at tens of thousands of people who were trapped in by the walls that encompassed that concert venue. 50-plus people are dead. >> this went on for several minutes before police were able to locate the shooter, find him
7:56 am
7:56 is your time now on a monday, october 2nd, 2017. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> local first responders are now reacting to that breaking news, the deadliest mass shooting in american history. more than 50 people were killed in las vegas overnight. d.c. police tweeted that they are monitoring the siturjz and that, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and vegas community. >> in the last hour fairfax county police tweeted, quote, our hearts are heavy. the "today" show will have much more on this tragedy in just a moment. we have new information about how a student died at george mason university, the sophomore ran through a fifth floor window this weekend and died from the fall. students told investigators he may have taken a hallucinogenic drug. you are looking at a vigil at the university last night. police are warning students to
7:57 am
it. they have not identified the student to died. police in prince george's county are trying to solve the mystery of who killed ashanti billie. they released purple and white balloons in her honor. now let's check on your commute with wtop's jack taylor and your first four traffic. what's happening? >> inbound on canal road we had a light pole reading after arizona avenue so they have the left lane closed there, crews still working on 70 westbound leaving mount airy only a right lane getting by. a tree had fallen in massachusetts avenue that intersection has been reopened. your forecast is up next. stay with us.
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." breaking news, chaos in las vegas. at least 50 people are killed when a gunman in the mandalay beay hotel opened fire on a concert crowd, 30 floors below. many people wounded, many in critical condition. the gunman identified as stephen paddock. >> there were shots everywhere. >> two guys came running by that were carrying a girl or somebody that was all bloody. look
8:01 am
monday, october 2nd, 2017. good morning, everyone. welcome back to this special edition of "today" on a monday morning. horrific news to start this week. 50-plus people killed in a mass shooting in las vegas. >> this is the deadliest massacre in u.s. history. want to get to where things stand right now. >> the death toll, more than 50. that is expected to rise. at least 200 others were wounded. dozens of those people are in critical condition this morning. >> the shooter has been identified. 64-year-old stephen paddock. he is from nearby mesquite, nevada. police have searched for and found marilou danley, described as a companion. steve patterson in is
8:02 am
>> reporter: good morning, matt and savannah. here on the las vegas strip, a somber tone you would never expect to see. we're hearing stories from the people at that shooting and their tales, horrific stories, of survival. thousands of fans were enjoying the final night of the route 91 harvest music festival. jason aldean was on the stage when shots started ringing out. within seconds, chaos. terrified people running for their lives. others desperately taking cover, as a hail of bullets rained down on them from above. >> there's a shooting. there's a shooting. >> reporter: chilling cell phone video capturing the sound of horrific gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> be advised it is automatic fire. fully automatic fire from an elevated position. take cover. >> i remember looking up at the
8:03 am
and i saw light flashing out of a room. >> reporter: police zeroing in on a suspect firing from inside the hotel. >> we have sight on the suspect's door. we need to pop this and see if we get any type of response from this guy. see if he's in here or moved somewhere else. >> s.w.a.t. had explosionive breach. everyone move back. all units move back. >> we determined there was a shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect at that location. he is dead. >> reporter: first responders found massive casualties at the scene. several off-duty police officers among the victims. >> i have two police officers that are currently at the hospital. one in critical condition. the other one, minor injuries. but there are other police officers that were off-duty attending the concert that have expired. >> reporter: the wounded wer
8:04 am
transported to local hospital. so many that platform emergency rooms were at full capacity. the shooter was a local resident, identified as 65-year-old stephen paddock. what's happening is police investigating. there's a tight lock on the scene. what we're doing is starting to let some of the people back into their hotels. some of thens witnesses on-scene are starting to filter out. we have a few of them. megan and kayla. what happened when you were there? >> originally we thought fireworks were going off or firecracker oss or something. we thought the speakers were malfunctions. but once the lights were turned off and jason aldean were disappointed, we dropped. we had firemen around us. they said lay down on the ground. don't move. until after that, we started running. >> reporter: can you tell me what the gun
8:05 am
>> originally, once we were on the ground, we thought, is it getting closer? it kept sounding like it was getting closer and closer. we didn't know where the guy was. eventually, we needed to take off and get out of there. >> reporter: what did you do to escape? >> he told us to go a 45-degree ang angle. but we went toward the exit. and people were like, no. get behind these trailers. and take the path back to the opposite tropicana parking lot. we were told to go in a room. and we did. but then, there was a rumor or something, that there was another person in there with a gun. we started to run towards the elevators. we went up to the 20th floor in someone's room. there was about 40 of us in there, for the past six hours. we were finally told by my friend, my
8:06 am
so luxor, where we're staying, we were allowed to come back. >> reporter: i can only imagine how you're feeling. the death toll is insur moundible. over 50 people now. what loss of life or victims, what did you see on the ground, as far as people trying to get away? >> once i was out, i was -- once i came out of the event, there were people bleeding everywhere. didn't know where the blood was coming from. whose blood it was. people carrying people. people laying down. just, one man was sitting next to me, who had a bullet hole through his arm. he was like, we can't help you now. we have other people to worry about. just wrap it up and hold still until we can come get you. that's all they could do for that guy. i haven't seen him in hours. >> reporter: thank you for sharing your story. these are the stories we're hearing as people are filtering back from the scene. police are starting to open up parts of the vegas strip. it is eerily
8:07 am
as police are investigating what is the worst mass shooting in american history. back to you. >> steve, thank you. when you hear the accounts, it's horrifying because they don't know where the shots are coming from. you don't know where to run. it's an outdoor festival. there's nowhere really to hide. in a lot of ways, they were kind of penned in because it's a concert venue. >> and you have assume, that stephen pod daadlock, who is th shooter and deceased, probably asked for the room overlooking. jason aldean was the headliner for this music festival. the shooter had to know that would be the largest possible crowd at that concert at that time, and that's when he opened fire. pete williams has more that we're learning about stephen paddock. >> he's 64 years old. he was born in
8:08 am
police are working backwards to figure out when he planned this, when he got the weapons. the atf is tracing the weapons. there was a cache of weapons and ammunition in his hotel room when they blew off the door and shot him. they're trying to figure out when did he get the weapons? when did he check into the hotel? see if when he booked the room. did he ask to be up on the upper floors? did he choose this target in advance? they're hoping that answers to the question will come from a search in the last couple of hours in his house in mesquite, nevada. they got on his identity very quickly. when they got in the
8:09 am
realized whose room it was and got his identify and got on to him. they hope that the search will help answer the questions. they will look at social media and recent e-mails, people he was talking to on the phone, his travels. they hope that a woman who was described by the authorities as a person of interest, marilou danl danley, who is 62, and living with him in mesquite, nevada, can help answer the questions. the authorities have said they have located her. but we haven't had confirmation her that they have her in custody, as than important witness in this case. they want to know what she can tell them about it. they want to know if she has any idea. if there's any planning going of. lots of questions to be answered here, matt. in addition to where he got the weapons. a lot of audio recordings. you have to get a permit to own an automatic
8:10 am
they're a common military weapon. they're rare here in the u.s. it is possible to take a conventional rifle. and turn it into an automatic weapon, by making modifications inside. if you know firearms, this is something that's discussed on the internet how to do this. so, it's not a difficult thing to do. it's not a highly complex thing. you have to know something about firearms. in terms of his background, what was he doing in the years before? that's what we're trying to figure out the answer to these questions, matt. why did he pick this place? why this day? all those questions to be answered. >> and correct me if i'm wrong, do we know if this woman -- the police called hear xanshan companion,
8:11 am
was she in las vegas at the time? that's an open question. >> it is an open question. we have witnesses say they believe they saw the two of them together in the mandalay bay hotel. perhaps in the hours or days leading up to the rooting. we don't know -- we haven't been able to get back to the witnesses when they saw him together. there's some indication, at some point, recently, inside the hotel. clearly not in the room, when the police blew the door off. was she there earlier? was she there when this began? all to be answered. >> pete williams, as this investigation continues. so many questions out there. chief among them, why? why on earth would someone do this and inflict such terrible casualties upon people just listening to a concert. >> we're going to be joined by tom brokaw. we'll take a brief break right now and have so much more in a minute.
8:12 am
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8:13, now, on this monday morning. we welcome you back. unfortunately, we're in the midst of covering the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 50-plus people killed at a concert in las vegas. we're joined by tom brokaw and shawn henry. shawn, i want to start with you. we were listening to pete williams, talking about they're going to scour this guy, stephen paddock's, social media. you go into a hotel room with a lot of weapons and ammunition. you shoot into a crowd below, you have to assume you're going to day in that hotel room. would it be likely on social media, he would likely exmrab from people what he was doing? >> we have to go back to social media to find
8:15 am
to find out if there were people who helped supply him with weapons. if there were people that were a part of this. not only social media, which will be a wealth of value for law enforcement, but also searching his properties. whether it be his residence, his vehicles. looking for any indication. his mobile device. people he's been in contact with recently. law enforcement will be interested in how he obtained the weapons. they will be very interested in what his motivation was. >> but do people want to know what was going through his mind? >> we don't know who stephen paddock is yet. he's an older guy. 64 years old. in many of the shootings we've seen in the past few years, they've been people much, much younger. this is somewhat unusual. was he in the military? was he trained in the military or not? most importantly, though, what caused him to do this? what were the facts leading up to this incident
8:16 am
someone missed? he was off law enforcement's radar until last night. >> one thing we do know about this man, stephen paddock, here is someone that is looking to inflict maximum damage. high vantage point, and we've seen scores killed. unable to go anywhere. >> this is time for a national dialogue that we can have in a calm and reasoned way, to figure out how come we have so many mass shootings in this country. many more people were killed in those than the two terrorist attacks than in san bernadino and orlando, that got us aroused about terrorism. you listen to the weapons. on full auto at that point. where did he get that gun? you can now get an ar-15, which is a modification. but it's supposed to be a single shot at a time. i go
8:17 am
i've owned guns all my life. and usually have 30/30s and high-powered sporting rifles. now, they have racks of these military weapons. stan mcchrystal said, we ought not to be selling these weapons to the person civilian populations. they're designed for one thing. they're to kill people. no other western nation has the number of gun deaths that we have in america. and we need to talk about it. >> wait until we hear what was in that room. law enforcement has said what else he had. there were other weapons there. no idea how many magazines filled with rounds in that room. you get a beautiful bduffel bag ka case, a golf bag. >> it's amazing what you can buy, at a gun show or illegally from other
8:18 am
because it immediately becomes so emotional between the gun owners of the america, who are protected by the nra, and other people saying there ought to be a more reasonable ground. i'm a gun owner. i don't have one of the ar-15s. i don't need them. but almost all my friends out there have that kind of weapon. >> and, shawn, you made a point. it bears repeating about the caliber. appears to be the kind of bullet that cannot just pass through one person, but multiple people. >> if we have military grade. but 223 rounds travel at thousands of feet per second. and they're made for one person and one person only, to kill people. they will, when they hit a body, travel through, potentially, multiple people. and one round can enter multiple.
8:19 am
>> and you compare that to the ammunition in a police officer's gun. >> i trained with long guns. but those are meant to hit the target and to stop. and not to transfer through multiple layers of drywall. those 223 rounds or 556 rounds are going to go through multiple people if they hit a body. >> go back to the ariana grande concert in manchester. a gunman decides he can go to a venue, wait for the doors open, and fingmingle with the people caught in the crowd coming out. now, we have another soft target. and you have a guy that stays 32 floors above concertgoers, who are trapped in some ways, by the walls that prevent people from going in to pay for the concerts.
8:20 am
at a moment like this. and you have to ask the same question over and over again. how do we prevent this? >> the other problem, there's other maniacs who are looking at this and say, i want a little attention. i'm going to get even with the world because the world has been unfair to me. concerts. that's the way to do something like this. there's going to be a lot of security, as there needs to be, not just the concert hall, but in the surrounding perimeter. that's going to take money and resources. i don't know what we do if -- keeping our citizens safe, unless we begin to lock those kind of gatherings because they have become targets of opportunity for these maniacs, as we have seen for other places. >> stand here, tom. i want to bring in tom costello, who has been working his sources and has new information on the shooter. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's incremental. but stephe
8:21 am
pilot's license. the last time he filed was in 2010 when he lived in texas. another piece of the puzzle here. i might add, as a part of your discussion, there has been -- the internet is just absolutely full, as you might expect, of speculation, of alleged photographs of the suspect, of what his motivations may or may not be. his political motivations. only tell you, yes, we are aware of that. however, obviously, we don't report any of that until we have it verified from multiple sources. the big question might be, what might his motivations have been? we don't have that at this moment. i also, if you don't mind, wanted to make the point, that we have been repeated -- this is the worst mass casualty shooting in american history now, with at least 50 people dead. you have to go back to the pulse
8:22 am
nightclub last night year, 49 people dead in that one. 58 injured versus 200 injured in this one. virginia tech, 32. sandy hook, 27 killed, the victim's mother. and the luby cafeteria shooting in 1991. this goes down as the worst. and this is a classic example of what we talk about so often over the years, being a quote/unquote soft target. as shawn has told me many times in conversations, everything in america is a soft target. whether it's a shopping mall, a movie theater in aurora, colorado. the luby's cafeteria. everything is a soft target. but all these people were able to leave the outdoor arena because they had been boxed in for the concert. there were few points of egress and there were literally walls around them. the shooter had an open field to take aim at the crowd. all of that, of course, m
8:23 am
mass murder situation. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you. >> let's talk to two witnesses of this shooting. russell and his fiancee were in that crowd. they join us by skype. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> russell, we spoke to you earlier. let me start with briana. briana, tell me about your experience. what you heard, what you saw. >> hello. hello? >> did we lose them? >> there's a little delay. >> yeah. >> can you hear me? >> yes, i can. talk to us about what you saw and heard. >> so, we were in the v.i.p. tent. and you know, at first, i thought it was fireworks going off. and then, it kept happening and people started screaming and
8:24 am
it was the scariest thing, to just hear the shots firing off. just continuously. and in trying to get to safety, and not knowing where to go because we didn't know if, you know, they were shooting from above or shooting in, like the actual venue. we didn't know where it was safe to go. and there's ricochets all around us. >> we look at video that you guys shot during this. russell, i believe you said earlier, you could hear bullets coming through the flaps of the tent. >> that's what it sound like. you could hear ricochets. and we got under the bleachers, you could hear it clinking off the bleachers over and over. easily 20-plus rounds, just in our direction alone. and you can hear them drift off. it sounded like he was spraying the crowd. there was people that couldn't
8:25 am
every port-a-potty was taken. ten-foot walls was boxing us in. it took about 12 minutes to get out. >> you saw people injured. you saw people coming in and trying to give aid, administer medical care to them. >> yeah. we saw, just as i said before. thank god it was a country concert. so many exmilitary there. jumping into action, knowing what to do, to treat the wounds. we got separated for the first five minutes of it happened. and luckily, we found each other. my best friend grabbed her and took her to safety. but as i was over getting a drink, down the way, a little ways. and it was absolutely terrifying. like i said before, everyone is kneeling and stuff, crouching here. every one of the police officers -- i didn't see a single one taking cover. they were going directly into the
8:26 am
>> e nonormous acts of bravery. we'll check back with you. this is a "news 4 today" news break. 8:26 is your time now on this monday, october 2nd, 2017. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. right now we want to give you an update about traffic conditions with wtop's jack taylor and your first 4 traffic. how is the commute looking? >> we had a couple hot spots on 70 eastbound in howard county, accident activity route 32, we do have delays behind it. also the paving project on i-70 moving westbound heading new new market has the only the right lane getting by and canal roid after arizona avenue grabbing a single inbound lane. back into you. >> we will take a quick break and check your forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
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good morning, everybody. it is a chilly start to your monday, temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s to get your work and school week started, but plenty of sunshine on time for today, it will be a
8:29 am
75 today and a warming trend back into the 80s by later on in the week. >> all right, chuck, thank you. now we go back to the "today" show for special coverage of the deadly mass shooting in las vegas.
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it's 8:30 on the east coast. 5:30 out west. and in las vegas, it has been a horrifying night. a gunman opening fire on an outdoor country music festival. it happened near the mandalay bay resort and casino. a gunman, 32 stories high, shooting down on concert innocents below. >> more than 50 people have been killed the deadliest mass shooting in the history of this country. many other s have withibeen wou. some of the images we're seeing in the early morning hours, and the sounds we're hearing, are
8:31 am
ofs me ke s ms me keek, nevada. they discovered a cache of weapons a hotel room full of firear firearms. >> president trump is tweeting about the tragedy. saying, quote, my deepest sympathies and condolences. >> we go to joe fryer in las vegas. >> reporter: we are spending the night at the four seasons hotel, part of the mandalay bay tower. we're on the 38th floor. the shooter was six floors below us, on the 32
8:32 am
the festival, a bird's-eye view. we'll get a better look at the scene. we have been an locdown for seven hours, since the shooting began. we heard from the hotel, in the last hour, calling us today, stay in your rooms at this point, that the police have the situation under control here. but they're being as caution as -- exercising as much precaution as possible. and police are checking on people in the hotel making sure that everyone is okay. as far as how long the lockdown will continue, nobody knows. you look at the las vegas strip, it's empty but for police and emergency responders on the road. they're keeping everyone away from the area. a thorough investigation will be getting under way as daylight takes shape. the airport is right near here. for a time, flights were not coming in and out of
8:33 am
airport. we'll see how close things are since flights resume. now, remain in lockdown here in the four seasons, part of the mandalay bay tower, waiting to see information we might learn. >> if people are wondering, that shot is joe on his phone, showing us his vantage point from the hotel room. a vantage point to that similar of the shooter's. >> just six floors up. joined by bill bratton, former police commissioner, tom brokaw. commissioner, they get up in the mandalay bay hotel. i will play you a piece of audio to get a sense of what happened. >> i need everybody in that hallway to be aware of it and get back. we need to pop this and see if we get any type of response from this guy. to see if these in here or moved somewhere else. >> copy that. all u
8:34 am
s.w.a.t. has exposed breach. everyone needs to move back. everyone move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> and then, the explosion to take the door out of that hotel room. talk to me about what's going on. >> let me frame this for you. first off, you can detect in that officer's voice, the anxiety but the calmness. the combination. he's about to go into a room, he does not know what is in that room. individual or individuals, maybe more than one, who just murdered dozens of people down in the plaza. there will be six to eight officers, maybe more. and what he's advising, he's about to blow over the door with one device. and they will toss in immediately after that, a flashbang. an explosive device that lets off a lot of light. and in they will go. trained to go into this room to cover it. they will
8:35 am
opportunity to go into the floor plan before going in. they have a sense of what the room looks like. they have no idea how many people are in there, and knowing they are extraordinarily well-armed. i cannot compliment off everything we're hearing about that las vegas sheriff's do department. >> we know what they found inside that room was 64-year-old stephen paddock, a guy with a cache of weapons and created carnage at the concert venue below. >> how difficult under the circumstances to find that room. to find that man. you have shots ri s ringing out. it's a matter of time, that people are being killed every moment looking for this individual. >> you have police officers watching and looking. they know the rounds are coming from above. they can see the trajectory where they're bouncing. looking for the al
8:36 am
there are multiple hotels where this may have come. to physically count up. talking with other officers who may have other vantage points. count up, count across and get into that space as quickly as possible. when we have an active shooter, police are trained, the most important thing is to stop the threat. how to get to the shooter and take the shooter out of combat. >> new numbers i want to mention, tom, from the las vegas metropolitan police. 50 people are dead, 406 people have been transported to local hospitals. we spoke to someone at the local university hospital, the level i trauma center. she told us, i believe they have 30 patients. 12 were in surgery, in critical condition. those numbers may be changing throughout the morning. >> 406
8:37 am
some for gunshot wounds. many being in a stampede as people were trying to run out of there. miguel almaguer is at that medical center. what do you see? >> reporter: some of the gravely wounded were brought to this medical center. more than 100 patients have been taken here. some have died here. hospital officials say they are dealing for the most part with gunshot wounds. many in the hospital behind me, at this hour, are fighting for their lives. all doctors who are on call in this area, have been called in, as well as some from surrounding facilities. literally, all hands on deck here, as they treat all of the victims. at this hour, there are no more patients that are still coming into the hospital. officials are simply trying to deal with the large number of patients they have here on scene. they are rushing many of them into surgery at this very hour. savannah? >> miguel, thank you very much. >> i want
8:38 am
in. a couple things impossible to think of coincidences. one, that stephen paddock gets a room overlooking this concert venue. two, that he starts firing on the final night of this event, when the headliner, jason aldean, probably knowing he would draw the largest crowd. and we are hearing that there were something like 22,000 people watching that concert. >> and they were all penned in. there was no easy escape route. what bill was saying, another reminder of where we've come in our society. any police department, of any size, has a military unit of some kind, in which they are well-trained. you saw them in all of their outfits. they are heavily armed. there is nothing less than a terrorist attack. it's domestically borne. and we have toe
8:39 am
that's going to be part of our political discussion, as well. >> you have a concert with 22,000 people in your city, do you position that tactical unit close to that event? >> that would not be the case. las vegas is fortunate it has a full-time unit on-duty all the time. they probably would not have been located next to this venue, las vegas, on any given night, as concerts all over the place, most of them indoors. they would have been aware of this. most of them officers. the concert promoted would have had to tire two dozen las vegas officers to help police the crowd. that s.w.a.t. unit would have probably been in normal circumstances, and last night would have been normal circumstances, prior to this event, would have been at the location, where they were from the -- >> centrally located. >> new york city benefits, i have tbenefit of being commissioner recently. has 300
8:40 am
respond within five to seven minutes. las vegas did an incredible job. i can't say enough about the sheriff and his people. and we're hearing about the bravery of other people helping others in this chaos. >> a lot of off-duty police officers, including one that lost his life. we can hear more from bill young, who is a sheriff of the metropolitan las vegas police department. thank you for being with us this morning. i'm sure your heart is going out to your colleagues there in the department. what's your reaction? or what are your thoughts about what we've seen unfold this morning? >> yeah. it didn't start for me this morning. it was last night. i have a 22-year-old daughter that called me shortly after 10:00, i knew she was at this event. just moved home from college. and she was there, screaming. dad, there's somebody shooting. what do i do? e
8:41 am
and her roommate's brother and his girlfriend, close friends of ours. and she just -- i watched her. she was hysterical. i told her to calm down and told me what was going on. i told her to take cover or run as fast as she could. i got my retired sheriff's badge and my gun and off i went. fortunately, i learned ten minutes into it, that she had made it across the street. and she went to an aircraft hangar, whose door was open. and her and her friend hid under a desk. i told them to stay there until i got there or a metropolitan police department officer got there. and one of my sons, who -- i had two boys on the police department that were out there working that night. one of them, i got ahold of him and he got to his sister and her
8:42 am
friends. and got them out of there. probably took two hours to do all that. it was a very hectic and harrowing night for our family. >> you mentioned the airplane hangar. this was just down the road from the international airport there in las vegas. i want to go back to what you said on a personal note. you're on the phone with your daughter. you have two sons who are working on the police force. just describe those ten minutes that you were waiting to find out if she had made it out of there. those have to be the longest ten minutes you'll ever go through. >> you know, i've been doing this a long time. i drove an ambulance for four years and was on this department for 28. and i've been working for a security department for the last ten. you just -- until you have this happen to yourself, you didn't imagine the terror that takes over you. the thought of losing my little girl to something like
8:43 am
was -- it's a tough thing. and my wife and i, you know, she's a trauma nurse by trade. and i have another boy who is a paramedic on the fire department here. the whole family and the girl i'm talking about is studying to be a nurse, an r.n. like her mother. my whole family is in this business in one way or another. i thank god he gave us a break on this one. she's okay. and her friend, her college roommate, paige, is okay. you know. and her brother and his girlfriend, the four of them were there. they went three nights in a row. it was supposed to be an amazingly great show. i thought about even going myself because i'm a country fan. but it -- this is my town. i've been here all my life. and i'm just sick. but i'm proud of the metropolitan police department. i can't tell
8:44 am
here saved many more lives. countless number of lives. and the other first responders. the fire department and the highway patrol. we've always worked well together and trained well. we have something called mac tack, where the officers that are deployed, they're not s.w.a.t. trained but trained to respond to unusual circumstances and situations that just happen. and such as this. just what i've seen and what i've heard, they did an amazing job. quick responses as anyone can imagine. i can't imagine the evil in this guy's mind. his family or he owned a pool company here very well known. paddock pools for many years. my understanding. i can't understand somebody from las vegas doing something this hideous and evil. i can't
8:45 am
feeling that exact same way. it's unspeakable, the horror. we are so glad you're family is okay. appreciate you spending your time with us this morning. >> the tourists and the people that were there, who have lost loved ones. this is not las vegas. this is not the people of las vegas. this gentleman, this guy, mentally ill, whatever he is. he is not what we are here in this town. i can tell you that we'll do everything we can to do the best we can, for all of the people who were damaged by this incident. that's the way this town operates. >> well, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> really appreciate it. former las vegas sheriff, bill young. thank you very much. i want to bring pete williams back in. sheriff young gave us one more piece of information. i don't know if you can confirm that. but i know you do have more information for us. >> well, a couple of things, ma
8:46 am
news just a little while ago, spoke to his brother, who says that the police told him that they identified stephen paddock as the gunman here by looking in his wallet, after they stormed his hotel room. the brother says -- didn't say much to us other than his brother, stephen paddock, was retired, often went to las vegas. liked to gamble. liked to go to the shows. was familiar with the big las vegas hotels, like the mandalay bay, where the shooting came out of. that's the first thing. the second thing is, the authorities have now clarified how stephen paddock died. they say when they breach the room, when they got inside the hotel room, he was dead. so, he apparently shot himself. we know that he had a large number of weapons. we know that he had rifles in the room. we also know that heen
8:47 am
purchased two handguns. so, he could have shot himself with one of the handguns. we don't know the circumstances of that shooting. but the authorities have confirm ld now, that he shot himself, they did not kill him after breaching and getting inside the hotel room. we're trying to put together more about stephen paddock. we have seen lots of contradictory information. we know he lived in mesquite, nevada. his house is being searched and he lived with marilou danley. the person authorities were trying to locate. but what her status is, we've heard contradictory information about that, as well. >> one fine point. you said they went in his wallet and got his identification. do you know if he registered under his own name? >> we don't know that yet. that's an important question. and one of the questions is
8:48 am
if it was him or whoever did it for him. did he ask for a room on the upper floors? did he ask for a room that faced that direction? that would indicate he had chosen this target in advance. or was he looking to shoot as many people as he could and this was a target of opportunity. >> we turn to shawn henry. every step he took is likely to be recorded in every shape, way or form. there's so much security going on on the streets and the hotel. investigators will be able to piece this together fairly well. >> one of the most important pieces is going back and term how it happened and why it happened. part of that is going to be the timeline. where did he get the weapon from? the ammunition that he had. police officers will be able to trace every step because there's cameras all over the entire city. including the nenvelopes
8:49 am
have traveled in. license plate readers they have got, to see how his vehicle traveled. who he might have met with, et cetera. putting together that entire timeline, the tick tock, is an incredible important piece here to bring this totality together. >> talking to the former sheriff of las vegas, bill young. you tapped my arm, bill. what did you want to add? >> bill is a very good friend. i was with him two weeks ago in las vegas. i've known him going back to my time as chief of police in los angeles. extraordinary individual. his whole family is committed to public service. two sons in the department, another one a firefighter. extraordinary man. and the emotion he talked about, that drive from ten minutes away into vegas, knowing his daughter might be in harm's way, his sons might be at that concert. the question i was going to ask of him, there was a comment made earlier, how did they get up to that room so
8:50 am
it was a thought that the smoke detector might have identified that room. the amount of smoke that came out of the weapons, may have been enough to set off the smoke detector in that room. how do they get up there so quickly? one identified maybe counting up the floors. possibly. that will be part of the unfolding investigation. but that thought intrigued me. still intrigues me. i was going to ask bill if he's been in touch with the sheriff down there. bill has been in touch with them during the course of the morning. that fascinates me on law enforcement, how did they get to that room so quickly? >> when we visit las vegas, we see it as a big city. but it's a small town when it comes to the fact that these members of the police force and the sheriff's department had friends and
8:51 am
concert. and were doing their professional jobs. their personal lives were mixed in this, as well. >> we're just starting to put the pieces together who this individual might be. tom costello said he owned two aircraft in the past. presumably, according to our sources, had all these weapons. he had some resources, tom. >> the fact of the matter is, we don't know enough about him yet. but one of the things they're going through, i assume, was social media. what did he have to say? we heard from his probrother. we did not hear if he had been going up and down the streets, that he was angry at the world or going to get even with somebody. there's a lot more to know about this man that would commit a maniacal act as this. i didn't think i he woke up one morning and said i am going to do
8:52 am
weapons in there. and it's also for communities across the country. you got somebody in your community, who is acting off the wall, you know, you can't just say, that's old joe. at some point, you have to raise the alert level and say, what are we dealing with her? everybody has the capacity to do something. and people will say, i know how i can get famous. i will commit something like that. we are living in a different environment that most of us at this table grew up with. we have to think about that. everybody has to be alert, what they're reading on social media, what they're hearing on the street. what they're saying. >> there's somebody probably watching this story right now. we're hearing more from the sheriff right now live. >> the largest mass shooting in united states history. with 50 killed. the death toll on that is expected to go higher. this is sheriff
8:53 am
conference. i believe they're just introducing him now. looks like he's preparing to speak to the reporters gathered. >> they've been out throughout the night, briefing members of the media and the public. not only about the toll and how many passed away. they're giving out information. there's so many people, like the sheriff we just spoke to, who were looking for loved ones, who haven't received the call yet. and that's part of the horror that's unfolding. so many people wondering, where is their loved one? >> and you know, you say you know joseph lombardo. >> he is trying to get information out. assuring people. he's the best. >> events that took place earlier tonight. just a matter of recall. just a matter of recall. at 10:00 p.m., last night, we started receiving calls of an
8:54 am
harvest festival, located adjacent to mandalay bay resort. we got calls that there was a shooter firing from the 32nd floor. and the number attending that festival, the number was 22,000, being struck by the rounds. the clark county fire department is estimating the injuries to be over 400 and the deaths associated with this event over 50. i can't give you an exact number because we're investigating some of the areas, involving the event where the concert is taking place. and we're exiting individuals that were hidden. it's a matter of a process. it will take quite a while to get through the evacuation phase. and we'll have assessment on the injuries associated with that. our suspect was
8:55 am
stephen craig paddock, 64 years old, a white male from mesquite, nevada. we have no investigative information or background associated with this individual that is derogatory. the only thing we can tell is he received a citation several years ago. and that citation was handled as a matter of normal practice in the court system. some important things that i need to get out. the family reunification is still taking place here at the las vegas metropolitan police department headquarters. any individuals that are looking for answers, their family members or friends are welcome to come here. and we'll provide information as we get that. the fbi is vital in assistance of this investigation, as a matter of help. they are providing a 1-800 number, which is 1-800-call-fbi. so, a
8:56 am
1-800-225-5324. that number is to be utilized for any and all information, especially video information or evidence that we can provide the fbi. and they will be the housing of all that critical information. so, if you have anybody that has knowledge, through your media sources, and they want to provide that information, that's an avenue to go. once they receive an individual on the other side of the line, they will walk them through the process. and we'll get them to the online version, so they can download that information. additionally, the coroner's office, as i repeated before, has set up a number for individuals to call. that number is 1-866-535-5654. that is for individuals that do not have the ability to come down to the headquarters to discuss their family and friends in person.
8:57 am
now, the other critical piece, associated with this, in any mass casualty event, is the need for blood. so, united blood services have their services set up currently. they are receiving patients or donors at 6930 west charleston. and 601 whitney ranch in henderson. so, if you have the ability to donate blood, to help the cause, please do so. additionally, the laborers union, is offering their facility, the medical facility. at 7135 west sahara, to individuals that want to donate blood. and umc has a pod set up for individuals to go to umc to donate blood. and that will be the gist of the updates at this time. so, i'm happy to answer any questions. >> can you talk about what the scene was like in that room when
8:58 am
>> we believe the individual killed himself prior to our entry. >> how many weapons was he found with? >> we're still going through the search warrant actively at this time. but in excess of ten rifles. >> what is the status of marilou danley? >> i'm sorry? we have located her out of the country. she was not with him when he checked in. we have discovered. he was utilizing some of her identification. and we have had conversation with her. and we believed her, at this time, not to be involved. obviously, that will be -- that investigation will continue. as far as his residence in mesquite, we have officers now there serving a search warrant. >> any yielding to -- >> no. we made entry just a matter of minutes ago. that's going to be quite some time. we're going to clear the explosives.
8:59 am
it will take us quite some time. >> marilou danley, found out of the country. did you find any weapons on her? >> no, ma'am. i don't know what has taken place, as far as the interview with her. okay. i think it's important for you to notice who is standing behind me. we have chief greg castle. i'm always caught up with your family. greg castle has been integral in the saving of lives. i think their actions and heroic acts were instrumental in saving several lives in association with this event. and our attorney general, he brought forth his office to help with future prosecution associated with the case. and special agent in charge, aaron rouse, of the fbi. the fbi has been standing next to us, from the very first
9:00 am
they are providing all of the resources available of the federal government, to help us in this endeavor. and you have the clark county chairman. he has been instrumental and getting us information from the first responders. as we hit 9:00 east coast time on this monday morning, we want to welcome some viewers who may be just joining this special edition of "today" show on this monday morning, where we are covering the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history, in las vegas, neva, 10:00 or so, local time there. 50 -- more than 50 people have been killed by a shooter in a hotel room, 32 stories above a music concert taking place. we've been listening to joseph lombardo, the clark county sheriff over the district of las vegas, nevada. >> -- other than distraught person,


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