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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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by before authorities tracked down the source of the gun fire. >> it was the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort. it was across the street from the outdoor concert with 22,000 people in attendance. we want to get you caught up with what we know this afternoon with what president trump called an act of pure evil. >> at least 58 people have died, making this the deadliest mass shooting in american history. more than 500 others wounded, so that likely number of fatalities is going to grow. the number of whom remain in critical condition is large. >> yes, rapid fire shots rang out just after 10:00 in the desert of vegas as jason aldean took the stage at the harvest festival and a number of witnesses say at first they thought it may be fireworks because it was the last night of the three-day show. but when reality and bullets started to hit, a stampede of people dove and ran for cover. >> authorities identify the gunman as stephen paddock. they say h
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himself. we'll have a closer look about his background in just a bit. and as investigators try to figure out a motive tonight, they have already disputed an unsubstantiated claim by isis for responsibility. in a matter of minutes everyone's life changed today when that gunman opened fire. >> he didn't destroy lives at the concert, destroyed lives across the country. nbc news's lester holt is in vegas. he's talking to survivors who had mere seconds to get to safety. >> we have all been riveted by the videos that were taken by people in the crowd last night, the sound of the rapid fire shots, people running in confusion. in many ways, we were all witness to what happened here last night, but only those on that field understand the depth of fear and the confusion. and in the light of day we can see back at the mandalay bay an open window with the drapes occasionally blowing out.
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you get an appreciation for what an open environment he was looking down on to and his commanding view of the vegas strip. the strip itself has lost a lot of its step today. people are gingerly coming out, some people behind me going to the pedestrian bridge to take a glimpse, but then moving on almost respectfully. we're going to hear from people who were in that field, in that concert venue last night as each had to make the individual decision of what do i do in this horrible circumstance. we'll have that tonight when we see you on nbc nightly news. for now we'll send it back to you. >> all right, lester holt. and also we want to take a closer look at the gunman and his past. everyone is asking, who was stephen paddock? >> paddock's brother called him, quote, just a regular guy who often went to vegas for gambling and shows. the 64-year-old had moved from florida to nevada sometime in the past couple of years, and lived in a retirement community about an hour northeast of vegas. paddock himself hado
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history, but we have learned his father had been on the fbi's ten most wanted list for a bank robbery in the '60s. >> before retiring paddock managed properties with his family. nbc learned he had thousands of dollars in gambling transactions. not clear if those were wins or losses. paddock's brother says the family at a loss for words. >> we have no reason, rhyme, rationale, excuse. we're working with the cops since the first thing trying to, you know, trying to understand. i have nothing to give you. there's just nothing. he was just a guy. >> investigators recovered more than ten rifles in paddock's hotel room where they say he broke two windows to carry out the attack. but at this point still hours later, there are no major clues to i motive. >> which want to explain the picture of the woman you're looking at right now. all morning long we've heard abouthe
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authorities wanted to track down, that's marilou danley. she was the shooter's girlfriend who lived with him in mesquite. they do not believe she was involved, but she is a person of interest. she has been out of the country but appears paddock may have been using her i.d. at some point when he checked into the mandalay bay hotel. president trump ordered the flags to fly at half staff in honor of those victims. this is the video of our capital. >> the flag is at half staff at government buildings around our region and the country including the white house. the president also led the nation today in a moment of silence from there. >> in times like this, people are searching for an answer that anything that can explain why someone would do something so horrible. >> president trump acknowledged that feeling today when he addressed the nation saying he knows we just want some type
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>> the answers do not come easy, but we can take solace knowing that even the darkest space can be brightened by a single light, and even the most terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope. >> the president also called it an act of evil and said we are joined together in sadness, in shock, and in grief. >> our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. >> president trump's heading to las vegas on wednesday to meet with first responders and the families of the victims there. this tragedy has many of you asking, how it can be prevented an
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responders are ready for such a large scale incident. >> news 4's mark segraves has been putting those questions to our local leaders. he's live this afternoon in montgomery county with some answers for you. mark? >> reporter: yeah, behind me here is one of the mass casualty buses montgomery county fire uses for this kind of incident. that can only handle 20 patients and only a few of those in our region. when paramedics arrive at one of these mass casualty incidents, it's these ribbons that are job one when it comes to saving lives. >> red for the highest priority. yellow for the next. green for walking wounded. and black for deceased or people that do not need medical attention. >> reporter: sorting through the chaos of a mass shooting is one of the things fire fighters and paramedics are trained to do. whether it's sandy hook, the pulse night club orp the las vegas incident, the first thing paramedics and fire fighters do is determine who has the most serious
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then they need to figure out which hospitals can handle the flood of patients. the most serious go to trauma one hospitals. there are only three of those in our area. >> suburban hospital, eye nova and med star are the three closest trauma centers. after that we have to start branching out, baltimore, hagerstown, p.g. county, laurel, places like that. >> reporter: with large events happening daily in our region like the all things go three-day concert at union market this weekend, we asked mayor bowser what's being done to ensure the safety of people who attend. bowser pointed to congress. >> really in my view, it's about common sense gun regulation. we have pushed back in our country time again and time again and we have seen the congress do virtually little, virtually nothing actually about regulating in a common sense way guns in our country. >> reporter: so, i talked to several securityxp
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police for u.s. capital, and he told me there is actually nothing that they can do to completely prevent something like this from happening. i asked him, well, you know, when the president travels, the kind of security he gets. he told me there is simply not the money nor the manpower to put that kind of security around every type of public event throughout the country. jim and wendy, back to you guys. >> mark, thank you. >> you're absolutely correct, mark. thank you. >> the emotional toll of last night's mass shooting prompt the former congresswoman gabby giffords and her former astronaut husband kelly to demand congress act on gun trol. >> giffords was more than one of a person shot at an arizona event. it left six people dead. the couple said thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> the nation is counting on you. >> your thoughts and prayers aren't going
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shooting. only action and leadership will do that. >> after the 2011 shooting, she and her husband founded a polite cal action committee that calls for stricter gun regulations. >> so, this. this is now the deadliest shooting in american history, but it is unfortunately just the latest mass shooting in the last few years. >> chris lawrence continues our team coverage this afternoon with a look at some of the other high profile shootings, including the one in our area. >> well, if you feel as if these images are becoming all too familiar, there is good reason. from an army base, to a movie theater, even mcdonald's, no place is immune. we thought we had seen the worst of it last year in orlando when omar mateen opened fire at the pulse night club. mateen swore allegiance to the islamic state and killed 49 people with his semiautomatic rifle and 9 millimeter. now all of us remember what ava tech student did t
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in blacks burg. had he been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and his shooting spree actually sparked a real conversation on mental illness. i have to tell you, as a father of three, it is really hard to think of what happened at sandy hook. nearly five years ago, adam lanza went to an elementary school and shot 20 children, all of them six or seven years old. it was something that brought president obama to tears. and after he called for tougher gun control laws, donald trump tweeted his support saying, quote, president obama spoke for me and every american in his remarks in new town. you know, it has been now four years since really we experienced this kind of violence firsthand. a lot of us were heading to work that morning when a contractor showed his badge at the washington navy yard, put his shotgun together and started shooting. it shut down an entire part of
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before an officer was able to put him down. as of today, that attack isn't even in the top 15, most deadly shootings in u.s. history, showing just how frequent and deadly they've become. back to you. >> the list gets longer, quite a perspective from chris lawrence there. news 4's aaron gilchrist is on a flight to las vegas right now. he is expected to land within the hour. we will check in with him as soon as he does, and he will provide us with reports from the ground throughout the night. >> well, this horrific mass shooting already going down in history. we are covering the angles for you later this hour. pat lawson muse who is a native of las vegas shares the harrowing accounts of some friends of hers who were there when this attack started. >> we are also going to get a unique look at this scale when a former fbi agent joins us with a look at what happens now. >> the shooter was spraying the crowd. i mean,
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dropping left and right. >> our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. >> you are watching special coverage on news 4 at 5:00.
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we are continuing our coverage of the massacre in las vegas. we have just learned that someone from our community was at the concert and was killed in the shooting. our sister station whag reports she is from berkeley county, west virginia. her name is bernice and she was vacationing in las vegas with her husband tony. in fact, they took a picture together last night at the music festival just outside mandalay bay. denise and tony were high school sweet hearts. they have been married more than 30 years, two children, four grandchildren, again you are our sister station reporting that denise bernides was killed in las vegas and as we get more information about her and really any other local connections to this shooting, we'll be right here to update you. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, chris. sing singer jason aldean was on stage and said the night was beyond horrific. he was able to run to safety.
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he wrote a message on instagram letting everyone know that he was okay. his crew was fine. and he said it hurts his heart this would happen to anyone who was just out for what should have been a fun night. >> as new details come in throughout the evening, stay on top of every development. open our nbc washington app. you can also get breaking news alerts so you're the first to know when news on this tragedy breaks. >> and we are going to shift to another story that has been heart breaking for a while now. the numbers coming out of puerto rico are tough. people are driving two hours just to find a store that has some water and food. the lines for gas can stretch as long as four hours. >> we have seen a lot over the past few days. the mayor of san juan says one in only ten homes will have power by the end of this week. she also says it will be november before electricity is back for a quarter
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nearly two weeks after hurricane maria hit, 8,000 people are still sleeping in shelters. but relief is coming. >> doreen gentzler is in san juan with a look at the effort and how people in that area are stepping up. >> i'm doreen gentzler reporting from san juan, puerto rico. we got here about noon today, and there was a torrential rainstorm that went on for just about an hour, just exactly what these people don't need. still, no power, no electricity, no water for just millions of people on this island. and it is a real challenge just to drive around anywhere. no power means no stop lights. so, you can imagine how awful the traffic situation is just to accomplish anything. we are down here to cover the relief efforts to try to get help to this
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here, very much in need. and a lot of those relief efforts are coming from the washington, d.c. area. we are trying to connect with some of those folks while we're down here. the other thing that we are going to be covering is the arrival of the navy hospital ship, the usns comfort. the comfort is based in norfolk, and it is expected to arrive in port here in san juan tomorrow morning. i have some experience with the navy hospital ship, the comfort. in 2003 i went to the comfort when it was in the persian gulf, and i saw firsthand some of the amazing things that the medical personnel on that ship can do. it's a huge ship. it's like three football fields long, ten stories high. it has the largest trauma center of any hospital in the united states. and as we understand it, there are a whole lot of
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puerto rico who need medical care. for example, people who need kidney dialysis and need medication for chronic conditions that haven't been able to get access to that. so, that's our plan for tomorrow, to connect with the hospital ship and also some of the other folks from our area who are here trying to help out. so, that's all for now. i'll see you soon. >> doreen gentzler on the ground for us in san juan, puerto rico. she will join us again on news 4 at 11:00 tonight. >> well, we certainly could use something to cheer, we need something to cheer about and of course our football team will be on stage tonight. >> here we go, the redskins in primetime in front of a national audience, a second straight week looking for another win. news 4's sheree burruss live for us in kansas city. this is going to be their toughest test yet. >> reporter: i didn't exactly hear what you said, jim, but i can tell you it's electric out
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here. and the arrow head stadium is known for being one of the loudest stadiums in the world. talk about intimidation. you will see here, this is the tunnel that the redskins come out of and this is the friendly reminder that arrow head is the loudest stadium in the world. that's the first thing they see when they come out of the stadium. and it is 142.2 decibels. that is equivalent to an f-15 jet, 100 feet away, taking off. so, it's that loud. and these fans are responsible for all of that noise. so, we walked around the parking lot to get a preview of what the redskins will be dealing with volume wise, and even before the game the fans getting loud. a skins fan was the brunt of some of that cheering. you can only do so much to prepare for it. >> it's going to be hard. there is no way for us to be able to prepare for it. we can turn up the music as loud as we want to and it's still not going to prepare
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us. we played back in college in some loud stadiums. for me, i think i'll be able to adjust to it pretty well. >> coming off a big win like we did last week on primetime is important. gives them confidence, but going to arrow head stadium is going to be a different challenge with the noise. there is no substitution for being there and it is going to be extra electric because it's monday night football so we have to preapare ourselves. we won't be able to hear anything. >> if they can't deal with the noise and you get a win, it will be their first win ever in kansas city. live from arrow head stadium, sheree burruss, news 4. >> it is starting to feel like football weather out there. the last few mornings have been a shock to our systems. guess what, changes are coming again. doug is coming in here with a closer look at what's on the way. >> also what we have at least 58 dead, more than 500 wounded in that massacre in las vegas. we have new details and new reaction both in vegas and
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president trump ordering all flags lowered to half staff. here's a live look at our flag pole out 0 sisoid outside our s washington, d.c. you're watching news 4 at 5:00.
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live desk. equifax is now saying 2 1/2 million more consumers may be affected in the company's massive data breach. now, that brings the total number of people potentially impacted to 145.5 million. the credit reporting bureau says the new number comes after a cyber security firm completed the forensic portion of its investigation. equifax says there is no evidence of additional or new attacker activity or any access to new databases. as you may know, equifax's former ceo is expected to testify before congress tomorrow on capitol hill. we are watching and we'll let you know what is going on. >> all right, susan, thank you. doug joins us now after a couple chilly starts. we're flipping back the other way. >> i had the heat on yesterday morning just to take the chill off when you first get up to read the paper. >> i definitely had to turn the heat on this morning. you're not going to have to do it the next couple days. and we are flipping the page again back to a little more summer like weather. this is the time of the year where we see the change of the seasonsoi
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couple of days. remember it was 90s last week. this week we had temperatures in the 30s and take a look at this. this right now, this is live in portions of colorado. this is the eisenhower tunnel. if you've ever driven out there, that's i-70. it is a ski resort there. above timber line. i love it out there. >> that is a happy ski resort. >> love land ski area, beautiful up there right now. they got about 16 inches of snow. many of the ski resorts are having snow out there and still having winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings still around the vail area. if you like snow gets you excited there, too. nothing like that here, though, nice warm air, high temperature of 73 degrees. that is actually the average high for this time of year. winds out of the south 6 miles an hour. as we make our way around of the rest of the area, 74 cull pepper. cumberland, the two warm est places on the map. what does that mean? we have warmer air that is going to starthi
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couple of days. now, radar, nothing to show. we're not dealing with radar. rain as we make our way through the rest of the afternoon. and really not even through the next week. the reason, we've got high pressure over the area. this area of high pressure is very large. areas around high pressure always moving clockwise. look at this. look at this, just follow these clouds, all the way around. you can tell we are directly smack in the middle with the area of high pressure. that is why we've had plenty of sun. that is why we will not see any rain around our region. tomorrow will still be a cool start but not as cool as it was the last couple of mornings. 57 degrees when you step out the door 7:00 a.m. 59 by 8:00. if you're leaving 8:00 or 9:00 you won't need the jacket. around 7:00, some areas in the upper 40s and some of the cooler suburbs. you folks away from the beltway, you'll probably need to have that jacket up there early. high temperature tomorrow, 76 degrees. more sunshine, nice and mild. if you like the warmer weather,
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you want to see warmer air, there it is, 85 on your thursday, friday, stay in the 80s as we make our way through the weekend. right now nats playoffs looking great as we take on the cubs friday and saturday night. both days looking fantastic. i'll be at the game and i'll have that forecast for you coming up 5:45. >> can't wait. >> huge investigation as you can imagine unfoelgding right now in las vegas. >> that massacre at the concert the deadliest shooting in history. when we come back at news 4 at 5, our own pat lawson muse who was born and raised in vegas joins us. >> pat had friends who witnessed. >> it is something you just can't really process through your head. like looking back, i just can't believe it. and it's just really, it's scary. you think you're going there to have a fun time, to, you know, listen to music, hang out with friends, and then you never expect anything like this to happen. and it did. it crazy.'s
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders
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illespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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now at 5:30, no church, no religion, no politics, nothing that would even help to explain why the gunman in vegas targeted this crowd at this music festival. >> that's according to his family right now. isis tried to claim ties to the attack, but the fbi now says that's not true. meanwhile, two gun shops have released statement t
5:32 pm
in each case, though, they say there were no red flags. and that paddock cleared background checks. it is unclear if the weapons purchased at the stores were actually used in the attack last night. again, 58 people died, but that number is likely to rise because more than 500 people were injured, many of them critically. as many of you know, news 4's pat lawson muse actually grew up in las vegas. this was her hometown and she still has a number of relatives and friends who live there. >> yeah, and you have talked to some people there like you just said a minute ago during the commercial, this was home. this happened in your hometown. >> which makes it feel very personal. >> sure. >> i've been on the phone all day with my family, my friends who are literally stunned. they are. if you've ever been to vegas, you know on just about any day the strip is crawling with people. they're everywhere. people, cabs, and cars. we can't imagine how terrifying it must have been for that concert crowd trying to
5:33 pm
of that venue or cross the street from the mandalay bay. the las vegas festival grounds, it's 33 acres, all open air surrounded mostly by fencing. so there aren't a lot of places through which to escape. across las vegas boulevard, there are three hotels, you have the mandalay bay which you see on the left, the luxor and the excaliber. a child friend of mine who works at the excaliber who was on duty when the gunshots fired, his first thought was to run and find his son who also works at the hotel. >> i was trying to find my son. i ran back to try to find my son, but they wouldn't allow me to go back to find my son in the engineering department. so, then i text my son and when i text him, i didn't hear from him and i was very concerned. and i text him again, and he finally got my call and he told me, he says, dad, i'm in the back. we're locked down.
5:34 pm
they got us out of the shooting. and don't worry about me, i'm okay. >> he says hotel security put the entire place on lockdown so no one could get in or out. and in the madening chaos, he says they were actually frantically running around inside the hotel trying to find each other. they finally did after an hour and a half. he says everybody was locked inside the excaliber from roughly 10:00 last night until 5:00 this morning. >> whoa. >> yes. there is another family friend who works for a vendor, you serve, they seat people across the venue. she was on duty and she describes what she calls an hysterical scene and people just running over bodies. with the help of some police officers, she and a group of others were able to get out of the venue by going behind the stage and the police literally walking them down the street, down the strip to another hotel, to hooters, not far away.
5:35 pm
of all the cell phone video, and everybody was filming the concert so they were able to pickup. >> sure. >> you hear that rat-tat-tat-tat. i'm used to hearing gun fire like on westerns. i wouldn't have known what that was either or where it was coming from. >> they thought at first they were hearing fireworks. >> sure. >> if you've ever been in vegas on new year's eve, every hotel has its own display. and you hear them going offer, you know, fireworks all over the place. >> sure. and it was the last night of the show so why not have a celebration. >> that's some of what they were thinking. >> you know, pat, we were thinking this is where you go for fun. this is what thousands of people gathered to do to have fun at this festival. that must break your heart. you know the strip so well, the area so well. >> as i said earlier this afternoon, it is a glittering fantasy land. people go there because you can go to vegas and you just throw
5:36 pm
your hair down and you do what you're going to do and you leave and sometimes you try to forget what happened there. >> sure. >> what stays in vegas. it is a place where you have fun and you lose yourself. >> you don't think about fear. >> you don't expect to lose your life. >> thank you for sharing that with us and your friends. >> well, as we just mentioned that cell phone video, it does give you a glimpse into the horror last night. >> people from here who lived through it are beginning to return home now and they're sharing their stories with our kristin wright tonight. >> who is live at dulles airport as they come in. kristin? >> reporter: yeah, you know what, this is hard for people here at dulles coming back from las vegas. we talked to a couple of people who go every year. as pat mentioned, they go every year around this time, and this happened to be the time that they went. we talked to another woman from great falls. she was in las vegas for a
5:37 pm
thankful to be home. >> i feel so grateful and so blessed to be back home to my family, and my heart breaks for all of those families that don't get to see their loved one again. it's heart breaking and tragic. >> reporter: landing at dulles, katie feels a sense of relief to be home, but the sadness, the disbelief written all over her face. >> horrible. hours earlier i had been outside on the strip, like many people in vegas, just enjoying the city. and then you get back to your hotel and find out that people have lost their lives in such a sad and tragic way. >> reporter: the emotions we all feel are heightened for those who were in vegas. they were so close, so close to the violence, and immense loss of life. >> one of the police cars going extremely fast down the wrong side of the road, my husband say saw that. he was in the front of the
5:38 pm
he said something in vegas is going down. >> there were rumors breaking out there was a shooter in the lobby. >> he felt pretty lucky. you could see the concern and just shell shock. >> reporter: a trip to vegas that will haunt them always. >> just want to see our kids and just a reminder. it was a heavy place at the airport this morning as people were talking. that's all they were talking about. >> reporter: the other thing we kept hearing from people here at dulles today is about the security at their hotels, and just how nerve wracking and unsettling it was for them to see all of the police presence around and, again, they're just so grateful to be back home, jim. back to you. >> for the nat onthe fortunate . thank you. an fbi agent joins us with an inside perspective of how these kinds of investigations actually work. a
5:39 pm
gilchrist headed to vegas. he's set to land there in a few minutes. he will join us live as soon as he can and for updates any time anywhere. count on our nbc washington app for round the clock updates and analysis. >> a college campus and a mysterious fall from a building? what happened? the new warning from leaders on that campus. >> and look at these numbers. 74 today in d.c., 84 in kansas city where the redskins are playing. they're going to bring some of that warmer air back across our region. we'll talk about just how warm we get and what you wake up to tomorrow morning. see you in minutes. >> and we continue to follow the breaking developing tragedy in las vegas. law enforcement now expected to give an update at the top of the hour. you will see it here live on news 4.
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george mason university in fairfax issued a warning today reminding students about the dangers of using drugs. this is a response to the death of a 19-year-old sophomore who died on saturday afternoon. he fell from a 5th floor window at his dorm. police say he may have been high on a halucenogenic drug, and they are concerned other students may have this drug in their possession. darcy spencer will have more campus reaction to this. that is coming up on news 4 at 6:00 tonight. >> a fourtvi
5:43 pm
massage therapist inappropriately touched them. it is a story news 4 was first to break last month. he faces another charge, this time in prince george's county. investigators tell us most of the incidents happened at massage envy locations in virginia, d.c. and maryland, and date back to june. our coverage of the las vegas massacre continues. >> when we come back on news 4 at 5:00, we are going to give you a unique perspective of this investigation. >> yeah, we'll talk to a former fbi agent about what is happening now and what's so unusual about this situation. >> all of a sudden, the got real. there was a girl to the right of us that got shot in her face. >> i don't know how i'm supposed to get through this. all the little noises in the hotel
5:44 pm
havertys furniture helps yeven when life isn't. [doorbell] can somebody get that? uh uh, not me baby! homework! it's mommy time! it's daddy time! i told you not to marry her. seriously?! alright. who's next? the columbus day sale is on now. havertys. life looks good
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we are staying on top of the massacre in las vegas. joining us now with some perspective as investigators try to figure out how and why someone would carry out this kind of attack is clint watts. >> he's a former fbi special agent and is now a national security analyst for nbc news. so, clint, here we are still in the first 24 hours in these early moments. what are investigators most likely focused on for a case like this at this stage? >> once you see this sort of incident, the first thing that usually goes through investigators' minds are connections to other organizations or networks, meaning you want to make sure that you've run down all possible
5:47 pm
violence. in this case there haven't been any that surfaced. even more confusing in this is this person doesn't really match what we tend to expect of an active shooter. someone who is usually about half the age of this person. >> and this guy -- this stephen paddock is an older man. he has no profile, if you will. but only thing we have is something on his father, he was on the fbi most wanted list, but that was in the 1960s. his brother describes him as just a guy. does anything like this sound familiar to you? what do you do with this blank page? >> i think what's unique about this case is that there just isn't much to go on. at this point when we've seen other shootings, we tend to have a lot out in the news in terms of either technical indicators like surveillance which in las vegas is the best place in the world for technical surveillance, or behaviors, individual doing reconnaissance, or speaking to friends, family or even coworkers about his
5:48 pm
intent to conduct violence. up to this point i've not heard of anything. and i think that's what's peculiar in this case. >> all right. we appreciate it. clint watts, thank you. you talk about the security there and it's just amazing. you know, they have so much as our city does, too, but still such a huge soft target there. clint, we'll look forward to hearing from the on nightally. >> we have a quick note. lester holt will be anchoring a special one-our edition and that gets underway here at 7:00 on news 4 starting at 7:00. >> doug joins us with a spectacular fall weekend. sounds like we're heading back to summer a bit. >> we got a nice cool trend. some areas saw frost the last couple of days. that's been the amazing thing. it has been quite chilly, but yeah, that era is gone. what is coming in is mild air the next couple of days. right now gorgeous, plenty of sunshine, temperatures tood right around the average high of 73. that's where we are now, 73 degrees.
5:49 pm
temperatures dropping through the 60s by 11:00 tonight. we'll be in the 63 degree range in the city. that means most of the suburbs will be in the 50s tonight. leesburg 76, downtown 75, riverdale towards bladensburg, 74 degrees, same deal over towards potomac along river road. now, october change, for the most part transition month for sure. yeah, that's right. current average 73 and 56. 73 for high, 56 for low. by the end of the month our average high is down to 64. our average low down to 46 degrees. so, again, a very cool ending to the month. of course we just get colder after that by the end of november we're already in the average lows. the 30s. here's what we have going on across our region. no rain to talk about. not going to see any real chances of rain, not any time soon. as a matter of fact, we've been dry for about the last three weeks. looks like we'll stay dry possibly for the next week to two weeks with a little bit of rain possibly this weekend. we'll talk about that in a
5:50 pm
jackets, sweater weather tomorrow, yeah, 58 in the city. in the suburbs we'll be 48 to 50. a little on the chilly side. 67 by recess, time the kids are getting picked up from school 74 degrees. 76 on your tuesday, 79 on wednesday, 85 on thursday. you see the trend here, going back into the 80s. well above average. and of course we've got the playoffs. october baseball can only be really chilly in denver. not going to be that way this week. we're talking the cubs coming to nats park. 7:31 on friday. 79 degrees thursday, 76 for the homestretch, 73 degrees when we're leaving the game. hopefully a win. of course saturday is a day game. 84 degrees there. sunday possible showers, high temperature around 83. again, we do need to see some of that rain, sunday into monday, we'll hope we can get a little of that. if you like the warmer weather it is coming back our way. >> thank you, doug.
5:51 pm
le let's talk football. the redskins will need ear plugs, we heard. defense in dominating ways. >> carol maloney is here with a story on josh norman. >> josh norman may need ear plugs, he doesn't need contacts. he opened up to me about eye surgery. while this cab commonplace, it is extra worrisome when you have millions and your livelihood on the line. and the procedure he needed called prk, took weeks to recover. that's the big reason why josh norman kept this quiet, even from his own mother. >> i it's just one of the things i don't talk about much. >> we all want to know what josh norman ate for breakfast. >> yeah, it's like one of those things. >> reporter: why didn't you tell your mother? >> because she was going to freak out. she was going to freak out and then she would have been up here the whole time and i just didn't want that around me the
5:52 pm
time. are you okay? coming in checking every ten minutes. oh, i got this, i got that. let me run here. oh. >> reporter: people love that. i love doing that -- >> i know. but it's just like, gosh, i'm about to turn 30. i don't really need that right now. she's like goes over the top and stuff. like mother's moms. i can understand it. >> reporter: we love you, mrs. norman, by the way. >> absolutely, i love you mom. i'm just saying, you know how i am. i feel like that. she found out just in a way she overheard the conversation and she noticed that i didn't use my contacts as much as i used them before. i wasn't asking for any contacts. she started putting two and two together and she just hit me with hum, somebody got something din they didn't want to tell me about. that conversation took on a whole different, you
5:53 pm
level. >> reporter: dog house? >> i wouldn't say it was dog house as much as lashing of the tongue. it was all right, we got over it, she got over it. now probably going to get her on. >> norman says the best part of having this done, not having to wear those contacts in a game, not having -- >> i had it done. it's so much nicer without that. >> he said he'd get in a play and one would fall out. he told me that happened. and so now he doesn't have to worry about that and of course norman does have to worry about the chiefs, undefeated chiefs. >> his mom he might have to worry about. >> she's still mad at him, i think. this is how i found out. where are your glasses? they were both looking for glasses one time. he didn't look this summer. why aren't you looking? >> thanks, carol. big night. well, the reaction is still pouring in from last night's tragedy in las vegas. how it's already impacting one of the nation's most watched political races this fall. it happens to be playing out in our region. >> our coverage of that massacre on
5:54 pm
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to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. almost the top of the hour, and we are awaiting another update from investigators in las vegas after the horrible mass shooting at an outdoor concert. now the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. an update on the investigation and more sto
5:57 pm
survival just minutes away. gun rights and gun violence have not been top issues in the virginia governor's race, but with the tragedy in vegas, that may soon change. the two leading candidates weighed in with virginia senators. our law chief julie carey talked to all four men. >> reporter: the shooting in las vegas having an immediate impact on the virginia governor's race. the former congresswoman gabby giffor giffords was supposed to headline an event. it was canceled. >> i would like to take a moment of silence. >> reporter: later republican ed gillespie declining to talk about whether the worst mass shooting in this nation should lead to any gun policy changes. >> let's take a little time and pray for the victims and there will be ample time for conversation about policy and pocs
5:58 pm
>> reporter: ralph northam also expressing sympathies, but already calling for action. his view shaped by his work as an army doctor treating gulf war soldiers. >> i have taken care of wounded soldiers that have been on the receiving end of assault weapons. i think we certainly need to discuss whether we need those in our society on our street. >> reporter: and virginia's democratic senators telling a northern virginia chamber of commerce gathering, thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> at the federal level, we send -- we tweet our thoughts and prayers and do nothing. and that's enormously discouraging. >> we need law enforcement to do full investigation and then we ought to come back and say, hey, how many more of these people do we need to revisit some policies. >> reporter: senator kain also pointed to a measure he hopes will not become law. >> there are silencers on these weapons, it would have been even more catastrophic. >> reporter: both senators also lamenting the fact that one thing this country is
5:59 pm
known for in the world, some of the worst mass shootings. in fairfax county, i'll julie carey, news 4. >> now at 6:00, disturbing new clues about the man behind the las vegas massacre, the gunman pushing his luck, gambling thousands of dollars a day, his life spiraling out of control, and then this. a barrage of bullets targeting a crowd the country music festival. >> it was just spraying the crowd. i mean, you saw people dropping left and right. >> the victims. >> i thought it was over. >> the survivors. >> and then one after the other, we were laying down on the floor. i didn't know to get up, to run, to stay, to duck. >> and the immediate aftermath. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> the gun men's own brother in as much disbelief as the rest of america. >> we just don't understand. an asteroid just fell out of the sky. we have no
6:00 pm
rationale, excuse. there's just nothing. >> tonight, team coverage as we dig deeper into the gunman's past and potential motive. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> the death toll is rising after the worst mass shooting in modern american history. >> 58 people dead, more than 500 wounded and the big question tonight, why? >> here's what we know at this point. the gunman steven paddock, was hiding inside a high rise hotel in vegas firing down onto the crowd from the 32nd floor. in the rapid fire piercing the air as people ran for cover, president trump heads to las vegas on wednesday in the wake of the human carnage. but the investigation is far from over. >> police are planning to hold a news conference at any moment. they will be offering new clues on this case. it is coming up right now as we speak. let's listen.


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