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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rationale, excuse. there's just nothing. >> tonight, team coverage as we dig deeper into the gunman's past and potential motive. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> the death toll is rising after the worst mass shooting in modern american history. >> 58 people dead, more than 500 wounded and the big question tonight, why? >> here's what we know at this point. the gunman steven paddock, was hiding inside a high rise hotel in vegas firing down onto the crowd from the 32nd floor. in the rapid fire piercing the air as people ran for cover, president trump heads to las vegas on wednesday in the wake of the human carnage. but the investigation is far from over. >> police are planning to hold a news conference at any moment. they will be offering new clues on this case. it is coming up right now as we speak. let's listen.
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door open? >> yes. >> where is carlos? got everybody? carlos, are you ready? all right. all right, good afternoon, everyone. i'm obviously sheriff lombard owe, clark county. this will be our fourth media briefing since the incident took place yesterday evening. i'm going to give you just a short synopsis of our updates and then we have other individuals here standing behind me that are going to make some comments, reference other issues associated with today's events. so, there's two things we are attempting to achieve. one is we have to finish processing the scenes. we have three separate scenes we are working. actually it will be four at this point. so, we have the 32nd floor
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the room at the mandalay bay. we have the event location, the house in mesquite, s.w.a.t. standing by getting ready to hit the house in northern nevada. at this point we did, in the last briefing i was unable to tell you what we retrieved from the house in mesquite. we retrieved in excess of -- how many firearms what it? >> 18. >> in excess of 18 addition aal firearms, explosives and ammo. along with electronic devices we are evaluating at this point. i mentioned the s.w.a.t. is about to brief the house up in northern nevada and i'm going to give you an update on the casualty numbers. we are currently standing at 527 for individuals injured and individuals that have died or passed away, 59. so, what we are doing at this point, we have several
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calling about personal items located at the stadium. we are not done processing that scene yet and once we are done processing the scene, we will make arrangements for people that attended the stadium that believe they have personal items there to respond to the area and we will help you retrieve your items. at this point i want to bring greg castle forward from the county fire department and he will give you an update on the family resource center. prior to that, i think it's important for -- and i appreciate for you to put this out, for the people's families that are responding to the las vegas area, some local proprietaries have offered up rooms for the family members at no charge, and that is the boyd group, stations casinos, the south point with mr. gahn and also siegl sweets. one more time, boyd group, station
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with mr. gunn and the seagull swooets. individuals responding to the las vegas area and need accommodations, those individual properties will accommodate you. so, greg? >> thank you, sheriff. my name is greg castle, fire chief of the clark county fire department. as the sheriff said there are a couple things i want to mention. the first up is the family assistance center. the family assistance center combination of police department, fire department, coroner's office and other local entities working together to provide the services for the families and for the -- that are coming into town or are still here trying to handle what has happened with their loved ones. their providing all kinds of services as the sheriff said, many places have stepped up to provide flights, housing, food, transportation and many other things. that's a wonderful thing for our community to have come forward and done. the facility is located in the south hall of the convention center. s 2, and it's pretty much
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there is also a donation drop-off area that's been set up to facilitate people wanting to drop off nonperishable goods over there at that site, water and so forth. those -- the entrance to that is off of sierra vista, right, just west of this convention center area command metro building at joe w. brown and sierra vista. so i'd like to take an opportunity right now to thank the men and women of the fire departments, clark county fire department obviously very near and dear to my heart, las vegas fire and rescue, henderson fire department and north las vegas fire department as we were all teamed up there last night doing what we have trained so many years. we wish would never happen, but we definitely had a plan in place and we were able to execute that plan as well as we possibly could. we had 108 fire fighters on scene. we have 155 unit hours just for the clark county fire department alone. spent last night handling that scene. teaming up with our partners from the law enforcement to reach as many people as fast as we could and to try to do as much as we could
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>> this is a live news conference coming from las vegas where we have now learned that 59 people are dead, 527 injured, and they are about to go to a property in vail or northern, nevada as they were saying. someone said it might be vail to see if that property was owned by stephen paddock, to see if there is anything there. >> i believe it was the property in northern nevada in reno. >> sorry, sorry. >> they are still processing four scenes right now. >> right, they found 18 firearms, more firearms in the mesquite property, and explosives and thousands of rounds of ammo. so, that is where we stand right now. we will continue to monitor this and bring new information we glean from this. >> in the meantime let's go to nbc's jay gray with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: panic and chaos along the las vegas strip as the gunman opens fire on a country music
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>> the advice is automatic fire, fully automatic fire from the elevated position. take cover. >> reporter: hundreds of rounds rained down from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. >> everyone said drop and everyone dropped. and then everyone just got up and they said run, and everyone started stampeding. >> reporter: nevada's governor comparing the scene to a war zone as people dove for cover. the horrific attack coming on the last night of the route 91 harvest festival. heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams moved in and cornered the gunman who killed himself as they burst through his hotel door. >> their selfless actions saved the lives of hundreds of people. >> reporter: the gunman has been identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock of mesquite, nevada who authorities say acted alone. >> this is a crazed lunatic full of hate. >> reporter: inside his hotel room, police found ten weapons, many of those rifles. paddock's family reacting l
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>> there's no affiliations. once again, that i know of at all. i mean, there's no affiliations. there's no church, there's no religion, there's no politics, there's no anything. >> reporter: but for those who narrowly escaped with their lives, the trauma like the investigation is just beginning here. and what we are learning from the investigation right now, paddock stayed in that room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay for four days prior to the attack. we also know that he had large gambling transactions in the weeks leading up to the attack, betting on consecutive days more than $10,000, sometimes 20, or $30,000. that's the latest here in las vegas. now back to you. >> and as police search for clues, there are new details about the victims. they are emerging one of them is a young woman from our area. our sister station reports she is from berkeley county west virginia. this is denise burditus. she was vacationing with her husband tony. this is a picture they
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night at the musical festival outside of the mandalay bay. they were high school sweethearts. they had been married for more than 30 years. they have two children and four grandchildren. >> a closer look at the gunman's family history suggests an unusual upbringing. his father was once on the fbi's ten most wanted list. benjamin huskins paddock was arrested in 1960 for roshing a bank in phoenix. according to newspaper reports, tried to run over an fbi agent during the arrest. paddock escaped from prison in 1968. in an fbi posted he had been noted as psychopathic with suicidal tendencies. he was captured in oregon in 1978 after being on the run ten years. steven paddock was the old efld of four boys when his father was first arrested. >> flags around the country are flying at half staff to pay tribute obviously to those victims. the flags at the white house and all the federal buildings lowered just
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an action that is just one symbol of a nation trying to process a tragedy that is almost incomprehensible. and yet disturbingly familiar. blayne alexander has more reaction from washington. blayne? >> reporter: and, wendy, it certainly was a very somber day here in the nation's capital. from here on capitol hill to the white house, we saw moments of silence. president trump and first lady melania trump joined by the viech a vice-president and his wife going out on the south lawn for a moment of silence to pay their respects. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: now, that was earlier today on the white house south lawn. earlier this morning president trump spoke to the country in a televised speech from the white house. he talked about the fact that this was something that is the darkest hour, certainly for our country. he called it an act of pure evil. but he also stressed the need fo
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responders who saved lives with their very quick actions. and at one pointed to, president trump during his remarks spoke directly to the family members of those affected. >> my fellow americans, we are joined together today in sadness, shock and grief. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you, and we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. >> reporter: now, that was president trump speaking earlier today from the white house. we have seen expressions of condolences all across washington today, but also emerging of course are questions from some as to whether tougher gun laws could have possibly prevented such a tragedy from occurring. wendy, leon, sara huck a by sanders was asked about that todayin
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the gun on the hands is the gunman. she said today is not the day for those policy discussions. back to you. >> blayne alexander. thank you, blayne. and we have much more coverage ahead. that includes reaction from pat lawson muse who was born and raised in vegas and spoke to her friends who were caught up in the middle of the drama and the dramatic scene. also on 6:45, a former fbi criminal profiler takes us inside the mind of that gunman. >> the music and everyone said drop, everyone dropped. and then everyone just got up and they said run. and everyone started stampeding and charging and -- >> we were hiding because there was shots going everywhere. and there was just dead people everywhere. >> we actually loaded wounded people in the back of a pickup truck and tried to get to the hospital. one of the young men in the back of the truck as i carried him, he passed away so we got the other two in the ambulance so that young man, somebody's son
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he was not by himself. he was aays with somebody.lw
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as we report on these deadly mass shootings, police and first responders are sharing critical information on how you can stay safe if you do find yourself in the middle of one of these crises. >> news 4's mark segraves has that part of the story this evening. mark? >> reporter: yeah, goo
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that press conference, you heard more than 100 fire fighters responded to the las vegas incident from fire departments all around that county and that area. that's exactly what would happen in our area if there were that level of a mass casualty incident. we talked to a fire fighter here today who told us some simple stems you can take to keep yourself safe whether you're in a building that's had a black out or you find yourself in an active shooter. >> so, avoid, you know, the situation if you can. take cover, lock the doors, whatever you have to do. if all else fails, you have to defend yourself. >> reporter: captain bill phelps with montgomery county fire and rescue says there are things you can do any time you are going to a public event. one thing is letting someone know where you're going to be. >> be aware of your surroundings. look to see where the nearest exits are. look to see, you know, where you're at in the place, just something simple as a power failure and hav
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building and it's dark you can't see. you need to have situational awareness. >> reporter: sorting through the chaos of a mass shooting is one of the things fire fighters and paramedics are trained to do. whether it's sandy hook, the pulse night club, or the las vegas incident, the first thing paramedics and fire fighters do is determine who has the most serious injuries. then they need to figure out which hospitals can handle the flood of patients. while first responders are trained on what to do, most people aren't. so we asked what should you do if you're in an active shooter situation and people around you need help? >> yes, you want to try to help that's human nature. but you have to do some self-preservation. >> reporter: now, we talked to law enforcement officials as well and the chief -- former chief of police of the u.s. capital told us the sad reality is, there is no way for law enforcement to 100% guarantee that something like this doesn't happen again. that's the very latest. we're in
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wendy, back to you. >> mark segraves, good advice. thank you, mark. the las vegas shooting will not change president trump's trip to puerto rico. the president says he will meet with hurricane survivors and first responders tomorrow. today close to 300 pieces of heavy equipment arrived on the island. the delivery will help fema reach rural areas that are still cut off after the hurricane. the governor of puerto rico says close to half of the island now has running water. it's taking a lot longer to restore the power. ten hospitals are back on the electric grid, but only a quarter of the island is expected to have power by november. doreen gentzler joins us live. she is in san juan this evening. >> hello, doreen. as you know flooding has been a big problem for the residents there. tell us what you've seen and how it matches up with what you expected to see. >> wow, leon and wendy, you've got to see this. we are starting to lose our light a little bit. i want you to see the sooep cen this street.
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juan. the beach is a couple blocks that way. look at this. you have power lines down over-the-road. you've got power poles down, trees down across the road and debris all the way down the street there. this is 12 days -- almost two weeks after hurricane maria hit this island. take a look at this car. i hope you can still see it. the water, the flood waters reached almost up to the door handle on that car. behind us you can see where a homeowner has pitched everything from his first floor out on the street because it's all ruined. the worst part of this is we found people cleaning up here today, all up and down this street. they're just getting started cleaning up because the flood waters didn't recede, begin to recede here until yesterday. there is a sump pump that's supposed to help clear out some of the water here. well, without power, the sump pumps didn't do their
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so, 12 days, deep water sitting in this community. we talked to the homeowner from this house behind me, luis bertrand about what he's been through. what are we seeing here? describe, describe what we're seeing. >> all our beds were flooded all the way to the mattress. so, you will see inside the house that we have almost 3 feet of water inside. so, we have not only the mattress, the television that we couldn't carry out all those things, you know. this is the line. you can see all around, even -- all around, even in the living room, there is a line. you can see how high was it. >> the water is this deep? >> this deep. >> for 12 days? >> for 12 days. >> luis told me he's been through hurricanes here before. he's owned this p
6:21 pm
22 years. but he says -- and people all over the island could help each other out, but this time he says the whole island was affected. so, there isn't as much help. he's trying to keep a good attitude. take a look down the street here. you can see these folks have lived in this house their whole lives, and the clean-up is just beginning for them as well. a lot of discouraging things for these people. when will they get power back? we don't know. we are also hearing conditions here in san juan are much better than they are once you get outside the city limits. so, that gives you some idea of what people here are dealing with. tomorrow we are expecting the navy hospital ship, the one that is based in norfolk, the usns comfort to arrive here in san juan. we plan to be here when that ship gets in and that will be our story tomorrow we're hoping. wendy, leon, back to you. it's a tough, tough
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>> and you can see night is falling. there are no lights there so it is going to get even darker. >> no, no -- >> doreen, i'm curious what luis told you himself or his neighbors. there was a concern people would leave and never come back. are you hearing stories like that, did he say whether he expects all of his neighbors to come back? >> i'm not hearing that from this neighborhood. this is -- we're pretty close to the beach here. these are nicer homes. i hear nobody that we've talked to up and down this street talking about leaving. they are all talking about cleaning up and, you know, it's going to be weeks i think before they get this place anywhere close to normal again. and even then, when will they have power? they don't know. >> please let them know they've got people here in washington wishing them well. hoping for the best. >> thanks, doreen. we'll see you at 11:00. >> i sure will. >> alrighty. >> okay. meanwhile our coverage of breaking news in las vegas continues. still
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a killer, a former fbi profiler offers some insight as investigators track his digital trail in the days and weeks leading up to this rampage. >> i'm darcy spencer. at george mason university where a student fell to his death over the weekend, he was possibly high on drugs. coming up, what the university is doing to try to prevent another tragedy. >> we've been on the cooler side of things the last couple of days. as a matter of fact, take a look at the low temperatures this morning. 36 in winchester, manassas coming in at 38. areas of frost in parts of the region. numbers going right back up. back into the 80
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hurry in now to save up to $1000 in bonus discounts at havertys. life looks good. another beautiful day today, but it started off on a very cool note. many areas started off in the 30s early this morning. we're not going to see that again tomorrow morning. outside right now pretty nice looking shot. we've seen nothing but sunshine today. some of you have warmed up nicely. winchester 36 this morning, low 70s this afternoon. nearly a 40 degree difference from early morning and afternoon. 72 right now in d.c. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. now 68 right now winchester, 73 cull pepper, 73 in frederick, 73 towards a knapannapolis. it is a different story to the west now. not rain, snow. this towards the eisenhower nn
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from denver you have to get out of vail through the eisenhower tunnel which goes around the love land ski area. they picked up snow, some locations up to 16 inches of snow. not unheard of to get snow this time of year. actually they're supposed to get snow. for us we're going on the backside of this. meaning the cold air gets out of here and we start to warm. temperatures rebound. plenty of sunshine, high pressure dominating. warm air well back to the west. it is still going to be a fairly cool morning tomorrow. low temperatures in the 50s in the city, into the upper 40s in the suburbs, not quite as cool. you may still need the jacket when you step out the door tomorrow morning. high temperatures 76. more sunshine, nice and mild. in areas south and west may get to 80 degrees. as you move through the day another fantastic afternoon, but still very dry. we're going to stay on the dry side. 79 on your wednesday, 85 degrees thursday, friday, saturday
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few more clouds on friday and saturday, a little bit of a front moves through, but still very warm. 85, of course that is the day the nationals taking on the cubs in the playoffs here. coming up on friday, saturday, looking good for both those games. best chance of showers sunday and monday. right now not looking at a lot of rain. more on the gave forecast for the game and your morning forecast tomorrow for the kids out there, i have that for you in about 20 minutes. >> all right, doug. more on the breaking news, horror in las vegas as a gunman opens fire on fans at a country music festival. still ahead, a look at the days leading up to the rampage as police piece together the chilling new details. >> also reaction from people who were caught in the middle of that chaos as the shots rained down on them. >> and a chance encounter, an nbc news crew staying in the same hotel as the las vegas gunman. joe fryer joins u s
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candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. well, tonight, hundreds ever families in vegas are asking one question, which is why. why did a gunman open fire on that music festival, why did he kill so many innocent people? >> investigators are asking the same question. what do they know as the gunman had multiple homes? what we are learning what they are finding in those homes. chris lawrence is at the live desk with more on that, chris? >> i can tell you s.w.a.t. teepz are reaching his home in nortrn
6:32 pm
there is no question what they will find. >> an excess of 18 additional firearms. some explosives and several thousands rounds of ammo. along with some electronic devices that we are evaluating at this point. >> now, stephen paddock's family says he didn't identify with any church, religion or political ideology. the islamic state tried to take responsibility for the shooting but the fbi said that's not true. we have learned paddock liked to gamble and in the past few weeks he won or lost big, sometimes 10, 20, $30,000 in a single day. two gunshots say paddock was a customer but managers say there were no reds flags and as investigators try to piece together what happened, so many families have to cope with the fact their loved ones are gone. paddock killed 59 people at the concert and wounded more than 500 ot.
6:33 pm
from our community named bernice. she was vacationing in las vegas and went to the concert with her husband. as they took this picture in the field right across from mandalay bay. president trump has called the shooting an act of pure evil, and he will be heading to nevada on wednesday. back to you. >> chris lawrence, thank you, chris. >> thank you, chris. detectives digging for the shooters' motive are looking into the time line leading up to the massacre. here's what we know at this point. on september 28th last thursday, stephen paddock checked into the mandalay bay casino as a guest. the following day the three-day long route 91 harvest festival kicked off across the street from the resort. and sunday, october 1st, the festival's final act jason aldean was scheduled to start at 9:40. at 10:08 calls began to flood into 911 as the shooting began. >> they were so close, they felt the panic. they saw the police rush down the strip. >> tonight they're home and they just want to see their kids.
6:34 pm
dulles airport speaking to people from our area who just returned from las vegas. kristin? >> reporter: yeah, we talked to tway rot a lot of people flying from las vegas and they are grateful to be back with loved ones again. katie from great falls virginia is so thankful to be home from vegas. >> it was scary to get out of town and emotional. >> reporter: emotional not only because of the loss of life, but also because she's been through this before. for some reason, she keeps on encountering mass shootings in her travels. >> comes on the heels of having been in fort lauderdale when there was a shooter there. and i was in istanbul when the airport was under attack. and so it just -- it's so unfortunate how many people are losing their lives skmifl so grateful and blessed to be back home to my family. >> reporter: the emotions we all feel are heightened for those who were in vegas. they
6:35 pm
the violence and immense loss of life. this group from centerville, virginia was stuck in a cab on the strip unsure what was happening. >> one of the police cars going extremely fast down the wrong side of the road, my husband saw that. he was in the front of the cab. he said something big is going down. >> it was -- we felt pretty lucky. you could see the concern, just shell shock. >> reporter: a trip to vegas that will haunt them always. >> we just want to see our kids and just a reminder. so, it was a heavy place at the airport this morning as people were talking, that's all they were talking about. >> my heart breaks for all of those families that don't get to see their loved one again. >> reporter: katie says despite the fact that she has been in the wrong place at the wrong time more than once, she will continue to live her life and continue to travel unafraid. wendy and leon, back to you. >> all right,ha
6:36 pm
have been, huh? much more coverage still ahead tonight, including reaction coming from our aaron gilchrist. he just arrived in las vegas and will be checking in with us in just a moment.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
we've been hearing all day from witnesses about the chaotic moments right after that shooting. >> and our own pat lawson muse grew up in las vegas and she joins us now with her perspective. and a personal story from a friend of yours that you were able to connect with. >> i saw you trying to talk to your friends there all day today. >> yeah, i've been trying to talk to people all day. you know, to folks who -- that i know, this is horrifying and it's surreal. and it really feels sort of personal. yes, i grew up in vegas, i was born at university medical center. my dad lives in vegas. i go home several times a year and i stay on the strip near the mandalay bay and past the biggest festival grounds where the concert took place all the
6:39 pm
floor this earn 340morning i st calling everyone i know to make sure they were okay. i talked to a childhood friend, his name is freddy walton. he works across the street at the excaliber hotel. the luxor and mandalay bay are right in a row across from the fairgrounds. he told me about those who took cover and his son who works inside the excaliber. >> they were trying to get cover wherever it was possible get cover, behind the buses, behind the hotels, behind the buildings. also inside the hotels. they got all the people they possibly could inside the hotel. i was afraid i wouldn't find him because of all the panic and all the people running and all the shooting and everything because they actually thought it was more than one shooter. and they were -- metro and s.w.a.t. was all over t
6:40 pm
running. it was very frantic. i've never seen anything like it. >> you know, we cover these stories all too often, but when it happens in your hometown, it feels different. the vegas strip is always full of people and cars and taxis, day and night. the city never sleeps. it's sort of other worldly there. the kind of place where, you know, people are thrilled, they're fascinated by the flashing kn flashi flashi flashing neon lights and they go there to let their hair down. we know there are cameras everywhere, there in the hotels, you see lots of police and security when you go to get on the elevator to go to your hotel room. there is a security guard who will stop you there. you sort of feel safe. but we know that there is no safe place. >> as we just saw, there is always, you know, everything is a soft target. >> yeah. >> did anybody tell you about going to work tonight, does it make him more nervous or concerned? >> i think he's shell shocked. in fact, there is a friend of his who was actually at the
6:41 pm
her way to his house so they can sort of commiserate. she's traumatized. she stepped over bodies and saw people bleeding all around her. she was just trying to get out. >> wow. all those cameras couldn't help solve this, too. thanks, pat. >> cold and calculated, that's how some are describing this massacre in las vegas. coming up, a former fbi profiler weighs in on this crime and what happens now. >> all of a sudden it got real. there was a gal off to the right of us that got shot in the side of her face. >> i didn't know how i'm supposed to get through this, all the little noises in the hotel room last night, i didn't know if i should duck, cry or give up it was hard.
6:42 pm
i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring,
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they were just spraying the crowd. you saw people dropping left and right. >> our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. >> shock and sadness after another mass shooting in this country. a gunman killed 59 people at a country music festival before turning the gun on himself. we are quitting insight into the chaos along the las vegas strip. but first the search for a motive. >> our team coverage continues
6:45 pm
morning and just arrived in las vegas. >> aaron, what is the mood like right now? >> reporter: leon and wendy, we have literally just arrived here about ten, 15 minutes ago and i have to tell you, i was here last year for my birthday and the odd thing today is that not very much seems to be that odd. you can see maybe on the inside of the bus the police vehicles behind me blocking part of the las vegas strip. maybe a block and a half or so down is the mandalay bay hotel, and that concert venue that became essentially a killing field here, but at this point i can tell you there are people walking around as you normally would expect on the las vegas strip. literally tourists standing a few feet away from me taking pictures, looking on to see not only the police presence that is still heavy here, but also the tropicana hotel behind me, the excaliber across the street. people come here to take pictures of these buildings in so many cases and so that is sort of the norm that you would expect in las vegas. it is happening today, at the same time a block or so down there are police officers and coroners a
6:46 pm
collect bodies quite possibly and who are investigating the scene here that unfolded at that concert venue and the hotel across the street from it. wendy, leon? >> aaron, i would imagine since so many people go to las vegas for a celebration or whatever, if they were not directly involved with this or impacted by this directly, i would imagine that by today, you know, life is sort of moving on for them and they are going to continue their celebrations or whatever they came to vegas to do. is that the feeling you're getting? >> reporter: absolutely, wendy. if you go in the other direction on the strip, if you were far enough down, you wouldn't have known anything was happening down here, i don't think. when i came through the new york, new york hotel to get to this location to do this live report, there were people in the casino playing the slots, gambling, smoking, the things you'd expect to happen in vegas here. so for most people if they are aware of what is going on, i don't know how they couldn't be aware, they are still trying to continue for most of them i think a vacation here in las
6:47 pm
you just arrived. i assume there is no way you can get in or out of the mandalay bay at this point. or can you? >> reporter: so, there were people who were staying in the hotel obviously at the time this all unfolded late sunday night. those folks were sheltered in place for a time while police were investigating and moving through the hotel. there are still people who were in the hotel who are still there, but you can imagine that there is a large police presence in there, people being kept away from areas that are sensitive to the investigation that's happening. >> it will be interesting to see how the night plays out there. aaron gilchrist reporting live from las vegas. we'll see you later on this evening. now, investigators are hunting for a motive right now. at 64 years of age, stephen paddock was roughly 30 years older than a typical lone wolf mass murderer. public records contain no hint of any financial distress. former fbi profiler clint van sanity says investigators are facing a number of questions. >> we always wind up
6:48 pm
prompted this person to do this, but not only just what prompted him to do it, but why today. why not last week? why not next month? i've watched the interviews with his brother. he doesn't suggest anything particular, not politics, not religion. there is nothing that we've heard so far. >> stephen paddock's brother also says the gunman was a mu multi-millionaire as well as a gambler. even if he did suffer heavy losses he would never be destitute because the family has what he calls substantial wealth. much more coming up next. nbc's lester holt will be anchoring a special one-hour edition of nbc nightly news and that gets underway at 7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00 here. >> but here at home, students at george mason university in fairfax, they are attending classes today with a heavy heart. a classmate died this weekend. as news 4's darcy spencer reports, it triggered a new warning across campus about the dangers of drugs.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: they are replacing the window now here at george mason university. it's on the 5th floor where that student possibly high on drugs smashed through. he landed on the ground. initially he had survived, but then he died later at this hospital. >> it's definitely shocking to say the least. >> reporter: you haven't heard of this kind of drug use before on campus? >> no, yeah, it's like drug use is not a big thing here as far as i know. >> reporter: it happened saturday afternoon at the potomac heights dorm on campus. police have not identified the sophomore. they are still trying to figure out what drug he'd taken. did you hear anything about hallucinogenic drugs being around on campus? >> no, i didn't hear anything about it. >> reporter: sunday night, the sigma alpha epsalon held a vigil on campus saying they had lost one of their own and pd
6:50 pm
>> i think it's so scary. like it's so crazy that it can happen. >> reporter: police say they are concerned that more students could have gotten a hold of the drug. they are asking anyone who may have it to come forward. the university has a medical amnesty program that allows students to call police if they are in fear and they won't get in trouble. >> people value not getting in trouble so they know they're going to be okay, they're not going to have any consequences they're more willing to call so i think it's a good thing. i think it definitely helps save lives. >> reporter: university police say it could take weeks to get back those test results to find out what exactly that drug was. at george mason university, darcy spencer, news 4. >> going to take you now live to the floor of the house of representatives where they are now observing a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in las vegas. 59 people were killed there, more than 500 injured at a country music festival. police say the gunman -- stephen paddock opened fire from a
6:51 pm
floor room at the mandalay bay hotel. police now are searching paddock's multiple homes. they found so far a cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives in one of those homes. >> they weren't very quiet there. that is kind of a loud moment of silence. >> that wouldn't qualify for silence. silence for them. >> working for the people. we have an interesting week ahead after turning on the heat the last couple of mornings. we are going to be maybe switching to the a.c. >> you know, we may be in some places 50 degrees warmer than we were this morning coming up on thursday and friday. that's the topsy-turvy weather we get in the month of october. that's exactly what we had, 36 the morning low in winchester. by thursday and friday it could be around 86 degrees. that's the kind of warmth we have making its way in here. not now. temperatures 72 degrees, plenty of clear skies, sun making its way down as we speak. temperatures going through the 60s. already there now, leesburg,
6:52 pm
potomac, riverdale, canton coming in at 71. hears is something for october changing. transition month for sure. current average 73 for high, 56 for a low. by the end of the month 64 for a high and only 46 for a low. so, yes, some much cooler air making its way in here by the end of the month. now, not this week, however. that warm air comes on in. 79 on your wednesday, 85 on thursday and friday. of course the nationals taking on the cubs at home, home field advantage, baby. have to love that. looking pretty good for that game if you are going to be heading down to the game. i'll be down there, 7:31 game time. temperatures into the 70s, a beautiful night for baseball across our region. looking good on saturday, too. best chance of showers sunday and into monday. we'll be right back.
6:53 pm
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders
6:55 pm
illespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> welcome back into news 4 at 6:00. i'm sheree burruss live. the redskins are warming up for their game against the kansas city chiefs. monday night has not been kind to the redskins. since 2008 they are 2 and 11 on mondays. they have a chance to add the third tally in the win column. this team will be right in the momentum of their big win, also in primetime, that's sunday night football game. maybe it's a turning of the tide for curt cousins and the redskins against the raiders last week, the redskins played their best game defensively. so, against t
6:56 pm
looking forward to performing again on the big stage. >> another great opportunity to play another great team in a row to sew that we can have a goodwin and come back and do it again. i think it shows the consistency in our program. >> we once again get another opportunity where everybody is watching and we need to be able to go there and get a win. i mean, they're the number one team in the nfl right now. so, you know, just try to have a -- have perfect execution out there in order to win this game. >> reporter: and it's not just the redskins as a whole looking to exercise those monday night demons. curt cousins as a starter is 0-4 on monday. so, this could be a weekend of firsts for him. he's now a father, had his first child. he'll be trying to get his first win on monday night. >> thank you, sheree. i see some of the guys back there wearing those burgundy pants. we all know those are
6:57 pm
kansas city. thank you so much. now it's time to talk some baseball because it is officially the postseason for the washington nationals. and to sum up, manager dusty baker upon conclusion of the 162 game schedule, he said, i quote, the best is yet to come. here's a look at the nlds, the the chicago cubs. game time for one and two at nats park. friday game one, start just after 7:30. saturday game two, a 5:38 start. shifts to historic wrigley field next monday october 9. if necessary game 4 at wrigley, game 5 back here at d.c. 162 games, we get to start over. i'm getting to head to wrigley field where i hope to bring my goggles and celebrate. i'm not jinxing it. >> don't jinx it. >> don't do it. >> all right. thanks, carol. and thank you for joining us. nightly news is up next with a special hour long edition of the
6:58 pm
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breaking news breaking tonight, the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. at least 59 dead, over 500 wounded as a sniper opens fire from a smashed out hotel room window high above a country music festival, unleashing a massacre on the vegas strip. first responders on a frantic mission to find the gunman. survivors describing scenes of sheer terror. >> bullets flying everywhere, everybody running. really, really bad. tonight, a baffling mystery, why did he do it? what we've learned about the gunman and his massive arsenal. we have it all covered including extraordinary acts of heroism in a field of horror. "nightly news" begins right now.


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