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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 3, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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up to livingston over to farmington and on your way. plan for slowdowns with 210 closed. we've had work on the inner looch the beltway between 236 and 50. there's a paving project going on there. all lanes have been blocked off in the express lanes. be aware as well. crews are working on rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. traffic alternates by one direction at a time. they usually wrap up at 6:00 or of 6:15. thank you, jack. back to the massacre in las vegas. this has left the entire country stunned. sadly, not manry surprised. there are are overwhelming calls for congress to enact some kind of gun legislation. meanwhile, in the midst of tragedy, people are coming together to support one another. we've heard about incredible acts of heroism especially from first responders and selflessness that helped prevent more deaths. >> a lot of this unfolding on social media as we've
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weave watched the lines stretch several city blocks as hundreds of people line up to donate blood. here's what we've learned since you went to sleep. the fbi still combing through the hotel room where 64-year-old stephen paddock carried out that horrible act. investigators say he compiled 23 guns in the room and had another 19 at his house. two gunsho shops in nevada who d guns to him said he passed all background checks. this morning now 59 people are dead and 527 are hurt. most of the injured, we've learned, are still in critical condition. >> here is a live look right now at the national cathedral. later today, they will join churches across the country and ring bells in memory of those killed in las vegas as more stories about the victims in the las vegas massacre begin to come to light. we're learning more about two victims with t
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high school alum tina frost who graduated in 2008. her family tells nbc news she's in critical condition after sunday's shooting. there's also denise burr dit is from martinsburg, west virginia. these are her final posts on sunday before the shooting. her husband confirmed in a now deleted post that she died in the massacre. the two were high school sweetheart and were married for decades. denise leaves behind two children and four grandchildren. the political fewer roar over the shooting is getting louder. chris lawrence joining us from the live desk. chris, this is raising calls for gun control. >> democrats are saying enough is enough. but republicans say this wound is still too fresh and it would be wrong to politicize it. we see this issue come up every time there's a mass shooting. people want to talk
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aspects of some form of gun control, usually nothing happens. and white house spokesperson sarah sanders says it may be best to wait until we know more about the shooter and why he did it. >> it would be premature for us to discuss policy when we don't fully know all the facts or what took place. >> on a federal level, we tweet our thoughts and prayers and do nothing. that's enormously discouraging. >> talking about gun control. this is coming as congress is about to debate bills that would actually make it easier to carry a gun and buy a silencer. eun? >> chris, thank you. a local group came together to lift their voices on the gun control debate. >> the coalition to stop gun violence held a vigil in alexandria last night to remember those who lost their lives and also to get their message out. ♪ among them, a mom who knows far too well what it's like to deal
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shooting. lori haas's daughter was hurt in the virginia tech shooting in 2007. she says this gun control debate has gone on long enough. >> look how many americans have been killed by guns. we're wee woefully, woefully late. >> the group is calling for sensible gun legislation. that means everything from background scrutiny to limits on the size of ammunition clips and weapon caliber. our aaron gilchrist, as we've mentioned x is live in las vegas for us this morning. he'll join us starting at 5:00 a.m. you can follow his updates on the ground right no the nbc washington app. 4:34 now. new this morning, you're looking at video from chopper 4 hovering over the scene of what was a barricade situation involving a toddler in greenbelt. we can tell that you everyone is now safe. however, the situation started last night
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prince george's county police say a man assaulted a woman and threatened her with a knife. she was able to run out of home. but a 3-year-old and another man were left inside. it took police 3 1/2 hours to get their suspect, mario rodriguez, to come out of the home. domestic violence is an issue across many communities. last night you may have noticed a purple glow in the night sky if you were in prince george's county. chopper 4 had a glimpse of the homes, businesses and even the capitol wheel as they were lit up in purple. it's called purple lights night and it's meant to raise awareness about domestic violence. news 4 is working with you along with many others in the area. we have information on preventing domestic violence and people available to help in the nbc washington app. search purple light. some more breaking news from the live desk. we've lost a legend, singer, rock 'n roll icon. tom petty has
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>> i stand my ground ♪ ♪ won't be turned around >> petty's manager put out a statement just after midnight. you may have seen the news after he went into cardiac arrest in malibu. he completed a tour with his band last week. before his death was confirmed, some news organizations had to retract their reports as medics tried to save his life. >> chris, there were so many conflicting reports about whether he was dead or not. what was that all about? >> petty was on life support at the ucla medical center. we saw reports that his family decided to take him off life support. that stirred up all the confusion. in fact, petty's daughter went on instagram and tore rolling stone apart arguing that her father was still alive. eun. chris, thank you. the redskins were hoping for an upset last night against kansas city. they were undefeated. but krcame up a bit short. >> so many of us
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monday night football. the redskins stand at 2-2 and hopefully get back on track for the next game. we have a look at how it all went down. >> not the way this team wanted to head into the bye week. the redskins had their chance in kansas city with a chance to take the lead. kirk cousins finds josh doctson in the end zone. but the ball slips through his hands. they lose 29-20. >> stressful, you know, when you lose. especially like that. you know you had a chance and you really should have won. got to go back to the drawing board. we know we killed ourself with penalties. if we eliminate our penalties, it would have been a better game and outcome. >> we'll come back with a vengeance and make this as good of a week as wechblgt we're excited about the group of guys we have. we have to stay as healthy as we can and play mature, smart
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football. >> they'll have time to rest and regroup before playing the san francisco 49ers. sherry burruss, news 4 sports. on top of the game. kirk cousins. >> little cooper so cute. let's talk about what espn is talking about. head coach jay gruden, josh norman could miss a couple of weeks because of a suffered rib fracture which you know is so painful. this happened in the second quarter. >> he's expected to be evaluated more today ziem. it's now 4:38. >> first over to chuck and sheena. another cool start to the day. things have been pretty quiet. >> yeah. really quiet around here. nice cool start. the fall weather that a lot of people want is here but not going to last. >> not at all. if you love the 80s, they will be back before you know it. all sunshine all the time. we're talking about a big-time warming trend. 58 in the city but 40s almost as soon as you get outside
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capitol beltway. plan on a chilly start. the daily grade today, a-plus weather yet again today. ten-day forecast coming up. jack taylor at wto approximate. with breaking news and first 4 traffic. >> chuck, good morning. breaking news at this hour, 210 has reopened. the overnight investigation between farmington and livingston roads. everything is out of the roadway. the tow truck arrived on scene. a broken down tractor-trailer northbound 95 heading into newington blocking the right lane. a tow truck is on scene. that should be gone by the time you hit the road. thanks, jack. we're getting breaking news in surrounding those recent sonic attacks on u.s. intelligence agents in cuba. what we learned the trump administration is getting ready to do and the impact we'll see here in the district. we continue to follow the latest from las vegas. the investigation into the deadliest shooting in american history contin
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it could take weeks to find out what drug a george mason university student took when he smashed through his fifth floor window and fell to the ground. >> an awful and sad story. it happened over the weekend. the university released the student's identity. we know he's 19-year-old t
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he was a standout football player in high school. they're concerned at gmu. >> it's definitely shocking. >> we haven't heard of this drug use on campus before? >> no. drug use is not a big thing here as far as i know. >> now police say that they are concerned that more students could have this drug in their possession. they're asking anybody who may have the drug to come forward and help them out with this. >> they're so concerned. the university has a medical amnesty program that allows students to call police if they're afraid and they will not get in trouble. it is now 4:43. another disturbing story about a local student, this time in elementary school. what police say happened to her while she walked to school that may have some parents driving their kids to school this morning. it is an update you'll see only on news 4. what we've just learned about the woman
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the response -- the president and first laid toy travel to san juan today. tracie potts joining us on what the president will focus on during the trip. >> angie and eun, good morning. we foe that the president is going to be meeting with the governor, with members of the
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military. the navy and others who have been trying to get the supplies out to people who need them and he's expected to meet with victims. the white house giving us a glimpse of what his trip will include today. of course, he's coming under heavy criticism that there are a lot of supplies there but the military and other federal workers haven't been able to get them out quickly enough and they were slow in responding. so that whole effort started very late. as you know, the president has been pushing back on that. this will be his first firsthand look, not only at the devastation but how that relief effort is going. >> tracie, the president will come face to face with some of those he spoke badly about on twitter when it comes to the administration's response. how do you see that playing out? it could be a difficult situation there. >> he's had this twitter feud with mayor cruz of san juan. not clear if she and he will have a chance to sit down and talk. we know he's going to spend a lot of time with the governor who has been much more supportive of how the federal
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government, the trump administration is responding and with other local leaders who also have had questions about why it's taking so long to clear some of those roads, to push out some of those supplies. the president's tweets angered people on the island. he initially talked about their debt when they were really in the middle of dealing with this storm. since been highly critical of the media coverage talking about some of the supplies that have been stacked up and not distributed to people across the island. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. here at the live desk, we're following breaking news. our relationship with cuba taking another turn. there could be a reduction in staff at the cuban embassy here in d.c. the trump administration is preparing to ask cuba to cut staff by 60%. that's according to the associated press. nbc news working to confirm that. it all comes after the white house pulled diplomats out
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cuba after reports of sonic attacks. american government employees say they lost their hearing and vision. just to be clear, no one is being expelled from the country but a similar number of diplomats -- >> thank you, chris. it's 4:49. this is a story only on news 4. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss learned that opal brown, the woman charged for throwing a cup of urine on a metrobus driver tested positive for pcp at least twice after she was arrested brown is being held in jail and adam will have a live report in our next hour. be sure to follow him on twitter @adam tuss for updates. a brave little girl managed to get away from a man who sexual lay salted her in prince george's county. it happened near indian head highway. the girl was walking home from her bus at the time.
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cars and inappropriately touched her. she was able to get free and runaway. right now, police tell us they are still looking for that suspect. a woman has settled a civil rights lawsuit with the district after d.c. police officers barged into her home without a warrant and arrested her. you may remember this video from last november. take a look. this was between lourdes ashley hunter and officers. neighbors called police after they say hunter and her friends were making too much noise. hunter, who was an activist for the transgender community says she was injured when officers arrest hder. frafl prosecutors later dropped charges against her. the terms of the settlement were not made public. voting on whether to officially ban dogs from dine wg patrons. they're considering a permit to allow dogs on patios if there are separate entrances for the pets and if dogs are kept on their leashes or inside their carriers
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keep an eye on the nbc washington app for updates on that vote. a lot of pet owners in this city, including all of us right here. >> there are others who really believe that pets have no place where food is. i'm not going to name names. there are people who feel strongly about eating, i don't want animal hair around me. >> that's a huge argument. it's outside. all i have to say is i love dog friendly cities. >> we know where your vote is. >> beautiful day to be outside with your dog today. >> how can you want to go somewhere and not bring your dog with you? it's a long dog walk day because the weather is going to be so nice you cannot complain about it being hot today. the warmup is on the way. this morning, it's cool. you will need a jacket. at least a light jacket for most of the area. we have a warming trend starting tomorrow and through the rest of the week.
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forecast believe it or not. we're going to go -- -- 58 in washington. but many of the sub sushs in the 40s. 46 leesburg. 45 in manassas. clinton is 50 degrees. we're nice and dry on radar. again, those rain chances won't be getting here until maybe late sunday. monday and tuesday looks like the highest chances. here are the air masses in place, though. we're still on the cool side. but we have that warm air just off to our west and southwest. we're going to start to tap into some of that tomorrow. that's when we'll be closer to 80 degrees. the normal high, there it is. 73 degrees today. we're 76. tomorrow 79. thursday and friday, that's when temperatures will be getting more into the mid-80s. we're going to be over 10 degrees above normal towards the en
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if you're maybe heading to a pumpkin patch to pick up a pumpkin. it's not going to feel like fall by afternoon. at least you'll have nice weather. 84 and dry. sunday looks good. but we could have a late rain chance on sunday either way. i'm sure a lot of people will be out there this weekend. it looks pretty good. monday and tuesday, the rain chances i mentioned. then we do go back into the 70s. it's still the time of the year where we see a transition happening. we have those roller coaster temperatures. let's take a look at the roads with jack taylor. wtop. hey, jack. sheena, good morning. montgomery county, topside of the beltway, see the truck and camera. got about five or six more barrels to pick up. perfect timing. the work zone headed towards 270 and towards georgetown road. it's now cleared out of roadway. moving from mt. airy to new market, after 27. the right lane getting by. if you remember yesterday, this hung until 8:00 or 9:00 in
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we'll make sure they clear out this morning. tysons, 123 northbound, just after the beltway, we had an earlier work zone where the left lane had been getting by. that also wrapped up without issue. a lot of green on the map. good start. no early issues as you head in early this morning. angie, eun, back to you. >> chuck, thank you. we'll have the latest coming up. we'll have updates in the 5:00
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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i'd like to introduce you to my new friend oscar. >> darci lynne won hearts on "america's got talent." now we're learning one of the winning puppets had his start in virginia. oscar, the puppet's makers are from salem. melissa and mary ann taylor make the puppets for ventriloquists across the country. they were thrilled to see one of their creations on tv. >> terry fator won in 2007. they're lucky this duo. melissa and mary ann taylor. >> in our backyard. i voted for her. she's going to be great. >> she real si talented. >> to sing with your mouth closed like .
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do all these voices. inspiring kids everywhere. now all want to be ventriloquists. we could learn more about the massive equifax security breach as former ceo heads to capitol hill to testify this morning. >> this is one day after we learned more people were potentially impacted by that hack. news 4's consumer reporter susan hogan working for you and has a look at how equifax found out more people may be impacted. >> more than 2 1/2 million customers may be affected in the massive data breach. that brings the total number of people potentially impacted to just close to 146 million. the credit reporting bureau says the new number comes after a cyber security firm completed the forensic portion of its investigation. he cequifax says there's no evie of additional or new attacker activity or access to new databases. the rm
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capitol hill this morning. lawmakers say they, of course, are really interested to hear what he had to say. also to talk to him about how this unprecedented breach may have occurred. follow me on twitter at susan hogantv for all of the information throughout the day. stay with us. news 4 continues now at 5:00 a.m. >> you know -- >> right now on "news4 today," vigils across las vegas. the city in mourning after a deadly massacre. we're there live to bring you the stories of victims, survivors and the heroes who helped save the day. plus, who was the gunman? new details about the man behind the deadliest shooting in american history. after an overnight search of his
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>> good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm angie goff. >> aaron is joining us live from las vegas. i know you had a long day yesterday. give us the feeling of what's happening in las vegas, especially in the hours you've spent there. >> reporter: at 2:00 in the morning here in las vegas right now. we're set up outside the mandalay bejo tell, sort of inside the cordoned off area. no people in this area. you go a block down the strip, you will see a lot of people moving about in and out of casinos and restaurants in that area. for right now, there is a sense of quiet as police have blocked off this area around the mandalay bay hotel and the concert venue across the street from the hotel. still a lot of investigation happening here in las vegas after the shooting that happened here sunday night. we'll have much more about what we've learned in the overnight hours in a secretary. >> aaron, what about the las vegas strip and people coming


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