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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 3, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the door on time with your weather and traffic. this has been about as perfect weather as you can get. not too hot, chuck. i know you don't like that. >> can we talk about the ragweed. >> even i have been suffering with allergies, which is unusual this late in the year for me. 90 degrees three days last week. that's too hot. >> it ain't right. >> i like it. >> we won't be 90. but it remains incredibly warm. temperatures just back above average today. the average high is 73 degrees. as you plan out for your tuesday today, four things to know. sunny and mild for today. warmer weather tomorrow. back up near 80 degrees and toasty warm weather for thursday, friday into the weekend as clouds and humidity increase just a bit. as you plan out our day today, at the bus stops, temperatures this morning in the upper 40s to low 50s the closer to the urban
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centers. during the afternoon, 70 degrees at lunchtime. 76 coming home later on in the day. a perfect one today. the trend is up, up and away. it will be back to shorts and flipflops before you know it, jack taylor. >> hey, chuck. we've got, unfortunately, an issue in arlington. down near the pentagon. wires down across the roadway. unclear if this is power lines or if they're communication lines. if they're communication, they can quickly reopen this. we'll keep an ear to it. southbound on the baltimore washington parkway after route 100. accident activities along the left side of the roadway. good news, chopper 4 found our crash after 212 headed toward the beltway. but all of the activity is safely to the right shoulder. back to you. thank you, jack. 6:01 right now. now back to our coverage of the las vegas massacre. this has left the country stne
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sadly -- >> we're looking for congress to enact gun control legislation. meanwhile, local and federal investigators are working around the clock to figure out why this happened. take a look. this is new video of the fbi searching the room of stephen paddock. it is on the 32nd floor of the manned day bay resort along the las vegas strip. hundreds of feet above the music festival where he opened fire. it is so hard to imagine what they were going through. so terrifying. one moment they're enjoying an outdoor concert, the next running their for their lives. aaron gilchrist is in las vegas right now. they had no idea he was in that room with an arsenal ready to kill. >> eun, we've heard some of the accounts from people who were injured, people who got away about how incredibly frightening it was to not know where the bullets were coming from and not know whether they would be the next person
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you're right, stephen paddock put together an arsenal in that room. he knocked out the windows to fire on the crowd across the street. here's what we've learned. the fbi combed through that hotel room where 64-year-old stephen paddock had carried out the horrific attacks. investigators say he had 23 guns in that room and had another 19 weapons in his home in mesquite, about 80 miles from here. there were two gun shops in nevada who confirmed they sold stephen paddock weapons and he passed all background checks. there were 59 people who died in that shooting. 52 injured and put in hospitals. many of them had been released. many in critical condition. paddock was a retired accountant. he w s
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developer and big time gambler. he spent thousands here in the days before the shooting. we also know that his father at one point was on the fbi's ten most wanted list. paddock at 64 years old, he had no real run-ins with the law that we've been able to learn about in the time we've been here. it's been a lot of unanswered questions about -- everyone is working to get answers to that. >> las vegas is a very popular vacation spot. people go on the weekends sometimes. in light of this horrible shooting, people may be rethinking travel plans. how are the airlines and the other travel industries responding now? >> reporter: you talk about this being a big tourist area. we know that's the case. i was here a year and a half ago or so for my birthday. you saw throngs of people all of the day. the flight from chicago yesterday was packed, full of people. we know the airlines told folks,
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that they can reschedule and rebook their trips, change their plans, they won't have to pay change fees. they'll waive some of the fees. they're trying to make it possible for people to still come to vegas but come at a time when they're more frightened. the mayor in las vegas has say the city is open for businesses and is telling people that las vegas will be safe for anybody looking to visit. >> aaron gilchrist live in las vegas. we'll check in with him later in the newscast. thank you so much. we're learning more about the men and women shot in las vegas. >> including two women with ties to our area. tina yost graduated from anne arundel high school in 2008. her family tells nbc news she is in critical condition after sunday's shooting. there's also denise burditis from martinsburg. this is what she was posting on facebook before the shooting. her husband confirmed that
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died in ma massacre. the two were high school sweethearts and were married for decades. did he fleece leaves behind two children and four grandchildren. ♪ >> the las vegas massacre is renewing the gun control debate. the group, the coalition to stop gun violence held a vigil last night in alexandria to remember those killed and to get the message out. among them, a mom who knows too well how to deal with the aftermath. lori hass daughter was hurt in -- >> time has passed. look how many americans have been killed by guns. we're owefully, woefully late. >> the group is calling for sensible gun legislation. that means everything from increased background scrutiny to limits on the size of ammunition clips and weapons. >> you can find
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shooting on the nbc washington app. 6:06. now to breaking news. the music world is mourning right now one of rock's greats. tom petty has died. chris lawrence is at the live desk. chris, we got it confirmed just after midnight. knew there was a lot of confusion surrounding this. >> we got it directly from his manager. all kind of false reports were more and more confusing. >> ♪ no i stand my ground ♪ ♪ won't be turned around >> what happened was on monday, the lapd tweeted some inaccurate information about his death, which it later retracted and apologized for. but not before some networks and websites started reporting that petty had died. we did not. it only said he had gone into cardiac arrest. he still had a pulse when he was rushed to the hospital.
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free falling, so many others. i recognize the man is surging on itunes for some of his rock 'n roll classics, eun, back to you. >> we have more breaking news. all lanes are back open on route 210 between farmington and livingston roads in prince george's county. it was closed earlier this morning due to a deadly crash. a man was headed southbound when he hit a guardrail. he's dead. according to wtop, mosh a dozen people died since 2013. that is a very tough spot. it teams like we cover so many deadly crashes. >> every time we hear about this. a lot of times it involves one vehicle. >> exactly. upsetting. >> many students in our area, they're either at the bus stop or somewhere else. they're headed there, right? >> one family in prince george's county holding their daughter a litt
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that's because she was sexually assaulted as she walked home from her bus stop. >> this is a story that rattled parents in this area. justin finch is following it as it develops. justin, what is the latest? >> reporter: angie, good morning. that family likely also changing up their pickup and dropoff routines right now. police still looking for this man. this is so -- the girl was just off her bus stop walking home. likely not realizing she was being watched by the man she says attacked her. this all happened at the devon hills indian hit apartments. this was last thursday afternoon, 2:30 p.m. she's off that bus and she says that man grabbed her between two cars. that is where he touched her inappropriately. the reeve leaf is she was able to get away and able to share key details with police. including that this guy was shorter and heavy-set. wearing a green shirt and also
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he has dark hair and a mustache. police say so far this appears to be only reported case of this in this area. as you mentioned, parents, of course, still on edge knowing this guy could still be out there and could harm the children too. we have the story on our nbc washington app. i'll post the details on my twitter and facebook. back to you. >> unnerving, justin pinch for us. 6:10. metro wants to make sure that you're safe. that's why it took more than 100 metrobuss off the streets. there were two accidents, including one last week. the driver said the buses stalled. metro voluntarily parked 105 buses to check them out and also to prevent crashes down the road. the buses are not that old. they were actually made in 2014. a spokesman for metro says there's no impact to service. the redskins looking to the future after a tough loss in kansas city last night. >> this k
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>> dagger. >> the team went head to head with the kansas city chiefs on monday night football. it was close at the end. but not enough to put washington football team in the lead. the redskins lost to the chiefs 29-20. the team gets a break now before returning to the field on october 15th. but eun, as you mentioned, they showed up. >> they did. good game. so we really need to talk about breast cancer awareness month because we are talking with the "today" show about how important it is to raise awareness and funds for women who need this life-saving treatment. >> it's not just about treatment. it's about support. there's so many things that go into helping someone. ut a personal story that inspires them. molette green joining us more with an -- it will help a lot of women in the area. >> reporter: can you believe this is happening. i'm in the
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morning. all of this happening with a live band. focusing on breast cancer awareness. there's an upcoming concert and fundraiser. the goal is to raise $10,000 for an organization called epw. standing for edith p. wright. this is miles an hour a.m. wright. edith was her mom. her mom passed away when she was 9 years old. her mission ever since has been to help women go through the fight. not alone but have someone. help them pay their bills, get a ride to the doctor. whatever they need. their kids need toys at christmastime. they do it all. we're going to talk to her about the foundation, about the goal, the fundraiser coming up it a few moments on "news4 today." >> helping in ways you don't think about. the family support and everything behind the scenes. thanks. power problems continue in puerto rico. what our doreen gentzler found in the aftermath of the huic
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so different. >> plus, much calmer scene live on the vegas strip this morning. our team coverage continues ahead. >> we're seeing heroes of all shapes and sizes. >> feel like a -- a couple of girls, neverind out f
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good tuesday morning. a chilly start to your day. 57 degrees in the district. light jacket weather this morning. by 10:00 a.m., 67 degrees. by lunchtime, around 70. another beautiful day but a warming trend in the forecast. chuck is back in a bit as well to talk more about
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weekend. let's check the roads with jack taylor. >> hey, sheena, good morning. arlington, good news. columbia pike is reopened. traffic is moving once again. sounds like our crash was moved over to the shoulder. on 95 southbound after 212, before the beltway, there had been an earlier crash on the right shoulder. that caused a little delay. at least the lanes are open. >> thank you, jack. back to the massacre in las vegas. in the midst of tragedy, people are coming together to support one another. >> that's the one shining spot in all of this. the incredible acts of heroism and selflessness that helped prevent even more deaths. >> take a look. this is from last night as dozens of people came together not far from the shooting scene to hold a vigil. they had candles and each other as
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with what happened. survivors of the shooting were at the vigil as well and shared their stories about living through such a horrific event. aaron gilchrist is in las vegas for us this morning. everybody wants to know, aaron, why stephen paddock would do something like this. it's a tough question to answer. >> reporter: it really is. it's been so -- try to help each other out. at the same time, there is a lingering question. why did stephen paddock go into that hotel room and shoot into that crowd. it's a question, like you said, that may be difficult to answer. by all accounts, he seemed to be just a regular guy. 64 years old. we understand he hadn't had any run-ins with the law. he was a retired accountant. he had been a gambling a lot lately we're learning from some of the reporting here. investigators say he gambled more than $10,000 a day and in some cases more than $20,000 in the few days he had been here
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las vegas. it was not immediately clear whether the transactions were losses or wins. police say he checked into the mandalay bay hotel last thursday. he brought in all the guns. 23 in the room. he brought in ammunition too, along with his luggage. he managed to keep it hidden from housekeeping. so far, investigators hadn't foi found anything. no notes, no e-mails, how long he had been developing his plans. this was a plan that was developed over some time before it could be carried out here. there's still at love the questions that are going to be answered. the fbi, local police department, state police. even the atf are working to get more answers about how this all came together. eun, angie? >> investigators still digging for the clues. aaron gilchrist live for us in las vegas. aaron, thank you. we know it's 6:19. october is breast cancer awareness month. there's a special group of women
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>> molette green joins us live with more on the efforts to raise awareness and raise needed funds for this treatment. molette, what's going on? >> reporter: we're right in the middle of a live practice session for a concert fundraiser coming up later on in the week. it's the edith p. wright foundation. if you haven't heard of them. they're based in maryland. it's one of the organizations on the forefront of fighting breast cancer. edith p. wright's daughter joins me, the founder of this organization. miriam wright. you want to raise $10,000. you want to fill up this whole club to be able to do what for people fighting this disease? >> we want to make sure persons fighting can get grocery service deliverly, housecleaning service. we want to make sure children who have lost a parent can have a wonderful christmas. weep want to make sure families going through it can reflect together going through the journey. >> you lost your mom
6:21 am
old. this has been a passion of yours? >> absolutely. we extend it to the community. we're excited about seeing everybody out on friday. >> she's warming up to sing a song she wrote called cancer-free. just to let you know, the event is this friday at the bethesda blues and jazz club. plenty of tickets available online. this is why they're doing it, to be able to stop this disease that strikes one in every eight women in this country in their lifetime. sing it. ♪ cancer-free ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> reporter: later on, we'll talk to a survivor here in the room. on "news4 today." >> all right. a lot of times when there is a personal story connected, there is that much more meaning and effort to get the word out and to really help those people in need. our thanks to molette. >> a lot of passion, too. >> she sounds great. >> belting it out at 7:00 a.m. >> like a soprano. >> impressed. >> no frogs in that throat. >> you predict the future. >> right. sort of. i wish i could do it for stocks as well as for weather. >> where is the rain? >> no rain. today marks three weeks since we've had any measurable rainfall around here. yesterday, another great day to be outside. that's the only upside. the three highest points in d.c. number one is the monument. oh, yeah, there's bella's ears. almost the tallest point in d.c.
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the other dog was helping himself to chewing through the moving box to get to the milk bones. shame on you. bad dog, lucas. clear sky. nothing to worry about rainwise. the dusty umbrella in the corner won't be needed for days to come. we're in the 40s and 50s now. another sunny and warm day coming. 76 the high today. any real rain chances up across parts of the upper midwest and most of that through pennsylvania and new york. it will bring some extra clouds, but until that front goes by, probably sunday afternoon, we'll be warm, increasingly humid, more cloud cover later on in the week. tomorrow morning, another cool morning but not as cool as we are today. tomorrow afternoon, 76 today. we'll be 79 to near 80 degrees for some. saturday and sunday will be very warm. saturday likely the drier half of the day. the army ten miler is this ay
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for running weather on sunday. the ten-day in a few more minutes. let's go to jack taylor. >> after the overlook. a broken down vehicle that hopefully can be cleared out of way. lot of equipment arrived on scene. single file right is getting bray the crash. delays quickly. southbound d.c. before pennsylvania avenue, the accident activity there blocked the left lane. back to you. jack, thank you. crisis in puerto rico. it's a fight for survival after the storm. new details on the big arrival this morning that could help with recovery efforts there. >> plus, equifax security breach. one of the top credit checking agencies hacked. if you thought
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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the president and first lady going to san juan today. they'll get a briefing on relief efforts and visit people impacted by the storms. the island has been without power for weeks. for many, the situation is very dire. our doreen gentzler is out in one neighborhood in san juan where neighbors are just start to go survey the damage and starting to clean up. >> reporter: here in san juan, there are no lights on except for the light from our camera and you can see people are still trying to clean up. the floodwaters in this neighborhood didn't go down until yesterday. so there is still a lot of work to be done here. you can look around
6:28 am
complete darkness. these people have no idea when their power will be back on. one homeowner who had moved everything from his first floor out on the street today told me that he's been through hurricanes before, but this one was different. this one took out the whole island. so this time people across puerto rico aren't able to help each other. coming up later this evening on news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, i hope to have live reports about what's happening with the navy hospital ship the comfort, expected to arrive in port in san juan about 9:00 this morning. so i'll see you then. >> thanks to doreen gentzler. you can follow her reports from puerto rico right here on news 4. it's about 6:28. a dangerous drug on campus. for one student, it came with deadlyconsequences. looks like you found a better way to do this, dad. organic, non-gmo feed. 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything.
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free-range chickens. organic free-range chickens, non-gmo, 100% vegetarian fed - raised with no antibiotics ever! we should post this. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. all the hashtags! 6:31. good morning and thanks for joining us. aaron gilchrist is standing by live in las vegas as the investigation continues in that deadly mass shooting there. >> we want to begin with your
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right there out on the storm team 4 weather deck with the forecast. you got another layer on. >> i do. i had to grab the light jacket when i stepped out here. it's that kind of a morning. need the hot coffee too. it's cool outside. i would say it's a chilly start to your day. look at these temperatures. 46 leesburg. many of the suburbs in the 40s. 47 in lay tonsville. prince george's county, riverdale, cheverly, 50 degrees. through the bus stop, a lot of kids will want a light jacket. by the afternoon bus stop time, perfect weather. plenty of sunshine. low humidity. temperatures once again in the mid-70s today. it's going to feel really nice. we have a warming trend on the way. to tell you how warm it will get by the end of the week, we'll head to jack taylor. sheena, good morning. outer op
6:33 am
good news, everything along the left side of the roadway moved to the right shoulder. you should have travel lanes open. if not, the right lane may be blocked for safety sake. be aware. our delays back at i-95. an immense early slowdown. d.c. -- also very slow. our crash before pennsylvania avenue last scene blocked the left lane. the sights and sounds coming out of las vegas are heartbreaking. it is so hard to imagine at one moment they were enjoying an outdoor concert and the next running for their lives in terror. >> a fun night out that turns into a nightmare. it's hard to imagine the courage that it took for first responders. we talked about this yesterday. what was going through their minds. people running towards the danger to save other lives. aaron is in las vegas and more on the stories we're hearing from survivors this morning. they're countless that are emerging. hi
6:34 am
>> reporter: hey, ladies. i can't help but to realize as we've been here in las vegas, this is now my third mass shooting i covered. i was in blacksburg in 2007. 32 people killed at virginia tech. i was in orlando last year. 49 people killed outside the pulse nightclub and now here in las vegas. 59 people dead after that shooting here sunday night. hundreds in the hospital. still, even recognizing all that tragedy there, there is a sense of people, gratitude of those who tried to help each other. you hear this video, the gunshots during the jay on aldean performance sunday night and you hear that he keeps playing. eventually, more gunshots before jason aldean runs off stage. from there on, it was just chaos here as people started to run for their lives quite literally. lots of people said there was nowhere to go so they laid on the ground hoping they wouldn't become targeted that way. listen to how
6:35 am
>> everyone was on the ground. everybody is yelling. everyone is confused. no one knows what's going on. thought it was fireworks. but you could hear the gunshots. you understood what it was. >> yeah. you couldn't miss it. >> reporter: again, 59 people killed here. 527 injured, we understand. dozens have been released from hospitals with so many more still there. eun and angie, doctors say many are in critical condition. we can at this point hope that the death toll doesn't rise. >> definitely. hoping against all hope. aaron gilchrist live for us in las vegas. aaron, thanks so much. this morning, we have an exclusive update to a disturbing crime against a metrobus driver. you might remember this video. it's a story you'll only see on news 4. >> transportation reporter adam tuss is live in chinatown with a look at what we know about this woman who threw that urine on the driver. adam,
6:36 am
>> reporter: good morning, eun. what an unbelievable story. this continues to be for all of us here. now we're getting a window into opal brown. that woman tested positive for pcp. not once, but twice. of course, that happened here along the x 2 bus route as the buses come all across the city. opal brown actually missed a court appearance that she was supposed to be at. after her initial arrest, after the initial incident here where she actually tossed that cup of her own urine on a metrobus operator. a judge ordered she go through drug testing. not once, but twice that drug test came back positive for pcp. she faced another court appearance yesterday. she's being held in a d.c. jail and this whole incident really sparked a call to better protect metrobus operators from passengers out there on the system with them. we now know a little bit
6:37 am
going on with her not one but at least two positive tests, drug tests for pcp, guys. for this women who threw a cup of her own urine on a metrobus operator. she did later apologize for doing that. now we know more about her. back to you. >> adam tuss with us with a story only here on news 4. thank you. 6:37 right now. authorities working to find out what drug a george mason university student took when he smashed through his fifth floor window and fell to the ground. he later died. this happened over the weekend. the student has been identified as 19-year-old tristan medina from spotsylvania county. he was a standout football player at his high school. police are concerned that more students could have the drug in their possession. equifax says the massive data breach may affect another 2.5 million people. this comes as the company's fo
6:38 am
capitol hill this morning. also, d.c. lawmakers plan to vote today on a plan to help people freeze their credit reports for free. they lined up by the hundreds. how people came out in a show of support in the aftermath of the mass shoot not guiling in las v another deadly accident on one of the most dangero stusre
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good morning. 6:41 on your tuesday. another beautiful clear sky. sunup after 7:00 a.m. this morning. already lots of early morning color in our sky. temperatures in the low 40s. mid-40s in the suburbs. the daily grade today, a-plus. a sheddable layer of fleece this morning. we'll be back to sunglasses and short sleeves later today, jack. >> the crash
6:42 am
before georgia avenue. quickly moved to the right shoulder. good news. the crash opposite the other accident on the inner loop of the beltway, they may now have gra grabbed the left lane. the outer loop back to 495. back to you. thank you, jack. new video this morning. digging for woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake!
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gunfire and chaos. >> halfway up. i see the shots coming from mandalay bay. >> it is the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. >> it was a scariest time of my life. i thought it was over. i really did. >> i'm aaron gilchrist in las vegas working for you on the latest developments in the tragedy here as vigils break out across the country. ♪ ♪ >> instead of late night laughs, it was a time for reflection. >> this morning we have children without parents and fathers without sons, mothers without daught
6:46 am
acts of terror, we need to remember that good still exists in this world. >> right now, we are learning more about the las vegas massacre. take a live look right now at mandalay bay resort where the suspect, stephen paddock, fired shots from the 32nd floor. this morning, 59 people dead, more than 500 injured. >> the victims of sunday's horrific shooting including two women with ties to our region. >> tina yost graduated from anne arundel high school in 2008. her family tells us she's in critical condition. there's also denise burditis from martinsburg, west virginia. her husband confirmed in a dee laeted facebook post that she died in the massacre. >> searching the room of stephen paddock on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort along the las
6:47 am
opened fire. they found 23 guns inside of that room. paddock checked into the hotel last thursday. he brought in all the guns and ammunition himself along with his luggage. we're learning much more about the massacre. >> aaron gilchrist is there as well as jay gray. we begin with aaron live on the las vegas strip. aaron, tell us what it's like there this morning. >> reporter: it is quiet right now. it's approaching, i think, 4:00 a.m. here in las vegas. you don't see any people really in this part of the trip where we are to the left of the mandalay bay resort and hotel. there's still a sense of what will happen next. this is an issue, a massacre really that has stunned the country again but maybe not surprise the country. we're hearing calls for congress to enact some kind of g
6:48 am
it's not clear if they're bought legally or illegally in some cases. what we know is that stephen paddock was able to fire a lot of shots into that crowd sunday night as in times of national tragedy, we turn to the president of the united states to become a sort of consoler in chief if you will. yesterday, president trump did not mince words when speaking about what happened here sunday night. >> it was an act of pure evil. in moments of tragedy and horror, america comes together as one. and it always has. >> reporter: we know that president trump will visit las vegas on wednesday, tomorrow. i want to bring in jay gray who is also here along the strip with us in las vegas now. jay, with a little more perspective on what's been happening in the last 24 hours or so. jay? >> reporter: yeah, aaron. you touched on it earlier. but there is an eerie silence,
6:49 am
down. also where it's open. you don't see people moving in and out of the casinos and restaurants and bars. there's a somberness here and i would expect that will continue for quite some time. the investigation continues as well. investigators frustrated by the fact that this man, stephen paddock, really doesn't fit any profile. not someone that they would expect would carry out this type of attack. they say that he has no real digital footprint, wasn't active online. there's nothing written either in the hotel room or in his home to this point that they found that would indicate why this was carried out. his family said he was wealthy, he was happily retired, spent a lot of time here in las vegas gambling and taking in shows. they say there's no political or religious beliefs that would have sparked this. so that's driving the investigation. but also, a frustration for a lot of those here on the ground. really, across the country, aaron, trying to fi o
6:50 am
would carry out such an horrific attack. >> so the investigation continues. jay gray live in las vegas for us as well. thank you for that. eun, back to you, now. note that the "today" show will continue coverage of this shooting in las vegas. savannah guthrie is here on the ground as well. you can look for that starting at 7:00 a.m. >> aaron gilchrist live in las vegas. aaron, thanks for your coverage there. take a look here at the hundreds of people who lined up to donate blood in las vegas. two blood drives are currently under way after sunday's tragic massacre. we're going to have much more on las vegas coming up. many of you reached out to us. everybody watching these images really feel they're trying to find ways to help. >> there's that feeling of helplessness, watching that unfold in front of their screens. nevada officials now started a go fund me page to provide relief and support to the families
6:51 am
if you would like to give and make a donation, if you go to our nbc washington app, all you have to do is search help las vegas. now we want an update on your commute with wtop's jack taylor and your first 4 traffic. what's it looking like on the roads? >> my gosh, we had quite an early morning. good news is everything on the beltway near georgia avenue has been put to the shoulder on both loops. the biggest slowdowns topside. we had the crash before georgia put to the right shoulder. delays back in college park. they could see the crash on the outer loop. that got moved to the right shoulder. now at least all the lanes are open. virginia, after braddock road, the crash moved to the right shoulder. there your lanes are open. also had issues on the bridge on 15 near 28. sounds like a vehicle has been involved in a crash. unfortunately, he's in the middle of the roadway. no lights on, no flashers, no nothing. please be very cautious as you ride through that stretch. all in all, not a fantastic morning rush hour. but i think our weather is doing better
6:52 am
>> the weather is fantastic, jack. you can get away with a light jacket this morning. this afternoon, just as nice as yesterday. we have a warming trend in the forecast. 80s return. we start that warmup tomorrow afternoon. the rain chances finally return in the ten-day forecast. but so far, most of the weekend is looking dry. i'll show you that in a second. currently 57 degrees in washington. 40 in the suburbs. 45 dulles. 43 frederick. front royal at 41. krin clinton 48. quantico, 53. if you're walking the dog or you need a dog, this is a dog available at the humane alliance for adoption. you can head over to the website and figure out how to adopt him. still light jacket weather. by lunchtime, maybe take the dog for a long walk today. it's going to be gorgeous through the afternoon. sunny, low humidity, 76 for a high temperature. here's a look at the radar. we are nice and clear out there. clear skies right now. but it's all because of the this big area of high pressure.
6:53 am
our rain chances won't really start until late this weekend possibly. cool air locally. we have warm air on our doorstep. we'll start to feel that more tomorrow. normal high 73. we're going to climb to 79 tomorrow. then we'll be in the mid-80s thursday and friday. so that's the warmup we've been talking about into the weekend. feeling not like fall. i would say a little bit more like summer saturday. 84 degrees. then we cool back down after the rain chances. we're back into the mid to low 70s. >> we're working for you in the community to talk about breast cancer awareness and the treatments that many women need. >> there's one woman in the community using music to make a difference. molette green joining us live now with a little backup. >> i know. i wish i could. i wish i could provide backup singing. but i can tell you that these two ladies battled breast cancer and won the
6:54 am
epw. this foundation that's raising money to continue to help women on the forefront of this battle in our country. nicole rogers is one of the women who survived, diagnosed at 30 years of age. what did this organization in maryland do for you? >> yes. they provided me with groceries and they helped me while i was going through chemo. they provided me with cleaning services. >> what did all of that do for you it. >> it helped me a lot. at my weakest point after going through chemo, they had cleaning services help me clean up my house. >> to keep things normal. wasn't that very important. we know breast cancer really does a number on african-american women, striking them at a much younger age with ravaging results. miriam wright, this is her foundation. her mother lost her life to breast
6:55 am
you were 9 years old. your goal is to raise $10,000. what will you do with that? >> we're going to help at least 20 families. bridge a gap with housecleaning, groceries, toy runs. we're going to serve the community and educate our young ones so they can know how to take care of their tatas. >> "news4 today" dedicated to raising awareness about the fight against breast cancer. your organization, we want you to carry on. we can tell you, there are tickets still available for the event coming up this friday. it's going to be here at the bethesda jazz and blues supper club. we're here this morning with a little live practice session. miriam is going to sing us out as she, of course, has written a song, cancer-free. she will be singing on this friday. go ahead right there, miriam and show us all what you can do with your beautiful voice. ♪ ♪
6:56 am
♪ >> reporter: i'm molette green at the bethesda jazz and supper club for "news4 today." >> all right. hitting those high notes for a great cause. molette green. thanks so much for sharing that important mission there. four things to know. the fbi is combing through the hotel room where 64-year-old stephen paddock carried out sunday's mass shooting. 59 people are dead. 527 hurt. savannah guthrie will be live from las vegas on a special edition of the "today" show. >> after being closed for four hours, all lanes are open between farmington and livingston road in prince george's county. it was closed due to a deadly crash. the man hit a guardrail. aaa says this is arguably one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the d.c. area. president trump is headed to
6:57 am
puerto rico f puerto rico today for an update on relief efforts. he and the first lady will meet with people affected and visit a church there. keep an eye on the nbc washington app for when he takes off and lands in san juan. the washington redskins get a long break before the next game happening here at home. it gives the team time to recover after the loss to the kansas city chiefs last night. head to the nbc washington app to find out the schedule and all things redskins. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." the "today" show it next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic and local news. >> we leave you with the sights ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting
6:58 am
rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. massacre. investigators struggling to find out what drove stephen paddock to kill 59 people and injure more than 500 others, in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> we're hunting down and tracing down every, single clue we can get in his background. >> overnight, new searches inside the gunman's hotel room and his homes. his brother shedding some new light. >> nobody's ever going to say he was a normal guy. okay? >> emotional vigils in las vegas and across the country. ♪ >> as we learn more about the victims. >> i loved quentin. he was


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