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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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shortly. currently she is a person of interest. >> our team coverage includes a look at some of the local victims of this tragedy. we are also going to have the strong message from the faith community about gun violence. >> but we begin this evening with aaron gilchrist in las vegas on the ground there. aaron, you talked to some people who were in that crowd when the shots rang out and they managed to escape. what do they say tonight? >> reporter: they did, jim. i do also want to mention the news conference with the las vegas sheriff is just wrapping up now. a lot of information came out there. you referenced the girlfriend of the shooter here, still in the philippines. the fbi working to get her back here to the u.s. that is when the police department expects to get more answers, including possibly a motive in the next 48 hours. we want to show you from our vantage point now where we can see the backside of the stage where the concert was happening, where so many people were shot and injured. today the sheriff saying that they believe fewer people were actually injured than what
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we know the two people we heard about, one gentleman we talked to today was not injured because he was able to get away. he was at that concert about 50 feet away from the stage when the gun fire erupted. and he and his wife took off. we want you to hear what he had to say today. >> we had to get away from here. i know you're doing your best. >> reporter: sara shot this video with her cell phone as she and her husband ran from a hail of bullets sunday night at the concert on the las vegas strip. i spoke to her husband alex via face time. >> you go down, and you hear boom, boom, boom, boom, and machine gun fire coming right at us. it sounded like somebody was standing right behind me just firing at us. >> reporter: like so many, alex hit the ground and then he thought, run. >> i jumped up, grabbed my wife the minute the magazine ended. the gun fire stopped. as soon as that happened, grabbed sara, and we took off.
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>> sounds like a machine gun going off everywhere. >> reporter: alex called the scene a full stampede. his wife was in shock and zrugling to keep up. they had no clue when or if they'd be in the clear. >> one glance, get on my shoulders, let's go. she's like, no way, keep moving, keep moving. >> go. >> reporter: two blocks later and the strip was still in a state of chaos. alex's only thought was get out of las vegas. the airport was closed, but they never stopped moving until they were on a plane. >> pack our bags and get out at the airport. we weren't sitting around. we were going to get a rental car and get out of vegas. that's exactly what we did. >> reporter: the rasmussens drove four hours to phoenix so they could get on a plane with two lay overs. his only goal was for him and his wife to get home to their children in memphis, tennessee. he made it there and the thoughts about what happened sunday night continue to play out in his mind as you mig
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point out tonight from the sheriff here again, the authorities here have identified all but three of the victims who died in the shooting sunday night. and again, we mentioned the fewer injuries. they do expect to reopen this portion of the las vegas strip tonight within the next few hours. for now we are live in las vegas. aaron gilchrist, news 4. >> aaron, that was my question in addition to casinos. investigati vegas is such a concert and show town. have you seen a lot of cancellations outside the strip, too, or is vegas open for business for the most part around where you are? >> reporter: vegas is open for business. the hotels that we've been in today have been very crowded. the casinos have been crowded as well. we know mgm had canceled all their shows last night and all their properties around the las vegas strip. we believe that everything would be back to normal with those other properties today. the mandalay bay hotel is still a crime scene technically. they are still going through the area. likely the police depen
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the hotel management fairly soon here. >> all right, aaron gilchrist on the ground live for us in las vegas. aaron, thanks so much. >> the loss of life and those wounded, they are not just numbers. there is a story behind each and every person. news 4's kristin wright is here with just a few of them. kristin? >> reporter: that's right, wendy, we are hearing stories of courage and love. sonny and heather melton. this couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary. sonny was an e.r. nurse. his wife heather said he saved her life and that he grabbed me and started running when i felt him get shot in the back. they lived in tennessee. it was their first anniversary. christopher roybal, a veteran who served in afghanistan, he went to the music festival with his mother. they split up there when the gunshots started. they were on opposite ends of the stage. his mother says she tried to run to where she thought her son was. people had to hold her
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roybal was 29. and many are praying for tina frost. that's tina on the right next to her mother. in vegas tina was shot in the head. the bullet lodged in her right eye. doctors had to remove the eye. tina is in a coma on a ventilator. she graduated from anna run dell high school. the school director talked about what a wonderful student tina was. >> she was a leader in the building. she had a passion for her sport. she had a passion for her fellow student athletes and we're just all really thinking of the entire family and praying for them as they go along. >> reporter: a gofundme page for tina h tina has been started. it has raised 109,000 so far. at the live desk, kristin wright, news 4.
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[ bell tolling ] >> this morning a bell rang at the washington national cathedral 60 times in memory of those who lost their lives. as news 4's meagan fitzgerald reports tonight, religious leader who gathered outside the church also called for change. >> soften our hearts so we who so stride entitlely disagree with one another might hear one another. >> reporter: prayers are always expected whenever tragedy strikes. so, today faith leaders from all different religious beliefs wanted to remember the 59 people who lost their lives when a gunman opened fire on concert goers in las vegas. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: the bells rang 60
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including the gunman. >> regardless of how we feel about his actions, our faith compels us to ask god's mercy to be with him. >> reporter: but today's prayer vigil took on a political tone. these leaders wanted to send a strong message. >> but also to call upon congress to summon the courage of their convictions to enact common sense legislation. >> who will say yes to background checks and no to easily available silencers. who will protect our children. >> scriptures tell us that faith without works is dead. prayers without actions mean little. >> reporter: the often controversial topic of gun control dominated the conversation. but even though not everyone agrees with what these leaders had to say, they are convinced that their message will save lives. >> universal background checks, limits
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semiautomatic weapons and the rounds of guns -- rounds of bullets that can shoot so rapidly. >> reporter: reporting at the national cathedral, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> there are a lot of you looking for ways to help the victims and their families. nevada officials started a go fund me page to help provide relief. to make a donation go to the nbc washington app and search help las vegas. >> he'll be on the ground there tomorrow, but meanwhile on the ground in puerto rico today, president trump said emergency responders should be proud of their efforts in puerto rico. the president and first lady saw some of the damage firsthand from hurricane maria up close and met with residents. there has been criticism of late that the white house could have been faster with its response, but the president sang praises of the federal relief effort while also appearing to make a joke, while saying emergency efforts helped prevent what he called a, quote, real catastrophe in t
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>> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine. we saved a lot of lives. >> hurricane maria destroyed puerto rico's infrastructure with much of the power grid still down and cell phone reception is scarce outside of san juan. >> so, we want to take you live to chopper 4. we are flying above joint base andrews. there you can see crews are loading, that's the d.c. nation national guard plane. those are supplies. they are flying more than 100,000 pounds of clothes, batteries, diapers, donations. this is going down to puerto rico to help those victims. and the people there will have to wait "a little bit longer" for the medical help that they may need. and you can just imagine their frustration. the navy's massive hospital ship usns comfort pulled into port. but as doreen gentzler shows us, it could be
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patients. >> this is a picture that provides a lot of hope to people here in puerto rico who are in need after hurricane maria crashed through here two weeks ago. it's a great big navy hospital ship. it's full of medical personnel, 800 or so of them, and the capability of treating more than a thousand patients at once. it's a hopeful picture, but it's going to take some time before any patients actually get care on this ship. right now they are making a plan. there is a meeting going on on that ship. all the government officials from puerto rico and the u.s. meeting together, trying to determine where the medical need is the greatest and where to put this ship to be able to reach those people, to be able to help them. it seems likely that they are going to move the ship. we're on the north side of puerto rico here in san juan. it seems likely they will move this ship to the south side of puerto rico where the destruction was worse and where there is not as much help for
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medical care for a whole other day, and still we are waiting for them to tell us what the plan is. so, that's what's happening here in san juan, puerto rico, waiting to find out what the comfort is going to do and when. >> massive effort there from virginia. doreen is going to join us once again at news 4 at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. we have new details on the massive equifax breach and the bombshell dropped on capitol hill today about the hack and how it was able to happen. our susan hogan has details. >> and a man charged with sexually assaulting women on a trail in fairfax county is now facing new charges, but could this investigation get even bigger? >> and a disturbing story, the search for the suspect in a scam that targeted a young man with autism. his mother talking to our pat collins today.
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weather around our region. 73 right now, 80s, those are moving our way. something else may be moving our way, too. we're talking about the tropics again. update you on
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ava father got that call in the middle of the night that every parent fears, telling you that your child is injured. alison councilmember rocha of virginia beach and her boyfriend were at the concert in vegas when the shots broke out. they both were hit, they have survived, but her father when the call came hadn't even heard about the shooting. >> briefly, dad, i've been shot, i'm in the hospital, i'll be okay. i was at the
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boyfriend andrew, and we were both shot. but we're in the hospital. we're going to be okay. they're getting ready to take me out, so i don't have time to talk. >> she required surgery but she is expected to be okay. my goodness, for her father to be able to speak so calmly after getting that phone call. our coverage of the vegas massacre, it will continue in just a few minutes. we are going to have an in-depth look at the guns that that shooter owned and you can get the latest update on this any time in our nbc washington app. >> back here in our area this evening, we are learning about a cruel scam that targeted a young man with autism. police are searching for two people who they say stole from him after pretending to be his friend. news 4's pat collins talked with the victim's mother today. he joins us now live in rockville with her story. pat? >> reporter: jim, it's a low-life scam targeting a man with autism. get his debit card, get his pin, get his
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think the victim's mother is upset? she's upset. >> it just leaves you with this sense of violation and it's hard to describe. it's only money, but you just feel that your child cannot safely walk in the community. >> reporter: that's ruby pott. she lives in clinton with her son jordan. jordan is a 22-year-old man with autism. jordan works at a nearby safe way. he makes about $100 a week. his mom set up an account at a navy federal credit union so he could save his money. ms. pott said jordan is well liked and vulnerable, and some so-called friends took advantage of him. this is how it goes down. a guy who goes by the name of drey befriends jordan, cozy's up to jordan and says i have a check to deposit but i don't
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account, do you have a debit card? jordan spieth jordan says yeah. meet me at the mailbox down the street. drey is not here. another guy that goes by the name of malik is there. he gets jordan's debit card. he gets his pin. before you can say phlegm flam he's off to the credit union in rockville. surveillance video shows this man known asthma le malik. he deposits a bogus check in jordan's account and then with draws $600 from the atm. >> it was so calculated and so extremely to me almost evil, you know? just in a deranged sort of, i'm going to take advantage of this person, there's not going to be any consequences to me and forget the cost to anyone else.
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>> reporter: so, who is going to make good on this $600? will it be the potts family, navy federal or the suspects if they ever catch them? i'll get into that coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> just makes you sick to your stomach. is this an isolated case or is anybody else been targeted by these guy's scam? >> reporter: as far as i know, it's isolated. but i will tell you one other thing. after this happened on that very day, two other guys -- not the guys i was talking about -- two other guys get jordan at a shopping center in clinton, drive him to another navy federal bank down in akikik, try to drain more money out of his atm. a cop and teller get suspicious. they go talk to those guys. they run away and poor jordan, he's left there standing in the bank all alone. he had to call his mom for a ride home. >> awful.
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>> well, first it was one woman. now it's more than half a dozen. a man accused of groping a woman on a fairfax county trail was hit with some new charges today. police say jeremiah tolly is behind seven attacks just since august. they arrested him friday after officers say he attacked a woman on a trail near waples mill and random hills road. >> today we are hearing for the first time how that massive equifax breach happened. the former ceo point being the finger at a single employee, as he testified up on capitol hill. our consumer reporter susan hogan closely monitored the hearing today and she joins us now in the studio with this startling new information. susan? >> jaw dropping testimony for sure, jim. former ceo of equifax richard smith got a grilling from lawmakers. smith testified the breach happened because of human error. equifax was warned about a software vulnerability back in march of 2016 and knew of a patch. buhe
5:20 pm
responsible for dmcommunicatingt to the people in the company who would have applied it, he did not. >> it happened on my watch. and as ceo, i am ultimately responsible. and i take full responsibility. i am here today to say to each and every person affected by this breach that i am truly and deeply sorry for what happened. >> smith's testimony comes just one day after the company announced the breach affected 2 1/2 million more than initially thought. the number of people whose personal information was accessed is now at more than 145 million. >> leon harris here at the news desk here in the newsroom. and, boy, the hits just keep coming with these words on breaches here. just coming into our newsroom right now, word on an update to a breach that we first told but last year. today yahoo! announced that account information
5:21 pm
estimated 3 billion users was stolen back in 2013. now, that's big. how big? it includes every user account that existed that year. 2 billion more users than first reported. now, since verizon acquired yahoo! the company received new information following its own investigation without side forensic experts. this is huge but it is not a new security issue. yahoo! is in the process of sending out e-mail notifications to additional users included. ff that a
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all right. here we go. what another day. we're on a roll, doug kammerer. >> i don't look good in hats. >> you don't need a hat today. >> we're going down to the nats game on friday. you'll be down there. i'll be down there. >> we're deciding we're going to wear red, you said don't wear a hat. i'm not wearing a hat. i don't look good in a hat. >> i don't look good in hats either. nats game looking good, by the way. >> how's the weather? >> you're going to be able to wear the short sleeves and the shorts to the game because it's going to be a very hot game in october. take a look. look, southwest airlines, they just -- yeah, coming through the shot right now. their little commercial going on. temperatures
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of sunshine, wind out of the east 9 miles an hour. a beautiful day. that was beautiful. 73 degrees in hagerstown -- martinsburg, cull pepper and hagerstown. 82 in peters burg and we're warmer to the west. 77 luray, that rm whatter air continuing to move on up towards our area. tomorrow and especially thursday and friday when we take on the cubs down at nats park looking good. no rain to talk about. we high and dry. look at the eastern half of the nation here. maine all the way down i-95 down towards savannah, atlanta looking good. nashville on the dry sides, raleigh on the dry side. high pressure, storms up and around our area. taking the clouds associated there, too. but we are tracking some clouds, some thunderstorms down to the south. this is the southern portion of the caribbean. here's jamaica right here. this is nicaragua. costa rica and panama. that's what we're looking right now in the tropics. this is a tropical system that is going to most likely become maybe a tropical
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tropical storm over the next couple of days and make its way up through the caribbean very close to the mexican coast line here and in towards the gulf of mexico. many of the computer models are now making this at least into a tropical storm and then affecting the gulf coast later into this ekd would. that is four or five days away from that happening. if that does occur we may see moisture move our way into next week by a week from now in towards our region. we really do need to see some rain because we have been on the dry side. 79 degrees the high temperature tomorrow. more sunshine, another great day. your wednesday really is looking fantastic. next ten days, 85 on your thursday, 85 on friday. there is your nationals playoff game friday night, the weather really looking great there. 84 friday nor game number 2. looking good for that game. and we are tracking the tropics sunday, monday and tuesday. we need to see some rain. we could see a lot of it if that storm does make our way. maybe wind as well. a lot to watch here, but still a ton of time to watch it. you know we willee
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the next cup you will of days. i'll have a little more on this coming up at 5:45. >> we'll see you then, doug. thank you. several guns and ammo stolen by a ring of thieves in northern virginia. the unique m.o. that police tell us the suspects used and how an alert neighbor helped police find them. >> and there are new developments in a story we brought you first on 4. what the chief is now saying about allegations of racial discrimination in the prince george's county police department. >> plus a mountain of evidence emerging, new details tonight about the weapons used by the las vegas shooter. we'll beight back on news 4 at r
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 5:00. >> right now at 5:30, this is our first look at the vegas hotel room where stephen paddock carried out that senseless act against thousands of people at an outdoor concert. video and photos show one of the nearly two dozen firearms that they found inside that room. >> just incredible. meanwhile there are new questions this evening about paddock's girlfriend who remains out of the country. a source telling nbc news that a $100,000 transfer to an account in the philippines had been intended for marilou danley and her family. within the past hour investigators reveal they have recovered seven additional firearms from stephen paddock's home in reno. >> as they try to
5:31 pm
what may have set him off, there are questions about the weapons that he used. >> yeah, joining us now is nbc intelligence reporter ken dilanin. tell us about the guns in the video we saw there. that was unbelievable in the hotel room floor. by our account we are up to four dozen firearms. do we know if these were all obtained legally yet? >> we have no reason to believe they weren't obtained legally because he was not a felon, and he had a right to buy as many firearms as law allowed. in nevada, the law allows an unlimited number. the big question was did he have an illegal automatic weapon because we all heard what seemed like automatic weapons fire on those horrific videos and recordings. and authorities seem to answer that today by confirming that he used what is known as a bump stock. and i have one of those with me. it looks like a stock of a rifle. this one goes on an ak-47. this is a device that modifies a legal assault rifle,
5:32 pm
something that mimics a machine gun by rapidly depressing the trigger. >> let's make it clear to people who may not understand guns. usually a semiautomatic you have to keep pulling the trigger with every round fired. with that bump stock you can depress it once and it goes rat-a-at th rat-a-tat. >> it presses it trigger much faster than a human being can depress the trigger. it is not deemed an illegal gun by the atf. it is on sale for $200. >> has anyone tried to ever get this outlawed? and what is the push back on that and do we think that might be different starting now? >> all great questions. so, senator diane feinstein back in 2013 after the sandy hook elementary school shooting had an assault weapons ban. and in that bill was a ban on these devices, these bump stock
5:33 pm
today senator feinstein proposed again that these bump stocks be banned and so far republicans haven't said no, but, you know, analysts believe the prospects for any cannot control moving through congress are dim. >> certainly heightened and he r renewed pressure there. ken, thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> just a short time ago and also stay tuned as you saw lester holt again is going to be anchoring nbc nightly news from las vegas and that is coming on right after news 4 at 6:00. but just a short time ago, an impassioned police chief in prince george's county spoke publicly the first time about discrimination charges against his department. news 4 was first to break the news. that the justice department had launched an investigation there. news 4's mark segraves joins us. he's at the police headquarters. mark? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, wendy. what we know now is that more than 100 employees here at the prince geos
5:34 pm
department have signed onto that complaint with the department of justice. >> i won't stand for that. i won't tolerate an unfair work environment. i won't tolerate an injustice. >> reporter: prince george's county police chief hank told reporters he was notified on saturday that the department of justice was investigating his department. two prince george's county officers who attended the press briefing who made clear they were speaking on behalf of the organizations they represent and not the department told reporters they're the ones who filed the complaint with the department of justice. they say 111 employees of the prince george's county police department have signed on to the complaint alleging discrimination when it comes to things like promotions and transfers. all under the leadership of chief hank. they say they went to the federal government after first trying to resolve the problems with the chief. >> the main reason for the complaint is that we get fair and equitable treatment for all officers regardless of
5:35 pm
race. you know, if you look out, if you look throughout the country, we're having all types of race issues. what makes you think that we're immune from that here in the county? you know. if you think it doesn't happen here, then, you know, you're living somewhere else. >> reporter: he said he will fully cooperate with the federal investigation. >> and to ensure that this department represents the very finest and most progressive thinking in policing. so, again, to answer your question directly, i welcome this opportunity. >> reporter: a department spokesperson declined to comment on the investigation or confirmed that the investigation was ongoing. there is no time line on how long this investigation could take. jim, back to you. >> mark, thank you. for at least two months thieves were hitting neighborhoods in loudoun and fairfax counties, breaking into cars, looking especially for guns, and fire them off. but now four suspects are behind bars and more could be charged soon. our bureau chief julie carey reports now that these arrests came bse
5:36 pm
neighbor and an intense police search. >> reporte >> it was a little unnerving to wake up and have cops on -- all up and down the street. >> reporter: a frightening scene this loudoun county woman and her neighbors woke up to last month, the manhunt that helped solve dozens of crimes. starting in mid july, a rash of overnight vehicle break-ins, some in loudoun, some in fairfax, sometimes the cars were left unlocked, other times the suspects used a brick to bash in windows. they were after valuables, but especially guns. in south riding, there was also gun fire. it was their signature of sorts. >> we had a couple incidents of that. so, it was concerning to us. >> reporter: the crime spree came to an end here in the willows ford neighborhood in september 11 during the middle of the night. a neighbor noticed all the doors flung open so they called police. loudoun coun
5:37 pm
fairfax county sent its chopper in to help. finally after hours, two young men emerged from the woods and were arrested. court documents show their information led detectives to a reston town house. inside they seized dozens of stolen items including guns and ammo. >> it is unfortunate that that's how illegal guns are getting onto the streets. >> reporter: in an effort to track all the guns down, fairfax county sent its dive team into this reston pond last week. only news 4's cameras were there. three adults, one juvenile, now face charges in loudoun. and fairfax county police say there are more arrests ahead. in reston, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> she's a philanthropist, she's an entrepreneur, she's also the widow of steve jobs. and now she's a big stakeholder in a group that owns the wizards and the capitals, and what does that mean for those teams? >> and the consumer alert this evening, susan hogan with more on a recall
5:38 pm
of bowls and plates made for children. >> and it was a chilly start this morning with temperatures in the 50s and even low 40s in areas like frederick. we warmed up nicely with highs today in the 70s. now tomorrow watch the school day so what you can expect to take the kids out. and could the tropics, some tropical ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him.
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a working for you consumer alert that you may want to listen to before you field your child dinner because millions of children's plates and bowls, they're being recalled because of a choking hazard. consumer reporter susan hogan is here to tell us what that's about. >> yeah, wendy. this recall involves more than 3 1/2 million plastic plates and bowls. they are made by platex. the dishes have various designs on them, including construction scenes, giraffes, princesses and super heroes. they were sold separately and as sets at amazon, target, wal-mart and other stores in 2009, august of this year. playtex has received 372 reports of a plastic layer over the graphics actually bubbling and peeling off. at least 11 children have ended up with the pieces of the plastic in their mouths. four children have actually choked on the clear plastic. now, if you have any of these plates and bowls, you should stop using them immediately and
5:42 pm
playtex. they are going to give you a full refund. jim? >> all right, thanks for that alert, susan. all right. dog lovers, here we go. dining, we've been following the story for weeks. dining with her pet in the district is about to be okay again. the d.c. council today passed emergency legislation to allow dogs to accompany their owners at restaurants and beer gardens that have outdoor spaces. that one got the whole bar to himself. the city's health department recently caused a fewerer when it started enforcing an obscure law that banned canines. mayor muriel bowser is expected to sign that legislation in the coming days. i for one am happy. >> i do, too. it's nice to see dogs outside. makes us feel like we're very european. also good to have your pet outside. >> they like it. >> a young girl is sexually assaultsed as she walks home from her school bus stop. coming up next what we are learning about this attack and the search for the man who did this. >> and we continue our coverage this evening of the
5:43 pm
emotional reunion between a shooting victim and the stranger who helped save his life.
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there are so many stories of heroism coming out of the tragedy in vegas this week. one turned into an emotional reunion live on the today show. >> by the time i got over the wall, my pants were already soaked and my shoes full of blood. i wouldn't have made it. i know i wouldn't have. so, you know, i'm very thankful that james was there to help me. and there he is. >> hey, m
5:46 pm
i appreciate it. >> tom mcinto be theacintosh wae leg. he got to meet the stranger who helped him. james lawson is with the army reserves training as an emt. he used a belt to fashion a makeshift tourniquet around tom's bleeding leg. >> he kept wanting to not lose his foot and i kept reassuring him that. and he's still got it. >> lawson said while his training came in handy, there were dozens of other people at that concert who did the same thing he did. they helped others on the spot. >> well, anxiety and uneasiness tonight in the prince george's county neighborhood of fort washington, a little girl was sexually assaulted after she got off the school bus last week and that attacker has not been found. news 4's chris gordon reports. >> reporter: terrified parents picking up their children, they are afraid after an elementary sc
5:47 pm
assaulted last week in this neighborhood. the little girl was attacked walking home up devon hills drive last thursday afternoon. >> when it first happened, nobody told us. like everybody else knew. i had to find out, get a phone call from the neighbor. >> at grasmere court, the little girl was alone. very was grabbed by a stranger, dragged between two cars where she was sexually molested. he touched her inappropriately. the lirl gittle girl was able t break away and run. police say they got a good description of the suspect. >> the suspect we believe is a hispanic male about 5'8", 260 pounds with a mustache and black or very dark hair. and at the time was wearing a green shirt. >> reporter: the school system is working closely with police. issuing this warning to parents. >> parents, talk to your children about walking in groups of two or more, safe walking routes. stay in an area
5:48 pm
and if something out of the ordinary does occur, report it to your parents. report it to the school as quickly as possible. >> reporter: police are trying to determine if this suspect has ever sexually assaulted another child. they want to arrest him and take him off the street, to remove the danger to devon hills and other neighborhoods here in prince george's county. chris gordon, news 4. >> one of the world's wealthiest women is investing in some of our region's best sports teams. loreen pal jobs, widow of apple founder steve jobs, is taking a 20% stake in monument sports and entertainment according to the washington post, which estimates the investment to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. monument controls the wizards, capitals, mystics, and capital one arena. monumental, what did i say? ted leonsis will remain executive
5:49 pm
wizards season begins two weeks from today. when you're watching nemanja on tv you're going to notice a new face on the broadcast. >> kara lawson will be one of the first women serving as a primary analyst for an nba team. she's here in the studio. we are very excited. we are also excited to have dave johnson who is also the voice of the wizards on the radio. >> this is how it all starts. we're going to spend a lot much time together the next few months as well. you'll be on nbc sports washington with steve buck hanson, as wendy and jim just mentioned. we talk about being a primary analyst, a woman primary analyst on an nba team. is that much on your mind or does this really seem like a natural progression? because basketball has been so much of your life right into comment ating for espn. >> i think it's a little bit of both. i started in this industry 14 years ago. i first started working with the sacramento kings as a pregame halftime post game analyst in that capacity. that was a goal i set for myself early on in the business. man, this would be really cool
5:50 pm
team, to call the games, to be part of the group, to travel, and get a chance to really embed yourself in a team for a season. and lo and behold, being a hometown girl, being from alexandra, virginia to get an opportunity like this where there's just 30 teams in the nba but really just one team like the washington wizards, at least for me, i grew up cheering for the bullets at cap center. played for the mystics two seasons, capital one arena. i am thrilled. i am thrilled to be back home and be serving in this ka passion it. >> that is a.m. a bit mind blowing, in the driveway growing up. jeff malone, those are your bullets heroes. now you're part of that franchise. >> absolutely. michael adams, rod strickland, i was trying to be those people. back then there was no wnba. my goal was to play in the nba. if there's no league for women i'll play in the nba. there became a wnba. you're right, you grow up, you go to the games, cheer your
5:51 pm
chance to be a voice for what, you know this, what promises to be one of the best washington wizards seasons really since i've been alive this year with all the anticipation. >> it's got to be pretty mind blowing. you were just talking about there was no wnba. it goes from being no wnba and now you're an analyst on an nba team. that just shows how far we've come in so many ways and the opportunities for women, playing and now broadcasting. >> a lot of progress. and i think the progress and really the credit goes to the people making the hiring decisions. i mean, ted is that monumental, rebecca at nbc sports washington. those people showing the faith in me. i know i have the ability to do this job, but it takes people to have belief in you and what you can do. certainly been in the area, been a part of the high school scene here, been a part, played in the summer league in d.c., played in all the spots here. so, to be home and now calling the games for guys like john wall and bradley beale, i'm thrilled. >> first broadcast -- just remember that. ca
5:52 pm
washington be on the road with us. >> you have such a great voice, too. you really do. it's wonder. . >> and a great smile for tv. a win/win. >> good to see you. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> it's also good to have doug here. good to have you here to guide us through. >> i love that dave, he threw out tom gugliana. that's my man right there. got to love it. guy with the i curly hair. it has been fantastic. >> dry in a lovely way. not in a crispy fried way. >> that's going to be the case. seriously, we really do, maybe you need to be watering the lawn over the last couple of days and weeks we have not seen rain for over 20 days. we are going to talk more about that in a minute. first off, though, here's what we have going on. not much around the rockville area. it is high, it is dry, plentyf
5:53 pm
blue skies. really just a beautiful afternoon. temperature now sitting at 73 degrees. temperatures dropping through the 60s, 66 by around 9:00, 63 by 11:00. so another cool night but not all that bad. as a matter of fact, a beautiful evening across the area. our weather underground numbers, temperatures, they look like this. 73 in potomac, 74 in d.c., 76 in canton. sometimes they don't pop up right away. >> it's magic. >> magic. sometimes they don't pop up. anyway, on the radar picture, there's no rain. i wish we could sit there like this and create some rain. that is not going to be the case. what will be the case, though, is a chance for rain over 0 the next few days. we'll get to that, too. your bus stop forecast tomorrow, maybe ape jacket or sweater early tomorrow morning. 68 degrees by recess. looking great there. the suburbs could be upper 40s, low 50s. remember that tomorrow morning. pickup temperatures in the upper 70s. speaking of bus stop forecast, not everybody should be taking the bus tomorrow. amelia draper with a little more on why. >> yeah, t
5:54 pm
to school day. if you're planning on walking with the kids to school, obviously the school is a little further away, biking is okay as well. here's what you can expect tomorrow morning. you want the sunglasses. might want to grab a light jacket. by the afternoon like today, you want the t-shirt like what doug was talking about 6:00 a.m., 57 degrees in washington, 40s in the suburbs. cooler outside the beltway. bright skies, 58 degrees. talking about our lack of rainfall, today the 20th consecutive day without any measurable rain in washington, now the record is 34 days. that was set all the way back in 2007. so, actually not that long ago. these records go back until about 1871 to give you an idea. it looks like we'll have some rain next week. if we didn't have any rain, doug, we definitely would be talking about a drought development being likely in our area. that is according to the u.s. drought monitor. it looks like next week we might be talking about some tropical moisture in the area. what is the latest on that? >> yeah, we have a chance at that. we're watching that next sunday,
5:55 pm
first we will stay dry right through friday and saturday. that means for the playoffs if you're heading down to nats park on friday, i'll be down there. wendy reegers will ieger will b. you can wear short sleechlsves, maybe the shorts. homestretch around 76 degrees. by the time we leave the game 73 degrees. it will be a little chilly especially in some of the suburbs. nice day for a game. great on saturday. a little on the warm side, maybe humid. p.m. chance of showers sunday. yes, watching the tropics on monday. we're tracking a storm system developing now in the southern portions of the caribbean. could make its way up toward the gulf and maybe hit the gulf coast this weekend as a possible tropical storm or maybe a hurricane. we'll be watching closely. after that it may come towards our region next monday and tuesday. we really do need to see the rain, though. what we do not need to see in this country is another large hurricane. ho
5:56 pm
we just see the rain from this storm and it makes its way into next week. we really start to cool. hoping the cooler weather would stick around, that one comes back the middle of next week, too. >> all right, thank you, doug. >> the las vegas gunman bet big in casinos and wired thousands of dollars halfway around the world. new details emerging in the investigation. aaron gilchrist is reporting from nevada. our live team coverag
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a nation in mourning as investigators try to zero in on a motive for those murders on the las vegas strip. >> no longer that beautiful joyous building. it's more like a gravesite. >> tonight chilling new clues emerging from the gunman's hotel room and homes. >> we are hunting down every single clue we can get. >> plus arrowing stories of survival and heart breaking accounts from the scene. >> it was a field of bodies. >> it just doesn't make sense. she didn't deserve this. >> we have every angle covered. >> reporter: from the killer's final days. >> reporter: to the faces of the victims. >> reporter: and the renewed calls for gun control. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts with new developments after the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. and we begin with breaking news as we take a live look at the mandalay bay hotel in las vegas. the window still shattered there on the 32nd floor. but inside the mystery is starti
6:00 pm
>> and this evening we have new details about the gunman and his girlfriend. they are coming to light because police have now named her definitely a person of interest. this just about an hour ago. they say stephen paddock had wired her $100,000 in the days before the shooting. >> we are also getting our first look inside the hotel. check this out. new video showing one of the semiautomatic weapons with crime tape in front of the gunman's room and debris there. you see all over the hallway. >> we do have team coverage on the attack and the after magts. we are going to start with nbc's sara dalloff. she has the latest on the investigation today. >> reporter: grief grows along the vegas strip. overnight the flashy marquees that defined las vegas lit with condolences for victims of sunday's attack and greatitude for first responders who helped the injured. >> it was unbelievable how many


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