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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right lane getting by and there is an early delay leaving 109 getting down towards the scales. chris, eun, back to you. >> right here. >> and take another look at this chilling body camera video from sunday. it shows you a scary moment sunday night. police got behind a wall as stephen paddock fired from above. 59 people including paddock died. 31 others are still happening on in critical condition at this hour. >> yeah, authorities say paddock transformed his hotel room into a sniper's perch. he illegally changed -- modified the device so a dozen guns would fire more quickly. sheriff said paddock stationed cameras in the hotel hallway to watch for approaching police. the question everyone's asking, why? the shooter's girlfriend may help answer that. >> molette green is at the live desk with more information. molette, good rn
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you. marilou danley here in the united states. she just flew in from the philippines landing in los angeles a few hours ago. take a look there, fbi agents met her there. they say she is a person of interest. danley was stephen paddock's girlfriend and in the last 24 hours we found out he reportedly wired $100,000 to the philippines. not clear exactly what that money was supposed to be for. investigators have said they do not believe danley was involved in the shooting. now back to you. >> all right, molette. thank you. we're also learning more about the gunman this morning. stephen paddock used to work for the irs and was an accountant before making millions in real estate. >> the weekend before the shooting officials say he rented rooms in this high rise condo building overlooking a different outdoor music festival. investigators want to know if it was a dry
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him slipping and falling at the cosmopolitan hotel and casino. paddock sued blaming his fall on a slippery floor. he lost when that case went to arbitration. ♪ ♪ this morning we're also getting new video of a candlelight vigil held to honor the victims of what's now the worst mass shooting in american history. police held last night's vigil in lieu of a national night out, an annual police and community event to crack down on crime. several members of the law enforcement community and played for those still recovering in the hospital. a mother and father will spend another day by their daughter's hospital bed and this morning they say they need your support. take a look. this is a picture of tina frost with her mother. she was shot in the head at the concert in las vegas and doctors had to remove her right eye to save her life. sh
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county. on tuesday coaches and teachers of the 2008 graduating class gathered at the school to talk about her. >> from watching what was going on and then to have it come right here into our pack yard. it hurt. we're concerned. we were concerned about everyone but it's one of our own. you can tell how deeply that goes. >> a go fund me account has been set up to help her family cover the mounting medical bills. you can find the link to contribute on our nbc washington app. search las vegas victims. also posting the go fund me pages for these two other victims from our area. bill wolf, who you see in this photo, was killed in las vegas. he was a youth wrestling coach and denise burdida was also killed. he says denise died in his
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vegas this morning, we know the investigation is still unfolding. >> yeah. nbc's jay gray is there in vegas. he's going to have a live report coming up in about ten minutes. of course, we'll have more from aaron in las vegas coming up in the 5:00 a.m. hour. 4:34 today. a former school assistant accused of creating child pornography will go on trial. carlos d'angelo bell is accused of sexually abusing ten boys. he also told detectives that he has hiv. he worked at several different charles county schools between 2014 and 2016. we've also got an update to the tgrade tampering allegation. they have a hotline set up. it looks like school officials didn't tell teachers and staff that hotline even existed. the results of the grade tampering investigation will be out later this month. we've learned the prince
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is at the center of a federal investigation. news 4 was first to break the story. several officers accused the department of discriminating against minority officers. they say there aren't enough opportunities to advance. prince gorges county police chief held a news conference was looking at discrimination claims. he says federal investigators have refused to offer more details. >> i won't stand for that. i won't tolerate an unfair work environment. i will not tolerate an injustice. >> chief stawinski said he only became aware of the investigation this past saturday, but representatives from hispanic and black officers' organizations say they provided stawinski with a complaint months ago. we'll have more in depth in this investigation coming up at 5:00. molette green at the live desk. the man who was projecting
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international hotel at it again. brand new video. if you happen to be walking along pennsylvania avenue, you would have seen it last night. the messages were great. science is real and corporate polluters enter here. a couple of months ago they projected messages on the hotel as well as the museum and statue in judiciary square. back to you now. >> molette, thank you. 4:36. we want to get another check on your weather and traffic. >> we'll check in on the roads with wtop's jack taylor in a minute. first to chuck and sheena. guys, can we leave our jackets at home this morning? >> well, it depends how cold tolerant you are. it's nowhere near as chilly as it has been. >> i would say long sleeves personally. yeah, a lot of us are around 50 degrees. some spots in the mid 40s this morning. might want the jacket. if you're
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degrees. manassas, 45. 59 degrees. it's national walk to school day by the way if you didn't know. we have perfect weather if the kids want to walk to school and the parents want to walk with them, depending what time you're leaving, still going to be in the 50s by 7:00 a.m. mid to upper 70s. talk more about the warmup on the way into the weekend. jack taylor, good morning, jack. >> sheena, good morning. the baltimore washington parkway southbound, they had a crash. it was on the right shoulder. closed off lanes to remove the vehicles. everythin everything's gone now. lanes are reopened. 270 southbound after 109. you did only have the right lane getting by with an early delay. >> jack, thank you. it is a hack that we now know hit every single user. this morning we're working for all of you impacted by the yahoo! e-mail breech. what to do if you have an
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an autistic man thought this guy was his new friend, then turned out he was on the hook for hundreds of dollars. the scam that could happen to anyone. get down! get down! go that way. >> and we continue to follow the latest sflemts what is the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. this is another look at some of that chilling body camera footage from sunday night. the latest on the gunman's girlfrnd who just landedie
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. you're watching "news 4 today." this morning a mother described what happened to her son as, quote, evil and deranged. >> her son is on the autism spectrum and she said some men targeted him in a cruel scheme forcing them to move. >> prince gorges county police say it shows one of the suspects. police say he tricked jordan pots into giving up his debit card and pin number. he gave up 600 bucks. she is sending a message to the suspects. >> it is wrong. it's evil. it's sinful. you need to repent and seek to make some sort of recompense if you want to have a life that you're
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>> navy federal tells us they are working to resolve the issue, but jordan's mom said she was told her son would be held responsible for that missing money. another security breech back from 2013 can still be affecting you today. yahoo! confirms that every single user account that existed four years ago is currently affect.ed how can you protect yourself? the company says you should change passwords and security questions for any other accounts with similar log-in information to their yahoo! account. users should also include a two-step verification log-in for any yahoo! accounts. you should do the same thing for any non-yahoo! accounts. >> i feel like we need to continually change passwords with all of the breaches coming up. hey, if you're laying out what the kids are going to wear today, think layers, especially if you are as adverse to the cold as sheena is. >> yeah.
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covered on a morning like this. it is a little cool outside. by 7:00 a.m., 57 degrees. by 8:00 a.m. 60 degrees. by 9:00, 64. warming into the 70s. a little bit warmer than yesterday and the warming trend continues for the rest of the week. we'll show you how warm it will get coming up in just a bit. we're also staying on top of the very latest in the las vegas massacre where this morning the gunman's girlfriend is back on u.s. soil. take a look at some of the video here. new into our newsroom overnight. a live report on wha we'tre
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i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. go back! go back! >> well, if you're just waking up, take a
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it gives you an idea of the chaos and terror of the las vegas murder and the lvpd screaming. it lasts almost the entire video, gunfire. >> so difficult to listen to that rapid fire. we have breaking news this morning. take a look. this is video of marilou danley a living at the airport last night. >> police are talking to her in light of that deadly shooting rampage. she's been in the philippines. the fbi says she's a person of interest and may provide some clues into what led up to the attack. nbc's jay gray is on the ground in vegas for us this morning. >> he's following how stephen paddock may have meticulously planned such an attack. it looks like, jay, there were so many steps involved here. >> reporter: yeah, eun, chris, you're absolutely right. when you look at all of the planning involved here, we now know that he used
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multiple cameras to try and get a view of authorities as they were moving in towards that hotel suite where he used -- that he used, rather, as a war room firing down upon all of those people in the crowd at the concert. we also know that he had 13 suitcases with 23 weapons inside that room. it is amazing to think of the planning that went into this and that he could carry this out without anyone being any wiser for what he was doing. that's something police are looking into as well as that connection with marilou danley. >> jay, we wanted to ask you about that, about marilou danley. what are investigators hoping to learn from her? they're calling her a person of interest. >> reporter: yeah. and that, eun, if you'll remember has changed. initially she was a person of interest. they contacted her while she was overseas. changed that, and now back to a person of interest after we learned that all of that money was transferred to the
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i think like everyone, they want to find out a motive in this case, and they hope that she can provide some information towards that end. it will be interesting to see what they glean from their interview with her. >> jay gray live for us in los angeles -- las vegas this morning. tracie, president trump is heading to las vegas today. do we have any idea what his schedule is going to look like when he is three? >> reporter: yeah, we do. he's supposed to be on the ground for less than four hours meeting with patients and medical staff. he's visiting a hospital, meeting with the first responders, also meeting with some of the civilian heroes who helped people and stayed with people as they were dying, as they were hurt during that mass shooting. so he's going to be talking to a lot of people. one thing we understand he is not planning to address at all is gun control which is frustrating to democrats who are demonstrating here today on that. they think it's time to talk about it. the president says it's too
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on capitol hill are putting pressure on republicans to have stronger background methods. >> reporter: dianne feinstein who's long been a leader in efforts to try to enact gun control here is already looking at bump stops. that's what the shooter in las vegas used to make those -- to make that gunfire seemingly automatic. it doesn't turn into an automatic weapon, but certainly made a much worse situation than it could have been. she wants to outlaw those. others are trying to bring back background checks. they were trying to get silencers made legal. now it looks like that's on the back burner. >> tracie potts following it all. thank you very much. a local florist is in vegas for a convention and said she saw the entire
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hotel window. sarah campbell is still in disbelief about what happened just down the vegas strip sunday night. >> and then all of a sudden it just stopped and all the cars were stopped in both directions. the street was empty. what do we do? what's going on? how do we help? we can't help. we need to stay here. >> campbell said rumors quickly spread about more shooters and explosives at other hotels. now she and other florists who are still in town for a wedding vendor's convention are doing what they can to help people. they designed this bed of bright flowers and angel wings made of greenery. that's beautiful. campbell said knowing what happened at that window at mandalay still haunts her. >> it's understandable. she used to think of it as a beautiful hotel and now considers it almost more like a grave site. we'll have a lot more from
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next hour at 5:00 a.m. i'm molette green at the live desk. a lot of concern for a 92-year-old bethesda man missing. his family and maryland state police desperately want to find him. want to show you what william batale looks like. he was last seen just before 7:00 last night. when he left his bulls run parkway home driving his nissan cube. he's 6'2", weighs 140 pounds. wearing a blue and plaid shirt and khaki pants at the time. call 911 if you see him. back to you. >> thank you, molette. chuck bell joins us now to tell us more about a little less chill than the temperatures, right? >> oh, yeah. nowhere near as cool this morning. if you think this is mild, you just wait. tomorrow and friday are looking almost balmy. welcome as temperatures go back to late august levels for averages as we head towards
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saturday as well. very warm air is set to come back into the mid-atlantic. right now, 59 degrees at national airport with a very light wind. it's gone calm this hour. generally southwest at under 5 miles an hour. ahead of this weather front way back here out of northwest chicago. we'll keep a broad southwesterly flow. that will keep temperatures warming each and every day between now and the weekend. precious little in the way of a rain chance. here's future weather through the course of the day today. hardly anymore than a few fair weather clouds. as we get into tomorrow, there will be some more clouds around tomorrow. here's future weather at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. there might be the slightest chance along the mason dixon line in northern maryland to pennsylvania. that is the teeny, tiniest chance. 40s and 50s to start your day out. afternoon highs will
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79 degrees under nice amounts of sunshine. here's your ten day forecast. are you kidding me? 85 tomorrow and friday. 84 saturday. next chance for rain rolls in here on sunday. we could have significant rain monday and tuesday as the tropics get a little bit more active. let's go to jack taylor at wtop. >> hey, chuck, good morning. early delays to speak of this morning. paving project on 270 southbound at 109. look at this slowdown. they should be in the process of picking it up. hopefully they have seven minutes or so. outer loop of the beltway, major slowdowns. georgetown road and the big curve on river road. left side of the spur gets by southbound. southbound george washington parkway heading out after the key bridge. right lane getting by. volume there still pretty light and running without delay. back in to you. >> jack, thank you. we are working for you in the community. th i
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event last night at pin stripes in georgetown. we have the news 4 fam. this really supports kids and their families when they have long-term stays in the hospital, seriously ill kids. they get lonely in the hospital and the days seem long, the hope for henry comes in, provide parties and super heroes and just to bring smiles to a child's face when they're going through so much. this is good work. >> such a relief for the parents, too, to be able to like maybe just step back, even if it's only for a couple of hours and say, wow, they're getting some interaction. >> have a one-day sickness is hard. imagine that. >> long-term stay in the hospital. street robberies nothing new. thieves are targeting people and it has them on edge. who they're targeting that may have some people looking over their shoulders. could this be a
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♪w n ♪
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♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name, giving you the courage to enjoy the ride. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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you're watching "news 4 today." d.c. police say they are looking for two people targeting construction workers in a series of robberies at gun point. security cameras and video show two men running from one robbery on eighth street northeast.
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brightly colored sneakers. one suspect was arrested and the other still missing. if you know these men or have seen those distinctive sneakers, contact d.c. police. prince gorges county is celebrating the ground breaking of the new mid-atlantic headquarters. they are breaking ground at the new carrollton metd thrro stati well as the 830 structure parking garage to mark the start of the 200,000 square foot project that is said to create more than 850 jobs. wow. pretty soon you may be able to rent someone's home in fairfax county. last night the county board discussed changing zoning ordinances that would make rental legal. the board thinks parking would be a big issue if rentals are allowed. another issue they have to figure out is whether to limit the number of nights per year that a resident would be allowed to rent out their home. this would keep you from
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that's hard to do. >> you say you're only going to get one or two things. >> $100 later. target is testing its curbside service at 50 locations in minnesota. drive up, the shoppers complete their orders through the app or website, head to the store and receive their order at designated parking spots. >> i would totally try this. >> if you ordered it online, why wouldn't they just send it to your house? >> maybe you can't wait for the shipping, right? i don't know. there you go. >> it would seem like it would undercut them. then you don't go in and browse. >> exactly. stay with us now, "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news from the las vegas massacre investigation. the gunman's girlfriend back in the u.s. take a look at this video. new details about her overnight ar
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>> so hard to hear that. plus, they were the first responders called to the scene. now we're seeing the deadly rampage from their perspective. the new body camera video that was just released. ♪ ♪ and the vigils continue across las vegas. this morning we're getting updates about the local people caught up in the chaos. we have a lot of new information to get to you this morning as you start your wednesday. >> yeah, aaron gilchrist has been in las vegas for the past couple of days. he's there this morning continuing to cover this story as it evolved. aaron, what are you seeing today? >> reporter: chris and eun, good morning to you from the las vegas strip. the most poignant thing we're seeing this morning, 2:00 a.m. here, there are people who have been leaving a small but growing memorial on the las vegas strip that has


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