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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 4, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> so hard to hear that. plus, they were the first responders called to the scene. now we're seeing the deadly rampage from their perspective. the new body camera video that was just released. ♪ ♪ and the vigils continue across las vegas. this morning we're getting updates about the local people caught up in the chaos. we have a lot of new information to get to you this morning as you start your wednesday. >> yeah, aaron gilchrist has been in las vegas for the past couple of days. he's there this morning continuing to cover this story as it evolved. aaron, what are you seeing today? >> reporter: chris and eun, good morning to you from the las vegas strip. the most poignant thing we're seeing this morning, 2:00 a.m. here, there are people who have been leaving a small but growing memorial on the las vegas strip that has
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shooting on sunday. you may be able to see a little bit behind me, candles, flowers, balloons left on the street there. much more about what's happening here in a few moments. >> aaron, thank you. we'll check back in with you to bring you those developments from las vegas. we are working for you to make it to wednesday. we are halfway, hump day? >> that's right. wtop jack ray will have the information. >> walk to school day on hump day. >> walk to school day. honestly, good walking weather. nowhere near as chilly. >> no, not really. i think some kids or adults maybe would still want the longer layers this morning at least. not this afternoon. it is 58 degrees right now in the district. 8:00 a.m. 60 degrees by 10:00 a.m. 68 degrees by lunchtime we should be in the mid 70s. 75 the high temperature yesterday. today we start the warming trend so
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warmer than 75 degrees. we're going to be closer to 80 in some parts of the area believe it or not. here are the current temperatures. 48 in leesburg, 48 dulles, 48 clinton and warring ton. we'll show you how warm it is getting. let's check the roads with jack taylor at wtop. >> hey, sheena, good morning. the outer loop of the beltway moving around past the big curve towards river road, it's the paving project in the middle of the roadway. you'll find the outbound loop. 270 southbound heard from collared, they are pulling the barrels out of 109. had some early slow downs trying to get down to the scale. the right lane had been getting by. hopefully that will clear. downtown on the freeway westbound, heavy traffic off the 11th street bridge. volume is light but the work zone had two right lanes getting by.
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stages. >> jack, thank you. it's 5:03. back to that breaking news. new developments in the las vegas massacre. the girlfriend of the gunman is back in the u.s. she's in the wheelchair you see there. marilou danley was escorted out of los angeles international airport by fbi agents. she's now being questioned as a person of interest. they need to figure out what she was doing at the time, what she knew about her boyfriend stephen paddock's rampage. >> he's dead. they're not going to get any answers from him. danley was in the philippines while he carried out his attack. >> hard to watch. this morning we're seeing body camera video of the police response. >> they say the shooting lasted between 9 and 11 minutes. in that time paddock killed 59 people, hurt another 527 before poce
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himself. think of that short time and the number of victims, how powerful a weapon. >> yeah. people said it seemed like the shooting was never going to end. >> more than 30 of those injured people are in critical condition this morning. >> yeah. president trump is going to travel to vegas today to meet with some of the victims and their families. of course, aaron gilchrist has been on the ground there bringing us incredible reporting from the scene. aaron, it looks a little different behind you this morning. >> reporter: indeed it is, chris. we've been able to get a vantage point that's a lot closer to the area that was shut down along the las vegas strip. the road reopened here late last night las vegas time and since then traffic has been flowing through here and people have been coming. there's a small memorial growing on the street behind me. we can show you video we shot. we're turning that around and show you of some flowers, teddy bears, messages left on the
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trump will be here today. we expect him early this morning west coast time. we also have been seeing more of this video you spoke about. the las vegas metropolitan police department released body camera video we want to share with you. we should note some of it may be a little difficult to watch. take a look. >> go back! go back! >> now we show this to you because this video really gives you an idea of the chaos and the terror that was unfolding when the shooting started here. you can hear the rapid gunfire. the las vegas police officer screaming for people to get back, take cover. that gunfire lasted about the entire video here, which is about 3 minutes long. now as the s.w.a.t. team headed into mandalay bay, into that hotel, these officers helped evacuate the people. all the while you can hear
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ran for their lives. inside the mandalay bay hotel stephen paddock turned his room into a sniper's perch. the photos show tape crisscrossing the room door that was rid wld bullets. you can see a gun with a scope, a room service table. paddock stationed cameras in the hallway, at least two of them, one in the peephole of his door so he could watch approaching police. these pictures show you how prepared he was for the massacre. we should note for you that the sheriff said those photos were leaked. there's an internal investigation into who leaked those. no other weapons visible in the images we showed you there, but the sheriff said there were 23 weapons inside stephen paddock's room. >> aaron, we've also heard some reports that the shooter used a legal device to make those weapons even more deadly. what is
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>> yeah. they say he used something called a bump stop. so essentially this took a semi-automatic machine gun or assault rifle, if you will, and turned it into an automatic gun so it would have the ability to fire without him having to pull the trigger repeatedly. that's how he was able to get off so many rounds and hit so many people in the crowd there. because of that modification, the weapons that he had were still legal here in the united states but, still, you can see 24er7 able to create so much carnage. eun? >> still so hard to believe that those people died. aaron, thank you so much. some of those injured are from our area. this morning we're learning more about an an a run dell woman who was shot. doctors say they had to remove
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frost was a 2008 graduate from arundel high school where she was a soccer star. they posted information how to donate to a go fund me campaign for her family on the nbc washington app. there is also information about bill wolf, the youth wrestling coach from shippensberg. money is being raised for denise berdidas. she is the grandmother we told you about yesterday. she is here in this photo with her husband. he says she died in his arms. you can get information on how to contribute to their memorial funds on the app. we're also hearing stories of people who witnessed the shooting attack. we spoke to a woman who witnessed the shooting from her hotel from a different vantage point. what did she say? >> reporter: we spoke to sarah campbell, a florist. sh
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several stories up. she talked about some terrifying moments. we're going to share more of her story with you coming up in a couple of minutes. we'll have continuing coverage on this as aaron mentioned on the attack in las vegas throughout the morning. you can find the latest on our nbc washington app. here at home when you head out the door, you may see a lot of kids and their moms and dads walking to school this morning. >> that's a warning to be careful out there because it's international walk to school day. justin finch is live at james k. polk elementary in alexandria. not a bad day for walking, right, justin? >> reporter: eun, so far so good out here. pretty crisp out here as well. this is a big day for polk elementary, a among more than 160 elementary schools taking part. look for other local schools
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supporting schools elsewhere warning them to get to safety. here they're already pumped for class but walk to school day is a bit different. just yesterday we saw the final prep falling into place here. students making posters that they will use to march into class today and others that parents and teachers will use to cheer them on as well. now polk already picks up a regular routine of fitness fridays. they encourage bus riders to do regular laps out on the basketball court before getting breakfast. their pe teacher says students love it and also take some time for today's big walk. >> what we do, the hammond middle school is located probably 1/4 mile up the street. the buses drop off there. they walk up there and it's a bus pool, a walk pool to come down together. they have posters, cheering, ready to go. >> reporter: so a big
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this is, again, also enkournging cities and drivers to make the roads safer up here for students. at the end of it all, there's music, water, bananas, dancing, stretching, a great way to start your day. later this hour hear how their principal said exercise in the morning affects the rest of the routine. back to you in the studio. >> my daughter's been so excited about walking to school. >> ohhh. >> before i left this morning i put the shoes by the door. >> that's very sweet. justin finch, thank you, justin. [ cheers and applause ] surprise from screech! students shocked when the nats mascot makes a stop in their classroom. >> what he brought with him is even more exciting. we'll show you coming up next. and good morning, everybody. as we were talking about, there is walk to school day. temperatures early this morning will be mostly in the 40s and 50s, but it will be a fine
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better afternoon. your daily grade for today. highs 79 degrees. sheena is back in a few minutes with a check of your five-day
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>> reporter: i'm aaron gri
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live along the las vegas strip where this morning the road is back open. there is still a heavy police presence in this area, both at the mandalay bay resort behind me and up the street and across the resort at the concert venue site that is still an area where police are investigating. we want to show you brand-new video that we were able to shoot this morning of a small memorial that has been growing since this road reopened late last night here in las vegas. you can see here people have been leaving flowers and stuffed animals. there are balloons here as well. some folks have written messages on the street here saying that love wins in some instances. a gentleman who didn't want to be on camera came here because he said people need to be prayed for. that's what he told me. that is very much a sentiment of people who live here in las vegas and the millions who visit this area every year. that's the sentiment we've been hearing from them as well. we're going to have more from a woman from the d.c. area that we talked to about what she saw
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from her hotel window here sunday night. we'll have that in just a moment. chris, eun, back to you. >> need it for a long time, too. this is just the beginning of the healing process. >> never thought i'd see that sort of a memorial on the las vegas strip. and the las vegas shooting has reignited the debate on gun control on capitol hill. >> today democrats hope to raise the pressure on republicans to take action. news 4's molette green is in the newsroom with more. hey, molette. >> chris, eun, house democrats planning to gather on the house steps protesting what they say is the gop's inaction on gun control. since the shooting there's been a divide along party lines on what action, if any, congress should take on gun control. democrats, they want stronger measures while republicans say this isn't the time to politicize the issue. >> i think right now while we've got over 500 people in the hospital, 59 people dead, we should be talking about understanding the facts around this event and we
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>> when is the right time? we hear that every time something happens. when is the right time? and i think this is the right time. >> president trump was asked about gun control yesterday before leaving puerto rico. he said, quote, we'll be talking about gun laws as time goes by. eun? >> molette, thank you. it's 5:17. now to a story you saw first on 4. we learned the prince gorges county police department is at the center of a federal investigation. news 4's darcy spencer is live to learn what we know about this investigation so far. darcy? >> reporter: well, good morning. the chief says he was just notified about this investigation on saturday, and at this point he has not yet seen the complaint but he wanted to go ahead and get out in front of the investigation so he held that press conference yesterday afternoon. we want to show you some video. news 4 has been reporting for months about some racially charged photographs, a license plate that
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president obama and a training dummy with a black face and an afro. it is unclear if this complaint had anything to do with those photographs. the chief says the complaint alleges discrimination against latino and african-american officers. he is pledging full cooperation. >> i won't stand for that. i won't tolerate an unfair work environment. i won't tolerate an injustice. >> reporter: now we're told that more than 100 officers have signed on to this complaint. two of those officers were actually at the press conference yesterday. you're going to hear what one of them had to say coming up in the next hour. back to you. >> darcy sentencstences -- spen live. we'll turn our attention to the devastation in puerto rico. >> president trump is back in d.c. after he visited the island on tuesday. this is video you're looking at. it's gone viral showing the president tossing supplies to residents. the gno
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says nearly half of the residents will have water -- running water by the end of the week, but as our doreen gentzler shows us, the physical damage from hurricane will take longer to clean up. >> reporter: if you've ever visited the lush green island of puerto rico, i don't think you'd recognize it today. this tree is one example of what we've seen all over the island. look at the size of the tree and it looks like it just exploded out of the ground. it's tipped over on to a fence. we're at a kidney dialysis clinic parking lot. it's probably going to be weeks if not months before this tree is removed. this is what we've seen all over. row after row after row of trees that should be covered with lush greenery and now completely stripped of their leaves. hurricane maria blasted this island with a direct hit of 155-mile-an-hour sustained winds
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devastation. it's going to be a long, slow cleanup process here in puerto rico. doreen gentzler, news 4. well, good morning. if you are walking the kids to school today because it is national walk to school day, it's looking pretty good. the warming trend starts today though. so by this afternoon you will notice it's going to be a perfect weather for it, but we do start to warm up close to 80 degrees. we do have 80s in the forecast as we end out the week and go into the weekend. finally, we have rain in the forecast. it looks like it could be pretty heavy rain at times as we go into the beginning of next week. right now, 58 degrees in washington. 48 dulles, 46 clinton, 46 leesburg. some of our suburbs i think you might want still a light jacket this morning. bus stop forecast by 7:00 a.m., 57 degrees. still cool. 60 degrees by 8:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine around
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upper 70s. it will be warmer than it was yesterday beginning our warming trend. nice and dry on radar here, but that warmup will be underway. take a look. the average high is now 72 degrees. it keeps dropping as we go into every week. today 79 for the high. tomorrow, friday 85 into the weekend 84 and we really don't start to cool down again until next week. that fall weather comes back. going into the weekend we have strut your mutt on saturday. a walk to help homeless animals. 9:00 a.m., 69 degrees. by 1:00 p.m., saturday, already 80 degrees. it's going to stay warm and dry. our next rain chance doesn't look to really get here until sunday. that's not a big rain chance. you could see a couple isolated showers but monday and tuesday, that's the bigger one. chuck will show you that with our extended forecast coming up in a bit. let's check your roads on this wednesday morning with jack taylor. hey, jack. >> hey, sheena. good morning. su
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south on 270. good news you see the live shot on 109. the paving project had blocked the right lane and it's gone, but within the delay after 80 in urbana, tractor-trailer broke down. delays back at 85. hopefully that will clear pretty quickly. outer loop of the beltway late clearing the work zone on georgetown road. it will be a little bit unfortunately. delays building back to connecticut avenue already. back to you. [ cheers and applause ] you hear the screams of surprise and delight? students. >> i do. up next, we're going to tell you why the nats chose this local classroom to visit and why
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ver asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> some young nats fans had a huge surprise yesterda
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free tickets to friday's playoff opener against the cubs. >> nice. oh, wow. >> this class is taking home tickets. you're all coming to the postseason game. you need to bring those tickets in is my good friend screech. give it up for him. >> yeah. >> okay. how happy were the moms and dads who found out their kids just got free tickets? obviously that led to a lot of smiles. kids putting on the baseball caps at the elementary school. miss dell's entire third game class is going to the game. >> awesome. >> the nats are hoping they can make a lot of noise on friday. >> one question, how loud are you going to be? >> loud! >> breaking window loud. >> break window loud? >> the nats also handed out a lot of gear to the students. don't they look good in their red hats representing the nats? the fun away on friday's game one gets underway with the nats holding a haunted pep
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and then that's going to be at nats park. then they get ready for the playoffs on friday night. >> i do want to know why those kids, why that class. we're going to try to figure out why. >> yeah. >> that caught my attention. >> we're going to be down there live friday morning. >> in the classroom or -- >> inno, nats park. befriended and then robbed. an awe tisz particular man tricked into giving up his bank account information. a look at the men his family said stole their loved one's life savings. >> go back! go back! >> plus some chilling video that has just been released of the las vegas massacre. we have more of this first responder footage and the breaking developments about the
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"news 4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news from las vegas in the massacre investigation. the girlfriend of the gunman shown in the wheelchair is back in the u.s. being questioned by investigators. >> when we first started hearing the sirens it was still bustling. still everything was moving and then all of a sudden it just stopped. >> yeah. that woman from maryland witnessed it all. she's going
5:31 am
moment the shots started and what she's doing to get back ho home. it is coming up on 5:31. i'm chris lawrence. >> and i'm eun yang. aaron gilchrist is in las vegas this morning. we're going to check back in with him for all of the updates you want to hear about today. we want to head outside for storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for a look at the forecast. feeling good out there? >> yeah, nice start for the morning. because the humidity levels are coming up you can almost see your breath here in northwest washington. that will be the case for the next couple of mornings. as ever warmer and humid air comes our way. here's the live look from our tower looking eastbound towards what will eventually be the rising sun. lowered visibility this morning. visibility down to a mile in frederick, maryland, and a mile in warrington and la ray. a little spot or two of fog in some of the rural areas. 40s and
5:32 am
48 in lorton, virginia. prince gorges county, much milder 58. with your plan out today, near 50 out the door. near 70 by lunchtime. upper 70s for highs today. absolutely fantastic day to be outside. if you're wondering about the baseball game, you saw the story about the free tickets. nice and mild for friday night for game one of the playoffs. now let's go over to jack taylor and find out how the commute is holding up. >> hey, jack. it has been tough leaving frederick, that's for sure. paving project after 109, that cleared. tractor-trailer broke down. that got moved over the shoulder. delay leaving 70 should hopefully begin to ease, hopefully. outer loop of the beltway top side from 355 towards old georgetown road. overnight work zone just in the process of being picked up. this is very good news. unfortunately, behind it they have a little bit of coneage to pick up on the left side p
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355. the top side is doing fine from 95 towards george avenue. for now, back to you. >> jack, thank you. your time is 5:33. breaking news right now. the girlfriend of the las vegas massacre gunman is back in the u.s. marilou danley arrived in l.a. kings -- los angeles and is being questioned about what she knew about stephen paddock's deadly rampage. >> yeah, last night police released some body camera video from the first officers on the scene. the death toll which at one point had been lowered yesterday is now back up to 59 including the shooter himself. 530 people have been hurt. >> an ann arundel county woman has been hurt. we've posted
5:34 am
them on the nbc washington app. as we learn more about the shooting and victims, we're hearing from people who experienced it firsthand. we go back to aaron gilchrist who is live in las vegas for us. aaron, these firsthand accounts are pretty harrowing. >> reporter: they are just terrible accounts of what happened here. we talked to a florist from maryland who was here for a convention in las vegas and she was able to see the terrifying scene unfold from her hotel window. sarah campbell says she still can't believe what she saw, what happened here on the vegas strip saturday night. let me show you some video of what she saw. this was the scene on the ground there, just chaos with people running for their lives trying to escape the bullets here. campbell said she saw a swarm of police officers seemingly coming from every direction and she knew something terrible was happening. she remembers feeling helpless, she says, watching it all unfold. then s
5:35 am
quickly spreading, about other shooters, explosives at other hotels. >> it was so surreal to know it was happening and it was right outside the window. so there was that sense of what do we do? what's going on? how do we help? we can't help, we need to stay here. >> reporter: now sarah and other florists are in town for a wedding vendor's convention. they're doing what they can to help others heal. they designed this bright bed of flowers. the greenery are angel wings rising from that bed of flowers. campbell says knowing what happened from that window at the mandalay bay hotel still haunts her. she said she used to see that hotel as a bright spot and the golden building that shines. now she thinks of that building, eun, as more of a grave site and the concert venue across the
5:36 am
>> sad to think about how much people's lives changed. hopefully it gets back to a place of what it was, a place of entertainment. >> going to take a while. >> we're going to have continuing coverage on this horrible attack out of las vegas throughout the morning. you can also find the latest on aaron's facebook page and of course on our nbc washington app as well. 5:36 now. this morning a mother describes what happened to her son as, quote, evil and deranged. she says her son is on the autism spectrum and some men targeted him in a cruel scheme. take a look at the surveillance video here of prince gorges county. police say he tricked jordan pots into giving up his debit card and pin number. the suspects escaped with about $600. she spoke to news 4 and she is sending a message to the sp
5:37 am
it is evil and you need to repent and seek some sort of recompense if you want to have a life that you're proud of. >> the bank, navy federal, tells us they're working to resolve the issue. meanwhile, jordan's mother said she is concerned about their safety and may move out of their community. the security scare that impacts your e-mail and anyone with a yahoo! account is impacted. next, we'll tell you what to do to protect your online privacy from this hack attack. and hold the other one? >> yes. >> hold on. let me get a picture. >> i mean -- >> only ellen. >> only ellen. wouldn't grocery shopping he is eye e easier with oprah? >> ellen airs right here on news 4 at 4:00. >> the fruit section.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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you're watching "news 4 today." a security breech that happened back in 2013 may still affect you today. yahoo! confirms that every account that existed four years ago is currently affected so how can you protect yourself? the company says you should change passwords and security questions for any accounts with si
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their yahoo! account. users should also install a two-step verification process on any yahoo! account. yahoo! says you should do the same for any non-yahoo! accounts to ensure overall safety. it's one of the things you know you have to do or you forget about it. now it's affecting everybody. >> yeah. we tend to use the same password across multiple accounts. >> it's easier. >> we'll change our g mail. sheena, you can update the aol account of yours. >> oh, but you know eventually you're going to have to do it for all of them, right? this morning, if you don't have to do that, good for you. otherwise, enjoy your commute, it will be a nice day out there. even though i'm sure the commute isn't looking that good. windows down later on this afternoon. warming up nice and sunny. we'll show you how much warmer temperatures will get. that's coming up. we had activity coming out of frederick causing major delays. the d
5:42 am
time. beltway, outer loop finally wrapped up that worked between 355 and georgetown. the delays are back from georgia avenue already this morning so plan ahead for that. >> thanks, jack. stay safe out there. we have new details about the man behind the las vegas massacre. we have team coverage from the strip in just minutes. what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend.
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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your time is 5:45. if you're just joining us, we're tracking breaking news about the las vegas massacre. the girlfriend of the gunman is back in the u.s. there she is in the wheelchair. she's being questioned by the fbi. >> we'll have more about marilou danley and about what she possibly knew about the attack if anything. first we want to get to our team coverage on
5:46 am
vegas. we begin with aaron who is seeing a much different scene this morning. >> reporter: we are, indeed. the las vegas strip reopened behind me with the exception of a couple of lanes and a memorial growing behind me. we're also hearing this morning that investigators are trying to retrace the shooter, stephen paddo paddock's steps, leading up to sunday night's shooting. i want to bring in my colleague, jay gray. jay, we're hearing paddock may have done a dry run of shorts before the shooting on sunday. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: yeah, aaron. you're absolutely right. look, those close to the situation say the pace of this investigation is really intensified over the last 24 hours. we know that steven paddock sent $100,000 to the philippines the last week of september. that's where his girlfriend, marilou danley is from and where she's been over t
5:47 am
los angeles. that same week we know paddock rented rooms in a high rise condominium overlooking an even bigger music festival here. investigators do want to know if that was some kind of a practice run before he actually carried out the attack here. they're continuing to learn a lot more about his life before this attack. retracing those steps hoping in some way, aaron, to find a motive in this massacre. >> reporter: all right. jay gray live for us in los angeles. we'll learn what investigators hope to learn. for now we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> a lot of questions for marilou danley for sure. aaron gilchrist live in las vegas. thanks so much. it's now 5:47. president trump is heading to las vegas today, but it's his trip to puerto rico yesterday that's drawinge
5:48 am
video of the president tossing rolls of paper towel to people gathered in a crowd. he's also taking some heat for some of the things he said. news 4's tracie pots is live on capitol hill. tracie, what specifically set people off? >> reporter: well, a couple of things, chris and eun. first of all, he said that people in puerto rico should be proud, that's the word he used, proud that only 16 people died compared to katrina where it was 1800. they later announced it was more than that. the mayor of san juan said that was insulting considering they have so many people suffering and every life counts. he also said that recovery there, and the recovery efforts, has thrown the u.s. budget out of whack. he went on to say that it was okay because they were saving lives, but his continuing focus on the money that's being spent in puerto rico is rubbing some people the wrong way. he said it a
5:49 am
on fox that the puerto rico debt needs to be wiped out. he has talked a lot about the debt prior to the storm, about the cost of the cleanup. some here pointing out that he didn't talk about the cost of the cleanup in texas and florida with the hurricanes there. so while the president went to puerto rico to try to build some goodwill and draw some attention to what he said is great work being done down there, what was a controversial trip going in was even more so coming out. >> got to hope those folks get the help they need. thank you. stories of puerto ricans are great. >> a woman is collecting water by using a sign in her front yard. >> folks stop to read the sign and they said -- and i'm s
5:50 am
back, and they did. >> delores boyd said she is going to take the water to alfred street baptist church in alexandr alexandria. and it just takes one small gesture from one person to do something that could be very helpful to people in great need. >> it really shows. we've got a lot of folks with really big hearts in our area. my daughter's been on me for the last week leading up to this day. she's so excited. you're not going to see all that many kids at the bus stop today. >> that is because hundreds of them across our area will be walking or biking to school. part of international walk to school day. you set her shoes out, is that right, chris? >> that's right. i did, by the door. >> justin finch is live at the polk school. a lot of festivities planned, justin? >> reporter: it's going to be a busy day. we're talking about music and dancing, also
5:51 am
the students. as you mentioned, eun, here at polk, you might see more than walkers. many students told 3450e6 they can raise awareness about kids moving more and making our roads safer for our kids going to school each day. now here at polk there are more than 800 students. most here are bus riders, but today they'll all get a chance to walk in the school. this is a huge day for them. we saw just yesterday they're making signs they're marching to school with on their roughly quarter mile walk into class this morning. all along the way parents and also teachers will be cheering those kids into class. it was about eight years ago or so that polk got into the walk to school day tradition and now it's a thing the entire student body is looking forward to. we met one student yesterday who said that she has a better day when she starts her day off with
5:52 am
it's something she sees too, and she agrees. take a listen. >> we get to walk outside, you know, have some exercise and it's really good for the kids because most kids know, you know, all of the technology and stuff like that. >> exercise and getting them moving gets them ready to go focus. it's like the exercise then causes the focus. >> reporter: and the principal johnson says she sees a direct correlation between the early morning movement and student performance. the other benefit is that students are noticing how they feel affects their performance. once they see that correlation they actually want to go out and move more and eat better. so a great lesson for these kids to learn early and walk to school day is helping them learn it. live in alexandria. i'm justin finch. >> get back to those bananas.
5:53 am
few blocks to school. what do they, have to restock their potassium supply? >> it's going to keep them pumped for the day, chris. it's just enough suing garr gar them out. the sugar for all the energy that they'll expend. the kids told me dancing is a huge part of the end of their walk. we might see some moves as well. >> i walked uphill barefoot both ways -- >> backwards in the snow. >> -- every day. >> carrying three back packs and a meteorologist over the back. >> thank you, jon. >> all right. we are working for you in the community. this is the hope for henry event at pin stripes in georgetown. hope for henry is an amazing organization that helps kids and families who are in the hospital for extended periods of time because of serious illnesses. so they met some former redskins that showed
5:54 am
the loneliness that they experience it for people who are reading books. >> it's tough on the kids that are in the hospital and it's just as tough on the moms and dads. >> the ronald mcdonald house, those types of support organizations, they do critical work for the family structure. especially for families with more than one kid. they don't want the other kids to feel left out. important work. i'm glad you were there, eun. i'm glad such organizations like that are doing important work. outside it is a quiet start to your wednesday. hump day, yes, indeed. a little on the cool side this morning. but the real story over the last four weeks has been warm and dry in the last four weeks combined we've only had .04 of an inch of rain. that's three inches behind the average in the last four
5:55 am
in the last four weeks we've had 16 days 80 or higher and 3 days in the 90s. nearly 10 degrees warmer than average for the last four weeks in a row. 4 things to know for the four cast. blue skies shining on me, you, everybody today. big warmup coming. dry weather lasts into the weekend, the first half of the weekend, and the tropics are not done yet. there may be a tropical system in the gulf of mexico as we get towards the second half of the weekend. that moisture may bring us our best chance for rain early next week. >> future wetter. a little patchy fog early this morning. clouds thicken a bit. by early tomorrow there will be a little bit more cloud cover. there is a chance for a little stray shower or two near the maryland/pennsylvania border tomorrow afternoon and the evening. showers will not make it to the d.c. metro area. temperature wise, in the 40s and 50s. if you're planning out the day
5:56 am
sunshine. afternoon highs up near 79 degrees. back into the 50s and 60. way above average. 85 degrees for tomorrow and friday as well. saturday is warm but cloudy. chance for showers on saturday. the army ten miler is coming up. heavy eggs rain monday and tuesday. let's go to jack taylor at wtop. >> thanks. in woodbridge, a crash on 95 northbound at the prince william parkway. for now we'll see. hopefully it's minor and can be moved quickly out of the roadway. 270 southbound still a little bit of a chore leaving frederick. nothing else there. outer loop of the beltway there. the work zone is cleared. now we have slowdowns rolling
5:57 am
getting a little bit better. they have completely cleared out of the roadway. thank you. you may soon be able to rent someone's home in fairfax county. last night the county board discussed changing zoning ordinances that would make rentals legal. the board thinks parking would be an issue. a lot of people want to get in on the airbnb. make some money, regulations, debate about that. >> neighbors get concerned at times. news 4 at 6:00 a.m., a vacation in vegas will never be the same. what you can expect on your next visit and the changes now. give you a new look at the challenges doreen gentzler discovered on the island in the aftermath of the hurricane.
5:58 am
5:59 am
if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes. that guests would compliment our wifi. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. that breaking news from the las vegas massacre investigation. the gunman's girlfriend back in the u.s. she's there in the wheelchair in the video. new details about her overnight arrival.
6:00 am
plus, they were the first responders called to the scene and now we're seeing this deadly rampage through their eyes. the new body camera video that was just released overnight. ♪ ♪ and the vigils continue across las vegas. this morning we're getting updates about the local people caught up in the chaos. we have a lot of new information to get to you this morning as you start your wednesday. >> yeah. aaron gilchrist is on the ground in las vegas continuing to cover this story as it evolves. aaron, it's looking a little different behind you this morning. >> reporter: it certainly is, chris. we are here on the las vegas strip. you can see lots of traffic i think moving behind me. there were cars moving behind me a second ago. the las vegas strip is reopened this morning. they were able to reopen the strip last night with the exception of a


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