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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the girlfriend is back. first this evening, we want to get you caught up with everything that is happening right now in las vegas. >> as investigators comb for answers, las vegas is showing signs of healing. >> we've got new images and they reveal an arsenal of weapons inside the gunman's hotel room as police finally have a chance to talk with the shooter's girlfriend. >> meantime, memorials and signs saying "vegas strong" are emerging today. the president had the task of being consoler in chief today. >> more than four dozen of the victims remain in critical condition. back at the hotel, new photographs provide a chilling scene inside stephen paddock's hotel room. the killer had a war chest of weapons. investigators say they've also recovered a number of cameras that appear to be an attempt at surveillance. they are also looking into whether paddock may have ns
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at a different outdoor music venue. and a woman who could provide new information was wheeled into l.a.x. last night. that's marilou danley arriving back in the united states from the philippines. her sisters who live in australia say they believe paddock sent danley out of the country so she wouldn't interfere with anything. >> no one can put this together, no one except marilou. because steve is not here to talk anymore. only maybe marilou can help. >> you can see more of this interview on our facebook page. investigators say that danley is a person of interest, is how they are referring to her, but previously said they do not believe she was involved. heartbreak, resilience, determination. just some of the words to describe the feelings in las vegas right now. the city's working hard to pull together as it tries to bounce back from this tragedy. news4's aaron gilchrist talked to residents and
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trying to do their part to help. what an outpouring. >> reporter: it really has been incredible to watch the last few days. president trump just took off from the vegas airport about 15, 20 minutes ago and investigators are still here on the las vegas strip but the strip is open and vegas is starting to look like las vegas again. still, take a look over my shoulder and you can see a group of people that are gathering a memorial. through anguish and tears, people are looking for comfort. this memorial has been growing since the strip reopened late tuesday. >> i wanted to come check it
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>> reporter: eddie hall wrote a simple message in chalk, "love." and "i'll never forget." there were candles and bears and flowers and strangers try to embrace the dead and the wounded. matt diverted his family on a road trip to las vegas, including his 12-year-old daughter. >> this is really heartbreaking to see. even though it's no one i know, i feel bad for the families who have lost their loved ones. it's hard to see all of this. >> reporter: she fought back tears at all of those died half a block away. her dad cried, too. >> i'm a dad and people lost their kids and it hurts. it hurts really bad. >> reporter: at the same time, las vegas is bustling. life tries to move forward. there is symbol of strength on buildings and marquises everywhere. >> we're a city more than gambling. we're a
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>> reporter: this sign will stay there and in the city's heart. >> it was a play on words and it's not the house that always wins but love that always wins and we're a very caring community here in las vegas. >> reporter: while we've been standing here, a woman walked by and said i'm so sorry about what's been going on but welcome to las vegas. i think this sort of represents, jim and erika, this open-arm embrace that the city will endure earlier this week. live along the strip, back to you. >> so nice to see. aaron, what do we know about what the president. did he see that memorial and who did he meet with today? >> reporter: the president did not come here to the strip. it was a very short period of time that he was here. he went to one of the big hospitals that received many of the patients and stopped at the police headquarters as well to embrace first responders who have d
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community over the last couple of days. i'm sure he was made aware that people here are showing this outpouring of support and trying to comfort each other and people we spoke to were happy that the president was able to come here and show support for those working and hurting here as well. >> aaron, thanks so much for sharing a great story again. >> aaron, thank you. it took the gunman nine minutes to turn the concert into a battlefield. now democratic lawmakers are banning devices that turn semiautomatic weapons into a fully automatic weapons. senator dianne feinstein introduced the bill on capitol hill today. her daughter almost went to that concert but changed plans at the last minute. the gunman in las vegas modified his rifles to make them more powerful. today, feinstein addressed critics who say now is not the time to talk about gun control. >> when is the time going to be there? there is no better way to honor
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slaughtered than to take action to prevent this from happening yet again. >> 26 democrats are co-sponsoring this bill. feinstein hasn't had a chance to talk to republican senators about it. this evening, we're working for you, taking a look at devices known as bump stocks. some lawmakers and citizens alike request whether they should even be allowed. meagan fitzgerald went to a local gun shop to try to get some answers for us. >> gun owners like roy mantel who have been shooting for over 45 years will tell you that they're fierce protectors of the right to bear arms. >> people kill people. dead guys will always have guns. >> reporter: but the concern for so many americans are the mass shootings that we continue to see like we saw
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>> we feel equally as bad as someone else does when this happens. >> reporter: but the focus now is on the bump stock. >> when you pull against the rifle's recoil, it will hit each other like this. >> reporter: it turn as gun, like an ar-15, into a fully automatic rifle. that's what the gunman used in vegas to kill dozens of people, wounding hundreds of others. the federal government says the actual bump stock device itself is not illegal but the question becomes why does an average citizen need one? >> recreation shooting. it's a fun way to go out in the woods and shoot and have fun. >> reporter: mark warner is a senior sales rep. >> i can't blame the imus, it's the individual that is the issue. >> reporter: that's where mantel disagrees. >> no, we do not need bump stocks. civilians don't need that, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: warner says this is t
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>> we haven't sold them in three or four years. >> reporter: chantilly, news4, meagan fitzgerald. yet another storm is churning in the gulf of mexico. doug kammerer is joining us with this latest track and the impacts on us. doug? >> that's right. the storm in the caribbean is moving into the gulf of mexico. yes, we're going to be tracking this very, very closely. the gulf coast right now is the area that we think could make landfall. off the coast of costa rica, it becomes a tropical storm very soon. the latest advisory has it as a tropical depression with winds of 35 miles an hour. moving northwest at 7 miles per hour. moving close to land and into the open waters of the gulf of mexico and eventually in towards parts of florida as a category 1 hurricane. some miles even take it stronger than this. this is what i'm going to track for y
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where this goes after landfall most likely on sunday. it could be impactful in our area. much more on that. i have it for you in about 15 minutes. >> doug, thank you. a developing story that has a lot of students shaken up at howard university. police arrested an alexandria man for threatening to murder african-americans at the school. john rust used wi-fi at a local restaurant to post the threatening statements. the incident happened in 2015 but rust was just arrested. he's expected in court sometime tomorrow. another confederate memorial in our area is the target of vandalism. this time, though, it's at a national park. paint was dumped on the statue of confederate general stonewall jackson. julie carey as a look at the clean
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julie? >> reporter: erika, the last rounds of many power washing just concluded. there are still a few specks of white paint on this statue. park workers discovered the vandalism just before sunrise. this is what it looked like then. white paint covered the base of the statue on three sides. as you can see, the word "dead" spray painted in gold over the top. all day long crews have been power washing and scrubbing away every trace of the vandalism. this statue has been here since 1940. this is the first time it's been defaced. we can't be sure of the motive for the vandalism and park visitors say if it's to express opposition to confederate memorials, this is a bad way to do it. this is the battlefield where general jackson earned his nickname stonewall. most folks argue it is the appropriate place for this particular
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coming up tonight, we'll hear from the park superintendent about their plans going forward and about what they might be able to do to keep this from happening again. back to you now. >> julie carey, thank you. one driver splashed with urine, another threatened with a knife. two very high-profile incidents on the same bus line and now there's another. pat collins details this latest attack. and our doreen
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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you're looking at time-lapsed video from chef jose who is part of the relief in puerto rico in the san juan area making sure people have something hot to eat. imagine how good those dinners probably taste. two weeks after hurricane maria, the vast majority of people there still do not have power or an easy way to cook. >> we all know his restaurants here around the country and in vegas, too. jose has a big heart and can get it done. chef jose arrived in puerto rico days after the disaster. doreen gentzler has more. >> reporter: hello again, jim
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jose is a force of nature. you know his restaurants in d.c., beef steak and a whole bunch more. he's helped to feed people after other disasters but what we saw today was on a much larger scale than we've seen in the past. we have no idea how much help he's provided for people here in puerto rico. >> i'm going to be making sandwiches and 5, 6, 7,000 orders of arroz con pollo and shepherd's pie and today, if god allows us, with a new operation that we're opening today in partnership with the mayor -- >> on the south side? >> on the south side. >> today we're doing 50,000 meals.
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and it's hard to imagine how he and his team have been able to ramp up to that level two weeks after this hurricane. the day after he got here, he came up to the local chef and together they cooked up a couple hundred meals but soon saw how big the need is here. jose is a passionate man. he moves quickly and he's joined forces with other chefs and volunteers in puerto rican government agencies. a lot of the volunteers, they are food service workers that can't work right now because of the power outages and things. there's a network of people delivering the meals and taking them to the neighborhood and the elderly and it's quite a collection. we've seen homeland security guys and food trucks. andres opened up another operation and will open more up across the island and i think he's goi
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so many people have asked us how can i help the people in puerto rico? well, the nonprofit that jose andres runs,, is a good way to do it. we've put a link on our website. i hope you'll check it out. i've put it on my facebook page as well. jose andres really making a big impact for people here in puerto rico. >> doreen, i was on your facebook page a while ago and i saw the video you were taking and i heard the chef mention shepherd's pie. is there any rhyme or reason which dictates the meals that they are able to provide for that day or region? >> well, i think what dictates it is what is available. you know, the only ingredients that they need on a given day, not available on the island. it's tough
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they are at this coliseum and they've got the arena that is full of various kinds of food that is coming in. some are being donated and most bought by this nonprofit. so i guess the answer is, no, there's not a huge rhyme or reason but they are doing the best that they can and didn't that food look good. >> thanks for sharing that, doreen. you said it. he's truly a force of nature. that's what he's doing down there. that's wonderful. >> sure. i'll see you at 6:00. >> looking forward to it, doreen. thanks. news4 stopped by food and friends in northeast washington today. they are donating 10% from their thanksgiving pie sales to their sister group in puerto rico. bill's kitchen was wiped out during the hurricane. that group works with hiv and cancer patients on the island. you can help by opening our nbc
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and a team of d.c. police officers just got back from an emotional seven days in puerto rico. d.c. police chief peter newsham met the team today when they landed at joint andrews air force base. they worked side by side with the puerto rican police department. most of the officers on this mission used to work in puerto rico and some have relatives there. for the second time in recent week, we're learning about an attack on a driver on a popular bus route. and the union is once again calling for more protection with a job. pat? >> reporter: erika, since august, three assaults on three bus drivers on the x-2 line. one with a cup of urine, another with a knife and today it was a can of
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the scene, another x2 bus. the victim, another x2 bus driver. it happened at a stop on 14th and h streets northeast. it happened early this afternoon. sources tell the story this way. they say three juveniles tried to get on the bus with a leaf blower. the bus driver told the kids, you can't bring a leaf blower on the bus and one of the kids pulled back the shield and another poured it at the driver's feet and the suspect's ran down the street. here we go again. in come the cops and the detectives, outcomes the police tape. now, it turns out that the can was empty but union officials say it's another example of
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vulnerable a bus driver can be a man refused to pay the established fair and told him to get off his bus and said i'm going to kill you the next time i see you. and then back in august on an x2 bus, opal brown relieved herself in a cup and then tossed it on the bus driver. she said she did it because the driver was rude. demanding more protection for bus operators. >> x2 is one of the most dangerous routes and it's a line that we pointed out several times that we
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presence. erika, back to you. >> pat collins in northeast, thank you. it has been a very busy hurricane season and sorry to say, it is not over. >> doug is tracking another system that's now i the gnul
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we are just learning that five living former u.s. presidents will attend a special benefit concert for hurricane relief. >> that's right. presidents obama, clinton, carter and both bushes will appear. >> so cool. >> at the october 21st event at texas a & m. doug is tracking yet another storm. wow. >> and just the fact that we have to have a benefit like that tells you what we've been going through. >> sure. >> we're tracking another system that will be nate. this storm will become a tropical depression and it's one that we have to watch even in our area. it's off the coast of nicuaragwa and it's going to move more to the north. it may have interacti
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land right around parts of nicuaragwa. it's expected to become a tropical storm tonight and very close to the coastline and off the coast of the yucatan during the day on friday and saturday and into the open waters of the gulf of mexico on saturday as a category 1 and 85-mile-an-hour hurricane. notice this 75-mile-per-hour hurricane right towards appalachia and this extends from mississippi all the way over just to the north of tampa. it's in our area late monday and tuesday. let's talk about the impacts in our region. and we depend on storms like this. and it looks like we're going to get a lot of
5:27 pm
that remains to be seen. just how strong are the winds going to be? if it's a stronger storm, bringing us upwards of 50 to 60 miles an hour, it's something that we're going to have to watch. we only have about four or five days to watch it before it makes landfall on sunday in the gulf coast. out there today, another spectacular day. it's starting to see some color. 76 degrees right now. winds out of the south at 14 miles an hour. 89 in petersburg, west virginia. 80 in culpeper and 80s continue to push into the d.c. metro area by tomorrow. high of 85 tomorrow. nothing but sunshine. no rain across our area. as you look at the next ten days, this is what we see here. the heat is on. 85 on thursday. 85 on friday. slight chance of a shower to the north on friday and most of us dry. 86 on saturday. sunday, slight chance of a shower during the
5:28 pm
tropics on monday and tuesday. what will nate do? how strong will nate be? again, we're going to be on top of this for you. storm team 4 will have the latest at 5:45 with amelia and again at 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. i'm adam tuss in chopper 4 to show you road projects affecting your commute. you can see the uneven pavement here and the two different colors. where it's all happening and what is going to be done, coming up. plus, investigators hope the woman they rolled into l.a.x. this morning holds the keys to the case in las vegas. what we are learning about the killer's girlfriend. and we've got new details about a woman from maryland now fighting to survive after being shot. whatne of o come in to havertys furniture and save up to $1000 in bonus discounts - -only through monday. plus take advantage of no interest for 36 months. find the style you've been searching for,
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now at 5:30, investigators searching for answers in sunday's deadly mass shooting in las vegas are now focused on the gunman's girlfriend, marilou danley who landed back in l.a.x. last night and has been talking with the fbi today. meanwhile, in vegas, the president and first lady met with survivors and praised the work of first responders. >> words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. the
5:32 pm
act was to sacrifice themselves for those they loved should inspire all of us to show more love every day for the people who grace our lives. the president says that as americans, all of our souls are grief stricken by sunday night's loss. across investigatilas vegas city coming together. >> steve patterson is live now. steve, get us started with the latest on the investigation and also what we've learned about the president and the first lady's visit today. >> reporter: well, jim and erika, the investigation is strangely mostly focused now in los angeles where 62-year-old marilou danley stepped off the plane from the philippines. they wanted to question her for a number of reasons. she was flagged as a p
5:33 pm
her i.d.s to check into the hotel behind me into that 32nd floor where the bullets rained down on the thousands of people. also, tens of thousands of dollars was wired to the philippines and they are trying to build a profile of stephen paddock. hopefully the girlfriend can assist with that. meanwhile, they are pulling out an arsenal of weapons spread between three properties, 47 in total. 33 purchased in the last 12 months. 23 found in that hotel room and 12 outfitted with those bump stocks which turned semiautomatic weapons into killing machines. meanwhile, as you mentioned, president trump arriving hutu t and the tone was somber and respectful before he boarded air force one in about a
5:34 pm
back to you. >> steve patterson on the ground there in vegas since monday morning, steve, we thank you. we invite you to keep it right here for the latest on the investigation into the deadly shooting. lester holt once again in las vegas for "nbc nightly news" right after news4 at 6:00. we're also keeping tabs on tina frost, the maryland woman critically wounded in the attack. kristin wright spoke to one of frost's best friends today. >> reporter: tina frost is fighting the fight of her life in a las vegas hospital. her parents are by her side. >> she's not one to quit, ever. >> reporter: taylor johnson lives in new york but rushed back to maryland. >> it was shocking to have one of your best friends that you grew up with affected by this horrid act. >> reporter: tina, a victim. it's a strange and upsetting thing for loved
5:35 pm
their minds around. after all, tina and taylor's friendship goes way back. they were bridesmaids together recently and share a love for country music, like so many of the victims in vegas. >> growing up, we've gone to a million country concerts together. we went to kenny chesney the day after prom after we graduated. it's really sad to see something that she took so much joy in to be a horrific event. >> reporter: a go fund me page has raised $180,000 for tina's family. she's got a long road ahead. tina's still in a coma and lost her right eye to the single bullet that hit her. a family spokesperson says she's making small improvements. brain scans show no additional swelling. she's on a ventilator but mostly breathing on her own. >> there's going to be no stopping her. i know she's going to overcome this. it's going to be one day at a time but she'll make .
5:36 pm
with saving her life. after she was shot, he carried her to a truck to a stranger who drove her to a hospital where at this moment she's surrounded by love. in anne arundel county, kristin wright, news4. >> it was made up by nbc. they just made it up. thank you, all. total confidence in rex. >> president trump is dismissing an nbc report that the secretary of state called the president a, quote, moron, and considered resigning. senior administration officials tell nbc rex tillerson considered quitting over policy tensions and tensions were high after the president gave a politically charged speech to the boy scouts, that you may recall. tillerson today said he's never considered stepping down but he did not deny the alleged comment about the
5:37 pm
petty stuff like that. this does nothing but divide people and i'm thought going to be part of this effort to divide thissed this administration. >> a state department spokesperson said tillerson does not and would not use that language to describe the president. >> the d.c. region is known to have some of the worst traffic in the nation. i don't have to tell you that. drivers may now have to be even more patient. crews are working to repave and resurface the beltway. this is highlighted in red for you. news4's adam tuss is working to give you a bird's-eye view of what to expect. adam? >> i'm in chopper 4 to give you a look at this project which should make a big impact. you can see the different colored pavement and that's because it's getting
5:38 pm
lanes of the beltway. you can see that the work is starting here. this is a road that was so bumpy. it hadn't been touched in 15 years. u you need to be aware of the uneven surfaces. all of the construction activity happening over here on the side of the road. you can start to see where things are starting to pick up here. guys, we're talking about a huge project. this is a road that carries 230,000-plus vehicles a day. now, the inner loop is going to go into next year and probably next summer but at the end of it you get a smoother ride. back to you. a push to help some first-time home buyers ahead. what's the plaen to make sure you can actually afford to live here if you work here. and news4 your
5:39 pm
the links between high blood pressure and dementia. and out the door tomorrow morning on your thursday, not as cool as it has been. you'll want to grab the sunglasses. a t-shirt will be just fine. doug will let you know what to expect throughout the day tomorrow. plus, the lates
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in "news4 your
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study shows that women who develop high blood pressure in middle age may be at risk for dementia. they tracked women in their 30s until their mid-60s and researchers found that 40-something women had a 60% higher risk for dementia and even higher for those who developed high blood pressure in their 40s. no link was found among men. it has been a difficult day at the d.c. international schools after the sudden death of a tenth grade soccer player. the student was playing in a game in anacostia park where he suffered cardiac arrest and later died. counselors have been at the school all day to provide support for the children and staff who n
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scholarship, i wouldn't be able to attend the university and pursue my dream. >> i'm tom sherwood in the district. everybody knows that housing prices are through the roof in this city. a new program will help first
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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okay. everybody knows this. washington is an expensive city for buying a home. mayor muriel bowser announced an expanded program to help first responders. it could mean as much as $45,000 for
5:46 pm
>> reporter: emt jonathan tate, a d.c. firefighter for two years, mayor muriel bowser announcing a stepped up grant alone forgiveness worth as much as $45,000 to help firefighters, police, correction officers and teachers by homes in often expensive d.c. >> our focus is how we make sure more washingtonians can participate in the disparity of washington, d.c. >> reporter: tate took advantage of an earlier program. >> i'd like to first invite my wife and my daughter. i don't want y'all to think i did this myself it can be nerve-racking but
5:47 pm
the long run. >> reporter: his father retired as a deputy chief in 1989, his career sparking his son's. >> i grew up under it and decided he was able to provide for my brother and i well and i wanted to do the same for my wife and my daughter so i decided to become a firefighter. >> reporter: first responders who live in the city know the city. >> you know people. you know what to expect and what is going on. it's a great opportunity. >> in the district, tom sherwood, news4. well, speaking of housing, a developer just broke ground on a new development on the bustling h-street corridor with a much-needed twist. two and three bedrooms will go to lower income residents and families. mayor muriel bowser says it's part of the effort to spend millions on affordable
5:48 pm
less than 25% live in the city now. all right, folks, we're just two days away from our one pursuit, the washington nationals first playoff game. an unconventional pep rally is about to happen now, right, sherree? >> reporter: yes. we are having a haunted pep rally. fans are starting to line up here. take a look at this cutie dressed up and ready for this haunted house and ready to exercise some of those playoff demons for the nationals they start off against the chicago cubs who are the reigning world champions and the cubs have that championship crown and they are coming for it. it adds extra excitement that they want to be the ones to knockout the cubs from the playoffs. today at pr
5:49 pm
chance to fine tune everything before the division series. this is no stranger but for the first time they are hoping to advance past the first round. the overall feeling is that this year is the team to do it because they have the most ready playoff roster they've ever had. >> i think the organization has done a good job of filling in any holes. as far as i've been here, i think this is the best team. >> i think it's as talented as we've had and a team that has the most playoff experience and i think that it's really a team that is focused in on winning. >> i'm sure, if you look at his franchise, we haven't made first round but i don't think our chances are better or worse or -- it's just different this year. so if we play good baseball, we should move on. >> reporter: there are still a few details to iron out, like
5:50 pm
>> miss burress, thank you, our good friend. see you at 6:00. all right. speaking of the nationals, we want to be out there cheering them on. we need to know, sweatshirt, jacket, what do i need? >> i think it's going to be a very, very warm night for a game. >> all right. >> i have to apologize to trey turner. i didn't think that guy could grow a beard. >> he's doing it. >> that's three months' worth. i'll show what you is happening out there in our area. plenty of sunshine and, yes, it's going to lead to warm numbers over the next couple of days. right now, 76. 72 at 7:00. down at 64 tonight. it's going to be cool but quite nice. 76 potomac. 76 right now downtown on the
5:51 pm
no rain to speak of. we're not going to see anything like that. tomorrow at the bus stop, no problem. another cool start. it was cool this morning but as long as you had the sweater and the jacket, you were fine. look at this. picking up the kids, 84 degrees. extremely warm day out there tomorrow. this time of year, average highs in the low 70s. tomorrow, 85 for a high. 85 on friday. friday, of course, is the first playoff game at that 7:30 one. let's look across the city. as the cubs come into town. 79 degrees first inning. 76 for the home stretch and 73 by the time you leave. maybe a sweatshirt or jacket if you tend to get cooler. yeah, you might want to take that jacket. most areas remaining fine. sunday, high of 83 after an 86-degree day on saturday. that game is going to be a hot one. it's taking place during the late afternoon. 78 on monday and 76 on tuesday. watching the tropics, we're talking a t
5:52 pm
sunday down towards the gulf coast and then come our way monday into tuesday. what does that mean? what kind of an impact? hopefully it's bringing us rain. we need to see some rain and it will bring us at least some rain. a couple of inches, anyway. strong winds, too. that issed it in. one thing i'll be watching where this storm passes and just how strong those winds are. much more at 6:00. i'm leon harris at the live desk. the jury just found a suspect in the case of the wedding caterer not guilty. he was super advising cleanup when an argument broke out. he stabbed her to death but he did so in self-defense. this is not the first time this case went
5:53 pm
the first one ended in a mistrial. he said this in part, "this was the right result of the facts and hopefully time will allow healing for all concerned." jim, back to you. >> leon, thank you. it's a record-breaking gift for the university of maryland. a group donates more than $200 million to the
5:54 pm
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
850 new jobs are coming to the new carrolton county. >> exciting. lots of jobs. today, the family of a construction magnet gave a gift, a big gift, that will help students attend maryland's flagship university. >> the clark family foundation donated $219 million that will expand scholarships and add new faculty positions and make investments in other buildings. >> excitement builds. more than $219 million. university of maryland expresses heartfelt gratitude.
5:57 pm
for bride in this university and in this stage. >> he puts it in perspective. >> i really believe that this is the most important day in the history of this university. >> reporter: the nearly quarter billion dollar gift comes from the clark county foundation. clark construction is well known in the washington area. 26 of its buildings are on the college park campus. james clark who died at the age of 87 attended the university on a scholarship. otherwise, he couldn't have afforded college. >> we're hoping to double the opportunity for students in the state to attend the university of maryland. >> reporter: applause greets dozens of clark college students already being helped financially. >> i'm from a very low-income family. if it was not for the clark opportunity scholarship, i wouldn't be able to pursue my dream. >> they've been helpful withy
5:58 pm
for it. >> these students are hoping that they qualify for a clark scholarship some day. >> for a family of six and having three younger siblings, being the head of the household, it's a large expense and i'm glad that there are opportunities like this. >> reporter: it's call for a celebration with the maryland fight song. ♪ reporting from college park, chris gordon, news4. now at 6:00, a baffling mystery. the las vegas mass skacre, why he do it? this comes with a chilling new video inside the killer's hotel room. and outside as police move in and try to save lives as he unleashed a hail of bullets on a crowd of thousands. >> everybody
5:59 pm
>> a live look at the mandalay bay casino, the hotel turned crime scene in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. >> tonight, new images of the gunman emerge as they zero in on his girlfriend trying to figure out what she knew in the days just before the attack. >> the story is dominating headlines. the motive is still a history. police say the gunman left behind clues as president trump travels to vegas to meet victims of the tragedy and the growing calls for action here in washington to stop the violence. >> we have team coverage for you this evening with reporters from coast to coast but let's begin with leon harris in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation. leon? >> jim and erika, right now the fbi is questioning stephen paddock's girlfriend, marilou danley. danley is a person of interest now.
6:00 pm
give them some insights into paddock's mental state and want to know if she had any prior knowledge of the mass skacre. danley's sisters live in australia and say the gunman send her away to keep her from interfering. >> she probably was even shocked because she's more closer to him than us, to be able to find out that the person you love and you live with can do such a thing. >> we're also learning more about the meticulous plan of this massacre. pictures from "the daily mail" show weapons scattered inside the killer's hotel room. paddock had surveillance cameras installed in the hallways. and body cam video shows the chaos and you can see


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