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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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unfortunately, out in arlington with a water main break along 29 at north beach street. the right lane is getting by in both directions. back to you. jack, thank you. las vegas massacre. >> go! everybody go! go! . run keep your head down. go! >> new video showing hundreds of people running for their lives when that shooting began at a country music festival sunday night. you can hear the police trying to evacuate hundreds of people from the festival grounds as bullets continue to rain down. he's telling them to go, to keep moving. this morning, we still don't know why that gunman went on a shooting rampage killing 58 people. and we are learning more about stephen paddock's movements before the shooting and
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>> they say paddock fired hundreds of rounds over ten minutes before police officers were able to storm his hotel room. >> investigators think he may have used another music festival as practice about a week beforehand. >> he rented a room in downtown p las vegas during the life is beautiful. they're going through footage to see how he behaved. they're also trying to figure out if he had any help. the woman who may have known paddock the best said she had no idea what he was planning. marilou danley was paddock's girlfriend. she was in the philippines when he shot more than 500 people at that music festival. danley said the man she knew was kind, caring, quiet and not a killer. >> i loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him. he never said
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believes paddock sent her away so that he could carry out his plans uninterrupted. now, all those families have to start the heartbreaking task of planning funerals and saying goodbye. a woman from our area was killed in the shooting and tonight there will be a candlelight vigil for her. denise burditus was vacationing with her husband tony and went to the music festival. they were married more than 30 years, two children, four grandchildren. tonight's vigil will get started around 6:30 at hedgeville high school football stadium in west virginia. take a look now at these pictures that aaron gilchrist took of a healing garden. people have set this up since the shooting. aaron is on his way back home, but he says he's happy that this uplifting story could be his last one in vegas. i think that makes a lot of difference to see people bringing a little bit of hope and happiness in a terribl
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healing garden you see here, the trees, soil, the brick pavers all came from donations. the idea came together monday night after the shooting. tuesday morning cues were hard at work planting trees in the city owned lot in the same area where the bullets rained down. they've also set up a wall that they're calling a prayer and remembrance wall. people can stop by and leave messages and thoughts about the people who died in the shooting. >> our main premise in the garden was not so much the end result but the process of bringing people together and healing. siegfried & roy generously donated this beautiful tree we're calling the tree of light. >> organizers just wanted to create something beautiful out of something horrific. the healing garden will be done by friday night and there will be a ribbon-cutting. i hope that it provides a source of healing and hope for so many people. not just the victims who have lost so much but that ee
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very quickly, but the actual healing is going to take a lot longer. >> absolutely. president trump visited las vegas and met with some of the victims and first responders. you can watch his entire speech in the nbc washington app. it's 4:34. developing right now, d.c.'s strict concealed carry law may get more lenient. mark segraves and tom sherwood both broke the news on twitter last night. the district had required anyone seeking such a gun permit to show a good reason why they needed one. but a three-judge panel ruled the condition as unconstitutional. the district could have taken the issue to the supreme court. coming up in a few minutes, justin finch breaks down what sources tell us about this decision. it's an important day for daca recipients. today is the deadline it file requests to renew their status. if they don't or if congress doesn't extend the program, they could face deportation. last month the trump administration announced it would
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allowing them to remain in the country if they were brought to the u.s. as children. an advocacy group will -- megan mcgrath will have a live report in the next hour. threatening to murder african-americans at howard university. 24-year-old john edgar rust is appearing in court this afternoon after being charged with threats to injure another person. he was using a wi-fi to post a threatening statement online. rust faces a maximum of five years in prison if convicted. an update to a story we told you about earlier this weekment a girl claimed she was sexually assaulted after getting off the school bus. it turns out she made the whole thing up. the girl told police she was pulled between two parked cars and assaulted in ft. washington last week. police closed
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family member that she made up the story after seeing a similar crime on tv. this is really tough. it affects people who have to have real incidents of sex assault reported and then worry that's not going to be true either. >> it also ties up the investigators for a couple of days trying to investigate the claim. >> exactly. new this morning, a new poll will who is leading the race for governor. >> molette breaks it down. >> in this new poll, ralph north a&m is ahead again by a bigger margin. the last poll we talked about was the rossen center survey when northam led gillespie. this new poll puts him ahead 53 to 40 among likely voters. it's from george mason's char school of policy and government and the "washington post." according to the poll, north a.m.'s numbers come from unanimous support among democrats after
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libertarian cliff high rah has -- just over half of the likely voters say president trump is not a factor for them. election day just over one month away. >> molette, thank you. it's not quite halloween but some people are talking about a white christmas. >> who? >> chuck is mentioning this. he said there's a la nina. it could bring more snow to the northeast. no signs pointing to a white christmas in the capital yet. it's october. hard to predict that far ahead. >> even for chuck. >> storm team 4 is putting together our winter outlook in a few weeks. stay tuned for what could be headed our way as we head toward the holidays. >> i heard my name. sheena and i were having a detailed conversation about something else. >> we were evoking your name, chuck. you were talking
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anyonina nonsense. >> it's the opposite of el nino. that's pacific. that's equatorial pacific water. just because it's el nino or la nina doesn't draw a straight line. that being said, whatever it takes to have a big snow winter. that's what i want. >> i'm going to disagree. i will say a lot of people want it. because you need it for the ski resorts. especially for business purposes out there as well. >> for business purposes. i like that. translation, she wants someone to shovel her walk for her. as long as you're getting the snow you want, that's all right. four things to know about the weather. the 80s are back today. summer warmth is here to stay. the tropics are looking more active. the next name on the list is nate. we'll be watching nate very, very carefully the next couple of days. rain chances remain very, very low. a weather front up to our north won't be bothering us. temperatures in the mild 50s and 60s.
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jack taylor. that means the windows should be open. >> uh-huh. down on the jeep on the ride. you're talking about snow. it's all very good. arlington, we've got a water main break. this could affect you on the lehigh way at north beach street. be aware. the kennedy center, crews always working. they'll be there until 6:00 or 6:15. travel gets by one direction at a time and our crews should be in the wrap-up stages. they've got just the right lane getting by. getting a little early delay. plan ahead, please. back to you. you've seen the chaotic moments a gunman opened fire in what is now our country's deadliest mass shooting. now we're hearing the frantic moments from one woman who didn't think she'd survive. the chilling message she reported that will make any parents' heart sink. it takes six weeks to earn the amount of
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thieves took in a matter of minutes. now we're learning he may not be on the hook for it after all. what a local bank is doing after an autistic man is scammed. the sweatshirt for salen o ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name. giving you the power to keep pace. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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we have an undate on this story about the
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swindled out of $600. >> we've learned that navy federal credit union is giving jordan potts his money back. montgomery county police con -- surveillance video captured one of the men inside the credit union. potts only makes about $100 a week working at a safeway grocery store. the credit union said every single one of our 7 million members is important to us as is their security and ability to rely on us to help make things right. police are still looking for the man who took potts' money. it takes him six, seven weeks to make that. >> the mom had a strong message for the suspect. i know they're still looking for them. >> glad to see they made it right. the push continues for more gun control. but that's not all. what else some lawmakers want to ban that they say could save lives. if you're just walking out the door, you may want to
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sheena, i woor one this morning. >> i wore one too, eun. we think very much the same. this morning, i will say if 60 degrees is cool, you grab the jackets. some areas in the mid-50s. you won't need it this afternoon. we'll be in the 80s. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor,
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trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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las vegas massacre. as we look live at the mandalay bay hotel, we don't know why a gunman went on a shooting rampage killing 58 people. this morning, we know that stephen paddock meticulously planned his deadly attack. >> he didn't leave anything to chance. he wired the room with cameras, blocked off the stairs. even had a get away plan. nbc's jay gray is live in las vegas. jay,o
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shooting? >> reporter: good morning, chris, good morning, eun. >> we heard from the sheriff last night who said at face value it looks like at some point he may have had some help. whether that was obtaining the weapons, moving them into place. he thinks that this was more than one man could have done on his own now. that's something they continue to look into here. they don't have any suggestion of who that may be. but they say it's a key part of their investigation. we also learned overnight that in the days leading up to the attack apparently was spending time with a woman. they'd like to know who she is and talk to her. also we know that he gambled for hours before locking himself inside that hotel room and turning his weapons on the crowd below. that's the latest live here in vegas. eun, chris, back to you. >> jay, thank you. as the shooting began, thousands of people ran for their lives. we've seen that video again and ag
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a woman who hid under a trailer for cover. >> as crystal hunkered down, she pulled herself out and recorded a goodbye message to her 11-year-old daughter. take a listen. >> ariel, i love you. i love you. >> she says she was sure she's going to die that that night. at one point the bullets were hitting the ground next to her. she was able to crawl out from under the trailer and run for safety. you hear those videos and you those calls that people make at the moment where they think i might not see my daughter again. >> and to have the presence of mind, how do i save myself? terrifying. >> the sound of the bullets are becoming embedded in all of our heads. >> democrats are calling for action on the device that allowed the gunman to fire so
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pace. it's called a bump stock. there are kits that can easily be purchased online and can transform a semiautomatic rifle into an automatic firearm. democrats introduced legislation to ban them. tracie potts is on capitol hill. >> president trump says now is not the time to discuss gun control measures. >> two so far have said they would vote for it. others are definitely open to discussing this idea. lawmakers have to do homework. even those who are gun owners and grew up around guns and familiar with them. some are telling us they never heard of this device that can be used as eun said, to turn a regular rifle into something that works like an automatic rifle. it doesn't make it fully automatic that person is telling us. but certainly, the carnage we saw in las vegas. here on capitol hill, the legislation has already been
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whether to ban them. it could turn out to be an area of compromise in gun control which, as you know, has been very difficult to get done here. there's still discussions about banning automatic weapons and universal background checks that don't seem to be moving ahead. at least, not a consensus on those items. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. coverage of the las vegas massacre continues on the nbc washington app. that is where you can learn more about bump stock devices and the democrats' push to ban them. virginia's attorney general filed an appeal in the lee boyd malvo case. he was part of the sniper trial that terrorized our area. they're appealing the judge's decision ordering a resentencing for malvo. the judge overturned the life sentence based on two supreme court case that is said mandatory life sentences for juveniles is
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he was 17 -- a mom it heading to jail for not getting her child vaccinated. the bottom's ex-husband wanted their 9-year-old vaccinated. but she said it violated her beliefs. while she is the primary care-giver, the judge told her the boy's father, quote, gets a say. now she will serve the seven-day sentence for contempt of court. it's not clear this morning whether or not the child will be or has been vaccinated. shoppers are enraged after someone spotted a hoodie on amazon describing anorexia as white bulimia with self-control. the sweatshirt cost bs $25 and it's been available for two years. the national eating disorder association spoke out against the sweatshirt saying it just perpetuates the myth that eating disorders are trivial and lifestyle choice. >> just poor taste. 4:51. did you ever hear the
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of picky eaters? guess what? that may be true. incompetent didn't realize this. a new study put out by the university of illinois found two genes connectsed to picky eating both relate to taste receptors. one is linked to children not liking certain foods and the other is associated with mealtime temper tantrums. >> kids have temper tantrums? >> never. they eat all their vegetables. researchers say this means parenting is not always to blame. it is a combination of genes and the child's environment. i do believe that if you keep giving it, keep giving it -- my kids are now good eaters. they're decent eaters. how about your guys? >> all in all, considering they're 4 years old, 6 years old, they'll eat carrots, cucumbers, little broccoli. >> that's good. there are kids who only eat beige food. >> my brother did with his kids, spinach in the eggs and say let' h
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>> you can puree vegetables and put it in stuff, too. >> make it seem like it's not what it is. you're not lying. just not telling the whole truth. >> when they figure it out, he or she will be mad. >> never going to eat it the rest of their lives. interesting, though. my dad eats literally anything together and claims that it all ends up in your stomach anyway. i know. he used to do that when i was little and it was gross. i feel i'm starting to do that, too. >> he was happy with his meals. >> always happy. everything tastes good together. no matter if it's sweet and salt i. >> if you want to head outside for a cup of coffee, it's not as chilly as it's been. but some of you may want a light jacket. you will not need it as the day goes on. we're back in the 80s. 80s into the weekends. then tropical rain into early next week. this is needed rainfall, but it could be over the stretch of a few days here. temperatures in the mid-50s through the suburbs. 54 leesburg and
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53 gaitsers berg and 61 in the district. again, 60 degrees, cool for you. by 8:00 a.m., try dry and sunny. 3:00 p.m., 83 degrees. it's going to be a warm day. locally, nice and dry across the area. we have a few more clouds off to the west. we have a disturbance over florida. not a big deal there. what we are watching is right around honduras and nicaragua, you can't really make it out very well. that's why i'm circled it. looks like a cluster of clouds. it's currently a tropical depression. the next named storm, though, would be nate. this is going to head to the north and a lot of computer models taking the panhandle of florida and louisiana as well. that's still yet to be seen. this is the current update. they look to be headed in our direction by early next week. that's where you get the tropical rain in the forecast. look at the 80s. it's going to be a warm one. the rain monday, tuesday and then drop back into the 60
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jack taylor, wtop. hey, jack. >> hey, sheena, good morning. we're keeping an eye out for our crews. only a few more cones to pick up. outer loop toward 355, 29 in arlington, lee highway at north veatch street. southbound on the george washington parkway, crews are working before the key bridge with just the right lane getting by. that also should be in the wrap-up stages. back to you. >> jack, thank you. new developments sur orounding pro life lawmaker who urged his mistress to have an abortion. the announcement he just made about his career. the caps are gearing up for their first game of the season. according to a new report, you may not want to
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a pennsylvania congressman at the center of a lurid sex scandal is retiring. congressman tim murphy will not seek another term. this comes days after a newspaper published text messages showing the congressman asking his mistress to get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant. murphy has been an outspoken opponent of abortion. the congressman recently acknowledged his affair when it was revealed as part of the woman's divorce
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>> you and i had a ten hin minute conversation about that. >> probably things we cannot sharon the air. wow. our area's newest and arguably the most famous hotel is getting a lot of attention. >> but not all of it is good. some federal workers near the tourist attraction worry their safety could be at risk. the iteam scott macfarlane explains. >> reporter: the new trump international hotel is drawing guests and tourists. it's also drawing protests. some large. some small. across a small driveway from the hotel sits the headquarters for the internal revenue service. irs workers receive more threats than any agency in the nation. some reached out to the -- saying the crowds and promotion have them concerned. especially after police arrested a pennsylvania man who had been acting suspiciously earlier this year. he's accused of having weapons and 90 rounds of ammo in his parked vehicle there. he's pleaded not
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>> what did you think when a man was arrested with a cache of weapons and 90 rounds of a.m. owes across the street from your workers at the irs? >> it was alarming and i think it under scores the very negative political rhetoric that is out around the country. >> the irs tells news 4 it works well with trump hotel security and constantly monitors security. but tonight on news 4 at 11:00, details from an internal irs e-mail sent last year that acknowledges security concerns. scott macfarlane, news 4 iteam. ♪ >> right now on "news4 today," honoring the victims of the las vegas massacre. >> new information about how a local survivor was saved and the new woman authorities are now looking for.


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