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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 6, 2017 3:30am-3:59am EDT

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the steve i knew two weeks ago, no longer the guy who did that. >> his brother doesn't see any signs but steven paddock's girlfriend said he had mental health issues and a ten minute video shot in real tim as they unfolded sunday night in las vegas. >> we are learning more about the three u.s. green berets killed in an ambush on patrol. >> and iss space, where they play frogger to avoid space debris. and a dog that set a world record for having the longest tongue for a dog. "early today" starts now. good
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the nations reeling thisdl shoog in modern american history that killed at least 58 people. new details are emerging on the investigation in to the gunman as multiple officials confirm that steven paddock considered other targets for his horrifying attack. they included a festival in chicago that is attended by thousands. he went as far as booking a room in a hotel nearby and did not show up. these are the views he would have had from the chicago hotel lo room overlooking the park. he did online research about hotels around boston's fenway park. however, most hotels in that area have an obstruct, if any view of the park. meanwhile the fbi is talking to the shooter's girlfriend, according to a official, she said paddock would lie in bed screaming oh, my god. he may have been in physical or mental anguish, but so far, they have not identified a clear
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investigating what paddock did in the hour between shooting a security guard and his room being breeched by officers when he was found dead. perhaps that could shed light in to why he committed this act. >> as the investigation continues so too does the memorial. it was another night of emotional tributes that i can see another one behind you there. >> indeed, philip. on the edge of the strip and here, there's been erected a memorandum moirrial that has 58 crosses. there have been people coming through all evening as it's grown and grown. paying their respects. paying tribute. trying to learn more about who the individuals were. and earlier this evening. not far from here, under a setting sun, there was a thousands of people gathering for the memorial service for the fallen l
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his name is charlston heartfield who was 34. and he was there off duty, with his wife who survive. his fellow officers paid tribute to him. i will continue to fight in your honor. with our brothers and sisters, the thin blue line always and forever no matter what, we are bonded as family. >> and we now know who all the vict victims were because the coroner released a full list today, but we don't know why the tragedy happened. >> that's a question we are all going to be asking for a long time, ron, thank you. >> well, an active u.s. military operation is under way in west africa after three elite green berets were killed in an ambush and firefight with islamic militants. we have the latest. >> reporter: pentagon
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been behind the deadly ambush of special forces. american troops are still on the ground. >> last night, we did lose three service members and it was a dynamic situation and we still have ongoing operations. >> reporter: it happened in the west african nation, the americans were on a training mission. described as routine. less than a dozen u.s. and local forces were on foot when they were ambushed by a larger group of islamic militants. the green berets and locals were overwhelmed and began to return fire. french helicopters arrived to rescue them, in addition to the three soldiers killed, two were injured. are these forces, looking to engage islamic militants? >> no, we are on a security
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>> reporter: the ambush could mark a new chapter in the battle against isis in africa as isis fighters are losing territory in syria and iraq. >> thank you for that. >> now, to washington, where a new report said that the president will punt on a major issue in lumber bimbo, the iranr deal. president trump will announce next week that he will decertify the international nuclear deal saying it's not in the interest of the united states, and kicking it to congress. the president stressed hiss displeasure with the iran nuclear deal overnight. >> we must not allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons. the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence. blo blood bloodshed and chaos across the middle east. that's why we have to put an end to iran's continued aggression and
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their agreement and we will discuss it tonight. >> but those are not the only comments upsetting some this morning. tracy, good morning, what are you hear something. >> so, last night, president trump had a meeting and dinner with military leaders and he made a comment that left some scratching their heads about what he meant during the meeting. you can see the photo op there and he also had dinner and listen to what president trump said. >> you know what this represents? it's -- >> the calm before the storm. >> could be. >> the calm before the storm. >> what storm? >> we have of the world's great military people in this room. i will tell you that. and we have had a great evening. thank you all for coming. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you will find
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>> thank you everyone. >> okay. >> so the president there with really the military brain trust of the united states but not talking about what he meant by the calm before the storm. was he talking about isis? was he talking about iran? was he talking about north korea? which he mentioned earlier in the day. we don't know, maybe we will find out more today. meantime, a report that the president was fuming about the nbc report about his secretary of state, rex tillerson calling him a moron and threatening to resign. tillerson has denied that, but when the president left town to go to las vegas, he left his chief of staff behind. new reporting suggesting that he was here at the white house trying to manage that crisis, also saying that vice president pence was fuming over this as well, being pulled in to it, because our report said that pence had questioned whether or not nikki haley as u.n. ambassador was
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hurting the administration. inside, trying manage that crisis, while on the outside, both of them appearing that everything is fine. >> a lot going on in washington. thank you so much for that report. >> all right, well, check out this startling new headline from u.s. today, secret service spent $137,000 on golf carts to protect trump at new jersey florida golf clubs. florida clubs rather. the tally came from purchases that the secret service made on contracts to rent golf carts at trump's own clubs in order to protect the president. one of those contracts extends from may to next year. meaning that $137,000 tally could rise. >> now to the tracking of tropical storm nate. >> in 48 hours we could have a hurricane making land fall. we will see how strong it can get, and it will impact how strong it will be by the time it
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45 miles an hour winds coming off the coat of hondurus. and then, over the southern gulf and the central gulf, it may get more intense. land fall, 80, 90 mile per hour winds. you will have to watch storm surge to the right. and after land fall, sunday in to monday. it will be a rain event from kentucky to west virginia, and brief heavy rain through southern new england. here's a closer look at your day ahad head had. so showers and thunderstorms are alwaso going to cause probls today. the battle between summer, winter and fall, will take place in the midwest and in to the plains. summer like in oklahoma city. and rain due in florida. so, again, loourz luiz,
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slidell. those are the areas of concern. >> we have a new world record to tell you about, meet the dog with the longest tongue for a dog. her owner said she is a happy pooch but sometimes she has problems with breathing because of her long tongue. and she is a rescue. is the nra cracking? we have the latest on the gun debate brewing in washington and vice president pence said it's time to meet our celestial neighbors. big price. big deal. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200 and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. ageless.
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we will return our attention back to our celestial neighbors and we will build the foundation that we need
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to mars and beyond. >> that is vice president pence at a meeting of the national space council while pushing for astronauts to make another trip to the moon. he stressed investing in satellite technology. >> in washington this morning there may be signs change could be around the corner. with republicans and congress and possibly the nra now sounding positive about reviewing restrictions on bump stocks that were used in sunday's las vegas attack. >> after decades of republican resistance on gun control, a new narrow opening on bump stocks. that let semiautomatic guns fire faster. >> apparently this allows you to take a semiautomatic and turn it in to a fully automatic, that is clearly something we need to look in to. >> it's not just house speaker paul ryan but john cornett. >> i think it's worth our serious consideration. >> and the president himself, willing to consider new re
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conversation. we think that we should have that conversation. and we want to be part of it moving forward. >> the wild card through all of it is the nra silent since sunday's shooting, surprisingly supporting stricter rules. in a statement saying devices designed to that allow semiautomatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles to be subject to additional regulations. but in 2010 that agency determined that the -- the devices are allowed. >> steve scalise is just back to work. talking now with chuck todd. >> i think it's a little bit early for people to say they know what to do to fix this problem. >> in the house, a new bipartisan bill would ban bump stocks. >> if i keep a constant forward pressure on this, it will
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they have been seen as a novemb novelty. >> never before seen video of singer selena and o.j. simpson was forced to visit the las vegas police department. we will tell you why, up next. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. (vo) more "dper rollres for mom" more "doing chores for dad" per roll
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if she is anything like wonder woman in real life
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♪ cannot do that! we have rules here! >> the door. >> wonder woman herself breaking down barriers to make it to the snl stage. hosting for the first time with musical guest sam smith. >> and losses vegas metro police say that o.j. simpson has for l formally registered with the local police in accordance with the law. after serving nine years for a 2008 armed robbery in a hotel, it was not clear which law required the former nfl star to region with police. >> a camera donated had rare footage, it was an interview with selena, the 23-year-old was shot and killed a year later. theus
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who shot the footat about to be a sanctuary state, governor jerry brown signed a bill that bars state and local law enforcement officers from asking about immigration status. it did not say whether or not it would try to block the law that goes in to effect january 1st. >> cars thee -- these days come with info-tainment. new research shows that all the high tech bells and whistles could make matters worse. >> from salt lake city police, dash cam video of a head on crash. the other driver, allegedly distracted. now, new research suggests that the newest incar technology may only be creating greater
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distractions. e calls an address in the and wifi, aaa and of studied 120 drivers using the technology. >> then, weaving to avoid a woman in the crosswalk and this one who nearly runs a stop sign while using a touch screen. of the 30 vehicles tested, 23 demand high or very high driver attention to use the technology. drivers typing addresses in to the gps were distracted the most, up to 40 seconds. >> my eyes are off the road at the moment. >> on a closed course in maryland, i went for a test drive with a lead researcher. >> how do you change screens from a.m. to fm. >> my eyes were off the road for 15 seco
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watch is likelynsfeed to hurricane warnings today. here's the brief look at the impact. wherever the center makes land fall, near the center is where we see the wind damage, trees and rooftops. we will see storm surge damage to the right. and this is a storm surge prone area. rainer for a few hours. us will move so fast, i don't think that we will have a lot of flooding. but the storm surge will be one of the bigger issues. right now, it's a general forecast the lake pontchartrain could get 5-8 feet and mississippi coat line, 4-8 feet. that is enough to cause problems. so we will watch it as we go through saturday night in to sunday morning. >> all right, thanks, bill. just ahead the latest on the puerto rico's struggle to regain power and a major deadline just passed.
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3:58 is the time. i'm molette green. we're working for you today. nationals playoff gameday. the game could impact your day even if you're not going. we'll tell you why. chuck sh. molette, a cloudy sky outside this morning. it's a warm and humid start to the day. going to feel a lot more like
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♪ right now on news 4, she was a wife, a grandmother, a beloved friend. a look at the tribute to a local las vegas shooting victim.
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anyone with aging family. an elderly woman abused. now we know how long her former caretaker will spend behind bars. my word choice was degrading and disrespectful. >> saying sorry. hear the new apology from the nfl star accused of making sexist comments. good morning everyone. it's 4:00 a.m. you still have a few more hours to take a look at that gorgeous full moon. it's known as the harvest moon because it is the full moon that falls closest to the northern hemisphere's autumn equinox. the sunset yesterday, which is why you may have noticed a slight orange glo for a bit. you should be able to see it for a few hours. good morning everyone. i'm molette green. i'm in the weather center with


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