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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, the special consumer investigation you can't miss. >> you both are contractors? >> yes. >> we're working for you after complaints about a door to door business. our susan hogan goes under cover. >> plus, a
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home. only on news 4, their emotional plea for a place to live. >> it's like trying to climb mount he have rest. we need some help. >> why the thing they're asking for could be a win/win for everyone. >> tonight, a karate teacher accused of touching a teenager. >> he would never do that. >> the strong reaction and support from people who know him and why police are worried about more victims. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> and good evening. that karate teacher has been teaching kids how to defend themselves for a decade. >> and now some of his students are coming to his defense after police charged him with inappropriately touching a student. frank pugarita faces several charges tonight after a 15-year-old girl made some charlotteli startling claims. >>
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karate teacher accused of sexually touching a teenage girl. they are standing here with their parents permission holding signs in defense of this instructor. >> i really want to get help. >> 15-year-old jennifer santos speaks with us with her mother's permission. saddened karate instructor is charged with sex abuse. >> he helped me a lot, in self-defense. i was bullied when i was younger. he taught me to stand up for myself and he taught me basically everything i know today. >> reporter: montgomery county police say he inappropriately touched a 15-year-old karate student here at the karate studio. he has owned this place for a decade, winning tournament trophies in the home of karate champion. officers arrested him on monday. naomi vasquez joined 12 years ago. she's now a black belt. >> he's never done anything. >> reporter: do you know who the alleged victim is? >> yes,
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>> reporter: and do you believe her? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: why not? >> because she started following everybody else. >> reporter: police started the velgs about three months ago. the teen told detectives he sexually touched her between january to june of this year during lessons. >> i feel like this is all a nightmare and i really hope that he's proven innocent. >> reporter: detectives say there may be more victims. they urge parents to talk to their children to see if they have been in contact with frank pugarita. if that is the case police want to hear from you. in gaithersburg, maryland, shomari stone, news 4. >> we have breaking news in california right now. crews trying to gain the upper hand on a slew of wildfires that are ripping through california. take a look at this image from space. >> yeah, you can see the thick smoke up and down the coast. we have team coverage tonight. let's go with leon harris at the live desk. leon, the pictures and numbers are only getting worse tonight.
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>> yeah, doug, jim, the numbers are difficult to grasp. here now are the latest numbers coming into the newsroom. at least 17 people now killed. that's the total now being updated. that includes an elderly couple, 100-year-old man and 98-year-old wife they couldn't escape their home in time. 100 people missing, there are 20 major wildfires burning out of control this hour. most of them in northern california. 2000 homes and businesses are also gone, and that includes several wineries in the world famous napa and sonoma county areas. hundreds of thousands of people now are leaving their homes, but news 4 is getting an up close look at the devastation. it turns out that our doreen gentzler just happened to be out there on vacation in wine country when these fires hit. >> everything was great until monday, early morning, we woke up early to the smell of smoke everywhere. and soon realized that there was a new wildfire was burning on a ridge just a few miles away from our
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>> fortunately doreen and her friends are safe. hundreds of other folks out there now crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. fire fighters hoping for an improvement in conditions it help them fight this fire. doug kammerer standing by with more on that. what's the word, doug, any relief for these folks? >> unfortunately not, leon. tomorrow we're going to see the red flag warng return and that means extremely dry conditions again. this whole area under red-flag warning. what this means is any fires that are out there are going to be able to spread extremely rapidly because of the extremely dry, not just the dry air, but the very dry vegetation. winds on the increase tomorrow. winds gusting 15 to 30 miles per hour. upwards of 45 miles an hour in some places, and that is just going to continue to spread these wildfires extremely quickly. earlier today they had a little bit of a window with winds upwards of 5 to maybe 10 miles an hour. that's it. but tomorrow those winds go right back up. i think this is going to get a lot worse before it starts to get better. now, as far as our weather is
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issue. we've got the rain that is moving in right now. you can see some of that rain just sout of the fredericksburg area. more rain back to the west. i'll show you when this moves in, how 2 affects your wednesday and how it may also affect part of your weekend. >> all right. we'll see you in a bit. doug, thank you. tonight there are new reports that harvey weinstein's wife of ten years is now leaving him. that's according to people magazine. this announcement comes as more women accuse the hollywood mogul of sexual harassment and assault. georgina chat man told the magazine tonight her heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain. earlier today, the new yorker magazine released an audio recording from a 2015 n.y.p.d. sting operation. a foreign model appears to be rejecting weinstein's advances inside a hotel. >> why yesterday you touched my breast? >> oh, please, i'm sorry, come on, i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? no, but i'm not used to that. >> i won't do it again. come
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sit here. >> the new yorker also published a report that alleges that 13 women have accused weinstein of sexually harassing or assaulting them. so far no criminal charges have been filed against weinstein. >> a homeless family is making an emotional plea to d.c. landlords. me linda and ezra bryant lost everything. when a fire destroyed their home, and now they are asking for a new fund that will help them and many others qualify for a lease and a new place to live. mark segraves has the story you're only going to see on news 4. >> i'm sorry. it's hard. >> reporter: ezra bryant has never turned his back on his family or his country. he served as a marine. now he works two jobs so his wife can finish college and to provide for their daughters. after a fire destroyed their home, they were unable to qualify for a new lease. >> go into an apartment, fill out an application, and
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enough money. >> reporter: now they live in a shelter. >> it's been a struggle with both work and trying to find a place. so, it's hard. >> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the bryant's plight is not unique. there are lots of families living in shelters simply because they have bad credit or don't make enough money to qualify for a lease. >> prevent them, literally from getting a foot in the door of their new home. [ applause ] >> reporter: bowser is starting the landlord partnership fund. she gathered dozens of landlords at city hall and asked them to contribute to the fund that would then guarantee the landlords would get paid if a family wasn't able to pay their rent in exchange the landlords would lower restrictions on qualifying for a lease. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was the brients who stood before the landlords and told them their story and asked them to participate in this new program. >> we are hoping to make a new start.
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it's not easy. we need help. >> reporter: bowser is hoping to raise $500,000 in tax deductible contributions. meanwhile, the bryants will keep working and keep hoping they'll get that break they are so desperate for. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> not the ending usa wanted on a global stage. for the first time in more than 30 years, the u.s. men's soccer team not going to be playing in the world cup. the team was just eliminated by trinidad and tobago. sheree will have more coming up in sports. >> nats fans were hoping to take the nlds back to d.c. with game four. but the weather, it had other plans. torrential rain in chicago postponed the pivotal gave for washington. the nats are in a do or die situation. they have to win tomorrow's game 4 at wrigley field to force a decisive game 5. first pitch tomorrow afternoon
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decision that has everybody talking tonight. carol maloney will join us from chicago live in just a bit. >> we are less than 48 hours away from the grand opening of the wharf along the southwest waterfront. about 20,000 people are expected every day during this opening weekend. 20,000. mayor muriel bowser showed off different ways to get there and avoid the traffic. there is a new shuttle bus that will travel l travel between the bus and l'enfant plaza. there is also a new water taxi that will be stopping at georgetown and alexandria to pick you up and drop you off. we're going to have live coverage of the wharf's grand opening all day on thursday. they will be starting us off in the morning and then hanley and doug are going to be there in the afternoon. you're getting there by water taxi? you're going to kayak there. come ton down and see everybody or watch it here on news 4. you can also watch on our nbc washington app. >> big
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>> next, a news 4 consumer investigation reveals a door to door business using scare tactics to rip you off. >> i was panicked, yes. >> and when the owner wouldn't respond to us, we tracked him down. >> next, susan hogan under cover, looking out for your money. >> we had a number of viewers who were calling to complain about you. >> what you need to know before this potential scheme hits your doorstep.
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ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. news 4 consumer investigation uncovering what could be a scheme that involves tree
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you getting action and getting answers. >> all right. michael, my name is actually susan hogan. >> susan? >> with nbc 4. >> okay. >> we've been trying to get in touch with you a lot. >> we confront that owner there of the company after we heard from several customers who told us he and his crew took their money, never finished the job, and there's more. >> consumer investigative reporter susan hogan is here with what she discovered. >> they targeted the wrong grandmother. that's what one of the alleged victims tells us. tonight we are learning fairfax county police are now investigating this company for allegedly targeting elderly homeowners, using scare tactics to get them to buy services they don't need. it starts with a knock at the door. >> it was late on sunday evening. >> an unsolicited visit from a company called savannah's tree and yard experts. >> i'm remembering that he
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i did not request somebody to come to my house. >> deborah and rose say a person identifying himself as johnny walker showed up at their door and told them he noticed they had dead trees on their yard and he and his crew could remove them. >> starting at $3,800. the whole amount was almost $10,000. >> the ladies each paid the company in full and were told to make the checks out to the owner, michael jackson. deborah's elderly neighbor across the street also wrote a check to jackson for $1,000. in all three cases, the consumers don't dispute the trees were dead. they're upset that the crew never returned to remove the stumps like their contracts stated. over at rose's house, they told her they found an even bigger problem. >> there's three holes in your roof. >> and even said they had proof. >> they rang the doorbell again and showed me this wet insulation which i assumed came out of one of the holes in my roof. i was panicked, yes. >> she agreed to pay them 00
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second opinion from a licensed roofer before the work started. >> there were no holes? >> no, no holes. >> no wet insulation? >> no, no. >> rose canceled the contract with savannah's tree and called us. news 4 learned the company and its owner michael jackson are not licensed in virginia to do roof work or other structural repairs. however, a license isn't required for tree removal in the state. >> the biggest thing i want to take away, i want consumers to have is that it's not their fault that, you know, that people lied to them and we're here to help if needed. >> fairfax county officials are looking into all three complaints of the unfinished work and we have learned police are now investigating savannah's tree and yard experts for fraud in rose's case. we scald and texted michael jackson several times, but never got a response. so, we called from a different number and set up an appointment for a free estimate. with hidden cameras set up at every angle, w
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hi, guys. who is who? >> i'm mike. >> you're mike? >> within minutes of walking around the yard, michael and another guy named jeff informed me that beyond just cutting trees, they do other work. i'm sorry? >> you do deck work, do you really? you do roofing, too? oh, you both are contractors? >> yes. >> and you have licenses and stuff so i don't have to worry about that? >> you don't have to worry. >> you're all insured? but remember, jackson nor his company is licensed to do home improvement work in virginia. now it was time to reveal who we are. >> all right. michael, my name is actually susan hogan. i'm with nbc 4. >> okay. >> we've been trying to get in touch with you a lot. >> for what? >> we've been trying to get in touch with you because we have a number of viewers who were calling to complain about you. this is my crew. >> not only did he deny getting my messages, he also said he
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customers. >> they talked to you and you don't know rose? you don't remember going to her house? >> rose, no, i do not. >> you are michael jackson? >> yeah. >> savannah tree? >> other people work under me. i don't know what they do all the time. >> who is john walker? >> oh, i don't know. >> well, we can tell you what these guys who came with him are doing right now. they're leaving him. >> are you? >> okay. >> with that, jackson left on foot. >> fairfax county police aren't sharing many details about their investigation because it's still ongoing, but they did confirm one thing. that rose's complaint is part of an even larger fraud investigation. i'm susan hogan, news 4. >> good work. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> i want to come out with my crew. my crew and there's my crew. how is our weather tomorrow, are we going to get some rain? >> we are going to get some rain. we have some rain making our way right now. not a whole lot going on out
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there but we are dealing with some rain. down in our south and western zone, but not in d.c. just yet. take a look outside, actually pretty nice night. temperature wise, we are, of course, above average. our average high is 71. we're at 76 right now at 11:00. so, that warm air continues to be in place, but notice the wind out of the northeast at 7. we're going to start it see things change and that change will come tomorrow. temperatures will be about where they are right now all day tomorrow. that's going to be significantly cooler by about 10 to 15 degrees from where we've been over the past couple of days. you see the rain. some heavy rain, very heavy rain towards fredericksburg, richmond along i-95. shen endou shenandoah county. more rain down to the south. this is going to continue to make its way right on through tomorrow morning. you notice back towards chicago. now, we canceled the nationals game as a result of this rain. you can see, yeah, not a good night at all for the game. the flags blowing in the wind, too. a lot of rain coming in toward the chicaan
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but tomorrow should be fine for the game. i believe it's 4:00 game, but you can watch us and then you can watch the game on the app. that's how you do that. >> okay. >> just telling you. all right, what are we going to be seeing tomorrow? future weather shows the shower activity overnight tonight. watch what happens by 8:00 a.m. more showers and a lot of rain on the road. watch out for wet roadways early tomorrow morning. give yourself a little extra time. take that umbrella with you because you'll need it off and on rain, just about all day long. and we will be seeing it. now, not expecting a lot of rain, but the showers will be here right on through 5:00. notice just some scattered shower activity through that 5:00 hour. and about 10:00 or 11:00 watching boundary move that will give us shower activity tomorrow night, too. we'll be in for rain wednesday, most likely right on through the day on friday, too. 75 tomorrow, cooler with rain, less humid and overcast conditions and look what happens on thursday. highest temperature of 69 degrees, rather breezy. thursday is going to be one of those very dreary fall days where we've got the rant,e'
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breeze coming down. it's going to feel quite cool. 70 degrees coming up on friday. saturday and sunday, hey, the best two days of the ten days. 77 on saturday, 83 on sunday. and then next week we have another frontal boundary, we get pretty cool tuesday and wednesday of next week. looking quite nice. sunshine, upper 60s. >> i'm going to polish my boots. >> there you go. >> me, too. >> rain pushing game 4 until tomorrow, but will it push one now he looks me square in the eye, and, i swear he says, "welcome to navy federal credit union." whoa friendly alert! i got a great auto rate outta that guy.
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you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk.
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guaranteed one more day out of this thanks to mother nature. >> yes. i mean, the nats live to see another game thanks to mother nature. game 4 at wrigley delayed about 45 minutes before being postponed altogether. it was about this time last night baseball officials decided to make first pitch mid afternoon, but that decision to wait still looked like it back fired. major league baseball officials deciding to push this game to a 4:08 start tomorrow. there is a good call. look at this wrigley field, this got doused and it's still coming down. nats fans hoping to see steven strassburg on the mound with full rest tomorrow. but strassburg is sick and won't be able to go. so, with more on the nats game for pitching situation, here's carol maloney. >> a rainy dreary mess here at wrigley field. but may this be the good omen the washington nationals needed? a change in date does not change
11:26 pm
the plan for the starting pitcher. dusty baker said he is sticking with tanner. >> we have full confidence in tanner. stras, it would have been better, but he's feeling under the weather. like a lot of my team is. so, this day actually comes as a plus for our team. >> he's still scheduled to pitch thursday? >> yes. >> any possibility going out of the bull pen tomorrow in needed? >> i don't know, man, i ain't even thinking about that tell you the truth. i'm thinking tanner is going to do his thing. you're not going to see any good pitching out of the nationals. i don't care who they throw out there. their starters are that good. >> moving forward, man, you don't cry about stuff lieng that. you get ready, you play, you have to pitch better than good pitching to win. >> game four pitch wednesday, 4:08. a win by the nats would send them scrambling home to d.c. for thursday's game 5. and best case scenario. in chicago, carol maloney, news 4 sports.
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>> thanks, carol. cup qualifying usa needs to win against trinidad and tobago to clinch a spot. not that easy. 17th minute centering pass and it finds its way into the net. this one his own goal, omar gonzalez gets a piece of it sending it over the head of tim howard and in. usa down 1-nil. from way out he scored. this one sailing past howard and in. trinidad and tobago take a 2-nil lead. they go on to beat the united states 2-1, usa fails to qualify for the world cup for the first time since 1986. a shocker on the pitch. you saw the fans there actually in trinidad and tobago enjoying it. last time they missed a world cup ronald reagan was president. >> has it been that long? >> yeah, it's been that long. >> hard too believe. wow. heank you, s
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but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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and finally tonight, one of our own is being recognized for working tirelessly for her efforts to shine a light on mental health. >> doreen gentzler is the voice behind our changing minds campaign. tonight she was given the visibility and progress award at the research and hope awards ceremony. news 4's aun yang accepted the award on doreen's behalf because sheesz still in california. michael phelps delivered tonight apartments keynote address and we have a list
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looking for help with any mental health issues. just go to our nbc washington app and search changing minds and then click on where to find help. >> so many stories she shared and we've shared over the years with that. that's going to do it for us. hey, mandy moore is coming up next fromhis is us t
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find it in a subaru crosstrek. z2i1vz z16fz y2i1vy y16fy [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mandy moore, shaquille o'neal,


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