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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  October 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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died. one person rushed to the hospital. now this happened just after midnight on eighth street northwest. this is around the brightwood area of d.c. if you're familiar with the area, just off georgia avenue not too far from paul public charter school. right now police are looking for a person driving a bmw 3 series. we're headed to the scene. i'm chris lawrence. the main story we're keeping our eye on this morning, the weather. take a look at storm team 4 radar. the rain starts making its way through our area. south of the district probably already starting to see the drops coming down. sheena parveen says, hey, look, this is the day you've got to grab your umbrella, rain jackets, something. >> grab it all. so we have the rain on the radar this morning, chris. it will be different than yesterday. yesterday was dry, felt like summer. today not so much
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going to be cooler as we go through the afternoon. starting off your wednesday with rain. this is mostly if you are around fredericksburg. the rest of the area dealing with low clouds or maybe a little bit of patchy fog trying to form right now. around fredericksburg that's where we have the rain over into the central parts of calvert county. morning hours for the dmut future weather showing more widespread showers moving into the district, northern virginia. keep our eye on for the morning hours. keep this in mind. before you leave, even though it's dry, grab your umbrella. we'll take a closer look at the timing and into the week end. we have changing temperatures coming our way. thank you, sheena. we also have breaking news out west. devastating wildfires in california not letting up at all. more than 100 people still missing. crews found two more people dead last night making the total now up to 17 from these
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federal disaster. the worst area is in sonoma county north of san francisco. new video of the absolute destruction there. although fire crews did make some progress yesterday, today could bring more wind, less humidity and get those fires moving all over again. so far they have destroyed some 2,000 homes and buildings in napa. more than a dozen wineries were damaged. five of them a total loss. a lot of parents are still learning about the disturbing allegation against a karate instructor from gaithersburg. frank pugarita is charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old student. they say he inappropriately touched her between january and june of this year. despite the allegations, dozens of kids and their parents showed up to support the instructor last night. >> he helped me
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at times when i was bullied, i was younger, i was bullied. he taught me to stand up for myself and he taught me just about everything i know today. >> detectives say there may be more victims. they want parents to talk to their kids to see if there was any inappropriate contact with him. there are a lot of developments in the controversy surrounding hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. "people" reports his wife is leaving him amid the growing accusations of sexual misconduct. the latest accusations come from angelina jolie and agage gwynet paltrow. he has denied all allegations of assault. coming up, we'll have a look at an audio recording from the nypd of weinstein and an italian model captured during a sting
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my allergies are killing me. world cup dreams are over for the u.s. soccer team. they're going to miss it for the first time since 1986. >> it's not wait until next year, it's wait four nmore year. >> while you were sleeping they lost to trinidad is he bag gee. the americans have made seven straight appearances in the world cup following a 40 year period when they were not good enough to go. the nationals extended their playoff hopes by another day. well, thanks to mother nature. take a look at the rain coming down yesterday in chicago. the nats and cubs will try again this afternoon to play game 4 at wrigley field. it is still do or die. they're n
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stephen strasburg is out sick. carol maloney shows you how tanner roark is handling the pressure. >> reporter: not too long ago a kid sitting in a seat just like this one here at wrigley was rooting on his beloved chicago cubs. now that kid later today will be on the mound starting for the washington nationals in the biggest game of his career. >> i just think the atmosphere around here is amazing and, you know, to pitch here at wrigley and to hear the fans. i know they're going to be crazy, like i said. just do what i do best and try to keep them quiet. >> people have been reaching out to you for tickets. has it been kind of crazy for the last few days? how many people do you expect? >> it hasn't been too crazy. i have five of my family members coming. nobody's really reached out. theye
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own tickets which is very good on me and it's a lot less stress that i have to worry about. >> reporter: game four, the first pitch will be at 4:08. a win would send the washington nationals home to get ready for thursday's game five. at wrigley field, carol maloney, news 4 sports. despite it, strasburg is listed to start the game five. if you buy a ticket it will run you between 100 bucks and $1800 bucks. sheena, i don't know when that rain is going to kick up around here but anything that will knock down whatever is in the air that's killing my allergies this morning, i will take it. >> i wasn't aware that fall is kind of a bigger allergy time of the year. i was told that the other day because a lot of people's allergies are acting up. it's not just you, chris. >> thank you. misery loves company. you know that. >> i do kno
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you're alone this morning with your allergies. sorry. i'll bring you some tissues though in a little while. >> thank you. >> allergy medicine. between 5 and of:6:00, that's w we're seeing sthouhowers move i the district. the rain is currently coming up. i'll show you the timing through today and what you can expect as we head through your weekend. >> thank you, sheena. you've heard this before, celebrities are just like us. the errands that a lot of us run that oprah said she did. you're going to love
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. you're watching "news 4 today." the model at the center of this controversial dove ad campaign is speaking out. the nigerian model said she had no idea the final cut of the ad that was supposed to celebrate diversity would turn out the way it did. she said she and the other models were excited and eager to represent women of all shades. if she had known about the final ad she said she would have walked off the set. dove has come out and apologized for that ad. between atms and online banking we don't go into a branch as much as we used to. how about oprah? she hilariously admitted to
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she's been inside a bank. for some reason she missed it and went in to personally deposit a million dollar check. >> how did that feel? >> it felt fantastic. >> i bet it did. that's fantastic. >> i feel pretty fantastic, too, if i was depositing a million dollar check. oprah also doesn't have a pin number. why would she? she's got people for that. sheena, i don't know about you. when you get your million dollar check do they go directly into your bank account or do you walk it in? >> they disappear into thin air. i always wonder what happened to them. i go to the bank and i don't have it anymore. >> where was that million dollars. >> where does it come from anyway? i have no idea how she was even able to walk -- i would wear a disguise or something. but then you have to tell me your name. what a mess. >> it didn't surprise
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when they said oprah hasn't been in a bank in three decades, that makes sense. >> it did surprise me a little bit because 20 years ago we didn't have the atms. >> you hand it to your assistant. >> oh, well. congratulations to her. anyways, this morning grab the umbrella before you head out. we are talking about another rainy day. yesterday was good. today we have showers around fredericksberg but we will see more throughout the morning. a close look at the timing and what to expect for your commute straight ahead. >> thanks, sheena. he's accused of sexually harassing women for decades. now we're finally hearing a recording from one of the alleged incidents. the controversy surrounding the nfl players and the national anthem could come to an end or get rsed toai
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so get the best internet with the 100% fiber-optic network. get fios, now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned.
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to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. news 4 is working for you this fire prevention week. we found some apps to help keep you and your family safe. first up is the family fire escape planner. you can draw the layout of your home and plan out where you would escape. >> nice blueprint there. second is make a safe
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this app shows you how to hold a home fire drill in real life. it will time out how fast you can get out of your house. the goal is less than 2 minutes. another great one to download is the fema app. they've got a lot of important tips about fires and how to prevent them. this will send you reminders to test your fire alarms. >> an app perfect for the kids. this one called sparky and the case of the missing smoke alarms. a storybook mystery featuring sparky the fire dog. it's all about the importance of smoke alarms because we know they are very important. we've posted a link to all these apps on our -- in our app, actually. nbc washington, search fire safety. >> i think we learned yesterday only about half the people actually have a plan to get out. >> a lot of people don't. it's scary, too, because once that fire starts, it goes up so quickly. saw a live shot the other day. aside from that, the smoke will get y
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>> thanks, sheena. she'll be back in a minute or two to get us a check on the forecast. first, take a look at this. this is the scene of a family's backyard in brazil after a plane crashed into their pool. you can see one of the plane's wings sticking out of the pool. all three people on board the plane died but fortunately no one on the ground was hurt. right now authorities are trying to figure out what caused that plane to go down. believe it or not, the controversy over nfl protests during the national anthem may be about to get even bigger. that's because the issue will be front and center when league owners meet next week. roger goodell expressed the belief that everyone should stand for the anthem. the nfl has presented a plan that it will present next week. it's unclear whether standing during the anthem will be made mandatory. sexual misconduct accusations against harvey weinstein are ripping through
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hollywood this morning. now two hollywood heavy weights are going public saying weinstein harassed them as well. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: another seismic shock in hollywood. angelina jolie and again net paltrow saying they were sexually harassed by harvey weinstein. >> i will testimony yll you som return. >> she tells "the new york times" weinstein put her hands on her and suggested they go to the bedroom for massages. i was a kid. i was petrified. paltrow said she left and told her then boyfriend brad pith who confronted weinstein. >> jolie said she chose never to work with him again and warned ores when they did. in the new yorker 13 women say they were sexually harassed or assaulted by weinstein including three who say they were raped.
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weinstein's spokesperson says any allegations of non-consensual sex are unee givically denied by mr. weinstein and there were never any acts of retaliation for refusing his advances. ronan farrow broke the story. >> uncanny similarities exist between each of these women's stories. they talk about a pretexts of a professional meeting that is then moved to a hotel and a hotel room. many of them refer to offers of massage. >> louise geist is telling a familiar story. >> he returned with nothing but a robe and he was buck naked. >> after she claimed he inappropriately touched her, new york police set up a sting. >> why yesterday you touch my breast? >> please, i'm sorry, i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? no, but i'm not used to that. >> the
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attorney declined to press charges. >> former and current talked about a culture of silence in the company, talked about how they witnessed inappropriate activity. >> the weinstein company did not respond. weinstein's behavior such an open secret it was a joke at the 2013 oscar nomination. >> congratulations, you five ladies, you no longer have to e pretend to like him. >> a movie titan now accused of abusing power and women. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. late last night the weinstein company's board of representatives released a statement saying the allegations against harvey weinstein came as a surprise to them. the members saying any suggestion that the board had knowledge of this conduct is false. as you head out the door this morning, you're going to want to grab the umbrella. we're actually starting to see some rain moving into the
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>> yes, especially if you're in fredericksburg. we've been in this pattern where we see the rain, then we have a dry day again and then we have the rain. not everyone seeing the rain right now. weep in mind your wercdnesday i going to be off and on. we have the rain south of the district. we will see more scattered showers developing as we go through the morning. keep that in mind as well. around fredericksburg, light rain. calvert county. and we'll keep the rain in the forecast. not raining when we step outside and leaving. make sure you grab the umbrella. 74 right now the temperature in the district. 72 dulles. 74 quantico. annapolis, 74 degrees. mainly dealing with the low clouds. 7:00 a.m. scattered showers. by
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future weather, we go through your morning. scattered showers developing. keep the umbrella. we expect more through the afte rn z2fwdz z16fz
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you're watching "news 4 today." a threat of violence is not scaring people off from a civil war reenactment in virginia. this weekend thousands are expected to go to middletown for the reenactment of the battle of cedar creek. news 4's darcy spencer who spoke with organizers who say the threat could increase the size of the crowd. >> reporter: neil beaver is the general manager at schaeffer's barbecue market in middletown, virginia. it sits next to the cedar creek battlefie battlefield. >> there will be a couple thousand reenactors camping in our backyard and they can walk to the business as wel
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visitors. >> the foundation that runs the battlefield hosted a letter saying they will be harmed. >> reporter: do you think the threat is going to deter people? >> i hope not. it may encourage other people to come out to stand up for their rights and voice their opinion. >> reporter: walt guy lord is setting up his artwork and tent getting ready for reenactment weekend. >> not concerned at all. the nature of the threat was so immature. >> reporter: thousands of reenactors are expected to act out the battle on a field where it happened in october 1854 and it can grow a large crowd of spectators. those we spoke to on the battlefield today told me what they do to be a hobby, a live
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>> reporter: that's how chuck johnston told me that he felt. he's been doing this for more than a decade. >> i'm not rohr rid about it. none of us are. all right. we are coming up now on 4:26 this morning. "news 4 today" continues right now with eun yang and angie goff. >> "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news, wildfires continue to rage across the state of california, and this morning winds are starting to whip up leaving officials fearing even more death and destruction. another breaking story right now, a shooting in the district claiming the lives of two people. our crews just pulling up to the scene working right now to get more information on a possible suspect. a karate teacher accused of sexual abuse. why police want to know if there are moric
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coming to the instructor's defense. rain, rain, go away. how about that humidity. get out of here please. not another rain delay. what we can expect as the nats try to hold on to their postseason life in just a matter of hours. >> i'm hoping that delay is good news for the nats. >> yeah. >> i hope there's one more day to rest, gear up. >> get yourself together. >> could use a little more rain in chicago. >> we'll see how it goes. >> have you worn red every day? >> i did yesterday. this has a little bit of red. i'm doing the best i can. now i'm here in spirit. >> yes, you are. you are the ult 345i9 optomist. >> i really am. >> what other choice do i have otherwise i would be crying every day. >> thank you. >> rain, are we going to get rain, that's the question? >> yes. we have rain right now. not for everybody. mostly south of mainly fredericksburg. parts of
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dry yesterday. felt like summer. today though we're watching the radar for your morning commute. fredericksburg and down 95 seeing the steady rain so far. this is really early rainfall. rest of the area as we look across the district, across the beltway up towards frederick, northern virginia and maryland. we're looking at maybe small, light showers. cloud cover across the area. you can see a little bit of patchy fog. temperatures though, they're still pretty mild. we have a cooldown in the forecast. you'll notice it this afternoon along with the rain. make sure you grab the umbrella. let's head to the commute this morning. good morning, jack. >> hey, sheena. a lot of the crews were chased off by the weather. that's good. a couple of work zones still hanging in. crews have the left lane getting by in both directions. down at the kennedy center, traffic willlt
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it doesn't affect them. they usually leave 6 or 6:15. mount airy, the left lane gets by the paving project. also find 66 going west after 50 in fairfax, there's a work zone with a single left lane closed and not causing a delay. back to you. >> jack, thank you. 4:29. breaking news right now. 17 people have died in california as the fast-moving wildfires burn across the state. those images are devastating. >> heartbreaking. hundreds of others still missing this hour. you are looking at some brand-new video just into our newsroom. this, eun, are people's backyards. their homes completely destroyed. so far the fire is wiping out some 2,000 homes and buildings as well. overnight we learned five of them are a disaster. >> the government
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return. that makes it difficult for firefighters with the flames. >> fueling all of this. we continue to follow a lot of developments also in that controversy that is surrounding hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. "people" magazine now reporting that a wife of ten years -- we're going to get to that story in a minute. leaving him amid the growing accusations of sexual misconduct. the latest accusations now include angelina jolie as well as gwyneth paltrow. terry mccullough is donating things to charity. he is giving thes donations to the virginia foundation. th


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