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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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return. that makes it difficult for firefighters with the flames. >> fueling all of this. we continue to follow a lot of developments also in that controversy that is surrounding hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. "people" magazine now reporting that a wife of ten years -- we're going to get to that story in a minute. leaving him amid the growing accusations of sexual misconduct. the latest accusations now include angelina jolie as well as gwyneth paltrow. terry mccullough is donating things to charity. he is giving thes donations to the virginia foundation. th
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$55,000. in decision 2017 now, both candidates for virginia governor are getting big help in their campaign. former vice president joe biden will campaign with ralph northam. vice president mike pence will appear saturday with ed gilles pea. oh, man, this morning, world cup dreams are over for the u.s. all they needed was a tie. >> it's not wait until next year, it's wait for more years. >> yes, after seven straight appearances, team u.s.a. going to miss the world cup for the first time since 1986. they lost to trinidad and tebago. >> this is ridiculous. they only needed a tie.
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this is the first time the u.s. men's team is not in the world cup. it's devastating. >> it's a growing sport in the country. not as big as it was around the world. twitter and facebook going crazy. >> a lot of people are frustrated and in disbelief. the world cup, by the way, in russia next year. that does seem -- not one more year, four years. >> let's try it again. the nats are playing at wrigley field in chicago after a rainout postponed tuesday's high stakes playoff game. it is do or die for the nats. we have to win. >> i know. lose to the cubs and you are out and you are eliminated. win and they force game five in washington. if you were hoping to see stephen strasburg pitch today, that is not going to happen. he got sick. >> illin
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will take the mound. he grew up a cubs fan. >> we're shown how he's being handled the pressure of being home. >> not too long ago a kid city sitting in a seat like this at wrigley was rooting on his beloved chicago cubs. now that kid later today will be on the mound starting for the washington nationals in the biggest game of his career. >> i just think the atmosphere around here is amazing and to pitch here at wrigley and to hear the fans, i know they're going to be crazy, like i said. do what i do best and try to keep them quiet. >> have people been reaching out to you for snikts has it been crazy? how many people do you expect? >> it hasn't been too crazy. i have five of my family members coming. nobody's really reached out. they're good about getting their own tickets which is very good.
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have to worry about. >> game four, the first pitch will be later today at 4:08. a win would send the washington nationals home to get ready for thursday's game five. at wrigley field, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> let's hope that happens. we did get to check to see what tickets were going for for game four. >> you can buy standing room only on stub hub. it goes up from there. you can imagine game five, high stakes there. >> i don't think people would mind standing for something like that. >> 4:34. want to get another check on your weather and traffic. >> for that, let's started things off with sheena and lauren. with the humidity report because our hair, it is a struggle. >> you mean a hair report. >> absolutely. >> the humidity will start to drop as we continue through the day, but then we have rain that you're going to have to deal with,
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that as well, unfortunately. >> the umbrella before you head out. here is a look around the beltway, northern virginia, maryland, not too bad. very light showers or sprinkles out there. you might see patchy fog this morning. southern parts of calvert county and points further south close to richmond. this is the rain we had locally. if it's not raining where you are now. grab the umbrella because it will be. hey, lauren, timing? >> absolutely right. if it's not raining at your place, as sheena said, go ahead and take that umbrella with you. you can see as we continue through the morning, right now that rain to the south, this model is showing it pretty well that that rain is to the south. it could be heavy at times. we had some of the yellows
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some more pockets of moderate rain. then as we continue through, we'll see it break up. again, keep that umbrella with you. it will be cloudy all throughout the day. all right, jack. let's go ahead and talk about that traffic early this morning. good morning. >> well, good morning. with the wet roadways you can always make things interesting. for now we have a little work going westbound. that should be in the clearing stages. the left lane had been closed. crews working down to the rock creek parkway. one direction through the work zone until 6:00 or 6:15. also work as we move out of mount airy westbound after 27. left lane is getting by. continued work even though it's probably a little rainy. un, angie, back in to you. >> thanks. 4:36. it's a move the local
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and the battle between your dollar and amazon continues. what they say will hel
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we're following breaking news this morning in the district. news 4's chris lawrence is at the live desk with details on a fire. what's going on here, chris? >> this one is a sh
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around the brightwood neighborhood. two of them have died. live pictures and the shooting happened on eighth street just after georgia avenue. you can see police still on the scene. paramedics did rush one person to the hospital. we're still working to learn more about his condition. police are looking for a suspect driving a bmw 3 series. you saw from our live pictures, news 4's justin finch just got there to the scene. 4:40. getting a better picture of the college student killed by police in florida from her grieving father. >> kerry ann hifed was shot on sunday in what her father says -- she was in florida celebrating her 22 ntd birthday. she ran over
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refusing to get out of her car causing another officer to shoot. her father said she thinks his daughter was mentally ill. >> whatever was going on with my daughter. i really believe that. >> kerry -- or kerry said he noticed a change in his daughter's behavior a year ago. he says the court did not follow through because kerry ann didn't have a previously diagnosed condition. doreen gentzler was awarded for the changing minds campaign. i accepted this award on her behalf last night. she is in california. the research and hope awards ceremony was last night. i had a moment to hang out with
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keynote speaker, and it was a 20 minute conversation on advocacy work. she's done so much good to really change minds and to bring about the change and the conversations needed to just get people to understand we're in this together. >> yeah. >> that's what michael phelps said. i'm human. athletes, celebrities, we all go through the same struggle. the more you reach out -- >> we have people like him using their platform. it makes a difference. when you think about the numbers, one in five people are dealing with a natural illness. that's a lot of people to consider. this started as a one year. if you are just getting ready to head out the door, be sure to grab your umbrella, lauren rickets. >> definitely grab that
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we are seeing black. no, right there down to south georgia, fredericksburg and more rain coming your way. we continue now to follow this breaking news in california where 17 people are dead, more than 100 people missing in the wake of the raging fires. the latt videseo ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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and take a look at this video right now of the devastation in santa rosa, california. wildfires are racing uncontained through wine country this morning, and they are leaving nothing behind. >> entire neighborhoods wiped out. thousands of people don't know when they can actually go back home and what they're going to come home to. the conditions, they could get worse again today. >> nbc's jay
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napa for us this morning. jay, just devastating out there. >> reporter: yeah, eun, angie, overwhelming. we're in one of those neighborhoods you talk about gutted by the flames. dozen sz across the strike zone where people are suddenly homeless. the fire rips through their neighborhood. 17 have died. 150 the latest number injured. more than 100 missing. the flames are still growing in some areas. it was calmer overnight. that allowed firefighters to make progress. 17 fires in all burning across the region and there's big concern the winds will pick up into the evening and overnight and fan and push the flames and continue the issue they have on the grounds here right now. it will continue to be a tough fight
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containme containment. still, this is a federal disaster. what does that mean? >> reporter: it opens up funds and fire power so they'll be able to help out with manpower, boots on the ground and other equipment to help fight these fires. >> jay gray live in napa for us this morning. jay, thank you. 4:47. president trump headed back on the road today to make the pitch for tax reform. >> the president going to pennsylvania, a state he carried in the election, to explain exactly what republicans want to do. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, what's he expected to say and is this on track with congress considering the fights with lawmakers already. >> reporter: the white houses, they don't think that will have any pim pact on the agenda. today he heads to hear risburg, pennsylvania. he's trying to overhaul america's t
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he'll talk about lowering taxes. though say people in the middle, 30%, would pay more. they want to make the plan popular, as he put it. they'll come out with details later. one of the key details missing is what are the income brackets to qualify for the three tax brackets that they've laid out. >> tracie, also something that's getting a lot of play this morning. the president also taking another jab at the secretary of state rex tillerson in an interview with "forbes." i was like, do they even talk to each other. how's the relationship right now? >> reporter: the white house says it's fine. there's no rift going on. the president challenged the secretary of state to an i.q. test. rex tillerson had called the president a moron. the state department flatly denied that ever happened. we had five or six sources that said that it did,
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house is trying to definitely get the image out there that there's not a rift between these two even though the president also saying that he didn't undercut tillerson when he told him to back off of negotiations with north korea. so not always on the same page publicly. the white house says there's no big split going on between them. the president called it fake news. >> all right. we will stay tuned to twitter. thanks, tracie. well, the man who struck a mother and her child in a crosswalk is about to go to prison for that crash. the family of the victims say justice has not been served. tristan schultz died in last year pushing a baby in a stroller across the street.
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yesterday he pleaded no contest to wrecksless driving. he faces a maximum of one year behind bars. >> officials deserve to have tristan. tristan should be here and because he's not, they deserve justice. >> well, miller originally faced a charge of involuntary manslaughter but investigators said they didn't have the -- school class sizes are down. they're shrinking. they've added teachers to help with the problem. this year classes average about 28 students and that is down from 30. still a lot of kids in the classroom. they're wrangling the kids to sit still. >> there's a lot of responsibility. >> you keep track of everybody,
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>> i completely agree with you. >> rain in the forecast. need our umbrellas? >> yeah, most of the rain is south of the district. we could see more rain developing this morning. have the umbrella with you. we expect scattered showers today. i wouldn't say it's a washout. it will be dreary, on and off showers. have your umbrella today through friday. still going to be around through friday. plus we have cooler temperatures with this, too m. we're going to be in the 70s. another weekend warm jup. down to fredericksburg and calvert county. this is mainly going to slide to our south. moving from west to east. then we look up through the district and light showers continuing to develop, sprinkles around and we're seeing the
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haziness, patchy fog. 72 leesburg, 72 clinton, 74 in quantico, 72 frederick. if you're going to be exercising this morning, a few showers in the area by 7:00 a.m. keep in mind that you need the windshield wipers this morning. by lunchtime, not as warm, mid 70s. not a huge area of rain we're expecting. here's as we go through the morning, 7:30. showers developing and see how they're spotty in nature. we're not looking at widespread rainfall. by lunchtime, we could see a break. pretty cloudy and pretty dreary. the rain chance continues tomorrow. look at those temperatures around the upper 60s tomorrow for a daytime high. around 70 friday. into the weekend. there is our warmup coming back. near 80 saturday. mid 80s on sunday feeling like
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for next week. i think you're going to like it. let's check your roads on wednesday morning. >> hey, sheena, good morning. if you're heading out of mount airy, westbound leading at route 27, paving project ongoing. the left lane is getting by. may cost you a little bit of time. the volume is so light, with the rain showers coming through we'll see how long they hang out. rock creek parkway, traffic is going by one direction at a time. causing a minimal delay. usually there until 6:15. live look in virginia coming out of falmouth. you can see the low lying area. light delay so far this morning. i'm sure that will change. please plan ahead for an extended drive. >> thanks so much. we'll check in with you again. early to think about it, but it does happen. teachers convicted of crimes against children. what's being
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good news for expectant mothers. >> angie. >> bring it on. >> the journal of obstetrics and gynecology finds that epidurals don't necessarily slow down the labor process and they provide the most pain relief. this kind of pain is something you -- it's hard to -- >> i don't care how longt
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okay? with the last two, i'm ready for the third. >> it compared the effects of an epidural to a placebo to women. the placebo group reported significant pain and the length of labor was similar between both groups. epidurals do not increase the risk of c-sections or feet tall distress. >> a lot of good news. a lot of women worry that the epidural has some sort of effect on the baby. it's just to manage pain for yourself. it does not affect your baby. it's a personal choice obviously. >> it is. it is. 4:57. sears is shutting down all of its stores in canada. that means 12,000 of its employees will be out of work. the move follows several years of declining sales and foot traffic and more people turn to online shopping. walmart says it's not backing down to amazon when it comes to the grocery game. shoppers will be able to pick up online grocery orders at 1,
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executives say the key is hooking shoppers who may then go purchase other products once they're at the store. aha. as you know, walmart is fighting off amazon, costco, other home delivery systems eating into their profits. conveniencing is key. we're busy. one more thing to take out of your daily routine. >> when you do price compare, before amazon was the giant. now walmart is showing up more in the searches. >> sure. >> might be making some head way. it's an issue that the news 4 iteam is staying on top of. teachers convicted of crimes against students but their licenses not revoked. >> now the iteam is looking into how cases of sexual misconduct by teachers are handled in d.c. and whether it's putting kids all around the dmv at risk. >> here's investigative reporter scott mcfarland. >> reporter: if a teacher admits sexually assaulting a student, his or her license is revoked and his or her name is added t
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but a year long investigation by the news 4 iteam reveals washington, d.c., official alzheimer's aren't doing it. several teachers have admitted grave misconduct in the district that have not had their licenses revoked or their names shared with schools across the nation to prevent them from getting close to students again. >> we're putting someone else's child at risk. >> somebody over the district line in maryland or virginia? >> absolutely. the district doesn't have regulations that allow for license revocation but that it's working on it although it could be years until they're ready and that worries some child safety experts. coming up tonight, our full iteam investigation including how a teacher accused of misconduct with a 14-year-old student managed to get a new job in a new d.c. school within months. "news 4 today" begins with
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breaking news. >> that breaking news, wildfires continue to rage across the state of california. flames, morning winds are starting to whip back up leaving officials fearing even more death and destruction. another breaking story this morning, a shooting in the district claiming the lives of two people. our crews going to the scene working to get the very latest information on a possible suspect. a karate teacher accused of sexual abuse. why police want to know whether there are more victims and who's coming to the instructor's defense. rain, rain go away. not another rain delay. what we can expect as the nationals try to hold on to their postseason life in just a matter of hours. the clock is ticking. >> i feel like we're going through this all over again. the buildup yesterday, the anxiety, now like, okay, cool your heels. you have another day to go through this again. >> we are med dating before the show. >> it's not healthy at this point to be waiting because you're getting more anxious. >> exactly. >>tr


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