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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  October 12, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> did you see it? did you see the big win? it's what everyone will be talking about at work today. the nats beating the cubs forcing last season's world series winners to game 5. >> that's what we like to see. everyone was kind of nervous when the rain delay happened and they canceled the game and now it got moved. we're all good. >> perfect way to start the morning. >> perfect way. >> good morning to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald along with sheena parveen. the biggest thing is that our washington sports teams, they have that tendency to choke. >> and make everyone incredibly nervous, right? while watching. all eyes are on tonight's game. we've been in such a gloomy weather pattern, it has been gray around here. it's horrible hair weather. i'm glad i'm not going outside today. it's drizzly and you can't really cover it with an umbre a umbrella. an
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this is a lot of rain we had move through some parts of the area. you know the area, where water starts to pool. some of the rain actually -- in the air to right center field. well-hit. happ gts back to the wall and that ball is gone! >> all right. we know you want to watch it again and again and again.
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game for the nationals and they're playing a winner take all game 5 today. that surely is the game you don't want to miss. that was the first ever grand slam this the playoffs for the nationals. pitcher strasburg dominated after the nats. >> so i don't want the ball in this situation, huh? take that. >> hours before the game began, the nats said, strasburg was healthy enough to start. he made the cubs look silly. 12 strikeouts. 12. they didn't score a single run. strasburg said he didn't treat the game any differently, even with elimination on the line. >> i like to think that any game that i pitch is the most important game. that's just how i tried to go into the game 4. now we get a
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5. >> that's what you call a pro. calm under pressure. the nationals have a chance to get out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time since they moved to d.c. whoever wins the game faces the dodgers the next round. whoever loses, of course, they go home. the game is at nationals park at 8:00 tonight. it's finally here. the highly anticipated opening of the wharf. it's a brand new beginning for an area with a long history in d.c. it once served as the main commercial waterfront in the district. now, it's the home of d.c.'s most ambitious development project. retail, entertainment, restaurants and rental properties. all right. listen to this, though. if you're planning to check out the wharf today, one thing will be for sure. you don't want to drive. traffic in that area, southwest, will be worse than usual as you can imagine. don't worry, our transportation
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for ways to get around it. >> reporter: if you're coming down here and you break the rules, prepare to pay the price. >> we're going to be aggressively patrolling the area around main street in particular. >> traffic tickets and towing will be heavily enforced. 20,000-plus people a day expected over the opening weekend. here's insider transportation tips to consider. if you want street parking, check out the promenade. two-hour parking available at meters and you can walk to the wharf. on metro, consider the parking garage at the anacostia station which directly connects to the train and two stops on the green line to the waterfront station. uber or lyft, have them drop you off a block or two away to avoid the hassle on main avenue. g street southwest would work well for a drop-off. then you have to walk
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traffic control is out. some signals -- or be like rich mcmanus who pulled his sailboat into a slip for two years. he's living on the boat next to the wharf. >> we joined the yacht club and we'll be staying here. this is pretty amazing. >> for now, a new destination that will require a transportation game plan. that was news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss reporting. our coverage of the wharf's grand opening continues all morning long. molette green and somara theodore will have more in the 5:00 hour. we want to continue following breaking news out of california where nearly 2 dozen wildfires continue to rage out of control. take a look at this video from a sonoma county deputy who was trying to out-drive the flames. 23 people have died. northern california. the fire has destroyed 3500 structures. nearly 20
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but authorities believe they are safe. but haven't been able to call loved ones because cell towers have been destroyed. >> the chief of cal fire called this a critical catastrophic event and you can see he is not exaggerating. he just got this new video into our newsroom. this used to be the neighborhood in santa rosa, california. you can see the only thing left standing are just piles of rubble where families used to live. as we said, the piles of debris, you can see, represent a family that no longer has a home. most folks only had minutes to grab their loved ones before running for their lives. >> i didn't have any of my artwork or picture books or things that were really important to us. >> i don't know why i woke up. but if i hadn't within ten minutes, we would have been gone. >> goodness gracious. >> this morning, evacuation orders continue throughout northern california as
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continues to burn out of control. the wind is making it nearly impossible for firefighters to get the upper hand. today an asteroid will pass closely to the earth. but you don't have to wait for the impact. here's an animation of what it looks like. it's only about 100 feet in size, the asteroid, it will stay 26,000 miles away from earth. there's no real risk of impact. there won't be much to see. astronomers say the asteroid won't be very bright and it will be moving too fast to see by the naked eye. so nothing like the solar eclipse. you don't need the glasses. if you look up, you're not going to burn your eyeballs out. >> basically, it doesn't matter at all is what we're saying. >> exactly. >> it's going to be space junk and we won't have to worry about. >> the only thing to see today is the nats game. >> as long as the weather doesn't impact the nats
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have wet roads as you head out and we're going to keep the gray, gloomy, drizzly weather in the forecast today. but there is a bright spot in your extended forecast. we'll take a look at it coming up. it has gone from being a luxury to something a lot of people use every day. how certain services are changing the grocery game and why so many people are turning to them. it's kind of a facebook for fans. the celebrity launching her own app that you and probably everyone else with a prteen dae-ug
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so if you don't have enough apps on your phone, we have another wuchblt taylor swift is launching the swift life. it's for her fans. it's similar to instagram, snapchat except it's all about taylor swift. >> okay. i see what she's doing. she's smart. >> yeah. it's like an inside look at things. the new app should be available before the end of the year. it's an inside to what she's doing. all her fans will love that. this next one is interesting. this is a for real
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pouchs kind of. it's offering a pizza parka. >> i don't get it. >> what does it look like? >> we know what a parka is. >> we know the pizza delivery pouchs look like. they describe it as that, plus there's insulation and plenty of pockets that you can wear. the coat even comes with a splash guard and it has a window in the sleeve. >> i'm still not sure. is this a jacket you can buy? >> it's a jacket you could wear. pizza hut is launching it. >> it's going to have a pizza hut logo. it will look like you work there. >> i wish we could bring one on. >> and wear it. >> it sounds like it's something insulated and also not needing that insulation any time soon. is it cool out there? >> it's clear, damp, drizzly and all eyes are on the nats game. here's a look at the radar. we'll have the drizzle and the gr
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not pizza parka cool weather. we'll look ahead. also ahead, encouraging news about one of the victims of the las vegas massacre from our area. the latest on tina frost, as well as how you can help her family during this difficult time. he has a solution to the growing nfl controversy by the entire league. who says he wobbling
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says,
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gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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welcome back. the time is 4:16. jason aldean will return to the stage for the first time since the mass shooting in vegas. he was on stage when a gunman started shooting into a crowd of people. he canceled three shows out of respect for the victims. tonight's show will be in tulsa, oklahoma. one of the women from the area shot during that concert is doing much better this morning. tina frost's parents say she's following nurses' commands and is able to move her toes. she also got a visit from former congresswoman gabby giffords at the hospital. frost was shot in the head during the massacre. she grew up in anne arundel county. there will be a fundraiser for
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profits to help with medical bills and expenses. forget buying an nfl team. p diddy wants to buy the league. his real name is shawn combs. he tweeted the idea in light of the protests during the national anthem. he says he wants a league where people can be themselves, protest without being demonized and have a retirement plan. of course, the league is not up for sale. it seems like the days of browsing through the aisles at the grocery store are coming to an there are countless stores that will offer to do the shopping for you. as nbc's bob hanson explains, this could just be the start. >> reporter: the smart and final is busy with shoppers. this is the way most people buy groceries. but caleb wants to do the shopping for you. >> we've gone from shopping being a luxury to a need. something people
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for a price, about $6, they will shop and deliver your food, picked up from stores like smart and final, costco, ralph's and petco. who is paying for this? >> incredibly widespread. we see people young and in college. young moms who are i don't have time to do this. i don't want to take my kids to the grocery store. >> they're not alone. major competitors like amazon, and pea pod. >> it's the next frontier in retail. >> marketing professor says about 5% of grocery shoppers use a delivery service. >> if less than 5% of grocery shoppers are having their food delivered, why do so many companies want to get into that business? >> they know that it may end up being the future. >> gristle says they've ex pabded business from 16 to 150 cities in two years. >> hyper growth. if you're looking at graphic, it
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the concept. the idea of paying someone else to do what they've been doing for years. >> people like different things. it will be an interesting thing to see how it evolves the next couple of years. >> i am telling you, it's going to be -- remember the days when you used to go to the grocery store to shop. who does that? >> i still do. >> i do too. >> i get excited about it. >> i can't do it online. what if i want something elsie forget. >> i need to look at and touch the things i buy from the produce section. i don't want somebody else grabbing a bad head of lettuce or rotten bananas. >> nothing worse than cutting into an p will and it's mushy. >> i don't want somebody else doing that, dropping it on the floor and giving it to you. >> anyway, we have the nats game today. what's the weather looking like? >> we do. we're excited about the win. we're wear red today and the game is at 8:08 p.m. at nats park. expe t
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here's the weather outlook. i'll show you the nats forecast in a second. for your morning drive, though, you'll see areas of driz fl we have wet roads from rain that passed through. the bus stop forecast. you want at least a rain coat for that through the day. kids will want the rain coat with them. it's not going to be a washout of a day. it's going to be cool and drizzly. if you're exercising, comfortable, we'll be in the 60s. nats game cool with drizzle and maybe the chance of a light shower. it does not look like we're going to see anything that's going to cause issues with the game. here's a look at the radar. the main rain has passed through. we're seeing a few drizzly spots with a lot of cloud cover. temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s. today we're not going to get much warmer. 66 for a high today. we have the drizzle and the cloud cover and chance of a light shower. the nats game, first pitch, isolated shower chance, but we look at some drizzle in the area. 61 degrees. by the middle of the game 61 deee
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60. so, again, really not too bad. it could be a lot worse. but any showers would be on the lighter side. we'll take a look at the extended forecast in the next half hour. sounds good, sheena. thank you. turning their heartache into hope. what friends and family of a pregnant woman who was set on fire are doing to put an end to domestic violence. we continue to work for you as the wharf celebrates its grand opening. what you need to know before driechg in the district today.
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. we have a hopeful update from the family of a pregnant woman who was set on fire in prince george's county. her baby will come home soon. andrea greenwich delivered
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now the family is trying to shine a spotlight on domestic violence. so marry stone has the story. >> i'm angry. it's a nightmare. it's sad that this had to happen to my family. >> reporter: dana greenwich williams is heartbroken. her sister, andrea, is in critical condition. her boyfriend doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire last month. she was pregnant during the attack and she was forced to deliver her baby in the hospital. police say phillips is the father. >> this has affected a community. >> andrea, be brave. you will and you shall overcome. >> pastor lynn strange, the family and maryland state delegate angela angel and hank stow win ski raise awareness about
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>> reasonable, rational people find themselves in a circumstance where violence is brought on someone they love and care about -- >> they have people who solely focus on domestic violence cases. >> they urge the county to develop a batterers' registry. >> it would let the apartment complex that he has the propensity of what happened to andrea. >> she filed a protective order against him. they think the reg city is a good idea. >> at least have the -- >> la quinn phillips is being held without bond. he's facing several charges, including attempted murder and arson. his next court hearing is on november 9th. in maryland, shomari stone, news 4. news 4 is working for you with our ongoing effort on raising awareness about domestic violence. it's called safe at
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you can find resources for people affected by domestic violence on our app. search, safe at home. your time is 4:26. "news4 today" continues right now with eun yang and chris lawrence. have a great day. > . that breaking news, part of i-95 in virginia shut down. we're going to get to jack taylor in your first 4 traffic. jack, what's happening? >> eun, good morning. it's southbound on i-95 in stafford county. our crash, unfortunately, has all southbound lanes of 95 closed. you're going to find traffic being diverted at 630 stafford. the accident activity occurred near center port parkway. authorities remain on scene. we did speak to them and actually now what we're hearing is hopefully before 5:00 we'll have more than one lane getting by. the crash with a fuel spill closes the southbound lanes of i-95. back to you. thank
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the nationals on the brink of elimination know they are going home for game 5. but it's all on the table. >> i like how the a announcers are calm. we're not. we're screaming. it's what everyone is going to be talking about today. the nats beating the cubs forcing last season's world series winner to a game 5 of the nlds right here at home. michael taylor's grand slam in the 8th inning. i mean, come on. we were all screaming and yelling at my house. we were excited. >> it wasn't a nailbiter. we were calm. we knew they would win. >> i'm glad you have confidence. i was biting my nails until then. >> it was a close game until then. >> it was obvious. >> two people were on base. i was getting
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>> if aaron was here, he'd be chiding you because you weren't wearing red. >> you have worn red every day until now. >> i'm running out of red clothes. you anchor me. >> the nats forecast, everyone wants to know. rain moved through last night. we have a lot of water on the roads. before you leave this morning, we're looking at wet roads out there. here's a look outside right now. not now. sorry. this is a look outside last night and overnight and very, very early this morning. here's a look at the water. connecticut avenue. this is what we're looking at right now. this is the area where we had water pooling on the roadways here. standing water. be careful if you're driving through areas like this that are prone to having heavy rain cause these conditions. aside from that, we're talking about the nats forecast. 8:08 p.m. we're going straight to this evening. here's what
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staying just around that temperature throughout the game. we're not going to see a fluctuation. drizzle in the forecast. we're going to have cloudy skies. there's going to be an isolated chance for a shower. any shower on the light side. should not be an issue for the game. it should be all good. here's a live look at the radar right now through areas of drizzle out there. the rain overnight. the heavier rain. that's moved through. temperatures right now in about the mid-60s when you step outside. have the rain coat today. another gloomy, damp day. >> we'll look at the extended forecast and see when the weekend warms up, how warm it will be. that's coming up, guys. in the air to right center field. well-hit. happ goes back to the wall. that ball is gone! >> see ya later. >> listen, it was barely over the fence. but we will take it. that was a grand slam home run right there.
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>> can you hold on to that feeling, that moment? >> this was an incredible game. nailbiter turned into chance at redemption. they're playing game 5 against the cubs tonight. it's win or go home. i love the home field advantage, right? >> that's where they play all year. you get into a position like this, you play it here in d.c. >> we don't know who is officially pitching for the nationals at this point. but we know that the pitching staff is fresh. >> gets bryant. >> stephen strasburg went deep into last night's game. he flat-out dominated the cubs. >> we heard about that under the weather thing earlier in the day. >> he's a hero now. as carol maloney shows us, the players are focused on tonight. >> 12 strikeouts by stephen strasburg. maybe a new nationals post-season record. but the history of this team is -- starts with a win tonight


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