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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> can you hold on to that feeling, that moment? >> this was an incredible game. nailbiter turned into chance at redemption. they're playing game 5 against the cubs tonight. it's win or go home. i love the home field advantage, right? >> that's where they play all year. you get into a position like this, you play it here in d.c. >> we don't know who is officially pitching for the nationals at this point. but we know that the pitching staff is fresh. >> gets bryant. >> stephen strasburg went deep into last night's game. he flat-out dominated the cubs. >> we heard about that under the weather thing earlier in the day. >> he's a hero now. as carol maloney shows us, the players are focused on tonight. >> 12 strikeouts by stephen strasburg. maybe a new nationals post-season record. but the history of this team is -- starts with a win tonight
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in d.c. >> momentum shifrts. the dodgers did it to us last year. we got the momentum going back home and keep it rolling. >> once you get to game 5, it doesn't matter how you get there. you have to figure out what to do a couple times better than the other team to come out on top. >> go out there and play game 5 and have some fun. that's what it's all b going in front of our fans and trying to win a ball game. tough task ahead of us. i think we're looking forward to it. >> you play for each other. you play one pitch at a time. you try to win each pitch. you leave is all out there. >> game 5 tonight. first pitch 8:00 p.m. it will be the third winner take all at nats park in the last six years. hoping the third time is the charm. carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> please. >> you said it, one day at a time. >> do it for the fans. we've been here before.
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i don't care if we have heartbreak. you know what i mean? >> that's why you put your heart on the line when it comes to a sports teams. you live through the downs. but man the ups feel so incredible. we're close. amazingly enough, there's still tickets to tonight's game on the nationals website. i got to think they'll be gone soon. >> you got to act fast. coming up at 5:00, megan mcgrath will explain what to know if you're heading there and how to get home. that could be tricky. it's an 8:00 game. it's finally here, the highly anticipated opening of the wharf. this is a new beginning for an area with a history in d.c. which ones served as the main commercial area. it's the most ambitious area with new retail and office space and entertainment. not to mention this gorgeous view. if you're going to check it out, one thing is for sure. you don't want to drive. drilling that. don't drive. >> it's not thatas
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normal day to get to the area. traffic in this part of southwest d.c., it's going to be worse than usual. but news 4 is working for you with ways to get around it and insider tips on transportation. if you're taking uber or lyft, have your driver drop you off a block or two away. g street would work. you just walk a block over. the parking, trying using the garage at the anacostia station which directly connects to the train. then you have about two stops on the green line and you'll be at the waterfront station. >> if you want street parking, you might want to check out l'enfant plaza park promenade. traffic tickets and towing will be heavily enforced. >> we'll be aggressively patrolling the area, along main street in particular. no parking there for t
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week. >> our coverage of the wharf's grand opening continues all morning long. we'll have live reports starting in the 5:00 hour. we continue to follow the breaking news in california where wildfires stin out of control. we'll show you what it looks like when a deputy tried to out-drive the flames in a neighborhood in sonoma county. that's how fast the fire can come down on you. the death toll is climbing and hundreds of people are reported missing. >> with more on this breaking situation, let's get to the live desk with meagan fitzgerald. every time we check, it seems like the numbers keep going on. >> eun, i know. it's unreal. you're looking at a shot of what they're dealing with. this is coming in from -- to the newsroom, rather. you can see the intensity of the flames. strong winds are fueling this fire and making it extremely difficult for firefighters to get a handle
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23 people have died on 3500 homes and businesses have been destroyed. nearly 200 people have been reported missing. but authorities believe many are safe. but haven't been able to contact their loved ones because the cell towers are destroyed. we'll keep an eye on this and have more coming up. back to you. >> meagan, thank you. the chief of cal fire called this a serious, critical, catastrophic event and you can see he is not exaggerating. look at those images there. we just have new video into the newsroom. this used it be a neighborhood in santa rosa, but after the fire burned through the area, about the only thing left standing are the trees. you see the piles of debris, each one represents a family who no longer has a home. most say they had a few minutes to get things together and run for their lives. >> i didn't have any of my kids' artwork or picture books or things that were really important to us. >> i don't know
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if i hadn't, within ten minutes we would have been gone. >> can you imagine? the fires are still burning out of control this morning. more areas of northern california are being ordered to ev evacuate. in fact, an entire town has been told to get out today. you're talking about 5,000 people. >> it's just so sad to hear how much -- they had to time to collect their most valuable mementos. >> the pictures, the things that mean the most to you. >> 3200 people are staying in 28 shelters across napa and sonoma counties. it's 4:36. in other news, eight maryland men suspected of being members of the ms-13 gang are indicted on racketeering charges. they're also accused of planning murders, trafficking drugs and guns and extorting money. our news partners at wtop say they were part of a clique of ms-13s. they planned and carried out several murders between june 2016 and june of this year. >
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pretty closely to the earth. but you don't have to brace for impact. here's an animation of it. nasa says the rock is relatively small for an asteroid, only 100 feet in diameter. it will stay 26,000 miles from earth. there's no real risk of impact. this isn't going to be the same incredible event in the sky like we saw with the eclipse. >> right. still makes me nervous. i don't know how close that is. >> watching too many of those dramas. >> astronomers say it will be moving too fast for the naked eye. like a light show. breaking news at 4:37 after we check your weather and traffic. >> sheena will let us know when the rain will end. first, back to jack taylor and the breaking news on i-95. >> yeah. this is tough unfortunately for now. what we're hearing is virginia state authorities on the scene, 95 southbound atte
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parkway. the traffic was being diverted at exit 140. anybody beyond that exit point and diversion point was stuck sitting waiting to get past. we're now hearing the traffic is trickling by to the far right side past this crash that did involve a diesel fuel spill. again, the far right side of the roadway was getting by. southbound traffic was being diverted at exit 140. the accident was down at the 136. but, again, some traffic is beginning to get by, potentially traffic of those stuck beyond the diversion point. we'll keep you posted. hopefully it will open quickly. sheena, hopefully the weather is adding to the cleanup efforts? >> yeah, jack the rain really moved through overnight and it's leaving the area. what we're seeing this morning is drizzle. we're going to continue to see the drizzle through your thursday. for your commute, here it is. we do have the wet roads out there. 65 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, drizzle, chance of a light shower. any srs
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5:00 p.m., the roads are still wet. look at temperatures. in the 60s. not warming up too much today. if you're walking outside, mostly in the mid-60s out there. the radar, fairly dry aside from a few areas of drizzle, mainly in parts of maryland. we'll look at the forecast and the nats forecast and the weekend warmup coming up. >> sheena, thank you. scouts honor. why some say the boy scouts to allow girls is about money, not equality. it's one of the stories trending on the nbc washington app. i shared it on my facebook page. a man robbed at gunpoint. wait until you hear what the thief took. which would you rather use to get around town? uber or metro? >> a new study that explains why so people turnme
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors.
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i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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check this out. a surveillance camera on a bus from china captures a moment a car swerves toward the side of the bus. look at all those passengers being just rattled around the inside of the bus. the bus driver tries to keep the bus in balance but loses control. here's another angle showing the passengers being hurled to the other side as you just saw there. the bus overturns. one person was hurt and an investigation is under way. just look at this. only one person was hurt. pretty impressive as well. very scary to look at that. >> terrifying. it's becoming a
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uber or metro? it depends the situation where i'm going, right? >> the study breaks down why folks choose one or the other and like eun said, it comes down to where you're going and how fast you want to get there. the study looked at travel times during afternoon rush. for example, when the wait for a metro train is ten minutes, uber pool is the option. other variables were delays or service reduction, although some use uber or lyft in a pitch. if everybody ditched metro traffic -- >> if all the people on the trains got into an uber, it would be a problem for sure. if you're walking, you may need an umbrella, sheena. >> but you need a dome umbrellas. the ones that go halfway. it's drizzly and you can't hide it with an umbrella.
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the nats forecast and the weekend warmup is next. it's not even halloween yet. but we're getting you ready for christmas? >> no, chris, i'm not ready. >> what you can enter
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breaking news right now. california is still on fire this morning. nearly two dozen people have died and thousands more lost their homes. >> now the flames are threatening even more communities. nbc's jay gray is live among some of the worst damage. jay, what are you seeing this morning in napa? >> reporter: well, chris, eun, the fan by flames that gust at 40 mirror o more over night, fires are growing in the area. we're in front of one of two dozen or so shelters that opened up across the strike zone right now giving families,
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to rush to and a safe place to ride out the fire storms. we know that evacuations continued overnight and will throughout the day here today as firefighters again try and work along the frontlines here. mainly, focused on safety, getting people evacuated. trying to save structures and lives everywhere they can. it's a fight that's going to continue for quite some time. the numbers of those in shelters like this one expected according to officials, unfortunately, like the fire. to grow over the next several days. >> jay, when do the firefighters -- when will they be able to get the upper hand on the fire? it seems like it keeps spreading. >> reporter: yeah, eun. they need help from mother nature and right now it doesn't look like they'll get that over the next two to three days. the winds will continue to gust at times and really push the flames into areas they haven't explored.
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communities along the edge of these fires. ready to move to shelters like this at a moment's notice. >> jay gray live for us in napa this morning. jay, thank u. it's 4:48. president trump is once again taking shots at the media, his favorite punching bag these days. >> the latest target, nbc news. after an exclusive report that over the summer the president expressed a desire for a ten-fold expansion of the u.s. nuclear arsenal. >> president trump denies that. in an interview last night, he blasted the media as fake news. >> the media is bad. they're really dishonest people. they're very, very dishonest people in many cases. not all. i know some reporters and journalists that are phenomenal people and honest. there's such dishonesty. >> the president not directly talking about nbc there, but the media in general. he has blasted that particular report and even suggested nbc news
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revoked. >> news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. tracie, nbc is standing by its reporting. >> absolutely. the president says it never happened. the defense secretary says it never happened. but three people who were inside that room at that national security meeting say that the president didn't order but discussed whether or not to look at this big increase in our nuke lar arsenal and that the meeting was very tense as a result as some of his own military experts tried to explain why it was not such a great idea. this issue of a broadcast license threatening to challenge the broadcast license over what he calls fake news, networks do not have broadcast licenses. our affiliate stations do and he can certainly challenge 200 of them. but networks themselves and this is the network report shall don't have broadcast licenses. in fact, one member of the s.e.c., the
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federal communications -- she said that's not how it works. >> he's expected to sign an executive order on health care today. what would that do snoo. >> the president wants to tweak part of the health care law and allow small businesses to band together and gt health insurance plans that don't meet obamacare standards. don't meet the standards of the affordable care act. that's part of what he's expected to sign off on today. he says he's doing it, he promised he would use the power of the pen because congress has been unable to get anything done on health care. >> tracie potts, live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. it's 4:50. more details on this house fire in arlington. we've learned the fire on north ivy street began on the porch. officials are still unsure how it started. it caused $300,000 in damage. two people were able to escape. one man had to be rescued.
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critical condition. be sure to keep an eye on the nbc washington app for updates as we learn more information. two people have been indicted, accused of carrying out a big rigging scheme involving d.c. schools. crowder used to work for the school system. they're facing several charges. carter is accused of steering money for administrative assistance to the company of her long-time friend. a desperate search for a pit bull puppy that was stolen at gunpoint. shared this from my facebook page. the owner was walking on a road and a man got out with a gun. he took the puppy and drove off towards sheridan street. if you have seen heaven, police want to hear from you. >> i hope they find her. the girl scouts say they are the girl experts and the best girl leadership organization in the world. the organiza's
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posted -- directly addressed the boy scouts monumental decision to allow girls starting next year. it listed the benefits of joining the girl scouts saying in part "the need for female leadership has never been clearer or more urgent than it is today and only the girl scouts has the expertise to give girls and young women the tools they need for success". >> we understand that the boy scouts want to be inclusive. but there are 18 million girl scouts currently. people on both sides saying why can't there be both? why can't we have a combination and others saying girls need the separate leadership that other women can provide. >> i think the qualities of being loyal, courteous, kind and brave, that transcends gender and generations. >> 100%. it is about that time now. the holiday season. >> no. >> hard to believe. >> can't do it. >> there i r
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starting today, you'll have a chance to get tickets to the national christmas tree lighting. the tickets are free. but you have to enter a lottery online. it's going to stay open through monday. star studded musical event will be held thursday, november 30th. the week after thanksgiving. you'll find a link to the lottery searching christmas tree lighting on our nbc washington app. >> i lived here nearly all my life. it is gorgeous down there. our national mall during the holiday season. >> i don't want to think about holiday life or anything. >> i want to see -- i don't want to talk about that. >> i'm trying to enjoy the nice weather after the rain comes. we'll have sunshine. >> little cooler? >> today will be cooler. tomorrow cooler. the weekend will warm back up. >> we're going to actually be back in the 80s this weekend. can you believe it? >> then next week will be totally different again and it will feel like fall and everyone is going to love it. we have a lot of different weather happening in our extended forecast. today, though, drizzle and cool all day long. g
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you're going to notice that drizzle around. the nats game looks good, though. if you don't like the gray, drizzly weather, it could be worse. the nats game does look good. weekend warmup like i mentioned. we'll be drying out for the weekend. we don't have heavy rain. that moved through last night. currently, we have areas of patchy drizzle. mostly in maryland and prince george's, anne arundel county. that's moving out to the east. throughout the day today, we're still going to have that chance for that drizzle. maybe an isolated light shower through the afternoon. nothing heavy, though. 7:00 a.m. at the bus stop, the kids will want the rain coat. we're not looking at a washout. but temperatures in the mid-60s with that drizzle around. temperatures are mostly in the mid-60s as you walk outside. nats forecast later on tonight, 8:08. first pitch, 61 degrees. drizzle around. but not looking at anything that should be postponing or canceling the game. 8:00 a.m. this morning, light, isolated showers through
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afternoon and evening. again, not a big deal. but we stay in this pattern again tomorrow. it's the weekend that we warm up and dry out. 83 degrees on sunday. then next week, nice. fall weather moves back in. we'll take a closer look at the forecast for today coming up. let check in with jack taylor. breaking news out there with traffic. good morning, jack. good morning, sheena. the trouble on 95 in virginia. southbound into stafford. the crash occurred at the center port parkway. blocked all lanes. diesel fuel across the roadway. and traffic was bled off along the roadway. all traffic is being diverted at exit 140. there were a few dozen south of the detour. they've been let by along the right side of the roadway. all traffic is still being diverted at exit 140 in stafford. be aware, south 95 all travel lanes remain closed at the scene of the cleanup. back to you. it's a battle most parents deal with every day. how to monitor their kids when it comes to cell phones and tablets.
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change that. >> speaking of kids getting o line, amazon wants to make it easier for your kids to spend money. >> we're just a short time away from a new era in the district. could it create gridlock? what you need to know as we get you ready for the gnd opening ra
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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amazon is making it easier for nfamilies -- it's letting teens between 13 and 17 create their own accounts. this could go down the wrong path. this is linked to a household account. all of a sudden, there are 30 soccer balls at my house. parents get notified of each order. they have the option to approve the purchase. okay, that's good. families can sign up at teens. amazon is launching a new prime student monthly offer for college students and they're able to enjoy prime for just $5.49 a month without a commitment. that's a deal. i pay for the amazon prime. it's worth it. i'm always in an emergency needing something delivered. as a mother of three, you're a father of three. a struggle -- to try to get their devices, put them down, limit screen time right now. >> my oldest is six. we're still think
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back more control. you can block activity for specific times and social media use. location features also give moms and dads the ability to check on their kids throughout the day. kids locks have similar features, but you can lock your child's phone remotely. both apps are available for ios devices and androids. obviously, you can teach kids how to use it responsibly as well. >> good plan. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. a destination nears in the making finally ready to debut. look at that. d.c.'s wharf hours from opening. we're there live to tell you everything you need to know. i don't want the ball in this situation, huh? take that. >>


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