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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 13, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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of first round. this morning, they are heading home. >> i got to tell you, though, cape up. bryce harper up to bat. bottom of the ninth two outs, three balls, two strikes. it was one of those moments made for the reggie jackson of legends of october moments. it wasn't to be. >> one person can't win the game, right? the game ended after midnight after more than 4 1/2 hours of play. did you watch any of it? >> i did. i stayed up. i told you i wasn't going to do it but i got sucked in. especially when the nats had that that lead. they blew it. by the end of the game, they were down by one run. players tell news 4 this one really stinks. >> it happened again. the nationals failed to advance in the playoffs. a familiar feeling with a fresh sting. >> feels like it could go wrong, it did. but we still, we were right there. we
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this one is going to stick with me for a while. >> sucks, because i know how hard everybody played. how talented everybody is. this game is cruel sometimes. >> it's kind of a shock because, you know, we had this would be the team to go. it's a little bit of a tough pill to swallow right now. got to use it as something to motivate you to get better and get back next year. >> you spend more time with these guys than your family for seven or eight months. you give up a lot and sacrifice a lot. it's tough. >> reporter: they hold on to hope. they kept the iced beer and champagne outside the clubhouse until the final out but quickly took it down the hall to the reigning world series champions cubs. from nationals park, sherry burruss. >> can you imagine walking back to the locker room and they're wheeling the alcohol down to the other team's
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it together. it's that heartbreak for them. >> not only the players. a lot of the fans were as well. >> a few of them talked outside of the ballpark and say they're sick of this. >> well, i'm a little upset because i was hoping -- i thought we were winning, started off good and then everything went bad. >> every year rkt every year. my heart gets broken in the playoffs. so yeah. that's how i feel. my heart is broken. >> the nationals made the playoffs four times in the last six years. they lost in the first round every time. fans are not happy, of course. but this might raise your spirits this morning. the cubs tweeted, "nothing but respect for dust you baker an the nationals." the nats tweeted nothing but respect -- >> you know, i have to feel like there's always hope. what else can you do if you're a fan but hope for the best for the next season. we're going to give up on them? you're g
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you've got folks out there that have been suffering with their teams for decades, generations. all in all, we're pretty -- >> good perspective. we have breaking news. it's 4:33 as wildfires rage. official this is northern california say the emergency is far from over. the weather conditions this weekend could be ripe for fires with high winds and low humidity. >> now the grim task of searching some of the burned-out neighborhoods begins today as police check the rubble with cadaver dogs. >> meagan fitzgerald is at the live desk with more on the damage and the devastation. meagan, this continues? >> it does, eun and chris. the death toll is at 31. that makes this the deadliest week of wildfires in california's history. right now, authorities are trying to track down about 400 people that are still missing. the damage caused by the fires is enormous. they're looking at it right there. entire neighborhoods have been wiped out. more than
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burned. it's gotten personal for some firefighters on the frontlines who have had to watch their own homes burns as they continue working. >> i didn't know what gone meant until i saw it. nothing. >> we grabbed what we could. what we could carry in our cars and we left. >> incredible. at least 40 northern california firefighters say they've lost their own homes to the wildfires. still no word on the cause of the fires. but investigators are looking into possibility that they were started by downed power lines. eun and chris. >> just to see that. >> as dry as it is out there x doesn't take much. thank you, meagan. this morning, friends and family of a shapt i billie will remember the young woman found dead in north carolina. the fbi released new information to help find her killer. this is a photo of her 2014 mini cooper with maryland plat
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norfolk several days after she didn't show up for work. the fbi is asking anyone who saw this car or billie between september 18th and 23rd to call them. just a note. this morning's celebration of life service starts at 11:00 at the ebenezer aem church in fort washington. police need your help to find courtney freeman. she's 15 years old. the last time anyone saw her it was on westchester park drive in college park on tuesday. call police if you have any idea where she is. congratulations to everybody. [ applause ] >> new this morning, just hours after president trump signed an executive order aimed at changing some of the affordable care act laws, he makes a brash move towards insurance companies. late last night the white house announced plans to halt payments to insurers. the cost sharing reduction payments are used to reimburse insurers for lowering out of pocket costs for custs.
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government cannot legally continue to make the payments without authorization by congress. but critics of the president call the move a spiteful act that would hike premiums. president trump is expected to announce his decision to decertify the iran deal. the president's decision comes ahead of sunday's deadline that triggers a 60-day window for lawmakers to determine whether to reimpose sanctions related to iran's nuclear program lifted as part of the 2015 agreement. officials say the administration specifically wants to renegotiate the sunset clause, the provisions on the inspections and curtail iran's ballistic missile programs. tracie potts will join us in a few minutes to break down what this all means for us. if you feel a big spook this morning, you may want to know that it's friday the 13th. it's actually pretty rare for this day to fall during the same month as halloween. in fact, it's only happened three times in the past
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fear this day? some scholars think it started with christianity. some believe jesus was crucified on a friday and there were 13 guests at the last supper. there are no mentions of the so-called spooky day before the 19th septemberry. some 2,000 years after jesus' death. at some point there was a study done and found you're no more likely to go to the hospital on friday the 13th than any other day. but you are a bit superstitious, there is a way to ward off anything bad from happening. all you need to do is repeat the word pair a skef i deck try phobia. >> i practiced about ten times before i came in here. >> it was made up by a man who told his patients to say it over and over again to cure them of their fear of friday the 13th. i was born on the 13th. it's my lucky number. i love friday the 13th. that's funny
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thing. if you died on the 13th, the belief is that he rose again. you would think that's not an issue. >> christianity are with -- >> i love friday the 13th. i'm happy. >> of course it will make you forget about your fears. you're concerned about saying it right all day. >> look at somara. first time out of the gate. >> i'm going to say it all night. i'm going to the fields of horror tonight. i have to say it. >> do you have to say it on the path? >> i've never heard that word in my life. >> it sounds made up. like a made-up story. >> nonetheless, i think it's going to be a gloomy night. it's going to feel spooky out there, isn't it? >> it is. it's going to be that type of friday the 13th weather. it's cloudy and cool and dreary a krots area. similar to yesterday. we have weekend improvements and sunday will be summer looir-lik. temperatures will be in the 80s. the fall weather returns next week for a whil
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58 in dulles. 59 frederick. 60 degrees in washington. 59 manassas. you will notice it when you walk outside. let's check your roads on this finally friday with jack. good morning. >> it's finally arrived. frederick county on i-70 headed westbound, we had activity toward 85. the left lane is now getting by, thankfully. authorities arrived and have most of the activity contained to the right side of the roadway. also up in elk ridge, trouble on route 1 both ways between old washington road and montgomery road. emergency utility work and all lanes remain closed. back to you. jack, thank you. a warning for parents in northern virginia. the couple police want you to be on the lookout for after a string of strange incidents involving children. you certainly take time off work to care for a sick family member, right? why not your furry family member? where one woman was able to do that and get
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fewer people tweeting today. why some are calling for a boycott in the wake of the harvey
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today, women, men and some celebrities are calling for a twitter boycott. they say they're upset over the way one of harvey weinstein's vis
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twitter temporarily locked after rose mcgowan's account after weinstein's misconduct. she included a private phone number in the tweet which is against policy. mcgowan settled a sexual harassment suit with him in 1997 for $100,000. yesterday, she accused him of rape. a little bit of drizzle when you head out the door this morning. but the weekend, boy, that's shaping up to be great, right, soma somara. >> if you gnt to the wharf yesterday, we had the grand opening, take a look at this. mild conditions. saturday is the best bet. a lot more sunshine and warmer by sunshine. a northern virginia woman may be a little hesitant to jump in the shower this morning after finding a surprise visitor the other day. who was there to greet her when she pulled the shower
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we have breaking news. the death toll in the california wine country is 31. that makes this the deadliest week. it may get worse before it gets better. >> this weekend the weather conditions in california could be ripe for fires. nbc's jay gray is live in napa where police are going to be getting out to the burned out neighborhoods today. jay? >> hey chris, eun. this is what they're going to be finding when they get there. take a look. what thousands of california families are dealing with right now. homes reduced to little more than rubble and ash here. very little recognizable in what used to be a home here. you're right. conditions not good going into the weekend. forecasters calling for what they say is a
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high winds for several hours across the area. that will start tomorrow morning. it's going to be a tough go with firefighters still working the frontlines and making progress at this point. they're getting help from strike teams moving in from across the country as well as the national guard. again, they're saying containment still a long way away here. >> jay, how did we know with the fires. how they started? >> reporter: yeah. the investigation just very preliminary at this point. but they're looking at either a lightning strike or perhaps a power line that went down president winds blowing over a power pole or something like that. they'll get to that when they k right now they're focused on stopping this fire and protecting those who may be in its path. >> jay gray live for us in napa. jay, thank you. it's 4:47. another bombshell after president trump signs an executive order on health care. >> he's looking to deliver anot
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ending the sub sudden is to certain health insurance companies. we're joined by tracie potts to break down the plan. how is this going to work, tracie? >> those who have marketplace insurance, it reduces -- excuse me, it reduces their out of pocket costs by giving billions of dollars in payments directly to the insurance companies. that's the way it's worked. but republicans and the trump administration now argue that the payments were never authorized. the president after signing off on one executive order that would change essentially make it easier to purchase plans that don't meet obamacare standards. then last night they announced the subsidies are going away. keep in mind that more than half the people who have marketplace insurance benefit from these subsidies, which essentially means that insurers will go up on their rates to compensate. we've been looking at the rates down south and
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by this. many of the rates have gone up already. the congressional budget office said 20 to 25% premium hike is what people can expect without the subsidies in place. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. the boyfriend of a beloved pregnant teacher is now indicted for murder. tyler tesher whom you see here was indicted on thursday. he shot and killed laura wallen last month. she was pregnant with his child when she disappeared. her body was found in a shallow grave in damascus. police say he admitted he was engaged to another woman. hate is nothing new on a college campus. there have been so many recent incidents at the university of maryland, they've stepped up investigations. it has to do with the drawings and language someone scrawled inside a campus dining
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bathroom and one included a swastika. they're offering a $2,000 reward in that case. the student body president says these crimes shouldn't happen. >> i think as a community, we have kept saying this is unacceptable, this is unacceptable. but those have been words. we really have to start seeing action. >> here you're taking a look at the protests that have occurred on campus in relation to the incident. an action plan to reaffirm maryland's commitment to diversity is moving forward. a warning now to parents in northern virginia to be alert about the people around your children. the loudoun county sheriff's office released these sketches of a machine and a woman. last friday a mother was with her children in the bramble ton area when a woman followed her and tried to reach out for her son. that woman also says the woman in the sketch kept walking across the park to another man. a similar case was reported on mo
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woman, call police. >> scary stuff. those of you waking up in fairfax county have a new way to interact with police. the fairfax county times reports -- it's allowing residents to -- to police. this isn't a replace ms for dialing 911 in an emergency. just another way for the community to interact with police. an italian librarian wins the right to use family sick leave to care for her sick dog. an animal advocacy group in italy says it helped persuade her job to use two days of leave. her 12-year-old dog is recovering from surgery for a breast tumor and larynx problem. the woman is single, has no family to help her. she adopted the dog after she found it abandoned in a park. this is going to lead to a lot of questions, does it set a precedent. how sick does your dog have to be before you get time off. we'll see what happens after that.
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lovers. >> i have a dog. i love my dog. >> you might want to be cautious before stepping into the tub this morning. >> that's because a woman in arlington found something on the wild side inside hers. shield your eyes here. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at this -- that is a raccoon curled up in the corner of a woman's bathtub. >> are you saying aww. >> he was scared. >> sheena. >> apparently having attic repairs done. the little guy snuck in. >> the woman called animal control and a crew came to release the raccoon back outside. >> he looks scared. >> do you know, you would -- you might -- to texas if that happens to me. >> you might pass out. >> she's telling her husband, we got to sell the house. >> you know me so wechlt i'm telling you, there is no way i could handle that. there is no --
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foaming at the mouth and had rabies, i wouldn't feel as bad for him. >> sheena would wrap him in a blanket. >> i would probably try to catch him. you don't know if they're rabid. they're supposed to be nocturnal. if i see one during the day, that's not -- >> don't take my advice. they're nocturnal. i feel bad for him. anyway. today is friday the 13th by the way. we're looking at a gloomy friday the 13th type of weather, i guess, if there is any weather for friday the 13th. i think it would look like today. the morning drive, areas of drizzle through the day. similar to yesterday. your bus stop is going to be cloudy and cool. eun, are you still talking about the raccoon? >> how does she have sense to take a picture? i would be screaming and running away. >> she felt bad. anyway, if you're exercising today, it's going to be in the
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still feeling really nice. temperatures in the upper 50s for most of the areament it's actually pretty cool when you step outside. if you are exercising. just the drizzle around. rain headed our way. temperatures will be comfortable. clouds around right now. drizzle throughout the afternoon. we go into saturday. the clouds will still hang around. then we see bigger improvements as we go into sunday. more sunshine sunday. then we see our next rab chance. monday with a cold front. look what the cold front does. temperatures in the 60s monday and tuesday and then really feeling like fall next week. let's check your roads on this friday morning. jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> hey, sheena. good morning. headed into frederick on i-70 westbound. left lane is getting by. you'll also be aware, activity in elk ridge. it's closed both ways between old washington road and montgomery road with emergency yu tilt repairs.
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near the crash. more info coming up soon. back to you. >> jack, thank you. well, it could be good news or bad news depending how you look at it. target made shopping easier. hmm. >> it's a way to entertain and educate your kids where you can take the to learnm f
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. woichblgt we've been working for you to keep your family safe in a fire.
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how to come up with a plan. fire stations in arlington and fairfax county are opening their doors tomorrow. you and your kids will be able to meet firefighters, explore fire trucks and get tips on how to improve fire safety at home. you know, it's important to get that information from the experts who can help you figure out a plan. >> tell the kids, too. >> practice the plan. that's important. virginia is going all out you know to attract new amazon headquarters. the stay plans to pitch ten sites to amazon next week with an intense competition. >> four of them are here in northern virginia. the commonwealth and other states are eager to get amazon. the site will employ some 50,000 people with all of them making six figures. >> don't start saying that. >> they each said it. it was in the release. they're all going to -- these are like high, high paying jobs. >> 50,000 jobs. >> 50,000 jobs.
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more -- >> let's go somara. >> i'm already a prime member. >> that's a lot of money. >> amazon. look, okay. >> chris is like what is happening to me on a phi. >> are you all going to quit and go apply to amazon? >> yes. >> the amazon echo came out and did something -- it can recognize individual voices of multiple users. >> alexa, turn on couch lights. turn on breeze. turn off kitchen. set the oto to 76. >> alexa, get me a job at amazon. the echo and other devices are supporting multiple accounts. they had to say alexa switch accounts to go from one account to the other. the new feature is available for calling and messaging, shopping, even your music play list. >> at our house the voices shout over the music. no i want to
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>> target is teaming up with google to make shopping a little easier. so the store will soon offer voice activated shopping nationwide via google express. i'm telling you, with all this advancement, shoppers will be able to use target red cards and save 5%. walmart offers the same service through google express as well. >> yep. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> here it comes. he struck him out. >> oh, daggers. just kill me right now. a very sad and depressing morning for all the nats fans out there after a nail biting crazy dramatic edge of your seat game. it was a thrilling game at that. the nationals season is over this morning. that's what i'm calling it. >> sheena comes in to rub it in


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