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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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but first, your forecast. >> storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. so, it is friday night. people have date night plans. they want to get out. how are we looking tonight? >> well, i definitely say take the umbrella. we haven't seen much in the way of rain or drizzle today. we've seen the clouds all day and the very cool temperatures. if you are going out this evening, yeah, you want to take the umbrella. take a look at what we've got here. a system off the coast is pushing some moisture back our way. pushing some showers our way, too. you can actually see those on the radar. those showers coming into parts of the del mar right now. they will continue to move off from east to west back into our area. i think most of us remain on the dry side, but, but this is going to be something to watch as we move on through the evening hours. temperatures definitely on the cool side. 65 d.c. some of the warmer air will move in for the weekend. we'll talk more about that. here's what we're looking at. more clouds tomorrow, at least early. back to summer on
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wait until you see thoz temperatures. speaking of temperatures, a huge temperature swing. we'll talk about that the next couple of days as well. and this, too. see you guys in a minute. >> we're going to talk about that. thanks, doug. >> as the season changes, first at 4:00, danger and disruption and a packed fairfax county courtroom. >> the judge and suspect rushed from the room when the teenager mother victim's murder makes a violent outburst. leon harris as more from the live desk. leon. >> darwin martinez torres admit today killing nabra hassanen and dumbing her body in a pond. before the hearing started her mother threw a shoe at him and shoutded, i'll kill you. the father shouted you killed my daughter. once outside the noise didn't die down. the family
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justice for nabra. her father spoke to the crowd saying this. >> every day i think about my daughter and i don't want anything happening to nobody to lose his daughter like what i lose. i love my daughter all my heart. >> there are a lot of eyes on this story as it plays out, this murder drew national attention because of fears hassanen might have been murdered because of her religion. however, prosecutors say there is no evidence of a hate crime and thing it was link today a road rage incident. bureau reporter is at the courthouse is going to join us live at the courthouse with a an update. >> leon, thank you. >> now new details in the murder of a pregnant teenager in maryland. we've learned the victim's boyfriend who is charged in her murder will not face any additional charges for the death of her unborn baby. kristin wright is in rockville to explain this story. kristin. r
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reached out to laura wallen's family about the fact that her boyfriend tyler tessier will not face additional charges for the death of the fetus. turns out they have a big meeting scheduled with the governor's office to talk about it. now, they only talked to news 4 about this, and they also shared this video with us of laura on horseback while visiting a nonprofit for kids that she supported. we found out today that an autopsy showed that laura's fetus was 14 weeks and not viable outside of the womb. that is why prosecutors are not charging tessier in the death of the fetus under maryland law. she wasn't far enough along, so tessier is only charged with murdering laura. her family says she understand maryland law but their goal for the future is to have state lawmakers look at fetal homicide and revisit the parameters that say if the fetus cannot live outside the womb, it is
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there is also a push to bring federal charges against tessier. the state's attorney says that is not likely. there is a push for that because some say that that would allow -- that would open the door for additional charges against him. back to you. >> all right, kristin wright, thank you, kristin. >> right now more than 9,000 fire fighters are still battling one of the deadliest wildfires in california's history. 31 people are now confirmed dead, and that number is expected to rise as fire officials start to return to the burned out areas. nbc's jinah kim is live in glenn allen california where the fire destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings. clearly the scene right there behind you, jinah. >> reporter: that's right, erika. glenn allen is famous for being the lost home of author jack london who wrote call of the wild. as you mention known now as one of the most devastated areas in this fire which today reached a
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turning point. it's a race against the clock for fire fighters in northern california where strong winds are expected to make a comeback late tonight. >> we're concerned. we're going back in red flag area with increasing winds. we have more resources now. we will be prepared. >> reporter: this will included national guard personnel and crews from as far away as canada and australia. >> 840 engines from throughout california agencies. and more than 170 engines from supporting states and our partners in the federal government. >> reporter: more manpower coupled with better than expected weather yesterday helped those on the front lines gain ground. >> great progress is being made here. the resources out there are doing an amazing job. they're tired, they're working hard. >> reporter: now investigators are turning to the grim task of locating the more than 300 people still missing while homeowners, many of them fire
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they've lost. >> it was terrible. i mean, this is my house. this is my home. this is my everything. and now i've got to figure out where to go from here. >> reporter: thoughts like this added to the apocalyptic feeling in the burned areas, still mostly evacuated and 23i8d with smoke so pervasive most of all northern california remains under unhealthy air quality advisory through the weekend. and that air quality is also affecting major events in the bay area this weekend. cal berkeley, stanford, and the raiders home games up here are now up in the air, erika. back to you. >> just incredible. nbc's jinah kim in glenn allen california. thank you, we appreciate your time. >> new details about a deadly crash back here in loudoun county this morning. chopper 4 was over the scene on route 9. two cars were trying to pass a truck in a no-passing zone. one of the cars managed to get ar t
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crashed head on into a vehicle headed in the opposite direction. the driver who was trying to pass died. another driver was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. police say the car trying to pass was doing so in that no-passing area. >> president trump just issued two major blows to obamacare in a span of 24 hours. he says he's bringing more flexibility to consumers, but critics say the changes could upend the insurance marked and put health care beyond reach for some people. blayne alexander is here to sort us through all of this. okay. so, where do we start, blayne? >> reporter: erika, certainly a lot to sift through the last 24 hours. experts are calling this the bold est move yet to dismantle obamacare. now, president trump is saying that because congress would not act to repeal and replace, he is now trying a new strategy. president trump scoring political points before a friendly audience after dealing obamacare its biggest blow y
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have followed through on one promise after another. >> reporter: the president ending $7 billion in annual federal subsidies that help low income patients insisting those subsidies were illegal to begin with. this after thursday's executive order paving the way for cheaper options that could drive healthy patients out of the system. the president tweeting, piece by piece we will fix health care. >> we are taking a little different route than we had hoped because getting congress -- they forgot what their pledges were. >> reporter: experts say he is forcing congress to act. >> obamacare was on really shaky grounds before this week. now trump has really set it up to fail. >> reporter: frustration from some in the president's own party. >> i will say that i'm very concerned about the president's executive order. >> reporter: now a group of state attorneys general taking legal action to stop the
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trump has taken his threats off of twitter and brought them into the living rooms of working families across america. >> reporter: the new york attorney general saying obamacare is still the law of the land, telling the president we'll see you in court. and according to a new poll from the kaiser family foundation, this move is not a popular one. the numbers show that 7 out of 10 americans want obamacare fixed, not dismantled. pat? >> all right, blayne alexander, thank you, blayne. a pledge and oath to the red white and blue, 22 people became new citizens in montgomery county today. the naturalization ceremony took place this morning in silver spring. they came from 14 different countries. after the swearing in, they also had an opportunity to register to vote. county executive ike leg going gett said 60 are eligible and encouraged to go through the process of becoming u.s. citizens. congratulations to them. >> that's right. >> a lot of people are
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celebrating hispanic heritage month. >> and we are, too, here at news 4. we invite you to watch a one-hour special we are airing tomorrow morning at 9:30. david and i are going to showcase some of the amazing people and the very rich culture of the hispanic community right here in d.c. we are going to be talking about politics, education, music and you'll also find a full list of hispanic heritage month events that are going on this weekend. you can find those through our nbc washington app. we have some really great stories lined up for you. >> and previewed some of them. they are great. >> thanks, pat. >> can't wait to see it. first at 4:00, how a man from virginia helped an isis december thighser and what is next for him. >> threatening message, what a homeowner says the neighbor put out when she put her house on the market. >> and it's friday the 13th. you know that. so, we're asking whether you have any superstitions about this date. >> does it spook you? let us know in our poll on the ngc washi
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪
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for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. a woodbridge man is going to prison for lying to the fbi and covering up for a friend who was trying to help fight for isis. a judge sentenced michael queen to two years in prison today. the feds say queen knew his friend harris ka mar was trying to join isis in 2014 and was targeting d.c. landmarks for an attack. but they say that queen lied to investigators all about it.
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eight-year prison sentence for attempting to support isis. >> a for sale sign went up outside a home in arlington. the following day, a neighbor started flying a confederate flag. >> the realtor fears that the flag is going to offend potential buyers and says the neighbor refused to take the flag down. >> news 4's amee cho is live in the neighborhood right now. amee, you started asking questions about this today and then something changed. what happened? >> reporter: yeah, pat and erika, that's right. as you see behind me that flag has since been taken down. when we first got here this morning it was still up. we were able to get some video that will show you now. the flag first went up about two weeks ago, one day after the house next door went up for sale. the realtor for the home tells me the flag has made her job tougher. several interested buyers now thinking twice about wanting to live here. we tried to get in touch with the homeowner who put the flag up. she told us over the phone she has no comment. we also
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>> you take up arms against the united states, and i say that having ancestors who fought on both sides. so, you know, if you take up arms and you lose, great. you fly that flag now, you're a traitor. >> reporter: now, he rents this house here. he told me he was interested in buying it, but now he's reconsidering. of course, the homeowner does have the right to put up whatever she wants on her property, so if she does decide to put that confederate flag back up it's protected by the first amendment. we're live in arlington, amee cho, news 4. >> kind of a difficult situation there. and i would imagine for the real estate agent, too. >> amee cho, thank you. all right. so, today is friday the 13th, a day that psychologists say can cause real fear and anxiety. are you buying this? we asked you to weigh in on the nbc washington facebook page. are you superstitious on friday the 13th? many of you said
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appointments and reschedule activities to avoid travel or leaving the house on friday the 13th. but of those who say that it's just a regular day on the calendar, we have got 13 facts about friday the 13th that may change your mind. you can go to the nbc washington app and search friday the 13th. >> scary faces there. nice face sitting here next to us. it changed a little since yesterday. >> what is going on here? explain this. what is this look called? >> that is -- i'm trying to figure out what i'm doing, okay. what i did yesterday, i grew it out for the nationals. that obviously did not work. i am so upset about the nats loss. i decided to have a little bit of fun with this today. i asked on my facebook page. what do you want to see? people said the go-t. at 5:00 i'm going to do something different. >> we get different kammerer looks today? >> so it's a gradual return to your other look. >> my other look. my previous look before the nationals. >> you'll bve
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then? >> well, no. >> in the meantime. >> how do you get over the loss? that was terrible watching that. we'll get to that later. let's show you what we're dealing without side. have to have some fun with this. have cloud cover across the area. no rain associated with those just yet. would not be surprised to see a little bit of drizzle trying to work its way in here temperature wise wise because of the clouds only 65 degrees right now. those temperatures will stay fairly steady throughout the evening. most the air why in the low 60s. notice upper 60s out closer to the water. back to the west where it's 71, peters burg, west virginia, sunshine on the other side of the mountains. most of us have been socked in with the clouds. there is a storm off the coast that is going to be helping push some of the rain back towards our direction. we 0 will see that the next few hours, especially in parts of southern maryland down to the northern neck. you folks will get it first. there's the cloud cover. notice a lot of is unshine, though, back to the west and a cold front way back here toward the west making its way towards
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in our forecast over the next couple of days. especially on sunday and into monday, get to that in a second. first off this evening, here are the showers i'm talking about right around 7:00, right along the water here over towards annapolis, down toward calvert county, seat mary's county. watch what happens. they move in by 10:00, 11:00 we're seeing showers around the d.c. metro area. not much, but if you want to take the umbrella with you just in case it is a good idea to do so. overnight tonight more shower activity. notice by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow we are still socked in with the clouds. we still have a couple of showers out there. most of the area remaining dry on our saturday. and i think if you've got kids games, maybe you have a game you're going to be playing outdoors, i think we'll be fine for the games, but expect cloud cover throughout much of the day. notice we're seeing breaks in the clouds back to the west. by 5:00 starting to see breaks even around our region. i think we'll start to clear and by tomorrow night we'll start to really see some partly cloudy skies around the area. by sunday we're back into full sunshine. tomorrow morning
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to mid 70s, going to be a high of 76. if we get sunshine i think we get to that number. stay cloudy we might be cooler. temperature wise the next couple days, 76 degrees on your saturday. this is at the wharf. now, sunday it is it should say 82, not 72. this is going to be a warm day. back on monday notice the temperature difference down to 64 and breezy. much cooler on monday. that's the kind of temperature regime i'm talking about here. notice the difference, a 20 degree temperature difference between sunday and monday. good chance of a shower early on monday morning but then that cold front moves through. we'll see some sunshine in the afternoon. it will be breezy, though, with a high of 65, only 63 on tuesday, and most of next week we've got plenty of sunshine. we've got some chilly weather here. how about tuesday morning's low temperatures? yeah, 30s in some of the outlying areas. 38 winchester, 39 in manassas as 46 in the city. next week getting a by chilly after an 85 on sunday. so, a little seesaw temperatures coming up the next couple of
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>> we're going to have whiplash, doug. >> let's keep talking about this beard thing. >> i have to change something. >> let's see what's next. special program note for you tomorrow night at 8:00 nbc will host a star studded concert and telethon to benefit the victims of hurricanes irma and maria. >> it is a live event. it will air simultaneously on the spanish language networks, telemundo and univision and will feature some of the biggest stars in music and entertainment including jennifer lopez, mary j. bliej and maroon five. so, join us then. >> all right. first at 4:00, a benefits boost, how much more the government is going to start paying many of you and why not everybody likes the raise. >> but first, we are asking what crimes do you think are too small to report to police? we'll tell you right now, not everybody is in agreement about this. yo
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z2i1wz z16fz y2i1wy y16fy you may recognize the face and certainly the voice. the voice of tommy mcfly from 94.7, fresh fm, he's one of the dmv's most prominent voices on the radio. >> we are happy to annnc
4:24 pm
tommy will be doing what he does best, sharing the inspiring so stories with the local communities. with the mcfly flare. >> we missed you these years. >> happy to be back. >> today you're talking about the nats. not a lot of people are happy about this. you're talking about the loss, not of the game, but of property, personal property. >> it's still too soon to talk about the loss. >> a bitter party of many of >> absolutely. talk about the nats a lot. my co-host has a nats flag that she takes down the american flag a couple times a year to put up a nats flag oemg day in playoffs. check out the video from her nest camera. it was actually stolen from her front door. you can see this guy, he comes up, he snatches the flag. he makes his way off, even trampling on her flowers. so we were wondering, it's like a $30 flag, right? it's not that big of an expense. but do you call the cops for something like this? do you get the authorities involved? look at this guy, in the middle of the
4:25 pm
takes away her flag. >> this is personal property. it's on her personal property. >> right. >> so what did your listeners say about that? is it too tiny, too small a thing to go to the police about? >> that was the thing. it was sort of split. we actually had someone from the alexandria law enforcement community check in and said we want to know about those things because maybe there is a flag bandit on the loose. and someone is stealing flags from everyone's home. they like to know that kind of information. >> and stop it. >> people, citizens who called in said, maybe we shouldn't do that. >> i'm going to say no. my soap box for the day was, look, unfortunately we know this all too well because this is what we do for a living so we cover murders and unfortunately crime. and, you know, entire communities that are on fire. and our first responders do not need to be burdened with a $30 flag. there are real problems. that to me is like first world problems. >> that's what i was thinking. my dad is a cop. police say we want to know everything.
4:26 pm
it. we want to hear what you have to say after this segment will be on the nbc washington facebook page during facebook live. and i would love you to chime in because we're still trying to figure out what we do with this. >> you know, there are other things. a flag is a small thing, but they can come to your property and steal other things. big things. and then get into the house. >> uh-huh. >> tommy mcfly from 94.7 fresh fm, we appreciate you, welcome you to the family. >> thank you. >> you can talk with tommy on facebook live. >> right now a live look outdoors. it's a little gray for a friday night, but maybe appropriate for friday night the 13th. what do you think? it's not cold out there. doug is back in a few minutes with the seesaw word about the weather for the next few days. >> a young woman remembered today at a church in maryland. the new tactic that policeope h
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developing now at 4:30, a violent outburst in a teenager girl's murder hearing in fairfax county. her parents yelled at the suspect. her mother threw a shoe. the murder of nabra hassanen drew national attention because of fears that she may have been murdered because of her religion. our david culver is speaking to her family. he's going to have a live report coming up. >> president trump has dealt a pair of punches to
4:30 pm
insurance companies known as cost sharing reductions. the effects are complicated. we still don't know how states and congress will respond. >> fire fighters are gaining some control of the 15 fires that are scorching northern california right now. but the threat is not over. winds are expected to pick back up tonight. 31 people are dead and hundreds are still missing. >> let's check in back here with storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> all right, douk, a bit of a gloomy start to the weekend. we kind of do this and drop back off. >> exactly right. we're going to go way up into the 80s and a 20 degree temperature difference between sunday and monday. we'll talk more about that coming up at 4:45. right now i'm tracking some isenhour activity. you notice where the showers are going, from the atlantic right into the chesapeake now, and eventually back into our region. if you're heading out tonight you may want to take the umbrella just in case. temperature wise 65 d.c. much more back to the west. we're going to try to get into
4:31 pm
but much warmer as we make our way into the day on sunday as i mentioned, we will be closer to the lower 80s during the day on sunday. now, if you're heading out this evening, you may want to take the umbrella. i think for the most part we're going to be on the dry side, but i cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle or two. a umbrella is a good thing to bring. 64 degrees 7:00, 62 by 9:00. down to 59 by 11:00. it will feel chillily just like last night. if you go out have the jacket on. you'll have that as you move ought on your friday night. wait until you see the weekend forecast. you'll like it. 50/50 weekend, but most of it will be on the dry side. >> we're going to wait to see what you have to say about that, doug. thank you. investigators are hoping a new flyer will help them find the person who killed the young prince george's county woman. these are photos of the 2014 mini cooper that ashanti billie was drive being the day she disappeared in norfolk. she disappeared last month near thva
4:32 pm
north carolina behind a chufrp. investigators hope someone who saw the car between september 18th and 23rd will contact the fbi. >> meanwhile, billie's family came together today to celebrate her life. >> friends and family gathered at the ebenezer a.m. e. church. >> reporter: today at the home going service for ashanti billie, there was a theme. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it was finding praise in the midst of tribulation. >> we can give god praise in the midst of the sorrow, in the loss, in the tragedy. come on, i need you to encourage this mother and father. >> reporter: the 19-year-old culinary arts student disappeared from a naval base in norfolk. her body discovered days later in north carolina behind an a.m. e. church. >> this should never happen. and on a military base, this should never happen. i don't understand
4:33 pm
>> ashanti had a spirit about her and whoever did this has taken her away from the world. >> reporter: today in this a.m. e. church miles away from the crime scene, it wasn't a time for mourning, but a time for celebrating a grief and potent life. >> i encourage you through my situation to understand that god is so great and he's worthy to be praised. 9 >> reporter: everyone who spoke at today's home going service for ashanti started by talking about her smile and her love of god. today they were searching for peace after a violent death. the fbi still looking for help in this investigation, offering $10,000 to anyone with information that can lead to an arrest. in fort washington, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> just amazing to see the strength of her parents through all of this. >> yeah, and you have to hope that they have found some peace today, but then, you know, tomorrow and the next day and the next day wheny
4:34 pm
questions about what happened to their girl. >> it will be a process. police are still investigating. >> more than 66 million people who receive social security benefits can expect extra cash in their wallet next year. the government announced a 2% boost today. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you and in our newsroom to break this down. all right, susan, this is some good news on a friday. >> it is absolutely, erika. we'll take it anyway we can. it is the largest cost of living adjustment since 2012, but how much is the boost actually worth? beginning this january, the annual increase will be about 2%. that translates to about an extra $25 a month. it will affect one in five americans. the average monthly social security payment is $1258 or about $15,000 a year. for the last five years, social security recipients and federal retirees have received historically low raises. as averages g
4:35 pm
a sour note with those paying social security taxes. we can all expect to pay more due to an increase in the taxable maximum. back to you, pat. >> all right, thank you, susan. >> thanks, susan. >> first at 4:00, america's battle against the bulge. it's taken a turn for the worst. where health experts are placing the blame for a new obesity record. >> i'm tom sherwood in northwest washington at the girl scout shot. you've heard that the boy scouts are going to invite girls to join them. what do some of the girl scouts think about that? coming up. >> do you know somebody that's run in the marine corps marathon next weekend? new at 5:00, the extra
4:36 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor.
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our health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way. in news 4 your health now, the a alarming rise in obesity acrosss country, the world health organizatn
4:39 pm
released obesity data this week. not good stuff. they say almost 40% of american adults are considered obese and 20% of adolescents are obese. both of these are records for the united states. but it's not just the united states. the world health organization says that there has been a ten fold increase in childhood and adolescent obesity across the globe in about the past four decades. specifically countries in the south pacific including american samoa and polynesia top the list of obese nations. but the united states has the highest obesity rate among high income countries. the study found food marketing policies are the main reason for the increase and doctors say that anybody with a body mass index or bmi of 30 or higher is considered obese. >> thanks, erika. to mark breast cancer awareness month, a dramatic reminder this afternoon of the many lives at stake. a group of people from
4:40 pm
hill this morning. then 113 of them lay on the ground in a die-in. to demonstrate the number of people who die of stage 4 breast cancer every single day. we are told many of the participants are currently battling the disease. afterward, the organizers went into the capital to speak with lawmakers about support for more research and finding a cure. >> they came here with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. >> only on news 4, how the new classmates are giving them the royal treatment. >> and we've got some clouds and a little bit in the way of some drizzle in parts of the area. this is our rockville camera. not a very nice friday out there, but not all that bad. we'll talk about your friday evening and what to expect for the weekend. some big changes
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
4:43 pm
the boy scouts historic decision this week to open the ranks to girls has no doubt
4:44 pm
your household maybe and in schools. open enrollment begins next year and now we are hearing push back from some girl scout leaders in our area. as news 4's tom sherwood reports, many believe their organization is still the modern and the right answer for young girls. >> we did lots of really cool things last year. >> reporter: bethesda nurse kate braun picking up materials for her browny group. at the girl scout shop in the district, many just learning about the boi boy scout decision. >> i have no objection to it but i think it's nice for girls to have their own space, their own group, and they can just be with girls. >> this is our new campaign. it's g-i-r-l and it stands forgo getter, innovate, risk taker, leader. this is what we're teaching girls. >> reporter: lid yo soto harman, for eight years the ceo of the girl scouts of the nation's capital region with 82,000 participants from here to west in
4:45 pm
were girl scouts. every secretary of state, condaleeza rice, madelein albright, hillary clinton were girl scouts well into their teens. >> reporter: surrounded by 105 years of girl scout history, she has girl scouts have an important role for girls. >> there is a confidence gap for girls special as they head into middle school years. girls need a girl safe space where they can develop and that's really what we are interested in providing for girls. you do paddling or ultimate recreational challenge. >> reporter: soto harman says despite popular images, girl scouts have vigorous outdoor programs of competence and survival, a well rounded learning of the whole world. >> but the truth is that the girl scouts have been doing this for a very long time and doing it very well. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> anger boils over inside a fairfax county courtroom as a victims family faces their daughter's accused killer. >> leon and wendy are in the
4:46 pm
guys. >> yes, this was quite emotional. nabra happens nabra hassanen was killed walking to a mosque one night this past summer. >> the young man admitted he killed her and dumped her body in a pond near his apartment complex, he showed up for court for what was supposed to be a routine hearing. turns out it was anything but routine. >> our david culver was there as the tensions started to rise. he is going to join us live at the top of the 5:00 show to explain what happened and what is going to be next in this emotionally charged case. >> then we'll change gears and go to a much lighter note. send in the clowns. people in a downtown office building decided to pay tribute to a coworker who was transferred away to another office. they placed a clown at his empty desk. >> what kind of message is that? then things got really weird when the people across the alley noticed that clown and then got a clown of their own and suddenly we have a clown challenge.
4:47 pm
that story. >> what does that say what they thought about him? was he a clown when he was is there? >> busy downtown. >> a lot more coming up on friday. >> busy work on a friday afternoon. where do you even get a clown like that? >> in the city there's a lot of clowns. >> this is true, wendy. set you up for that one. >> all right, so, doug, we're hoping the weather is going to get better before football on sunday. >> i'll tell you, redskins game is going to be just about perfect. right now if you're heading out this evening you may want to take the umbrella just in case. did you know those clouds, those are the punching bags? >> you knock them down, they come right back up. >> you sit there the whole time. >> punching clowns. >> it's fun. show you what's happening. we have the cloud cover around the area. some areas of drizzle but not a lot. we're not seeing a lot of drizzle. we did see some yesterday. we saw some during the afternoon on wednesday, too, but right now we're just looking at the cloud cover down toward national harbor. temperature wise at the airport we're
4:48 pm
the clouds have lowered here and we are starting to see some areas of drizzle. and we may see that through the evening hours and maybe a better chance of showers around the 9:00 hour. 62 degrees around 9:00, 11:00, 59. it will be on the cool side as you step out the door. 62 the temperature, 64 in centerville, 66 in mt. vernon. that's in our weather underground network. as you go out on friday night you need the jacket. this is why you need the umbrella. here's the shower activity down to the south. notice where it's moving from east to west and by 9:00, 10:00 i think we will be in for some showers around the i-95 corridor. not a lot, but if you do live to the east of i-95, in southern maryland you have a chance of seeing it. the east flow is bringing us in alexandria, down along king street you may see flooding down at the bottom, also toward the washington channel here. annapolis and really ann arundel county. if you live in an
4:49 pm
flooding you are going to see flooding along the coast. heads up for that as you move on out. you probably know who you are because this is something that happens fairly often in those areas. 76 degrees tomorrow morning, clouds, isolated shower early. but then some afternoon clearing. not a bad day on saturday. sunday a lot nicer, high of 85 degrees. let's look at the game day forecast as we take on the 49ers. the game we should definitely win fairly easily. come on, guys. 75 degrees at noon, 83 at 3:00 p.m., going down to 81 by 6:00, the game time is 1:00. during the game it is going to be on the warm side for sure. then it gets rather chiller monday into tuesday. monday some showers early in the day but most of the day looks dry. 65 wednesday, 20 to 30e miles an hour, it will be a chilly damon and tuesday. some really nice fall like weather as we move towards the end of the week and next weekend looking pretty good, too. on my facebook page i've been asking what to do with the beard. you said
4:50 pm
you said at 5:00, i'm changing this thing. >> please do that in the bathroom someplace. do not leave a mess. >> okay. we're going to be watching to see what happens with that. >> all right. nbc 4 responds is working for you and getting results. >> and you know every week we help recover money for our viewers and this afternoon we've reached another milestone. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is here to tell us more. kudos on you, girl. >> we hear from so many of you frustrated with the lack of customer service. i get it, we hear you. nbc 4 responds give you a voice when no one else would listen like this couple. they reached out after they bought a warranty that wasn't honored by the company. it wasn't their fault the couch was defective. we reached out to the furniture company ton their behalf and they ended up giving them a brand-new couch. >> all right. saw a story the other day. you told us about a woman who paid for a seminar. that seminar was canceled, nobody ever notified her.
4:51 pm
so, she actually paid almost $2,000 to listen to a national, actually world renowned motivational speaker. but the event which was in atlanta was canceled and she says she was never notified. she contacted the company. never heard back. so, of course she calls us. we not only got her money back. she got an apology from the speaker himself and he even gave her a credit and two complimentary tickets to his next show. >> she was pretty happy about that. >> yes, she was. >> you reached a new milestone. >> we did, we are so happy about this. we have now reached the $1.3 million mark for what we recovered for all of you guys for our viewers. so, our total is now more than $1,328,000 and all of that change as well. and if you have a consumer problem you need help solving -- [ applause ] >> thank you so much for the applause. we are so proud, we really are. contact us at you can file a complaint right
4:52 pm
and we'll answer your question. >> thank you. >> susan hogan working for you. >> yes, ma'am. >> all right, thanks. >> thank you, susan. >> sure. >> want to switch gears now. you remember the brutal mother of a pregnant maryland teacher. next at 5:00, why her boyfriend isn't facing charges in the death of her unborn child. and who is working to change that. >> plus, the rude response a man says he got from a metro worker when he reported violence on the train. you're watching news 4 first at 4:00.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a baltimore teacher who went above and beyond to help her victims got a shout out from ellen degeneres. the kids call him mr. o. he works at city springs school which has the highest poverty rate in baltimore. mr. o showed his students pictures of the devastation in houston and they decided to take some action. the students starlted a school wide fund-raiser and they raised
4:56 pm
more than $2,000 for the red cross. and, of course, ellen had her own big surprise. shutter fly donated $25,000 to help the school and his entire class was there to present the check. >> look at his face. great story. >> wonderful gesture. >> yes, it is. let's stay on the topic of feel good story. one school is helping a brother and sister who lost everything in puerto rico. >> this coming weekend they're going to get the royal treatment during home coming. the siblings enrolled a few weeks ago after fleeing the hurricane. news 4 david culver has the story from loudoun county. >> reporter: home coming season, a big deal at most every high school. freedom high in south riding is no different. students getting dressed up for a night of dancing. >> i didn't bring any suitcase because we like didn't know -- >> you had no suitcase with you? >> no. >> reporter: a few days before the dance, they showed up at freedom. they just fled home, puerto rico, or what's left. >> when
4:57 pm
house and i saw my street, all the trees falling down. >> reporter: through their stepdad they were able to relocate in loudoun county and enroll in a high school where they knew no one. the principal got word and -- >> and came to me and said, i want us to do something to make sure they get to home coming and enjoy th enj enjoy themselves. >> reporter: she works at the front desk. she turned to her daughter a senior. >> okay, i guess we're taking them to home coming. immediately i texted out all my friends on every social media. >> reporter: suddenly dozens of clothing options for the siblings and what's two more added to a home coming group? >> it was really great, like how many people could help just two kids like new kids. >> yeah. >> reporter: and it's not stopped there. other students making sebastian and adriana feel welcome. >> even from driving them to school, to taking them out for ice cream after school, they all jumped in.
4:58 pm
what we do as people, you know what i mean? you see someone in need and we feel the desire to be able to share what we have with them. >> reporter: a brother and sister far from home, but still feeling that home coming spirit. >> i'm so happy, i'm so grateful, like i couldn't like imagine that. >> reporter: in loudoun county, david culver, news 4. >> and if you'd like to help, just search how to help in our nbc washington app. >> so happy for them. >> absolutely. happy home coming. >> our news continues now with wendy and leon. >> and right now at 5:00, a montgomery county man facing charges he killed his pregnant girlfriend. what the parents of the victim plan to do to make sure he's also charged with murdering the fetus. >> just one week until the marine corps marathon and the event in las vegas are weighing heavily on organizers here. their plans for security for that big race. >> plus a passenger complains about assaults on metro after the course of -- over the
4:59 pm
what happened inside that train and why it went on for so long. >> breaking news -- >> insults being thrown inside that room as the murder suspect stands in front of the parents of a murder victim. prosecutors say darwin martinez torres killed 17-year-old nabra hassanen back in june following a road rage incident. >> northern virginia reporter david culver went inside that courtroom. and we were reading your tweets as this was unfolding this afternoon, david. what was it like to actually be in there? >> reporter: it was incredibly tense, wendy. i'm in this courthouse three times a week. i've never seen anything like this. obviously no cam ratz inside the courthouse. bear with me. i'm going to walk you through what it was like. it was a 1:30 hearing. supposed to be a pretty standard preliminary hearing with the defendant and the prosecution there. shortly after it started, things were getting settled. i should tell you, it
5:00 pm
the there were more than 250 people there, mostly supporters of nabra hassanen. the family was there as well. as the defendant sat down at the table, i noticed the father's eyes were locked onto heim. the father of nabra. he couldn't seem to look away. then he stands up and lunges toward the defendant almost trike to get to him. i see the mom of nabra, she takes off her shoe and she throws it toward the defendant. at that point the courtroom erupted. there was emotion everywhere. people were shouting. the deputies rushed in. they tried to keep people calm. within seconds they had the judge out of there and they had the suspect out of there. as i mentioned the prosecution was in there as well. i want you to hear what the prosecutor had to say as he stepped out of court. you've been in a lot of court rooms. have you ever had an incident like that break out? >> yeah, i've had some over the years. it's been a long time, 35 years now. but yeah, occasionally that happens. i think we can all understand the emotions


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