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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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their daughter brutally murdered back in june. prosecutesers say darwin martinez torres killed her in what they consider to be a road rage incident. i noticed as soon as that suspect walked into the courtroom, nabra's father fixated on him and it wasn't long after that emotions erupt. >> justice for nabra. justice for nabra. >> reporter: supporters of nabra hassanen, her image everywhere amidst this crowd, but no nabra. the pain welling up, you can see it in this girl's eyes. imagine all of this emotion packed into a courtroom. there are no cameras allowed inside a courtroom but i want to give you a visual of how this all happened. this is the late layout. you have the judge sitting here, the prosecution, behind the prosecution you have nabra's mom and dad. there you had the defense. i was actually seated right here towards the front of the courtroom. at one point as it was just starting, nabra's father standing up
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killed my daughter." then her mother stood up, took off her shoe and hurled it across the courtroom towards the defendant. the courtroom was stunned. the prosecutor -- >> said, you know, i just feel for those people. they're so nice. they're so nice. >> reporter: as some stood in silent support of nabra, her father spoke briefly outside. >> every day i think about my daughter. she think about other people. but today she is not with me. i lose her. but we said -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> we have seen how hard it feels to lose someone's daughter and to see the suspect of the murder in front of their eyes. we were overwhelmed by the emotions. >> reporter: back to the
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preliminary hearing, the defendant waived his right to a preliminary hearing. that means it goes next week to a grand jury and it could be next week that they set the date for trial. meantime, leon, i have to tell you when you look around the courtroom and you normally see deputies, today was a day you saw them in action, putting that training into use. it was impressive to see as they quickly got the judge out of there within seconds. the suspect was taken out quickly. and they had every exit blocked and calmly brought people back to what was a less tense mood. >> and we know they have been trained for things like that and they've seen disruptions in court rooms, but nothing like a shoe being thrown. that's a little interesting. very interesting. thank you, david. david culver reporting live for us. boy, the skies today matching the room, the mood of that room. lets let's turn to the weather. rain on the radar for the start of the weekend coming. get ready for dramatic changes in the days ahead. doug is talking about that now. doug? >> a little bit of a roller coaster ride the next couple days. we have shower
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drizzle out there. look at our tower camera here in northwest and you see the rain drops on the camera lens. you see the low clouds. it is a nasty evening across our region. and we have some more rain actually coming in. we have some drizzle now around the region. we have some showers that are trying to move back in, too. good idea to take the umbrella with you just in case if you're going to be out and about. now current temperature 64 degrees, d.c., 71 elkins, west virginia. we'll get into the warmer air was we move into the weekend. it won't last long. big time temperature swings. i'll show you when in a couple minutes. >> a hyattsville man says his trip on the green line recently was the worst ride ever. for nearly 30 minutes he says a woman attacked riders. he called for help, but feels like metro workers insulted him when he spoke up. here's chris gordon with a story you'll see only on news 4. >> reporter: robert bean says a woman got violent on the green line train to branch avenue thursday. >> diry
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woman who was assaulting the other woman sitting on that seat facing forward. she had repeatedly punched her from behind, knocked her water bottle out. the woman was grabbing restraining the woman in this seat for a couple stops until she got off and went on to the train in front to assault other passengers. >> reporter: metro says if a passenger sees an assault or other trouble on the train, they should use the inter come, press the red button, and inform the train operator. mr. bean says he used the inintercom to report the assaults, but he didn't see a police officer for the next six stops. >> when i got off the train there was finally a police presence here. >> reporter: being told the metro employee, he was disappointed passengers were left on the train for half an hour with a woman who was hitting and insulting people. >> and his response was, i should have been more of a man and done something about it myself. >> reporter: metro is not addressing the employee's comments. mr. bean says he's insulted. other passengers think bean did l
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would really be encouraging of someone who steps forward. >> reporter: metro says transit police stopped the woman and got a warrants for her arrest. chris gordon, news 4. >> turning now to the crisis in california as homes now are reduced to ash after raging wildfires day after day there, cadaver dogs now searching for the remains of people who couldn't escape the blaze. 32 people are dead, but hundreds are still missing. crews are now identifying some victims by serial numbers stamped on medical implants. >> 21 wildfires are still burning there across california. together they have destroyed more than 300 square miles. that's more than 4 1/2 times the size of the district of columbia. more than 9,000 fire fighters are battling these blazes. investigators are trying to figure out if downed power lines or some other utility problems sparked these fires. >> new cluesft
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mass shooting in modern u.s. history. the las vegas sheriff standing by his department's time line which has been disputed by the hotel where the gunman opened fire. changes in the series of events have stirred criticism and today the sheriff also revealed that the gunman, stephen paddock, fired on police vehicles involved in the response. 59 people were killed in that attack. now, in light of the las vegas massacre, organizers of other large outdoor events are reevaluating their security plans. >> and that includes the annual marine corps marathon next weekend. thousands of people including children expected to take part at news 4's derrick ward looks at what is being done to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: with 30,000 runners and thousands of supporters and spectators expected, planning for each year's marine corps marathon begins almost as soon as the previous year's race has ended. but each new year brings new security concerns, and this year it's the las vegas shooting where a gunman perched in an upper floor hotel room overlooking a crowd of
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fire. after the security concerns for 2017, any threats from above, the course passes through alexandria, rosslyn, and d.c. it starts and ends in arlington, and at points passes through a canyon of high rise office buildings and hotels. >> we're really focusing on building those partnerships that we have all year long with our hotel industries, making sure we are in contact with them. building on those partnerships, security personnel, to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: security officials also want everyone participating or not to stay familiar with the phrase if you see something say something. vigilance is among the best defenses. >> everybody's dpai ay-to-day activities is different. it's going to be different to hotel visitors and residents. if you see something suspicious, a bag, call that in. >> reporter: as far as we know, there's been no actual threat levelled against this event. and security officials, well, they always keep the details of their planning
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that people are vigilant and they want to make sure they know things are ng done to make sure this is a safe event on the 22222 22nd. live, derrick ward, news 4. >> laura wallen was found shot to death in a field. her body left in a shallow grave this summer. wallen's boyfriend charged with her murder. we learned he will not be facing charges for the death of her fetus. news 4's kristin wright explains. >> reporter: laura wallen's family says her murderer stopped two beating hearts. she was having a boy. her family says she would have named him reid. a grand jury indicted laura's boyfriend tyler tessier for her murder. but today the state's attorney confirmed that under maryland law, tessier won't be charged for the death of the fetus. so laura's family says they will meet with the governor's office, telling news 4, although we understand the maryland law, our
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the legislature examine fetal homicide and revisit neonatal viability as the parameter for prosecuting a fetal homicide. nonprofit americans united for life strongly agrees. they wrote a letter to the acting u.s. attorney for maryland, urging him to file federal charges in the that would make it possible to bring a second murder charge against tessier under the unborn victims of violence act, also known as lacy and connor's law. >> under the federal law the age of the baby has no bearing on whether a murder was committed. here we know there were two victims, laura and her unborn baby, at 14 weeks. and we're asking for justice for both of those victims. >> reporter: criminal defense attorney richard fency says he doesn't see federal charges coming because of the state's attorney. >> i think mr. mccarthy runs a very competent strong office and he will be able to prosecute a case like thistr
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the full extent and power of the law and federal charges to me are unlikely. >> reporter: the wallen family's meeting with the governor's office is scheduled for next week. in montgomery county, kristin wright, news 4. >> an autopsy showed wallen's fetus was 14 weeks and was not viable outside of the womb. state law says if wallen were further along her boyfriend could have been charged in the death of the fetus. >> for the first time, we are hearing that mysterious sound that may have injured u.s. diplomats in cuba. 22 embassy workers developed physical symptoms that included brain injury and hearing loss. there is speculation they were victims of a sonic weapon attack. the associated press says it has obtained a recording of the sound that the embassy workers heard. we are going to play it right now because experts do not believe it is harmful at this volume and in short durations.
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americans affected in havana say the sound hit them at extreme volumes. u.s. officials have not blamed cuba, however they say rather cryptically the cuban government could stop the attacks. >> emotions running high as people gather to remember a teen who vanished from a naval base in norfolk. why police are turning to the public to help find her killer. >> neighbors at odds as this home hits the market. but one woman had flying outside her property that could offend potential buyers. >> and another big week in politics, nbc's chuck todd joins us coming up next as we breakdown the president's new warning for iran and
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well, another busy week on the political beat. >> here's a look at some of the headlines. president trump takes the iran nuclear agreement into new territory. de-certifying the deal, issuing new sanctions, raising new tensions. >> at the same time he's pressing ahead with new health care orders that seem designed to end obamacare. >> and former president obama is about to make a rare public appearance in virginia. so, nbc news political director, moderator of meet the press chuck todd is here to talk about this. let's talk about de-certifying the iran deal. what is the benefit of that for the president, especially when we have tensions with north kore n
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iran? >> look, i think first of all, remember, he has done a few things. one is he has solidified a set of allies in the middle east in a different way than president obama did with the gulf nation states and israel and however you look at it he's made a decision to be more aligned with essentially the soviet uniunni this argument. none of them liked the iran deal. none of them wanted to see it because it was a containment strategy in their minds and it eventually delayed in their minds the inevitable. so, that's one reason he's trying to deliver for his allies. i think he thinks congress can give him more leverage. look, i would say this. i'm combining the health care and iran stories because they're actually the same thing. meaning he made this announcement that sounds like a big deal. but he's actually not done anything yet. he's giving congress the opportunity to either help him finish going down that path, either de-certify, kill the nuclear deal, i don't want to do these subsidies, let's kill obamacare. okay, you want to keep the deal? then give
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restart a new deal on ballistic missiles on iran or keep the health care, fine, send me a bill with those insurance guarantees in it, but you do it. maybe i'll sign that bill if you make these changes. so, it sounded like he was willing to do a lot, but read the fine print, he's punting to congress. he's willing to deal. >> in case nothing happens it looks like he did something. >> the base gets to say he tried. boy, that congress can't do anything. i came in here ready to sign repeal and replace. they sent me nothing. i came here ready to tear up the nuclear deal, but congress won't let me do it. weirdly win/win for him politically even as it creates instability in the moment. >> let's get to the health care issue because you bring that up. when it comes to that, most americans want president trump to do the exact opposite of what it appears he's trying to do now to the health care law. let's take a look at the results of a new kaiser health tracking poll. i' i'm sure you've seen this already. 71% say theyt
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work. only 21% a he's doing what he can to make it fail for something he hasn't created yet. does the president own health care going down the road? >> so, this is the risk. and this is why i think senate republicans and house republicans are essentially not willing to take that risk. they don't want to find out who wins the blame game argument. because ultimately it's likely they get the blame, right. it won't just be trump, trump and republicans get the blame. look, i think there is this fear, they've seen these numbers. they've seen people are paying attention to the health care issue. this isn't going to be the case of obamacare failed because obamacare didn't work. they will blame the republicans for undermining it if they're not careful spaernl especially the way they've gone about it. i think that's the risk here for them and that's why the president can please his base that wants to see sort of a more pugilistic result here. we got do undo something that makes the left
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same time they won't fully do it because they're worried about the middle of the road voters. i don't like the way obamacare works but i want senator mccain. that's the volter they risk alienating. >> what are you having on your show? >> john kasich, a defender of the law, how it works. we're going to dig into the iran deal and try and understand better what is the end game here. it seems as if don't listen to what he says, watch what he does. >> let's look at the virginia race where you have president obama now making a rare appearance for the democratic candidate there. old dominion a big deal? >> it's the biggest race that's competitive in this odd year. that's number one. number two, when it comes to the democratic strategy in virginia and these off year elections, how do you take voters who will vote in presidential races and get them to the interested in the gubernatorial race? how do you do it? you get a national figure. so, that's president obama's job in this as far asph
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is concerned, is to get folks who are called federal voters, meaning these folks that only vote in the presidentials, the congressionals to be focused on the good to be i can-- gubernat voters they think they might be more interested in trump. they might use this appearance to push back on health care. >> obama, why is he not using his popularity to push back against what is happening to health care right now? he's willing to use it for northam, but not health care? >> it's interesting. look, he really, i think, over time appreciated the fact that george w. bush didn't back seat drive him that first year. dick chaeney did. the former vice-president did, like joe biden may speak out harsh err harsher or secretary kerry. president obama respects how george w. bush handled. he was getting goaded but he wouldn't do it.
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i don't expect president obama to get personal about president trump with northam. i think that's the line he tries -- he will make this impassioned case to save health care and he might say, please just call it trumpcare, i don't care. but i actually think he will step away from that because i think this is about that aspect of it. >> every precedent about how presidents treat each other is thrown out the window. >> what precedents are here any more? >> there you go. >> you know what, there are people actually that think that are getting angry that president obama won't speak out. >> won't speak up, yeah. thanks, chuck. >> quick reminder, chuck todd is going to be working this weekend as always bringing you the latest political news. meet the press airs sunday morning 10:30 on news 4. >> the urgent warning from police before you gas up this weekend. >> here's another reason to keep watching the news, folks. how it made one man $24 million richer. >> frrewriting rock and roll history, a
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians.
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red this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring,
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for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. z2fwdz z16fz y2fwdy y16fy >> oh, my! >> look who is here and what's not here. >> oh, my goodness. you look like a young burt reynolds. >> i'll take that. i feel like -- >> smokey and the bandit kind of -- >> i look like my dad, which is not a good thing. what i'm doing, i had the beard for the nationals.
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beard thing. i did the go-tee at 4:00. people were like, that's okay. i did the fu-man-shu. now i have the mustache. my wife is like, no, i have the mustache. we'll see what the kids think. this will be off by 11:00. i'm not keeping this. leon has it going on. i can't do that. >> where's the photo gallery? >> it's on my facebook page, nbc washington facebook page as well. this has been fun. the razor has been hurting. anyway, let's take a look and show you what's going on out there. you have to have fun after the nationals lose, a day like today we have the drizzle out there, we're going to continue to see that out towards rockville. you can see the low clouds ask drizzle. take a look at this, this is our camera northwest. it is definitely a little bit on the nasty side. temperature at 63 degrees, winds out of the north at 5 miles an hour. it is going to be a very cool night tonight if you're heading out. make sure you take the umbrella and be ready for the drizzle. be ready for the showers. we do have somect
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showers trying to move into the southern zones. southern maryland, parts of the northern neck as the system off the coast is bringing in some of that rain as we move in through the rest of the night tonight. you can see it, a lot of cloud cover east of the mountains. tomorrow i think we get a little bit better here as far as some sunshine is concerned. it's not going to be a lot. then we're actually going to track this. this is a cold front and it's going be a strong cold front and it's going to change things in a big way come sunday into monday. tonight. we have the showers 7:00, 8:00 from the east in toward the metro area. notice how they kind of fizzle out. this is mostly just drizzle and very light rain tonight. good idea to keep the umbrella handy. notice 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a knappe annapolis the boat show is it going on. can't rule out a couple showers. here's noon. somebody was asking me about salisbury. can i do a bike ride in salisbury? there's going to be rain
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west of the blue ridge nice day, east of the blue ridge cloudy, some breaks in the sun. morning clouds isolated shower, afternoon clearing, really not a bad day out there. but sunday much nicer. if you're heading down to the wharf, that's the day to go, sunday, warm, beautiful conditions down there. 82 degrees at that time, 64, though, look at this change, 82 to 64 rather breezy conditions, much cooler on monday. and here's that ten-day forecast. 77 tomorrow, 85 on sunday. 65 on monday. we're going to see rather breezy conditions on monday. tuesday is a really chilly day. tuesday morning some areas will wake up into the upper 30s so watch out that tuesday, really cool start. and most of the next week looking really, really good. >> a viewer sent this in. >> yes. >> there you go. it's a norelco. just in time. >> i look, and i'm like, dad? >> there you go, '70s thing going on there. 1970s.
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>> hike your pants up look at your black socks and we'll see you later. [ laughter ] >> okay. all right. some consider this a symbol of hate. what a homeowner says her neighbor put out when she put her house up for sale. >> i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4, the home going celebration for the woman whose body was found in north carolina after she went missing from a naval base in norfolk. today her
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for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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giving praise in the midst of sorrow when celebrating life and death, the family of ashanti billie says that's their mission as they remember the 19-year-old who was found dead after disappearing from a naval base in norfolk. >> she taught us something, how to be better people. she basically wrote the blueprint for our lives and taught us how to live, how to treat others. and then when her work was done, he called her home. >> billie's parents are still waiting for police to find their daughter's killer. >> but our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins says that's not stopping them from making good on ape proms to the community. >> reporter: rainbow color flowers on lapels and they draped the casket in this church in honor of a colorful but short life. ♪ and for this -- >> rep
6:31 pm
there was a theme. it was finding praise in the midst of tribulation. >> we can give god praise in the midst of the sorrow, in the loss, in the tragedy. come on, i need you to encourage this mother and father. >> reporter: the 19-year-old culinary arts student disappeared from a naval base in norfolk. her body discovered days later in north carolina behind an ame church. >> and this should never happen and on a military base, this should never happen. i don't understand it. >> ashanti had a spirit about her, and whoever did this has taken her away from the world. ♪ >> reporter: today in this ame church, miles away from the crime scene, it wasn't a time for mourning, but a time for celebrating a brief and potent life. >> she was a gift to us from god. ♪ i give you praise ♪
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>> reporter: everyone who spoke at today's home going service for ashanti started by talking about her smile and her love of god. today they were searching for peace after a violent death. the fbi still looking for help in this investigation, offering $10,000 to anyone with information that can lead to an arrest. in fort washington, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> investigators have released a new flyer as they search for suspects in this case. these are photos of the 2014 mini cooper that ashanti billie was driving the day she disappeared in norfolk. now, earlier this month, the fbi released that surveillance video. it shows billie's car leaving the naval base where she worked, but you cannot tell who is driving it. investigators are hoping someone saw the car between september 18th and the 23rd. and if so, you are asked to contact the fbi. >> well, the place you gas up this weekend could be a
6:33 pm
could be the target. check out this surveillance video here. some cameras caught crooks in action this week in camp springs. now, this heist takes about ten seconds. a silver bmw pulls up next to an unlocked car and a passenger from that bmw sneaks over, opens it, grabs something from the seat, then takes off. >> like a purse maybe. yeah. >> prince george's county police say the thieves struck at least six times this week. so, think of this video. protect your family by locking your doors even if you stay with your car. and hide your purse or take it with you. >> yeah. a for sale sign goes up outside a home on the following day, a neighbor starts flying the confederate flag. the realtor fears that flag is going to offend buyers, but the neighbor refuses to take it down. all this happening in a community along military road in arlington. news 4's amee cho is in the named neighborhood. she shows us what changed after she started asking questions. >> reporter: the confederate flag was hanging right over there from that town home
6:34 pm
someone took it down. this morning the stars and bars on full display, neighbors tell us the homeowner flew the flag for about two weeks. >> it's just not the neighborly thing to do. >> reporter: donna is the realtor selling the house next door. she says trying to market a house next to a confederate flag has been tough. >> i'm not happy about it and i can assure you nothing would make me happier than to have that flag go down. >> why would i want to live next to that? >> reporter: charles hunt rents a house across the street. he was considering buying it, but is now thinking twice. >> i say that having ancestors who fought on both sides. so, you know, if you take up arms and you lose, great. you fly that flag now, you're a traitor. >> reporter: we tried do to contact the owner of the home but she didn't answer the door. she later told us over the phone she has no comment. several other residents here didn't want to go on camera. they say they are also concerned about the stars and bars. >> it's an irritant. i mean
6:35 pm
in the neighborhood and it's done to attract attention. >> reporter: so as of now the flag is down, but of course if the homeowner wants to put it back up, she does legally have the right to do so. in arlington, amee cho, news 4. >> well, watching the news can make you rich. how is that for a tease? this one man now has 24 million reasons to smile. >> bizarre seen inside two d.c. office buildings. we'll explain the clown challenge unfolding on k street. but first here's doug. >> dealing with the clouds, the drizzle out there right now. not a very nice friday night. but the weekend not all that bad. got any weekend plans?
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there is a clown challenge happening on k street. we're not talking about lobbyists. instead, employees in two office buildings on opposite sides of the road, they have been trying to one up each other by putting clowns in their windows. this all
6:38 pm
colleges with what one person is calling a fated bozo in the window. employees across the street at the law firm an old arnold & pot their own clown. now there are dozens of clowns on both sides of k street. >> everybody likes to have fun and has a little bit of clown in them. >> this competition has led to an invitation at the clowns from the law firm to the clowns at the association to join them on the rooftop for a clown party tonight. >> which would be a good time. prince george's county schools are making changes to keep students safe and they say new training and new procedures to report incidents ever child abuse and neglect, it's drastically reduced the numbers of teachers and staff on paid administrative leave. the school says the new policies have made everyone more aware of what is going on and more comfortable reporting the misconduct. so, imagine being $24 million richer just because you watched theew
6:39 pm
richer here. new jersey man's memory was jogged when he saw a story about unclaimed lottery tickets and lottery winnings, rather, that were about to expire. jimmy smith went into his closet reached into a shirt pocket and pulled out a stack of tickets he bought a year ago. and realized he had a winning ticket. >> go, jimmy. speaking of jimmy, jimi hendrix lost history next and only on news 4, the forgotten photo of the legendary musician. when he performed in d.c., and why some say it is changing rock and roll history as we know it. >> great story. plus dramatic changes ahead in the forecast and doug is w
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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he is an icon, just one word says it all, hendrix. >> that's right. there is a photo of the musician taken decades ago here in d.c. it's never been seen publicly until now. >> news 4's mark segraves tells us how jimi hendrix made history in adams morgan. >> reporter: it's the song bird music house in adams morgan. this was the showboat lounge and people like jimi hendrix would hang out here. and 50 years ago he made rock and roll history right across the street. >> i'd consider that picture that you found in d.c. of him setting his guitar on fire to be part of the holy grail of lost artifacts because like i mentioned earlier, nobody believed that it happened. so, just sort of that legend. the fact that it's now seen that it happened changes everything about how we think about it, especially the year 1967 for hendrix. >> reporter: bill bentley author of smithsoni r
6:43 pm
of photos taken by fans is talking about this picture. jimi hendrix holding his burning guitar above his head on august 13th, 1967 at the ambassador theater in washington, d.c. burning his guitar has long been a part of d.c. legend, but until now there had never been a picture of it. the ambassador theater was a psych dell i can rock venue that opened in the summer of 1967 and went out of business six months later. but during its brief existence, the ambassador was home to many of the top rock acts of the '60s. hendrix's five nightstand at the ambassador came two weeks before his first album was released. nationals broadcaster phil wood was a 16-year-old aspiring rock musician in 1967. he was in the front row for two of the shows, including the last night when hendrix burned his guitar.
6:44 pm
whacks it on the stage, the neck comes off and chunks of wood are flying. but a string broke as they are prone to do, and it came flying and hit me right in the chest. and so i reached down, i picked it up, curled it up and put it in my pocket. >> reporter: brian fisher was also in the front row on that final night. but he and others at the ambassador had started their night across town at d.a.r. constitution hall where pop band herman's hermits were ber forming. he was working at the local tv show wing ding was back stage with the who and still has keith moon's drum stick from that show. pete asked him about the jimi hendrix concert across town. >> john and myself and pete townsend, we went to the ambassador theater which was on columbia road. we sat right in the front. it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: that's right, two of the members of the who wer
6:45 pm
in the audience for the final show at the ambassador sitting on the floor with all the other fans. >> it wasn't packed. it was a decent crowd but it wasn't wall to wall people. there were no chairs at the ambassador. you just sat on the floor. >> as a matter of fact -- >> reporter: dr. virginia was also in the audience for jimi hendrix's five shows. on at least one of those nights, the 18-year-old vertez brought her kodak insta matt i can camera and took these pictures. two of hendrix performing and this one when she met him back stage. >> i had just said hi and he said hi so i took a nice picture of him. >> reporter: after the shows at the ambassador, she gave some of her prints of the pictures to friends, and then she went off to college. >> i had kind of forgotten about one of them. >> reporter: but when she was approached about a 50th anniversary reunion for the ambassador theater, one of hadar friends reminded her she had taken a fourth picture. the picture of hendrix holding a flaming guitar over his head. >> i no longer had any
6:46 pm
but i knew i had negatives somewhere because i never threw away my negatives, even though i moved maybe at least 50 times in these 50 years. >> reporter: so, she began searching through her decades of memories looking for that night in 1967. >> i didn't know how i was going to find this negative so i thought, this is impossible. >> reporter: but deep in a hall closet in a cardboard box filled with thousands of other negatives, she found the four original negatives from that historic night of august 13th, 1967. when jimi hendrix lit his guitar on fire for only the third time known to rock historians, and only the second time caught on film. this picture, forgotten for 50 years, was now found. >> i'll tell you, that's the way it went down. you captain make that stuff up. altogether makes it like a real moment in rock and roll history that i think people will talk about forever. >> it was surreal actually thinng
6:47 pm
>> it's burned in my memory. literally my view, i was probably dangerously close as far as my ears went. but it was one of those moments kind of frozen in time. >> i was just a spectator to something pretty special. >> that's amazing. >> it is amazing. how did you find her? >> so, hat tip to jeff, the film maker. it was his idea to have the celebration 50 year reunion of the ambassador. when he started calling people he got in touch with dr. vertez, got the ball rolling. that's why she looked for the picture and found it. that's why we're going to be able to see it. that rue oo reunion is toept public saturday september 28, at the song bird theater showboat lounge. >> what is this about you having a personal connection to that performance yourself? >> back in the 1960s and '70s, my father was the music critic for the washington star newspaper and he reviewed not only one of jimi hendrix's show, the next year at the hilton hotee
6:48 pm
theater, the ambassador theater. spoiler alert, he didn't like either one of them. >> i'm looking at his quotes. blatant noise. >> blatant noise, guitar playing was indistinguishable. then he went over to the ambassador theater, he said that was a dank and odorous and it was noisy. the one thing he was correct about the ambassador is it wouldn't last and that it would be closed within a year. it actually closed within six months and he closed his article by dubbing it yawn's ville, baby. >> wow. >> so, you can send your cards and letters to me on behalf of my father. this is the segraves mea copa on that one. >> still a great story going back in time. >> what did she do with the pictures, is she going to sell them? >> i talked to the hendrix estate. they're interested in these pictures. she's not looking to get rich. she's going to hold onto them and display them, the four
6:49 pm
she's going to display them at the celebration song bird that saturday afternoon. it's going to be a great day. a lot of musicians, lot of people lot of history. all those people, you know, haven't been together that we saw in this piece for 50 years. and they don't actually know one another. >> those were good times. she saw hendrix before woodstock. >> finding negatives 50 years later. amazing. >> well, it's a good week, couple days to kind of go through your box of negatives and clean out a closet, you know? see what you can find. >> all about that box. i'll tell you, not the best night tonight if you're going to be out and about thinking about getting dinner tonight. take the umbrella. we have some drizzle. we've got some shower activity out there and thing picture kind of tells you what we've got down towards national harbor. yeah, you see it, wetness on the lens with the showers continuing. light drizzle will continue throughout much of the area. you can seep it right there in our city cam, too. 63 degrees, temperatures dropping a little bit staying fairly steady down to 59 degrees by 11:00. heads up for
6:50 pm
keep the umbrella handy. as we look towards the rain, the actual air yauz of rain, we have drizzle. but the areas of some hod rat rain really just light showers. trying to move on in. once again, keep the umbrella handy. best chance for those showers will be down in our southeastern zones toward southern maryland. something else, we have that easterly flow. any time we have that tends to build the water up in the chesapeake toward the poe totom. coastal areas, haynes point, downtown alexandria, maybe flooding there. ann arundel county. you know your area is prone to coastal flooding you may see that tonight into tomorrow morning. morning clouds, isolated shower early, but then some afternoon clearing, especially to our western zones. west of the blue ridge you'll see that. towards annapolis, you get the boat show going on. not the best day tomorrow, but i think a much better day during the day on sunday. plenty of sunshine on sunday but tomorrow 10:00 a.m.,
6:51 pm
isolated shower, cool conditions up to 70, 71. to the west a lot warmer. d.c. coming in 77 tomorrow. for the redskins game sunday high temperature 85 degrees. let's look at the red skienz game forecast as we take on the 49ers. should be a win, 0-4, 49ers, we need a win. 79 degrees, game time 1:00, 81 degrees by 6:00, most of us getting home. we go from 85 sunday to 65 on monday. much cooler conditions, rather breezy, chilly tuesday, waking up to morning lows in the upper 30s in many of the suburbs, 46 degrees on your tuesday morning. all right. show is over. shaving this off. by 11:00, clean shave and done. omise. we'lprl
6:52 pm
alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> i guess the burning of the sage did not work well or not enough sage was burned. >> not at all. that d.c. sports curse, it's alive and well and bianna golodrygaing. it's now been 26 years since a washington, d.c. team has won a championship in one of the four major sports. the nationals have never won a playoff series. last night's game 5 loss to cubs is going to hurt for a while. the nats lost by a single run. they lost eight playoff games by one run since 2014. everything looked great in the 5th
6:55 pm
the cy young award winner got the first two outs easily. then to quote ryan zimmerman, everything went hey wire. sherzer did not get another out until four runs were on the scoreboard. a fragile 4-3 washington lead, turned into an insurmountable 7-4 deficit. mad max sounded defeated after the season ending loss. >> just got punched again. here we are in game five, play our hearts out, everybody lays on the line. everybody is fighting doing everything they can. it was a nail-biter game again. it just sucks because i just know how hard everybody played, how talented everybody is. this game is cruel sometimes. >> despite that horrendous inning, the nationals still had a chance to win. they scored two runs in the bottom of the 6th, one eac
6:56 pm
bottom of the 9th, price harper went down swinging. that closed the door on the nationals 2017 playoff run. >> back and forth, had some fun baseball right there. that's what you live for. go out, battle your tail off against a great cubs team. you know, do all the things you could to put your heart and soul into a game and our fans came to, you know, cheer us on and do what they needed to do and came up short. >> next up, the redskins, curt cousins has one less 49er to worry about. 49ers all pro linebacker la var bowman has been cut. the district heights md ed in native was set to face his hometown team this weekend at fedex. in addition to running back robb kelly doubtful in washington keeping an eye on trent williams. he made significant strides on his knee, listed as questionable. jay gruden sounds questionable about having him on the field. >> he did a little bit today, dr
6:57 pm
>> i trust him because i've been around him now, this is my fourth year and he's given me no reason not to. so, he's such a good athlete, but even if he's a little bit sore, not quite 100%, he's probably more effective than a majority of tackles in the league, so. >> tom wilson returns to the ice for the caps in the preseason. he was suspended for a second time for games for a late hit against st. louis. wilson, he's eager to prove he's ready to contribute to the team. >> it's exciting. got a season debut excitement. but it's going to be my job to channel that and push it toward good areas and make sure that i play with poise and contain the excitement a little bit when i get out there and try and kind of evolve with the league and with my game and hopefully we can get out there and just play good clean hockey. >> all right. caps 2-1-1 on the season. they have the devils tonight. time to keep track of them for their championship run. it's early in the season but that's what mrs
6:58 pm
>> got to get behind them fast. >> go full beard, doug. >> grow the beard again? >> not just theustache. >> m
6:59 pm
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