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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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break now at 11:00, a deadly start to the weekend at a busy shopping center in prince george's county. we're live on the scene. an nbc news exclusive. following the money from a former trump campaign manager to a
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plus, privacy violatedment. >> you never think it would happen and it doesn't go away. >> a man's frightening story. a massage becomes a nightmare. why he wants to share his story with you tonight only on news 4. good evening everyone. a trip to the salon on a day off from work turned into a day one client will never forget. >> this isn't a story you've heard before because the alleged victim in this case is a man. tonight, he's sharing his version of that painful day on camera in hopes that it will help others. >>' he and his lawyer sat down with shomari stone in a story you'll only see on news 4. >> i feel violated, betrayed. >> merritt tells me he was sexually assaulted inside high gloss nail and beauty spa in northwest d.c. >> an innocent day off sfwournds a nightmare. >>
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assault and abuse are traumatized. don't want to show their faces on camera. why are you letting us know who you are? >> it's about coming forward and holding people accountable for their actions. >> he walked into the spa and got a facial and massage last february. he says hi hundred was his masseur. >> he tells me there was a tea bag over each of his eyes blocking his vision. that's when he said she sexually assaulted him. he then yelled at him, put on his clothes and called police. >> according to the court documents, she was charged with first degree sexual abuse of a patient or client. he pled not guilty. an ploemployee told us he wasn' available and couldn't reach his public defender. >> a civil suit will be filed
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>> he's not asking it be filed under seal. >> i'm going to be one victim not in the shadows any longer. >> reporter: a trial date is set in court on february 26th of next year. meanwhile, we'll let you know if high 00 enterprises responds to the civil suit. shomari stone, news 4. as for the timing here, his attorneys say they wanted to get the word out about the case after a separate string of alleged incidents at massage envy locations. he worked at multiple locations in the district in prince george's county. four women say he unappropriately touched them. he was charged with two of the claims. he said he no longer works for that company. breaking tonight at 11:00, a car hits and kills a person near a shopping center on central avenue in -- darcy spencer is
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>> reporter: we're here on central avenue. i can tell you that the crash investigation team is still here on scene. investigating. i want to show you this tree where i'm standing, this is the suv. important to note that the driver did stop, did stay on the scene and police are saying that that driver is cooperating with investigators. now we want to show you video from the front of the suv. when you look at that, you can see the impact damage on the windshield there on the front of the car. the suv f.o.p. or fraternal order of police plates on it. we've been unable to get information. police are still trying to figure out how exactly this happened. the victim hit in an area that's very commercial. there's no crosswalk in the area. very little lighting. >> we have our investigators, collision reconstructionists working very hard to piece together everything that happened. yes, when you have a combination
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unfortunately, you do have things like this that occur. >> reporter: prince george's county police are telling us there's no indication at this point that the driver was under any alcohol or drugs. back to you. darcy spencer in seat pleasant, thank you. weather may have been a factor. you can see in the video it's been a wet evening for folks out there. >> that's right. will the wet weather drag into the weekend. doug is in the storm center tracking it for us tonight. >> hey guys, i think it's going to track into the day early tomorrow. most of your saturday will be on the dry side. but going to see clouds and fog in the morning. maybe dreary mist and shower activity, too. take a look at what we're dealing with. you don't see the drizzle. but you see showers and they're all coming in from east to west across from the atlantic and into parts of the area. we'll continue to see showers this evening. temperatures only in the 60s again today. 66
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to the west. they'll try to move our way tomorrow and try to get here during the day on sunday. more clouds tomorrow. at least for the -- back to summer on sunday and then a huge temperature swing as we move from sunday into monday and tuesday. wait until you see this, guys. i have the forecast in a minute. >> thanks, doug. things got so chaotic inside a fairfax county courtroom today the deputies had to escort the judge and the man accused of killing a muslim teen out of room. outside that courthouse, more than 100 supporters made their voices heard. >> justice for nabra. >> darwin torres is charged with second degree murder in the death of the 17-year-old. prosecutors say he killed her in june as she was head to go a mosque in sterling during ramadan in the early hours of the morning. nabra's father yelled at him and stood on the bench and lunged at the suspect. >> every day, i think about my
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daughter. she think about other people. but today she's not with me. i lose her. >> many in the muslim community feel that nabra's death was a hate crime but police say torres killed her after getting into a an argument about a boy. we've got new details in the russia program. whether that country meddled in our direction. former chief of staff, reince priebus was interviewed by the special counsel leading the probe. the former chief of staff met with them voluntarily. priebus resigned from his post in july. before that, he was rnc chair. meanwhi meanwhile, an nbc news exclusive about another person close to trump, his former campaign manager, paul manafort, appears to have stronger financial ties to an russia ol gark than we first thought. $26 million changed hands in the form of a loan between a comny
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linked to manafort and a billionaire with close ties to the kremlin. that brings the business dealings to around $60 million over the past decade. manafort resigned from the trump campaign three months before the election following allegations of improper financial dealings, which he denies. developing tonight. we've learned california governor jerry brown will be visiting sonoma county tomorrow as they continue their battle against the relentless inferno. issuing emergency declarations and securing federal disaster relief for the zone. the death toll has now risen to 33. authorities are searching a mobile home park in santa rosa for people who didn't make it out there. they fear there could be several bodies there. the murder of a teacher is pushing for change of maryland laws. her boyfriend was
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her murder yesterday. the state's attorney confirms that he will not face charges for the death of her fetus. an autopsy showed the fetus was 14 weeks and not viable outside of the womb. state law says if wallen were further along, her boyfriend could have been charged in the fetus' death. so you're trying to sell your home. it's in good shape. the market is on your side. should have no problem selling it, right? don't forget about your neighbors. one man said that his stepmother put her home up for sale and the next day a confederate flag went up on the house next door to her. the owner refused to take it down. >> people were very concerned. they were nervous about living next door to someone who would have the flag hanging from her front. >> well, for now, the flag is gone. we've reached out to the owner this morning to ask her some questions about it. but she didn't answer the door. however, as we said, the flag did come down
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door, still up for sale. las vegas' sheriff is sticking to his timeline of the massacre. he says stephen paddock shot a security guard and six minutes later shot at the crowd. that timeline is different than a week ago. that said, after the -- the timeline changes and why hotel security were not able to stop paddock sooner. mandalay bay is disputing the six monts past between the security guard and the -- the sheriff said he was absolutely offended by accusations that police were incompetent tent and choked back tears. >> sustained a substantial wound to his shoulder through his bicep into his chest. and out
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the reason why i bring this one up, he asked me if he could go back to work today. samuel whitworth, during the melee in his attempt to evacuate victims, he sustained a broken leg. but he remained on scene and provided security for the medical personnel. >> paddock's autopsy is complete but determining the cause and manner of death is expected to take several months. researchers at stanford university will study his body before it is returned to family. next, only on news 4, metro riders trying to get home faced with a scary situation. >> continued to repeatedly hit a woman sitting in that seat right there. >> if that isn't bad enough, wait until you hear what an employee said to someone calling for help. a sight to behold. where and when you can watch this unbelievable light show efis weekend b
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we're hearing tonight from metro about a story you saw first on 4. >> a man said he had the worst ride ever on the green line. for nearly 30 minutes a woman sitting behind him started attacking riders on the train to branch avenue. she punched, kicked and insulted other riders. he pressed the red emergency button to get the train operator's attention. this went on for six stops until police were ready to -- actually able to get there and arrest her. he asked a metro employee why it took so long. >> his response was, i should have been more of a
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something about it myself. >> now, metro says that it's only ten minutes from the time they got the call to the time police arrived at branch avenue to meet that train. they're still trying to figure out how long the attack was really going on. many people in puerto rico are upset with president trump's continued threats about disaster relief. the president today said that he may pull federal emergency responders. but most of the island is still without power and many do not have basic necessities like water. yesterday trump said that fema and first responders can't be in puerto rico forever. san juan mayor said that was "unbecoming of the commander in chief." the owe fix death toll there, 49. a special program note tomorrow night nbc will host a star studded concert and telethon to benefit the victims of hurricanes irma and maria. the live event will also air simultaneously on the spanish language
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will feature some of the biggest superstars in music and entertainment including j-lo, maroon 5. you can catch it starting at 10:00. closer to home, if you're making plans for the weekend, you may want to check out the reopening of the freer and sackler art. it's hosting the illumination festival all weekend. it starts with a cool light show. this is a projection of the side of the building. collections inside the building are -- those are things that are actually inside. you'll see them on the outside of the walls. it's only running saturday night at 8:00 p.m. the freer and sackler galleries is reopening after being closed down for two years. and we know a lot of folks will be experiencing the brand new wharf on d.c. southwest waterfront for the first time this weekend. number of events happening there over the next few days. you might want to check them out tomorrow. more music and entertainment throughout the day there. d.c.'s popular '90
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white ford broncos is headlining and on sunday there's a blessing of the wharf in the afternoon featuring a performance by the howard gospel choir and fireworks at sunset. >> which now it sounds like the chances of getting the fireworks in are really, really good. the more the day goes on -- if i can get my words out, the better the weather will be. >> not a bad day tomorrow. definitely better on monday. if the fireworks tomorrow night are anything like that last night, they were really good. down there for the foo fighters concert. that was awesome. i got to go to the bar and watch the rest of the nationals game. >> yea, no. >> take a look outside. show you what's happening. the clouds out there, the drizzle, yeah, that continues in parts of the region. temperaturewise, we're now sitting at 63 degrees. winds out of north at 9 miles per hour. now, temperatures not going to go down all that much tonight because of the clouds. because of the drizzle. we're seeing that on shore
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it -- we'll see the shower activity through tomorrow morning. wefr an area of low pressure off the coast. pushing that moisture back in. this is a combed front. we had the clouds around our region early. this cold front is going to scour all of those clouds out but wait until after tomorrow, especially into the day on sunday. nice and warm. that brings us a big change. talk about that in a second. we've got a couple of showers. this is our future weather through tomorrow morning. notice 8:00 a.m. a couple of showers around. most of the area dry. we continue with the clouds. maybe areas of drizzle early. here we are at noon. starting to see breaks. i think we will see breaks, especially from the blue ridge back to the west. eventually coming to the d.c. area. the more sun we get, the warmer we're going to be. it's going to a high of 75 degrees. we stay cloudy all day, we may stay in the 60s, east of 95. afternoon clearing,
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west to east and by sunday everything is clearing out. as you mentioned with the wharf, 73 tomorrow is with more clouds. 82 on sunday. 64 on monday. that's the change. it's even bigger across parts of our area. 85 degrees on sunday. look at this. 65. that's at the airport. that's a 20-degree difference. going to be breezy, too. we'll see shower activity early during the day on monday. it will move out most likely by 8:00 or 9:00. could be here for the morning rush and moves out. behind this, we get chilly. the warm day is sunday. what else is going on sunday? how about the redskins taking on the 49ers. 1:00 game starts. noon, getting out for tailgating. no problem. during the game, 83 degrees. no problem there either. hopefully you're home by 6:00. the game should be done by 4:00. monday, much cooler and really chilly on tuesday morning. look at these low temperatures. 38 winchester. 39 manassas. could be a couple areas of
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watch for. great weather towards the middle of next week. 70 degrees on wednesday. warming into the low 70s by thursday and friday. once again, next week looking pretty good. a little bit of a roller coaster the next couple of dags. sunday really warm. monday riley cool. >> we'll take it. we're getting real fall weather now. >> it's coming. usual october tradition starts now. time to talk about hockey. can't talk about baseball no more. the caps got a good start to the season. >> they look to keep the trend going. first, here's jimmy fallon. >> blake lively is here for a dance -- plus
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all right. caps are going to move in town and take over everything right now. become our mental palate cleanser now. forget about what happened the other day. >> you guys need to -- there's a lot of negative energy going on here. >> i went to my car and turned the radio to npr. no more baseball. >> the nats eliminated from the playoffs. you're on deck, caps. very familiar with post-season letdowns. but they have enjoyed some great regular seasons, right, through the first four games the great eight leading in points. adding to hot start tonight against new jersey. the guy who tied oaf i in goals last year on the team is also off to a great start. t.j. oshie, lighting
11:25 pm
they take a 1-0 lead. ovechkin adds to the league lead in goals. ninth in just five games. double score. wanted to make it 2-1. just under a minute to go in the second. the shot. on the redirect. take another look at how the puck goes off rana's stick. past cory schneider. remember his name. caps win it by a final of 5-2. >> as a line, we're kind of just -- starting to roll for us. starting to read off each other better. there's been outstanding passing from nick. >> he just want to be out there. we're ready for -- we always can jump and do our job. >> one of the great spot. malloy retired. good coach watching his falcons taking on da
11:26 pm
into a 52-yard touchdown. most importantly, 14-7 lead. just over a minute left in the game. good counsel with the ball. to wilkinson. the sophomore turns up and turns out. 45-yard gain. tying touchdown. we go to o.t. da matha doesn't score. good counsel does. palmer, the game winning touchdown. good counsel beats dematha in overtime. 20-14. ox i don't know hill visiting puma. to litton. that's hitting. 49-yard score. 8-0. i think it looks easy. next puma drive, john oliver, they call him moo moo because he's always moving. true story. 34 yards of those moves undefeated. wise beat them
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wizards final tune up before the start of the season. one of his backups not looking like a backup here. thomas sad ran ski getting up. throwing one down. wizards take the 33-31 lead. look at it again. some hops. jason smith is going to have to step up with markieff morris out a few weeks. he's been red hot. the 7-footer knocking down the three. he has 17 points. wiz finished 4-1 in the preseason. 110-103 win over the knicks. maryland hosts northwestern tomorrow at 3:30. navy at memphis, kickoff at 3:45. i know you guys heard it. hope. wizards season starts next week. >> springs
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all right. we don't need to remind you that the nats lost last night. what that means is doug's playoff -- has a go. >> a little fun first. >> 4:00, that's what it looked like at 4:00. it was shrunk to a goatee. there's a look at 5:00. >> nobody likes -- >> no, no, no. doug. then we got him back. >> the next one is the dad look. >> i went home and my kids
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>> it's all gone, everybody.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- blake lively. gabrielle union. musical guest, wu-


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