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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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like and how does it break down? 40% of happiness is dictated by your genes. >> really? >> weak blame our parents if we are debbie downers. >> our kids will blame us. >> the other fact may seem strange. by 45% of your own actions. 15% by your environment. environment as in where you live and d.c. apparently ranks number 3 on that list now when it comes to how much money can buy happiness. number may shock them. $75,000. >> depending who you are, that might seem like a lot. might seem like a little. depends on your life situation. coming up on the "today" show, cynthia mcfadden will kick off a three-day series a journ across three continentin search of the holy grail. a happy life. really think is a lot what you put ou your attitude, gratitud that's at
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today." >> stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> "news4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news, a massive explosion on an oil rig just off the coast of louisiana. what we're learning about those on board as well as the video just coming in to the newsroom. >> he says he's been attacked three times by his neighbor's dog and even lost part of his ear. why the animal is back home with its owner this morning. first, take a live look at the roads where rain is coming down in spots. always messes up traffic. chances are, you're going to need the wipers this morning. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. we just got off the happiness story. i have a saying. choose where your energy goes. despite the changing weather, the wet roads we're dealing with, we're going to choose to be happy. it's monday morning. >> i was worried where that was going. >> your genes determine your
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>> not on a monday morning after all the weekend eating. >> used to be loose fitting. now they're -- >> please, chuck, no one is feeling bad for you, mr. fit man. >> four things you need to know about the forecast. we're off to a wet start this morning. though it will be a wet morning commute, it will be dry on the way home from work and school. autumn chill. yes, indeed, it may have been way above average for the first half of october. but we have below average weather coming our way tomorrow. temperatures falling into the 30s and 40s by tomorrow and wednesday morning may be the coolest. first thing on a monday, 50s and 60s. the raindrops are falling. plan to get wet. have your umbrella ready to go and blustery as well. northwest winds at 15 to 30 miles per hour. breezy and showery this morning. breezy and sunny later on in the day. lauryn has the five-day forecast in a few minutes. for now, it's
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good morning, jack. >> hey, chuck, good morning. 270 southbound was the early morning story. good news, everybody is about to leave. the tow truck was there. it is gone from the right lane. so now it's a matter of the delay easing heading into this wet monday morning rush hour. you'll find on the outer loop of the beltway, prince george's county at route 202. the early morning crash blocks a single lane. inbound on the suitland parkway, blocking the right lane. back to you. >> jack, thank you. breaking news this morning. wildfires are still burning in northern california. at least 40 people have died. 5700 homes and businesses have now been destroyed and thousands of acres burned. >> such a dire situation. more than a week after the first fire started, firefighters say they're starting to make progress. the winds that have been fanning the fires are dying down. hundreds are also seeing being allowed back into their neighborhoods to look at the damage and seeing what's left. as you can tellm
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not much. most people in the santa rosa area lost everything. these fires have become the deadliest and most destructive in california history. >> more breaking news now. an oil rig engulfed in flames. >> guys, right now oil may be pouring into lake pontchartrain. there is one thing that makes a difference than the deep water horizon disaster. neighbors heard a boom so loud it shook their homes. you can see the flames engulf thag rig. first responders managed to rescue seven people. an eighth worker is unaccounted for. they were working to a valve to cut off the flow of fuel. the thing is, this lake is more shallow than the gulf of mexico where the deep water horizon exploded. if there is fuel going into there, that could make the cleanup easier. eun. >> chris lawrence from the live desk. thank you. settlement agreements could be coming for dozens of victims and families from the deadly
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line smoke incident. wtop says a majority of the lawsuits tied to the 2015 l'enfant plaza suit have been dismissed in federal court. that signals possible settlement. within the last month, 20 cases were dismissed. however, the $15 million lawsuit filed by one family is moving forward. she's a woman who was killed when the yellow line train filled with smoke. when you hand your teen the car keys, i don't want to think about the day. i won't be able to sleep at night. make sure they stay behind the wheel. >> we're now learning some of the biggest reasons why teens actually get into car accidents. news 4's adam tuss joins us live from along the beltway in fairfax county with more on what aaa found out and adam, something tells me that this has to be about distraction, right? >> reporter: absolutely. 100%, angie. out here on the roads, that is so much when we're dealing with. the distraction behind the ee
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and aaa and the national highway traffic safety administration found out that last year, about 3500 teens were killed in car crashes, the leading number of deaths among teens in the entire country. take a look at this graphic here. we can show you more of a breakdown about why it's happening. aaa found that six of eight teens are distracted, everything from cell phones to grooming to talking to friends in the car. get this. a quarter of teens had been drinking behind the wheel. that is a big eye opening report here. parents are really encouraged to talk to their kids about all of this. because, of course, if you're going to give your kid a teenager the keys to the car, you want them to be safe. that is, of course, something that you want to make sure that you're aware of as your kids are heading out and trying to be safe behind the wheel. >> adam, also you urged this conversation, but i think there's an awareness for parents when it comes to
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>> reporter: so true. our kids follow what we do, right? one of the things that you have to do when you're out on the road is model the appropriate behavior. no talk ong the cell phone and no texting and certainly no drinking behind the wheel. you have to model the behavior so your teenagers pick that up, guys. >> surprising numbers. adam tuss live for us. adam, thank you. 5:07 now. the fbi and d.c. police are asking all of us to take a look at this girl's photo. did he jana houston went missing on pomeroy road near martin luther king, jr. boulevard. she's 11 years old, 5'4" and was wearing afr purple shirt and black pants. d.c. police asked the fbi for help because she's so young and the bureau has extra resources. i shared this on my facebook page and on twitter. please reshare this to get as many eyes on this photograph. you can help by doing the same fr
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there is an older man who is missing from gaithersburg. take a look. young shik han's family think he has the initial stages of dementia. he went missing from the seneca state creek park last night. he was last seen driving a dark red honda pilot with maryland tags 6cj 8753. around 9:00 his car was spotted in capitol heights. if you see han or that suv, call police. we continue to update a story many of you are interested in. today the family of a missing maryland woman found dead will say their final goodbyes. ashanti billie is being buried this morning. the 19-year-old was a student at the art institute of virginia beach when she disappeared from a naval base. the prince george's county native was found dead in north carolina north carolina last month. the fbi is still investigating
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a $10,000 reward out for information in this case. this morning, an 80-year-old man stunned that a dog was allowed to live after ripping off part of his ear. >> larry marshall says his neighbor's great dane attacked him in fredericksburg last month. >> so this is video of the dog at a shelter. marshall says the wound was so bad he had to have reconstructive surgery. that was the third time the dog bit marshall. despite all that, the judge determined the dog was dangerous but not vicious so he was allowed to live. >> the judge made a grave error. without a doubt, i contend that the dog should be put down. >> if the dog goes home, he will have to wear a muzzle and the owner will have to post a sign saying the dog is dangerous. marshall says that's not enough. he's working
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comes to dog bite cases. we tried to talk to the owner of the dog. no one was home. colin kaepernick filing a grievance against the nfl. he believes team owners colluded to keep him out of the league because of his social protests on the field. the former san francisco 49ers quarterback kneeled on the ground to protest racial inequality. kaepernick became a free agent after he opted out of his nfl contract at the end of last season. the grievance was only filed after trying other options with football executives. intercepted. >> oh, my goodness. a win is a win is a win. too close for comfort. the redskins are coming off a win and looking
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was an ugly game but we'll take it. >> i wish i could see an echo of your heart. >> watching the scans. i'm having high blood pressure issues being a local sports fan. >> sure does make monday easier. >> we know they beat the 49ers yesterday but they will probably have to play even better. the eagles are on fire. they're doing great this year. >> news 4 sports reporter carol maloney shows us how the 'skins held on. >> an ugly two-point win over a team without a victory. but just enough for kirk cousins. with his wife and newborn son looking on, cousins made them proud. fourth quarter keeps the option for -- came down to the final seconds. san francisco with one last chance to score and win.
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the interception and check out the celebration afterwards. securing a 26-24 win. >> we're starting to turn a corner a little bit when you're not as ecstatic as you normally would be after a win. there's a lot of things to clean up. any time you get a victory at home on a sunday afternoon, it's special. up next, a trip to philadelphia to face the eagles on monday night football. a stage where kirk cousins has never won. but it may be a primetime to change history. at fedex field, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> come on, let's do it. change history. it is the costume that sparked outrage among shoppers. the historic figures some say should never have been considered for halloween. to a future generation. hard to believe, but it may look like jairo glif i cans if they don't learn it. wh
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make sure it's part of the curriculum. we're looking at a wet start. if you're headed to school or to work this morning. but we do have drying ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections,
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from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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welcome back at 5:15. this is what you have to contend with if you are going to be outside commuting. when you hit the road, whether to school or work, rain is coming down across most of the area. a look at when things should dry out and whether the rain is impacting the commute. back in a few minutes -- that in a few minutes. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm eun yang ziend i'm not aaron gilchrist. i'm angie goff. this morning, we do have a story to get to about a family. you probably heard about this over the week yechbltd they were held hostage by terrorists in pakistan and they're waking up in canada. they are staying near his parents in eastern ontario. they were he
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expected to enter a guilty plea in a court-martial. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is accused of abandoning his post. he was kidnapped after fleeing and spent five years as a prisoner of the taliban. he was released in 2014 as part of a controversial exchange for prisoners at guantanamo bay. an online halloween retailer pulled a kids costume off its website after huge criticism on social media. usa today reports that halloween is sorry for the anne frank girls costume it listed. it featured a long-sleeved blue button up dress, a shoulder bag and green beret. a spokesperson says sell costumes for school projects and plays and never meant to offend anyone. big investment is now coming today for your child's
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education. >> prince george's county schools will get a grant that honors teachers and principals that work with your children every day. >> justin finch is live in greenbelt with more on this. hey, justin. >> reporter: hey there, angie. good morning. a big day here in prince george's county. millions of dollars going to select public schools out here. summer program called great teachers, great leaders, great schools. in a few hours, u.s. senators -- will make that big announcement here at greenbelt middle school. here is what we know so far. this is a $24 million federal grant that will be spread out over a three-year time frame. that money, we are told will be invested in teachers and principals in high need schools. these, of course, are schools that have promising student talent. just need a little more support. there are two other school assistants here in maryland that d
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a really big honor and big day for students and teachers and principals here in prince george's county. we're live in greenbelt. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. we all learn how to write cursive in school. did you learn in school? >> yes. many are wondering if it's still a valuable skill in this increasingly high tech world. is typing more important than learning how to write cursive? >> many schools are cutting it from curriculums. but some say it's still a necessity. like us. >> our kids will learn cursive. >> at least 13 states require students to learn cursive. besides being able to sign your name, one behavioral pediatrician said writing is good for your brain. >> aha. >> it helps you retain information. cursive can be better for children with learning problems. we're into social media and tech and use computers to write our scripts. we both use a plan
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if i don't bright it down, it will slip through the cracks. >> absolutely right. >> thank you notes. write those. >> exactly right. i couldn't agree more. i was visiting mom in atlanta last week. of course, she had her strokes 2 1/2 years ago. she was back practicing her handwriting with her cursive. i was like, way to go mom. i can actually read it. it's a big improvement over a year or so ago. she taught fifth grade for 30 years so she thinks cursive writing is critically important. on a monday morning, the last thing you really want is rain. unfortunately, we do have a rainy start to the day today. we need the rain. it's been bone dry around here since about the early parts of august. every drop is actually appreciated. 63 degrees now here in washington. 57 winchester. 61 martinsburg. 63 frederick, maryland. 59 in prince george's county. not a big range of temperatures this morning. planning out later on in the afternoon, afternoon h t
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low and mid 60s. not a big warmup coming today at all. showery weather this morning. most of the rain should be done by noontime. behind the rain comes a noticeably colder air mass the next couple of days. highs tomorrow only in the upper 50s and low 60s. back to near average on wednesday and then the warm air comes right back in for a thursday, friday and the weekend. storm team 4 radar, tracking the raindrops this morning. showery weather off and on between now and lunchtime. here's future weather. there's that last of the rain showers coming to an end in all likelihood, most of the rain is done before noon. we'll carry a little chance for some sprinkles or two up to 2:00 or 3:00. after that, things clear out nicely. it will be clear skies by the end of the day. and a chilly start tomorrow. there's a picture of that ten-day forecast. 68 and showery this morning. 62 and sunny tomorrow. the next chance for rain after this morning isn't for another seven days. jack taylor, dry weather is
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not today. thank you. we'll get through it this morning. on the beltway, prince george's county. i think the crash on the outer loop near 202 was moved out of left lane. i think it's on the left shoulder now. north town before 301, a crash. the left lane getting by. also activity on 270 southbound earlier near 109. it's gone. but our delay remains. slow back near 85 already early. back to you. thanks, jack. 5:22. it's a bond they never wanted to share. for a group of young breast cancer survivors, it's one that's helped them through tough times. how a local group survivors are using their stories to build a sisterhood. remember to join us later today for the ellen degeneres show. she welcomes cate blanett. wachtc
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october is breast cancer awareness month. we're
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>> battling cancer can be a lonely experience. as aimee cho tells us, there's local women teaming up so no one ever feels alone. >> the women gathered in this house aren't related. but they call their group a sisterhood. each one sharing a scone and a smile. each one also sharing a story of survival. >> oh, yeah. you had cancer. you have big cancer. we need to get this out right away. >> i got the call. they said you have cancer. i was like whoa, what. the woman goes yeah, bummer. >> the support group meets every month to talk and to listen. >> you think how did i not find this sooner. >> erin price founded the group. wanted to make sure no one had to go through the journey alone. >> it's isolating when you're young. you don't know anyone else going through it. >> thanks to this group, these women now
5:27 am
there's no guidebook for this. this is not what your friends are dealing with. so it's really great to learn from people who have been there. >> i felt like i needed to put on a brave face for everyone else. i can't freak out, then they'll freak out and everybody will be freaking out. that's not going to help anybody. >> it does help knowing they have a sisterhood of survivors. in arlington, aimee cho, news 4. it's 5:27. the grocery store wars continue. they're battling for your business. the one store that could be saving you the most money. caught on video. a possible hate crime under way. find out who was trying to leave a disturbg message in downtownin
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for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind.
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and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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oil rig explosion. a desperate race to find a survivor. that breaking news overnight. that could have a major impact for days. >> a missing d.c. girl. she's just 11 years old. the reason the fbi is taking interest in the case. izzy, come here baby. >> a reunion after wildfires. we'll introduce you to the miracle dog.
5:31 am
heartwarming story. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. it is monday and your "news4 today" team kicking off your workweek. >> there you go. monday is always better when the 'skins win. we begin with your weather and traffic. chuck bell is back. welcome back, chuck. >> thank you. >> you have your umbrella ready outside. what's going on out there? >>ly billet light rain on a monday morning. we haven't had a lot of rain recently. roads can be extra slippery because of the buildup of oil and stuff on the pavement. little layer of moisture here this morning could make them a little slippery. be careful with that. it's not going to rain that hard this morning. storm team 4 radar scanning the skies for you. just about everywhere from i-81 eastbound to i-95 and the chesapeake bay and the eastern shore covered up in light rain. it's not raining hard, but it is enough to certainly have puddles out there aroune
5:32 am
next couple of days as well. computer is not wanting to work this morning. temperatures in the you haver 50s and low 60s. we'll stay in the low to mid-60s for afternoon temperatures today. most of the rain will be done before lunch. but the breeze will be with us this afternoon. gusty, northwest winds, as much as 30 miles per hour at times. jack taylor hold on to your hats and hair pieces. >> we've got the same thing going on at the bay bridge this morning. get a grip on the wheel. 95 virginia headed northbound. trouble at the garrisonville road. 610. the crash moved over to the shoulder. 270 southbound had been heavy and very slow leaving frederick early. already this morning, headed down toward 109 from an early morning crash that is gone. but the delays remain. also waldorf, northbound on -- before 301, a crash that remains along the right side of the
5:33 am
back to youment. >> jack, thank you. ziefrnts it's 5:33. these are the top stories. the fbi and d.c. police are asking you to take a look at this girl's photo. this is a girl who went missing on saturday in southeast d.c. on pomeroy road near martin luther king, jr. boulevard. she's 11 years old, about 5'4" tall and was last seen wearing afr purple shirt and black pants. colin kaepernick filing a grievance against the nfl. he believes team owners colluded to keep him out of the league because of his social protests on the field. the former san francisco 49ers quarterback kneeled during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police brutality. the redskins have a primetime matchup against the eagles. they're going into that game alone in second place. they held on in an ugly game to beat the 49ers yesterday. a win is a win, though. that big game against the eagles is on monday night football one week from toy.
5:34 am
5:33. we have breaking news right now. air and water teams trying to track down someone missing in an oil rig explosion. >> several people were hurt in this incident. chris lawrence is following the story from the live desk. what do we know, chris? >> some worse than others. eun. five people in critical condition. they were either burned or got hurt in the blast. right now, crews are still looking for a missing man. neighbors heard a noise so loud it shook their homes. the rig exploded on lake pontchartrain north of new orleans. you can see the flames there. we have now learned the fire is out. we can give you a live picture of that rig on the lake. there it is right there. the thing is, this lake isn't nearly as deep as the gulf of mexico where the deep water horizon exploded. so there may be some benefit when it comes to trying to get everything cleaned up. the coast guard going to check it out to see how much, if any, oil has leaked out. back to you.
5:35 am
that update. it's now 5:35. two college students recovering from an attack near the university of maryland campus. >> one was assaulted and the other shot. prince george's county police are looking for a suspect still. police say that the attack happened on rhode island avenue by college avenue saturday night. a lot of students live in the off campus housing around this area. police say both students are expected to be okay. a possible hate crime just happened in the district and two men were caught in the act. take a look. this is surveillance footage from saturday afternoon. you can see two men hanging a banner outside of the offices of the american immigration lawyers association in downtown. they stopped to take a selfie. the banner suggests it was put up by a white nationalist group, and witnesses describe what happened. >> there was a gentleman across the street who hollered at them
5:36 am
whatever. >> the organization targeted is sad that it happened but not scared. this week is national hate crime awareness week. a metro mess. the reason riders were lined up to catch a train. what's being done about it now. plus, we're going on a search of the happiest place on earth. vo: john adams' prescription for health care
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isaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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interesting question. what does 100% happiness look like and how does it break down? >> for sure. i really think that somebody who has a positive attitude, cheerful disposition, a new study says that 40% of your happiness is actually dictated by your genes. you can thank your parents. >> skinny jeans, dresses. >> researchers say happiness is defined 15% by your environment and 45% of your own personal actions. what can you do to boost your happiness daily? americans may want to adopt the copenhagen lifestyle of biking to work. >> hes
5:40 am
you can't do that in your car but you can do it on your bicycle. >> this is what i will say, though. there are people who are truly introverts. you and i are not. they can't imagine having to spend five, six hours a day interfacing with people. they need alone people. they're happy too. this should be an interesting report. on the "today" show, mcfadden, she's kicks off the three-day exclusive series. >> it's a journey in search of the holy grail, a happy life at 7:00 a.m. on "news4 today." it is a miracle after disaster. flames devour a family dream home. but it's what they found among the ashes that was shocking and still has them smiling. i'm adam tuss. how safe are your teenagers when they're out here on the roads behind the wheel. a new report looked at distraction and underage drinking. i'll break it all down coming
5:41 am
distract you a little bit. might want to leave a little early. we have that rain on the roadway. because of some of the breezy winds that took the leaves down off the trees. be careful making your way out. clearing will happen throughout the day. got a peek at your forecast and the timing on this rain and when it will be out of here in a few minutes. couple trouble spots in virginia on i-95. had issues before the scales.
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. traveling trouble. metro riders frustrated. the problem that caused this long line and what it means for your morning commute now. colin claims collusion. he took a knee for injustice. now kaepernick is taking on the nfl. firestorms i
5:45 am
firefighters are finally getting the upper hand. why some people are still being forced to evacuate for a second time. >> she was gone into the darkness. yelled nothing to do. >> the miracle dog. she survived the firestorm all on her own. the family reunion that was a long time coming. izzy. come here, baby. >> oh, my god. welcome back at 5:45 this morning. there are reports of a rocky relationship between the president and his secretary of state rex tillerson. there have been rumblings about this and what president trump wants to do in terms of dealing with north korea. >> news 4's edward lawrence is live on capitol hill to break down the latest developments. good morning, edward. >> good morning, angie. depends where you look to see what the president wants to do on north korea. we can start with
5:46 am
the president on twitter saying that rex tillerson is wasting his time trying to negotiate. over the weekend, the secretary of state did a number of interviews, all of which say that the administration is in unison. wanting diplomacy first. rex tillerson saying the -- they say the deal would have strict guidelines that north korea would have to follow. that's the first option according to the secretary state and u.n. ambassador nikki haley. on the tensions part, rex tillerson said there is no discord between he and the president. the president saying he was wasting his time. the secretaries of state says they are in a good working relationship moving forward in the same direction. >> edward, let's talk about health care for a moment. we've been hearing about republican lawmakers urging president trump to back a bipartisan plan. what can you tell bus that at this point? >> senator susan collins has come out
5:47 am
party saying the president made a mistake when he signed the executive order. basically what we're talking about 56% of the folks who are on obamacare considered low income. now, by law, their rates are capped. we're looking at anything above thachl the working class families above that. insurance companies saying that rates could go up 30 to 60% for those folks. they can't move the low income cap. other folks will have to cover the losses to the insurance companies. again, republicans and democrats would like to see some sort of solution to all of this. the president hinting that this might be a push towards congress in order to try to get something done. bring them to table and repeal or replace or make a health care overhaul that he can sign. >> a story with a lot of impact. a lot of americans will be watching it closely. edward lawrence on capitol
5:48 am
federal trial court in maryland will hear arguments related to challenges in the trump administration on the muslim ban. the new ban announced last month last traveled to the united states from six muslim majority countries. the new ban includes north koreans and certain venezuelan government officials. the groups want a preliminary injunction to stop the ban from taking effect on wednesday. this morning, there's a search under way for an older man missing from the gaithersburg area. this man's family thinks he may have the initial stages of dementia. maryland state police say that han disappeared from a state park around 5:30 last night. he was last seen driving a dark red honda pilot with maryland tags. 6cj 8753. around 9:00, his car was spotted near addison and ronald road in capital heights.
5:49 am
please contact police. it can be stressful when you think about handing your teen the car keys. can you imagine? >> it stresses me when i give them the power wheel. do not go on the grass. >> parents, they definitely want their kids to be safe. we're learning what's causing some teens to actually get into more crashes. news 4's adam tuss joining us live on the road along the beltway with more on what aaa found out and this is disturbing. >> reporter: absolutely, angie. i keep saying, when my kids get to a points when they're going to drive, i hope there's self-driving cars to take care of all of it. aaa says that 3500 teenagers were killed in car crashes last year. that is the leading cause of death among teens throughout the entire country. here's further stats to show you what's going on. they found that 6 out of 10 teen drivers were distracted behind the wheel. nearly a
5:50 am
been drinking behind the wheel and parents are really encouraged here to talk to their kids about the dangers of distracting driving and safe driving tips behind the wheel. this is a big issue for so many of us as we try to figure out how to deal with the state's way to get our kids behind the wheel. take a look at this video. you can see some of the teenagers behind the wheel. aaa put this compilation of videos that shows how distracted the teenagers can get. when they're on their phones, talking on their phone. they could have somebody in the car with them. that's always distractsing. they could be looking in the mirror. anything like that. parents are encouraged to talk to their kids and model the appropriate behavior when they are behind the wheel so their kids go and take that less sob and do the right thing behind the wheel. this is an issue for all of us as kids have
5:51 am
especially around here, paying attention along any road. behind the wheel is a big deal. if you're a parent out there, talk to your kids about the appropriate thing to do behind the wheel. >> communication is important. so many distractions and so many kids with smartphones. thank you, adam. the long delays along the -- metro is back open after track work closed to crystal city and airport retro stations. people had to drive instead. can you imagine that, created a big mess on the roads. look at this video of people looking for taxis. some tweeted they had to wait half an hour or more to get a ride. the metro stations are open and running again in morning. traffic shut not be a problem. for now. we'll keep you on top of that in your first four traffic. >> folng
5:52 am
at the live desk. we can now show you what it was like for the families trying to outrun the wildfires in california. >> dude, we got to get out of here. >> my goodness, this video is going viral. two roommates running for their lives as the fire closes in on them. one jumps out of the suv to open a gate. i can tell you, all that smoke and fire, makes it almost impossible to breathe. even though fire was catching fire around them. at least 40 were killed. those two are actually okay. the fires are not letting up. this is second round of mandatory evacuations taking place. angie? >> thank you, chris. we know the california wildfires as we just saw there. spreading so quickly. it's horrifying. you watch that whole video, your heart will be pounding. but a lot of people, as you see,
5:53 am
one family was running for their lives and they had to leave a member of their family behind, their dog. >> they didn't have enough time. when they went back home to survey the damage, they couldn't believe who was there to greet them. >> izzy. come here baby. >> thank god. oh, my god. >> oh, my goodness. there she is. can you believe it? izzy, the dog survived after those massive wildfires and her owners say they never imagined that the house would burn down and that izzy would survive. >> she's survived ech cancer twice and now the sonoma county fires, the worst one we've seen. she's a miracle dog. >> the owners say she survived cancer twice and now the fires. burmese mountain dog. huge and adorable. not sure where she went during
5:54 am
by she manage not to get hurt as all. she's not in a small crevice or something. she found a safe spot. >> wild animals, they're a little smarter than people when it comes to that stuff. >> she's perfectly fine. >> good for her. >> those fires out there -- >> the intense heat, i don't know. my guess is that the extra thick coat of if you remember protected her from the heat. much the same way it protects animals from the cold. we're glad she's home safe. we are here on a monday morning dealing with raindrops across the nation's capitol. there's a live picture down towards the kennedy center. it has been so far this month incredibly warm and on the dry side for sure. october temperatures, we've averaged near 70 degrees. that is 7.8 degrees warmer than average for of the first half of the month. this is likely going to be one of the t
5:55 am
we have a shot, 2007 is the warmest october on record. we're probably going to be close to equaling or break thag record. cooler weather is moving in. this rain chance will help a little bit. an ih behind and rainfall forpt month of october. tenth, maybe a quarter of an inch of rain. not looking for a lot of rain. that cold front as it pushes down through here, it will bring out raindrops on the commute. most of the rain should be over with. if not by lunchtime, shortly thereafter. temperatures won't move a lot today. because of the rain this morning, in the low 50s, low 60s right now. here's future weather. there could be another -- a little chance for a few sprinkles or showers. 2:00 in the afternoon, there goes the rain into southern maryland by 3:30. but look at that. west of i-95 by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, that gusty
5:56 am
we'll be back to sunshine the rest of the week. planning out today, temperatures 50s and low 60s. most of the rain coming to the end by lunchtime. afternoon temperatures today back up into the low 630s. you can use our nbc washington app to track the features there. by tomorrow morning, near 60 this morning, tomorrow morning we'll be 15 to 20 degrees colder than that. starting in the 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. another really chilly start coming up on wednesday. we'll be back near 80 in time for the weekend. let's go to jack taylor now at wtop. >> good morning, good morning. in arlington, we may have trouble now. reportedly along south george mason drive. we do have a gas main break. between columbia pike and south -- four mile run drive. be aware. authorities are headed to the scene to check things out. the district, northbound on i-295, the ramp becomes inbound on the
5:57 am
a vehicle spun out overdriving the conditions. please be cautious. 95 virginia southbound after the truck scales. that should be blocking the sing right lane. >> thank you. if you're looking for a bargain on weekly groceries? costco still reins supreme in the online grocery price wars. stacy morgan looked at target, aldi, walmart and things were 58% cheaper at the warehouse club when you look at the per unit prices. that's why i have rolls and rolls of toilet paper and paper towels and ketchup bottles. >> boxes of soap. >> if you're a pet owner, listen up. the fda has a warning for the way many people save money to take care of their pets could put their animal's health at risk. she's 11 years old, still missing this morning. what you need
5:58 am
5:59 am
explosion and flames. a rescue mission under way. breaking news on an oil rig fire and the mystery that erupted overnight. more money for the holidays. news 4 working for you this morning. how to put more money in the
6:00 am
it the most. stealing the spotlight. the newest member of the redskins family gets gameday fame. what a cutie. >> cooper cousins is adorable. what a fitting little nugt he is. >> us regular have first shots, first christmas, he gets first game ball. >> he is the son of the quarterback for washington football. >> you have some privileges, i guess. >> he better be at every game, that cooper kid. >> good luck charm. >> pressure on you to deliver nice weather. >> remember, nice is a relative term. >> we need the rain. so it's actually good news that we hav


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