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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  October 19, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i don't know if that's because we're used to the colder mornings or if it's warming up a bit out there. >> it's both. when in doubt, it's always both. chilly mornings the last couple of days. this morning, it's seasonably chilly outside. it's far from being near as cold as it was the last couple of mornings. 51 now at national airport. still definitely need your light jacket. most of the nearby suburbs, in the mid-30s yesterday morning. in the low 40s yesterday morning. typical for october. temperatures by 6:00 in the morning mostly in the low to mid-40s. mid 50s by 9:00 in the morning. weil be near 70 by lunchtime. afternoon highs today, yes indeed, chris, low to mid-70s. the question is can we keep it this nice through the weekend. the answers coming up. >> i sure hope so. thanks, chuck. chopper 4 was over the scene
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the first in jess up. two anne arundel county officers crashed into one another. one was in takoma park area. it was a hit and run involving a police officer. prince george's county are looking for one that crashed -- you can see the back bumper ripped off in one crash. the driver took off. the officer was seriously hurt. the injuries are not life-threatening. her name not released. we're told she's 28 years old and she's only been on the job about two years. we're also working to learn how two anne arundel county officers are doing after this crash. this is selmer road in jess up. they were responding to a call.
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both officers were rushed to a hospital in baltimore. their injuries also not life-threatening. this morning, the manhunt is over for a suspected workplace shooter. this is the dramatic arrest that happened in delaware last night. five people were shot in a business in maryland. one person was shot in delaware. three people died. news 4's shomari stone tell us how people captured this person >> i'm relieved they captured him. >> it ends in a quiet residential neighborhood in newark, delaware. this is where 37-year-old prince was walking when these atf agents captured him. >> the suspect was taken into custody by the three agents. they were in a foot chase. the suspect did discard a firearm. >> it's scary. it really is. i have children and grandchildren. >> pri w
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she talks to us only on 4. >> my god. scary. it's frightening. >> he was accused of shooting five co-workers, killing three at advanced granite solutions about 25 miles northeast of baltimore 9:00 wednesday morning. two co-workers are in critical condition. >> people who live in the tight knit community had a candlelight vigil. >> feel helpless and hopeless. >> the tragedy didn't end here. we know in wilmington delaware. >> investigators say prince drove to wilmington delaware where he shot a sixth man three times at a used car lot about 10:45 wednesday morning. police found prince's gmc acadia near a newark high school around 5:30. an hour and a half later, they had him in custody. >> i pray for the families of the
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it's heart-wrenching. >> reporter: rah did prince knows the victims. they're still trying to determine a motive in the case. meanwhile, police did not tell us what he allegedly said during the arrest. we'll bring you updates as they become available on our nbc washington app. in edgewood, shomari stone, news 4. new this morning, president trump is taking aim at the media in a new tweet. he's citing a poll from politico that found 46% of folks believe the media makes up stories about the president and his administration. this comes as the president has been locked in a controversy over his contacts with the families of fallen soldiers. a grieving military father that mr. trump promised to send him a check. that check is on its way. turning to the race for virginia's governor. rm
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will make his first public campaign appearance since leaving office. mr. obama will be in richmond tonight to support democrat ralph northam. ed gillespie is also campaigning in chesapeake. voters head to the polls in three weeks in virginia. if you're trying to convince your friends or family to move here, don't show them this list. d.c. was voted one of the rudest cities in america. travel and leisure generated the list based on a reader's survey. d.c. ranked number 17. our neighbor to the north isn't that friendly either. baltimore is ranked 6th. the survey shows miami topping the list as the rudest city in the country. i don't know. chuck, i've been to miami a few times. folks seem pretty chill to me. >> depends what you're doing. i prefer not to drive anywhere near south beach, let's put it that way. >> it's like, when people talk about l.a. and they te
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hollywood represents the entire city of los angeles, people confuse south beach with greater miami. >> all traffic in washington isn't dupont circle, but that gets the most because people can't figure out how to drive through there. >> dealing with nothing but sunshine. based on what i've been looking at the last couple of days, it might be a long stretch. look at this satellite picture, hardly a cloud from the outer banks of north carolina to the front range of the rockies. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that in a few more minutes. we've been trying to find the perfect seasonal job. we may have found the best gig yet. how you can find cash this holiday season. >> ruth bader ginsburg works out. the
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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it looks like tampa, florida is getting another super bowl. it was talked about -- los angeles was on tap for the 2021. but the nfl push it back a year. they're trying to build the huge new stadium. >> there's still an olympic chance for los angeles as well. i wonder if that has something to do with it. >> could be. >> tv's favorite foursome is back on
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gentzler -- >> not that foursome. >> this is will and grace. we've got a blast from the past with harry connick jr. repricing his role as leo. looks like they're bringing back another face. >> i'm elliott's son, skip. >> one more time, dear. i'm a trifle deaf in my ear. >> i'm your grandson. >> you can watch tonight's episode of will and grace tonight at 8:00 on nbc. oh, boy. i know a lot of people in a certain age category that would deny being a grandparent. >> jack's vanity. you know that -- yeah. >> going to be good. >> you may not be able to become a supreme court justice. turns out you can work out like one. justice ruth bader ginsburg's personal trainer came out th
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how she built up her strength after a battle with cancer. she's 84 years old. johnson's been training her for nearly 20 years. one day, chuck, i hope one day can say they've been training me for 20 years. that means i've worked out for 20 years. >> that's true. as a lone runner type, i don't have a trainer. it's all on me. if i were paying somebody to do it, i'd probably be more faithful. >> as we get out there today, it actually funny enough, people will feel a bit warmer. >> the kind of day you like do it for sure. >> the normal folks in the world, normal working hours, getting out the door, morning runners running in the 30s and 40s, nowhere near as cold as it's been. there are milder days ahead. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> you know the runners, they i
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>> just when you thought you could buy everything on amazon, company rolls out another product. what they're offering that could change how you buy a home. new this morning, how would your car do in a crash? theatest test l ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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firefighters battling the fires in northern california. cal fire says the fire is no longer spreading and firefighters can now -- they're working on putting out the flames. school won't start until next week in napa because the air quality is so poor. at least 42 people died. 6,000 homes have been destroyed. 50 people are still considered missing. this is an important recall you need to know about if you own a particular model of ford. the company is recalling over a million trucks to fix a problem that may result in doors not opening or closing. it affects the model year 2015 through 2017 f-150 and the 2017 ford super duty trucks. onliers will be notified and dealers will install shields over the latches and inspect and repairs latch cables if needed. ford has recalled more than 5 million cars for varying issues related to this door latch just in the last year
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new cars will have to go through this crash test focusing on the passenger side of the car. this car slammed into a metal barrier on the passenger side of the car. it tests how well airbags perform on the passenger side. so far, the results for mis-sized cars are -- mid-sized cars are outside. ten earned good ratings. for the fusion and the 2018 toyota camry. one was acceptable. but the volkswagen passat and chevy malibu were the only cars to get a marginal rating because of inconsistent airbag protection. lot of us moms and dads have busy jobs and schedules. it may seem impossible to take on a seasonal job. what if you can pick up a tem job, earn extra money without ever leaving the house? news 4's justin finch explains your options. >> with your plans to hire thousands of
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stores are go-tos for seasonal workers. those jobs often want you to be flexible which not every parent can promise. so try taking your talent online. >> there are plenty of things you can do from the comfort of your home on your computer while your kids are at school, while they're asleep, even when they're awake and hanging out at home. mary cross has been looking into ways parents who work outside or inside their home can pick up extra work and cash. >> if you like giving your opinion, there are a few things you can do. you can take online surveys and you'll earn cash or points to put towards gift cards. >> your teleworking options are many. for example, on social media, take advantage of your talent and your network. especially if you have unique skills. >> i've seen people do this on social media. you can post orders for gluten-free cookies and people will y.
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operators working from home and there are many more opportunities too. reasons for you to keep looking and see what works. >> i had no idea there are things you can do. $10, $20 doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up. >> justin finch, news 4. do you want to see any and all of justin's stories on seasonal jobs and how to make yourself the most desirable candidate, check out the nbc washington app and search seasonal hiring. we all know how expensive it is to buy a home in this area. amazon is offering a home that makes some studios look like palaces. the house is 320 square feet made out of a shipping container, one bedroom, one bath, living room an kitchenette. has appliances, heat, insulation and french doors. this unit that you're seeing there is going to set you back, only $36,000, plus shipping. chuck, this reminds me of the sears
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remember, sears would ship them on the railcars and the homeowners would put them together. >> absolutely. i remember as a kid. it was the wish book, the christmas catalog. i used to love that. i would tear out the pages with the stuff i wanted. make sure it was carefully placed. santa would say i couldn't find it in the catalog. we were talking about clear skies on your thursday morning. the weekend getting ever closer with each passing minute it feels like. the weather has been just absolutely spectacular around here. clear skies. there's a live look going up wisconsin avenue here from the continually town area. our next door neighbor, the national presbyterian church and school. quiet start to the day. 51 now at national airport. it's by the river and the heat island with it as well. even the nearby suburbs typically cool. 30s and 40s. nowhere near as cold as
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typically if you're waiting for a bus or the slug line to get on the hov lane. otherwise, later on today, sunshine means jeans and short sleeves and sun glasses is all you'll need. the october chill only really lasts until 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. thereafter, it's sunny and quite mild with highs today in the low to mid-70s. we'll also be tweeting out the forecast for the weekend. a lot of things going on this weekend. continually town, the marine corps event. you can find out the latest on twitter at chuck bell 4. put up the latest dog pictures at instagram at forecast 4 you. low to mid-70s today. tomorrow morning, this warming trend of ours is set to continue. we'll wake up tomorrow morning in the 40s and 50s. no 30s, i don't think tomorrow morning. your friday forecast, yes finally here. 75 degrees on your friday afternoon. perfect weather for
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saturday looks super and sunday looks plenty warm indeed. sheena and i are teaming up in a few more minutes. for now, back to you. thanks, chuck. should it be illegal? the new push to decriminalize, metro fare invaders. we're following several developing stories this morning. including two separate acciden involvingts p
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the d.c. department of transportation is roping off spots around dupont circle to make places for uber and lyft. it runs along connecticut avenue from rhode island to dupont
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circle. that will be from 10:00 to 57 in the morning thursday through saturday and this will be in place for at least the next year. find them, lock them up. that's the issue d.c. council members will put in effect for people who don't pay a fare. what is a fare penalty? adam tuss will -- that's ahead of today's meeting. >> so common on metro. most people don't know it's happening to them. i walked through with this guy. no clue. >> it happens time after time. just skipping right there. here's the main question. what should be the penalty? fine or arrest? >> introduced a bill to decriminalize fare evasion in the district. in other words, you couldn't get arrested. >> there's been a 40% increase ines
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as fare evasion. we feel like it should not be arrest. it should be more so fines. use our energy elsewhere. >> metro does admit a crackdown has happened. but dispute that 40% figure. in the meantime, riders like this man say paying for metro shouldn't be a question. >> nothing is free, right? >> at metro center, adam tuss, news 4. just retweeted adam. you can read a lot more feed w.a.c. and opinion on this issue. coming up on 4:26. "news4 today" continues right now with aaron and eun. now on "news4 today," an accused killer captured. what's next for the man who gunned down his own co-workers. >> she thought she was going in for a job interview. instead, she was sexually sa
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a convicted sex offender. >> and d.c. gets a bad rap sometimes. this may take the case. the i am polite i am prigs we're leaving on the refts country. >> how would we do that? >> we'll get into that. >> who would say that? >> be careful, eun. >> world traveler has come back home to deal with the little people here at work. >> i'm a little emotional. he's been gone for nearly three weeks. >> three weeks? >> covering las vegas and then i was at nats park. i haven't seen your face in person for almost three weeks. >> she was worried i wasn't coming back. >> i was nervous about the whole thing. >> melissa is back next week. >> already next week. >> wow. >> then it will be -- >> the gang is all here after so many months. >> let's get into the weather a little bit. >> wasn't so happy about the chill in the air this morning. >> you haven't been here the past few mornings because it was a little colder.
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>> debate over what point we call it cold. >> yeah. i mean -- >> i was lunching with the pope. >> there's not as many areas in the 30s as yesterday morning. it's not as chilly in some spots. but i think you definitely could get away with a light jacket, the long sleeves this morning. it's 51 in washington. 43 dulles. but the areas in the 30s, that's manassas. 37 degrees. 36 warrenton. 45 in gaithersburg. 47 clinton. the bus stop this morning, again, i think the kids will probably want the long sleeves standing out there for a while. 7:00 a.m., 48 degrees. 8:00 a.m. -- at 3:00 p.m., sunny, 73. warmer than yesterday. the warmup continues into the weekend. coming up, we'll look at the extended weekend forecast. let's look at the commute with jack taylor. >> hey, sheena. the inner loop of the beltway, down nea
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getting by. that should be in the clearing stages quickly. just about wrapped up on the -- at connecticut avenue. eastbound 50 on the bridge, the right lane blocked. 66 coming eastbound after route 50 fairfax, two left lanes get by that work zone. that's in the clearing stages also. all in all, not bad. by the time you hit the roads, hopefully the lanes will be open. back to you. jack, thank you. chopper 4, over two accidents that injured police officers. you take a look here on the left, you can see the first crash on race road in jess up. more on that in a minute. >> new hampshire avenue, someone slammed into a police car. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> chris, bring us up to speed here. >> officer in the hospital, aaron. she is expected to survive. she was seriously hurt. the thing is the driver, he took off. right now, prince george's county police are trying to track that person down. you're looking at the scene on new hampshire avenue overnight. police say the
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car around the intersection with pine i branch road. the crash ripped off the rear bumper. police haven't named that injured officer, but they tell us she's 28 years old and all this happened on the border of montgomery and prince george's county. several departments are involved in this investigation: back to you, eun. >> chris, thank you. it's 4:29. we're working to learn how two anne arundel police officers are doing after this crash. chopper 4 was over the scene of this accident on selmer road. two cruisers crashed responding to a call last night. one cruiser rear ended the other. they went off the road. both officers were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. now to the latest out of maryland and delaware on the arrest of a spekuspected workpl shooter. radee prince was
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is in delaware. it ended a multistate search that started in edgewood, maryland norts of baltimore. prince it accused of shooting five people at a business yesterday morning. three people died. prince drove to delaware where he shot another person at a used car lot. eventually, they tracked him down near a high school. tragedy brought community members together, though. >> our hearts and our prayers go out to our brothers and sisters here in the community as we continue to join together and to love them and to support them during this very difficult time. >> now, two victims remain in critical condition right now. police are trying to figure out why the shooting happened. they do say all of the victims were specifically targeted. >> it turns out that prince was no stranger to law enforcement. police say he was arrested 42 times in delaware and also has 15 felony convictions. police told baltimore newspaper that he was fired from a job earlier this yea


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