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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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husband. most hum nl person. plus, a father, husband and dedicated employee. new details about the arlington man shot and killed at his job. warm welcome on the campaign trail. how president barack obama is trying to get out the vote in virginia. team coverage in first 4 traffic to get you around it. >> checking in jack taylor and darcy spencer in a minute. this is what happens on friday. everybody trying to get everything done to enjoy your week yebd. >> puts a lot of pressure on the meteorologist as well. >> the meteorologist. >> to deliver on a good weekend forecast.
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we can talk about the weather. >> i will do the weather. >> oh, no, no, no, no. >> meteorologist here. >> you are not doing the weather. >> that's not going to happen. >> but it is nice outside. chuck said we're not allowed to use the word cold this morning. >> no. >> i will say it is cool. i think you can get away with the long sleeves. especially in areas like warrenton. 42 degrees. gaithersburg at 48. leesburg at 50, 56 washington. 46 lorton. 53 in clinton. it's comfortable this morning but comfortably cool i would say. as you wake up and walk outside by 7:00 a.m. clear skies. 54 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 57. look at all the sunshine still in the forecast today. 61 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we don't have any rain. take a look at the area and surrounding states. we're dry and going to stay dry through the weekend. perfect for any plans. we have a warming trend through
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your weekend forecast. whatever you plan to do this weekend coming up in a bit. it is friday. we want to check the commute. hopefully, it's not too bad. good morning, jack. >> keeping our roads dry. thank you for that. chopper 4 on the baltimore washington parkway. the beltway, volume is very light, which is good. i'm going to have to send them on the inner loop of the beltway toward the bridge. a tractor-trailer crash. we'll need info on that. bowie, 197 at route 50. left lane getting by the utility work. eastbound at nutley, looks like accident activity on the left side of the roadway causing a delay. hopefully it clears quickly. another first 4 traffic warning for you this morning. if you're coming into our out of d.c. don't plan on using 17th street between independence and constitution. this morning, crews are testing out a levee. darcy spencer is live with a look at what you need to know. darcy, tell us
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>> good morning. i'm standing on 17th street northwest. you know what that means. the road has already been closed. it was supposed to close at 6:00. it shut down around 5:30 this morning. you can take a look here. we've got the heavy equipment in already. some of the workers are out here doing prep work. some of the panels for this levee system are on the flatbed truck. things are in place. it's just a matter of time before they get things going. this is on 17th street around the washington monument and the world war ii memorial. this is, again, shut down now. it's going to be happening all day. this is going to impact you if you take this road here or use the roads around it or maybe even coming in from virginia. this is about the levee system being put in place to protect this area from flooding. you may not realize this, this is one of the low areas in the district. the national park service puts the levee walls up every year and tests them to make sure that the system is in
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working just in case there is going to be a flood. if you can come back out live, you can see the workers here. the walls going to go across 17th street where you see the metal plates, and they're getting things ready. looks like they're way ahead of schedule and get the test going any time now. they're going to wrap everything by 6:00 this evening. this will impact your evening commute. back to you. >> hopefully the early start will mean an early finish. darcy spencer live for us. thank you. keep in mind the marine corps marathon is on sunday. the race will force drivers to take alternate routes through d.c., parts of northern virginia. more on the closures at 6:30, you can get more on the nbc washington app. we're learning more about the people killed and critically wounded in the deadly workplace shooting in maryland. there are two shooting victims still in the hospital. enoch sosa and jose gillen are in critical condition. they're the only ones who survived the
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was this man. he lived in arlington and commuted two hours every day to get to work. the family says he often raised concerns about the hostile mood of the gunman. >> he would come home and mentioned that he had a rough day at work with this person. tragic, but this happened to my family. you know, it had to be him. >> investigators say the suspect radee prince also shot and injured someone in delaware before he was captured. he's being held in delaware on more than a $2 million bail. developing this morning, the senate passes a $4 trillion budget. >> concurrent resolution as amended is agreed to. >> the budget passed by a vote of 51-49. republican senator rand paul
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the democrats in voting against it. passing the budget paves the way for republicans to use a special rule to consider tax reform. that rule would allow senate republicans to pass it with only 50 votes. former president barack obama returned to the campaign trail in virginia last night. his supporters welcomed him back with open arms. >> president barack obama! >> mr. obama made the pitch for democrat ralph northam in his run for virginia governor. he also joked about his mother's distant relative, jefferson davis. >> you can trace her lineage and, like i'm an 8th or 9th or 10th something cousin removed from jefferson davis who was the head of the confederacy. think
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i'll bet he's spinning in his grave. [ laughter ] >> virginia down -- an rnc spokesman said virginians would base their -- the debate over the national anthem is not dying down. there is a new petition this morning. it says if you support standing for the anthem, you should sign the trump make america great again -- it's a response for those kneeling before games. earlier this week, the nfl decided not to require them to -- rapper rick ross is headlining yard fest. >>. [ inaudie
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because howard is turning 150 years old at this homecoming. you're looking at some of the excitement at the kickoff pep rally. yard fest concert begins at noon today. tomorrow is the homecoming parade football game. huge weekend. dougie fresh will be performing there. >> we might have to get out there for that. you don't know who that is. >> like dougie fresh. >> my kids whob saying -- survivors of breast cancer are showing their strength. it's going to be a beautiful weekend for a lot of folks. >> important to get the word out about taking control of your own breast health. molette green is out there to talk about more important message for this community. molette? >> reporter: absolutely. i'm here in a room full of survivor o
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we're at the bald eagle breast center. i ran into an angel here ready to walk tomorrow in the fight against breast cancer. we've got survivors in here surviving 17 years, surviving 15 years. one very young lady who is one year out from her battle there. beautiful. a beautiful room full of women. we're at the bald eagle rec center. this is where the walk will start tomorrow. we're going to talk about what all of this means and the emphasis on the fight in this part of town coming up in just a few minutes. we're at -- we're in ward 8. doing important woork. >> standing in solidarity. >> we'll check back in with you poe let. a new push for a travel restriction many of you may not like. the crackdown that could force you to leave your laptop out of your
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fly. a warning ahead of a football matchup. the threat one -- against a coach. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures in the cool 40s and 50s on your friday morning. need a light jacket and jeans here early. but short slieeeves and sunglasses. a-plus weather in
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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we're following breaking news in virginia where there's been another shooting on a college campus. this time at virginia state university about two hours south of here in richmond. you can see the police response. they got a call, someone was shot on campus about 11:00
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gunshot wound rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the campus was on lockdown for several hours. it was lifted about 2:30 in the morning. back here at the live desk of the we'll stay on top of this story. we don't think there's a further threat to the school at this point. 6:14 now. one person is recovering after a pickup truck drove into pay building. this is in silver spring. police say the truck drove through a fence and into an apartment building. someone was hit by debris but will be okay. there will be extra security at a football game. it's going to start at 5:00 p.m. prince william police say it's because of a threat against one of the coaches. they don't think it's credible. no bulky items will be allowed. it is a promising new update on the condition of a marylan
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massacre. >> aimee cho is in the newsroom with more on how tina frost is doing. >> tina's father shared that with us. she had a second surgery yesterday and it went well. she was able to take over 100 steps and even smiling. incredible amount of strength from a woman who has been through so much. tina was shot in the right eye at that concert. her father says it's a miracle she's alive. there will be a fundraiser for her at gold's gym. there's also a go fund me page by owning the nbc washington app. search tina frost. >> thank you, aimee. the devastating fires that caused over $1 billion in damages. officials raised the number of destroyed buildings and homes to 7,000 yesterday. most properties burned between october 8th and 9th, flames spread to wine country and
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42 people died during the fires. there may be a day when you won't be able to pack your laptop into your checked luggage. our news partners at wtop report that the faa is urging the world airline community to ban electronic devices, large devices because of the potential for fires. in a paper filed with a u.n. agency, it said tests showed that some lithium-ion batteries can overheat if they're too close to aerosol cans. there's a meeting set for next week. there's nothing like having sisters. someone you know your entire life and share special memories with us. next week, there is a big week on the "today" show with the bush sisters. they're going to promote their book called sisters first. stories from our wild and wonderful life. what a great title. i am going to use that time to introduce my wonderful sister and her family. that's lee. we went to
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far from my house. those are my two little nieces. the two older ones were at school. they're dolls. we shared so much together. we're very different. but motherhood is the great equalizer. we've grown closer over the years. it's going to air next tuesday. we want you to get involved next week. send us pictures with siblings and share fun stories. you get to know my sister. she's not a front of the camera person. >> you look a lot alike too. >> when we were little, people didn't think we looked alike. now people think we're twins. >> taller prettier version. >> she's pretty too. but i'm saying. >> breast cancer survivors are coming together in the district this weekend. >> it is breast cancer awareness month, of course. this is pink madness week here in d.c. molette has been out with wonderful women and folks who have been survivors and working to raise awareness to get the
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right, molette? >> reporter: absolutely. ward 8 goes pink. they've been doing activities all week leading up to tomorrow's walk no ward 8 that starts from here. this bald eagle rec center. we want to just shine a spotlight on this disease that impacts african-american women at an alarming rate at a younger age often and much more aggressively. we've talked about the numbers in the stats. the death rate is higher than any state in the nation. this is a very important cause. the department of recs and the mayor and the -- arts and culture group. we've got john stokes, margie robinson and a whole gang of supporters. the importance of making sure the ninth annual walk continues and beyond that. >> again, this is an event to celebrate the life and memory of former dpr employee. as you say to bring awareness around breast cancer.
6:19 am
the district. we have these young ladies here, survivors and supporters here to make sure ha we get the word out about breast cancer awareness. >> we have lenora here. 17-year survivor. you know that it's important to be able to educate women about this, right? >> ladies check your breasts every two weeks and not every month. you never know when cancer is going to get you. no color, no nothing. you be careful about your breasts. >> be careful about your breasts. that is the message. of course, the walk kicks off tomorrow morning. there's still time for you to register. we've got information inside our nbc waurk tshington website. but it starts tomorrow at 9:00. you can register at 8:00 and kick this thing off with a full day of activities. we're live this morning. ward 8 goes pink. back to you. >> it's such an important message. many women think if there's no faly
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age, you don't fit the mold, you can't get breast cancer. more than 90% of people affected by breast cancer don't have a family history. you have to take control of your own health and get checked, test yourself. >> thank you, molette. let's check the forecast with sheena parveen, bringing us the details. >> good morning, guys. it's nice out this morning. it's cool. temperatures are not in the 30s. maybe not as chilly as it has been recent limit. we have 40s on the map. it's 56 in the district. 53 in clinton. so if you are heading out this morning, maybe the long sleeves. you won't need them this afternoon. especially if you're walking the dog. if you need one to walk, this is tim ba available for adoption. otherwise, by 8:00 a.m., 55 degrees. sunny skies by lunchtime. around 70. 5:00 p.m., perfect weather. 75 and sunny. for the best buddy friendship walk, tomorrow. another beautiful day. if youdo
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national mall -- by the time it ends, around 70 degrees. also, we have a meteor shower. the best viewing this weekend. it will be around 2:00 a.m. saturday and sunday morning. we have clear skies in the forecast. perfect weather for it. all you have to do is look up. sometimes people ask which direction to the sky. look up. we'll be seeing meteor showers across the area. everybody should be able to see it, too. the wineries this weekend, looking good. temperatures in the mid-70s. today, tomorrow and sunday as well. but the rain does return next week. unseasonably warm. 10 degrees above that on sunday. the rain gets here -- chuck has that with the 10-day forecast. let's check the roads on friday. >> hey, sheena. found a crash. inner loop of the beltway as you come off of the american legion bridge. two lanes to
6:22 am
tractor-trailer was also involved in the crash. lanes are going to build and quickly. plan ahead for this, please. bowie, northbound 197 up at 50. emergency work still in place. only the left lane is getting by there. no access from 50 east to northbound 197. it sounds like the broken down vehicle getting into the district of suitland parkway. that may have cleared out of roadway. at least travel lanes are available. aaron, eun, back to you. daddy, your phone -- >> a thing of the past, no they're not. >> coming up, how will farrell is using comedy to bring back ralph northam: i'm ralph northam
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they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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the next time you go out to eat with your friends or sit down at the dinner table, there's almost always a visible smartphone or tablet. >> you're not looking at it right there, it's calling at you. >> actor will farrell teamed up for a public service announce president about how devices are ruining family time. take a look. >> so can you tell me about your day. >> today actually i was driving to the grocery store and i saw a dog. >> you saw a dog? >> daddy, put your phone in the basket. >> basket is so crowded, though. >> put it in the basket. >> the basket. >> put it in the basket. >> will farrell. tweet us and let us know your thoughts. social media, device-free dinner. that is a strict rule in my household. there will be
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we are going to look at each other in the face and have a conversation at my house. >> my friends -- we go out to a restaurant with people and they put them on the table. that drives me -- who is calling you, you need your phone every minute? >> just in case something more important happens on my phone. i'm going to break away and have my phone ready in case. that's rude. >> and you're missing out on personal interaction. those are important life skills you need to have. our children are missing out. they don't even know how to talk to each other. 6:26 now. we'll climb down off our soapbox. >> i'm sorry. parking in d.c. is hard enough. we know that. now, new restrictions are limiting where you can leave your car even more. a warning that could impact your weekend plans just ahead. a marine corps marathon could cause more trouble this weekend. we're going to show you the 26.2 mile route and where it could
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good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. we're going to get you ready for today and the weekend. it's going to be a big one for us. >> we have coverage with weather and traffic. darcy spencer will help you get around on the roads. >> chuck bell is on the weather deck. looks like it's going to be gorgeo gorgeous. >> outdoor lunch and recess. grilling in the backyard. favorite sidewalk cafe. whatever you need to do to get outside. high school football games. everything is going to be near perfect by october standards. 40s and 50s. typically cool for this time of the year. look at the hometown highs today. 72 in martinsburg, west virginia. couple of big games going on this weekend. none bigger
6:31 am
than this one in annapolis. a whole check of the forecast coming up. here's jack taylor with friday traffic. >> chuck, thank you. maryland, trying to come into -- we have a crash involving a tractor-trailer and a car. maryland state authorities are on scene. blocking the left half of the roadway. the third right lane you're seeing, the on ramp from claire barton parkway on to the inner loop, delays pack towards georgetown pike. 66 eastbound before nutley, the left side of the roadway is tied up. single left lane blocked but an early delay back near 50 already. aaron, eun, back to you. >> thank you, jack. it's 6:31. looking at the top stories right now. two people remain in critical condition after that deadly workplace shooting in
6:32 am
the suspected gunman is held on $2 million bail in delaware. coming up, we hear from the family of an arlington man killed in the shooting. a montgomery county guidance counselor arrested on sexual assault charges. colin black met two women on tinder, the dating app. he allegedly assaulted them. he's on administrative leave from the school district. this morning, 17th street northwest between constitution and independence avenues are closed in the district. taking a live look at crews on the scene. they're testing out a levee there. the closures will run until this afternoon. darcy spencer will join us live with more on the impact of traffic. a $4 trillion budget plan has been passed. it's expected to be passed later today. a rule would allow senate republicans -- two
6:33 am
speaking on the same dayment. >> that's what happened yesterday when former presidents george w. bush and barack obama made speeches. mr. obama rallied supporters in virginia last night for candidate for governor ralph northam and mr. bush took aim at president trump without mentioning him by name. >> bigotry seems emboldened. our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories. and outright fabrication. >> mr. bush went on to urge people to oppose threats to american democracy. >> it was at times an emotional full defense of president trump. white house keefe of staff john kelly, a retired marine corps general went into the briefing room yesterday and backed up his boss. this comes in the middle of a controversy surrounding a florida congresswoman's claim that president trump was insensitive in his comments to a fallen soldier. he blasted her comments. >> if you elect to --is
6:34 am
about the most difficult thing you can imagine. it stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. >> congresswoman wilson says kelly was trying to keep his job. kelly did appear to confirm wilson's account of what the president said to the soldier's families. we're inching closer to the start of the marine corps marathon on sunday. the race attracts tens of runners. we're going to be cheering on the runners at mile 4, of course. we'll be at the starting line as well throughout the course. take a look at it right now. take runners through the heart of d.c. really it's beautiful to see the city in this way. you need to plan ahead for the various traffic closures. we want you to get to the starting line on time. transportation reporter adam tuss is working for you. metro's plan for marathon sunday. >> reporter: yeah, the big race this weekend on metro. what do you need to know about taking metro to the marine corps marathon. firs o
6:35 am
open at 6:00 a.m. on sunday. that's because the marine corps mayor ton organizers have plunked down $200,000 to open the system early. of course, metro has been have that issue with opening late or early. good to know they'll open at 6:00 a.m. the closest station to the start of the race is the pentagon station. keep in mind, that will be exit only until 8:30 in the morning. if you're going there, exit out of pentagon. if you're going to the 10k, the archives and l'enfant plaza station, those are the closest to the start line there. again, leave yourself plenty of extra time. get there early and extra yellow and blue line trains to get everybody around. most importantly, stay safe. back to you. of course, we will have you completely covered for the entire marathon. i'll be out there sunday morning. not running. but we'll be out there starting at 6:00 a.m. through to the end
6:36 am
winner for you and keep you up to speed. chuck bell will be running. >> the team that eliminated the nationals now has to watch the rest of the playoffs from home. >> bye cubs. >> the los angeles dodgers have won the pennant. >> the one week after taking the nats out, the chicago cubs lost to the los angeles dodgers who took us out last week. dodgers going to the world series for the first time in nearly 30 years. we are working for you out in d.c.'s ward 8. >> molette green is out there with inspiring breast cancer survivors talking about breast cancer awareness, molette. >> reporter: i know. look at how excited this room full of people of men and women in this room. why they're so excited to walk in ward 8. one very young woman's story of survival cing
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good friday morning. it's chilly this morning. but if the kids are at the bus stop, you might want a light jacket or long sleeves. 8:00 a.m. in the mid-50s. wait until you see the warmup for the weekend, that forecast in a few minutes. let's check the roads on this friday with jack taylor. hey, jack. peak weekend hours, this stretch of connecticut avenue near dupont circle fills up with parked cars, pedestrians, now this street will only allow ride sharing services to pick up and drop off passengers. no parking on -- between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. thursday through sunday. cops will even have -- they've been ticketing drivers who continue to park there anyway. >> just a reminder for everyone going out this weekend in dupont.
6:41 am
different mode of transportation. another traffic warning now. this one will impact your morning and evening commute today. up next, darcy spencer tells us about the annual test that's shutting down a busy road. >> the new twist in the national anthem outrage controversy. the petition the president laun vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
6:42 am
cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
6:43 am
. . .
6:44 am
a heads up for drivers if you're coming into or out of d.c. don't plan to use 17th street -- >> crews are testing out a levee. that portion of the road on the screen is shut down. darcy spencer is live with a look at what you need to know. darcy, this is a busy time for traffic at that spot. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. i was a little bit surprised to see so many commuters coming through in the 5:00 hour. so this is definitely going to impact commuters this morning. we're here on 17th street. you can see the workers out here. it's very active. they've been at it since 5:30 this morning. there's a large crane here. they're picking up pieces of this temporary
6:45 am
crane and then putting them in place. this is for the testing that's going to take place. it's important to do this testing every year to make sure that the levee is in good working order. we'll show you video from ten years ago. this is why this levee was needed. because of flooding. the video, again, from 2006 shows what can happen when we have severe flooding in this area. it impacted some of the businesses and monuments. we want to make sure it doesn't happen again. this is one of the low spots. for perspective, if you come to this area, 17th street between the washington monument and the world war ii memorial. right now, you can see that they are busy with the crane, the workers are standing by here. they're going to be placing pieces of the temporary levee here and going across 17th street. people who also come through here to
6:46 am
coming through here. they're going to be rerouted. they're expected to wrap up their work by 6:00 this evening. this will impact your evening commute. be prepared. do yogive yourself extra time. >> darcy spencer, thank you. we're learning more about the people killed and critically wounded in the deadly workplace shooting in maryland. >> there are two shooting victims still in the hopped. enoc sosa and jose gillen still in the hospital. they're the only ones who survived. one of the three people killed was bay i can't remember sigh cantu de-- tudev was kille. he raised concern about the suspected gunman's hostile mood. >> he would come home and mentioned he had a rough day at work with this person. tragic that this happened to my family. you know, it
6:47 am
>> investigators say the suspect, radee prince, also shot and injured someone in delaware before he was captured. he's being held in delaware on more than $2 million bail. the concurrent resolution as amended is agreed to. by a vote of 51 to 49, the senate passed a $4 trillion budget overnight. senator rand paul was the only republican joining democrats in voting against it. passing the budget paves the way for republican to -- the rule would allow senate republicans to pass it with only 50 votes. former president barack obama returned to the campaign trail in virginia last night. >> his supporters welcomed him back with open arms. >> president barack obama! >> mr. obama made the pitch for democrat ralph northam in his bid for virginia
6:48 am
using fear to get votes. he joked about his mother's distant relative jefferson davis. >> you can trace her lineage and, like i'm a 8th, 9th, or 10th something cousin removed from jefferson davis, who was the head of the confederacy. think about that. i'll bet he's spinning in his grave. [ laughter ] sna virginia -- rnc spokesman said in a statement virginians will cast their ballots based on kitchen table issues, not star power. this morning, there is a petition asking you to support standing for the national anthem. it's the latest move in the ongoing debate about the nfl. football players are kneeling during the anthem. the
6:49 am
committee. president trump state too much talk, not enough action. you will want to take a peek at the night sky tonight. the meteor shower will be happening tonight. nasa says you will be able to see it streaking across the sky from anywhere on earth starting tonight. chuck bell tells us -- he's the expert on these things. clear skies this weekend should let us see the sights. the best chances are pre-dawn on sunday morning. so cool. >> right. i was on -- doing the weather at 6:18 on wton i said the leonid. the orion, the constellation -- >> it is. >> this is not easy work over here. this is all done -- >> that's why you're paid the big bucks. >> chuck bell. >> filled with useful information. >>
6:50 am
involve something to spend time in the great outdoors. the weather is going to be completely cooperative. outside, mostly clear sky, early morning color for you to look out there. right about there, that's the planet venus there. if you're sky watching early this morning. going to be outside this weekend, you don't have a specific direction in the sky to look to see the meteor shower, just look up and there they will be. mostly clear now here on a friday morning. temperatures continuing now to get better and better through the day. 56 in washington this morning. 50s in the suburbs. 47 in chantilly now. 45 in winchester. 53 in brandy wine, maryland. as you plan out the day, 70 -- sun is not up until 7:23. high school football games will be great. fall colors such as it is, peaking out towards the shenandoah valley. the west virginia high country, not too much color in and around town. e
6:51 am
app. you can find and follow me on twitter at chuck bell 4 and instagram forecast for you. for all the latest, lot of big events around the marine corps marathon. come on down. say hello. get a selfie with me. take pictures. sunshine, perfect weather for the kids run tomorrow. the big race on sunday. if you're making the drive to blacksburg, the tar heels and the hokies tomorrow. how about that. 73 degrees at kickoff in blacksburg here in late october. that's bonus weather. marine corps marathon morning. temperatures in the mid-50s as the day gets started. unfortunately, it's going to be toasty warm. temperatures in the mid-70s by 2:00 in the afternoon. it's going to be warm all weekend into early next week. rain back on tuesday. more typical temperatures for october. return thereafter. let's go to jack taylor at wtop. >> hey, chuck. big delays out of tysons. inner loop. chopper 4 has been over the scene
6:52 am
safely on the left shoulder with police on scene. flashing lights. the delays back to 123. so this is going to be an unusual slowdown. plan head for that. also, delays in virginia riding 66 eastbound. trying to move into manassas. towards centerville. nothing in the way. the crash, 66 east before nutley. if anything was left -- aaron, eun, back to you. jack, thank you. 6:52. yard fest is today at howard university. the concert is a homecoming tradition. rapper rick ross will headline the show. the homecoming parade and football game is tomorrow. happy 150th to howard. doug e fresh will be there. for you kids who don't know who it is, it's going to be a good show. it's breast cancer awareness month as well. we're sharing a special story of survival this morning. it's great to hear the women who are going all out in support of breast cancer awareness. >> molettou
6:53 am
talking to folks. the women gathered in ward 8 in d.c. all morning long for a really great cause. previewing this walk that's going on this weekend. >> reporter: absolutely. i'm amazed by how this community is just standing in solidarity. ward 8 going pink all week with so many activities to raise awareness and educate people about breast cancer and the fight particularly in this community. yes, it culminates with a walk tomorrow. i want to introduce you to alexis corbett. a young survivor. just in her early 30s. just finishing up your treatment. you wanted to send out a message this morning. >> yes. i want to point out that african-american women and hispanic women under the age of 35 die from breast cancer more than any other ethnicity. so please get checked, get mammograms, do your own self-exams. >> alexis, how are you doing? >> i am doing well. you ,
6:54 am
will it come back? that is the life of a survivor. but i'm encouraged by the women present. the ladies who are 25, 15 years out that. lets me know i will make it. i will survive this. >> exactly. one of the groups that put all of this together for the weekend, of course, tomorrow's big day. the department of parks and rec, we have john stokes back here to talk about what's in store for the community tomorrow, john? >> lots of goodness tomorrow. there is two components to this day. so there is a walk component that begins at 9:15, 9:30. then a program component at len clok. that's a play day component. there will be moon bounces, softball. football. music entertainment. >> lots of educational resources. >> lots of educational resources. there's something for everyone tomorrow. if you want to do the walk, or you don't want to, come to the play day portion >> if you want to walk, you
6:55 am
you're a part of the community and the fight. we have lots of information on the screen. register at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow at the bald eagle rec center. the walk kicks off at 9:00. we have the information on our website. check that out. finally, before we come back to you, we've got a message from this community, sfliet what is it? >> ward 8 goes pink. >> ward 8 goes pink. back to you. sniemts such an important message and a great cause. molette green, thank you so much. appreciate them sharing that message. a wonderful ambassador. >> for sure. >> thank you all, ladies. it is 6:55. here are the four things to know this morning. senate republicans took a big step forward in their goal for passing a tax cut package. passed a $4 trillion budget. this paves the way for republicans to use a special rule to consider tax reform. >> there is a new online petition asking for you to support standing for the
6:56 am
this is the latest response to the debate about the anthem and the nfl. earlier this week the nfl decided not to require athletes to stand. if your commute takes you through downtown d.c., there could be traffic. this levee test is under way between independence and constitution avenues. road will stay shut down through 4:00 this afternoon. follow darcy spencer on twitter for updates. the marine corps marathon is this sunday. take a look. this is the course you need to know. you need to plan ahead for the various traffic closures. news 4 will be cheering on runners at mile 4. i'll be at the starting line and then magically at the finish line for this race on sunday. our coverage starts at 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. you can look at the app. metro opens at 6:00 a.m. on sunday. aaron must be quick on his feet. >> i'm going to run. >> go pro so we can have proof. for today, beautiful weather to go for a
6:57 am
75 sunny, dry. across the weekend, 76 saturday, 77 sunday. if you're wondering the normal high is 67 degrees this time of the year. monday, we'll be close to 80. look at the rain tuesday, wednesday. we drop into the low 60s for a high on thursday. things will be change again. >> if you want to join us at mile 4, the virginia side of the key bridge. that's where all the nbc4 folks will be. you can join us. >> it's going to be a great day. thank you. that's it for us. the "today" show is next. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes. enjoy your day and your weekend.
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good morning. stunned and brokenhearted. white house chief of staff john kelly's emotional defense of the president's condolence call to a soldier's widow. >> if you've never worn the uri uniform, if you have never opinion in combat, you don't know how to make that call. the government urging airlines to ban laptops in checked baggage. new tests showing batteries can overheat, explode and trigger potentially catastrophic fires. rare access. nbc news inside north korea, on the same day the rogue nation vows an


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