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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00. shots on the walk home from school. the latest on a local teenager's recovery and the search for his shooter. >> now words of the arrest in
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colonial williamsburg. the man in custody is facing new serious charges. and cutting the ribbon from the football field. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. the scene of the shooting at the dc high school student. we brought you as breaking news tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. now we know someone is in custody. friends telling jackie, they do not believe the victim is the target. live on third and east street, jackie bensen. >> reporter: the man with the gun at the scene. what's unclear tonight whether police believe he's the shooter. >> within minutes of the gunfire that struck a 16-year-old in the back as he's walking home from dunbar high school. dc police took a man into
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was for possession of a semi automatic handgun. the man was charged of assault of a dangerous weapon. it is not clear if investigators believe if he's the one responsible for the shooting. the 16-year-old was walking in the 1900 block when gunfire erupted. he was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the local hospital. a young man identified himself as the victim's friend that he had no idea why someone would shoot the teenager. >> reporter: dc police tweeted tonight they believe a dark gray or black honda with virginia license plates may have been involved in the shooting. live until northeast washington, jackie bensen, live, news 4. michael jones faces first degree murder charges. police tell us jones
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roger in a restaurant parking lot in southeast earlier this month. roger is a singer who went by the name bo. his young brother was a star at wilson high school northwest now plays in black spur. leon harris, at the health desk. the 30-year-old steven howard has been arrested in committing an act of terrorism. last night witnesses called 911 to report the car on fire. police found explosives next to the car. turns out no one was hurt. just a matter of feet away from the campus of college of william and mary where homecoming celebration is happening this weekend. police posted around the
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>> leon, thank you, decades after it starts the annual marine core marathon is still going strong. keeping runners and fans safe is the highest priority as it ever been. police are working with security crews at hotels along the course. the race starts and end in arlington, tens and thousands of runners will snake through alexander, rosalind and dc. dozens of roads will close, some of them at 3:30 in the morning. we have a full list on our nbc washington app. >> you were there last year. >> it is an amazing event every year with tens and thousands of people from all walks of life. whether it is a first marathon or 47, every runner has their own story. mark is with just a couple of them. >> now living in northern
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number 42 on sunday morning because he's running his 42 marine core marathon. he's the last person known as the ground pounders to have run every single marine core marath marathon. >> i don't know when this can be my last one also. for chris cook, this will be his first marine core marathon and he will be the first person to do the race on a skateboard. >> born with no legs or arms, skateboarding is how chris gets around. >> i met a lot of people came up to me hey, you know what, i was out of gasp a and i saw you com out the corner and yeah, i got to keep going. even able runners and others are so supportive. it is amazing for sure. >> wow. always
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this, chris cook is taking it to a whole new level there. >> if you are going to the race on sunday and not running, we invite you to join us. we have more details of metro and other information. we'll also cover the race live right here on sunday morning on nbc 4. mile four, get it? >> the marine core marathon is a very busy weekend in washington. tomorrow is howard university homecoming parade and football game. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. on georgia avenue. the game against morgan state kicks off at 1:00. the art festival kicks off events with children and family tomorrow. >> dc united getting set playing their last game at rfk stadium. tomorrow's practice will be opened to the public. parking is
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the game starts at 4:00 in the afternoon. two celebrities will be honored in dc over the weekend. tom hanks will be presented of the record of achievement award of national awareness of history. >> this sunday, i will be down at the kennedy center thousands on david letterman receiving for american humor. that show is broadcast on pbs, november 20th. former redskins helped cut the ribbon on the new turf field. tonight we show you how much has changed in a year. >> reporter: look at him go, northwestern football benson bj,
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turf field. >> reporter: we talked to him about it before the game. >> i feel great. >> reporter: washington redskins legend is at the ribbon. unveiling the school's brand new synthetic turf field at homecoming. the redskins' charitable foundation donated $300,000. >> it is unbelievable. being out here tonight knowing that the redskins having a hand to make the kids proud in school and everybody involved is proud. this is the big thing. >> news 4 first told out of the field. it is been . >> it is been a struggle for us over the years. >> reporter: the school was supposed to get a new artificial turf field, that did not happen. this
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running fast and cut and quickly changing directions without worry about getting hurt. [ cheers ] >> this field, the turf is smooth. >> reporter: northwestern ran over the opponent, largo high school, final score is 34-10. this is the first win for the varsity team and it is homecoming night. shomari stone, news 4. >> they look great. >> some people living there of 5,000 fuel leak in alexander telling us the situation is so bad that could endanger their lives. the under ground tank at the labor day gas station here on king street started leaking last month. people living steps away, they are getting information of what authorities are doing of the leak. they fear of what could happen next. >> i don't know what exactly is in the air, i don't know what i am inhaling or anybody else is inhaling.
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can ignite. >> the sandalexandria departmen tells us -- crews will remove part of the gas, the department says it will take months to get rid of it all. leon harris is back at the live desk. we got new video from the u.s. coast. check it out. an explosion caused the massive fire that happened around 4:30 in the morning and you got some intense fire there. forget trying to fight it, that took all day today. one person died in the explosion and another still missing near corpus cristi. crews now are working contain any oil that was spilled after that blast. sitting in a highway traffic
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for some community in the area. the new progress that's been made in a new era of transportation. >> actress angelina jolie, on women's health. >> look at the highs today, warmer tomorrow and the weekend is
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larry hogan is jumping on board
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transportation. maryland's approval is the first of many needed for the project. musk says the hyper loop can take us from dc to new york in 29 minutes. you may call it the angelina jolie effect. she carries a genetic mutation that increases her risk of breast and ovarian cancer. the university of georgia did a study and confirmed that the last 15 years there is an 80% of increase for women getting tested for the black genes. according to the national cancer institute, women with the genes of 45 to 65% risk of
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dc police department rolled out its body camera program to a lot of fans. experts who crunch the number now say the cameras are not doing much to change police behavior. scientists working and examining thousands of officers in two years. they look at things like use of force and ticket issues and complaints to measure the impact of cameras were having in the district. >> the body cameras were not have proven to fundamentally change. >> having camera there is having outside third party witness in every action improves the community trust. >> the dc office wills soon release the study of the number of time cameras were turned on late or not at all between encounters between police and the public. that happens a third of the cases. the national memorial dedicated to the military women
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this weekend, the women in military service for america memorial is celebrating its 20th anniversary is right next to arlington national cemetery. it is funded through a private nonprofit. the future is in the air. the fund raising campaign seeks one and a half million dollars. >> well, you may have seen this during our 6:00 tonight. the local high school really working hard to recruit this guy for tonight's game. it was the pink event. >> it was an event to raise and support breast cancer. that's a lot to raise. >> we sent in chopper 4, they wore their pink and had some great signs out there for nbc 4. a great effort from all of those students for a really good cause. it is rocking it at
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my shirt is pink, too. a little bit of pink. we are impressive that you are able to dispatch chopper 4. that's pretty impressive. >> i went right over there guys, you got the chopper 4 high school today. they said that's no problem. when you are the guy, that's what you should do. thanks for chopper 4 for getting out there today. thanks all of you guys out there is having fun. i hope you made a lot of money for breast cancer research. out there today, good event going on tonight. this is a really big one. i know you want to be in bed by 1:20 or 1:30. all you got to do is go outside and look straight up. the peek viewing would be tonight and tomorrow night and both nights looking at plentyf
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about right there. >> cheer alear and beautiful. temperatures wise, not nearly as chilly as it is the last few nights. 51 right now in honey town. a cool start to the morning. cool start and warm afternoon, that's what we see all week and that's what we are going to see right there through the weekend, too. once again, we do need the rain. we are about three inches below average for the entire month and going all the way back from september first as well. most of the countries have been dry and a weak system here in the middle part and this is the area of the storm watch i am watching. this is going to come out in the northern part of the country, dipping down and bringing roiig into our area. once again we need to see the rain and hopefully we'll get it in here on
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48 degrees in leesburg. a little bit of a cool start tomorrow. if you are sending the kids out, they got some games tomorrow, i got two games that i neglected my son earlier today. my daughter's game is 12:30. the soccer game. i remember my son's flag football game. first game of the season is coming up tomorrow. that also is 12:30. >> divide and conquer. wife coaches soccer and i coach football, we are all taken care of. don't forget the water tomorrow. it is going to be hot on the warm side and temperatures around 75 degrees. make sure you stay hydrated. it is going to be rather warm especially the latter portion of the marathon. more sunshine and another beauty tomorrow. as we move onto the next couple of days, there is your great weather through monday and there is the much noeeded rainfall on tuesday. i am hoping for half an inch or an inch. we'll have to see how it plays out. y
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too. >> thursday, nice and cool and temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. a big change coming up on tuesday. >> i asked for the redskins for my son's team, we are the minnesota vikings, i don't know why. >> can you get chopper 4 though? >> i cannot watch my daughter's game so chopper 4 is covering the game. >> we love flag football. >> so much fun. >> all right, coming up. john wall was dancing at capitol one saturday night and highway scoring affair with troy. >> sports is next, here is jimmy fallon. >> hey guys hillary clion isnt
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all right, chris, what a game. >> they needed this one. >> out scoring 10-2 of their last two games. >> someone else needed to step up. tonight the cavs got an attack against detroit. it was a high scoring affair. all in the third. thomas, red wing, up one. oshi in the front, he gets the go. we head to overtime. >> shall i say
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>> cats come out -- caps coming top. it is 0-3. >> on the road, i think it is better and it makes you better and stronger and you get more belief when you are in a situation later in the road, you can stay calm and find a way to fight back in. > caps got the win. wizards try to do the same. reggie jackson, he crossed over. wizards up by three. >> wall getting one of his ten assists and 20 points in the first half. on the other end, wall with a shall i say, jordan s finish? 11 points in the third quarter, 26 in the game for the wall star. >> beale gets the foul
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of his points. >> pistons fight back. >> we have a tie game and 20 seconds left. pistons had the chance. wizards hold on and the win 115-111. they are still defeated, 2-0. high school football, look out here comes the wildcats posting the bulldog. gavin kylie. 86 yards scoring 14-3 lead. eugene asante finds his way. >> centerville with his short lived rally. >> 13 yards out. those three third quarter touchdowns. they're on top. 27-11. they remain undefeated at
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good early game on saturday and college football, maryland, undefeated wisconsin, that game starts at noon. central florida was also undefeated. kickoff for that one is 3-1. >> good night. >> john wall is taking
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she rode on a lion several years ago at the super bowl. >> this week, katy perry, had some problems on tour. watch this. >> katy just finished the song on top of the planet saturn, when she got stuck up there. she told the audience to take out her phone and it was a youtube moment and plenty of them did and was not hurt. >> it was big. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> big weekend ahead. marathnd
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things. we hope to see you for the
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hillary rodham clinton, musical guest miley cyrus. and


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