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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 21, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> announcer: "news 4 today "begins with breaking news. >> we're staying on top of this breaking news as we look live at the arlington memorial bridge. this could definitely impact any plans you have going in or out of the district today. it is shut down in both directions. as we look live, you can see police there blocking off both ways. this is because of a pedestrian who was hit and killed on the bridge within the last two hours. >> u.s. park police warn the closure will be for an extended period of time. they have not given us an exact timetable. we checked in with news 4's derrick ward a few minutes
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broadcast in the next few minutes to give us the very latest. stay with us. >> we'll keep you posted on that. 9:01. we want to get a check of the storm team 4 forecast with lauryn ricketts. what you got, rickricketts? >> nice weather right now, guys. temperatures are going to be above normal as we head into the afternoon. make some plans outside, angie and david, because we have good looking weather. it will come to an end as we head through this week. temperatures, as i said right now, a little on the cool side. let's go to the maps and show you where we are. we're in the 40s and 50s at this point. some areas started in the upper 30s this morning. 58 right now here in the district. 52 in leesburg. in the shenandoah valley, temperatures are still in the 40s at this point. we'll continue to take those temperatures up. if you want to go outside, maybe do a little exercise, little jog this morning, perfect time to do it. we warm up as we go through the afternoon. you'll need your sunglasses and probably
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we get to the afternoon. storm team 4 radar dry now but it won't always be the case. we need rain in the area, and we have some, coming up soon. we'll talk about the next rain in minutes. 9:02. maryland state troopers saying three people are dead after an early morning crash in white plains. a trooper was trying to stop a car for numerous traffic violations. at that point, it sped away. the trooper stated the car hit a median and went airborne, smashing into a tree near billingsley and marshall. alcohol and speed may have contributed to this horrible crash. a teen boy is recovering after someone shot him. he was walking home from high school. d.c. police looking for whomever pulled the trigger. the 16-year-old was hit friday
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>> we're told the suspected shooter was a man who was apparently wearing all black. he left the scene in a black car. there was another person with him, police say. they tweeted out that a dark gray or black honda with virginia license plates may be connected to this shooting. while investigating the shooting, police found a man with a semiautomatic handgun. this is a look at the man being arrested, the blurred out figure there. it is important we note that police say he was not connected to this particular shooting. >> interesting. a lot more answers expected from those questions there. 9:03. a man is seriously hurt after falling more than 40 feet on to rock in great falls, virginia. fairfax fire and rescue air lifted the guy around 6:00 last night to the hospital. we still don't know how exactly he fell and what caused it. officials are looking into whether the man was hiking or maybe rock climbing at the time. new details also about
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shooting rampage at that granite company in edgewood, maryland. witnesses say the shooter, radee prince, rounded up a small group of co-workers, telling them that he had something to say to everyone. without saying another word, that is when they say he opened fire. three people died. two others are in critical condition still. prince then took off to delaware after that, where he is accused of shooting and hurting another person that he knew. he was arrested after a ten-hour m manhunt. >> they got him in custody now. here's the reality, most of us think to keep our belongings safe, particularly our cars, we put them in the garage, right, and it protects the expensive items we have. this morning, we're working with you with some startling crimes that are happening. this is really turning that safety habit, what we think is safety, into a real threat to you and your family. the louden county sheriff's office says thieves are targeting unlocked cars and using the garage remotes to g
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that's frightening. you look at the map there. about a dozen homes sit so far. news 4 spoke with the homeowner of one of those on this map. >> my wife wakes me up, startled, saying that she had heard the garage door open. the next thing i hear is my wife yelling, somebody just left the garage on a bike. >> the louden county sheriff wants to remind you of the account 9:00 p.m. rule. we've done stories on this. before you settle in for the night, check the locks, including the locks on your cars, and keep the garage door remote inside of the house. you can head out to rfk stadium to say good-bye to d.c.'s home field since 1996. >> the practice session opened to the public at 9:30 this morning. they'll play their last game in the stadium tomorrow night. parking is free today in lots 3 and 4 in particular.
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helped cut the ribbon on a brand-new field in hyattsville last night. >> the reason they ended up changing the field is because folks raised safety concerns after some of the players were getting hurt. shomari stone shows us how much has changed. >> up the middle. the sideline. >> reporter: look at him go. northwestern football player mondiston scores a touchdown on their new turf field. >> really happy. >> reporter: we talked to him about it before the game. >> i feel great. so happy. exciting when we got it. >> reporter: washington redskins legends doug williams and gary clark cut the ribbon. >> who sharpened these scissors? >> reporter: unveiling the school's new synthetic turf field at homecoming. the redskins charitable donation donated $300,000 to pay for it. >> unbeliefabvable, to be here tonight.
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school, the koun adcounty, and everybody involved proud. it's a big thing. >> reporter: news this to4 told about the old, overused, muddy fields last june. head coach brian pierre. >> it's been a struggle over the years. >> i sprained my achilles and had to go to the hospital. >> i fell on my head on straight dirt, no grass. >> reporter: according to a maryland house bill, the school was supposed to get a new artificial field. didn't happen. this one helps players run fast and cut, quickly changing direction, without worrying about getting hurt. >> this field is smooth. >> reporter: northwestern ran over their opponent, largo high school. final score, 34-10. this is the first win for the varsity team, and it's homecoming night. in hyattsville, shomari stone, news 4. 9:07. diet soda danger. coming up,
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you thinking twice about your dwi drink of choice. >> we're talking about this on our facebook live right now. the new lawsuit that claims cutting out calories is causing cancer. we're backfter this. a
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcome back. for millions of people, it is the four letter word that makes sodas desirable. diet. >> this morning, there is a class action lawsuit. it's filed against three beverage companies. the lawsuit centers on the use of an artificial sweetener. studies show it may not have a significantly link to weight loss. firing back at the legal claims, the american beverage association on behalf of the industry says, quote, diet beverages that contain zero or barely any calories at all have repeatedly been shown to help people manage their diets. back and forth
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jolie effect. in 2013, the actress revealing that she carries a genetic mutation, increasing her risk of breast and ovarian cancer. the university of georgia confirming that in the last 15 years, there has been an 80% increase in women getting tested for the brca gene, the sharpest jump dating in 2013. that ties into when jolie announced herstectomy mastectomy. women with the gene have a 45% to 60% chance of developing breast cancer before the age of 70. incredible to see the impact there. i have two older sisters and a younger brother. you have siblings. we know how strong the bond can be. >> we know how different brothers and sisters can be. most of you out there who has a sibling would agree the life-long connection you have has nothing to do with
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showcase the special bond. jenna bush hager and barbara bush release their book, "stories from our wonderful and wildlife." i interviewed them about this. it is hilarious. i spent a day with my sisters to prepare. >> you need to get used to this. >> just milk. >> are you sure? >> just milk. >> it was warm. >> wait. >> assured me it was just milk. we got together. my sister and myself went to our hometown after living most of our life in military braces abroad and in korea. we've managed to stay best friends, even with oceans between us. >> which most sisterhoods do, but we are also close enough to experience it together. we can call each other through the ups and downs. through anything. we're essentially, whether you like it or not, we're best friends. >> you are my best friend. no, ts
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>> until recently, my older sister moved to the area. from wearing annoying and matching pjs, trick or treating, we've made up for the lost time in the past. that was when we were younger, disneyland. >> you and jenny are both pregnant, too. >> we are. we're four weeks apart. my belly is bigger. >> don't compare. come on. i love that you hang out together. >> i know. we love the little farm. we do a lot. we all have kids. >> cool place. we should tell you, the new book by the bush twins comes out next week. they're going to be in d.c. to promote it on thursday. >> wasn't to see your pictures of you with hashtag best sister ever. next we want to share your pictures on news 4 today. >> sister love there. 9:13. we do continue to track
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news. >> derrick ward is standing by after a deadly crash shut down the arlington memorial bridge. a lot of folks on the facebook live asking about this. >> reporter: one person dead after an incident on the ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned.
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y now some breaking news we've been following. the deadly accident on the arlington memorial bridge. >> derrick ward
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from the scene with the latest. derrick, any more information about this person who lost their life? >> reporter: well, we don't know that at this point. we do know that the driver of the vehicle involved did stay on scene. it happened about 7:30 this morning. you're looking at the arlington memorial bridge from the virginia side. everything seems to be focused there on that lane on the right side, the lane headed toward d.c. u.s. park police actually want people, anyone who might have seen anything, to give them a tall on the tip line. i'll give you the number at the end of this live shot. 7:30 this morning, someone was indeed struck there on the bridge and pronounced dead later. they were taken to a hospital in the district of columbia. i want you to look at our city cam. one of the traffic cameras we use during the week. there's no traffic on there, and that is unusual for this hour, even on the weekend. that is because access to the bridge is closed. closed in both directions. again, arlington -- u.s. park police a
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the investigation on the bridge. they want anyone who has seen anything to give them a call at 202-610-7500. 202-610-7500. that's the tip line. mostly what you have on the bridge at this hour would be pop here for exercise. people would be walking across. sometimes people would walk across to the arlington memorial cemetery. don't know the circumstances or the identity, even the gender at this point, of the person killed. the investigation continues and the bridge remains closed. live in arlington, derrick ward, news 4. >> you tweeted out the number, as well. >> yes. if you have any information, help police as they continue this investigation. meantime, we want to shift gears. back after what was a whirlwind of two days down in williamsburg for the william & mary homecoming parade. this year, they were celebrating 50 years of the first african-american women who were in resident denc
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one is right there, from sterling, big news 4 fan. great to be there, announcing the parade. i think i did so without offending anybody. >> oh, good. in other words, you did not ad lib. that's good. you stuck to the script. >> mostly, yeah. i tried to do. good time there, kate floyd help me announce, another nova resident, as well. >> we have all these things that feel like fall. homecoming, football, the pumpkins. >> 80 degree temperatures. >> yeah. >> termostat isn't following along. >> sweating it out. >> chilly in the morning with the crispness in the air. notice the leaves? >> not that pretty. >> no. because we need the cool nights and some water, too. we don't have rain. we need rain here in the area. we're in a couple inch deficit since september 1st. definitely rain around this area. we need the cool nights. that helps get some of those colors running through some of those leaves.
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year. might be a little too late for some of those brilliant and bold colors that we usually see around the mid-atlantic. but what is brilliant and bold is the beautiful blue sky. gorgeous out there. high pressure in charge. thank goodness. it is keeping us dry and keeping us on the warm side. 58 right now in the district. shenandoah valley has come up out of the 40th. temperatures will continue to rise for everybody. heading to wineries. bring the sunglasses. temperatures will be in the 70s. mid to upper 70s by this afternoon. high pressure on top of us. we're dry up and down the east coast. if you're running errands, awe you need is the sunglasses. we'll have temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. zombie walks, front royal, the shenandoah valley. 6:30 tonight. ends at
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iffu uryou're out this evening, temperature will fall quickly. day time high, don't worry about the rain only today but also tomorrow. tomorrow will start off cool. we'll be in the 40s and 50s. then we'll continue to warm up from there. if you're running the marine corps marathon, you may need a few layers tomorrow morning. by the finish line, 11:00 to 2:00 p.m., depending how fast, temperatures will be in the 70s by the time you finish. make sure you hydrate. it will be dry and no humidity. monday, few more clouds, upper 70s. breezy on tuesday, a chance for rain showers. rain through the day on tuesday. up next, we'll update you on four things to know as you start out your weekend.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." >> that time of the year. do you believe in ghosts? >> yeah, i do. >> i know you do. >> you haunt me all the time. >> oh! >> you're like casper, friendly. >> i am friendly. >> speaking of ghosts, a stroll through historic leesburg might help you make up your mind, finally convince you. talking ab
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of town hauntings, beginning this weekend. it'll run on two weekends. the guided tour includes several homes and businesses. they have story tellers at each location. >> then you hear about some of the really great ghosts. and some years, we have to update the scripts because new things keep happening, because we do have active ghosts. >> the tours run every 15 minutes starting at the town hall. for more information, search haunted house on the nbc washington app. we're also going to be bringing tips for getting ready for halloween all week starting monday on news 4 today. >> take your expertise, angie. halloween guru. 9:25. let's set you up with four things to know as you head out. we're looking live at the arlington memorial bridge. it is closed after a deadly accident. traffic blocked in both directions. we still don't know what caused this. pedestrian hit and killed. the investigation is ongoing. prince george's county police say a man was shot and
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near sheraton street and 20th avenue around 2:30 this morning. no other information has been released. howard university continuing its homecoming celebrations this weekend. the university marking 150 years. festivities include a parade, of course. got a football game against morgan state and some celebrity performances. a lot of details in the nbc washington app for you to learn more. and tomorrow, the 42nd marine corps marathon. the 26.2 mile race starts and ends in arlington. if you look at the nbc washington app, you'll get details about road closures and metro's race day schedule. >> first, the marine corps marathon kids run is this morning. one-mile loop at the pentagon north parking lot in arlington. chuck bell is emceeing the event. news 4 a big and proud sponsor of the race this weekend. look at the run rasun rays
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saturday. >> warm tomorrow for the marine corps marathon, especially as you finish, temperatures low 70s. tuday.hance of rain not until it'll be breezy. temperatures drop after that. wednesday and thursday, temperatures back into the low 60s. again, going to be a little warm for the marine corps marathon, but warm throughout the weekend. no rain. >> all right. >> we've got a lot of coverage of the marathon tomorrow, too, right here on "news 4 today." hope you can join us for that. >> if you can make it down to the race route, mile four, nbc 4 will be. we'll have noise makers, signs, the peacock. >> whew. >> we'll be ready to cheer on the
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