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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. now at 11:00, tracking rain and some strong winds overnight. a look at the damage already done by the storms that are headed our way. plus a man accused of sexual assault arrested again, less than a month later. y
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and it's one of the top trends in d.c. tonight. year of trump. white house press secretary sarah sanders defends her boss at george washington university. >> announcer: news 4 begins now with storm team 4. rain and gusty wind moving in overnight tonight, folks. but will it impact your tuesday morning? good evening. i'm jim adderly. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. check out the damage just east of greenville, south carolina. >> you can see major roof damage. the wind threw trucks around like toys and snapped a few tree trunks. in north carolina this is what's left of a small regional airport. >> one building was destroyed and several planes were damaged in hickory. that's northwest of charlotte. all part of the line coming here overnight. so let's get to chief meteorologist doug kammerer for more on what we can expect here. doug? >> both of these zones caused
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the same storm that lasted for miles and dropped numerous tornadoes. both of those areas had those tornadoes come through. now, for us we're not going to see the tornadoes in our area but we are seeing some regions of heavy rain. you can see right now coming through montgomery county, howard county, frederick county that's the leading edge of the rain. coming through the district right now light to moderate rain. down through warrenton. i'm tracking a couple of stronger cells. this one right here has caught my attention toward shenandoah county. i-81. coming toward winchester. this is an area i'm going to watch for heavy rain. there's another area you can see it right in here. look at the reds pop up right there. that's charlottesville. that will come up through the rest of northern virginia. we could see some strong winds with that as well. now, what are we going to be seeing? wind advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. we have taken the -- or they have taken the national weather service taking the d.c. metro area out of this but for some of the higher elevations winds could gust over 50 miles per hour through early tomorrow morning. much more on this. the timing of this, how it does affect your morniom
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this is going to be a game changer for us. >> thank you, doug. more to come. now to a man arrested for sexual assault in prince george's county. >> news 4 has learned he's already facing charges for a similar crime in the district just a month ago so we wanted to find out why he was free. when cops caught up with him on saturday along auth road in cam springs. news 4's jackie bensen joins us there live with new information. jackie? >> reporter: jim, news 4 has learned this man was supposed to be wearing a gps ankle bracelet. it was ordered after his arrest for sexual assault in the district just last month. 23-year-old khary edwards of the district was arrested saturday afternoon. moments after prince jrnlg's county police officers responding to the victim's 911 call saw him running naked from her camp springs home. they chased him, briefly lost him, then after a
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hu 800 block of auth road. court records show edwards was arrested september 25th in the district for sexually assaulting a woman to whom he'd offered a ride. a judge ordered him released until trial under what's called high intensity supervision, which included a gps trackinging ankle bracelet. records also note that two weeks ago edwards was found to have attempted to tamper with that device. and edwards is being held without bond here in prince george's county. live in camp springs, jackie bensen, news 4. new tonight, chopper are 4 over a deadly crash in laurel. police tell us one car was trying to make a left turn onto bowie road when it hit an oncoming car traveling down route 197. one of the passengers was
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the road was closed a couple of hours for the investigation. tonight the principal of t.c. williams high school in alexandria confirms two victims of a triple shooting last night are a student and a former student of the high school. we've also learned the shooting was a murder-suicide. it happened last night at the all veterans park in alexandria. police say the 19-year-old suspect shot his ex-girlfriend, who was 17, and her brother, who's 15. the ex-girlfriend died. her younger brother survived. police say that 19-year-old jersen nunez lopez killed himself. >> we have kids that are that young that feel they have to resort to that type of violence to work something out but it's a tragedy all around. >> the teenage girl's death marks the sixth homicide in alexandria this year. still no word tonight on the motive. a former teacher's assistant in maryland is now accused of sexually assaulting 42 children. that's nearly double the number of victims we knew aboutor
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today. you may remember the case against carlos bell. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted children at benjamin stoddard middle school in waldorf and sometimes recorded the abuse. bell also told police he is hiv positive. he faces now more than 200 charges. prosecutors are seeking a life sentence. there's uneasiness tonight among parents and teachers after police discovered swastikas spray-painted on several banners at an early childhood education campus in woodbridge. the years academy on sprigs road is part of prince william academy. it was hit over the weekend. today emotions ran high at a news conference condemning the vandalism. >> my good friend today told me stop trying to make sanity out of insanity. and i thought that put it to target because there's no reason whatsoever. >> the bring has 200 children
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through kindergarten. no arrests have been made yet. leon harris here at the live desk and we've got reaction here to an inside look at the role of white house press secretary. sarah sanders says that the public isn't really getting the whole picture and she says it's partly the media's fault. >> and if you look at the polling too of what americans actually care about, it is economy, it is jobs, it is national security. if you look at what the media covers, it is palace intrigue, it's who likes who today, it's whether this person is friends with this person. >> in an after-hours appearance at george washington university sanders vowed to give reporters more face-to-face interviews to help push policy to the front of the conversation. journalists and political scientists joined her on stage to talk about the president's first year in office. the hashtag year of trump has been trending on twitter all night. now, sanders says the administration is still something of a work in progress and it's learning to make ju
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could have done a better job of information flow to help impact the stories that would reflect the administration position a lot better if we had been more forthcoming. >> well, it wasn't all about confrontation all night tonight. the panel praised sanders actually for her ability to improfit tone in the briefing room after sean spicer's resignation. however, the panel did not necessarily agree with her suggestions that reporters were more hostile to this administration. the widow of the american soldier killed in niger wants to know why the army took so long to find her husband's body. sergeant la david johnson was one of four americans killed earlier this month. today the nation's top military officer says it's not clear why sergeant johnson was separated from the group. he acknowledged the military owes families answers. arizona senator john mccain agrees.
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>> questions about why four men died. that's the question that most americans want to know. >> sources tell nbc news the ambush was likely a setup, that terrorists were likely tipped off about a meeting between u.s. special forces and tribal leaders in a village sympathetic to isis. president trump presented the congressional medal of honor to a vietnam veteran today at the white house. retired u.s. army captain mike rose was serving as a special forces medic in 1970. he was inside enemy-controlled territory in laos when his unit came under fire. over four days and after being hit with shrapnel rose crawled through enemy fire to treat up to 70 soldiers. president trump called rose a true american hero and an inspiration for all citizens. class will be in session tomorrow at eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt despite a threat discovered on social media. a student posted this picture
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then a classmate shared it. police say it's not a credible threat and the student who posted the picture won't be charged. washington nationals broadcaster ray knight has some unwanted attention tonight after getting charged with assault and battery at his home in fairfax county. the former major league baseball player and coach had his right hand wrapped up when we spoke to him today. knight says four people came to his ashby lane apartment early sunday morning before a fight broke out. knight says he knew two of the men. >> they came here. i was here alone. and these four people came here. two of them are friends, two people i'd never seen before. >> knight didn't say what the fight was all about. he's due in court in january on the assault charge. police say the victim is expected to be fine. next at 11:00, nbc's megyn kelly goes public with her past complaints about former colleague bill
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plus a huge turnout for one local community worried about the potential for overcrowded schools and extra traffic. and there's a new destination about to open near our national mall. why there will be heavy security at the new
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part of fairfax county could be on the verge of a population boom if some local leaders get their way. >> not everybody's excited about plans to add space for thousands of more people and reston homeowners worry their already long commutes will get even longer and already packed schools will be overwhelmed. new tonight shomari stone
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about it. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: donna goff moved to reston, virginia 25 years ago for a good quality of life. she says it's now in jeopardy. >> my neighbors and i feel that our voices are not being heard. >> reporter: she's one of about more than 600 people who packed this cafeteria at south lake high school. they're opposed to fairfax county's planning and zonings proposal to increase density limits for more residential development. reston has about 58,000 people. the proposal could add room for another 18,000. this crowd fears it could be much more. >> you're going to almost double the current population of reston. >> and most of the people in this room tell me they are concerned about growth and development. they say they don't want to have more people moving into reston because they're concerned about schools overcrowding. >> who is looking after the schools and how the density is going to impact the schools? >> reporter: and what about a potential increase in traffic?
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be able to accommodate more people. fairfax county planning and zoning officials indicate it would be handled. >> development is paid for in large part by new development. >> reporter: officials also told the crowd people will benefit from more stores for the newcomers. >> it's something different. >> reporter: but these folks don't want change. the fairks county officials told the crowd it will take their concerns into consideration. >> we are already planning our next steps because we have lost confidence in the system. >> reporter: in reston shomari stone, news 4. only on news 4 tonight, a first look inside the newest museum coming to our national mall. check it out. it's the museum of the bible. it is huge. 430,000 square feet. displays even cover panels along the ceiling. opening day is just a few weeks away. today the museum's executive director told us he wants the moosium to be more t
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experience. >> we hope they'll also say to themselves, maybe i need to look a little more closely at this fantastic book, the bible. >> security will be tight. the family behind the museum owns the hobby lobby chain of craft stores. it won a supreme court battle to deny certain types of contraception coverage to its employees. dr. zeiss says the bible itself is controversial but the museum doesn't have to be. former fox news anchor bill o'reilly is firing back about reports of a massive settlement for sexual harassment. "the new york times" says o'reilly paid $32 million to a fox legal analyst, lise wheel, in january. the "times" adds that was just a month before fox renewed his contract. 21st century fox acknowledges it knew about the settlement but not the details and fired o'reilly after other allegations popped up. o'reilly claims no complaints were evered
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nbc's own megyn kelly says that's not true. >> the suggestion that no one ever complained about his behavior is false. i know because i complained. >> this morning kelly shared an e-mail she were to fox news executives in november of 2010 complaining that o'reilly was shaming women into shutting up. "the new york times" reports o'reilly made at least six sexual harassment settlements totaling $45 million while working at fox. puerto rico needs money. and the senate is trying to deliver. senate lawmakers hope to have $36.5 billion in hurricane relief aid approved that later than tomorrow. 16 billion would give more money for emergency relief groups and pay for hurricane harvey-related flood victims. but the bill would not provide more money to rebuild after hurricanes harvey and irma. >> so much damage done in puerto rico. and we're seeing damage from that
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that's headed for us. >> yeah, that system making its way our way brought the severe weather to the south. i don't think we're going to see that but we are going see a chance for stronger winds in the evening. not too much damage in our area but we could see localized winds over 50 miles per hour. here's the rain. you see the rain coming through portions of northern virginia right on through the district through maryland, west virginia, everybody getting in on the rain for the most part. and the areas in yellow are moderate to heavy rainfall. especially right on through loudoun county, right on down to the south, down toward fredericksburg. francis george's county right around the district. let's zoom on in to this area around fredericksburg. or rather frederick and leesburg. right on down through 15. heavy rain in the loudoun county area. make its way into montgomery count iraq frederick county, then over toward the east and prince squrnlg's county seeing some heavy rain. you see this rain coming right on through the district right now. moving in toward prince george's county and back to the west. around
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even heavier rain. i want to move back up to the north and west. here we go. this one right here moving into frederick county. notice the reds here. the enhanced reds. that shows you not just heavy rain. this is most likely going to have some pretty strong winds with it too. shame with another area down to the south. that little line of red most likely is going to bring down? stronger winds. give us those 40 to 50 miles per-hour wind gusts. it's been canceled around the d.c. area but in misses of elevation you're going to see to be, in montgomery county, gets to 600 to 800 feet into western montgomery county. same deal in western loudoun county too. wind advisory through 6:00 a.m. what does this mean for tonight? heaviest rain between now and 4:00 a.m. strong winds likely. but the morning commute i think is okay. maybe some wet roadways out there. but i think for the most part the rain will be over. let's go ahead and time it out for you. here we are at 11:00, you see the line coming through by 2:00
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some heavier showers. but by 7:00 a.m. it's just about out of here and most of us to the west are seeing some sunshine out of this, and then everybody getting in on the sunshine after the noon hour. so much nicer tomorrow afternoon. as a matter of fact, pretty nice-looking afternoon. 74 degrees, clearing skies. breezy early. but mild for this time of year. our average high is only in the sisz and we'll be well into the 70s tomorrow and then we drop, 65 degrees on wednesday, 61 on thursday. very cool thursday. starting off thursday morning in the upper thits. friday 67 degrees. and right now looks like a good chance of rain. maybe some heavy rain. and once again we need the heavy rain. sunday's rain could be very beneficial. then behind sunday's rain boy, do we get chilly. the coldest temperatures so far this year, i think we could see our first freeze in some areas monday into tuesday. of course tuesday just happens to be halloween. >> could mess up some costumes. >> exactly. >> thank you, doug.
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. starting now with the wizards, a tight one. >> they're on the road for the first time this season and they're going against a legit playoff contender in denver, and the wizards you know, they're expected to be a powerhouse of the east. already this young season we'll see how they measure up in the west, a four-game western trip which includes the lakers and the warriors. but tonight again against the nuggets out in denver. the wizards looking to improve to 3-0 on the season. we're going to skip ahead. second quarter. nuggets with a
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and john wall, man, he's been fun to watch. the steal and the finish with authority. defense showing up early for the wallstar. final seconds of the fir half denver's shot no good. bradley beal. some contact. gets it to go at the buzzer, no foul, but the wizards take a one-point lead at the half. third quarter, the wizards with a four-point lead while quick crossover, splits the d, gets the bucket and one. wall with the double-double. right now it is a -- what is the score, danny? they're up five right now. last few seconds of the fourth quarter. thank you so much. the wizards. so they look to win in denver. while the washington nationals are busy, they're eyeing a chicago cub coach to be their new manager. dave martinez. he's been joe maddon's bench coach for ten seasons. he's set to be interviewed to replace dusty baker. martinez has long been considered a future big league skipper. he played in the majors for 16 seasons.
11:26 pm
man since 2008. the "washington post" reports martinez speaks fluent spanish and has reportedly developed strong relationships with his players. koorgds to the post, mets hitting coach kevin long also on the list. per mlb suggestions no hiring announcements are expected until after the world series. we have a ways to go with that story. capitals, meantime, back in action. you see that little dog squeaky toy on the camera. that's how they get them to sit and look. it's the cats and canines photo shoot. john carlsson even bringing his adorable son. taking pictures. that's ovie with his dog blake. the calendar which helps raise money for homeward trails rescue is the largest fund-raiser of the year. 182,000 for homeward trails through sales since 2014. and the players couldn't be happier about these dog days with a great cause. >> a fun thing the capitals organized here with homeward trails, a good organization that does a lot of good work for homeless pets in the area and a fun thing, easy thing we can do
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some calendars and raise some money for homeward trails. all right. that was the caps today. now dear "monday night football," i want to break up. the redskins and their fans. that's a letter we would write. right now late in the fourth quarter the eagles pretty much have it wrapped up. but the redskins i'm hearing just scored. did jordan reed score that touchdown? danny fevre's felling me in my ear. 34-24 as we speak up at the linc. just about three minutes left. so kirk cousins would need a comeback, you we might fall 0-6 on monday night. >> dear "monday night football," it's not me, it's you. >> right.
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we knew it was coming but sunday the nfl made it official. justin timberlake will provide the halftime entertainment for super bowl lii which you will be able to see right here on nbc 4. the game will be in minnesota and minneapolis weekly newspaper hailed the choice for an interesting reason. with tongue firmly in cheek the city pages praised elie, minnesota native jessica biel calling her one of minnesota's great exports and barely mentioning her husband's name. the paper did say it was nice to choose behl's his fond for halftime entertainment saying he either has some singing talent or
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>> and he worked on the wardrobe malfuncti malfunction. issue. >> "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" is coming up next.
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