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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a judge ordered him released until trial but he was supposed to wear a gps tracking ankle bracelet. court records note that two weeks ago he attempted to tamper with that device. the allegations surrounding a former teacher's assistant from maryland are worse than we thought. carlos bell is accused of sexually assaulting 42 children. that is nearly double the number of original victims in the case. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted children at benjamin stoddard mts and sometimes recorded the abuse. he's also hiv positive and he faces more than 200 charges now. prosecutors are seeking a life sentence. the student behind what police thought was a gun threat will not face charges. this is a pick tough a student posted an snop chat. the picture along with a ex- -- this happened in greenbelt yesterday. students thought it was a
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for them because of who posted it and how it spread. the threat was not credible. it turns out that was a picture of a bb gun. it is now 4:31. we have an update on the deadly triple shooting in alexandria. we know one of the victims is a student at tc williams high school. the second victim is a former student from the same school. that's according to the principal. police tell us it was a murder-suicide. this happened sunday night at the all veterans park in alexandria. police say 19-year-old lopez shot his ex-girlfriend who was 17 and her brother who is 15. the ex-girlfriend died. her younger brother survived. police say lopez then turned the gun on himself. today, president trump will make a rare visit to capitol hill. he'll take part in the senate republican's weekly policy lunch. the focus will be on taxes mostly. other issues like health care could come up as well. we're start
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about the ambush in niger that led to the death of four u.s. soldiers. tracie potts will have details on a new theory military investigators are looking into about what caused it. cousins deep. drops. running out of time. hit as he troou hrew it. >> painful. philadelphia beat the 'skins last night. 34-24. was not the option they wanted. >> not the case at all. 'skins fall to 3-3 on president season. dallas is coming to town on sunday. sherri burruss has a look. >> carson wentz practically beat the redskins single handedly. this time on his own turf. not only did the eagles quarterback do it in the air, throwing four touchdo
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'skins on the ground. >> yeah. he's pretty good. he's a great player. hard to bring down. got to him early. tried to rattle him a little bit. he played with great poise and made a big throw for a touchdown. >> it's hard to tackle the quarterback who is a little bit athletic like that. he knows how to make people miss. you got to make the plays. >> in the second half, he escaped and ran for, like, 20 yards. we got to keep him in the pocket. >> we were covering and he ends up popping out, busting a long run. definitely devastating. we got to rebound and get ready for the cowboys. >> from one elite second-year quarterback to another. dak prescott and the cowboys up next. sherri burruss, news 4 sports. >> shake it off, get ready for the cowboys. >> that's right. you heard it. the cowboys come to town sunday night.
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up to leaves and branches on your lawn. the overnight storms are calming down. but they left behind some damage, especially to the south. chris lawrence is at the live desk for us now. chris? >> aaron, rain, wind been hammering north carolina and south carolina. possibly a tornado as well. the storms blew out windows and crushed some cars. we even saw some of the buildings flattened and some of the trucks flipped over. they're kreerg away trees and power lines this morning. there's a car there. it is not meant to be there. you can see it right there. about 100,000 people lost power. fortunately, no one was hurt. even one. local airports got swept up in the damage. all in all, we got the better end of this storm. eun, back to you. >> chris, thanks so much. it's now 4:34. we'll get another check on the weather and traffic. especially because we know the weather could affect us throughout the day. >> bring us up to speed, guys. what do we expect? >> the good news, a lot of the rain made its way thug
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little windy out there. >> a lot of puddle jumping going on. wind will help blow the raindrops away. we should be back to sunshine before this fine day comes to an end. cloudy right now with still raindrops in and around the city. but here's what you need to know about the weather. number one, as i mentioned, lots of puddles. be care foul for that. wet leaves on the ground could be slippery. be careful. sunset to return later on in the day. today may be the last of the warm days. well into the 70s today. the weekend looks iffy. the second half of the weekend wet. rain pushing on out of here. again, we'll be back to sunshine later on in the afternoon. we have raindrops along the 270 corridor and most of the capitol beltway. wet early this morning. that won't last. mild, though. 65 now in washington. jackets already 72 in annapolis. most everybody today will get back into the 70s yet again. how is traffic? >> well, we had issues in college park on the inner loop of the
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the jack-knifed tractor-trailer that had been there a while has reopened. got traffic moving there. be careful headed out early. potential for slippery conditions. up in urbana. 270 northbound before 830. left lane gets by the tractor-trailer crash. it sounds like one inside the beltway on the baltimore, washington parkway going northbound near 405. authorities were headed to this crash. hopefully start off well. otherwise, a lot of green, which is good for now. back to you. jack, thank you. the roads are packed and so are the schools. but soon you could have thousands more neighbors. population boom one community is fighting against. plus, the nationals announcer arrested how a night of w
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vowould be a disaster forion virginia families.e adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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welcome back. part of fairfax county can see a surge if some local leaders get their way. >> there are plans to add -- in rest i don't know. they're worried commutes will get longer. there are 58,000 people there. there could be room for 18,000 more. residents packed a neighborhood high school to voice concerns. >> who is looking after the schools and how theen
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impact the schools? >> now, officials say there will be more development going up in res ton that will eventually pay for itself. they insist lifting the density limits will be profitable in the end and are moving forward with redevelopment. >> any time there's a push and pull. we want more population, more money, more revenue. at what cost, more traffic, crowded areas. what do you do? >> they're moving forward. >> we have good news for people traveling through stafford. extended express lanes are opening on 95 next week. this is near the gainesville road exit. they're adding two more miles for traffic. the northbound ramp opens the next day. 4:40 on a tuesday morning. after pockets of heavy rain late last night as we get into the early parts of your tuesday morning, still a couple of raindrops around. they're quickly
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end. it's drying out across the shenandoah valley. sheena has the ten-day forecast coming up. plus, a peek behind the scenes of d.c.'s newest attraction. we'll take you inside the museum
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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good morning again. high temperatures this afternoon, check that out. how about 77 degrees again today here in the washington area. 71 in gaithersburg. near 70 in the shenandoah valley. warm day coming up. check of the forecast coming up also. chuck taylor, good morning. >> north on i-95, that ramp reopened. there was a jack-knifed tractor-trailer. branch avenue now, before the
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roadway tied up with a new crash. maryland state authorities on scene. aaron, eun, back to you. >> jack, thank you. new details about the ambush in niger that killed four u.s. soldiers. >> four people briefed on the investigation tell us that the attack looked like a setup. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. what's leading investigators to that theory. >> the fact that the terrorists may have been tipped off that our soldiers were in a village that was known to be sympathetic to isis and they were there without drones or eyes overhead and likely armed. a small contingent. that's one of the things that investigators want to look at. did the mission change at some point according to what we know so far. they were out and turned around and sent back and may have been delayed by some of the villagers there who may have known about the ambush attack. the other thing they're looking
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an hour during the firefight to call for backup help. a french drone arrived within minutes. but at that point we know it was too late. >> we've heard from the widow of the sergeant killed in that niger attack. what is she saying about president trump's condolence call? we've heard discussion about this. >> because congresswoman wilson was with her and heard the discussion. there's been discussion about this. the widow confirms the congresswoman's account, saying that the president, in her opinion, struggled to remember her husband's name and that made her cry even more. that she was upset that the president couldn't seem to remember her husband's name. the president later tweeted he said his name repeatedly and immediately in the conversation. she said she was backing up the
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phone call. >> we know that issue will not be over as it continues to play out in different arenas, including social media. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. the #year of trump was trending for several hours due to an event in our area. sarah huckabee -- journalists and political scientists joined her on stage to talk about the first year in office. sanders says the administration is learning and making adjustments to how they do things. >> i certainly think we could have done a better job of information flow to help i am pack the stories that would reflect the administration's position a lot better if we had been more forthcoming. >> sanders also said the public isn't getting the whole picture of the administration which she partly blames the media for. it's
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we're hearing from national broadcaster ray knight after being charged with assault and battery at his home in fairfax county. the former major league baseball player and coach had his right hand bandaged up. four people came to his apartment early sunday morning before a fight broke out. he tells news 4 he knew two of the men. >> they came here. i was here alone. these four people came here. two of them friends, two people i never seen before. >> knight did not say what the fight was about. he is due in court in january on the assault charge. police say the victim is expected to be okay. the future of television could be right in our backyard. today the students at elliott high middle school in northwest d.c. will cut the ribbon on their new television studio. it's called the elliott high network. the $90,000 facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art
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tv. what makes this more special, it's the only tv program in d.c. public schools. molette green is headed there for a look at the new studio. you can meet the kids in front of and behind the cameras as well. some of the folks that made their new network possible coming up in the next hour. sisters share a special bond that stands the test of time. this week we get to share our sisters with you during the sisterhood series on "today." #best sister ever. i have one and only sister who happens to live in the area. we're very different. we always have been. but as close as two sisters can be. >> the rule follower. >> did the right thing. >> people pleaser. had to do the right thing. had to listen to mom and dad. >> oh, yeah. >> you were good. >> i had to be. >> i was good too. >> i felt like the rule
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>> rules weren't exact. you could interpret them different ways. >> yeah. >> each now, you're definitely more -- like she's more the creative more and the more romantic one and definitely like the kinder, gentler, lovelier person than i am for sure. do you know what i mean? having a sister who has all those qualities makes me a better person. >> oh, we shared so many laughs, a lot of crying too. we'll be sharing more stories throughout the morning. we want you to share your stories as well. you've already sent us adorable photos on twitter and on facebook. look at these gorgeous photos with the #best sister. tag nbc washington. thank you so much for sharing. continue to share your stories. it's going to be exciting. this is part of a series on
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sisterhood for the "today" show. >> the bush twins, jenna bush hager and barbara bush are opening up. they had cameras pointed at them pretty much their whole lives. >> their grandfather was vice president when they were born. the television camera showed up. this is what's so pitiful. i tried to smile for the television camera after just having a cesarean delivering twins. >> that's a lot of information to sharon the "today" show. >> you can see more -- >> hard to have a sense of humor, right? >> you can see more of that interview coming up on "today." >> jenna bush hager's book, stories from a wild and wonderful life is out today. >> it is so fun to talk about your sister and share the great pictures. we love to see it. >> we love to see it. >> i wasch
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with the book. see didn't know it was printed yet. she started crying, of course. it's going to be exciting to see it all. >> my sister was reluctant. i'm the front of the camera person. i have to do what? you want me to do what? >> she seems comfortable though. >> nothing against our camera n cameraman. think about how we talk always. >> maybe the kids made her more comfortable. >> she has four kids. >> we'll share more throughout the newscast. stay tuned. >> the rest of us are waiting for the rain to push out of here. >> it's happening so early, the rain. it's leaving early. i think a lot of people will be fine fort commute. the only thing to keep in mind is the roads are already wet. we have a lot of leaves out there, too. be careful as you turn a corner. take it a little slower. you might be sliding on the leaves. your commute, not rain. but mainly wet roads. there's a chance we could see isolated light showers. mostly in maryland by 6:00 a.m. or so. the bus stop kind
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there right now. recess will be dry with more sunshine. if you're exercising today. we'll have puddles. no rain through the afternoon. here's the good news. in the eastern shore. we have showers across the bridge from annapolis. in the district and if you head to the north a bit through parts of montgomery county. that's where we see mostly light rain falling. there's not much left at all. once it moves out. we'll be driving up through the afternoon. the bus stop forecast, chance of a sprinkle by 7:00 a.m. temperatures mild, though. upper 60s. by 3:00 p.m. we're sunny and warm and dry. we're going to be in the mid to upper 70s. temperatures in the mid to low 60s right now. 59 in leesburg. here's future weather. the rain moves away. 7:00 a.m., the chance of showers. the highest chance. dry and sunny by lunchtime. looking ahead to the weekend, that's theex
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saturday looks good. around 70. then we go into sunday and weir looking at temperatures in the 630s. the real cooldown from the rain this morning, that doesn't get here until tomorrow. 59 on thursday. that is chilly. we go into the weekend, little warmup before we cool back down. halloween on tuesday, nice and dry. feels like halloween, too. let's check the roads with jack taylor. good morning, jack. >> hey sheena, good morning. as you approach the beltway, we have the left side of the roadway tied up with a crash. be cautious, please. again with the wet roadways that sheena has been talking about. drying out. northbound on the baltimore washington parkway near 450. we had a crash inside the beltway. park police and authorities are on scene. 270 knob, late-night crash, up before 80 in urbana. i think things have been straightened out. the left lane is getting by. southbound is no delays. no worries so
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frederick toward the lane divide. aaron, eun, back to you. >> i was confused. we had multiple shoots. ambrose did a different shoot. >> working too much. we had brown. up next, a closer look at the other side we're up against for amazon. the bible is about to open here in d.c. we'll take you inside for a sneak peek. mega millions jackpot about to grow by millions. you have to pay more to play. wn break it do
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your neighborhood could be amazon's future home. they received 238 proposals for h q2 including about a dozen in our backyard. d.c. proposed four different sites. there are bids in rockville, silver spring, new carrollton and greenbelt in maryland. plus a potential site near dulles airport. >> amazon's second headquarters is going to create 50,000 new jobs and many will pay $100,000 or more for a salary. all of a sudden people are leaving their jobs to try to go get sam zon. >> makes sense. amazon will make a decision soti
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we're getting a look inside a museum coming to the national mall. it's the museum of the bible and opening day is a few weeks away. kristin wright takes us inside. >> reporter: washington is filled with museums. the newest set to open in a few weeks. it's going to have a lot of people talking. >> are you the first one to see the biblical images. >> the museum of the bible tells the story of the text and its impact on the world and our country. we got an exclusive look as construction finishes up and the exhibits are set up throughout eight floors, including nazareth village and the children's area. what does the museum hope to accomplish? >> when people walk away, we want them to think they've had a wonderful experience at the museum and we hope they'll also say maybe i need to look more closely at this fantastic book the bible. >> security is of great concern.
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designed to move big crowds quickly and safely. in the district, kristin wright, news 4. new video, damage from the dangerous storms that may have kept you awake overnight. storm team forecast breaks down how much longer they'll last. plus, sex assault arrest. a man is in custody for the second time this month. why he was released the first time around. kirk cousins will be 0-6 as a starter on monday night football. >> yeah. another monday night football fail. so painful on a tuesday morning. redskins late-night loss and the problems people will be talking about today. tricks for your treats with
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we're working with you to avoid candy hangovers. >> it's almost impossible to avoid. the first night you have to go all in. get it out of your system. >> i don't have a hangover problem. i keep it all in. >> it's immediate. if you're stomach starts hurting, it's right a wa. >> purge and keep going. >> wow. really, aaron. >> little early for that. >> i don't recommend that for the children. >> oh, no, not for the kids. >> just for you. >> just me. >> listen wooerks following the impact of some storms in our area. little less than an hour ago, news 4 crew came across this car stuck. looks like it's on the ramp from 395 down to virginia avenue, 6th street in southeast. >> is that a mustang? >> dodge charger it looks like. >> see, mr. -- professor bell who knows all things cars. knew it was a charger


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