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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it looked intentional. if it was not intentional, i apologize. >> on tv over and over. >> it's hard to run into high heels. kudos to the high heel racers. >> we're going to be running the thing next year. >> since eun and i figured out the formula, you have to now. >> block heel. not too high. >> platform might help you. >> i'm going to take chris to school on this race with me. >> this is going to be epic. >> so good it's not happening. what would you like to tell us about the weather. >> then our close up next year will be of chuck doing a summer sought at the end.
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here is a live look outside. little bit of a light breeze with cool temperatures. i would say on the chilly side. standing at the bus stop this morning, you might want a light jacket before you head out. it is cooler this morning than yesterday morning. mostly in the mid 50s. 58 quantico. 52 in clinton. most of fredericksburg this morning was in the upper 40s. as we go through the day today, your wednesday planner. mix of clouds and sun. 61 degrees by lunchtime. 55 is where we're going to top out. we're dry on the radar. clouds moving through. you will notice it today. we'll take a closer look at the forecast. rain for part of your weekend coming up. let's check your roads on this wednesday morning. good morning, jack. g
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our early shot unfortunately is on 66 eastbound, a crash after the rest area in manassas. two left lanes blocked, two right getting by. chopper 4 flying south. 495 you should find no delay. volume pretty light. in decent shape so far. riding south on bw parkway. green belt road with troubles. emergency utility work. eastbound one lane will get by. westbound, left turn lane is blocked. this started with a mall functioning traffic light. now we have a big operation. 6:02 right now. learning more about breaking news this morning we've been following this for you. the situation that led to a shelter in place order at catholic university in northeast d.c. actually started montgomery county. >> take a look at the crime scene here. covered three different locations. started with a shooting on new hampshire avenue. news 4's adam
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explain. adam, what happened? >> reporter: a lot of pieces to put together here, eun. cross jurisdictional lines. started in montgomery county. led to a car crash and then a suspect apparently fled on foot here into the campus of the catholic university of america, and that is why a shelter in place was actually put into effect by the university. the university telling students that if they were outside to get indoors and to make sure they were safe. now we should say that one suspect has been arrested and a weapon has been recovered and this entire situation does seem to be under control. take a look at the tweet that the university put out telling students this was not a drill and that this was sparking some serious concern on the campus here. some parents actually called our news station because they were worried about their potential student. people who live in the community say even if it was just for safety reasons, the shelter in place was a good idea. >> i'm sure it is.
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go. after seeing what happened, they need to take the most precaut n precautions possible. >> reporter: still a lot of people waking up at northeast d.c. at the campus of catholic university starting to learn a little bit more about what happened here. the shelter in place is over and it seems like the situation is resolving itself. that's good news. back to you guys. >> adam, thank you. learning disturbing new details about an attempted rape in town springs this weekend. the charging documents show the 81-year-old woman found him naked in her garage. he chased her and she locked the door and called 911. that's when edwards climbed through the kitchen window and began to choke her. when the police arrived he took off with the purse,
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picked up he had a loaded semi-automatic weapon in his jacket. he was already under court order for assaulting another woman a month earlier. a murder suspect on the run for eight months is now behind bars. arlington police say jason allen johnson was caught in new york. we're still working to see how police tracked him down there. they shot and killed michael gray. that shooting stems from a dispute at a house party. >> lunchtime chaos at prince gorges county after a car plowed into a restaurant. it happened at babes and boys tavern at the top of the hill in upper marlboro. dozens of customers were inside eating lunch. several of them had to be treated at the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. the driver spoke to news 4 about how she says it all happened. >>
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i panicked. i ended up over there. >> still no word this morning on any possible charges for the driver. keep an eye on the nbc washington app. we'll post an update once we learn more information. following new developments at 6:06 in the controversial collection of documents about president trump. this morning we're learning more about who paid for it. news 4's chris lawrence in the newsroom with more about what we know. hi, chris. >> new information is definitely already going to light a fire under a controversial subject. nbc news learned that a law firm that the dossier came from. they represented hillary clinton and the democratic national committee. all of this was first reported by the washington post. that dossier showed they colluded with russia. of course, president trump is denying everything in it. wh h
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sarah huckabee sanders took to twitter calling the information the real russia scandal. it's not clear if any information in that dossier was actually shared with the clinton camp or anything. collision, thank you. do you know what is your single biggest risk for cancer? most people get it wrong. we'll break down the facts. plus, a republican senator calling it quits. why he says president trump is a, quote, danger to democracy and he's not the only one. good morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. another nice day to be outside today. another mix of clouds and sunshine. starting to feel cooler for today. chilly and drive for tomorrow. sheen fwha's talking about a rain chance before your
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections,
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from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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that's impressive, right? running in high heels. 150 runners in wigs and costumes and ball gowns in some cases took part in last night's 31st annual high heel race in dupont circle. runners raced for about three blocks on 17th street. you have to wear drag and at least one inch to compete. wearing one inch versus five inches is so different. the winner received a $50 bar tab and $100 certificate for lyft. >> it's funny to see lumbering men come in their heels klunking across the finish line. the
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to the most vulnerable in the lgbt community. >> there's a reason. very fun fund-raiser for sure. temperatures this fine morning are in the mid 50s. check this map out here. by tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures 10 to 15 degrees colder than this. start looking for that fall fleece. you'll need it in the coming mornings. sheena has the five day forekats coming up. for now it is traffic time. good morning, jack taylor. >> hey, chuck. good morning. emergency utility work. one lane getting by. the left turn lane will be blocked off. very careful as you drive through the area. as you can see, volume pretty light. not causing the slowdown. some of the traffic signals aren't working well. here's our crash in manassas after the rest area. three lanes now getting by to the right. moving into the district in d
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have the broken down vehicle blocking the right lane. aaron, eun, back in to you. >> jack, 6:13 right now. police in tampa are urging families to stay vigilant because there is a possible serial killer prowling through some neighborhoods. this is a nightmare that's become a reality for many families in this neighborhood near downtown tampa florida. in the last two weeks three people have been shot to death within a one mile radius of each other. all three rode the bus and were alone when they were shot. the city of tampa is taking every protection to protect people. you see it here, police are escorting children to schools. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. developing story overseas. rex tillerson is in india meeting with india's prime minister. this is a key meeting because the u.s. right now sees china as operating outside of the of the global rules as china grows i
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economic and military might as well. they're looking to go against china's power. he has a full slate of meetings ahead. at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. eun, back to you. >> 6:14. news 4 your health the flu is catching. we know that. the maryland department of health says people came down with flu last week and those are the first cases of the season. you know you with expect more. a new study reveals many americans are not clear on the risks for cancer. the american society of clinical oncology surveyed 4,000 adults. less than 1/3 knew that obesity is a major risk factor for cancer. 30% knew that drinking too much, too much alcohol increases their cancer
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smoking programs do, too. one of the best ways to protect yourself from breast cancer is to catch it early so you can survive it. this doctor is a breast cancer foundation. her foundation is dedicated to understanding breast cancer. they pay for diagnostic tests for women who can't afford that. an early reiser who watches us every morning. last night i had the pleasure of meeting her. i was there where chris delgardo received the impact award. he's raised more than $200,000 for the organization. betty schneider is a breast cancer survivor as well and a fan.
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sure women understand and take care of their breast health. we'll have the showing -- you can't repeat this enough. >> then they make the mistake that there's a history. thur' young and healthy. it is 6:16 right now. staying on top of breaking news we've been following for you all morning. >> the situation that led to a shelter in place at catholic university in northeast d.c. actually started montgomery county. that's where news 4 justin finch is in tacoma park. walk us through sneer. >> reporter: eun, new hampshire avenue between fox street is behind us here. montgomery county police are holding the scene right now. close to 1:35 or so this morning montgomery counties got reports of a robbery and
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know at dakota park, they told d.c. police a car was entering the district. we are talking about a car that was going in the direction of catholic university. of course, we now know this morning that a car crashed into a tree over in that area of catholic near taylor street. an arrest was made on scene and ner person fled that scene. they are still looking for that person over time. they want to connect all the dots here. what happened here. we do know of a robbery and shooting. canines are on their way to figure out the rest of the scene and how that directly ties to that investigation now going on in the area of catholic university. we'll be here throughout the morning to update you. right now we're live. i'm justin finch. back in to you. >>
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>> sheena parveen joins us with a chilly forecast. >> not good. >> i love how you say that's not good. and you're going to the winter olympics. >> i know. this is going to be a tough go around. >> multiple coats. >> a down comforter and you can just -- >> we'll only see this much of her face. as long as the rest of me is bundled up. >> it's going to be cooler tomorrow morning than today but you do want the jacket this morning especially if you're going to be standing somewhere like the bus stop for a while and not really moving too much. long sleeves. your commute though nice and dry out there. recess will be great for the kids. feel like fall. cool and dry if you are exercising. 56 in washington.
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winchester coming in at 46 degrees. that's one of the cooler spots. 58 degrees quantico. fredericksburg in the upper 40s. it's dry and the clouds are moving through. once the sun comes up, people will notice we have the cloud cover. if the kids are walking to school, nice and dry for that. 53 by 7:00 a.m., by 8:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. topping out in the mid 60s. very comfortable. walking the dog today or if you need a dog to adopt and walk, this is yoor. he has a cost tump on. kind of like the amazon prime commercial. i don't think he comes with the lion mane. by lunchtime, nice and warm and 62 and in the mid 60s. into the weekend a little bit of a warmup saturday.
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sunday for the redskins game, too. cooler. and as we look ahead to halloween, nice and dry for that. as the sun goes down on halloween, temperatures drooping into the 50s. could be from morning to even on sunday. pretty rainy into your evening. let's check the roads with jack taylor. good morning, jack. is jack there? >> yes, i'm here. >> there you are. >> all right. in bound we have some issues towards chain bridge. it involved a tractor-trailer and an off duty police officer. there may be a lot of equipment there. good news, approaching dower house
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66 eastbound after the rest area, we earlier had a crash that it was blocking two left lanes. it has been moved safely to the left shoulder. all of those flashing lights cause a delay. slowdown coming into gainesville. >> thank you, jack. a warning about flying. the travel advisory issued for all african-americans. the airline being called out and the reason why. >> trick or treat. >> oh. >> hi, everyone. >> plus, news 4 is working for you to go. we had the app that can save you time and help keep your family safe. and will and grace fans getting ready to laugh on ellen.
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you're watching "news 4 today." many will be celebrating halloween early this weekend. the washington regional alcohol program is reminding people to party responsibly. they will provide free rides home from lyft. the rides will last between 10 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. you must be 21 or older to get the free ride. enter the code d.c. halloween into your app. trick or treating is something that a lot of kids look forward to. getting some candy and on the big night you want to make sure you're making the most of your time and for some trying to get the most candy. you know what i mean, keep going and going and going. sometimes go around twice. >> don't eat it on the way. >> no. >> there's an app for that. news
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how to work it as we get ready from our halloween. >> trick or treat. >> we rounded up young trick or treaters to go on a trial run in south arlington. >> got your basket. >> next door app. >> i think it's trick or treat. >> it guides us to our first home where we know they're giving out candy. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. you hit the candy corn, giving out candy? if you are, hit the button. >> basically what the app is doing is telling us what houses we don't need to bother with, right? because who wants to wait on halloween? >> definitely not these kids. >> trick or treat. >> or for that matter their parents. >> you hav
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time before bedtime and you want to hit as many houses as you can to keep the kids happy. >> that makes it safer. >> you don't want to be going around to all of the houses that might not have candy. >> the neighbors don't get stuck with a huge stash. >> always disa pointing when you have a ton of candy, especially because then i eat the candy. >> good luck, oh, yeah -- >> trick or treat! >> look at those cute kids. >> cute kids. if you missed our other ready 4 halloween stories, you can find them in the nbc washington app. search ready 4 halloween. >> chris in his teenage mutant ninja costume. >> you've got to dress up for the kids, right? >> homes riddled with bullet holes. we'll take you to the community living in fear. cool weather moving back into the region. looks like halloween will be a chilly affair. start making sure the costumes are
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good morning and thanks for joining us. for "news 4 today," i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. get you out the door on time. >> we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell live on the weather deck now. how's it feeling out there, chuck? >> very cool start to the morning. temperatures five or six degrees cooler than yesterday. you'll notice it. an extra layer of fall fleece. otherwise, a few fall weather clouds there this morning. you can see the cloud deck over in northwest washington. the clouds are not rain makers but you will have sunshine from time to time. 55 right now. 56 degrees in washington. we'll give the daily grade a b plus. not a bad day to be outside. cooler than it's been. today's high around 65 degrees. light jacket, long sleeves are back in fashion. talk about kids at school doing a great thing, laplata high school
6:31 am
champions. let's go over to wtop and check on traffic. >> chuck, good morning. in bound pennsylvania avenue, we've had our incident this morning before dower house road. the right shoulder became travel lane. police and tow truck are on scene. kennel worth avenue southbound. unfortunately we had some activity earlier. chopper 4 dealing with our issue with emergency utility work. eastbound we have one left lane getting past. volume still pretty light. just be aware if that's the normal path of travel. aaron, eun, back to you. breaking news this morning. what started as a shooting montgomery county turns into a scare on a college campus overnight. >> students were ordered to shelter in place at catholic university. here's what happened. first someone was shot on new hampshire avenue latz night in silver spring. there was some kind of robbery
6:32 am
and crashed their car. they went to the catholic university campus and that's when they issued the shelter in place warning. the campus is quiet right now. we have news crews at both scenes and we'll bring you live updates in just a few minutes. more breaking news in the top stories. a deadly shooting on a college campus overnight in louisiana. a student is dead. they say there was a fight that was followed by the shooting near the dorm. in addition to the student, one other person died. new information on the controversial dossier about president trump. nbc news confirms a law firm representing the clinton campaign and democratic national committee helped fund research that led to it. the dossier alleges the trump campaign
6:33 am
>> a car crashed into a restaurant yesterday. dozens of customers were inside eating lunch at the time. ten people were hurt. seven of them had to be taken to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. the driver says her brakes went out and she lost control of her car. 6:33 now. neighbors are on edge after a woman was attacked near a jogging trail in bowie. this happened in the collington station area. a man came out of the woods near jennings mill drive and jennings lane and sexually assaulted her. she was able to fight him off. he ran away. the trail is also near a playground. this morning police are still searching for the suspect. if you know or saw anything, police want to hear from you. and this next story could be important for holiday travelers. the naacp has
6:34 am
advisory urging african-americans to reconsider flying with american airlines. >> the group says it's concerned about the treatment of black passengers. several passengers said they were downgraded from first class seats they paid for to coach. others had problems with wheelchairs trying to get off the plane. we spoke with another member that was a board member about heckling. >> snide comments and threatening. when the airline officers came back to see what was going on they decided they would put him off the plane as well. now american airlines released a statement saying, quote, we will invite representatives of the naacp to meet with our team at our headquarters at fort worth texas. we are committed to having a meaningful dialogue and are ready to listen and engage.
6:35 am
>> a volunteer county sheriff as said matthew fowler was arrested on tuesday morning. officials say the final pursuit was in a ford explorer clearly marked with prince gorges county fire logos. a third grader gets the birthday surprise of a lifetime. we'll show you the vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies
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can you say best birthday ever. ever. >> i bet. a third grader got a pretty incredible surprise for her seventh birthday. her father came home and showed up at her school. pretty awesome right there. that's mckayla jones. >> that's the best. >> her father air force lieutenant lee jones, her mother is the woman who was reading to the class here. mom set up this whole surprise. mckayla just couldn't stop
6:39 am
tears. >> she was almost like, is it really him? i think it's him. you're crying again. it's okay. >> it's okay. >> it's emotional. >> kournl jones was serving in pakist pakistan. he's home for good now. >> that's awesome. he has been reassigned to the pentagon. re wonderful reunion. >> thank you for your sacrifice. >> 6:39 your time now. good morning. it is a chilly start out there. i think you will need a light jacket at least this morning. cooler than yesterday. 52 lorton. winchester, 45 degrees. 52 in clinton if you're about to step outside. the good news is we are nice and dry. clouds passing through. once the sun comes up you'll notice the mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today. 7:00 a.m., 53
6:40 am
a.m. 50 and 55. mix of sun and clouds. the afternoon bus stop, temperatures will be in the mid 60s. staying nice and cool today. cool even through this afternoon. all is looking good. going to be cooler. if you're exercising today, long sleeves. by lunchtime looking to get sun and clouds. 63 by then. perfect day to get outside and go for a job or whatever you're doing. later on overnight, temps cooler than this morning. i think you'll want your jacket early tomorrow morning. we'll have that forecast and how the weekend is shaping up. let's check the roads. >> sheena, good morning. our trouble spot is in the district northbound dc 295 near benning road. right lane getting by. northbound delays at pennsylvania aven
6:41 am
back in to you. >> jack, thank you. some call it remarkable and relentless. a republican senator unleashes a scathing criticism on the president. why now and why he's not the only one. >> reporter: a car crash, two suspects flee on foot and a shelter in place at catholic university. i'm adam tuss ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie
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16 before the hour and we're tracking breaking news this morning. the all clear has been given at catholic university after campus police told students to shelter in place. >> the situation that led to a shelter in place started montgomery county. take a look at the crime scene. covers three different locations and it started with a shooting on new hampshire avenue in silver springs. >> news 4's justin finch begins our team coverage with tacoma park. justin? >> reporter: just got word that the victim in this case was shot and robbed in his own driveway and it does appear that he's going to recover from his injuries. now right now we are off the
6:45 am
avenue. behind us here the investigation here still underway. i can tell you at this i time that canine un jits just arrived to the scene and are steaking out clues in the neighborhood. fire crews left to wipe down the scene as well. close to 1:36 montgomery county police got word of a robbery and a shooting in this area. we know that one person was shot, that man here. then ten minutes later d.c. police got word a car was heading into d.c. that car now linked to this armed robbery here on new hampshire. we spoke to a neighbor a short time ago who finds all of this frightening news to wake up to. take a listen. >> unusual. i've lived here 20, 25 years. i haven't seen nothing like this. >> and so on scene this morning montgomery county detectives as
6:46 am
officers combing for clues hours after the shooting. we'll be on the scene to bring you more details after we get them. back in to you. >> justin finch live in tacoma. thank you, justin. >> at catholic university with more information. adam, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: aaron, what happened here was a couple of hours ago there was actually a shelter in place that was ordered by the university because one of those suspects, they thought, had run here on to campus following a car crash nearby in northeast d.c., that shelter in place has since been put away. that is the good news. we were actually having parents call the news station wondering about their children and saying this message is going out to shelter in place. should we be concerned. this was going on for a number of hours here at catholic university. you can imagine concern not just among parents but students. take a look at the tweets that the univeit
6:47 am
not a drill. people say establish a precaution. it was a good move. >> i'm sure it is. it seems like the safest way to go. after seeing what happened they need to take the most precautions possible. >> reporter: so the good news is the shelter in place has been lifted at catholic university. there are a lot of pieces to put together with everything that's put together in the past couple of hours, guys. back to you. here at the live desk we have breaking news from another college campus where a suspect is on the run after killing two students at gram bling state. some sort of fight broke out in the courtyard and someone shot the
6:48 am
suspe suspect's still out there. just like we saw at catholic university right here in d.c., school officials put grambling on lockdown. 6:48. developing this morning. a murder suspect on the run for eight months is now behind bars. arlington police say jason alan johnson was caught in new york. still learning how police tracked him down there. johnson shot and killed michael gray back in february. investigators say that shooting stems from a dispute at a house party. mysterious bullets found inside people's homes are raising alarm in prince william county. neighbors found bullets in their walls this weekend. the clinton county police say no one heard the shootings when they happened overnight. no one was hurt. last year gunfire damaged more than a dozen homes in the county. police never caught suspects. we have an update on the peace cross in prince gorges county. larry hogan now
6:49 am
court ruled the cross violates the u.s. constitution. governor hogan sent a letter to the mayor and directed him to file an appeal to keep the cross. the fourth circuit court said the 91-year-old cross is government sponsorship of religion. some calling it a civil war in the republican party. live on the "today" show he'll talk about his decision to retire. >> he made the announcement in a scathing speech when he criticized the president and the party. hallie jackson is at the white house to explain what could come next. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning president trump and the rest of his party is waking up to shock waves basically. a political earthquake that has shaken the republican party so hard it is dangerous. it comes on the heels of senator jeff flake, a republican announcing he would rather
6:50 am
administration and a leader that he has called dangerous to democracy. you may have caught pieces of that passionate and dramatic speech he gave announcing he will be leaving the senate in early 2019. it came after senator bob corker battled back and forth with donald trump. the white house dismissing both those senators stunning comments as simply petty arguing when the president hits he will hit back. we'll have a look at all of it today plus the new fallout coming up in a bit on the "today" show. >> looking forward to that with hallie jackson. public transportation is a life line for many of us around the region. >> for riders with disabilities, it's even a greater need. nbc 4 responds to seniors in prince gorges county who say the system is putting their health at risk. >> susan hogan is working for you. imagine how you'd feel in a loved one, your parents or grand parent was left strapped for
6:51 am
we've heard from a number of seniors who shared their stories. tonight news 4 is getting answers. >> no one wants to be confined to a wheelchair. everybody want to be independent. >> senior citizens like sophie anderson says they've waited for hours for metro access to pick them up or drop them off. it's their only access to transportati transportation. they're fed up. they say they have challenges and they are working to make things better. riders we spoke with said not soon enough. coming up on news 4 at 11:00, they say this is putting their health at risk. 6:51 right now. say a big thank you to our good friend jack taylor doing double duty here and at wtop. >> jack, you are so the man. thank you so much for your hard work over the last few months. t
6:52 am
>> we appreciate it. >> melissa coming back tomorrow. jack, a big thanks for helping out. what do you have today? >> well, this is our crash unfortunately on the beltway in virginia. inner loop at braddock road. two left lanes are blocked causing a delay back into springfield. chopper 4 has been flying up in prince gorges county. earlier this morning we had utility trouble. authorities remain on scene. couple lanes getting by. the turn lane westbound is blocked. 28 as you move into rockville. got moved over to the shoulder. back near 370. good headed down towards the lane divide. stack up on the kerr south of democracy as it always does. it's been a pleasure. again, mr. bell, the weather seems as good as my last traffic report. >> fair enough. little cloudy, a little cool ou
6:53 am
it is going to be a pleasant enough day to be outside. we've been 70 or higher for seven days in a row. that streak ends today. 56 now with a north wind averaging seven miles per hour. there's a little ribbon of cloud cover coming overhead not bringing anything in the way of a rain threat. early this morning clouds should be racing on out. we should be in the mix with periods of cloudiness and sunshine. as a result of that and cooler air moving in, not as warm. we're in the mid 50s as you get out the door this morning. hourly temperatures should be up near 60 by lunch. low 60s for afternoon highs. noticeably colder start. 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, sunny highs around 60 degrees. as you're getting into the weekend, your weekend forecast available on the nbc washington app. aaron gilchrist and i being emceeing the
6:54 am
end hiv. other big things affecting the weekend. let's hear about that from sheena. >> good morning, chuck. you see saturday looks good. it's sunday that we're really keeping a close eye on. here is your grill forecast as we head into the weekend. if you're making the outdoor plans, friday, sat look really good. upper 60s friday, saturday. sunday for the redskins game it looks rainy, pretty cool, mid 60s. grilling, not that great of weather for it. here's the forecast for the game though, 4:00 p.m., pretty steady rainfall, 61 degrees. 6:00 p.m., pretty steady rainfall, 58 degrees. mid 50s and still looking at showers around the area. now let's look ahead at halloween. trick or treaters wanting a dry halloween. we have it for you. 5:00 p.m., 60 degrees. once the sun sets we will be quickly dropping into the 50s. feeling like it should for halloween this time of year and
6:55 am
go door to door. let's check the ten day. there you go, sheena. 65 today. closer to 60 tomorrow. back into the upper 60s friday. near 70 on saturday. dry between now and saturday night. yes, indeed, rain likely for sunday. chilly halloween for all the little ghosts and goblins. good morning. i'm contessa brewer at cnbc headquarters. amazon taking aim at office depot and staples. it will offer businesses two day free shipping on office supplies. multiple users registered with amazon to take advantage of the offer. membership fees scale up based on the size of the company. the annual fee is $500 for up to ten users. $1300 for up to 100 users and 10,000 for more than that. with your cnbc morning business report i'm contessa brewer. contessa, thank you.
6:56 am
6:56. 4 things to know before you head out the door. the situation that led to a shelter in place at catholic university started montgomery county. two suspects involved in a shooting on new hampshire avenue drove into d.c. and crashed on taylor street northeast. d.c. police arrested one man and are searching for a suspect right now. we'll post any updates on the nbc washington app. police investigating a sexual assault on a jogging trail. the bowie police department said it happened monday afternoon. follow news 4's justin finch on twitter for more details. nbc news confirmed that a law firm representing the chin be ton law firm checked on the trump dossier. it contains other allegations. president trump denied everything in it. and make sure to keep it here for the "today" show. republican senator jeff flake will talk more about his decision not to seek re-election and his
6:57 am
that's coming up next. and today's going to be a cool one. 65 degrees this afternoon. mix of sun and clouds throughout much of the day. tonight chilly. look at that. 40s when you wake up in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, 61. the weekend looks good the first half, rain the second half. >> thank you. i did talk to melissa yesterday. she likes being home but she's excited to be coming back tomorrow. >> wait until that alarm goes off. >> it's nerve racking. can't wait. enjoy your day.
6:58 am
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good morning. ov over and out. >> mr. president, i rise today to say enough. >> jeff flake becomes the second gop senator saying he will not run for re-election. in the process, makes a blistering takedown of president trump. we'll ask senator flake in a live interview. dirty politics? nbc news has confirmed that hillary clinton's campaign and the democratic national committee, helped fund that explosive dossier, about links between then-candidate trump and russia. was it part of a


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