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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was killed. here's the new video we obtained. a car slamming into this tavern in upper marlboro yesterday as dozens of people ate lunch. >> tracee wilkins spoke to that restaurant owner a short time ago. tracee? >> reporter: yeah. let me show you what they've done inside of here. that's the hole that's been filled up. the car came through and this is where judge phillip nichols was yesterday, paperwork still left behind and a whole bunch of other people had to leave their meals as well. i cannot begin to describe to you how terrifying it was when the car came through this place. i have to show you. a man instinctively went to go for his gun but then the lunchtime crowd realized it wasn't a bomb but a car that
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the top of the hill. >> reporter: this is where the bartenders and stuff were. my wife is here at the end when it exploded and hit her and knocked my wife into the bathrooms in here and all of the chairs. >> reporter: the owner p.j. >> it's amazing that people aren't dead. i just can't believe it. >> reporter: ten people were injured and everyone is expected to be okay. so now p.j. is concerned about his employees. >> several are hurt and the rest aren't going to have employment for maybe a year. i don't know. >> reporter: the woman behind the wheel that slammed into the restaurant told me moments after the crash her brakes went out. police are still investigating the cause. >> i built this. everything your eyes can see. >> reporter: this a cop bar and firemen bar with the badges to prove it. the hole left
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than anyone can see. >> reporter: imagine when that car came through, this car propelled through the restaurant and this is something i just found here. it's a chunk of asphalt. that's how incredible this crash was. tracee wilkins, back to you. >> that's unbelievable, the force coming through there. >> tell us again about the injured. did they get minor injuries? is anyone pretty seriously injured? >> reporter: well, you can see one guy was literally knocked out. the bar's owner, his wife had to have stitches last night. when we say people are going to be okay, they are going to live but there were folks who were really hurt. >> so many close calls. tracee, thank you for bringing us that new video. we appreciate it. right now police are
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in bowie. this happened monday afternoon at jennings lane. shomari stone is working this story and you'll see his live report in minutes. there were gunshots and cries for help. two men robbed and shot a man. this is on new hampshire avenue. it happened early this morning. officers spotted their car in takoma park and eventually found the car wrecked in the district. pat collins is learning more about whether these victims were targeted. pat? >> reporter: wendy, the robbers, they can guns. man, he had guts
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mothers and sisters from these thugs. some of it was caught on surveillance video. robbed in the driveway of the family home. when he sees what is going on, he went after the gunman. he got shot in the leg but kept on going. she couldn't believe what was happening in her neighborhood. >> it sounded like ten. pop, pop, pop. and then i was downstairs and i was by the door and i heard a lady screaming. >> reporter: 1:30 a.m., new hampshire avenue and silver springs, the woman was coming home from work. the family owns a convenience store in d.c.
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two gunmen were there to take away the money. >> what do you make of what happened? >> the suspects knew the victim. this was planned. the victims were targeted and the suspects wanted to make off with that money from that business that they believe the victims had. >> reporter: the 51-year-old man goes to protect his mother and sister and as he does, he gets shot in the leg. the suspects sped away. but minutes later, a few miles away, they wrecked their getaway car near catholic university. for a short time, the police put the school on lockdown as they searched for the gunman. >> reporter: the man who got shot in the leg, they say he's expected to be okay. wendy, back to you. george
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apology today for an actress. let they're lind was posing for a photo with the former president four years ago and she says mr. bush touched her from behind and told a dirty joke. she shared the story on her instagram page after seeing the former president at saturday's hurricane relief concert. he's 93. the post has since been taken down. a spokesperson issued a statement saying that the president apologized if his attempt at humor was offensive. well, it's starting to feel more -- you're going to notice the coolness tonight. >> it's feeling and looking like it. doug is joining us. how low are you talking about tonight? >> it's going to be a chilly one for sure. notice this as we look around our region. 63 degrees we saw a high today. that's where we are right now in the city. 66 in hagerstown.
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mountains in west virginia. that's above 4,000 feet. that's why. dropping quickly into the 50s, it's a very chilly night tonight and even colder tomorrow night. many areas will see frost and i'm talking a big potential storm for sunday. of course, the cowboys will be playing and other things going on, too. an airline being accused of racism. black passengers are warned that this airline may be biased against them. meagan fitzgerald is at reagan national asking if this alert is enough to make them change their plans. >> reporter: let's face it, for many people, traveling is no fun. >> necessary evil. there's nothing you can do about it. >> miserable.
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>> reporter: the naacp says the experience for african-americans has been worse we have received a number of complaints about african-american's treatments on american. >> reporter: so there has been a travel advisory issued and they are warning african-americans that their safety could be at risk if they fly with american airlines. the naacp says they have been following several racially biased incidents. even one of the board members was targeted. >> >> they decided to mess with them, to actually threaten them. when the airline stewardess came back to see what was going on, they decided to put him off the plane as well. >> so far, the travelers we've talked to haven't
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problem. >> reporter: so far, everything has been fine. >> reporter: but should they experience the issues, the naacp is reporting that their travel practices will likely change. >> i haven't seen it but if it's true, i think the airline better change its procedures and get its act together. >> reporter: american airlines has issued the following statement which says in part, "we do not and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. we have reached out to the naacp and are eager to meet with them to listen to their issues and concerns." certainly we should point out that both organizations haven't yet set a date for these allegations. wendy? >> all right. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. the national space museum is getting a big makeover. today, we got the inside scoop of what to expect. smith tone gener sm
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full transformation. parts of the museum will be opened throughout the construction, you should know. officials say the work is long overdue. some of the ex hhibits haven't gotten an upgrade since it opened 41 years ago. >> i was just going to elementary school at the time. there were fears that this firefighter wouldn't make it after he was run over by a truck but this young man has now reached a milestone in his recovery. take a look. we're going to hear his message to those who helped him get here. >> i thank the nurses and doctors and staff that helped me get back to health. nikki haley was
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a developing story coming in out of east africa this evening where u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley had to be evacuated from a u.n. camp in south sudan. nbc reports that it was due to security concerns. >> ambassador nikki haley was in a refugee camp where she w
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by the war there when a small protest broke out against the country's president there were about 100 demonstrators and a spokesperson said that the ambassador had to leave when they approached the area where she was located. she cut the event short by a few minutes but maintained the rest of her schedule. she's now in the democratic republic of congo, which was the next intended stop. ambassador haley met the sued denise president. >> at some point they need to be held accountable for all of the tragedy that is being caused. >> reporter: as for the protest, it's not clear that she was the target. there was unconfirmed reports that people at the camp started to grow frustrated when she could not meet with them due to time restraints. the visit
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just a few minutes but the trip goes on. lucy calf nauf, nbc london. >> when i looked at that yesterday and you reported on it very well, you gave it a very good report. the fact is, there was tremendous unity in that room. >> two members of his party denounced him so is the gop really together? joining us is investigative reporter ken delanian. jeff flake is not running for re-election. did he accomplish what he wanted? >> i think what they are mainly trying to accomplish is sending a message to the american public that the conducted of president trump as they see it is not
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normal. and you saw that with that impassioned speech by senator flake yesterday. he's not talking about policy. he's talking about character. the question remains to what extent are they going to oppose the agenda. if they choose to do so congressional leaders say this is just a blip on the screen a that they are unified on tax reform. could they really do some damage? >> they certainly could but these are very conservative republicans who support cutting taxes and so that's really the question. are they actually going to vote against him before the senate? john mccain
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do that in opposing health care reform. whether he'll do it on taxes remains to be seen. >> they were getting criticism last night on the talk shows at night that why wait eight months to come out with this? the president's behavior hasn't varied that much. the trump we've been reading on twitter yesterday, he's been doing this for months. why not? >> i just think it was an accumulation of things. i think they held out hope that they would be a pivot, that trump would grow in the job and change and moreover he's been attacking them on twitter. >> ken dilanian, thank you so much. stay tuned for "nbc nightly news" at 7:00 for the latest infighting in congress and how it's affecting any work that they are trying to get done. happening now, police are looking for newes
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assault case and they are releasing new video. shomari stone has an update. what are you learning, shomari? >> reporter: prince george's county police are going from house to house talking to people in this community and the neighborhood here in bowie, maryland, they are passing out a paper that says cash reward for $25,000 for information to who is on this bike. this is the person of interest. it shows the bearded man dressed in a gray-hooded sweatshirt, dark pants riding a white bicycle. police want to ask him questions about what happened 4:30 monday evening when a man grabbed a woman jogging on a path of jennings lane. the woman was able to break free and then the man ran away from the ar.
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talking to people. we were the first to tell you about this story at 11:00 and we actually talked to people in this neighborhood. parents are concerned about their children, number one, walking home from school. there's a playground near where the alleged sexual assault occurred. parents don't want their kids playing on that playground and right now police are trying to calm their fears in hopes of catching the person of interest. if you recognize that video, we're going to post it on if you recognize that person, call the prince george's county police department. live here in bowie, shomari stone, news4. it's the first in the history of the boy scouts as triplets rise to the rank of eagle scout. the surprise awaiting them. and the chill in the air, how low
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ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas.
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now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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check out who we spotted getting out for a walk this morning. >> one of our photographs was near this scene and spotted former first lady michelle obama. she wasn't as glad to see him as he was glad to see her, clearly. >> she was on her way to the post office, isha
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like. >> incognito. >> very nice day to be outdoors, though. >> exactly. it's a fall day for sure. really quite nice out there. that's why it's going to be like this for the next couple of days. if you like the cooler weather, we've got it for you. tomorrow is even cooler. outside right now, it's looking good. we're starting to see fall color out here. the leaves are changing and you're starting to see the leaves falling as well. tomorrow, we'll be live at cox farms out there in northern virginia. it will be a great time. i cannot wait to get out there. we're going to have a blast. come and see me if you're around the area. come out and say hi to us. we're live from 4:00 to 7:00. why so serious in that picture? i should be smiling more. out there right now, temperaturewise, we're at 63 degrees. winds are calm, temperatures are going to fall fairly quickly as we move through the night. already down to 52. winchester, 57. 63 in
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towards luray. as we look at the radar, not much going on here. the amazing thing is back towards the mountains we're already picking up snow in higher elevations. snowshoe, seeing some snow. you can see it right here and hitting the mountains 4,000 feet. that's where we're looking at snow nowhere near our area. rain off to the east. that's from the same frontal boundary that's stalled around the boston area and here's the storm itself and we're going to see more snow into places like minneapolis and colder air moving into our region tomorrow. tomorrow, a little bit of a cool day for sure. mix of sun and clouds. clouds early, sunshine late. it will be cool. high of 61. that makes most of you only in the upper 50s. you'll need the jacket as you step outside. we're starting to get moderate color around our entire area. i think more of our region is going to be in the high range here, especially asou
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west virginia and look at the low temperatures on friday morning. 34 in culpeper and winchester. we could see frost early on friday morning, the same areas that have seen it but we could see frost again on friday. warming to 70 on saturday. and then, guys, i'm tracking this storm that could become a big storm. if you're thinking about going to the redskins game as we take on the cowboys at home at 4:25, it could be a mess. right now i'm trying to be optimistic here. heavy rain around 1:00, through 1:00 and then hopefully getting out of here by 4:00. maybe showers left over but a very chilly game. you may need the porcho as you make your way out. the rain may last through part of the game, hopefully not the entire part and a very c
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on monday. halloween, yeah, i'll take a close look at that at 5:45. he was crushed between two tire trucks during his first week on the job. we'll hear from this rookie firefighter as he's finally heading home. and a big change coming to wendy's favorite road. >> maybe. >> they are concerned that many drivers are not prepared for what is about to come their way. amazon wants to get into your house even when you're not home. vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion -
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veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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right now at 5:30, this video shows the moment the car blew into this prince george's county restaurant. this is babe's and boy's tavern in upper marlboro yesterday at lunchtime. the car goes straight into the bar in a nanosecond. dozens of people were having lunch there. >> that's incredible. police are canvassing a neighborhood looking for a sex assault in bowie. a woman says she was attacked on jennings mill drive and jennings lane. today officers released video of a man on a bike that they want to talk to. they say he's a person of interest. police are still looking for one suspect after an armed robbery early this morning in silver spring. officers say thehi
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purpose on their way home from a convenience store and shot a man trying to help. they took off and eventually crashed near catholic university in the district. officers caught one of the guys and are still looking for the other. new at 5:30, an incredible story of survival. >> you may remember the serious accident involving a young d.c. firefighter. dane smothers jr. was hit by a ladder struck and suffered critical injuries. after three months in the hospital, he finally got to go home today. his next goal, going back to work. >> chris gordon has more on his remarkable medical journey. >> reporter: after 83 days of treatments, dane smothers jr. is walking and guided by his father. he's
5:31 pm
heal. >> i'm not afraid of a challenge so i would like to return. as for my family at the firehouse, i have grown to love them and they have grown to love me. >> reporter: dane's father says the d.c. firefighters have taught him a lesson in loyalty. >> i've always heard the stories of the brotherhood and, you know, you but i did not know what that meant until my son had his accident. >> reporter: smothers nearly died after he was getting out of unit 3 as he was struck. a unit was just arriving on the scene of a rowhouse fire on capitol hill. the night of august 2nd. doctors say his injuries were severe at the time they didn't expect him to
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>> he's an amazingly strong young man and my advice to anyone who sees dane down the road, don't bet against him. >> reporter: smothers wants to return to active duty but will have to take it a step at a time. >> he's got a great sense of humor and a strong will and he has impressed all of us. >> dane has about six months of daily physical therapy ahead of him. he's meeting and exceeding all of the goals that are being set for him. talking, walking, and hopefully some day returning to firehouse 3. rejoining his brothers and sisters who have earned the nickname, the protectors of capitol hill. wendy and jim? chris, i'll take it from here. breaking at 5:00, a boy shot in northeast d.c. gunshots could be heard in the 5500 block aboutn
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they tell us that he's a juvenile and he's conscious and breathing. that investigation continues. wendy? new today a. man accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from a man with autism has now been charged with fraud. surveillance video show ken prophet inside the navy federal union. he convinced a man with autism to give him his bank card. prophet then posed as the victim and deposited a fake check and withdrew the money at a montgomery county bank. in the district, the mayor is helping to improve public safety. she says making the city safer requires more than good police work. >> it includes how we create opportunity, how we prevent violence. in the cases where there is violence, making sure that violence is stopped and people
5:34 pm
actions. >> she announced the opening of a neighborhood safety office here on 42nd street and northeast. they will engage people who may be at risk of getting involved in violent crime. the opening is part of a week-long safer, stronger d.c. initiative. the irs says its security officers are trying to figure out how to better protect its workers from threats. they were asked about a recent news4 i-team investigation revealing that more than 1500 investigations of threats against internal revenue service workers occurred this year. scott macfarlane has the latest with the fallout from his report. >> reporter: there is a fast rising number of threats against federal workers including the tens and thousands of here in d.c. we found a security e-mail which expressed cons
5:35 pm
idling outside trump hotel which is steps away from irs headquarters. members of the u.s. house oversight committee read excerpts and asked that action be taken to ensure that the workers are safe. >> when something really serious happens, whether or not there ought not be an investigation of what is a very unusual number of threats against federal employees. >> it's a very important and timely question and, in fact, we are currently working with the internal revenue services division on that very issue. i don't know whether we'll be able to report publicly because we don't want to endanger the lives of high-risk employees or other workers. >> the irs declined to speak on camera but told us it works well with trump hotel security that monitors security at its
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e-mail we referenced is from last year and doesn't reflect the current situation. jim? >> scott, thank you. any boy will tell you making eagle scout is not an easy thing to do. only 4% of scouts in all make it. that's what make this is story all the more incredible. tonight for the first time ever, triplets will be celebrating making eagle scout and the three of them are blind. leo, nick achieved the rank with their adopted father who is also blind. alexander will drop by, too. >> eagle scout in itself wasn't just a rank. it's a way that we live. all of the different skills that you learn, the leadership skills that you learn physically, mentally, emotionally, how to deal wither
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>> tonight those boys will be presented with life-changing new technology for the blind, smart glasses and an app that gives users instant access to eyes. this technology keconnects the blind who is a trained agent who sees at the same time. a new lease on life for an old dairy barn in our area. it's being reinvented and reimagined. it's going to be someplace that you want to go. why officials want to drastically raise what it's going to cost to you get into a national park. and take a look at sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. the green is rain. we have rain but how long does it last and how does it impact you throughout the day? more on that and i'll be breaking down
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♪ musicians, celebrities tweeting all day about the impact that fats domino made on their lives. the rock and roll pioneer died yesterday in new orleans at the age of 89. he's credited withnf
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beatles, the "rollirolling ston hairy connick jr. >> wow. and an historic dairy farm gets new life in prince george's county. it's now farm brew live, a destination brewery campus. a local landmark where route 28 intersects with route 234. operators say farm brew live is different from other brew houses in the area. >> reporter: you have the wonderful food and drinks and food truck and the yard which is our music venue. >> there is nothing like this in the area so it's something we've been waiting for. >> we may have to check that out for a story,
5:42 pm
>> yes. >> there you go. >> this is going to be opening in a few months. a full-service restaurant, too. beautiful setting, too. >> it is pretty. and it might be cheaper than going to a national park because the cost of your next outdoors get away is going to be raising entrance fees to certain parks and could be as much as 70 bucks. the revenue would cover a backlog of maintenance and infrastructure, issues that need to be tended to. virginia's shenandoah park is on the list for a price hike. right now it's $30 to get in. senator tim mccain is blaming the trump administration and republicans for the increase saying in part, "they aren't unable to invest in the parks, they are unwilling." okay. we want to know what you thi
5:43 pm
go to our facebook page to weigh in. they aren't unable to weigh -- is there something wrong with that quote? we may have to check on that. >> i think 70 bucks is wrong myself. >> although, shenandoah is beautiful especially at peak season. it is a lot of money. so, would you allow a perfect stranger into your home to make sure your package arrives? >> yes, i would. amazon hopes you would as well. we'll explain their new delivery option. if there was an app that would help you save someone's life, would you have it? it tur
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor,
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p on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. did you know an app can save your life? one app new to the
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a heart attack. mark segraves has a story you'll only see here on 4. if you suffer a heart attack, the faster help gets to you, the more likely you are to live. last summer, shawn had a heart attack at work and someone called 911. simone was around the corner and was able to get to him and give him cpr before paramedics arrived. >> the fact that she showed up a few minutes before them is the only reason i'm standing. >> it's a great feeling for me and i have a feeling it's a great feeling for shawn. >> reporter: the reason she was able to get to him before the fire department is because like thousands of people across the country, there is the pulse point app on her phone. here's how an app can help you save a life. if you're in
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use the app, you'll get an alert. in fact, the pulse point alert goes out at the exact same time the glance is dispatched. it tells you where the nearest aed device is located. in our area, pulse point is now available in the district. in prince william county and prince george's county in maryland. in prince george's county, two lives have been saved at the mgm national harbor where security guards use the app. as for who can sign up for the app -- >> you don't necessarily have to be cpr certified. but you have to be willing to help and this is, you know, an opportunity to get more people responding to an individual who might need it. >> reporter: we have everything you need to know about getting the app or registering an aed at the nbc washington app. search pulse point. mark
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a 5-year-old boy in maryland has a sweet so chocolate lab to monitor his diabetes. they paired the boy with his new service dog and he is specially trained for diabetes detection. emergency officials say he will gently paw at the child if it senses that the boy's sugar levels are off. public transportation, it's a life-line for a lot of us around our region and for riders with disabilities, it's an even greater need there. nbc 4 responds to seniors in prince george's county who say the system is putting their health at risk. susan hogan is working for you. she's in our newsroom with a look ahead to her story. susan? >> imagine how upset you would be if a loved one was stranded for hours because metro access failed to pick them up tonight,
5:49 pm
>> no one really wants to be confined to a wheelchair. everybody wants to be independent. >> you bet. that's right. >> senior citizens like sophie say that they've waited for hours or they have been stranded on the bus for hours. it's their only means of transportation. these riders are fed up with missing doctor's appointments and sometimes being left without a ride altogether. metro says it has its challenges and they are working to make things better but according to the riders who spoke to us, it's not enough. tonight at 11:00, these riders tell us how it's putting their health at risk. wendy? >> thank you, susan. einstein's theory of happiness has brought a great deal of joy at an auction house in israel. >>
5:50 pm
>> 1.3 million. this is a note written by albert einstein given to a bellhop in lou of a tip. einstein didn't have any money so he grabbed the hotel stationery and wrote his theory to a happy life. "a calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness." einstein had just won the nobel prize so easy for him to say when he wrote those words. he told the bellhop to hang on to the note. it may be valuable one day. >> and lo and behold. powerful words. >> can i have another quote before we go to weather? weerp talking about the price hike at the national parks and tim kaine said in part -- i read it wrong. i read it badly.
5:51 pm
invest in the parks. they are unwilling." that's the way the quote should have been read. >> and at 6:00, she's going to sing it. >> all right, doug. >> i feel better. >> we're still dry out there, aren't we? >> yes. we could see a really big storm coming up here on sunday. if it doesn't hit us directly, the northeast could be a nasty day. temperature right now, 63. dropping, though, into the 50s. 61 by 11:00. radar, nothing to show. we have been dry for the last month and a half or so. we'll stay dry through most of your weekend even though we have rain to the east and rain and even snow back here towards the mountains. high elevation, that's what we're seeing. in between, we're dealing with sunshine. ou
5:52 pm
clouds to start off the day. more sunshine during the afternoon. temperatures, though, 44 to start off rather chilly. 57 by recess and then temperatures into the low 60s as we move on through the afternoon. but the weather where you live, it varies depending on if you're to the north or west or east. amelia has the four-zone forecast. >> doug, we'll start off in the d.c. metro zone. this include montgomery, fairfax, arlington and alexandria. we're halfway to peak color in the metro zone and i think we'll see peak colors and we start november. i can't believe october is already winding down. i loved this picture shared with me from montgomery county. thanks to marie for taking that photograph. and then moving to the eastern zone, parts of the orn neck, starting off the day east of 95, you need it for the afternoons
5:53 pm
breezy out there. noticeably breezy and bringing out another small craft advisory. i want to give a quick shout out to a high school marching band. as we head to the western zone, the temperatures here for tomorrow, upper 50s to around 60s. the fall chill is in the air. it's tomato soup and grilled cheese kind of weather. not just tomorrow but friday as well. hagerstown, luray, cumberland, we start in the mid-50s on friday morning. frost on pumpkins out there. >> you mentioned grilled cheese and tomato soup, you're going to need a lot of it for sunday. tropical moisture coming out of the caribbean across florida and as i mentioned it could be a strong coastal storm. heavy rain is likely making for a nasty raway
5:54 pm
temperatures warming after a very cold day on friday, a cold start, as amelia mentioned, 67 for a high on saturday and 58 on sunday and monday and near freezing, i think, monday and tuesday morning in the suburbs. >> layer up. thank you, doug. have you heard about the newest amazon service? would you go for it? it's called amazon key and it allows people with prime accounts to have deliveries made inside their home. here's how it works. you buy an amazon cloud. it's the one time purchase and they unlock your home, leave your package and lock back up. you get an alert to your phone where you can watch the delivery live. amazon also sends the video to you if you need to watch it back. by the way, the
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your christmas gifts to come to my house. i like this. >> and i wonder if they'll feed your cat for you. >> yeah. that's pretty cool. still to come -- >> changes on
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alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪
5:57 pm
, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. sfoo it's a mad push. on i-66 inside the
5:58 pm
julie carey reports this begins in less than two months and drivers are not ready. >> reporter: you won't find an ez pass stuck to the windshield of brett's pickup. one reason, he occasionally drives i-66 into the city but here's the other reason. >> if they happen to go to a night class and find out which transponder and when to turn it on and off they don't have ez pass and in early december 5:30 to 9:30 in the morning eastbound and 3 to 7:00 out bound. drivers must have a transponder or face a fine. >> we've got to make sure
5:59 pm
drivers understand the new rules of the road. >> reporter: if you are one of those people who uses i-66 during rush hour and don't have a transponder, which one should you get -- >> if you travel with two or more people, get an ez pass flex. >> reporter: you can travel the express lanes for free. this fairfax county woman knows what is coming. >> i heard that they were going to put it up so i said might as well get it. >> reporter: and vdot says radio ads are coming as part of the mad push to spread the word. in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. now at 6:00, incredible video captures the moment of impact when a car crashes right inside of a local restaurant and the ending is nothing short of a miracle. a family followed home and th
6:00 pm
the dramatic chain of events didn't end here. tonight, the manhunt for a second suspect in a crime spanning several counties. back home now after a brush with death. what a rookie firefighter plans to do next after months of recovery. a video had all of us talking. a car plowed through a busy restaurant yesterday at lunch time. >> and tonight, those new pictures from inside show exactly what happened. it's hard to believe that no one was killed in all of this. >> bureau chief tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro with the dramatic new picture. >> reporter: let me show you, first of all, this image. a table was up


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