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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning. now arriving. starting today, airport security screenings are being beefed up for anyone flying into the u.s. the new rules designed to make your travel safer. but how much slower should we all plan for? what republican rift? >> we have actually in the republican party, in a true sense, we have great unity. >> president trump claiming the gop is not divided, despite his exchange of fire with two key republican senators. and his answer to critics who say he is uncivil. >> people don't understand, i went to an ivy league college. i'm a very intelligent person. >> the latest from washington straight ahead. going public. thousands of classified documents from k'
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today. how much light will they really shed on the lingering questions and conspiracy theories? those stories plus new breakthroughs in the mysterious abduction and release of a california mother. important new vaccine recommendations you need to know about. and houston, we have lift-off. >> that's into right center field. well hit. won't be caught. >> the astros cap a stunning comeback to beat the dodgers in an extra inning thriller, evening the world series at one game a piece today. thursday, october 26th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. >> it is shaping up to be an interesting day at airports all across the country. >> interesting. okay.
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flights that are coming into the united states. and the new measures could mean even more time at the airport. nbc's gabe gutierrez now is at the world's busiest airport, atlanta. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the deadline for the changes to go into effect is today, and some airlines are telling passengers to arrive an extra 30 to 60 minutes earlier at overseas airports for the new security measures. the changes are prompted by the same terror concerns that sparked that ban on carrying laptops aboard some international flights last spring. this morning, coming home from sydney, barcelona or london might take a little longer. new security measures are in effect on all u.s.-bound flights from a foreign airport, affecting 180 airlines, 2,100 daily flights and 325,000 passengers. >> i'm all for the extra security. >> reporter: the changes include closer inspections of personal electronic devices,e
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around the airport, and more thorough interviews with travelers as they check in, hoping to identify terrorists. >> all the airport workers are safe. if we have to stand a little bit more in line, i'm okay with that. >> reporter: the security upgrades first announced by the u.s. government this summer after intelligence suggests that isis was able to augusmuggle explosives in laptops. laptops had to be checked until security at the airports improved. it did. the tsa recently imposed rules requiring u.s. domestic travelers to remove all electronic items larger than phones, such as tablets and ereaders, for screening. >> i'm thankful the steps are being taken. it is a minor inconvenience. >> reporter: the vast majority of overseas airlines and airports have already met the new, stricter requirements. among the top concerns,
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terrorists who board -- who go through multiple countries before boarding a flight for the u.s. >> gabe gutierrez leading us off. thank you. a lot more to get to, including president trump taking on his critics and touting great unity within the gop. that despite a public rebuke by two key republican senators. we have complete coverage starting at the white house with nbc's kristen kel we arwelker. >> reporter: good morning. despite the gop defections, president trump is taking a victory lap, insisting he still has most of his party on his side and will be able to accomplish policy goals, like tax reform. and mr. trump is also taking aim at democrats after new revelations they helped pay for that relating to his possible ties to russia. president trump down playing talk of a republican civil war, appearing on the fox business network. >> we have actually in the republican party, in a true sense, we have great unity. >> reporter: even after
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corker and jeff flake, afail ee the president's character. both men retiring next year. mr. trump insisting he can could want on them to support his agenda, including tax reform. >> i really know they want tax cuts. they know we need it for the country. >> reporter: flake acknowledging, he would have faced an uphill battle for re-election. >> that is a difficult position to take in a republican primary, the position that i've taken, that we ought to stand up. >> reporter: the president taking a swipe at flake. >> his poll numbers are terrible. so he did the smart thing for himself. this way, he can get out somewhat gracefully. >> reporter: and mr. trump again defending his condolence call to the widow of sergeant la david johnson, insisting he had no trouble recalling the fallen soldier's name. >> they put a chart in front, la david. it says, la david johnson. so from the beginning, there's no hesitation. one of theat
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>> reporter: asked by nbc's hallie jackson about his civility, mr. trump touted his own intellect. >> could you be more civil as leader of this country? >> i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am. you know, people don't understand, i went to an ivy league college. i was a nice student. i did very well. i'm a very intelligent person. >> reporter: the president emboldened after revelations the democrats helped pay for research originally funded by republican donors that led to that now-famous dossier, about the alleged relations to russia. >> what's your reaction? >> it's very sad, what they've done with the fake dossier. i think it is a disgrace. it is a very sad -- it's a very sad commentary on politics in this country. >> reporter: a former clinton campaign official says they didn't know about the dossier during the
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had, would have used it. the trump campaign is responding to reports that a data analytics firm it hired reached out to wikileaks founder julian assange about hillary clinton's e-mails. the trump campaign saying, we as a campaign made the choice to rely on the voter data of the republican national committee to help elect president donald j. trump. any claims that voter data from any other source played a role in the victory are false. >> kristen, thank you very much. another issue front and center at the white house today, the opioid epidemic. according to a new report, the president is ready to declare it a public health emergency. will that help solve the problem facing cities and families across the country? nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has more on the president's plan. good morning. >> reporter: let's talk about what the public health emergency declaration would do according to "usa today." this would loosen some regulations and give states more flexibility in how they shift around
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according to the paper, this would stop short of the national state of emergency. the president's opioid commission recommend it. experts say any attention directed to this serious crisis could help. the president promising something soon to show how he plans to fight the nation's opioid crisis. >> we're going to be doing a very, very important meeting on opioids. in terms of declaring a national emergency. >> reporter: but this morning, we're learning the president will stop short of declaring a broader state of national emergency and, instead, will declare the opioid epidemic a public health emergency, according to "usa today." the less sweeping proclamation expires after 90 days but can be renewed. the paper says that will give states more lee way to shift federal funding to addiction treatment, free up labor department grants for people seeking help. let patients talk to their doctors over the phone rather in person. tap a special fund to give the heal
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more flexibility. the fund only has $57,000 in it. the hope, the administration's moves will put pressure on congress to do more to fight the crisis. with the president's own opioid commission estimating drugs kill, on average, 142 americans every day. that's more than guns and car accidents combined. >> that means we have a 9/11 every three and a half weeks in america. if we had a terrorist organization that was killing 142 americans a day on our soil, how much would we be willing to spend to stop it? >> reporter: governor christie chairs the commission after promises like these from donald trump on the campaign trail. >> it is a huge problem all over our country. >> reporter: and this pledge. >> we're going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis. >> reporter: it has taken time for the president to declare a national emergency, like he promised. stalling progress, his health and human
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czar withdrew. the president facing fire for being slow to act with critics arguing his proposals for health care reform could be counterproductive. >> with medicaid cuts, significant cuts being proposed as part of president trump's revamped health care plan, that will really hit a lot of opioid and drug treatments very significantly. >> reporter: today's announcement potentially a significant step for thousands of families. with governor christie recently telling matt, the president is not deterred, but determined. >> do you think he'll follow through on that promise? >> i do. >> what would you say to him, to do it sooner rather than later? >> i've already said it to him. >> what's his response? >> he's ready. >> reporter: and the president is ready to make that speech, rolling all of this out at the white house later on this afternoon. just to give you context here, the last time there was this kind of public health emergency on a nationwide level was before the h1n1 virus situation in
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2009/2010. savannah? >> hallie, thank you. we should mention, we have a lot more of your conversation, matt, with governor christie, including how his state has recovered five years after superstorm sandy. that's tomorrow morning on "today." now new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal with more accusers coming forward, pressure is mounting on the weinstein company to do more. stephanie gosk is here with the latest on that. good morning. >> good morning, guys. another accuser. another allegation of sexual assault. this time, the alleged victims' attorney, gloria allred, leveled a challenge at the weinstein's board of directors. they want to do right by the accusers, she says, they need to pay them. >> it is time for the weinstein company to put their money where their mouths are. >> reporter: attorney gloria l allred is calling on the company weinstein's co-founders to set up a fund and pay his accusers. >> the harm it's caused to their careers and health continue and must be addressed. >> reporter: allred sat next
7:12 am
natasha ma natasha malte, the latest woman to accuse the movie mogul of sexual assault. >> he said he could give me a part in an upcoming movie. >> reporter: late one night, he pound on her hotel room door. once inside, she says, weinstein forced her to have sex. >> just wanted it to end. i played dead. afterwards, i laid there in complete disgust. >> reporter: weinstein's spokesperson repeatedly said, any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by weinstein. now his former company is under fire, facing a new lawsuit. >> we allege that the weinstein company knew that one of its key executives and part owner, harvey weinstein, was engaging in sexual
7:13 am
weinstein when the allegations of sexual assault first surfaced in the media, the weinstein company board said, these allegations come as an utter surprise to the board. any suggestion that the board had knowledge of this conduct is false. >> i'm moving out. >> reporter: actor dominique hewitt accuses weinstein of forcing her to have oral sex. >> as many times as i said no and resisted, i feel like he was not going to let up on the idea. >> reporter: hewitt announced her lawsuit days after a civil rights investigation was opened against the company. women have alleged sexual assault to rape. the powerhouse that won 22 oscars for films like "silver linings playbook" and the "king's speech," hangs in the balance. a company that was going to make
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through. we've reached out to the board but have not heard back. at the power woman breakfast this morning in los angeles, survivors of sexual assault are expected to speak. they include at least two weinstein accusers. >> thank you very much. other news, five women have come forward to accuse journalist and author mark halperin of sexual harassment. he is a senior political analyst for nbc news and acknowledged last night that he had engaged in, quote, inappropriate behavior around women he worked with at abc news over a decade ago. in a statement to cnn, he said, i now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. for that, i am deeply sorry and i apologize. under the circumstances, i'm going to take a step back from my day to day work while i properly deal with this situation. according to cnn, none of the women reportedly alleged incidents to abc news
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management. nbc news has not independently verified the accusations. msnbc issued the following statement. we find this story and the allegations very troubling. mark halperin is leaving his role as a contributor until the questions around his past conduct are fully understood. let us take a turn. today's much-anticipated release of classified government files about the assassination of president john f. kennedy is in the news. what are we going to learn from them, and will they satisfy the conspiracy theorists? nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the national archives with more on this. peter, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, matt. good morning to you. the anticipation certainly building. will this be the final chapter in one of the most defining episodes of american history? among those fueling the suspense, president trump himself green lighting this release, ironically, while on a trip to dallas. tweeting, so interesting. that infamous drive through
7:16 am
conspiracy theories for more than a half century. today, americans could learn new details about one of the country's enduring mysteries. federal law requires the national archives release all of its jfk files by today. among the key questions, did oswald act alone? did the u.s. government know more about the assassin's movements than it's priestly led on? was oswald under cia surveillance during a trip to mexico city, where he visited the soviet and cuban embassies? >> the real story, maybe, is that the cia knew only seven weeks before the assassination that oswald may have threatened the president. he returned. the cia does what it always does, told no one. >> reporter: multiple investigations concluded oswald was the lone gunman. his own story dying when he was shot shortly after his arrest. americans aren't convinced. to this day, more than 60% believe kennedy's assassination
7:17 am
to camelot. >> almost like the film broke in our lives. it broke from wone era of glamor and excitement and hope. the future looked very bright. then it was over in a flash. >> reporter: the national archive says, we assume that much of what will be released will be tangential to the assassination. historians will be pouring over more than 3,000 long-sealed files, hoping they reveal a cia personality profile of oswald, whether the fbi had evidence he was bragging about plans to kill kennedy, and maybe a handwritten letter from first lady jackie kennedy, detailing funeral arrangements. 54 years after his tragic death, the jfk mystery remains alive. >> i think that we will never be able to put a period at the end of the sentence, lee harvey oswald acted alone, and have everybody agree with that. it's a case that will never go away. >> reporter: how will those thousands of documents be
7:18 am
when? even that remains its own mystery, though we assume the national archives will post them to their website, at which point sleuths and scholars alike can dive? >> fascinating. thank you very much. mr. roker is here with our first check of the weather. >> we're looking a a tropical system possibly developing, from florida all the next 30 days could become a days, 40%. here's the five day develop ment zone. no matter what happens, we see we could be looking at three to it continues the coast. low pr develops. upper level trough enhance increa the flood threat. anywhe from three to five you come up the coast from northe be looking
7:19 am
talkin flooding possib we'll get to your local forecast good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist mostly cloudy skie overhead. the clouds are wringing out the not looking for any serious ip pact. they should be gone before lunch time. temper in the upper we'll gradually cl
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>> just told you about a tropical system. how about a little blizzard conditions coming up this weekend? >> why do you do this? >> because i can. >> but why do you enjoy it? >> because i can. >> thank you, al. coming up, new evidence in the headline-making case of a california mother who vanished on a jog and was found three weeks later. why that evidence is only adding to the mystery. and amazon's controversial new key service that lets delivery drivers inside your home when you're not there. the big concerns that's raising. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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than leading brands. because when you start with more, you own the morning. alive! good m you to. >> i'm aaron gilchrist the george county police are this happened monday afternoon they thought they had a person in other headlines this mornin in northern virginia jeb stewart high school is high school. now let's check your traffic
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thank for the beautiful taking a look at the roads, there on bw parkway. so you're headed southbound no other major problems in any backup the normal slowdo the normal areas. >> all right. meliss
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cloudy skies. mornin a drying trend is under way. we'll back to sunshine by temper in the 40s to 50 now. we'll be up near 65 degrees for then for tomorrow, chance of a friday aftern,
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70 and dry on your saturday. another local news
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we are back now. 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 26th day of october, 2017. >> good morning, everybody. good to have you along. we'll get right to the headlines, including the new airport screenings being put into place right now. >> stepping up security. major changes coming to airports around the globe as travelers heading into the u.s. face tighter screening procedures and closer inspections of their electronic devices. moves that could slow down more than 300,000 passengers a day. nothing to see here. president trump dismisses talk of divisions within the gop despite multiple republican senators questioning his character and leadership. the president not having any of it. >> we have actually
7:31 am
republican party, in a true sense, we have great unity. breaking overnight, a passenger train collided with a military vehicle in helsinki, killing four and injuring more. investigators searching for the cause behind the crash. out of control. a driver barrels through the wall of a maryland restaurant during the busy lunch hour, leaving several customers injured but, somehow, all survive. and seesaw series. >> back at the wall. it is gone! tie game. >> the houston astros tie the game in the ninth. >> that's into right center field. well hit. won't be caught. >> to win it in extra innings, outlasting the dodgers in dramatic fashion to tie the world series at one game a piece. >> the astros win it. >> today, thursday, october 26th, 2017. >> i didn't see a minute of that game, but i hear it was a really great game. >> exactly. epic one. >> no question. let's move on
7:32 am
year-old mysterious abduction case that's back in the headlines this morning. police are revealing new information about the alleged kidnapping of a california mother. she re-surfaced weeks later with a horrifying story. nbc's gadi schwartz has more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. these fbi sketches you're about to see only include the top part of the alleged kidnappers' faces. sherri papini told investigators during her three weeks in captivity, they kept a bag over her head or covered their faces. this as more details are being released, including mysterious dna found on her clothing. almost one year after her mysterious disappearance, this morning, authorities are releasing new details in the case of sherri papini. that includes the initial 911 call her husband keith made when he came home and found his wife and mother of two children missing. >> i couldn't find her. i called the daycare to see what time she picked up the kids. the kids were never picked up. >> reporte k
7:33 am
knew something was wrong after using an app to find his wife's cellphone at the end of their street. >> i found her phone. hair is ripped out of it, in the headphones. i'm totally freaking out, thinking somebody grabbed her. >> reporter: sherri papini told police two masked hispanic women abducted her when she was running, holding her captive until one released her until three weeks later. a trucker found her along the road in restraints. investigators say papini appeared battered and bruised. her hair had been cut to shoulder length. she had a brand on her right shoulder. sherri's husband holding back tears as he described to abc news the moment he was reunited with his wife. >> i just wanted to see her. i ran past everybody and i threw open the curtain, and she was there. her poor face.
7:34 am
i just held her. >> reporter: this morning, investigators also revealing sherri was texting a male aka akaakat acquaintance from michigan. they were trying to meet when he was in california. investigators saying he was not involved in her kidnapping. news described by experts as rare. >> we have two alleged female kidnappers, which is very, very unusual. then for the violence that the two were alleged to have committed on her, not only to include beating her and cutting her hair, but branding her, these are all things that are just almost never seen. >> reporter: although sherri claims she was abducted by two hispanic women, this morning, investigators revealing she had male dna on her clothing when she was found, and a female dna on her body. her husband ruled out as a suspect after passing a polygraph test. authorities are now offer
7:35 am
that may lead to an arrest. guys, back to you. >> gadi schwartz on this story. strange story. thank you very much. al has another check of the weather. are those snowflakes on your screen? >> a little tease for you. minneapolis, last time they had measurable snow in october was the 20 years, they've only we're to add to that as a today and tomorrow, bringing danger travel. drifti snow. snowfa amounts anywhere from u.p. of michigan into central so we'll be watching that very who are the pats playing? i guess we're
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>> do that. >> anyway, we're looking at englan gulf. mounta through the finall in southern california. they have to get that sixth ring. that's what's gn good morning. still plenty of clouds around. that will give way to sunshine 50s in washington. it a chilly start this mornin you'll definitely want the 48 leesburg and manassas. 49 right now in clinton. overni tonight and tomorrow mornin going to get colder frost advisory for everybody freeze warnings closer to the 62 for a high temperature today. more sunshine this afternoon. tu need it. check out the weather channel on cable. you weren't laughing. i don't understand. >> you're on me today. >> you are. >> all right, al. thank you so much. just
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we're back at 7:41. something new from amazon is getting a lot of attention. >> it is. it puts deliveries and delivery people in your home, whether you're there or not. nbc's business correspondent jolene kent has more on this. hi, jo. >> reporter: good morning. amazon attempts to revolutionize how your orders are delivered. the company is stirring up controversy. the latest key would allow delivery drivers to enter your home and drop off packages inside. it is getting a lot of buzz and also raising serious red flags for your safety and security. it's a brave, new world of online shopping. amazon going beyond drone deliveries and rolling out new technology, allowing deliveries inside your home when you're not there. it's called amazon key, a service customers would pay for. the company says it will allow users to send a one-time code to an amazon deliv
7:43 am
lock on your front door, to open it. the delivery person then enters your home and places the package inside. and you have the option op waf h watching real time on a camera installed inside your house as part of the service. the goal, preventing so-called porch pirates from stealing some 11 million packages a year. but with this small convenience comes big controversy. >> i don't like the idea of somebody having access to my house. >> i don't think i'd ever feel comfortable. >> even if i can see them on camera, doesn't sit right with me. >> reporter: rick deckman has used amazon for six years and has had packaging stolen, but he is still apprehensive. >> i'm very concerned about it. i've never given my key or alarm code to anybody other than family members. i wouldn't want a stranger even peeking inside my house. >> reporter: amazon addressing those concerns, saying the door will only be open for five minutes, and delivery workers will be
7:44 am
amazon key in-home delivery are the same drivers you know and trust. nay all go through a comprehensive background check. >> reporter: all this controversy could put your privacy at risk. security experts say your smart lock could be hacked. your cameras, phones and door locks must be properly encrypted and updated. and allowing strangers into your home comes with an inherent risk. amazon says security is the top priority for this new key service. the company also reportedly attempting to put packages into the trunk of your car. partnering with frame, a start-up that makes smart license plates. walmart is going deeper into your home, launching a grocery delivery service that places your food directly into your fridge for you. >> alexa, what time is it? >> reporter: don't forget alexa. >> google, turn up the music. >> reporter: google home and microsoft's new invoke. smart speakers that are always listening for your next question
7:45 am
price, as amazon makes its at home. amazon key launches november 8th in 37 stcities. costs $250, including lock and the live streaming camera. amazon plans to expand the service to dog walkers and cleaning professionals. a lot of big questions on this. >> letting everybody? >> i know. simple ways to save this holiday season, including why you should always load and then ditch your online shopping cart. and we cannot wait for niall horan to take over our
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
it's 7:50 on this thursday morning. we once again welcome carson back to the show but, unfortunately, once again, we welcome you back from a really difficult time, bud. >> yeah. i feel so bad when people see me, they say, i'm so sorry. condolences. it's been a rough month for my family. last time i was here, my mom unexpectedly passed away. she'd been the primary caregiver of my step-father, who passed away on tuesday. his health was in peril. mom was the one that went so quickly, then we lost my dad on tuesday. it's just been a crazy month. it's just been really, really hard. he came
7:51 am
lost my biological father when i was 6. step dad is my role model, mentor. sold school, grew up during the depression. one of the guys who knew life was going to be hard. led by example, not words. my mom had the sayings andi ism, you can shoot for the stars. my dad had a great, personal, deep faith, which i would gravitate toward, by his example. family first. we had dinner in high school. i don't care what you do after, but we're having family dinner at 6:00 then you can go to the movies. that was dad. worked hard. loved golf. golf would be the sport that brought our relationship together. he taught me so much about life and the man that i am. and i'm grateful that i had -- had 85 years. >> you call him pops. >> and hero. >> yes. >> think of how proud they
7:52 am
>> hard to grasp that, considering they were both healthy in june.enormity, the t of the loss so soon, is a struggle but we're blessed to have them both. the pain i feel in losing my parents is testament to how much of an impact they made in my life. clearly, equipped me with the tools to be able to handle it. that's because they were incredible parents. i hope to pass that down. >> we love you. >> love you, carson. >> i hope we can stop saying i'm sorry and all that. but thanks to everybody here. you are my family. >> love you. >> love you, guys. >> we're back after a moment. after your
7:53 am
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7:56 am
thursd october 26th, 2017. good mto. right now we want to check on westbo 50, 410 in landover, a crash loevent shoulder. causin some slowdowns here at overal the belt sway actually no major problems there. and that's 66 and 95 in maryland and virginia rolling along >> all right.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
it's chilly outside. i think you will w before leave. aftern 50 in the district. 48 leesburg. manass clinton. today 6 it 2 for an we'll see the clouds move over a free warning near the 70 saturday. look at the rain coming on >> me. thank you.
8:00 am
8:01 am
>> front row for niall! >> who is ready for niall? ♪ slow hands ♪ like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry ♪ >> we have fans from all over. >> all the way from england. >> kelsey is turning 13 and wants one thing. >> a hug from niall. >> y'all have been in line a long time. how long? >> 24 hours! ♪ slow hands >> morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." in a few moments, we're going to have a great concert out there. >> one of those mornings we came in early and the folks were lined up on the sidewalk heading up to fifth avenue. they've been waiting a long time. >> the waiting is almost over. we're going to start this busy half hour with your news at 8:00. air travelers heading to the u.s. are dealing with some new challenges this morning. designed to make flying more
8:02 am
have stricter screening measures in place on all flights to the u.s. the changes include closer inspection of personal electronic devices, along with increased security in passenger areas and around the planes themselves. fliers can expect for thorough interviews during check-in to help identify potential terror suspects. some airlines are advising passengers to arrive at the airport up to an hour earlier than usual. president trump delivering a major speech today on the nation's opioid epidemic. he'd promised during his campaign to make the fight against addiction a top priority. meantime, the president is also brushing aside reports of a civil war brewing within the republican party. he said on wednesday that the party has great unity despite harsh, public criticism from gop senators bob corker and jeff flake, who questioned his fitness for office. the president said he is still counting on their support as he pushes forward with tax reform.
8:03 am
for shingles and also updated advice on flu shots. let's get to dr. natalie azar who has the questioanswers to t questions. let's start with the new shingles vaccine. >> this was just fda approved last friday. this is an advisory panel to the cdc that has made a recommendation that people over the age of 50 should get this new shingles vaccine. in an unprecedented way, a preference over the one that exists currently. >> so i'm willing to share this. i went to my doctor about three months ago. he told me i should get the shingles vaccine. i got it. >> yes. >> is that no good? do i need to get the new one? >> so the short answer is that the new shingles vaccine is definitely recommended for people who did get the old shingles vaccine. the old vaccine was recommended for people over the age of 60. the new shingles vaccine is recommended for people over the age of 50. in terms of the
8:04 am
versus the old one, we're waiting for that guidance. >> let's talk flu, can we, for a second? it is flu shot season. we want guidelines. anything new? >> there's actually nothing new that we need to know about the flu shot. we did a story about a month ago. there was some controversy about whether the flu shot can increase miscarriage early in pregnancy. the advisory committee has maintained that pregnant woman should receive the flu shot. another piece of information came out about the mumps vaccine. kids, young adults in close security settings, college, for example, where there has been mumps outbreaks, should get a booster. it is a two-series shot up to the age of 4 or 6. that is an updated policy. we expect it to be endorsed and go through. >> natalie azar, thank you. morning boost? >> we do. linda walton works for a
8:05 am
tennessee. every single morning, she walked nearly an hour to catch a two-hour bus ride to work. that's a six-hour commute. nobody knew. she never complained. one day, a co-worker gave her a lift home and found out. she told others in the group. they pooled their money and surprised linda with her own car. >> you're good to go. we will see you in that car on monday morning. >> wow. >> they even pitched in for new tires, gas and insurance. by the way, linda doesn't have close family members. she recently lost her mom. she says her co-workers are her family now. >> that is awesome. >> beautiful. >> love that. >> thank you. >> that is a boost. >> it is. lots more ahead this morning, including some tricks that could save you a lot of money on your holiday shopping. then on our sisterhood series, award-winning director ava duvernay and her sisters get personal. and we have a huge crowd for a live concert from niallra
8:06 am
coming up on "megyn kelly today." >> coming up, a sexual harassment scandal is sweeping the nation. we'll have the latest cases and a frank discussion. also, a reality tv star comes clean about her secret eating disorder today. when you say wallpaper, most people think doilies and cabbage roses. we wanted to make wallpaper cool again. one of the greatest challenges of running a small business is having to do a little bit of everything. office 365 really lets us collaborate in real time. once a client sees a 3d rendering, they get it. who knew there would be so much math with wallpaper? the math feature is so amazing. love, love, love teams. it simplifies communication from everywhere. it makes our 10-person company feel like 50. i like that math. ♪ that one. this. ♪
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8:10 am
"consumer reports" explores tips and tricks for online shopping that will save you time and money. elliott is the digital editor. good morning. good to see you. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays almost to you, as well. we want to shop and save money. you'll start with a tool we should be using to save money. i'm going to tell you right now, i've never heard of it. >> okay. >> what is a browser extension? >> simple little trick. it is a program you can download from websites that will actually work with your browser to make it work harder and smarter for you. what we like are two of them for shopping. one is called invisible hand. what it does is it works while you're putting things in your cart. it's looking at 11,000 online stores to see if there is a lower price. if there is, a pop-up comes on your screen. you can click on it, look for the lower price. another called honey looks for the discount codes and coupons. you don't google it. it does it for you. >> do i pay for the browser extension? >> absolutely free. go to the
8:11 am
know it is there until it pops up. >> get a browser extension. the next thing, i've done some online shopping but not a lot, and this is the idea that you fill your shopping cart with the items you want and ditch the cart before you go to the check-out. why? >> playing hard to get. doesn't always get. some merchants will see you left something in there. you go away, a day or two later, you might have an e-mail in the inbox saying, you left something in there. how about 10%, 15% or 20% off? >> sometimes savannah leaves things in her cart and will get an e-mail, simply reminding her there are things in her cart without offering a discount. >> l.l. bean does it a lot. >> how much? >> 10% to 15%. >> how many days should you wait? >> depending on how much you want the item. it could sell out. >> the other question people have at this time of the year is not only what to shop for but when to shop for .
8:12 am
friday. a lot about cyber monday. what did "consumer reports" figure out? >> we had a fascinating study looking at four popular items from last year's holiday season, from the end of october to christmas. what we found was tvs, smartphones and fitness trackers were cheaper on cyber monday. tvs were $45 cheaper. if you're in the market for a laptop, they were cheaper starting next week, the week of october 30th. laptops were $100 cheaper than they were on either black friday or cyber monday. >> couple of quick things. how late can you shop to avoid late fees? >> december 21st. that's thursday. of course, christmas falls on a monday. >> one less shipping day. >> it is tricky. many places will not ship on sunday. it's a good guideline. >> there is something new actually in returns. amazon is doing something new. >> if you live in chicago or los angeles, some kohl's stores will take your amazon returns. also, if you have an amazon locker in your area, somef
8:13 am
items can go back there, as well. >> good information, elliott. thank you very much. we appreciate it. al? >> talking about holidays, well, we have holiday-like weathe a litt on the chilly side. we have a cold blast coming out warm temperatures des moines, 64. 82 tulsa. st. louis, 75. behind the front, billings 45. cheyen 15. we move into tomorrow, that wichit dallas, rozwell ahead atlant warmer than usual. by the time we get into saturd the warm air is along look at how chilly it is in chicag 44 to 13 degrees below average. new orleans, only 62. austin texas, 55. 13 below average. that cold air will continue to that's what's goin on around here's what's happening in your good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist a lot of clouds outside. we have an occasional sprinkle this will be a very
8:14 am
really just a couple of drops we'll be back to sunshine by and mostly sunny afternoon. temper up into the upper frost freeze advisory for 46 downtown. mid 30s in the suburbs on friday mornin great for saturday. a lot of rain comi >> if you're heading out the door, take us with you on sirius 108. today, the don and mazz show live. record it and listen over and over again. kids, guess what? ready to trend? >> let's do it. >> carson, we're happy you're back at the trending table. >> great to be back. >> right now, national pumpkin day. >> any questions? >> jfk files. and niall today for our concert. >> good for him. >> something we've all been through, dating. it can be tough. sometimes you click with somebody right away. sometimes you know it is not working. sometimes we just get very
8:15 am
picky. so a user on reddit posed the question, what was the pettiest reason you didn't want to date somebody? the daily mail rounded up a bunch of responses. here are our favorites. one admitted his name was literally one letter off of my ex's name. another said, she'd mispronounce words with the "u," as if they had a double bugged him. one afterab terrible experience with london, sydney, he wouldn't date a woman with a geographical location. >> we won't ever be together. >> i'm out. >> savannah. >> has there been something petty that you were like, this won't work? >> the phrase, beggars can't be choosers, comes to mind from my high school days. >> same thing. anybody who is willing to do that, i say, yes, thank you. you're
8:16 am
girl because she told me she was completely not into me. forget you. >> yeah! >> i'm not interested. >> what about you? >> don't even ask. i don't usually -- i'm never the person that breaks up. if i did, it would be like because there was no other choice. it wouldn't a shallow reason. it was a profound, blinking red, you should break up with this person. >> i think a voice can be a little off putting. >> sometimes. >> a certain voice. you know in the long run it'll get on your nerves a little bit. >> true. >> mine is if the guy doesn't immediately grab the check without hesitation. sometimes there is a minute it sits there. for some reason, i get angst with that. >> you want him to grab the check. >> for the first one. >> and the rest of them. that's the way we like it. >> that's why our lunch was five hours long. >> only took 45 minutes. >> the check just sat
8:17 am
let's get to pop start. we have a lot to get to. start with jill goodacre, wife of harry connick jr. has been battling breast cancer. in a clip from her husband's show, she reveals when she was diagnosed. >> five years ago, we ran into a di little trouble. you remember that day? >> i'll never forget it. it is one of the hardest days of my life. exactly five years ago this month, i was diagnosed with breast cancer. exactly five years ago. it's just so ironic, it was breast cancer awareness month. >> jill said the hardest part of the ordeal was breaking the news to her and harry's three daughters. she takes a pill every day to prevent the tumors from coming back. she's reached five years cancer free, and they are optimistic about their future. for more on her battle with breast cancer, you can see it today on "harry." check your local
8:18 am
selena gomez dropping a new song called "wolves." if you haven't heard it, take a look ♪ i've been running through the jungi i jungle ♪ ♪ crying with the wolves to get to you ♪ ♪ get to you >> teaser video published to youtube yesterday. racked up 4 million views. the singer sang the song that is personal for her. worked on it during a difficult time in her life. she's revealing in an interview with apple music that a new album is not far away. she says, to be honest, i feel i have two albums already completed. i'm wanting to figure it out. i want to call the shots and i want it to be good. i want to be ready. i don't want to do anything that's forced. it will be soon. you can look out for that. finally, exciting news from jessica alba's family. she and her husband are expecting their third child. they announced the news back in july. the couple has two daughters, honor and haven. are they going to add a third girl to the mix? not this time. as you see there. the
8:19 am
the girls on instagram. they're having a boy. al b alba says they are thrilled. we're thrilled for them. let's get to the daily click. news crew kgwn in denver decided to try the world's hottest chip, using the world's hottest pepper. >> wow. >> let's see if they could take the heat. >> eat the rest of it. >> it is too hot. >> lick your -- oh. >> i have hiccups now. i get hiccups when i eat something hot. i've got to go -- home. >> only 10 calories. >> she's losing her breath. oh, natalie threw up. >> she did? >> this went poorly, folks. clean up on the aisle. get her help, please. seriously. >> you're a doctor. get down here. >> chris? >> let's go to break. when we come back, we'll get natalie together. >> someone get natalie off the floor. >> seemed more concerned -- >> if tha
8:20 am
stand there. >> i'd dive and help you. dive. >> i broke my ankle on the pla virginiplaza with me. you didn't laugh. >> i have a throw-up issue. >> it's contagious. >> i tried that chip. it's hot. i only took -- you felt it for -- our stage guy, sal, ate three of them. >> i saw is this. it's on youtube. >> the ghost pepper is supposed to be the hottest. >> you remember sal? you thought we lost him. >> none the worse for wear and tear. >> all right, sal. >> carson, thanks. now to more of our specials. congrats to jenna bush hager and barbara, their book "sisters first" hit number one on amazon. >> that's great. ava duvernay and her sisters sat do,
8:21 am
it with other women. >> what is being a sister mean to you all? >> well, you have instant friends. instant friends for life. they're right here. whether you want them or not. >> it's the automatic love that's just built in to, you know, the fabric of your life. >> it is the unconditional love that you can't explain and that nobody else has that bond. >> three sisters, ava, director of "selma," and tv series "queen sugar." middle sister, gina, special collections librarian. and younger sister, tara, deputy program manager with equal justice initiative. >> i picked up my first camera when i was 32. tara began her justice work in, i guess, late 30s. gina has now two masters. the latest one was last year. you're past your 30s. >> right. i'm 40. i'm fine with that. i am 40 years
8:22 am
right there. >> you're being a good sister. do you feel like you all lift each other up? >> i'm on the phone with them all day, every day. yes, i need to hear from my sisters. i need their words of encourage. and i get it every time. >> she tweeted something like, my brilliant sister jina. when you read something like that, what goes through your mind? >> of course it goes pitter-patter. my heart goes pitter-patter. no, it's sweet. >> in some ways, all of you are trying to bring a conversation about through literature, through film, through advocacy work. you're all trying to start a dialogue. >> overall, i think our work tells one story, which is, a story about empowerment, a story about uplift. really believing in justice and dignity for all. that's the way we were raised by our mother and father. >> the duvernay sisters grew up in compton but spent summers visiting their father's family in alabama. directing the film
8:23 am
project of love for ava. >> action! >> you directed and did a movie that must have meant so much to you. >> yeah. >> talk about what that experience was like. talk about what "selma" was like for you. >> when i think about "selma," so many incredible moments. making the film, crafting to film, talking to survivors of selma. i think about my father. his last years. they were times of joy, times of togetherness. we shared so much time together. >> you know, when you think about sisterhood on a larger scope, broader scope, one of the things you're doing with your series, "queen sugar," is having women come in and direct. is that something that's important to you? >> yeah. my work on "queen sugar" is really directly related to my experiences with my sisters. my desire to create a sisterhood among women directors a desire that comes out of knowing how beautifult
8:24 am
a sisterhood. >> men come and go. i can attest. but your sisters and your friends, your girlfriends, they're really there for you. >> to have unconditional acceptance and love and support from somebody, so i feel like you don't necessarily have to be a sister to do that. you just have to have that in your heart. >> the idea of sisterhood, being connected through, you know, our very gender, who we are, is -- once we harness that, you know, there's no stopping women. really isn't. >> for "today," jenna bush hager, long beach, california. >> cool family. >> loving all the sister stories. >> for more on the bush twins' book "sister first," head to and tomorrow, savannah and hoda catch up with their sisters. >> it was fun. >> i understand there's some home videos involved. >> oh, no. >> we're going to be playing them on this show for years to come. >> oh, my gosh. >> wait a minute. >> hey, now.
8:25 am
>> look at you little ladies. >> oh, that's us. who are they? tweet. let's go to carson. >> adorable, guys. niall horan is here. >> good morning. >> so are the fans. sea of niall horan fans. we'll get some great music. this great concert with niall live on the plaza. firs
8:26 am
8:26 on this thursday, october i'm aaron gilchrist. let's check your first 4 meliss is here this morning. >> good morning. take look at a couple issues outer loop of the beltway, after new haavenue, a crash you ca that slowdown there taking a look at 95 northbound, report there as well. and 66 inbound and bicycle >> thank you. we have a check of the for
8:27 am
8:28 am
a lot of clouds and sprinkles as well. they'l be gone shortly. we'll have sunshine back later 40s 50s to get the day around 6 o with the return of sunshi a possibility of a fos
8:29 am
back t670 by saturday.
8:30 am
♪ slow hands like sweat dripping down my dirty laundry ♪ we're back at 8:30 on a thursday morning. the 26th day of october. 2017. i want to show you a crowd here at rockefeller plaza. they are here for one very good reason. because this young man right here is joining us. niall horan is here for a special, live concert in this half hour. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> good. can't wait for that. also, halloween is upon us. charlie, turn around, buddy. >> hi, charlie. >> put your costume back on. charlie has been wearing his
8:31 am
he's a vikings. >> adorable. >> savannah, you were dressed up in "people" magazine. your press tour continues. you answered questions in "people" magazine. >> the last page of the magazine. it was cute. thank you. >> the best for last. >> niall, watch this. >> we've got tons of fans. i'm looking for the biggest niall fan. [ cheers and applause ] the biggest niall horan fan. are you here? all right. wait a minute. this guy has a whole niall collage, a bobblehead. can i see your arm? i love niall horan. wait a minute. oh! on his abs. >> that's disturbing. >> he has a water bottle. i think i officially
8:32 am
>> come here. come up here. >> you want him up? >> that's mikey day from "snl." "saturday night live." >> mikey, get up here. >> all right. >> what are you doing? >> what are you doing? >> niall! niall! >> you want this? >> mikey, what are you doing, man? >> are you really just a big niall horan fan? >> i'm a huge niall -- hi. how are you? i'm a huge niall horan fan. >> at least say hello. >> i thought you were niall. oh, hi. no, just -- >> by the way, this is mikey day from "snl." the david s. pumpkins sketch that went viral. you have an announcement about that. >> yes. we're doing an animated halloween special. it's been announced
8:33 am
>> yes. we like to think it is new here. >> we're doing an animated halloween special. it is sort of a throwback to those old school halloween specials, like the "great pumpkin." it is for kids. let your kids stay up late. we're really excited about it. >> you guys are doing the voices, right? >> yeah. me, bobby, tom hanks, peter is in there. wrote it with bobby and streeter seidel. i know you were a huge fan, al. >> huge. any questions? >> we knew it was a big deal when you were dressing up like david pumpkins. al roker went all in on david pumpkins. >> as i do. >> what does this have to do with niall horan? >> this was just sort of a employ to gploy to get up on stage. >> it worked. >> you really got to do whatever you can for press. but, hey, i'm excited to watch niall
8:34 am
in just a couple of minutes. >> niall, you are a great sport. >> really good sport. >> the david s. your w for tomorrow, and minnesota. we're looking at warm sunny nice along the eastern seaboa tropic rain storm down through our friends in florida. frosty in the central plains gorgeo out west. sunday sunday, east coast and windy. chilly temperature in the the ohio and mississippi river that's what's going on around here's happening i good morning. it still cloudy right now. 50 degreti
8:35 am
many suburbs in the 40s thou could. a frost advisory for everybody. freeze warning out to the west cover up any sensitive plants. 62 for a day time high. we stay cool t 67 tom >> can't figure out what's going on, can you? >> the weather is cold. >> thank you very much. he's got a gig, ladies and gentlemen. don't forget to check the weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. i'm with dr. phil, host of the "dr. phil show." on today's interview, he interviews dennis, a victim of catphishing, an online scam that cost him over $200,000. dr. phil is here to talk about this with us. catphishing, what is that? >> well, it is when people go online, get a false
8:36 am
model, somebody that's really sharp looking, and they create a false profile and get somebody engaged in a romantic relationship online. pretty soon, they start asking them for money. they come up with an elaborate story. i love you. i'm stuck in a foreign country. all i need is money to get to you and we'll be happy ever after. >> this is what happened to this gentleman that is going to be on your show? >> he's 52. this guy is sophisticated. got money. he's a home builder. this guy is not a dummy. he's sharp. he falls in love with this woman. beautiful woman. pretty soon, he's sending her money, and it adds up to over $200,000. >> takes a lot of guts for him to come out and say, this happened to me. i'm sure he was a little embarrassed. >> he came with the understanding that she is absolutely for real. he's there to prove it and get all his friends and family to shut up because he is going to prove she's real. >> that's interesting. for those thinking, how can i
8:37 am
helpful information. >> i do. look, you've got to understand, you're vulnerable when you go on the internet. they target certain kinds of people. by the way, let me say this, when you look at some of these profiles, a lot of these folks are from nigeria. the hot bed is nigeria and some of these other countries there. they speak in broken english. i've asked some of these guys, i've actually talked to some of the scammers to say, why do you do that? why don't you -- you've got grammar check. why don't you fix it? >> when they write the victims. >> they say, i love your heart. we be happy all life. this guy is from cleveland? >> right. >> so i asked them why they don't fix that. they say, it is our screening device. if somebody is willing to overlook that, we know we've got a hot one. >> wow. >> can you believe that? >> no. i also understand, like if you see someone who has only professional photos on their profile, or no
8:38 am
that's a sign? >> come on, if they're really, really good looking professional photos, people don't really look like that. that's smoke and mirrors. >> right. >> too good to be true, it probably is. >> what about kids? that's a scare, too. a lot of teenagers are online a lot. potentially, they could be victims, too. >> can be. you have to know who your kids are talking to. you want to keep that computer in a common area. you need -- don't think you're intruding. know your kids' passwords, know who they're talking to in a chat room. understand the game controllers, those things have access to online. so you may think they're in there playing a game. they're actually plugged in online. >> you can chat on those, right? >> you can be chatting on those. you think they're playing star -- no, no. they're talking to somebody online. >> interesting issue, dr. phil. thank you so much. i know you'll be back with megyn kelly later. >> we are. >> by the way, catch the dr. phil show weekdays. check your local listings. coming up next, without further adieu, niall horan taking over our plaza for a live conc
8:39 am
♪ my
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. ♪ my shadows >> welcome back, everybody. it is here. we are so thrilled to have niall horan on our citi concert stage this morning, celebrating the release of his debut solo album "flicker." niall, take it away. ♪ waiting here for someone ♪ only yesterday we were on the run ♪ ♪ you smile back at me and your face lit up the
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someone ♪ ♪ and oh, love, do you feel this rough ♪ ♪ why's it only you i'm thinking of ♪ ♪ my shadow's dancing without you for the first time ♪ ♪ my heart is hoping you'll walk right in tonight ♪ ♪ tell me there are things that you regret ♪ ♪ cause if i'm being honest, i ain't over you yet ♪ ♪ it's all i'm asking ♪ is it too much to ask ♪ is it too much to ask ♪ someone's
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♪ the lights come on and down the drive ♪ ♪ i forget you're not here when i close my eyes ♪ ♪ do you still think of me sometimes ♪ ♪ and oh, love, watch the sun coming up ♪ ♪ don't it feel messed up we're not in love ♪ ♪ my shadow's dancing ♪ without you for the first time ♪ ♪ my heart is hoping ♪ you'll walk right in tonight ♪ tell me there are things that you regret ♪ ♪ cause if i'm being honest i ain't over you yet ♪ ♪ it's all i'm asking ♪ is it too much
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♪ my shadow's dancing ♪ without you for the first time ♪ ♪ my heart is hoping ♪ you'll walk right in tonight ♪ tell me there are things that you regret ♪ ♪ cause if i'm being honest i ain't over you yet ♪ ♪ my shadow's dancing without you for the first time ♪ ♪ my heart is hoping you'll walk right in tonight ♪ ♪ tell me there are things that you regret ♪ ♪ cause if i'm being honest i ain't over you yet ♪ ♪ it's all i'm asking ♪ is it too
8:45 am
♪ it's all i'm asking ♪ is it too much to ask >> yes, yes. nyles just getting warmed up. we're back with more music. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ slow hands welcome back. we're in the middle of a great concert from niall horan. >> he is out with his debut solo album "flicker." good morning. >> good morning, peoples. thanks for having me. >> you are such a charmer. we're always happy to have you here. >> thank you. >> the most gracious person. i have to say that. that's not a question. it is a statement. >> i appreciate that. >> tell me about the new record. i know you wanted to take your time with it. >> i told everyone that i'd let them know when i finished it. if i am releasing
8:48 am
want it to be right. i took my time with it, picked out who i wanted to work with, and recorded it over the last kind of year, year and a half maybe. it's finally time for everyone to hear it. >> i'm sure you go through that period when when you finish recording the songs and it comes out, and you wonder, how is this going to go? yet, i read this morning that it is poised to debut at number one on the billboard 200. >> that would be -- that's a dream. that's why we write music and we perform, get up on stage, is to have things like that. that would be incredible. we got a little bit of time left to see what happens. looking good. >> i'm not jinxing anything. >> fingers crossed. >> another reason to love you, he travels with his family a lot. you brought your aunt, who is here today. we love that you travel that way. you keep it real. >> yeah, of course. yeah. a lot of people say that about the irish.
8:49 am
we like to keep everyone tight. good fun, isn't it, for everyone. >> are you taking them on the road? start your tour in philadelphia, will you have your family with you? >> not this time. the tour bus is packed with all of us. there won't be room on this bus, but maybe next year. we're touring next year, as well. it'll be good fun. >> good show at the beacon theater here in new york. >> another piece of news, i secured us a golf game with him. he can play. >> i spoke to carson about it in l.a. >> next spring. >> i have golf partners in new york now. >> i'll drive the cart. hoda and i will be on the beer cart. what are you going to sing now? >> now, i'm going to do the big song everyone wants to hear. "slow hands."
8:50 am
♪ we should take this back to my place ♪ ♪ that's what she said right to my face ♪ ♪ cause i want you bad, yeah, i want you, baby ♪ ♪ i've been thinking bout it all day ♪ ♪ and i hope you feel the same way, yeah ♪ ♪ cause i want you bad, yeah, i want you, baby ♪ ♪ slow, slow hands ♪ like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry ♪ ♪ no, no chance ♪ that i'm leaving here without you on me ♪ ♪ i, i know, yeah, i already know that there ain't no stopping ♪
8:51 am
hands, whew ♪ ♪ slow hands ♪ i just wanna take my time ♪ we could do this, baby, all night, yeah ♪ ♪ cause i want you bad ♪ yeah, i want you, baby ♪ slow, slow hands ♪ like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry ♪ ♪ no, no chance ♪ that i'm leaving here without you on me ♪ ♪ i, i know, yeah, i already know that there ain't no stopping ♪ ♪ your plans and those slow hands ♪ ♪ fingertips putting on a show ♪ got me now and ian
8:52 am
♪ take me home, take me home ♪ fingertips putting on a show ♪ can't you tell that i want you, baby, yeah ♪ ♪ slow hands ♪ like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry ♪ ♪ no, no chance ♪ that i'm leaving here without you on me ♪ ♪ i, i know, yeah, i already know that there ain't no stopping ♪ ♪ slow hands, like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry ♪ ♪ no, no chance ♪ that i'm leaving here without you on me ♪ ♪ i, i know, yeah, i already know that there ain't no stopping ♪ ♪ your plans and those slow hands ♪ ♪ slow hands
8:53 am
♪ slow hands >> hear more from niall horan and all our citi concert artists at loving that, niall. guess what? niall is not done yet. he'll be back on our fourth hour with one more song. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ slow hands nice concert on a thursday morning. now let's check out what's coming up next on "megyn kelly today." >> hey, guys. do you have a halloween costume for your pet yet? we have little ellie manning here. get it? >> cute. >> we'll let you know how to get these costumes for your pet. also, flat aging. know what it is? you need to. we're going to walk through it at 9:00. >> flat aging? >> flat. >> we're doing our up
8:56 am
wrong, ladies. >> oh. >> wrong. >> okay. that's what that's about. >> all right. >> how about it, ellie? >> cute dog. >> go long! >> see ya, guys. >> go long. >> kidding. >> so bad. >> that and much more ahead after these messages. a look at your loc thursd october 26th, 2017. good m to you. right now we want to check on hi. >> hello. a problem on 270 southbound near shady grove. a crash. we're seeing delays to inboun 395 and
8:57 am
bridge broken down vehicle. downtoindependence after at be careful through that area. >> all right. meliss
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it cool as we go clouds moving over to sunshine. temper in the low 60s. a little cooler than normal for overni tonight, it will be we'll see mid up toer 30s in the suburb 40s in the distri 67 an afternoon high. and then rain on sunday. >>you. get the latest news and weather corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians.
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this morning on "megyn kelly today," is there a liar in your life? dr. phil is here with the truth about how to spot em and how to outfox the fabricators all around us. then how long can you lie to yourself? our week-long secret series continues with one woman's secret struggle with the food on her ple. plus, who is a scary dog? we've got the cute and creepy crawly costumes to give you and your puppy spooky style for halloween. all that and more right now. hi. hi! hello, hello, hello. hi. great to see you guys. thank you so much for being here da


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